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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 27, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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the road to meet up with family and friends on this thanksgiving. when you are going out, find cold temperatures with a threat of encountering ice out there. amelia siegel with more what what you can expect. >> black ice is possible. i'm tracking some fog. it's back around the i-81 corridor. it's like winchester, stanton, cumberland continuing to report visibilities around a quarter mile or less. fog remains a concern in these areas until 9:00 a.m. and black ice is possible on sidewalks and secondary roads for pretty much everybody until 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. as well. here on the satellite and radar right now, cloudy skies and some rain just south of us impacting areas like richmond. we could see a few scattered showers today from the morning hours on into the midafternoon hours. wet snow might mix in during the morning hours. but it is not going to stick. temperatures are in the 30s.
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there are spots at or below freezing. winchester, stanton, gaithersburg right now. these will be the greatest concern of some black ice. washington right now is at 39 degrees. as we work our way through the rest of the morning hours, temperatures will warm up slowly. by 10:00 a.m., looking at a temperature around 40. 1:00 p.m., a temperature of 43. eun, i'll let you know how warm it will get and what you can expect for your evening travel on this thanksgiving if you are going to be traveling. sounds good. see you then. thank you, amelia. some of you may be getting ready to hit the road to get thanksgiving dinner ready. this is i-270. smooth sailing out there. maybe you're waking you just now and getting ready to catch an early flight at the airport. this is a live look at reagan national this morning. it's much quieter today than yesterday. it was busy and messy. we have been checking flight
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aware all morning. there are so far reports of no delays or cancellations in any of our airports. yesterday there were 750 cancellations nationwide and more than 4700 delays. new york had most of the issues yesterday. you may want to check with your carrier if that is your destination >> if you're heading out tore even staying home for your thanksgiving darren, stay up to date with the weather app. >> news 4 molette green has more on that effort. hey, molette. >> reporter: hi, richard. good morning. i'm in the thick of it with all the food and friends volunteers. hi, everybody! >> hi! >> reporter: 700 folks, volunteers coming to food and friends today to pack all of these meals, 3,500 of them.
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they are packing the turkeys that will go in the accord board poxes that you have seen on the table. and i want you to meet one of the volunteers. they're all good spirited folks who come here every year. meet midget, aka tanya thompson. she's with a bikers group the platinum dreams. >> we're can committed. we started a couple years back. we do it every year. >> how does it make you feel to be able to help people in need? >> it makes us feel wonderful. that's why we started this in 2003. >> mwah! >> that's the labor of love. it is to give back to the community. >> yeah. >> because we give back at bikers sometimes. we do more than just ride. that we are really in the spirit of giving. >> yeah. >> we also adopt families around christmastime. >> that's cool. and you guys pack the the turkey
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and then all things. >> that's right. >> about 7:30 the meals will be delivered to the food and friends clients. as we have talked throughout the morning, they ever people living with hiv/aids a, cancer and other serious illnesses. this is more than just getting a good meal but nourishment for the soul and the spirit this holiday season. live northeast. back to you now. >> thank you, molette. we're keeping an eye on the overnight developments in ferguson, missouri. it was a relatively quiet night in ferguson itself. there were no major confrontations or damage to property. it was a different story in california where i group of protesters blocked a highway near san diego. in oakland, police tried to calm protesters who lit fires. and los angeles police say they arrested about 130 people who were blocking traffic. this morning, d.c. police are looking for two women in connection with a stabbing outside of the gallery place metro station.
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investigators say the victim went in for help, prompting one of the entrances to temporarily close. this all happened around 8:00 last night. we're told the stabbing did not happen at the metro station. so far no arrests and no word on the victim's condition. tomorrow you'll have a chance to sign condolences book for marion barry. on friday, a public procession that ends at temple of praise church in southeast. saturday morning, a public funeral will be held at the washington convention center. that will be followed by a private burial. today a lot of people will be watching nfl football. if you live in d.c., all eyes will be on the turkey bowl. two high school teams will battle it out for the turkey rights. h.d. woodson takes on blue high school. woodson will try to defend their title. they won last year. the game is this morning at
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11:00 in northeast washington. mayor gray will be on hand to present the trophy to the winner. doors don't open until 5:00 don't but people are already camping out at best buy. the campers tell us they want the first dibs on the big screen tvs. best buy is open from 5:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. and then it will open a few hours after that 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. it's as big as the feast you are working on right now. . coming up, we'll go live to new york with a look at what's new. rain and snow gone for now. but it is a cold start outside. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia siegel is tracking the changes with your hour-by-hour forecast. keeping the peace on thanksgiving. one thing you'll want to
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welcome back. new this morning, your car may be being recalled this morning. toyota just announced it is calling back thousands of cars. 57,000 yarus and rav4s are being recalled to replace potentially deadly air bags made by takata corporation. the inflaters can explode with too much force and spray metal pieces into the car. whatever you do at the thanksgiving table today, don't look at your phone. a new survey says 66% say phones are no place at the holiday table. your family doesn't feel like you are paying attention to the conversation when you are fiddling with your phone. your mom has been telling you for years. now you got it from this site.
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>> we watch football and eat. >> are you watching on your phone? >> we do have conversations. no, people put their phones away. >> it is about family today. >> it really is. >> put the the phone down. take a picture of your plate and post it online. i want to see your plate. >> i'll share it with you. it is i a cold start to the day. some of us may see wet weather. hey, amelia. scattered showers are possible today. especially for those of you in northern virginia and southern maryland. maybe some wet snow mixes during the morning hours. if we do see the showers develop. but it doesn't stick. the temperature in washington is 39 degrees. but there are some locations close or below that freezing mark right now. you do want to be cautious for black ice this morning. kids out and about this afternoon running around before and after they eat dinner. they need a jacket and hat.
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high temperature of 44 degrees. this is how the sky looks. notice plenty of clouds. again, that threat of showers until about midafternoon hours. i'll have more on our holiday weekend forecast in 10 minutes. thanks, amelia. see you then. a lot of you will be heading out shopping perhaps don't or in the morning. before you head out, we have tips to keep you safe and secure while you shop. first, most of us looking forward to today's thanksgiving spread. what you need to know to make sure you enjoy your feast
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right now we are counting down to the macy's thanksgiving day parade. it kicks off at 9:00 a.m. on nbc 4. the parade steps off from 77th street and central park west. that's where chris palone is live with the floats, the bands, all the activity to kick off the holidays. good morning. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanks giving. you can really tell something is
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going on here. there is an electricity in the air on manhattan's west side as we get closer to the parade stepping off. volunteers are actually starting to work with some of the balloons. thomas the thank engine. in all, 16 giant character balloons. all your favorites are back. and six new ones. we got video last night of all the volunteers inflating the balloons. that's almost as big a tradition as the parade is. many people come out just to see the balloons. spider-man will be back. you'll have snoopy, woodstock and new characters. like we said thousand of people involve in the parade. 1,# 00 cheerleaders alone. 1,000 clowns. 3.5 million people will be here to watch it live.
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>> are the new ones a secret? do you know what we can expect to see today? >> yeah. some of the new ones, a red power ranger they are introducing. and then a couple of children's characters. i don't have children. i know red power ranger is one. pikachu is another one. so you will have to watch and see. if you have a young one, ask who they are. >> all right. chris, thank you. and you can catch the parade at 9:00 a.m. on nbc 4. a teacher's aide is facing sex abuse after a 16-year-old student was found naked inside her car. she works at tkfpl c.'s eastern high school. she has been in a sexual relationship since september. the teen's guardian is a special ed student.
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>> i was sending my child to school for her to learn, stay out of harm's way, for her to be protected. right now i can't find no words to how i feel. lease asking for your help to track down a sex assault at the george washington campus. detectives hope you will remember a group of three men. one was wearing a shirt like this with the word fitch on it. another was wearing a dark v-neck and black nike fuel band on his right wrist. a student claims the men followed her near i street and tphfpl tphfpl avenue and sexually assaulted her there. the area is very close to the foggy bottom metro station. now to the fight against ebola in the u.s. and worldwide. a new vaccine is being tested at
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the national institutes of health in bethesda and it's getting promising results. some built up eupl phaoupbts within four weeks of receiving the vaccine. the volunteers have not developed any serious side effects. president obama plans to visit next week. more adults are done with smoking. cigarette smokers represent just 18% of the u.s. population according to the new survey. that is down 21% in 2005. that's what it used to be. it is down now. it is at its lowest point in 50 years. the survey found that smoking remains high among certain groups, including the poor, people of mixed race, and those with a physical disability. . some of us are counting our blessings others will be counting their calories. >> not us.
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we have a few tips you can use to eat healthier this holiday. >> a can has four tea spoons of added sugar per receivering. >> i'm walking through the sprouts market with a nutritionist. >> we eat whatever we want. typically we will consume about 4,000 calories for the thanksgiving meal. >> that's a lot. so should we worry about we eat? >> i want to eat and enjoy. >> we eat light throughout the day so we're not as hungry when it time for actually thanksgiving. >> i eat what i want. >> you're not going to calorie count? >> no. >> still, nutritionist janet little said there are a few things to cut back. first, if you're in the kitchen. >> instead of sour cream, use yogurt. nobody will know the difference. >> cut back on the butter. when it comes to fresh versus canned. >> buy fresh. you will save five tea spoons of sugar.
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>> how can you cut the calories once you sit down at the dining room table. >> choose white meat over dark meat. that will save you half the fat. >> when it comes to gravy, people tend to go overboard. >> pouring it over the entire meal. most people have poured one cup of gravy can which can take you up to 300, 400 calories. >> look for lower calorie drinks and dressings. when it comes to dessert, all pies are not created equal. >> you can choose a pumpkin pie over pecan pie. that will save you half the calories. the nutritionist says it's not an idea to starve yourself before the meal. you end up eating more.
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instead, try to have healthy snacks throughout the day. i'm laughing because i think do people eat fruit on thanksgiving unless it's in their apple pie. any fruit or cut up vegetables? no. >> what a buzz kill that was. >> i'm eating everything full fat amelia. i don't know about you. >> same here. >> i'm looking forward to my woman's waffles and gravy. a mostly cloudy day. high temperature of 44 degrees, eun and richard. and there could be a shower around, especially for those of you south of washington today. the that's of a shower lingers until about midafternoon hours. some wet snow could mix in during early morning hours with the shower threat, but it's not going to stick on the ground. here with future weather at 8:00 a.m., notice it is bringing in the risk of showers not only to virginia and southern maryland but also to the district as well. about 30% chance you are dealing
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with a shower today. notice at 11:00 a.m., the threat shifts through the northern neck. by 3:00 p.m., the area should be dry. even a little bit of sunshine at that point. traveling this evening, the weather cooperating. skies becoming partly cloudy overnight tonight and continue to clear throughout the day tomorrow. mainly clear skies. so plenty of sunshine. but it is cold for black friday. a high of only 39 degrees. we start off with temperatures around freezing. most of the day temperatures will be in the upper 30s. that's about 10 to 15 below average. clouds move back in for saturday. temperatures warm for the weekend. 36 for a high on saturday. near 60 for a high temperature on sunday. monday, we hit 60. a chance of showers on tuesday and wednesday, richard. >> amelia, thank you. staying safe while shopping for the holidays means more than just protecting your wallet. erika gonzalez has what major retailers are doing to step up security and keep you safe.
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>> and they're off! tense crowd and deals. lots of deals. all add up to one thing. black friday. >> for us, it's worth it. because you definitely get the deals. >> reporter: they have been shopping black friday sales together for the past eight years. although today will make it a gray holiday for the duo. >> reporter: people who sit here and watch it are going to say, they're crazy. >> it happens all the time. >> reporter: before they go out, they will plan. it's quite the strategy. >>ment running joke is i'm the spreadsheet queen. >> reporter: the stores are ready too. >> we start planning safety a year in advance. >> reporter: after a tragic accident in 2008 leaving one
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employee trampled to death, stores have new procedures in place to keep you and employees safe. forget doorbusters. they have stopped using that. they offer early bird special and one hour guarantees which give you a full hour to get the sale item. >> people can actually get a bracelet. if there's a hot item -- last year was a 32 inch tv -- people didn't have wait in line or rush. >> reporter: toys "r" us, no ticket, no deal. they have it down to a science. >> follow their rule and come up with a game plan. >> i have combed the ads. i figured how much i will spend in each store >> reporter: figure out what time they will go on sale. >> for us it's trying to maximize our dollar.
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>> reporter: don't rush straight to electronics. you might find high ticket items somewhere else in the store. >> this is what walmart says is part of crowd control. placing big ticket items in places where you would find produce in order to help with the crowds. >> last year the dvds were sitting right next to the potatoes. >> this is the one time to stock up on things i know my kids are going to need. >> to their credit, it does eventually hip you save money throughout the year. >> if you see them out, just follow them. many of us are already looking ahead to the holiday season. >> that means annual traditions
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like the christmas tree lighting ceremony. what we are learning about this year's event. >> a little fog this morning as you step outside. amelia has what you should be wearing today. that's your forecast at 6:31 >> ferguson, protesters continue to gather. what happened overnight and the other cities dealing with
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a secure retirement. a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families. opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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right now giving back this thanksgiving. dozens of people are busy preparing more than 3,000 meals to hand out to needy people around the washington region. molette green is at the food and friends kitchen. look for her live report in 15 minutes. check this out. you are looking at the start line of the 80th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. the parade steps off in two and a half hours. coming up, we have a live report from chris palone on all the preps going on right now. we tpweupb with the weather we will be dealing with today. you're going to want to grab a jacket with temperatures hovering in the 30s in most of our area >> amelia siegel is here with
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your what to wear forecast. >> yes, i am. good morning, richard and eun. you need to wear something warm. high temperature of 44. great day to download the storm team 4 weather app. you can get the latest forecast right there on your phone. tracking some fog across the area this morning. this is a concern in areas fredericksburg, stanton, w winchest winchester, petersburg over the shenandoah valley. black ice to be a problem. keep that in mind on the less traveled roads and sidewalks as well. temperatures at freezing. that is supporting some ice. washington, 39 degrees. what to wear as the kids are out and about getting fresh air either before or after they enjoy their thanksgiving meal. a jacket and hat. temperatures tumble tomorrow. what you can expect for black
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friday in 10 minutes. amelia, thank you. now to the new developments in ferguson. a relatively quiet night of protests. fishes hope it will give everyone a chance to calm down, reflect and start to pick up the pieces. we have more now from ferguson. >> reporter: a wintery storm moving in. but there have been too many sleepless nights for people some ferguson. business owners like queen barnes, especially worried. the salon she spent her life savings on as a retired teacher in the path of a fire early tuesday. not knowing if it would be there at day break she was frustrated, disappointed. >> i don't approve this behavior. but after a while people think they can only respond with violence. >> reporter: on the other side, people responding with kindness. >> i'm trying to sweep sidewalks of ferguson because people were
6:33 am
breaking windows without cleaning up after theirselves. >> after the first night of chaos, 2,000 national guard troops backed up police and put an end to the clashes before they turned destructive and before barnes's salon burned. >> we didn't get looted. >> there is still damage. i have to think of my safety and my children's safety and them having to live their lives. >> a community reeling from three months of turmoil. >> the bigger protests were actually out in california. take a look at this scene in oakland. protesters set fires, vandalized cars and smashed store and car windows. we just learned 35 people were arrested. in downtown los angeles, police arrested people who were blocking the streets there. but police say the protests were
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mostly orderly. 200 people have been arrested in the last three days. a bakery that was vandalized on monday is getting a much needed shot in the air. it was ground zero for the protests. she just opened the building in june. since monday she has received more than $200,000 in donations. she said despite the violence she is determined to stay in that neighborhood a make sure business thrive. we're work to go learn more about the maryland soldier who died in afghanistan. sergeant major turner was killed monday when a car packed with explosives hit his vehicle. he served deployments in bosnia and iraq before going to afghanistan this year. he was already a bronze star and purple heart recipient. he is survived by a wife and
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five children. work to go find out the condition of a jogger hit by a car while running in georgetown. the accident shut down roads near 28 and q streets. the jogger was hit and became pinned underneath the car. she was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. police are work to go find out what led to that accident >> supreme court justice ginsburg is going back to work monday despite an unscheduled heart procedure. she had a heart stint inserted yesterday morning. she was taken late tuesday night after experiencing discomfort during a workout with her personal trainer. she is expected to be september home this weekend. at 81, ginsburg is the court's oldest justice. rg3 is out. colt mccoy is in. head coach jay gruden is confident griffin can make a come back. right now he feels mccoy gives a better chance to win. >> i'm prepared to give colt every opportunity to keep the job, yes. if he does, he will be the
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quarterback next week if he does, he will be the quarterback the following week. he has the experience. he has games infer his belt in the nfl. he has more experience than the other two guys have here. and he plays like it. >> as far as rg3, this is the second time in the last two years he has been benched. many are surprised by the decision but they need to move forward now. >> speeding up your holiday shopping. the steps vdot is making so you don't get stuck at the stores. facing challenges at the airlines in the day ahead after hundreds of flight cancellations. >> you may encounter fog and even ice as you step out the door this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia siegel your
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welcome back. it is 6:39. traffic lights around some of the busiest malls will be retimed. the goal is to keep traffic moving as more cars head into mall parking lots. vdot collected a lot of data last year and is using it to make it run better this year. traffic cameras and sensors will make adjustments in real-time. >> tom hanks and wife rita wilson will host the national christmas tree lighting next thursday, december 4th. by tradition, the president and his family will also help to light the tree. this year's show will include performances by patti labelle and neo. >> always a great show. >> it is starting to feel like the holidays especially with all the snow we had yesterday. got you in the mood. >> before you know it it will be christmas and moving on, right? 6:41. time to take a look at the forecast. cloudy skies overhead. take a live look. chilly start to your day. >> let's check in with amelia.
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>> the clouds around most of the day. mostly cloudy skies today. temperatures right now are in the 30s. there could be black ice until 8:00 a.m. this morning. and some patchy fog around this morning until 9:00 a.m. for those of you west of washington, around the i-81 corridor and further back to the west again. that fog burns by 9:00 a.m. can't rule out a few scattered showers mainly south of washington. the threat of a shower until about 3:00 approximately. p.m. slick spots are possible. after that, most roads should be did. a look at the weekend in 10 minutes >> see you then. thank you, amelia. the thanksgiving feast has not yet been served yet. but that is not stopping you from gearing up for the holiday shopping season. die hard shoppers already waiting to get the best deals. hey there. i'm right in the middle of a packing frenzy at food and friends with my friends here.
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we're volunteering from the group burgundy crescent. now we are packing breakfast food for the food and friends clients. and you see my twist there? that's the way you have to do the waffles we're packing away. i'll have
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welcome back at 6:45. volunteers across our area are busy cooking thanksgiving dinners for needy families throughout the washington region. one of the groups is food and friends.
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they're cooking turkeys and all the trimmings for a lot of people out there. news 4's molette green is live in the kitchen in northeast washington with more on what's happened today. busy morning, molette. >> in the thick of it. can you imagine wrapping 9,800 pounds of turkeys? that's what this effort is all about. joining me is one of the celebrity public volunteers joining in the mix of things. >> yes. >> we're not done with this. >> no. we're just getting things started. >> you know the drill. what's going to happen next? >> well with, what happens next, all volunteers have been preparing for days packaging the food. now those packages, turkeys, potatoes, green beans will be put into bags so more volunteers can deliver them to people all over the recently and here in d.c. >> mayor elect muriel bowser this is your neighborhood. >> it is. >> you know the clients as well throughout the area and their experiences. >> i do. food and friends has been a great partner with us in the
6:46 am
district to make sure people at home trying to get well have good, nutritious meals. they have been partners with the community. people come in and volunteer not just on thanksgiving day. they need help every day. >> mayor elect bowser. these are people living with hiv, aids and cancer and other serious illnesses. this is all a labor of love. back to you. >> they are doing such great work. thank you, molette. >> right now some of you may be getting ready to hit the roads and get to thanksgiving dinner. this is a look at i-270. smooth sailing. not a lot of traffic going on. yesterday's rain and snow may have caused icy spots. maybe they are waking up and ready to catch an early flight to the airport or at the airport. a live look at reagan national. much quieter after a busy and
6:47 am
messy day yesterday. we have been checking flight aware. there are no reports of delays or cancellations at any of our airports. a far cry from yesterday when there were 750 cancellations nationwide. 4700 delays. new york had most of those issues yesterday. you might want to check with your carrier is if that is your destination this morning. as you head out for your thanksgiving feast, even staying at home, keep up on your phone with the storm team 4 weather app >> working to learn more about two suspects police are searching for in connection with a stabbing outside the gallery place metro station. they are looking for two women wearing dark clothing. investigators say the victim went in to the station for help, prompting one of the entrances to temporarily close. this happened around 8:00 last night. we're told the stabbing did not happen at the metro station. so far no arrests and no word on the victim's condition. tomorrow you'll have a
6:48 am
chance to sign a condolences back for marion barry. on thursday he will lie in repose. friday, a public procession. and saturday a public funeral at the washington convention center, followed by a private burial. thanksgiving dinner hasn't even been served and many of you are planning your black friday shopping. about 140 million people will be shopping on black friday. but not everyone will brave the crowds. 25 million of you plan to do your shopping online. thousand of people are already camping out for deals. several tents spotted outside this best buy here in virginia bea beach. >> some people spent the the night in the cold. some were camping out to get the into the best buy first in
6:49 am
gaithersburg. brandon jackson tells us he thinks it's worth it outside so he can get a a bargain on electronics. >> i have never done the whole black friday thing, waiting for something. i figure why not do it. i'm off for the three days. my family is going to be in virginia. so i have nothing to lose. >> he has a long wait ahead of him. best buy opens 5:00 tonight. jessica anderson with lingers finance is with us.
6:50 am
kiplinger personal finance says there's a reason you end up buying more than you expected. >> your subconscious has already decided what you're going to buy before you pull out your credit cab. >> that's right. you are propelled to buy for a different reasons, not just the sales. number one, shopping with a friend. >> we've all been there. oh, that looks so great on you. i must have it. >> reporter: the average person will spend 5% more this year than last. nearly $800 this holiday season. if you want to stick to your budget, tell your friend talk to the hand. mannequins. traditionally you will see mannequins in the window. the head is either left of right. you're more obliged to go in and take a peek when the mannequins make eye contact with you. mmm. smell that holiday goodness. it's a trap. scent marketing. cinnabon. the ovens make you crave their cinnamon buns.
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another store that tries to lower your denies and propel you to buy. number four. a new jingle to go with your jingle bells. >> these are songs that people have grown up hearing. but it's a slightly newer version. i don't know. one direction probably has something out for the holidays. >> music remakes of the oldies but goodies are nostalgic. you feel warm fuzzy inside and then you pull out more cash. number five, a little mood lighting makes everyone look better. >> you are looking pale and pasty. it is november. they want you to look fantastic when you are putting on their clothes. >> warm, soft lighting. hues of yellow and gold all over department stores. leave the fluorescents for electronics. so look alive. your dollars are at sake. all right. time to get a look at the forecast. beautiful sunrise. amelia. >> it is stunning. mostly cloudy skies.
6:52 am
for the most part, more clouds than sun on this thanks giving. there could be a shower around. it wouldn't be as impactful as yesterday. only a 30% chance that you deal with some rain. and that threat mainly for those of you south washgton. it is so cold above the surface. wet snow could mix in. but it's not going to accumulate. temperatures tumble tomorrow. and then we actually warm up through the weekend on sunday. highs near 60. right now everybody is in the 30s. 32, winchester. 34 in manassas and culpepper. satellite and radar showing plenty of clouds across the area. rain well to our south around richmond it's the same system where we could see showers sneak into our area today. the threat lingering mainly until 2:00, 3:00 p.m. here we are future weather, 7:00 a.m. this is overdone but it is giving you the idea that a a threat of rain is there.
6:53 am
southern maryland and the northern neck. by 2:00, 3:00 p.m., dry in the area. partly cloudy skies overnight tonight. no travel concerns tonight or throughout the day tomorrow. it is cold on black friday. a high of 39 degrees. mostly sunny skies. good news there. a little bit breezy. need a warm jacket for sure tomorrow. saturday, mostly cloudy, 46. sunday, high of 58. not a bad weekend all in all. rich and eun. two hours until the kickoff of the macy's thanksing giving day parade. >> chris palone, good morning and happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, eun and richard. things are starting to get exciting now you can feel the energy up on the upper west side. let me show you what's going on. every time i turn around, something different is happening. you can see the the volunteers in the front. behind one of the 16 character
6:54 am
balloons that will be in the parade today, that is thomas the tank. that is one of the new balloons being unveiled. one of six the last hour. pikachu is a new one. the red power ranger. and the pillsbury doughboy and paddington bear. we have a rocking horse with a clown on it. and tom the turkey. and so the last couple of hours, everybody is getting into place to make sure this goes smoothly as it kicks off at 9:00 a.m. of course it's going to go smoothly. they have been doing the 88th annual event. only took three years off during world war ii. but other than that, this has been an american icon and classic for decades. so that's the story live here in new york city, we'll send it back to you. >> very exciting. chris, thank you. you can catch the parade at 9:00 a.m. on nbc 4. you won't have to deal with
6:55 am
track work on metro this weekend. trains will run on a holiday schedule. it opens at 7:00 a.m. and closes at midnight. tomorrow rail and bus runs on a normal weekday schedule. normal fare and parking rates in effect tomorrow too. today a lot of people will be watching nfl football. but if you live in d.c., you'll be watching the turkey bowl. two high school teams will battle it out for bragging rights. this is the 45th year of the annual thanksgiving day tradition. this year h.g. woodson takes on blue high school. they won the game last year. the game is at 11:00 at eastern high school in northeast washington. mayor gray will be on hand to present the trophy to the western. good luck >> montgomery county is getting ready for its largest race of the year. the annual bethesda turkey chase starts in a little more than an hour. 10k at 8:30. a two mile run/walk at 8:50. and the tot trot starts at 9:35. the turkey run started back in
6:56 am
1982. proceeds benefit the ymca and bethesda chevy chase rotary. >> one year we will do the that. >> put me down for that. >> folks running in that, not too pad. need the winter running gear. temperatures in the upper 30s. traveling this morning, we are concerned about slick spots, especially on sidewalks, driveways, the less traveled secondary roads. and some fog way back to the west around the i-81 corridor. travel is looking good. travel also looking good. you just need your sunglasses. hour-by-hour forecast for your thanksgiving, a chance of a shower. south of washington until 2:00 p.m. most of the day, if not all the day, is dry. tomorrow, it's a little bit breezy. it's cold, guys. look at the highs. high of 39. >> all right. we are going to look up for that warmup for next week, amelia. >> temperatures will actually warm. 46 saturday.
6:57 am
near 60 on sunday >> whoa, 60. that will be nice. >> thanks so much. >> and thank you for starting yo day with us. hope you have a happy thanksgiving. >> the today show is necessary. the macy's day parade starts at 9:00. see you tomorrow. have a great day.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. for the birds, misery for millions of travelers in the after math of that nasty nor'easter. snow, ice, rain, triggering massive power outages and more than several 00 kavrngs cancelled flights. we could see more today. more unrest in los angeles and spreading to other parts of the world. this as police uncover a disturbing plot to kill the prosecutor in the michael brown case. ready, set, shop, the holiday rush is on early this year with major retailers opening tear doors


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