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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 31, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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investigation in just a moment. first, good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. people in new zealand are moments away from ringing in the new year the start of 2015 here. you're looking live at auckland. becoming one of the first to kick off 2015. there you see it. happy new year. >> happy new year to everyone. what a celebration. take it in for a second. australia also is the next big celebration. theyl celebrate the new year at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. and we will have much more on th celebrations happening worldwide. and the events that are taking place right here where we live. >> our chance is coming . are you going to have to have that winter coat handy as you head out to celebrate?
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>> storm team 4 meteorologist amelia siegel. good morning to yt only the winter coat but layers underneath it. it is cold this morning. temperatures for the most part are in their 20s and 30s. but some spots in the teens including manassas and culpepper. washington at freezing. look at the 24-hour temperature drop from this time yesterday. frederick was 15 degrees cooler. manass jacket gloves. but the sunglasses as well. su another sun-filled day for tomorrow. te the, though they only hang out in the 30s today for the most part. 10:00 a.m. temperature of 34. by noon, we're in the. richard, coming up i'll let you know how warm it will get by the afternoon hours. thanks. we have new information about a big water main break in fairfax county. we sent a crew out early this morning to check it out. we can tell you that everything
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is fixed. this will not affect your commute. wh that break first happened. a huge hole in the road at gord baileys crossroads. good morning. other issues on the roadways. it's of the way. 95 northbound here in virginia just before mountain view road. both shoulders blocked. you can see a little bit of a slowdown as you approach mountain view. hopefully out of the way soon. southeast/sot freeway, ramp to maine avenue left lane blocked there. taking a look at 270 into town, out of t. same thing on 66 95 in general looking good. along mountain view, a little back at 6:11. weather and traffic always on the 1s. of course we will take a look at travel times.
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breaking news prince george's county police investigatg the murder of a person inside a cab on balsam tree drive in capitol heights. adam is there with new information. angie, we still have an active scene in the 800 block of balsam tree drive. police are still trying to figure some things out. what we know 1:00 this morning, they found a man shot inside a cab. pronounced dead. we don't know if he was the cab driver or a passenger. detectives working on a motive and trying to identify suspects. there is a reward being offered of $25,000 for information that leads to an arrest. but for now the scene still active here on balsam tree in capitol heights. of course we'll stay on top of it and bring you any updates as they become available. reporting live in capitol heights, adam tufts, news 4. thanks, adam.
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this morning prince george's police looking for a man found dead. he w 31 years old. we were there when you see what happen here. u.s. park police recovered his car. that was six and a half miles away near anacostia metro station. we are worki out how the car is connect to the case. new development the for the search for a missing plane off the coast of indonesia. news 4's molette green is at the live desk with new information. molette? angie, no fuselage found yet. we just got that from the search and rescue chief. he told reporters that seven bodies now recovered. and one of the victims was . now, investigators say that raises some new questions about this disaster. an official at the scene
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gg those on board had time before the plane hit the water or before it sank. bad weather hampered this seven, preventing divers from retrieving more bodies and debris in the water off the coast of indonesia. the singapore-bound flight with 162 people on board went missing on sunday. that's the latest. back to you. >> molette, thank you. planned on spending new year's at one foggy bottom bar, you'll have to make other planfadden's lost its mcfadden's l license afte stabbed insi saturday. d.c. police very day. mcfadden's h eve party pl the bar post tickets shou right now we have less than 18 hours left in 2014. and if you are still looking for something to do tonight, ther in alexandri annual first. today local sh and building
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turn into penu you're looki last year's and falls ch year's eve b it begins at a lot of chi food all aro. the main sta drop is broa a d.c. is kicking off the new year with a major event. live at nats park where they drop the puck in about 30 hours. the conditions you'll be dealing with. > rig now the story is this cold weather as you make your ne plans. amelia siegel has your hour-by-hourt at 6:11. making it harder to hide what.
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if you live in virginia you may be one of the 164,000 people to especially roll in a health care plan. the report by the u.s. depa health and human services. 46% were reenrolling. the numbers don't include auc reenrollment. the open enrollment period lasts through february 15th. in news 4 for youhealth most of you want to know the calorie co less than half approved kno calories are in coffee shops, vending machines and movie theaters. the associated press released the poll on menu labeling. the fda announced new rules that
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would require restaurants to post calorie information. when you see it there on your face you think twice about picking it up. >> it can be scary to see that >> good information to have. >> absolutely. we off 2014. we are doing it on a nice and quiet note. but amelia it is so cold. wi the temperature 32 degrees. but it feels more like 25 with clear skies across the area. plenty of sunshine throughout the day today. 7:00 a.m., t 29. by 11:00 a.m. we're at 35. we hit a high of 39 about 3:00 in the afternoon. so it's 5 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. 7:00 p. clear skies tonight. for midnight temperature of 30 in washington.
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20s in the suburbs. what you can expect if you head to the game coming up. brand-new crash at indian head highway at livingston road. as you head northbound we have a crash in the center lane. could start causing slowdowns here. virginia 95 northbound before mountain view you're seeing the slowdowns there. hopefully that will be out of the way. 66 east 395 north, 95 north, everything looking quite good in virginia. maryland 270 southbound and the outer loop to 270, no problems there. i'm back in 10 minutes. still wait to go catch a ride? the new delay to d.c. street cars and what the district is saying about a potential start date. >> plus putting a damper on the celebration. live to the las vegas strip for a look at the impact thet of snow is
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we are getting ready for the
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winter classic this morning. the capitals and the blackhawks drop the puck at nats park. tomorrow afternoon you're looking at a live picture from outside the stadium right now. the game begins at 1:00 p.m. you can watch it live. live coverage at 11:00 here on nbc 4. right now particular its to the game cost about $200 or more online. however, we're told several military veterans will be there for free. not only are they getting tickets, but 15 veterans 7 from our area will be honored before the game begins. they all participant i are saves, a nonprofit that gives soldiers a chance to bond over hockey. ofe it is played outdoors. the sun could be a major factor. amelia siegel is here with with why. and your full winter classic ahead. hi amelia. >>od puck drops at 1:00 p.m. until as late as 2:00 p.m. i was there until 3:00. not an issue at all. the sun angle is low enough
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where it won't impact the players. here your winter classic forecast. plenty of sunshine. i don't ha to tell you that. but it will be chilly. temperatures will be in the upper 30s and low 40s. a bit of a breeze at the game. so the thermometer reading will feel like they are in the mid to upper 30s. you definitely want to bundle up. it could be delayed until 2:00 p.m. they will have to play it by ear. 3:00 42. 6:00 p.m. eve with a capitals win er. well right now many people are preparing to ring in the new year in las vegas. well if you are betting for snow on the vegas strip, you may want to hold off. mike seidel is live there. mike what are things looking like right now? >> reporter: it is a cold morning on the strip here angie. the temperatu is at 34. the windchill is 25 degrees. take a look. we're looking right her
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drop canada and the strip. we have new york behind us and all the casinos also known as the strip. snow? yeah. we may see a few flakes. were we going to have enough moisture. snow back to the arizona/neva line. we have had issues in the mountains east of los angeles. here it is all about the cold.e ave high is 56. today we that's what it will be the next couple of days. here in vegas, hundreds of thousands of folks. midnight tonight, 34 35 like it is now. and the windchill certainly will be a factor in the mid-20s. so you just have to layer up. it is the desert but it does get cold in the winter. the last time they had an inch of snow is six years ago. the last time they had any flakes falling at least the nearby a
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it doesn't snow very often. everybody was excited a couple of days ago. now the excitement has been tempered. even here at about 3:15 a.m. pacific time most folks are in the casinos gambling. >> well, i was going mi even if a snowstorm, rainstorm, hail storm, after all, it is vegas. people are going to have a good time no matter what. great to see you. happy new year. >> exactly. exactly. happ new year to you guys. >> thanks. leaders in austin texas are postponing tonight's celebration because of freezing rain. nearly 10,000 people attended. the celebration includes fireworks, food a lot of performance. ci leaders say their contacts allow them to reschedule the party >> a baltimore ravens employee is facing sex offense charges during to the baltimore sun, police charged darren sanders with fourth degree sexual happened earlier this month. he could face a year in prison.
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>> a case of mistaken identity had one d.c. mother thinking her son was killed on christmas day. this is a st broug on news 4. d.c. police are now apologizing to karen robinson for this mistake. detectives told robinson her son was killed in a shoot-out with police after he committed a robbery. but a few hours later, robinson got a phone call from son raymond wishing her a m >> he says m. and i said w? he said, mon. i said they they got you and he said . >> wow. 33-year-old been identif killed. his family w a 2-year-old boy accidental shot and killed h in a walmart in idaho.
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she was shopping with her four children yesterday morning when the 2-year-old reached inside her murse and fired the weapon. the store was evacuated as a precaution while police investigated. say she did have a concealed weapons permit.. north chicag faciy company. no one was h as you can s a row of car next door to. the cars can the salt may suspension. many belonge the adjoinin. strong wind and rain shut down two highways in california. 130 people were trapped in their cars and trucks. many of them stuck in the snow. not a pretty picture there. >> you look at conditions that other people are dealing with and you are just so thankful not
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only are we dealing with dry companies. no major storms in the way. overall, we're ending 2014 on a calm right? >> y. let's check in with amelia siegel and see what the new year's night has in store for us. >> very cold tonight. temperatures arod 30 in washington. 20s in the suburbs. a cold start today. maybe dealing with frost on your windshield. 32 in washington. 28 in winchester. highs today in the 30s. 39 in washington. 38 in la plata. 36 in loray. mostly sunny skies. if you're traveling, the weather having little impact on your day. dry roads. exercise out and about, coats, hats. tonight, gloves scarves, thick ht tomorrow a cold start. temp. around 20 in the suburbs. more teens on the map early tomorrow morning. a touch warmer for january 1st.
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a high of 42. of course plenty of sunshine throughout the day at least. clouds increase throughout the day on friday with a high of 45. for the weekend, rain is in the forecast both days. the best chance of rain later in the day on saturday on into the overnight hours. maybe a few showers stick around on sunday especially early in the day. no snow in the forecast except thos well west area. not looking at a lot of accumulati spot warm for sunday. 52 for a high temperature on sunday. plenty of clouds around on sunday. breezy and cold on monday melissa. hi tempera of 39. what's the latest with the roads? >> overall looking quite good. maybe not quite as good as your forecast. beltway at 95 in maryland. beltway, 95 coming across. everything looking good. inner and outer loop lookingnicely. nothing major happening at this point. crash on indian held highway in
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the middle of the roadway there. mattawoman b poplr hill closed at crain highway. parker lane, taking a look at the beltway, central avenue that is moving along nicely as is the beltway at colesville road. i'm back in 10 minutes. a live look at 270 >> melissa, thanks. we did not get to use the st the last chance . leaders say the project is close to carrying passengers. once it does open sources say the rides could be fr for passengers. ddot has not comment odd these latest delays >> we're learning how the economy affected you in a new virginia jobs report. in november false church had the lowest rate in the state.
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just 3%. the highest rate was in martinsvil and henry county with nearly 1 in every 10 people unemployed. the average rate is 4.5% lower than the national average and lower than last year. well there is a new survey out there will make you perhaps just a little sicker. make you maybe change your mind about how you do things. >> thi they asked people abou 20% said the hands a afte bathroom. 29% of women. >> for hours everything that comes out of the toilet the spray. even stuff you don't say. it could take hours for them to settle. t' >> but, richard, isn't there another -- what was that? >> you're dying to do. 29% of women and 43% of men
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admit to going number one in shower i think it's higher than that actually. >> i just wanted to hear you say that. move on for now. everybody grab that winter coat. if you are heading outside this morning, many of you are waking up to temperatures below the freezing mark. what you can expect as you head out for your celebration tonight with your new year's eve fo >> your kids prepare to head ba to school next week. the latest death being blamed on that virus. . later, saying good-bye to words you may say all too
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right now you're going to want to bundle up if you are heading outside this morning. we are starting off the of 2014 with temperatures below the freezing mark as winter weather settles into the d.c. area. you' looking live outside our building here in northwest washington. . and you're going to see right here this is what you ha. >> well storm team 4 meteorologt amelia siegel is here. she's saying hey, if you want to go out there and party, you
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best be prepared. >> yeah. you need multiple layers. the winds luckily won't be an issue. lookin at dry conditions. . dealing with a little bit of a windchill factor. it's feeling like 25 with winds at 5 miles per hour. the thermometer reading 32. clear skies in place. that means plenty of sunshine today. everybody is cooler this morning than they were yesterday morning. for tonight, it's chilly with clear skies remaining. so 11:00 p.m. temperature of 31 degrees. midnight temperatu around 30. those of you in the suburbs, though, temp to mid-20s. like i said we are looking at light winds. now, there is rain in the forecast for the weekend. one day better than the other. your potentie that information coming knupp 10 minutes. for now over to melissa with information on yet another accident. > brand-new crash inner loop southbound bw parkway. a vehicle versus a deer.
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could be there for a little bit longer as they try to get that cleaned up and out of the way. indian ahead highway at livingston, nd lanes, slowdowns. watch out for that. still have the situation in waldorf. earlie. wider look at things overall beltway. no major problems. 66 and 95 also looking pretty good. 270 at the spur. right now chopper on the way to that keep. i'm back in 10 minutes with travel times. > melissa, thanks. the flu is spreading and doctors are preparing for even more ids go back to school next week. fifth grader died from the virus. joshua justin went to cranis corner and he wi be buried this weekend. 36 states are reporting
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widespread flu cases, include maryland and virginia. no visitors under the age of 16 will be allowed. and only two visitors are permitted at a time. visiting hours for most of the hospitals usually last 11:00 to 9:00 at night. in nova loudoun that is changed from 11:00 to 1:00 and then again from 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening. dos say the flu shot this ye only 50% effective. that number is usually at 80%. >> the united nations rejected a resolution calli for an end to israel's occupation in palestn territories. for more on what this means for the middle east, we g brian mooar.
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>> reporter: more of the . the united s veto of this 8 votes, 5 a it would hav defeated any samantha pow resolution t division, no. it was a bidni statehood su coalition. but it also removal of i occupation f said within mahmoud abba defeated, as palestinian longer deal be forced to political and live on the right now anne arundel county police need your help finding a missing woman. kim was last seen on sunday leaving her job at anne arundel annapolis. 34 135 pounds and 5'9"
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inch 44 years old she may be d black nissan . they are remembering d.c. kids that were murdered in the past year. it begins at 5:00 p.m. at the center on benning road in northeast. maryland governor elect larry hogan takes office next month. we're told he is going to face a big budget deficit next year. that's according to e "washingto he plans to deal with it by cutting spending. the post says even though cutting taxes was a big part of his campaign hoe began says he plans to focus on the budget first. join b andrews in maryland the baltimore sun reports the free show will happen next year on saturday september 19th. you can see the u. s. air force thunderbirds vintage airplanes
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an they had to stop the air show because of budget cuts in the past. > you may have a hard time finding . they are warning leaders about a ticket shortage that could mean a $15 million of lottery revenue. a contract dispute is keeping new scratc. gearing the biggest party of the year. we'll take you live to times squa for a look at the final preparations that ar under way for tonight's new year's celebration. the last day of 2014 getting off to a chilly start. amelia siegel has your what to wear. but first saying good-bye to than just 2014. how about the wor
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you just don't like hearing people say, you're not alone. every year lake superior state university in michigan collects lots and lots of words like that. then they publish a list of them. th list came out today. the name is too long to put on tv. cray-cray, hack enhanced interrogation, t word for torture. and polar vortex. swag is on there. everything from fleet was one. ratchet. >> yolo. >> selfie. yolo. the list could go on. this was started back in 1976. they had a big archive.
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>> to see how they go through. >> you would probably look back and said people said that? what does that mean? exactly. let's check in with amelia siegelment perhaps could new year's tonight be the coldest of the nig amelia? >> it absolutely could be. temperature 30 degrees. 20s in the suburbs. tomorrow morning, widespread temperatur in the teams and 20s. so what you need to wear jacket gloves and sunglasses. starting to see hints of daylight here. a sun-filled day today and tomorrow as well. temperature 32 depress. 10:00 a.m. temperature around 33 by noon. still chilly. and a temper 36. for the weekend, rain more likely on saturday especially later in the day, into the overnight hours. it's the cooler day as well. high of 44. for sunday there's a chance that showers hang on especially during the first half of the day and high of 52. in 10 minutes i'll talk about
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what you can expect for new year's tonight walking you through the forecast hour by hour. >> right now we still have a situatioslowdowns. inner lamp to bw parkway, a lot of red on one of our maps. that crash with the deer is out of the way. we're sending chopper to check it out for you. indian head highway at living stop road slowdowns because of an accident in center lane. travel times looking good. 270 southbound jermantown to the beltway, 16 minutes. outer loop 95 to the beltway. in virginia same thing, 66 east 395 north, 95 from quantico to the beltway, as good as it gets at 23 minutes. travel times in general quite good. again, live picture of the situation coming up. >> thanks melissa. we're tracking breaking news right now. in capitol heights a street is blocked off after a man is found shot to death inside a cab there.
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adam has been on the scene this morning. what he is learning about this crime when we go live next. the controver film
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breaking news. prince george's county police are investigating a murder of a person inside a cab on on balsam
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tree drive in capitol heights. news is there with the latest on the investigatio> in the last 20 minutes, the cab involved was towed from the scene. police cleared the scene. this is 800 block balsam tree drive. here's what we know. himorning, police called here. they found a man shot inside the cab. he was pronounced dead. we don't know if that man was the cab driver for if the man was a passenger in the cab. detectives are working on a motive and trying to identifts there a reward of $25,000. this shooting comes a day after another homicide not far from in fairmount heights yesterday. police are still trying to identify suspects in that case. as for the situation here in capital heights, we will stay on top of it and bring you any new developmen as they become available.
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we'll send it back to you guys. >> adam thank you. as far as here in capital heights we will bring you any new informati that comes in. we are still working out to a car is connected to a prince . raphael frazie home he was court. he was 31 ye news 4 crews u.s. park po car six and d.c. we are worki how that car case. the weather is not helping with the recovery. molette green is at the live desk with new information that is coming in this morning. hi molette.
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. richard, good morning. f body arriving to a military base in indonesia. seven bodies pulled from the wa. there are ships that are still scouring the search zone including the uss sampson. 162 passengers and crew were on board that doomed flight to singapore when it went missing on sunday. back to you. molette, thank you. a popular foggy bottom bar will not be open for its planned new ye mcfadden's l license a afte stabbed. the bar post
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anyone with ou contac. this is new zealand when the clock struck 12:00 over there. australia the next major country that will ring in 2015 at 8:00 this morning. we want to get to nbc's sarah doll of in new york times square where they a s ball drop. good morning. well good morning, angie. about mid-20s the temperature right now. expected to be roughly the same when the ball drops tonight atdnight. that kind of the bad news. the good news people here will have a million of their newest and closest friends to snuggle up to and keep warm. a million people expected to ring in the new year with a watch it on tv. a party doesn't happen without a lot of planning and preparations. so far that has included replacing some of the panels on the iconic waterford crystal
6:49 am
ball. it also includes a tested confetti drop. artists including taylor swift and florida line new mayor is expected to press the button that will start the ball's drop. that will happen at midnight. a ton of confetti will fill the skies, raining down on this crowd. a lot of insurance in place to ensure everyone has a happy and safe start to 2015. back to you. thank you, sarah. it's going to be a grand celebration. if you are steugill looking for something to do you can make plans to attend the annual first night. local shops, restaurants and buildings in old town will turn into performance venues. this is video from last year's first night celebration in falls church. you can attend a free new year'se
6:50 am
bash at 7:00 p.m. the main stage to watch the ball drop will be broad street and washington street. no matter what you decide to do tonight, m. the washingt is offering part of sobe drunk drivin call 1-800-2 the free rid. metro wi tonight unti. most will ru two hours la if you miss you'll have normal to ge. on new year's day tr. there will b the green li. and the winter classic hockey game this is pretty cool. you can use the search terms how to get home safely.
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sober ride metro, uber are there to make your journey home one. we posted this on nbc washington facebook page. celebrations don't mean big business for the world's champagne producers. cnbc's landon dowdy joins us with how much they are expected to rake in on for your money richard, that's right. it's time to raise your glass. today is the day for some bubbly. about two-thirds of all champad spark wine is bought for special occasions. 40% come during the fourth quarter of the year over the thanksgiving chris and new year's holiday. 18 million cases were sold in the u.s. last year. richar get your glass record. cheers to a good 2015. >> cheers to you, landon. thank you. >> thanks. >> i want in on that. well the last day of practice for the winter classic is today. take a look at this. you are taking a live look
6:52 am
outside nationals park in southeast d.c. the caps will skate at 11:30 this morning. you'll be able to see them live on news 4 midday. if you're at work we will stream the show online. the game is tomorrow. live coverage starts at 11:00 a. caps owner ted leonsis is really really kited for the game. he sat down with jim vance to talk about the win. >> we worked really really hard to say that we were building's s hockey capital. and the two teams that are playing they ha high interest levels around the league. it's really a big thank you to the fans. >> you can see part of their interview right now on the nbc washingtonr on nbcwashingto watch news 4 at 6:00 don't for part 2 of what he thinks for d.c.'s olympics bid. >> tak. one of our very
6:53 am
own news casters on the ice. can you guess who it is? she does the weather. we hear her in the background laughing. she also skated in high school. amelia siegel looking great in her gear. >> she's so good. have you still got all your teeth? there? >> i tried to hard and i was so bad. >> if you were aching and in pain that means you were out . >> playing with a lot of former nhl players. just skating circles around me. i was talking to event organizers about a potential of the delay in game tomorrow. the game is set to begin at 1:00 with the sun at nats park. it could delay the game about an hour by 2:00 p.m. by 3:00 the sun not an issue. i was down there at 3:00 and i can attest to that point. e sun angle was low enough it
6:54 am
wasn't impacting anybody on the ice. ife park to bundle up. 30s and 20s. rain in the next seven days evening, into the overnight hours. temp in the teens and 20s. washington though 32. one of the warmer spots. leesburg 30. 26 in rockville. high temperatures today don't make it out of the 30s. high of 39. a touch warmer with a high of 32. at least we'll have plenty of sunshine. r friday clouds increase througho the day. high of 45. this weekend, 44 on saturday. 52 sunday. so sunday is the warmer day. rain like i said most likely later in the day on saturday. w possible. only well west of the area especially far western maryland and west virginia. most of us melissa, this is only a raievent. blustery cold. >> overall looking pretty good.
6:55 am
outer loop. light volume. mattawoman beantown closed at poplar hill. clinton at parker road alternate is gallaghan. 66 and 95 in virginia looking quite good. 95 in maryland at cherry hill road also moving along nicely. volume pretty light, guys. people living in north korea will have a chance that leaders in the north did not want released. a man will drop dvd social secuty of "the interview" in north korea. he will launch balloons carrying 100,000 copies movie. the fbi has accused north korea of cyber attacks against sony. the time is 6:55. the final 4 things to know of
6:56 am
2014. we are 17 hours away from ringing in the new year. the ball in new york's times squa is set and ready to drop at midnight. doctors say to be extra careful of the flu when you take your kids back to school next week. it was significantly less effective this year. in ashburn, a fifth grader di complic with the virus. the air search for missing airasia plane called off because of the weather. dive teams are still searching the water searchers have not found the fuselage in the java sea. prince george's county police investigating a murder in capitol heights. a man was found shot to death in a cab. chilly high temperatures in the upper 30s. a little bit breezy at times. for tomorrow similar. plenty of sun. a little bit breezy once again. and a high temperature of 42. best chance of rain late on saturday. melissa, what's the latest?
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>> volume nice and light. indian head. we have a crash slowing things down. th closure in waldorf shut down totally. alternate is crain highway. thank you for starting your morning with us. last show of 2014. >> woo-hoo! >> okay. we want tew year. if you're headed out tonight, please be safe.
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good morning. breaking news. officials believe they've located the wreckage of that air asia passenger jet on the bottom of the ocean floor. this as the first bodies arrive from the crash site. and new questions arise about the plane's final moments. did those on board know what was happening? frozen. 2014 leaves us with dangerously low temperatures across much of the country as millions get set to ring in theutal cold. when will we see some relief? royal ruckus conversation new documentary about charles, camilla and diana is shelved


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