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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 28, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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news4 at 4:00 begins with breaking news. >> first at 4:00, breaking developments in the ray rice case. the former baltimore raven could be headed back to the nfl. >> news4's jason pugh is following the developments from the live desk. jason? >> reporter: chris and erika, ray rice has won his appeal of his indefinite suspension from the nfl. the running back is now eligible to sign with any team in the league. rice was suspended indefinitely at the beginning of the season after video surfaced of him punching his then fiancee in atlantic city. the ravens released rice on septemberth. u.s. district judge barbara s. jones heard the appeal and ruled that rice did not lie or mislead the nfl during its investigation. from the live desk, jason pugh, news4 sports. >> all right. thanks, jason. it is a very busy day as the
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holiday shopping season gets you said way. good afternoon, i'm erika gonzales. >> whether you're headed out or staying in. molette green was there as protesters showed up at one store and chief meteorologist doug kammerer is tracking the cold. >> we begin with zachary kiesch live outside montgomery mall. hi, zack. >> reporter: actually, erika, i'm here in the middle of the mix at montgomery mall. they actually closed the doors last night at midnight and turned around and opened back up this morning at about 6:00 a.m., and the numbers don't lie mu. the numbers from last night, up 40% from where they were last year and good reason why. lots of activities going on at the mall today. of course, you've got santa and all of the helpers. but also a bunch of new additions here. over $100 million in additions here over the course of the last year. you're talking about a new cinema, new food court. i mentioned santa and his helpers and a couple new stores. check out the mike soft store, a hot ticket all day long. and so i had to ask some folks,
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is there really something to this black friday or is it all hype? >> yes! absolutely, it's worth it. and we got very lucky. there was a parking spot right there. and so we didn't have to fight. it was wonderful. >> reporter: some good deals out here? >> i think it's exactly what it was yesterday or the day before. >> reporter: just about being out here and having a good time. >> yeah. getting yourself in the spirit, starting early, trying to get yourself in the spirit and seeing what you can find. >> reporter: it's been crazy here all day long. now coming up tonight at 5:00, we're going to talk about what the hottest items are this year. so make sure you stay tuned and i'll give you tips, technology and at the top of the list, again, reporting live here in montgomery mall, zachary kiesch, news4. >> that is an exuberant little kid jumping around zack there. millions of people are out spending money, some demanding to be paid more. >> that's right. walmart workers interrupted black friday shopping at 1,600
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stores. news4's molette green is at h street in the district with what is the largest strike in at least three years. >> this is what democracy looks like! >> reporter: walmart workers and their supporters shut down part of h street right in front of the entrance. this is where associates are left. she joined the call for higher wages. $15 minimum wage and full-time work. >> i mean, you would have to get better pay for it to make a difference. it's not really about the full time. it's about the pay you make. i support two kids, so it would be better if i could make more money. >> this is what democracy looks like! >> reporter: and the mood changed quickly when some protesters went inside. security shut the doors and
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escorted them out. >> there's a sergeant in there. i had to remind the sergeant, they reacted just like in ferguson, missouri. >> reporter: walmart released a statement that reads in part, the crowds are made up of paid union demonstrators, and they are not representative of our 1.3 million associates across the country. it goes on to say, it's unfortunate that this group attempts to disrupt the holiday spirit to push their agenda. after today's strike, workers go back on the job, and charlotte fears retaliation. >> after this protest, i'll make sure i carry my pen and paper. so if anything -- if i'm treated differently in any type of way than i was treated before i went on strike, then i'm going to make sure i jot everything down. >> reporter: although it got a little hairy between the protesters and the walmart workers and police, this was a mostly peaceful protest, and police tell me there were no arrests.
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in northwest, molette green, news4. turning now to storm team 4, it is sunny right now. but also a mix of clouds and even some snowflakes out there. >> that's right. a little bit of everything on this black friday. storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer is in the weather center with what is next. hey doug. >> hey, guys. we did see a couple snowflakes earlier today. the big news, though, is just the cold weather. we just continue to see it. and today was a cold afternoon. storm team 4 radar not showing any snow showers now. earlier through montgomery county and northwest d.c. and loudoun county earlier. right now, though, it's the temperatures and the wind chill. the current wind chill in d.c., 32. only 26 in gaithersburg. 27 in leesburg. 34 towards reston and 28 in camp springs. a very chilly evening and if you are headed to any black friday deals later this evening, it's going to continue to be on the cold side. maybe toward the shops around the verizon center, 37 degrees at 7:00. 57 -- or 35 degrees at around
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9:00. 57, wouldn't that be great? 32 around 11:00 with rather chilly temperatures. i do have some great news, though, coming as far as warmer temperatures. i've got that for you in just a minute. we're getting new details about a shooting that interrupted a family's thanksgiving dinner. police identified the victim shot several times in columbia, maryland. this happened at an apartment. investigators say a masked man walked up to the apartment and banged on the door. when someone opened the door, the man shot elijah jackson several times. knees stable condition. while investigators say they don't think this is a random shooting, they don't have anyone in custody. there was a search for a second suspect in the thanksgiving sex assault in d.c. police say a woman was attacked by two men after 3:00 yesterday morning near kelly miller middle school. paul xavier williams was caught and charged with kidnapping, robbery and sex assault while armed. the second suspect is on the run
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and may be armed with a stun gun. at 5:00, news4's mark segraves has more on that investigation and takes a look at how crime around the same school is really having a big impact on the neighborhood. now we want to go to a developing story out of texas. the man accused of opening fire on police headquarters may have had a political agenda. this happened in austin early this morning. the shooter aimed at police. the federal courthouse and the mexican consulate. an officer outside saw him shooting and started shooting back. more than 100 rounds were fired. the shooter did die. nobody else was hurt in this shooting. investigators are working to learn about the gunman and what it was that prompted him to en this shooting. a plane is expected to land at dulles soon after it was forced to make an emergency stop. it's united airlines flight 951. it took off from brussels, belgium with more than 200 people on board and during the flight one of the passengers had
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a medical emergency. the plane had to land in iceland to get help. we're waiting to hear how the washt is doing. but the plane is expected to get to dulles around 6:30. developing right now, first at 4:00, black friday festivities interrupted at one of the world's biggest stores. hundreds of people are protesting outside this macy's in manhattan right now. they're demonstrating against the grand jury decision earlier this week in ferguson, missouri. we'll tell you how protesters in ferguson marked the day in our next half hour. fasten your seatbelts. the big problem that's waiting in the wings for one of our local airports. black friday boost or bust? we'll tell you if metro's big push to attack the mall crowd is paying off. plus, paying more to deck the halls. why picking the perfect christmas tree is about to cost you a little more. first at 4:00.
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the black friday craziness is still in full swing. it all started last night. our cameras were there when the doors opened at the springfield town center. the crowds haven't stopped since then. the shoppers who we talked to say the deals are just too good to pass up. >> nice little necklace and earring set, originally $200, and today it is $29, nice steel there. >> three for three at bath and body works. buy three, get three free. lots of free stuff at victoria's secret. >> if you are still looking to cash in on the deals, springfield town center is open until 10:00 p.m. tonight. if you still plan to head out tonight, depending where you're headed, the metro may be packed with other shoppers and their bags. the tyson's corner station is experiencing about 20% higher ridership than a normal weekday. the wheaton station has easy
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access to the mall. arlington cemetery station is busy because of holiday visitors. overall, fewer people are riding the metro system today. thanksgiving is officially over, and we are already on to the next holiday. the white house christmas tree arrives this morning. first lady michelle obama along with daughters malia and sasha were on hand as the tree arrived on a horse-drawn wagon. the official white house christmas tree will be on display in the blue room. the tree was grown in leighton, pennsylvania. in fact, the tree arrived at 19 feet and will have to be cut down to 18 feet and 6 inches just to fit inside that blue room. you might say that it's not your grandfather's black friday. why some people are turning it from black to green. and not in the way you might think. >> very, very loud and i couldn't tell you what was going on. >> talk about a thanksgiving surprise. a head-on collision this truck driver says was destiny.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. dulles airport could be facing some serious financial trouble next year as more and more people choose to fly in and out of reagan national. the "washington post" did analysis that shows sometime next year more people will fly through reagan national than dulles which is 14 times the size of reagan. some carriers might move their
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business and that could have serious repercussions on virginia's economy. out in colorado,' lot of shoppers there, they don't even call it black friday. >> no, they're not. they are calling it green friday for stores selling newly legal recreational marijuana. nbc's hallie jackson reports. >> reporter: 'tis the season for door-busters. >> woo! >> reporter: and at this colorado store, expectations are, well, high. >> there's no question that there's going to be people here excited, in line, ready to be the first one in the doors. >> reporter: ryan fox is giving any early-birds 80% off an ounce of marijuana this black friday. >> it's a great opportunity for us to have a big weekend while there's a lot of consumers out spending money. >> reporter: it's the first holiday shopping season since colorado legalized recreational marijuana, limiting it to one ounce for anyone over 21.
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of now many pot shops are embracing traditional marketing tactics, with sales on stocking stuffers and seasonal treats like this pumpkin pie with a cannabis crust. so popular, they have already sold out at evergreen apothecary. mention green friday here and you'll save 15%. to the owner, today's sales show marijuana going mainstream. >> we're going to offer deals like every retailer and bring people through the door. >> reporter: not everyone embracing the commercialization of cannabis. >> dumping high levels of thc into pumpkin pies, sweet potatoes, hot chocolate and marshmallows, it is just perpetuating this false myth that marijuana is not dangerous. >> reporter: but supporters point out the pot industry is paying off for colorado, which is bringing in millions of dollars in taxes and fees from marijuana sales. >> i absolutely anticipate there is going to be a lot of happy
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faces on christmas morning. >> i think santa would say ho, ho, ho. >> reporter: a holiday high at its lowest price of the season. halle jackson, nbc news, los angeles. a loud bang shattered class, a driver's windshield torn apart. but he says it's destiny. it was a 30-pound turkey that came flying through his window on thanksgiving. >> what? >> this happened in lubbock, texas. the truck driver was not hurt. the bird, not so lucky. the driver pulled over to call for help, and soon figured out what to do with the giant bird. >> the whole family came out and i asked if they could use it. because obviously there was nothing i could do with it. they were excited about getting it. everybody happy i was okay and after that, it was hysterical. what are the odds of that, getting hit by a big turkey on thanksgiving. >> thankfully he's okay, because it's a joke. why did the turkey cross the
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road. luckily the driver was able to make it home in time for thanksgiving with his family. of. >> he's got a good accuse excuse for being late for din er. news4 was in your community today to help mark reston's 50th anniversary. angie governor goff and doug kammerer were there to join the fun. all day, visit with santa, take part in a sing along or ride in a horse-drawn carriage. the tree lighting ceremony will begin at 6:00 tonight. >> you can see everybody bundled up, big hood, gloves, the whole thing. >> good time out there? >> i had a great time. the parade started at 10:00, ended at noon. 10,000 people showed up today. so really phenomenal event. but, yeah, it was on the cold side for sure. the line around starbucks, literally -- >> a line around -- >> it was a line around
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starbucks. reston town center right now, your reston live camera looking good. lots of sunshine across the area. a little on the breezy side and earlier saw a couple snow showers toward the reston town center area. right now towards the woodrow wilson bridge, another shot of sunshine. some ripples in the potomac. temperatures at 39 degrees. the wind chill at 32. so it's on the chilly side for sure. current temperature, 34. gaithersburg, 35. martinsburg, 40. down toward fredericksburg, you add in that little wind, 10 to 15 miles an hour, and you're in the 20s in some areas. 26 gaithersburg. 27 in leesburg. 33 in culpeper. so it's going to be a very cold friday evening. if you're making your way out for some of the black friday deals, you're going to stay on the cold side for sure. no rain, no snow on the radar. that was not the case earlier as we did have a couple snow showers. those snow showers coming down courtesy of the lakes at northwesterly flow bringing us some of those. and we did see some clouds too. but now things are okay. notice something else is going
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on. some snow back here towards iowa, minnesota. that's actually a warm front. we want this to come through the area. now we're not going to see any snow from it, but take a look at the numbers. just south of that warm front. 62 in wichita. 68 in dallas. 60 in jackson. that's the warmer air that's going to make its way over our region. you can tell where the jet stream is, dipping right down across portions of the east. so only 30 in chicago and 39 in d.c. yeah, bring us some of that warmer weather. i think it's going to be a welcome break. tonight, not going to get any warler. going to get colder. 24 in gaithersburg. 22 in martinsburg, 23 in leesburg and 22 in manassas. very cold start to your saturday but a better finish. partly sunny, not as cold. temperatures 43 to 48 degrees. as we move through the next couple he days, here's the really good news. you want to go to the 40s, why not the 60s? 60 degrees on sunday. 61 degrees on monday. we will see a chance of some showers late in the day on monday. but most of the day monday will be dry and it will be very warm. rather breezy conditions sun and
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monday too. and a frontal boundary, 42 degrees on your tuesday with another chance for shower activity wednesday, thursday and friday. temperatures right around average for this time of year. we're looking at that temperature on wednesday around 53, back into the 40s, though, next thursday. guys? >> all right. thanks, doug. call it a holiday heist. well, this is the time of year that scammers love. we're going to show what some are up to and how you can protect your cash. and a big announcement from the white house that many hope could save lives.
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december will be national impaired driving prevention month. that's the word from president obama. he's hoping to get the word out for people who get behind the wheel after using drugs or alcohol. the president says it's especially important around the holida holidays. >> if you get a live christmas tree, get ready to pay more this year. demand for christmas trees has been going down but growers expect a boom in business this season. prices can vary widely, depending on the type of tree you want. and, of course, the growers see plenty of competition from artificial trees. the happiest place on earth is also about to get a little safer for you and your family. disney's theme parks across the world, as well as its cruise ship will now be stopped -- stocked with epi pins which can
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save the live of someone having an allergic reaction. the park will let you know where to find one. disney says if your child has an allergy, you should bring your emergency kit. the devices they'll have on hand should be used for emergencies only. and today we are getting the first look at new circulator buses coming to the national mall. the director of d-dot tweeted out that picture of the 13 buses that will start service in march. they will make a loop from union station to the lincoln memorial and run every ten minutes. a little lost doe showed up at a firehouse. and we have new information where he's headed. firefighters have dubbed the yorky gizmo. he didn't have any tags or microchip. they tried knocking on doors, but no one recognized guess mow or who he belongs to. this morning, prince george's fire says they transferred gizmo to an animal management facility in upper marlboro.
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they're taking care of him. so if you know who gizmo's owner might be, call animal management. a grim day in ferguson, missouri. we're going to show how things got out of control once again there today on the biggest shopping day of the year. >> that's right. it was supposed to be all about shopping, but things did not go as planned there in missouri. probably not a surprise. >> that's right. wrong place, wrong time. we're going to tell you how two kids suddenly found themselves buried in snow, and fighting for their lives. and remember as you're out shopping and getting ready for the holidays, the storm team 4 app will send you alerts and let you know how to track the weather so you can stay
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. bargain hunters get their calendar early in the year and this is the date they circle. >> jay gray is live near minneapolis with a look at this day and how it is shaping up for customers out there. hey, jay. >> reporter: hey there, erika, chris. great to talk to you from shopping heaven, 4.2 million square feet, 520 shops. this is the place where you have to come if you're serious about black friday. and let me tell you something, erika, i'm a giver. i've been looking all day for the perfect gift for you, and i think i found it. i've got this one right here.
4:31 pm
it's called a turkey hat, arka. erika. >> you look great. >> it's on the way to you. i'm on the way up. you know why? because so are sales this black friday. they're looking really good. people not only out window shopping, they're actually spending some money. off and running. shoppers out in force, looking for holiday bargains. >> very big discounts. some things that i found were even under $10. >> discounts that are driving some to spend even more. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> reporter: yeah, and maybe the most wonderful for retailers right now. >> i definitely would expect a bigger holiday season in general. the national retail federation is predicting a 4.1% jump over last year. and that counts for a november and december. >> reporter: you'll find holiday shoppers who just can't seem to get enough. >> it's all about the deals. >> reporter: but for others, black friday has become a bit of
4:32 pm
a tradition. >> an opportunity to go out with their family, spend some time in this crazy atmosphere and really bond. >> reporter: that's the fun part for rene and her family. >> we're die-hard, 16 years now we have all come together. >> reporter: coming together for a holiday shopping season that for many is just starting, while for others, well, clearly they have had enough. yeah. it is a rough go sometimes. how big a deal is black friday here at the mall of america? at this point in the day already, 220,000 shoppers or more. that's more than all of black friday last year. that is the latest from now the third level of the mouall of america. i think i've shopped until i've dropped. >> you are ready for seconds and dessert and everything. we can always count on jay for a creative story. >> jay, i've got to ask you, it seems like with those kind of numbers, it seems like people have sort of put the recession behind them. people seem pretty positive about spending their money
4:33 pm
again. >> reporter: you know what, on a serious note, the average shopper is going to spend $418 on black friday. that's more than the last few years. so, yeah, it's a very good sign. not only for retailers, this is a big day for them, but also a good sign for like you said you can , the economy. so it's a win-win so far. >> jay, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> reporter: i think i wasted it on this. >> enjoy the hat. best buy's website is back up and running right now. it was down for a few hours, of all days, earlier today. you may have seen this error message while trying to get ahead on some of the black friday deals. a best buy spokesperson told nbc news a concentrated spike in mobile traffic triggered some issues. and that forced the company to shut down the website. the man behind the shooting of an unarmed teen, michael brown, won't be a cop again. the lawyer for former officer darren wilson says he will not
4:34 pm
return to the force in ferguson. or anywhere else. he says that wilson ambulance to go back to school to help support his family. wilson told abc news he wants to become a teacher. wilson's wife is pregnant with his second child. the anger over officer darren wilson not being punished for the shooting is hurting the economy in ferguson, missouri. as casey nolan reports, fears over protests are keeping walmart closed on the busiest shopping weekend of the year. >> reporter: on a day when more and more retailers advertised door busters, the walmart in ferguson locked up might it might actually happen. >> i thought there was going to be a long line. i had no idea. >> reporter: instead of shoppers, a line of national guard troops and troopers from the highway patrol stood watch. walmart closed its ferguson store wednesday night when word spread it was a target for planned protests. and kept it closed thanksgiving day. >> yeah, they're not making money tonight.
4:35 pm
not here. >> reporter: so now what? >> we've got to go shut another one down. >> reporter: the handful of protesters who did show up said bridgeton is their next target but shoppers there had only to push through the crowd. later in the nights, reports on social media claimed protests disrupted a st. charles walmart. >> the decision that was made, i didn't like the verdict either. but that's not going to stop from what had happened and what you all are doing right now. we need to come together and make everything normal when we come out here and vote. >> very dangerous for one woman in fairfax county. she was attacked by a man she met on a dating website. it happened in vienna at the wolf trap motel on maple avenue. some of the hotel guests heard her screaming and ran to help. when the man heard police were on the way, he took off. police have not said which website the man and woman met. a somber ceremony today as the final remains of victims from downed malaysian flight
4:36 pm
mh-17 were sent home. six coffins were loaded on to the plane. it flew back to the netherlands taking the dutch victims back home. flight mh-17 was shot down in july, killing all 238 passengers. the wreckage site had been completely cleared this past weekend. one person is dead after a concrete roof collapsed this morning on staten island, new york. this happened at a former car dealership that was in the process of being demolished. four construction workers were inside at the time, but only three of them made it out. right now doctors are keeping a very close eye on an arizona man. he recently traveled to sierra leone, and is now being treated for ebola-like symptoms. the doctors say the man is a very low risk for the virus, but they want to be as cautious as possible. well, 'tis the season for sammers to strike. why thieves thrive on this time of year and how you can make sure you and your family don't fall prey. >> and storm team 4 is tracking
4:37 pm
a change. doug. >> i think we're talking about a needed change across our area. very cold across the east right now. but as we look toward the next couple days, that cold air shifts to the west. the warmer air makes its way in. i'll show you what to expect in your forecast, coming up next. a secure retirement.
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a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families. opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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right now pope francis is in the middle of a rare visit to turkey. he is only the fourth pope that has ever traveled to the
4:40 pm
predominantly muslim nation. pope francis kicked off his three-day visit by meeting with turkish leaders and promoting religious tolerance and dialogue as a way to counter extremism in the middle east. as the busy holiday season kicks off, we want you to be aware of scam artists. >> that's right. this is the time of year they try to take advantage of consumers when they least expect it. >> nbc's mitch blocker has the most popular winter scams to look out for. >> reporter: this is the sound of money melting away. for james heath, who owns main line lawn and garden, a nor'easter is white gold. what about the people who take your money and don't show up? >> that's a problem. >> reporter: he says the storm like we saw thanksgiving eve can leave people desperate and vulnerable. >> we've had several customers say they paid in advance for services and not shown up. >> and then they call you. >> then they call us. >> reporter: the snowplow scam is a simple one. a quick take your money and run
4:41 pm
scheme. this holiday season, the warnings are again everywhere. the gift card scam is back. major retailers warn scammers steal the code on the backs of cards and wait until you activate it to drain the account. and if you're thinking of adopting a pet over the holidays, heed this warning. the puppy scam involves phony websites, pictures of purebred dogs and a pickup date at the airport. you send money, but there is no dog. also back, the grandparent scam. >> i have no doubt we're seeing a wild increase in the grandparent scam. >> reporter: it's usually done over the phone. a grandparent gets a call from someone claiming to be their grandchild and claiming they need money to get out of trouble. if you're sensing a theme from booking a snowplow to picking up a puppy, it's to be careful who you pay in advance. >> there was a lot of people out there that do probably prey on people. >> reporter: how much should getting your driveway plowed cost? >> that's a great question. now everybody's driveway length
4:42 pm
is different. but typically you should ask your contractor about depth of snow. >> so wan you to always remember, when you hire someone to plow snow, make sure that the business or the person is insured and do not sign a season contract up front. you should be able to pay as you go. >> great advice. you know what, they've got a name for everything now. it's black friday, small business saturday. and then cybermonday. we're going tell you about some of the ways to get more for your money. plus, finding the best place to shop isn't that easy. we're going to tell you which items you can get at the mall and which are worth the trip to the outlets. and the weather has been up, down and pretty much all around. how about the weekend? chief meteorologist doug kammerer coming back with more. how can i avoid maintenance fees?
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i'm jackie bensen at the news4 live desk. we're looking into reports of an incident at annapolis mall. what we hear from anne arundel county police, this happened around 4:15 p.m. you can see chopper 4 up over the scene. it was not in any way related to any type of bargain shopping rush. what we're told is it was a fight between a group of juveniles, possibly in the foot court. food court. no reports of injuries, but there appear to have been some arrests of young men who look to be in their teens. for whatever reason, possibly because a table was overturned during the fight, there were initial reports that shots were fired.
4:46 pm
this is absolutely not true. according to anne arundel county police, and i do believe we see some of the police activity down there, what police tell us is that this was a fight between juveniles, possibly in the food court. no serious injuries, but we understand it did cause something of a momentary panic until people figured out exactly what was going on. again, police on the scene. and we understand they do have some teenagers in custody. at the live desk, jackie bensen, news4. >> great work, jackie. black friday taking on a different meaning for millions of people, because they have literally been in the dark for days. the snowstorm that hit our area wednesday is still causing big problems in the northeast. new hampshire has more than 100,000 homes with no power and no heat. it's one of the biggest outages in the state's history and things may not get back to normal until sunday night. really puts things in perspective. >> yeah. >> this is the official claims department for weather from this side on. so let me say, i don't mind the
4:47 pm
snow, i like the cold, but i don't like that we are warm one day and cold another. so what can you do about it? >> i've got a customer service number, if you take that down. 1-800-4-weather. right now we have warmer weather making its way in across the area, so erika, you can take your complaints and i'm going to listen to those complaints. and here we go. temperatures tonight will stay on the cold side. current sunset right now. chilly for sure. chilly right through the 9:00, 11:00 hour. 35 by 9:00. 32, freezing, at the 11 hour. most of you will be in the 20s. already down to 34 in gaithersburg and leesburg. 35 in warrenton and 37 down towards huntingtown. nothing on the radar. we have seen a couple snow showers during the day today, but really didn't amount to anything. nothing more than just pretty snowflakes coming down in parts of the area a little bit earlier today. what we have, though, tomorrow is going to be a much nicer day. so we're moving in the right direction here. highs around 40 today in d.c. most of you in the 30s today.
4:48 pm
tomorrow we're into the 40s. 43 degrees in martinsburg. 43 in winchester. 47 towards the washington metro area. and with some sunshine tomorrow, tomorrow is going to be a better day. but it gets even better. how about if you're thinking about doing some biking? you want to get off some of those calories from thanksgiving. 34 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 40 degrees by 1:00. a little on the chilly side for sure, and 1:00, nice weather with a temperature of 45. now, next couple days, high temperature of 60 degrees on your sunday. 61 on monday. we will see nice, warm temperatures on sunday and monday, and with the chance of showers on monday, right now i think they'll come late in the afternoon. most of the day on monday looks dry. another chance of showers pretty much most of the afternoon or even into the early hours. 42 degrees. temperatures go right back down. so we're dropping by nearly 20 degrees from monday into the day on tuesday. back to 53 on wednesday. so our nice little roller coaster going up, coming down, going up and then right back down as we end the roller coaster ride over the next serve days. another chance of showers during the day friday.
4:49 pm
all of the showers right now look as if they would be rain showers. no snow in the seven-day forecast, and at least a couple days of warmer weather out there too. >> all right. thanks, doug. i'll keep that 1-800-4-weather number close by. here at nbc 4, we're keeping you safe and secure during this holiday shopping season. outlet malls always packed with shoppers hunting for deals. how do the outlet stores compare to retail stores when it comes to quality and value? "consumer reports" has the real deal on outlet stores. >> reporter: most shoppers who told "consumer reports" they are happy with the deals. 64% say outlets offer great value. >> when i shop at outlet centers, i'm looking for a great deal. great product at a great price. >> who doesn't love a great deal. >> those surveyed found superior value at these stores. upon worth, haggar, oshkosh,
4:50 pm
izod and ll bean. these days, merchandise is made specifically for the outlets. but is it the same quality? the coach store carries this bag. the outlet has this one. >> the retail version is made of a nice, heavy, embossed leather, a rounded top. so it sits nicely in a rounded handle which is more comfortable. the outlet version is a fine bag. it has a few less fine details and flat handle. >> reporter: there is a $100 difference between j crew's outlet ballet flats and those from its retail store. >> the shoes are very similar. but the retail version is made of leather in italy, and the outlet version is made in china, polyurethane. the retail version also has a heel, which will provide better support. >> reporter: also, be aware, not everything is cheaper at the outlets. although this corelle dinnerware set is identical, it actually costs more. same with this revere ware pot and pan set. bottom line, some outlets definitely offer bargains, but,
4:51 pm
you have to shop carefully. one more way to save, head to the back of the store first. you're going to find the biggest markdowns back there. we reached out to coach, j crew, corelle and revere ware for this story. j crew, corelle and revere ware declined to comment. coach has not responded yet. if you've got a story idea for the consumer watch, send an e-mail., along with our phone number. if you didn't brave the crowds for black friday this morning, you can still look forward to deals on cybermonday. here's some ways to get more for your money. the fairfax county office of consumer protection says start your online shopping at, where you'll find current promotions of more than 500 retailers. that site is owned by the national retail federation. and if you plan to do most of your shopping at a particular store, sign up for the store's e-newsletter or mailing list. you might get an extra coupon code and be in the know about all of the sales to come. but if you need instant gratification, buy online and
4:52 pm
pick it up at the store. that way you can skip the lines, head straight to customer service and you won't have to pay for shipping. some of the stories we're working on right now in our news room. one part of our area finds itself in good company on a big list, just in time for small business saturday. we'll tell you what that means for the community. and more often than not, your commute just keeps getting costlier. now there is a push to actually decrease the toll rate along the local road. first at 4:00, a warning for anyone expecting a gift in the mail. thieves are out grabbing packages from font doors. >> reporter: i'm darcy spencer in upper marlboro. a thief is seen on surveillance video, grabbing a package, walking back to his car and putting it in his trunk, driving away. police say this is happening more and more as people are doing online shopping and having those packages delivered to their homes when they're not
4:53 pm
there. we spoke to one woman who caught a thief on her home surveillance camera. >> unfortunately, i wasn't able to retrieve this, because someone took it from my porch before i was able to get home and pick up my package. >> reporter: i'll tell you what that thief got away with, coming up in my report on news4 at 5:00. how many times have mom and dad said watch where you play. we're going to show how an afternoon in the snow quickly turned into a parents' worst nightmare. plus, fire forced families out of their homes for the holidays, but one neighbor in prince george's was the unexpected hero. next at 5:00, he explains how he went towards the danger. >> i couldn't breathe and i wanted to go in and get the guy.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
check this out. black friday chaos spreading across the world. shoppers in london spilled over each other as doors were opened. customers were trampled as they tried to race to the one-day deal. that is very, very dangerous. police are were called to at least seven stores. although it's an american tradition, black friday is actually becoming more and more popular in the u.k. and what started as an afternoon of fun in the snow turned into a frantic rescue in new york state. nbc's shelton dutez takes a look at the work to save two boys trapped. >> the snow was over 6 or 7 feet tall. >> reporter: and they were trapped in the bottom.
4:57 pm
>> yes. >> reporter: he was one of the newburgh police officers who helped rescue those 9 and 11-year-old boys. this cell phone video captured the frantic efforts to dig up the snowbank. >> it was really adrenaline. >> they went to all of the neighbors, asking for shovels and the neighbors were coming out and everybody was contributing. >> reporter: the two boys were building a snow fort across the street from the kenny apartments. police say a plow driver was clearing the lot and dumped more snow on top of them. when the boys didn't return home, newburgh police canvassed the neighborhood. something caught one of his eyes. >> he located a shovel buried in the snowbank and figured he would take a couple digs and saw the boot of one of the children. >> the mom was trying and screaming and everything. you know, it was like -- i've got kids. i've got a daughter, so i couldn't imagine. i couldn't imagine that. >> reporter: even though this little guy who h to spend part of thanksgiving in the hospital, his mother is grateful he and his cousin are alive.
4:58 pm
she posted this photon instagram, praising the police department's efforts. that's not how sergeant weaver sees it. >> i don't think any of us are heroes. it's what we're here to do. >> just incredible. the boys were able to survive thanks to an air pocket in the snow. the snowplow driver is not being charged, because police say he would have had no way of knowing the boys were hiding inside. news4 at 5:00 starts now. erika and doreen. black friday protests. right now at 5:00, from ferguson to d.c. to times square, thousands are gathering, and it's not all about getting a good deal. plus, first on 4:00, we have learned that ray rice has won his appeal and is closer to returning to the nfl. now at 5:00, ray rice is reacting to that decision. and he bracved the smoke an flames and a neighbor emerges after as a holiday hero. we have live team coverage from the malls to the parking lots to the bitter cold weather. we've got you covered.
4:59 pm
traffic may be heavy around the shopping centers, but some holiday shoppers are taking a different approach. news4's adam tuss joins us from tyson's corner. you're a brave man, adam. >> reporter: it is ground zero, doreen. if black friday is your kind of thing, then tysons is definitely your place today. let's first give a look at the parking lot, what's going on out here. i want to show you, some people are actually parking illegally out here. that's why you see those orange tickets on the cars. if they're not moved, they could be towed. and you know, it's not just driving here. metro's silver line also up and running this year. metro says the tyson's corner station has been very busy today. ridership this morning and throughout the day today at the tyson's corner station up about 75% compared to last friday. that is incredible. and metro says this is particularly impressive, because today is a light ridership day overall. so, yes, very busy at the mall, if you're coming here tonight, guys, do pack your patience.
5:00 pm
let's all breathe together and hope we get a good deal. back to you guys. >> thank you, adam, we're trying. a developing story from d.c. to across the country. this black friday is about more than shopping for a whole lot of people. demonstrators outside this walmart store in d.c. said they stand in solidarity with the parents of michael brown who continue to fight the decision not to charge the officer who shot their son in ferguson, missouri. but this protest here in d.c. was mainly about wages and hours. activists say d.c., walmart employees don't make enough money to support their families in an area getting more and more expensive. >> we are relying on government assistance, along with working full-time hours, which shouldn't be. we should be able to live comfortably and without, you know, relying on other sources of income. >> reporter: news4's molette green was at the rally and will have more


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