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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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dry there. there is nebraska avenue that too is all dry this morning. most of the roads have really dried out. everything was so well treated yesterday. there could be patchy ice those areas that got the most snow southern maryland parts of the northern neck and around fredericksburg. chilly afternoon coming up. we can look forward to a milder pattern moving in. big january thaw for next week. temperatures right now though we are subfreezing. upper 20s in montgomery county near 30 prince george's. much of fairfax county near 30. low 30s right this washington. at the bus stop this morning, layer up, it will be in the upper 20s. watch out maybe a little patchy ice on some of the untreated sidewalks. and then between 8:00 and 9:00 bright sunshine and cold. still hover hovering around freezing. next weather and traffic on the 1s amelia segal will join us live. right now we're seeing
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volume to build. headed northbound on 95 pretty clear until you hit dale. normal volume building here this morning. beltway at central avenue that is rolling along nicely. in hyattsville, we have a sin with the water main break, route 1 between albion and van buren one lane getting by in each direction. overall, no major problems right now when you're taking a look at the beltway. a little slow here d.c. 2 # 5 as you're passing 50. otherwise looking quite good here this morning. and in the beltway at colesville road that's about as good as colesville can look moving right along with no major issues this morning. i'll be back with some travel times. in just a few hour lawyers will announce the first lawsuit against metro after monday's extent on the yellow line. one woman died and dozens of others were stuck in the smoke train car underground until help arrived.
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megan mcgrath is live at l'enfant plaza station. megan, what can you tell us about who is behind this lawsuit? >> reporter: well, we can tell you that some of the victims who were on board that smoke filled train, they are the ones who contacted attorneys and later on this morning at a press conference we'll hear from a man who was actually on board the train, hear about his experience. we've heard a lot from victims in the last several days about just you how terrifying and chaotic a situation it was. and now we got word that the first lawsuit against metro is going to be filed this week. a group of victims have hired the firm cohen and cohen. it's the same firm that represented some of the victims in the deadly 2009 metro crash. they're going to hold a press conference later on today. we will hear from at least one victim who was on board that train. we're also going to get more detail about the lawsuit itself. now, the actual lawsuit the press conference is today but the lawsuit will be filed in court on friday. reporting live from the la fabt'enfanta
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plaza metro station, megan mcgrath, news 4. this shows you how long it took for help to arrive. jonathan rogers says he took this picture a few minutes, 3:20. the second photo was taken when evacuations began at 4:01. and then at 4:20 an hour after the first photo, rogers took a picture of what he says is the first firefighter he saw. and then finally you see him walking to safety. the ntsb is trying to hone in on a cause for monday's accident. right w investigators say they have thoroughly inspected the train where all the passengers were stuck. they are still working to rule out any issues with the train car itself. people who were on that train were able to pick up their personal belongings yesterday. the train is being held at the greenbelt rail yard during the investigation. i'm richard jordan at the live desk following pope francis on his trip to the philippines.
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a windy day there. the pope lost his due december so he, the skull tap he traditionally wears. december so he, the skull s this is the first time in 20 years that a pope has visited the philippines. and they have the largest population of catholics if about 80% of the people philippines are roman catholic. there have been several demonstrations leading up to the pope's visit. some highlighting the poverty in that country saying that corruption has led to land seizures human rights violations. of course pope francis a wig champion champ g c for the poor. he's expected later on this weekend, he will be going to a province where he will meet with survives from typhoon haiyan.
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and there will be an open air mass that is posing security concerns because he li w face to face. so a lot on their hands with the pope's visit. back to you. and we've learned that the pope could be coming to the district this year. news 4's tom sherwood says plans are you said way for pope francis to address congress in september. he would also host an event at the basilica of the national shrine of the immack could you the imma conception. he hasathering of families in philadelphia. now we know what you can expect governor mcauliffe to focus on this year. the main one is the economy. he says the commonwealth needs new sources of funding other than the federal government to fix problems caused by budget cuts. he also called for ethics reform and a $100 gift cap. only a week after former governor bob mcdonnell was sentenced to prison for gifts he
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accepted. the governor also proposed a statewide sexual misconduct policy for public universities p. came students could be one step closer to having a longer summer vacation. later hogan and other lawmakers will up veil the results of a petition drive to start public school after labor day. the goal was to collect 10,000 signatures from people supporting the later start date in 2013. the state comptroller says starting school after labor day could bring in an extra $74 million of revenue for the state. developing story in paris where tensions remain high after that deadly newspaper shooting. the new attack targeting one of the city's police officers. and your morning commute will be a chilly one. especially if you're headed out to catch a ride at one of or slug lots. a live look for you right there. amelia segal is live in wood bridge with your commuter forecast. also ahead, zapping the weight away. a newly approved device that co.
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divers are trying to find the bodies in the fuselage. the section of the plane was spotted on the about the bottom of the sea yesterday. rescuers believe most of the bodies are inside. so far 50 bodies have been recovered since the jet crashed last month. we are waking up to a calm thursday, but let me tell you, there is a lot of cold spots out there. >> we sent a a. meal i can'tl to a commuter spot. >> reporter: we're this woodbridge. the tempera still holding right around 31 degrees. a lot of folks out slugging this mornin its the calm but cold. people have on their nice warm jacket gloves, boot as well. no problems as far as the commute into and home from work.
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temperatures during the morning commute right around 30 degrees. coming home temperature actually near 40. so today will be warmer than it was yesterday. our high today 39. high yesterday, 33. tom will be up talking about the weekend. it's a 50/50 split. for now we'll send it over to melissa. >> 95 north bound at scaggsville, still have a crash off to the right side of the roadway. route 1 between albion and van buren street, one lane getting by because or main problem. taking a look at travel times, 270 southbound no problems. same thing outer loop to 270. in virginia, 66 east fairfax to the beltway, 11 minutes. 95 north quan if i company to the beltway, 36 minutes. slow spot is dale city. we have a few school delays.
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spotsylvania county fredericksburg, and king george county all on a two hour delay. it was the must have item in the streets of paris. we'll show you the lengths some americans are going to do get their hands on the latest "charlie hebdo" edition here in the states. more than just pizza and fast food. the unexpected and unique cravings you along with some of your friends and neighbo
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. a developing story in france. police arrested two people after they drove a car in to a police woman guarding the french presidential palace. she is hurt but is going to be okay. is this after a week of violence in paris. police say this incident is not connected to those attacks. police say it was just some kids who drove the wrong way down the street. one week after a shooting massacre at its headquarters "charlie hebdo" is releasing a
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new issue and americans as apparently willing to pay big to get a copy. a copy sold for $2 ebay. somebody else paid $14,000 for tht sells for the give equi of $3.50 in france. the new cover shows an image of the prophet muhammad. today close to 200 people will talk about the recent deaths of unarmed black men in missouri and new york city. a teach-in will be held in southeast. the forum is as to help education people about their rights when dealing with the police. people will also be given simple tips to avoid violent confrontation with an officer. that meeting is tonight at 7:00 at the we act radio station on mlk avenue. christopher barry, son of late marion barry, is under investigation for threatening a bank teller. barry reportedly threw a tra
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can over a security glass after he was told his account was overdrawn. police say the outburst happened tuesday on 7th street northwest. barry has not been charged and did not return our calls for comment. he's currently running for his father's former seat on d.c. council. check this out. into the newsroom, frightening new video of this robbery at an aldi's store in northeast d.c.. the robber confronted the terrified woman mere the entrance. you see her walking over there, she hands over the purse, he's pointing the gun at her and she drops to her knees. the store entrance wasn't open at the time. police say the robber ran away down 17th street. officials hope releasing this video to an arrest. falls church fire marshal now says it was an accident when a jewelry store exploded there. you can see the store was wiped out yesterday. a few people were hurt, but they're all expected to be okay. fire marshal says someone misused propane and oxygen triggering the blast. the store is in the eden center
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and with all the diamonds gold and silver inside, we're told caused more than a million dollars worth of damage. almost 300,000 virginians are signed up for health care. for those who missed the deadline an open enrollment period will extend until february 15. if you miss that deadline, you'll have to it with a until 2016 for coverage. u.s. department of health and human services says 83% of virginia consumers who signed up were eligible for financial assistance. 6:18. new this morning, the new of americans struggling with medical costs has dropped. fewer americans are struggling and more have health insurance. the number of people who didn't get care because of the cost dropped from 43% in 2012 to 35% in 2014. those who have problems paying also dropped from 41% to 35% in the same time frame. this was the first decline in both areas since that survey began in early 2000.
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tonight at the national cathedral, you can watch the cathedral choir perform. all week the cathedral has been puttconcerts. each night represents a different time period in history. tonight the choir will perform songs that date back to the 10th century and it begins at 7:00 p.m.. so this was a feat once thought impossible. not anymore. there you go. two americans reached the summit of el capitan in yosemite national park. tommy caldwell and kevin jorgeson used only their hands and feet free climbing there making them the first to free climb the 3,000 foot dawn wall. now, people around the world have been riveted by the climb. the effort took 19 days. >> absolutely amazing. >> total magical moment for them. through all of this they suffered many injuries. a couple quick -- several falls, too. but still able to make it.
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the white house responded. >> and the president took a picture saying pretty much congratulating them for pulling off such an incredible feat. >> and reminding us that anything is possible. >> hats off to them. so today we're talking about the weather. i will have to say, we can't complain because it really is an improvement from what we >> last several days we have had so many cold days. tom. >> you i just updated the app cast on the storm team 4 weather app and e next seven days showing a mild trend. get the app at the app s. te are subfreezing. right near freezing this arlington, alexandria falls church and the district. so you will need your warm winter gear warm coat hat, gloves. you will need sun grasses later
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this morning into the afternoon as we'll have some bright sunshine coming through with p temperatures getting up to around right near 0 degrees by midafternoon. so still quite a chill in the air even though we will be above freezing during the afternoon. then overnight tonight, back down below freezing but not until after midnight. we'll be in the mid-30s for the evening. upper 20s by dawn friday. plusblustery wind, but a lot of sunshine. down we go on saturday a cold morning near 20, with afternoon highs just reaching mid to upper 30s. sunday increasing clouds. if you have outdoor plan, you may need an umbrella. chance of rain moving in later into the morning and afternoon. highs in the 40s. for dr. king day on monday milder weather moves in for the holiday. we'll have highs reaching the upper 40s. and partly cloudy. upper 40s again and partly cloudy on tuesday. as we get into mid week next week still highs above the achblg of 43. ought to make it into the
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mid-40s on wednesday and partly sunny sky. up next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at the up and down temperatures over the next 24 hours. chopper 270 southbound at the spur of course montgomery county bus line everybody on time today. so they are getting ready there. just volume headed southbound there. thank you chopper for that shot. wide look at things overall looking pretty good. inbound 395, a tad slow but just normal volume for this time of morning. taking a look at 66 if you're hoping on right here near prince william parkway and headed inbounds you can see no problems as you're headed in, but a little bit of volume. once you past centreville, you're open. outbound, you're fine. 95 in virginia that is moving along nicely as well. and mlk jr. avenue between alabama and malcolm x still shut
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down because of the police investigation from overnight. i'll be back with a live look at 66. in news 4 your health fewer teens are having babies. a new government study says in 2013 the teen birth rate fell 10% for a historic low. the number of women in their 20s having kids also declined. meanwhile birth among women in their 30s and 40s or late 40s we should say increased. more women are having that will births than c-sections and twin births also reached a record high. ny fewly lyly ly the fda gave the green light to the miceaestro rechargeable system. it tells the brain whether the stomach feels empty or foolifuly or full. there were few side effects reported. it's approved to treat adults with body mass index of at least
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35 and have at least one other obesity related condition. we're working for you to help give and you fresh start the for your finances in 2015. there are a number of new changes you need to know about. anybody who bought health care coverage true the obamacare marketplace will face big changes. there are also new tax provisions that could save you some money. tonight on news 4 at 5:00 erika gonzalez will have four things you should know before you file your tax return. in just a few hour we will find out who is in and who is out at the 87th annual academy awards. the nominations will be announced at 8:30 this morning. and you can watch it live during the "today" show or by using the nbc washington app. the big show will be broadcast live on february 22. >> get everything on that app. >> and what you cannot get on the app. you don't need anything else. >> order a pizza? >> that would be awesome. but speaking of food when you think about american cuisine, you might position hot dogs,
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pizza, hamburgers. >> but a state by state break down shows we have unexpected cravings when it comes to dining out. people this really like belgian food. it's the most popular type of food around here apparently. in fact thf belgian food consumed in the district is more than 1700% higher than the national average. if y live in maryland and virginia apparently you crave peruvian food. we eat almost 200 times here than anywhere else in the united states. and for our friends watching from west virginia we know you're up every morning, apparently the big thing in west virginia hot dogs. >> i love a hot belgian, they used a lot of data, but if you think about it leo pold is popular. >> i've never had belgian food. >> you need to try it.
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but one restaurant actually could fit into two to three categories. in virginia, my home state of virginia in the top five, so you were food. which makes sense. so taking on high tolls. one man's plan to put an end toe rising rates. argeting one of the district's greatest landmarks. what we're learning about a man's alleged plot to attack the u.s. capitol and what that man's father is saying. brace yourself for up and down temperatures. check out the radar right there. it looks pretty clear. we are tracking it over the next 24 hours. tom kierein is breaking your day down h
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spoiling a plot to attack our city. what we're learning about an american man's plan to attack the u.s. capitol building. how it was uncovered and what the suspected terrorist's father is saying about the charges.
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but first you'll want to bundle up. chances are you are stepping outside to temperatures below freezing yet again. >> tom kierein is here with the roller coaster conditions we'll next 24 hours. but these are good. >> the up part will be good. we have temperat get above freezing later this morning. the storm team 4 skycast showing low clouds but after sunrise, we should get sunshine breaking out and by noontime should be mostly sunny. a beautiful blue sky. then later in the afternoon in will to the evening hours, maybe just a few high clouds drifting through from time to time. and we'll stay dry. temperatures right now are just in the 20s to around 030. we'll have bright sunshine for noontime still quite chilly a light wind today, and then by 5:00, the upper 30s, maybe around 3:00 or so it may briefly touch 40 free degrees going forward 24 hours.
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that's the up side. by this time tomorrow morning, the upper 20s. next weather and traffic on the 1s amelia segal joins us live with the storm team 4 x 4. how are the roads? looking pretty good. 270 at monmontrose, everything throw fine. 66 at ox road looking pretty good. some slowdowns inbound. 95 in virginia slow through dale city. typical slowdowns. no incidents or accidents. branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue indian head highway, everything pretty typical. branch a little slow as you're headed inbound towards the beltway. and then remember martin luther king jr. avenue between alabama and malcolm x still shut down from the police investigation.
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6:32 now. developing this morning, if you work on the hill fbi says you are safe after they arrested a man they say was planning an attack on the capitol. tracie potts live for us on capitol hill right now. they're saying employees were never really in danger there. >> reporter: no because the fbi informant who tipped the fbi off gave them plenty of time to foil this plot. apparently he hasn't even gotten the bomb making materials yet. but the fbi says this man will be in court tomorrow. christopher lee cornell bought two assault type rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition. that's when they got him. the gun store owner says he never would have suspected will by. and we'vd we've also heard from the father. >> he never showed any signs offand we've also heard from thfguy. anf violence or anything. quiet, shy, good kid. >> r according to authorities, it was a plot to
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set off pipe bombs at or near the capitol and then shoot people as they came running out. but again the fbi is saying they have been watching him and engaged with him a year apparently because he had been tweeting pro isis messages for several months. >> tracy pot,ie potts, thank you. at the's secret service four agency assistant directors were reassigned. the agency's former director resigned on october 1. each of these assistant directors has worked for the secret service for more than 30 years. this mornin we're working to learn the name of a man who n a double shooting. this happened at mlk jr. avenue and randle street in southeast. it happened last night. two people were shot one man died at the scene. no word on what led up to the shooting. but it did happen near a metrobus. police are looking through the bus surveillance video to see if
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it caught anything after the shooting, a large crowd you can see gathered and started arguing with police. families of two young women who were killed when a csx train derailed have reached a sessionmsession with the company. the two students were buried by coal when the train derailed in the summer of 2012. rose and elizabeth were sitting on a railroad bridge when 21 cars went off the rails. the ntsb says a fractured rail caused the crashes. the amount reached is confidential. bob mcdonnell has a second appeal in court over the ruling he mu reportst report to prison next month. a judge denied his request to stay out of prison while he fried to get his sentence reduced. mcdonnell was convicted of corruption for taking more than $150,000 in gifts inical influence. today a chance to weigh in
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on a bill that would ban use of pesticides in montgomery county. the bill is it include some exemptions for agriculture and gulf courses. the meeting is at 7:30 in rockville. applications to the university of virginia are declining. this is th first time the university has seen a drop in nunls since 2002. the university reached just over 31,000 applications during the current admissions cycle that is down a few hundred from the previous cycle. the pope arriving in the philippines in the last two hours. now we are learning the details about his potential plans for a visit here this d.c.. also ahead, trying to give drivers a break. one man's push on keep the tolerates are rising for commuters on the dulles green bay. >> you will need the coat if you're catching a bus.
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amelia segal is live with
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if you live or work in alexandria you could be using a brand new metro station in the next few years. virginia governor mcauliffe approved a $50 million loan to build a station at potomac yard. it would be built on the blue and yellow lines between the braddock road and reagan national airport stations. depending on how that project goes, could open as early as 2018. as many brace for a possible toll hike a former lawmaker says the state too should just buy the road to stop thg the state has the money to take over the road. may said he tried to purchased road a few y but vdot called the move unnecessary. right now gleanowners want to raise the tolls during peak hours. no snow in the forecast
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today, but still chilly outside. >> amelia segal is with the storm team 4 x 4 keeping us up for date date on the roadways. >> reporter: we're this woodbridge at the slug lot. hustle and bustle of of the thursday morning commute is on. people walking to hop car pool area. definitely bundled up this morning. and that is the hash tag we're using. it's chilly we're using. storm truck reporting a temperature right around 31 degrees. you can see the high today near 40 with partly sunny skies. so walking to work this morning, there could be some isolated slick spots for those of you in southern maryland and further down around the northern neck region. aside from that, just fine this morning heading home, still a which i will in the air, but warmer than yesterday. milder next week. tomorrow has more on that coming up in ten minutes. right now a look at the roads.
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brand new crash here georgia avenue at connecticut, we understand it's a a taxi. 95 bw parkway, looking good. 66 eastbound, no problems there. 395 northbound from the beltway to the bridge, 22 minutes. so about ten minutes longer. 95 authority quan if i company to the beltway, again about ten .if i company to the belt. outer loop to 270, ten minutes behind taking you 20 minutes right now. i'll be back in ten. helping you enjoy the falling gas price a little longer. the news out of congress that could spare you from a price hike. plus giving your kids more time to enjoy the summer break. the push to move back the start of the school year in maryland. and your weather and traffic are always on new s today. keep watching during the commercial and you can see storm team 4 radar current temperatures. >> you'll also see how traffic
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is moving .
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16 before the hour. hope francis sisfrancis may be plans are you said way for pope francis to address congress. he would also host an event at the basilica of the immaculate shrine. he's in the philippines right now. anne thompson is live in manila
6:45 am
with live on what is happening and what pope francis will do on this historic visit. >> reporter: good morning. the pope arrived here about two hours ago. and he motorcaded from the airport into the heart of manila and there were thousands of people who were lined up to greet him. this country is 80% catholic. and so the enthusiasm here is just absolutely over the top. and that is creating security ck this 1995 the last time a pope visited the philippines, that wasy surged his popemobile. filipino officials want to make sure that doesn't happen again and takes matter of national honor that the filipino people behave orderly during pope francis' visit. he will spend five days here, all five days have been declared
6:46 am
a national holiday in an effort to try to control some of those crowds. and the big event will come on sunday when he celebrates mass here in manila and 5 million people are expected to attend that event. >> anne thompson live for us in the philippines. thank you. you can see much more on the "today" show starting at 7:00 a.m.. in just a few hours, attorneys will announce the first lawsuit against metro after monday's accident on the yellow line. one woman died and dozens of others were stuck in a smoke train car underground until help arrived. megan mcgrath is live at l'enfant plaza station with more on who is filing the lawsuit. >> reporter: good morning, angie. over the last couple of day, we've heard some pretty chilling accounts from people who were inside that smoke filled train down in the tunnel how terrifying it was, how difficult it was for them to breathe. now we are learning of the first
6:47 am
lawsuit being filed against metro. a group of victims have hired the firm cohen and cohen, that is the same firm that represented some of the victims of the deadly 2009 metro crash. there will be a press conference held later on this morning at 11:30. we are expecting to hear from a man who was on board that train, we're also expecting to learn more about the lawsuit itself. the press conference is today, but the actual lawsuit will be filed in court by the lawyers tomorrow. megan mcgrath, news 4. a passenger on board the smoke filled train used pictures to show how long it took for help to get there. jonathan rogers says he took this picture a few minutes after the smoke started entering the train. it's time stamped 3:20. rogers says the second photo was taken when evacuations began at 4:01. at 4:20 an hour after the first photo, rogers took a picture of what he says is the first firefighter he saw. finally, about two minutes
6:48 am
later, rogers is in the tunnel and walking to safety. meanwhile the ntsb is trying to figure out what caused monday's accident. right now investigators say they have thoroughly inspected the train. they're still working to rule out any issues with the train car itself. the train is being held at the greenbelt rail yard during the investigation. and we are also hearing from the family of the woman killed in that accident. carol glover was a mother grandmother and successful business woman. glover's family talked to fewnews 4. they say they are giving thanks to the man who tried to revive her. and they are hoping that her death means metro will become safer for every. >> her purpose was to make a change somewhere in somebody else's life. and this is a change that is coming. the change is coming. >> that does so much for me to have had him be there for her and do what he did. it restores my faith in
6:49 am
humanity. >> the metro incident was january 12. glover's other says her husband carol's father died in a fire on the same day in 1982 of smoke inhalation. 11 before the hour. today it boston the second phase of jury selection in the trial against dzhokhar tsarnaev begins. a federal judge will individually question 40 jurors a day until each qualified person can move to the final phase. more than 1300 people filled out juror questionnaires. dzhokhar tsarnaev is accused of sething off bombs at the 2013 boston marathon finish line. three people were killed, horn 2more 260 hurt. joe biden set to announce new fund to go train people for cyber security jobs. recent hacking stints have made this work critical especially here in the d.c. area. biden will announce the funding during a round table at norfolk state university in virginia. education and transportation
6:50 am
among the issues virginia govern mcauliffe says he will vow cuss on on this year. he spoke at length about his plan to form new economic ties independent of federal grants. mcauliffe also proposed a new ethics commission and a can on gifts for all lawmakers just a week after former governor bob mcdonnell was sentenced to prison for corruption. right now republicans control both chambers, so not clear what proposals he will be able to pass this year. president obama wants to make sure you can take a day off of work when you're sick. landon dowdy is live with that story 4 your money. >> reporter: good morning. president obama will call on congress today to pass a measure requiring companies to offer employees up to 7 days paid sick leave a year. and he'll also take executive action to ensure federal govern workers get at least six weeks paid leave after the birth or adoption of a child.
6:51 am
the president wants congress to spend more than $2 billion to help states and cities set up paid family leave programs. back to you. >> landon dowdy, thanks. on this thursday morning, we're dry and clearing out. >> are you ready for a january thaw? >> absolutely. >> well, i see a thaw coming. and it will be -- >> putty-tat. >> meow. >> it will get up above freezing here but not until later this morning. it will be up near the average high of 43. but then way above the average high on friday and then it will get cold again saturday. kind of a roller coaster ride. then back above average on sunday and this mild trend, january thaw will be in place each day sunday monday, tuesday and wednesday as we get into next week. a welcome january thaw off the way. temperatures are subfreezing now. near 30 in prince george's
6:52 am
county. much of montgomery county as well in the upper 20s. we have a cloud cover with us now, but that cloud cover should break up later this morning and during the afternoon going mostly sunny. still quite a chill in the air, but it will feel nicer with a light wind, up around 40 degrees by midafternoon. love this photo, this was taken tuesday evening sunse tidal base p asin as a flock of seagulls arrived. i shared it on facebook and instragram. i love reading your comments and seeing your photos. tomorrow upper 40s, quite a bit above the average. and a bit of a breeze tomorrow, though, with the bright sunshine. and then cold saturday, near 20 in the morning, afternoon highs mid to upper 30s. sunday increasing clouds. rain showers looking more likely now for sunday late morning into the afternoon. highs 40s. dr. king damony, should be good day if activities.
6:53 am
more of the same tuesday. wednesday, mid-40s. melissa is looking at roads. overall looking pretty good. typical volume. top of the beltway slow 395 inbound a little slow as well. if you're hopping on 95 in stafford, a little slow northbound. once you get to triangle, things open u through woodbridge and before that dale city. not terrible though. woodrow wilson bridge looking good. prince william county looking pretty typical. taking a look in maryland 95 into and out of town looking quite good. bw parkway a little slow outside the beltway both in-bod and outbound. 270 at montrose, typical volume headed to the spur. we have a few school delays to pass along to you. we've learned westmoreland county schools in virginia are delayed two hours. spotsylvania and king george county schools also starting two
6:54 am
hours late. fredericks about your city schools are on a two hour delay, as well. the new congress is facing an old problem and it could make your gas prices go up. congress is trying to find money to fund highway and transit programs. one option is raising the federal gas and diesel taxes which haven't gone up in 20 years. gop leaders say the hike would be a long shot since most in the house don't want to raise taxes. fuel taxes bring in about $34 billion a year to the federal highway trust fund. car poolers listen up if you do not have one of those e-zpass. you might want to order one today. 95 express lanes have been free if you ordered an e-zpass. but tomorrow you will get ticketed for using it without the flex device. remind people who do not car pool will pay a toll to use the lanes 24 hours a day.
6:55 am
today some law makes will throw their support behind a later start to the school year in maryland. governor elect larry hogan and other lawmakers will unveil the results of a petition drive to start public school after labor day. the goal was to collect $10,00010 collect 10,000 signatures. comptroller says it could bring in an extra $74 million of revenue for the state. it is martin luther king jr.'s birthday today. in just a few minutes, a group is meet to go sustaining a prot stage a pro tooes. they plan to shut down part of the district downtown. the group is meeting in the mount vernon s fr things you need to know before you head out. in just a few hour we will find out who is in and who is out at the 87th annual academy awards. you can watch the nominations live at 8:30 during the "today" show or using our nbc washington app. pope francis is in the
6:56 am
philippines for the second leg of his asian tour. this is the first paypal visit in an ohio man will be in court tomorrow after the fbi says he planned to set off pipe bombs at the capitol and shoot employees as t > some victims from the metro accident will announce a lawsuit later this morning. the actual lawsuit will be filed tomorrow. you'll need hat, gloves this morning. warm footwear. it's cold. we're just in the 20s. but later today, with sunshine up near 40 milder weather moves in on friday. and then cold again on saturday. maybe some rain showers around on sunday. dr. king day looks good. highs in the upper 40s. mild pattern continues through mid week next week. injuries heard heard about a new problem 95 north bundound at 32. beltway pretty typical. approaching georgia avenue a little slow. slow 95 north bound as you're headed through dale city. all the typical spots. lorton about 40 miles per hour. that is the broadcast this morning.
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appreciate you waking up with us. the " show is next. we'll be back at 7
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>> good morning. chilling plot new information on an ohio man's alleged plan to bomb the capitol building and then shoot people as they ran. they claim he claims to create an isis cell here in the united states we'll talk to his father. top of the rock two climbers complete their grueling summit of yosemite's el capitan. a feat many considered impossible and we'll talk to them live. a pace-maker for your appetite. new hope this morning in the battle against obesity as the fda passes its


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