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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 5, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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iming happens to be just during the rush tomorrow morning. so if you're planning on leaving your house tomorrow morning between 5:00 and around 9:00 yeah, you're going to have some problems as far as snow is concerned. right now, though it's the cold air. and look at the numbers here. already a wind chill 16 in martinsburg, 19 in whininchester. 17 in gaithersburg. after a high yesterday of 67 degrees here. so we have come way down. and we've got a lot farther to go. storm team 4 radar, nothing around our region right now. the storm that's moving our way is a clipper system. it's moving just to the south of chicago, and then making its way right towards cincinnati and right around our region by early tomorrow morning. once again, i expect to see snow around 5:00 a.m. and that's why we have a winter weather advisory at 4:00 through 1:00 tomorrow afternoon for areas in prince william county fairfax, prince george's county and everybody to the north and west including the district. i'll break down the timing for you, show you how much i think you'll see in your area and then we'll talk about the real cold. you mentioned the negative numbers. we're going to see that here
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too. guys? >> thanks doug. crews in our area say they're ready for whatever comes. dozens of trucks already out this evening. they're pretreating the roads across d.c. maryland and virginia. they're using more than salt as well. we'll tell you what else they're using to keep the pavement from freezing coming up in a report just a few minutes from now. potential jurors in the boston marathon bombing trial got their first look at suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev today. some of them seem transfixed by the sight of him. as nbc's jay gray reports now, this is likely to be the nation's most closely watched terror trial since the oklahoma city bombings two decades ago. >> reporter: the marathon bombing trial began under heavy security this morning. officers on the ground and in the harbor surrounding the federal courthouse. throughout the day, as many as 500 prospective jurors shared an assembly room with the suspect in the case 21-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. dressed in a dark shirt and khaki pants, tsarnaev seemed to
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smirk as he took a seat at the defense table and listened as judge o'toole gave brief instructions to the potential jurors before each filled out a basic court questionnaire. attorneys in the court will review the forms, eliminate those ineligible to serve and begin questioning the remaining pool in groups of 20 next week. >> we try to produce a jury that can fairly and impartially render a verdict, and give a punishment that considers all options, including the death penalty, and life without parole. >> reporter: tsarnaev has pleaded not guilty to the bombing that killed three and injured 260 during the 2013 boston marathon. and for the murder of m.i.t. police officer sean collier a few days after that attack. judge o'toole announced today that opening statements in the case will begin on or around january 26 and that he expects the trial to last three to four months. now, if that time line stands it means the trial will likely still be going on during this year's marathon.
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scheduled for april 20th. jay gray, nbc news boston. fred smoot used to play cornerback for washington's football team. tonight he's telling his side of the story after he was found not guilty in a charge of domestic assault. smoot sat down with our chris gordon who is at the loudoun county courthouse right now. with latest. chris? >> reporter: the incident took place at the home the couple used to share in ashburn, virginia. fred smoot tells me his ex-girlfriend turned vindictive when he broke up with her in october. that she launched a campaign trying to ruin his broadcast career. >> it's just horrible to me that somebody would go out of their way trying to destroy me. >> reporter: valerie jackson testified that her former boyfriend, fred smoot, woke her up in a rage screaming for the keys to the truck he let her use. ms. jackson said she was scared and ran into the bathroom. she testified smoot kicked a hole in the door and once he
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got in ripped her shorts leaving marks on her stomach, and ripped a cell phone from her hand causing abrasions. but former redskin, fred smoot, testified in his own defense and had a different version of that argument. smoot testified that he needed the keys to that truck, because she had the only set, and his wasn't working. he said he had to go to work at comcast in bethesda maryland on a redskins game day, and she told him to take a cab or call a friend. he said he got frustrated and kicked the door open. but didn't hit her. he ripped her shorts he said to keep her from running outside partly clothed. he said she was trying to ruin my career because i broke up with her in october and refused to pay her medical and legal bills. smoot was suspended from his broadcasting jobs after he was charged with misdemeanor assault in november. moments after fred smoot was found not guilty i asked him what he has gone through, waiting for this trial. >> i never wanted my name to be attached to domestic violence and i know the climate going on
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right now with the situation. i just want people to know i've never touched a woman. i never will touch a woman. it's not just part of who i am. >> i know what happened. he knows what happened. the truth is the truth. >> why do you think he was found not guilty? >> not quite sure. a lot of people knew. >> reporter: smoot was working as an analyst at comcast sports net, a sister network of nbc 4. he says now he hopes to pick up the pieces and resume his broadcast career. that's the latest live tonight in loudoun county. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, chris. we just checked, the brunswick line remains stopped after a train hit and hild someone in gaithersburg. transportation officials are urging riders to use metro instead. our news4 i-team looked into safety records at the old town station and found this is the second deadly accident at north summit street and east diamond avenue in four years. the last one led to gaithersburg
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city leaders asking the maryland transportation authority what safety changes could be made to protect people crossing the tracks. there are still delays on the inner loop of the beltway. two hours after a serious crash earlier that shut down the lanes in greenbelt, maryland near the vw parkway. chopper 4 flew over the scene after a motorcycle and a tractor-trailer collided. no word yet on what led to that accident. one person is in the hospital in critical condition. an unusual rescue inside a d.c. parking garage today. a man was working in a cherry picker inside the garage when a truck hit the arm of the cherry picture, trapping the worker against the ceiling. it happened at the cambria hotel at 9th and o streets northwest. rescue crews worked to free the man. they carried him out on a stretcher. he was taken to the hospital but was not seriously hurt. new developments in the fairfax county case against jesse matthew. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver broke the
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news on twitter today. prosecutors have filed papers claiming a gag order is not needed in the case. matthew's attorneys are requesting one. prosecutors are also opposing cameras in the courtroom for matthew's criminal. matthew was moved to the fairfax county jail this weekend ahead of hearings later this week where the judge will rule a gag order and camera requests. he is facing charges in a 2005 rape case in fairfax county. matthew, though has also been linked to the murders of virginia tech student, morgan harrington and uva student hannah graham. the son of the late marion barry wants to run for his father's ward 8 council seat. he wrote a tweet today saying and i quote, the legacy continues. christopher barry is 34 years old, owns a small painting company. he has little political experience but said he always wanted to carry on his father's work. christopher barry filed papers today. he's the 24th candidate to run for that seat. one challenge might be his
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record. the younger barry has been arrested three times on drug and on probation. a special election to fill that seat is on april 28th. the 114th congress will convene tomorrow with republicans in control of both chambers for the first time in eight years. their first action is expected to be passage of the keystone xl pipeline. president obama has threatened to use veto power more often, but white house officials signaled today he probably will not interfere with the vote on the pipeline. four years ago, as a council he member he was arrested during a protest. she returned as the city's new mayor to continue the push for voting rights. as tom sherwoo this time there were no hand cuffs. >> reporter: that was then. 2011. four years ago. this was now, today. democratic mayor, muriel bowser
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being he is cute courted through the halls of congress. her first full day on the job, she appeared with eleanor holmes norton. the democrats have their hands full. >> i want to recommit our efforts in the district for a new pathway towards statehood. >> reporter: bowser on sunday told a national audience on nbc's "meet the press" the city for too long has been treated unfairly. >> to remind everybody that we are 660,000 taxpaying americans that go to war. >> we are washington, d.c. chuck. >> reporter: appearing with police chief cathy lanier and school chancellor kia henderson, bowser said the city wants its own statehood rights not to be retro ceded to maryland. >> we are not west hyattsville, and we have no intention of going back to the state of maryland. we are, in fact washington, d.c. >> reporter: bowser was quick to say that's no disrespect for
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hyattsville, where she has many friends. in one key move bowser said she would set up her own capitol hill office rather than depend solely on norton. in the district tom sherwood news4. tonight, 15 people are homeless after an apartment fire that has been ruled arson. investigators say somebody set the fire on zircon drive in the alexandria section of fairfax county. it happened yesterday afternoon. investigators say a child who is not yet 10 years old was experimenting with flammable materials. crews rescued people from two balconies there. no serious injuries reported. damage estimated at half a million dollars. nobody has been arrested. a bold robbery as a man jumps a counter to steal some cash. how police are using social media to crack this case. bob mcdonnell will learn his fate tomorrow. the question is will he go straight to prison if that's part of the sentence?
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and also we'll examine what happens if he plans to appeal. our legal expert, weighing in. >> reporter: the snow is coming so guess what? all the trucks are here. i'm adam tuss i'll tell you what you can expect on the roads, coming up. >> and i think we can expect snow on those roads early tomorrow morning. here's our clipper system making its the way our way. i'll show how much snow you're going to get in your area coming up in a minute.
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. you might be seeing some changes on the roads tonight ahead of the snowfall expected to move in late tonight/tomorrow morning. crews are out pretreating the highways and also carefully watching the timing of this storm. transportation reporter adam tuss with a closer look now at what drivers can expect. he's out along the beltway in virginia. adam? >> reporter: jim, out here it is go time as the road crews get ready and get their game plans in place. so how will the crews treat this storm? well, d.c. leaders say a mixture of salt brian and beat juice will prevent freezing. trucks will be staged but plowing doesn't start until there's 2 inches on the ground. maryland crews will use salt brine to prevent an initial bond of snow to the road. caution a must but some drivers lick ali are not afraid of the white stuff.
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>> nothing stops me really. >> reporter: from getting out on the road? >> nope. >> reporter: what's your tactic for driving in snow. how do you do it? >> drive slow be careful. >> reporter: well here we go. the first snowfall of 2015 and wouldn't you know it the gang is all here. all the trucks at the ready for whatever is coming. take a look at the snow budgets local crews have this year. in d.c. the department of puck works with $6.2 million on hand. in maryland the state highway administration with $51 million statewide. and in northern virginia vdot with $52 million to spend. the conventional thinking is every inch we get amounts to about $1 million worth of cleanup. and back here now live again, we're going to have to watch the timing of this storm, if the snowfall is during the morning rush the road crews, yeah will have less room to operate. reporting live along the beltway, adam tuss news4. >> adam thank you. doesn't sound like we'll break anybody's budget on this storm,
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but it is going to be the timing the worst part of it right? >> that's all it is. you saw the snowplows. i don't think they'll have to use the actual plow. we're not talking that kind of snow. what we are going to be talking about is that snow that comes down many of the side streets covered. and yeah maybe a little slick. but we're only talking a half inch to an inch in most locations. some areas maybe up towards 2 inches. let's look at the numbers now. 34 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 8 miles per hour. colder air continues to filter in. and we're already well below freezing. 27 in gaithersburg 27 martinsburg. 32 towards luray. 25 in hagerstown. so as this snow falls, it will stick. if temperatures were above freezing we wouldn't have much on the roadways but the roads will see sticking of the snow. the major roads, i think we're going to be okay here as they are being treated. but more importantly, this snow will be a very light and fluffy snow as it comes down and very dry. that means as you drive the cars that should help to push the snow off the roadways.
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here it is back towards the west. they have winter storm warnings into portions of the area around chicago, winter weather advisory, just like us as the storm moves overnight tonight. winter weather advisory for our region 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, right through 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. notice who it does not include. does not include luray, does not include culpeper fredericksburg or waldorf or leonardtown because most of this will stay to our north, northern zones will see the most snow from this. and what we're talking about here is about 1 to 2. it won't be moderate at times, and that moderate at times does come at rush hour between 5:00 and 9:00. it will be very fine and powdery, but there will be slick spots. we mentioned 1 to 2 inches mostly to the north and west. future weather timing it out very well. you see the snow. here we are at 5:00 a.m. that's when the snow starts. and it's already coming down pretty good places like front royal along 66 back towards winchester, up there towards frederick. and by 9:00 -- by 7:00 rather snowing everywhere. but once again, notice our southern fringes not seeing much
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at all from this. it's all going to be just to the north here. and it will continue right through about noon. and then even tomorrow afternoon, a few flurries snow showers, but also some peeks of sun shine during tomorrow afternoon too. low temperatures tonight, much colder. 20 in martinsburg. 21 in gaithersburg 25 in d.c. so we've got the cold air. this is what is going to fall. a dusting to the south. fredericksburg leonardtown, huntingtown area. waldorf towards washington warrenton, around leesburg half inch to an inch. some locations could pick up more than an inch around the d.c. metro region portions of montgomery county, howard county maybe a little more than an inch. 1 to 2, be winchester. north of leesburg toward the frederick area. that's the 1 to 2. and you can see that line here coming through northwestern montgomery county up towards howard county mt. airy and damascus. fairfax, manassas woodbridge half inch to an inch mark during the morning hours tomorrow. most should wrap-up by around noon tomorrow. and then it just gets cold. 36 on your tuesday.
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but 28 on wednesday. 24 on thursday. look at the low. 13 for an overnight low thursday morning. many of you will be down between 0 and 5. that's the actual temperature thursday morning. friday we start to rebound a little bit. back into the 30s. 36 on friday. 34 on saturday. 39 on sunday. so we're in a very cold stretch here as we move through the next couple days. and notice what's happening here. a chance of a flurry on wednesday. but this is when we start to see dangerously cold air moving in. remember to bring the pets indoors, for sure. windy with gusts upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour maybe higher. and because of that we'll be seeing wind chills in the teens during the day, but subzero, especially early thursday morning. i think our wind chill could be between 0 and minus 10. so we're talking some very cold air. but guys i've got to tell you, this is the first set of cold air that comes in. it looks like it could stick around for a while. >> so this is just a practice huh? >> this is -- we're talking practice. >> thank you, doug. it's an incredible story of survival. how a little girl managed to
6:20 pm
walk to safety after a small plane crash killed her family. also a report what local police are doing to find the man behind a deadly shooting in maryland. she collapsed a few feet from the finish line. how a stranger helped bring this mother and marathon runner back to life.
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a new clue and a bold robbery. police in alexandria posted this video on twitter today, hoping somebody will recognize the guy
6:23 pm
dressed in black. he walked into a 7-eleven on ken more avenue last month. investigators say when the clerk opened the register he jumped up on the counter struggled with the clerk, grabbed some cash and took off. another u.s. navy ship has joined the search for the wreckage of airasia flight 8501. divers are scouring the java sea, looking for the black boxes from that plane. all this as more bodies have been recovered and identified. nbc's katy tur reports. >> reporter: overnight searchers say they may have spotted one of the key pieces of the plane, specifically the tail. that's not confirmed as of now. but if it is break up too much on impact, they could find those black boxes within. it's now been more than a week since airasia lost contact with radar and crashed into the java sea. still no visual on the bulk of the wreckage. divers repeatedly thwarted by
6:24 pm
rough cease and low visibility. weather conditions so uncooperative, searchers are having trouble with the autonomous submarine. but one team may have found the tail section, which would likely still house the black boxes. the head of the indonesian search and rescue said the difficulty is now to locate the black box. it's not easy even though we have the tools and the system. we have deployed vessels to find the ping signal but up until now, we haven't succeeded. over the weekend, the meteorological agency said weather was most likely the trigger, though experts say no cause can be determined until they're able to analyze the flight recorder. meanwhile, it has now been eight days and though some bodies have been roaredecovered and identified most are still missing. as grieving relatives mourn for this 10-year-old, and her mother still waiting for the family's grandmother, grandfather, father and two
6:25 pm
other children who are still unaccounted for. in surabaya indonesia, katy tur. to kentucky. nbc news has a look at the crash site as investigators work to discover what caused a deadly plane crash that a 7-year-old girl miraculously walked away from. the plane went down in a remote area in western kentucky friday night. the 7-year-old walked three quarters of a mile through thick bri yar patches and woods to find help. her parents, sister and cousin were all killed. today nbc news correspondent gabe gutierrez walked to the crash site with one of the first responders. you'll see exactly what the little girl went through on "nbc nightly news" with brian williams at 7:00. next new at 6:00. police step up their hunt for a killer after a man is found dead inside a local parking garage. where they're focusing their search. former governor bob mcdonnell will come to this
6:26 pm
courthouse for sentencing tomorrow but already his attorneys are working to keep him free while they appeal his conviction. i'll look at their likelihood of success, coming up. plus tens of thousands of dollars of memorabilia seized at the winter classic. we'll take you inside the
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winter classic souvenirs. federal investigators have busted a huge counterfeit ring outside nats' park. she was picture of health but that diplomatdn't stop the worst from happening. >> i died. i had sudden cardiac death. >> we'll tell you about the life-saving technique that brought her back and how you can learn it for free this weekend. first at 6:30 the weather. it will be the first snowfall of the new year. doug is tracking all the conditions and the winter weather advisory that's in effect overnight. doug? >> yeah goes into effect at 4:00 and timing of this event will happen during the early morning rush. not just the snow the temperatures over the next couple days. look at the high temperatures tomorrow. 37 around d.c. maybe 15 chicago. 10 in minneapolis. that's the cold air that's really filtering on in. so wednesday a high only in the 20s. same deal for thursday. a high only in the low to mid 20s for most of us. the wind chills in the teens. now, of course this is all starting with some snow during the day tomorrow. so what to expect snow may
6:30 pm
stick on the roads, even the highways. but especially the secondary roads. i think we will see those secondary roads snow-covered. bridges and overpasses always some of the first to be snow-covered and watch your speed early tomorrow morning. give yourself a lot of extra time stepping out the front door. i'll go over the timing with you one more time and show how much to expect in your area coming up. >> thanks, doug. to the latest now on a murder that happened just hours into the new year in maryland. >> news4's jim handly at our live desk with the new push to close this case. jim? >> yeah jim and doreen right now police are canvassing a prince george's county community, handing out this flier of the victim to generate tips that will hopefully lead them to their suspect. someone shot and killed 22-year-old stephan powell just hours into the new year. officers found his body in the top level of a parking garage at the camden college park apartments. it's not far from the ikea store. police wound up towing two vehicles from that garage one that had bullet holes and flat tires. a spokesman for the complex told
6:31 pm
news4 last week they had added a security guard and were offering residents dead bolts for a fee. at this point no arrests and no word of a possible motive in that deadly shooting. there is a $25,000 reward in this case. at the live disk i'm jim handly. the fairfax county police have identified the officer who shot and killed an unarmed man in springfield, virginia. his name was adam torres. he's an eight-year veteran of the force. he is the officer who fired the shot at john gear in a standoff back in august of 2013. gear was killed. the county has come under fire for refusing to release information to federal investigators. tonight, the county board of supervisors is promising to make changes after a nearly 18-month delay. >> this is a unique situation. and our board and i as the chairman am absolutely committed
6:32 pm
to making sure that we do a scrub of our policies and where we need to make changes. >> we also learned tonight that gear did have a loaded gun near him during that standoff although he was not armed, as we noted earlier. seven other guns were found inside that house. a decade in prison or more or community service. those are the extremes before the judge at tomorrow's sentencing of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell who has been convicted of corruption. but tonight mcdonnell's lawyers are already looking beyond tomorrow. julie carey tells us why. >> reporter: convicted on public corruption charges in september, former virginia governor bob mcdonnell left the court a stricken man. tomorrow as he returns for sentencing he will make a final plea to the judge. his attorneys have asked he be allowed to do extensive community service in lieu of prison time. prosecutors say a 10 to 12-year sentence is appropriate. >> he wants to show
6:33 pm
contriteness but he also can't and presumably won't admit that he had corrupt intent. >> reporter: chuck james is a former federal prosecutor now defense attorney who followed the mcdonnell trial closely. he says at the outset tomorrow mcdonnell's attorneys will make arguments why they believe that 10-12 year sentencing guideline is way too high. witnesses, including the former governor will testify. then judge james spencer will hand down his sentence. fairfax county delegate dave albeau wrote one of the 440 letters seeking leniency. >> he's one of the most wonderful guys i know. i've never seen one of my friends get jail time and i've never seen someone get jail time who honestly did not believe he did anything wrong. >> reporter: still, both he and james believe prison time is nearly inevitable. the next big question will mcdonnell remain free while his attorneys appeal his conviction? today they filed this motion, seeking just that. but james, who knows this court's practices well says it's more likely mcdonnell will have to report to prison while
6:34 pm
defense attorneys work on the appeal. >> whether it's two, four or six weeks, i expect bob mcdonnell will have some period of time before he is to report to a bureau of prisons facility. i don't expect he'll be allowed to remain on bond while this matter is briefed. >> reporter: we have also heard from some of the jurors today who convicted bob mcdonnell and his wife. at least one of them wants the former governor to get the stiffest term possible. maureen mcdonnell will be sentenced february 20th. in richmond virginia i'm julie carey, news4. one of the two agencies that must approve any changes to the fence around the white house will meet publicly in the next few days. updating a story we first reported on friday the u.s. commission of fine arts has scheduled a number of meetings between now and mid february. a spokesperson there says no fence-related matters are on the agenda yet. but both the commission of fine arts and the national capitol planning commission must approve
6:35 pm
the measure if the secret service wants to raise the white house fence higher to prevent another security breach. news4 reported both agencies have had recent private discussions with the secret service about any changes to the fence. a big break in a holiday heist that was caught on tape just days before christmas. thousands of dollars in counterfeit clothing seized. we'll take you inside operation team player as agents targeted people trying to cash in on the winter classic.
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
a teenager is facing charges now for allegedly vandalizing a christmas display in maryland. police identified the teenager in this surveillance image as daniel anger. he lives in new york but once lived in montgomery county it was last month. it was at that time they say he snatched a couple of lawn ornaments and damaged some others on a woman's elaborate display. investigators found those ornaments the next day, a couple
6:38 pm
miles from the victim's house, and traced them to anger. well hockey fans were busy watching the winter classic last week. a federal crackdown was under way. investigators found vendors selling illegal, counterfeit jerseys and other team items outside nats' park. as mark segraves reports, it's a growing problem that impacts more than just t-shirt sales. >> it's a big concern, not only to the american public and loss of significant revenue, but there is also a public safety concern. >> reporter: for last week's winter classic, federal agents seized more than $25,000 worth jerseys, hats and posters. >> of course you want authentic stuff, you know. so you try to take that into consideration. >> reporter: while the sale of fake sports jerseys may not be a public safety concern, other counterfeit items can be deadly like the sale of counterfeit air bags and prescription medicines. >> prescription drugs could not act the way they're supposed to to help somebody that needs it. as a matter of fact it could have adverse reactions.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: counterfeit goods take a huge bite out of the american economy every year. >> counterfeiting of goods here in the u.s. is a very large problem. it runs into billions of dollars. it hurts, again, the honest hard-working americans and the honest retailers and people that play by the rules. >> reporter: when it comes to things like team jerseys, there is a way for you to protect yourself. authentic team apparel, like they sell at nats' park will have a hologram tag. at nats' park mark segraves, news4. many of you may soon have to pay more at the store. we have learned that maryland is considering a 5-cent fee on plastic bags throughout the state. state delegate barbara flush says the fee would reduce trash, waste and litter on the streets. montgomery county already has the bag tax. frush says she will introduce legislation to expand the fee to all the other counties in the
6:40 pm
state. montgomery county's tax has generated about $6 million over the last three years. back from the dead. the life-saving move that brought a virginia woman back to life after she collapsed near the finish line. and we'll report what new numbers reveal about the flu season this year.
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your last chance! this offer ends january 17th. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v the flu outbreak is getting worse. the centers for disease control says that 43 states have widespread flu. that's up from 36 last week.
6:43 pm
that has led to the deaths of 21 children throughout the country. maryland and virginia both have widespread cases, we're told. there are also cases reported in d.c. the flu this year is not more severe than in years past but experts say the vaccine that's available is not a very good match for the strains of flu that are making people sick. we asked viewers to weigh in and the majority of you report that the flu has had an impact already on you or a member of your family. for a closer look at the latest flu activity map from the cdc, or for a list of places where you can get the flu shot we invite to you our website, tonight we're counting down to the nbc 4 health and fitness expo this weekend. it starts on saturday, and one of many free activities available there, cpr classes. there's not a better example of why these classes are so valuable than kristin d.
6:44 pm
domenico's story. the virginia woman died during a race but was brought back to life thanks to a stroke of luck. the images are haunting. pictures that capture moments of panic as a man races to his car to get a portable defibrillator. it's for this woman, 47-year-old kristin d. unconscious during a race in virginia. >> i believe somebody was watching out for me. >> reporter: kristin is an avid runner has completed more than 100 races including 2 ironman triathlons. she is a personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach. without exaggeration health is her career and her passion. >> my heart is very strong. so there really wasn't that red flag to alert us that this was going to happen. >> reporter: kristin does have a heart defect. doctors told her it wasn't life-threatening and shouldn't stop her from running. but on october 19th while
6:45 pm
running a ten-mile race she says her heart suddenly stopped working. and she collapsed just a few feet short of the finish line. >> so i died. i had sudden cardiac death. and then the doctor who was running behind me brought me back to life. >> reporter: dr. raul a general surgeon, was running just behind kristin when he heard people shouting looking for a cell phone to call for help. then he saw her there, lying on the ground. >> and i realized that the breathing pattern was really bad. what we call an agonal breathing pattern, kind of what you do right before you die. and she stopped. >> reporter: the doctor couldn't find a pulse so started cardio pulmonary resuscitation. >> the main goal is to keep the blood circulating to the brain. i could actually see in doing cpr in kristin, like when it was going, when i was doing the compressions. she would start to move around a little bit. >> reporter: eventually the race director got there with the
6:46 pm
defibrillator, gave kristin a shock, and her heart started working again. paramedics arrived, and she made it to the hospital just in the nick of time. >> in trauma we call it the golden hour. but here in this kind of thing, it's the golden like couple minutes. >> hi. >> oh my gosh. hi. >> reporter: nearly three months later, we were there as kristin met dr. tavar for the first time. >> i'm here. yeah. >> reporter: she says she has no words to describe her gratitude and the importance of knowing cpr. >> i can't even describe really how it feels to be sitting here right now. >> she was a very lucky woman. but there's more than luck involved here. dr. tavar was prepared for an emergency like that and you could be too. you can learn how to administer cpr at the nbc 4 health and fitness expo this weekend.
6:47 pm
doors open saturday 9:00 a.m. at the washington convention center admission is free. you know i took that class. >> and like you said if you ever need evidence of why it's a useful thing to do there it is. that's a remarkable story. >> and what a helpless feeling to stand by and watch somebody going through that right in front of you. >> make a difference. >> when you might be able to do something about it. so come down and sign up for the class. are we going to need -- are we all going to need cpr when this storm hits? >> i think we'll be all right. this is going to be as you talked about earlier, a practice run for i think later this winter when we're going to be talking about some real snow. this is just going to be some little snow as we move on in. but the timing is going to have a big effect on your forecast tomorrow morning. 34 degrees right now, dropping to about 32 at 7:00 down to 28 by 11:00. the wind chill already in the teens in some areas back to the west. and right now look at the current temperatures. 27 gaithersburg. 28 out towards dulles. 29 in reston. so the temperatures already cold
6:48 pm
enough to support snow and to support snow sticking on the roadways. nothing in our area now. the storm still well to our west just now starting to make its way toward chicago. winter storm warning south of chicago. for us that winter weather advisory. that advisory extending from prince william county over towards prince george's county and includes everybody north and west of that area. does not include places like luray or culpeper or fredricksburg. you may see some snow but most of this will be in our northern zone. snow moderate at times, between 5:00 and 9:00 a.m. 1 to 2 inches possible in some locations, especially north and west of d.c. and it will be a very fine and powdery snow that powder so you won't be able to make snow balls with this snow. but maybe one or two. half inch to an inch. that's what we're going for in d.c. bethesda gaithersburg could be a little bit more than an inch in some locations. 1 to 2 from leesburg lovettsville blue monlt, mt. airy damascus and frederick area. behind this is very cold air. it's the coldest air we have
6:49 pm
seen this season and already hitting places like chicago. nbc's kevin tibble is in chicago with more on how this is affecting the nation. >> reporter: well doug we all knew that winter was going to show up sooner or later, and this week mother nature has a double whammy of polar arctic air headed in our direction. there are already parts of the nation that are 20 to 25 degrees below normal in temperature. the award-winning lowest temperature in the nation goes to teeny, tiny grand marais minnesota. minus 50 with the wind chill. the second half of the week these low temperatures are actually going to start reaching into the southern areas of the country, places like atlanta, for example, are going to be 15 to 20 degrees lower than they are usually this time of year. anyone in your neck of the woods needs to start packing their gloves and winter hats. doug back to you. >> yeah kevin has got the right idea for sure. look at the numbers. 28 on wednesday. 24 on thursday. wind chills between 0 and 15
6:50 pm
all day, i think, on thursday. thursday the coldest day. but the cold air sticks around even for the weekend. great weekend to go indoors to the convention center the nbc health and fitness expo. we'll see you there. >> thank you, doug. breaking news. we just learned a spotsel veinia youth pastor has been arrested for molesting a minor. investigators say they found two victims, ages 11 and 12. and evidence connecting him to the alleged crimes. police say the abuse happened at his home. he is the youth pastor at fairview at river club church. he is being held without bond and police are looking for other possible victims. we've got sports coming up and the terps men's basketball team getting some love out there, dianna. >> they are. and it's deserving. maryland not the only local team. we've got five local college
6:51 pm
basketball teams, the top 25. plus the wizards trying to regroup on the road. what's up with them lately? sports is next. we'll explain.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. wizards had a really tough west coast trip lost 2 out of 3 or something like that.
6:54 pm
whatever the case may be they're playing new orleans tonight. doug says they're supposed to win this. what do you think? >> yeah i think so. i'm going to say they're going to take care of this road trip. that's what i think. i think they've got to do those basic things go back to the fundamentals and hopefully get a win. nobody ever said it was easy. it's hard not to boast and maybe gloat about how good the wizards have been this season. right now, these guys are just cooling off a bit. the wizards have fallen to fourth place in the east three games back from the conference leader atlanta. then randy whitman, not liking life on the road. the wiz with a season long three-game losing streak. but the silver lining they're not losing to bottom feeders. the mavs and spurs, two of the top in the west, and the thunder back to winning ways with kevin durant returning to the lineup. wizards finish up against the pelicans tip-off at 8:00. check it out on comcast sports
6:55 pm
net. so while the wizards are trying to climb back up the mountain our local college teams are kings of the mountain in college hoops. check this out. the virginia cavaliers stayed at number three after a two-win week including double overtime scare at miami. the cavs next game at home against nc state on wednesday. as for the terps, their climb continued, now ranked as the 11-best team in the country. maryland also 2-0 this past week a double o.t. win at michigan state, and a home win over minnesota. up next for the terps, a wednesday tilt at illinois. so virginia checks in at 3. maryland 11. but also some other locals in the top 25. the west virginia mountaineers ranked 14th in the last a.p. poll their only loss this season by just one point. vcu back into the top 25 at number 20. and how about 12-1 old dominion for the first time in school history, the monarchs are ranked.
6:56 pm
jeff jones now in his second year. you guys may remember he used to be the head coach. speaking of coaches, the redskins searching for their new defensive coordinator. interviews begin this week. first up joe barry, defensive back with the chargers and phillips interviews thursday. a hot candidate now. meanwhile, today the nfl's head of officials is responding to criticism about how they handled yesterday's lions-cowboys games. apparently vance didn't agree with this. pass interference. he picked it up and said no penalty. that took away a first down for the lions. >> look at this. >> eventually lost the game. >> it's a mugging. >> he mugged it. never even looked at the ball. >> i'm trying to read the news here. it was debatable, but it was said the crew should have stuck with the initial call. so nbc sports said -- at least admitted that defensive holding should have been called before any pass interference penalty
6:57 pm
occurred. >> that's true. >> either way, the lions should have had first down. on the ice, are you going to be this opinionated about this? alex ovechkin winter classic win in d.c. and named the nhl's second star of the week. ovi has had a goal and assist in three straight games and the capitals two 0-1s this week. the team success and his success definitely go hand-in-hand. >> he's playing the right way and when he's playing the right way, you have a chance to win. and i think he's enjoying playing. i think players enjoy success. they really love the success and gives them confidence. as a group, when the group has success, they all have fun. >> a great win. >> yep. >> we'll see you for news4 at 11:00. have a good evening. >> we sill have a little time. >> we do? >> yeah. >> arguing about it. >> arguing about what? that call -- do we even have to
6:58 pm
explain why you pick it
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on our broadcast tonight, high drama in the city of boston under intense security including coast guard gunners just offshore as that accused marathon bomber goes on trial facing the death penalty. dramatic drop. while it is winter, temperatures arabout to plunge well below normal. bracingly cold, right as the flu outbreak also explodes. already twice as bad as last year. path to survival. from the site of the fleeing crash that killed her family members, tonight, retracing the steps that brave 7-year-old took through the woods on her sad journey for help. and making a difference, why so many people all across the country are sharing pictures of their dogs to fulfill an important wish. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world


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