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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 28, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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right now at 11:00, claims of a sexual assault inside a d.c. hot spot, the clues that could help catch the suspect. plus ray rice makes a possible return to the nfl as
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his wife breaks her silence. and black friday boom, the perks of shopping on the silver line. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. right now d.c.'s sex crime unit is investigating a reported attack in dupont circle, a transgender female says she was sexually assaulted. >> the report said she told police she was attacked in this bar but management says they were closed at that time. >> the victim a 29-year-old transgender woman said she was sexual assaulted in the back room, the report indicates a
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white man in his 20s, 6'1" to 6'3", blue jeans with gray, black and red and a college ring on his index finger. the incident took place 6:30 and 7:00 on thanksgiving day. but the bar was not alleged of the crime until we told them and said the bar didn't open until 7:00 p.m. and that two managers were inside alone preparing to open from 5:30 to 7:00. the d.c. trans coalition released this statement. >> obviously the investigation
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is in it's very early stages. anyone with ngs information is asked to call d.c. police. hours after the reinstated ray rice, his wife sat down and talked about the since deincide got him suspended. >> can you describe your emotions. >> i was furious. we came home. we didn't talk -- i didn't speak to him the entire ride home. he tried to talk to me. i didn't want to hear anything. >> we will talk about ray rice himself, can watch that interview monday and tuesday on the "today show". as of right now ray rice is
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eligible to sign with any nfl team since his appeal has been over turned. he is currently a free agent. district attorney ruled that rice did not mislead commissioner roger goodell during their meeting in june and because he didn't lie or mislead the league jones called the second suspension, the indefinite ban, unuse the nfl filed grievance against the ravens on his behalf. let's take a turn to the weather. chilly is a nice way to describe what it's been the last few days, got to hope a warm up is on the way. >> that's right. towards union station that flag is not moving where it has all day today. the wind chill in the 20s. 42 in washington.
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38 parts martinsburg, cold indeed. cold air all across the east. the warm air is back to the west. the needed change, we need this to move back there and some of the warmer weather to move back to our area. i'll talk more before the high numbers we could see over the next couple days. time to put away the coats at least for a little bit. >> thanks doug. a lot of shoppers are finally winding down after what may have been an exhausting day at malls. stores were packed with all those black friday sales. shoppers were looking for deals on clothes and electronics, no other place may have been as busy as tysons. thousands of them desended on the mall, shoppers had an entirely different transportation option to get there.
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we look at the silver line big day. >> that's right. talk about a huge day for the silver line, make no mistake this day was a test for the newest section of the transit syst. the tyson corner station saw a 77% jump in the number of people getting off the train there today compared to the same time last friday. that's even more impressive when you think about the fact metro l. ridership was less than normal today. listen to this woman who was circling the parking lot for 40 minutes looking for a parking spot. >> you've been circling for 40 minutes. >> yep i'm about to see if i could just go somewhere else and walk over. >> not a bad idea. if you take metro to tyson, you swroent t have to look for a pag
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spot and dozens of stores give you a discount. police say two groups of kids started fighting near the food court at the mall, police say there were no injuries and everything quickly went back to normal on a very busy shopping day. what's democracy look like. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> walmart workers protested demanding better wages and want walmart to pay a living wage of $15. >> we are relying on government assistance along with working full time hours which shouldn't be. we should be able to live comfortable without relying on other sources of income. >> walmart says the organization
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doesn't represent 1.2 million associates. there is still potent anger over grand jury decision in ferguson. >> a wave of protester demanding justice for michael brown. >> if black lives don't matter, black friday shouldn't matter. >> urging shoppers to focus on injustice and poverty. >> we need to get people's attention. >> stores closed security gates. shoppers tried to take it all in stride. >> you can learn about civics while you shop. >> so far police are letting
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them do what they want to do and there haven't been any confrontations. >> but several hours later the st. louis gallery mall was shut do. videos, twitter hashtags like #bla #blackoutblackfrid. demonstrators in the aisles of macy's and on the streets of chicago's magnificent mile. >> getting the best sale is silly when people's lives are being wrecked every single day. >> in oakland trains stopped for over an hour. in ferguson hundreds of businesses, many family-owned, struggle to recover after months of unrest. >> i feel the businesses had nothing to do with what
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happened. >> a day of protests and prayers for the family of michael brown attending a vigil in florida with the parents of tray von martin, a day after tweeting this picture of their thanksgiving, an empty chair at the table. police say two men stun gunned, kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman near kel yly middle school. man was arrested on monday for unrelated charges but was let go before his court date. more than 80 crimes within just a few blocks of that middle school. be on the lookout for letters from the virginia council of corporations, looks like it is from the form of
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state corporation but asks for financial information and $125 and they say don't fall for it, there's no business by that name on record. out in texas, new information about a shooting spree in austin. the man responsible has an extensive criminal history. he fired more than a hundred rounds in a building at downtown austin and died after he shot up the police station and federal courthouse and tried to set the consulate on fire. suicide bombers blue themselves up in nigeria and the death toll is climbing. men with ak-47's opened fire on the crowd, 80 killed, 150
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injured. hundreds were attending friday prayers as the bombs went off, as they ran out of the mosque other mens were shooting them. it is believed boko haram is responsible. trapped under five feet of snow, two little boys describe the terrifying night they spent. >> we were squared, started screaming. plus local cameras show thieves. a secure retirement.
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after a long day of lines in places like alexander, in old town, about 85% of the stores are small businesses. from the selection, it is recognized around the country, it is one of only three cities chosen by american express to shop small destination. if you are ordering online it is harder to keep your delivery secure. thieves are stealing packages right from the door. this kind of crime is on the rice especially this time of year. >> my neighbor and i have a system where if i'm not home and they see something on my porch they'll get it and i'll do the same for them. >> police say to avoid falling victim, have the package sent to
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your office, or require signature before it is dropped off. >> two little boys trapped under five feet of snow say they screamed for help but no one could hear them. they were rescued on thanksgiving in a small town in new york city. rescuersp frabticcally dug with their bare hands to get the boys out. they were building a snow fort on wednesday when a plow driver pushed a mountain of snow on them and their fort collapsed. >> we couldn't feel part of our body. we got scared, started screaming and telling him to stop but he didn't hear us. >> the one boy a9 years old and the other 11 and motivated each other to stay away and keep yelling. both are out of the hospital and doing just fine tonight. on the east coast more than
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100,000 people still in the dark because of this week's snow storm. crews from virginia to maine are working to bring back power. hampshire versus 85,000 still without electricity. crews hope to have everyone's power back by monday. >> we explained when we got that snow storm but we lucked out in a lot of ways. >> we did. virginia picked up like a foot of snow but nothing like what they saw up there. good news for all of us is we will see warmer temperatures. out there right now a very nice night, it is a cold night, cold temperatures sitting at 35 degrees. that wind chill also at 35 degrees, tells you we aren't dealing with any wind. that has been a big factor throughout the day today.
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we're looking at a very chilly night tonight. something else we're dealing with, snow showers, back towards frederick county, morgan county west virginia. these will continue south and east. may hit clark county before begins to die off. it is all part of storm system making its way our way. see the clouds moving in and the little streamers coming in of some snow which is part of a warm front back to the west around chicago area, south of that warm front that's the air we're talking about coming our way. take a look at the highs today, 53 in jacksonville, florida. this is the air we want to the get into it. that's exactly what we will see moving our a the next couple
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days but not tonight. 30 in d.c. 23 in leesburg and 21 in winchester. ifs so starting off our saturday on a very cold note but not a bad afternoon. high temperatures 43 to 48 degrees so not quite as cold. with some sunshine we will see a much nicer day. but on sunday 60 degrees and much warmer air moving in with wind gusts upwards of 25 miles an hour southwesterly direction, will give us a great afternoon, yeah a little breezy will you helping to bring in the warmer te. monday 63 degrees. next front from 63 right book down to 42. with that cold air coming in on tuesday, yeah i think we could see not just shower activity but snow shower activity in the
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evening hours, which will be great for the lighting of the national christmas tree right outside the white house. that would coincide perfectly. looks like the roller coaster will last heading to the end of the week into next weekend. squl this would be cold for january. >> exactly and we've had a lot of these. the most colds in maybe history. >> we'll check that out. coming, sports.
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>> pretty tough break for maryland. >> literally. >> yes this is the best player on their team and they will be without him for while. tonight maryland played without dez wells, the senior, after a fracture to his wrist. when it was time to leave the team huddle, no one said anything because that is normally dez's job. maryland at the xfinity center tonight. the freshmen relied on a lot. maryland leads by 12. trembal game high 23 points.
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next maryland up. terps take it. improve 6-0 on the season. georgetown taking on butler. second half action, hoya up by one. just over a minute left, tied at 52. ho hoyas turn the ball over on an inbound pass. dun ham knocked down the three-pointer butler beats georgia 64-58. in brooklyn, second half, up 16. watch this hustle. anderson misses the three, stays
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with it, to gill for the finish, virginia now up by ten in the second half. before virginia and virginia tech faced off on the football field, popping the senior on senior night, she did say yes otherwise we couldn't show this. second quarter virginia up 10-6. brewer is going to get hit, intercepted by david dean ends up into the end zone, touchdown there, virginia up 13-10. same score in the third. brewer finds a wide open cam phillip, 36 yard touchdown right now hoekys lead 17-13 in the fourth quarter. maryland will host rutgers tomorrow in college park. final home game of the season for terps. to hockey, the capitals
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against islanders. lost to islanders in ot just two nights ago. up the ice strong snuck past chad johnson, caps up 2-0. tom wilson near the board passes to alex ovechkin who fires, three islanders around wilson no one paying attention to alex ovechkin there, that's his 12th goal of the season, the caps win big, 5-2. they'll be back at tomorrow night in toronto. >> they look primed for a better year. >> let's hope so.
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the holidays are about to get a lot brighter from now until the new year, 500,000 bulbs will transform the zoo into a winter wonderland after dark. can also go tubing, watch a holiday light show, and it is all free. >> that's the best part. go down there and enjoy it, it's going to be a lot of fun. >> a lot of people will be watching the weather zpl today was a cold day. tomorrow the highs will be in the 40s. going up into the 60s on sunday.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bradley cooper, neil diamond, and featuring the legendary


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