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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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uch snow we can expect. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. opm says federal offices are open today. government employees have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. we've learned loudoun county public schools are closed today. we also know that anne arundel county schools are opening on time, but they are sticking with an early dismissal, two hours. frederick county schools closed today, too. >> let's get to tom kierein now for more on the forecast. >> yeah it is a weather alert day which means we will have frequent storm team 4 updates all day long as we see this fatherly weak system coming through. but just enough snow that it will be causing some problems. right now the storm team 4 radar showing a few flurries trying to reach the ground to our north and west. as we look at the radar showing that area of some very very light snow in northern shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia. a little freezing rain here in west virginia. closer to washington it's
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trying to reach the ground here in northern montgomery county parts of howard county. central frederick county maryland. along the blue ridge. a little bit of light snow there. this will be mostly tracking north and west of the metro area over the next couple of hours. and we do have a large area that is under a winter weather advisory. it includes washington alexandria arlington, falls church fairfax, frederick, maryland. northern shenandoah valley. and to our east as well. including the eastern shore. heaviest of the snow noon to 4:00 p.m.. so expect some delays by later this afternoon as it could get a little bit slushy with wet pavement. mostly rain just to our south p. a coating to an inch possible in the metro area and up to 2 to 3 inches farther north and west. maybe 3 to 4 inches in some spots out in the higher elevations to our north and west by the time it all ends by late this afternoon. melissa has been looking at a couple accidents this morning.
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this crash maryland # 5 northbound at 100, we really have a lot of volume here. chopper 4 over the scene. so as you head northbound on 95 approaching 100, take a look as chopper zooms out. we're getting a lot of volume. again, this is off to the shoulder. the vehicle is off the roadway completely. but we're jammed. if you can take an alternate, perhaps bw parkway, that will be a good idea for the next probably half hour to 45 minutes. 2 270 southbound a little slow. 66 east of sudley road no problems there. wider look at things inner loop and outer loop moving along nicely. a tad slow unboundinbound on 395. snow trucks are out salting roads to help keep you safe. morning commute shouldn't be impacted as it is expected to arrive late morning. but it will make the roads slick later today.
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in d.c. more than 200 snow trucks are on the roads in northern virginia. vdot says it has about 800 trucks out working right now. you're advised to put salt on your sidewalks as we're expecting slick conditions. in maryland highway administration says it is closely monitoring the storm to keep road conditions safe. breaking news now in northern virginia. this is a look at a house fire on 40th street near north chester brooke road. you can see flames on the second floor and smoke billowing from the roof. crews rushed two people to the hospital. richard jordan reports from the scene. >> reporter: we're just off of north glebe road. arlington county firefighters say they have been able to get the fire out. it only took them about 30 minutes. but they still have a lot of damage to go through here. you can see the two story home here suffered extensive fire damage. when the firefighters first arrived, they say there were flames shooting out of the windows and two people who were
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inside the burning home had managed to escape. they were standing on the roof of the porch just next to the house. fire trucks away to bring in their ladder get those people down safely. and then take them over to the hospital where they are being treated this morning after suffering some degree of smoke inhalation. as far as the cause here firefighters say it's still too early to tell. the big challenge for firefighters was what they're calling the hoarding conditions inside the home. they say there was a lot to go through. there is extensive damage here. fire investigators will now be work to go determine the cause. but again, two people rescued here now being treated at the hospital. reporting in arlington, richard jordan, news 4. still no sign of a maryland coupr grandchildren after a massive mansion fire. relatives fear the family was inside the home when it burned down early monday morning. investigators brought in equipment to search what is left of the home on childs point road in annapolis.
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fire and police crews remain on the scene there, as well. we expect to learn more during a briefing at 10:30 this morning. we'll bring you the latest at 11:00. and today on capitol hill, lawmakers will get a briefing on metro's underground emergency. there will be two news conferences following that congressional briefing. lawmakers from our region will meet with investigators from the national transportation safety board and for metro behind closed doors. they will be briefed on the tunnel emergency l'enfant plaza metro station. one woman died there. 80 other people went to the hospital. after the briefing, lawmakers will hold a news conference and federal investigators will hold a separate news conference at 6:30 this evening. it has been and still is a hard time for many. but tonight, we turn the page. >> right now many of you are talking about the state of the union address and the impact it could have on you this year. president obama put a big focus
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on the economy and jobs. he also proposed tax reforms to raise taxes for the wealthy and add new credits for the middle class. here's what he said he'd do to laws he did not support. >> we can't put the security of families at risk by taking away their health insurance or unraveling the new rules on wall street. or refighting past battles on immigration when we got to fix a broken system. and if a bill comes to my desk that tries to do any of these things i will veto it. it will have earned my veto. >> we'll have much more on the speech and what the president is doing today coming up at 6:30. and you can visit right now for a link to the full speech online. today maryland will get a new governor. larry hogan's inauguration begins at noon today. and with a looming budget deficit of more than $750 million this year, hogan choeszse
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to be sworn in at the statehouse not the governor's mansion. there won't be a military flyover because of budget constraints. a prayer service and ball are scheduled. we are watching developments in israel. people -- several people stabbed in what that country is calling a terrorist attack. thrg priceenergy prices can put a strain on your wam. wallet. we have tips to save you you money. clark county and win chester both closed today because another round of winter weather .
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first lady will spend did talk today talking to kids about healthy eating habits reading a book called oh, the things you can do that are good for you. it's supposed to help kids feel
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excited about staying healthy. >> dr. seuss is a genius. snow trucks have been on the road since early this morning. >> chuck bell is with the storm team 4 x 4 checking out the drive time forecast this morning. >> how are things looking where you are? >> reporter: so far so good. nice and quiet here in rockville. temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. and tom and i are both following on the radar, there are snowflakes in parts of western maryland but on the whole, not expecting a big impact this morning. your drive time forecast is definitely going to be an impactful one especially for the ride home. drive time weather this morning, maybe a late flurry. temperatures upper 20s and low 30s. and then coming home today, that is more likely to have an impact on your day today. rain and though both bysnow both
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by later on today. outer loop here at georgia avenue chopper over the scene. looks like a disabled tracker trailer in the middle of the roadway. two lanes blocked because of that problem. east broad street, between lee highway and cherry street brand new water main break. and snoufer road, a car fire blocking lanes. 95 is ten minutes behind. 395 inbound 66 inbound looking good about that 2. 270 looking good as well. i'm back in ten minutes. a developing story in france. four arrests made in connection with the terrorist attack earlier this month. we'll explain how those men may have helped with the attack. we're learning new details about the deflated football scandal involving the patriots. what nfl investigators have uncovered so far.
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our storm team 4 radarp a little
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bit of light snow trying to reach the ground. i have the radar on the highest sensitivity. and scanning the higher levels of the atmosphere. so it is picking up a few flurries trying to reach the ground. we were howard parts of frequent frederick, northern shenandoah s a wintry mix of snow and sleet and freezing rain. most passing north and west of the metro area over the next couple of hours. a look at our snow totals for the day is coming up at 6:21. now back to you. and you can stay up-to-date with the latest weather news by downloading the storm team 4 weather app. a developing story in france now. prosecutors say four men now facing charges in connection with the deadly terror attacks in paris. the four are accused of providing logistical support to at least one of the gunman who killed four hostages at a kosher supermarket. a total of 20 people including three gunmen died in the
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attacks. an update to a developing story out of tel aviv. officials now saying that 12 people were stabbed in this knife attack on a commuter bus. israeli police say they started stabbing the passengers. we know three are in serious condition. police were able to shoot the alleged attacker and he has been arrested. 6:17 now. the doctor shot inside a leading boston hospital by a gunman who then killed himself has died. dr. michael davidson was the leading cardiovascular surgeon at the hospital. police say the gunman went to the doctor's office to talk to him, they argued and shots were fired. right now there is no motive. today d.c. mayor bowser and school chancellor could i henderson will announce a new effort to help young black and latino students.
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designed to reduce ray sham dwscial disparities. police are searching for a man in a fedex uniform. a woman was shot around 9:00 p.m. and then rapn to the potomac avenue metro stop for help. we're working forget an update on her condition. the motive is unclear. police are also searching for a suspect after three teens were shot in northeast washington yesterday evening. that shooting reported in an alley around 3:00 p.m.. sources tell news 4 the teens were in one of these cars when they were shot. only one of the three suffered serious injuries. the man arrested in the high profile murder case of felicia barnes is free this morning. a judge dismissed all the charges against michael johnson. the judge ruled the evidence was insufficient. 16-year-old barnsz was from north carolina. she disappeared this 2010 while visiting her sister in baltimore. she was found months later
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floating in the secretary quasusquehaa river. johnson's conviction was over over and he was granted a new trial. johnson's lawyer says her client has maintained his innocence from day one. >> we absolutely firmly believe that the court did the right thing in this case and that justice was done. and we're very very thankful. >> baltimore state's attorney says the court had no jurisdiction to grant the acquittal and plans to appeal. the secret service is responding to new reports about the shooting near vice president joe biden's home in delaware. the incident happened on saturday night. the "washington post" was first to report and nbc news has confirmed surveillance cameras at the vice president's home did not capture any images of the gunman. the "post" says the cameras were not aimed at the road where neighbors heard a car speed away after shots. the secret service says all security measures were fully functioning at the biden home in
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delaware this weekend. today an ohio highway reopens after a bridge collapse killed a worker and injured a truck driver on honest. crews attempting a controlled demolition of that bridge whenpsed and it's unclear what went wrong. investigation of course under way now. the highway services 200,000 vehicles every day. 6:20. new information this morning about the nfl's investigation patriots used underinflated footballs in the afc championship. espn says 11 out of the 12 balls provided by the patriots were not properly inflated. less air means the ball is easier to grip throw and catch. nfl rules say each team must provide 12 balls for its own offense and it must be a certain weight. if there is proof of intent patriots could lose some draft picks. the seahawks and patriots counting down the days until super bowl xlix. right now the lombardi trophy is waiting for the winner this phoenix. this is video of when it arrived
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yesterday. it will be in a special exit at the arizona science center starting this weekend. jim hanley will be in phoenix starting next week. you can watch the super bowl right here on nbc 4. >> counting down the days. 6:21. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. also big news today is this impending winter weather. >> tom, bring us up to speed. >> right now we have a winter weather advisory out for ever of the region. and we have a weather alert day, as well, which means we'll have frequent storm team 4 updates. when you're away there your tv later this morning, keep up with all the changing weather with the storm team 4 app. right now radar is showing a little bit of very light snow trying to reach the ground. off to our north and west there is a wintry mix this area of pink and green, freezing rain and sleet. all snow up into most of ohio. we're getting a few of these flurries trying to reach the
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ground. most of this will be passing north and west of the metro area. if you to see any flurryiesflurries let me snow. post it on twitter and facebook. here is the timing on any snow arriving. it won't be until around noontime in the metro area. this area of green is a little bit of rain nixing with inging inging inging ingg mixing with that snow. most will be passing through noon to 4:00 p.m.. it's a fast moving system leaving up to a coating to an inch. most areas. 2 to 3 inches farther north and west. higher elevations may get up to 4 inches. but most locations just an inch or two. right now temperatures at or a little below freezing. we'll stay this way through the morning hours. there is a live view of the
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washington monument. snow and rain on roadways it will be a little slushy and grassy areas. accumulating a bit between noon and 4:00 p.m.. by 5:00 p.m. most of it will be ending. we'll be in the low to mid-30s. refreezing overnight, so patchy ice tomorrow morning. partly cloudy thursday mid-40s. more snow may be moving in late friday night and into saturday. mixing with some rain on saturday, as well. sun back sunday. another chance of snow on among. at 6:31 a look at winter weather advisory zones. breaking new, outer loop of the beltway as you're approaching georgia avenue we have a 5 mile backup because of a disabled tractor trailer that is just right in the middle of the rote wayadway. you'll have to split right or left to avoid this. it is quite a mess. you can see this nasty morning for folks outer loop at georgia avenue.
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hopefully this will get out of the way soon. we'd wider look, no major issues otherwise. 395 inbound a tad slow. 270 at germantown road also a little slow. 66 looking pretty normal. 95 slow here authoritynorthbound through scale city. andest broad street between lee highway and cherry street closed because of a water main break. it's now 6:25. in news 4 your health a new study says more american women diagnosed with early breast cancer are now choosing to have mastectomies according to researchers at vanderbilt university medical center. doctors say there are a couple reasons for this increase. women are getting more breast mris. another reason some women say they never want to think about breast cancer again. >> a lot of people say i never want to do this again.
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i never want to have to think about chemotherapy again. i'll have bilateral mastectomies and i'm finished. >> some research suggests that a lumpectomy and radiation can be just as effective as a mastectomy. masstectomyies for certain breast cancer patients. be sure to talk to your doctor to make an informed decision. we're working for you to save you money. federal government expects electricity rates to rise about 2%. to save more than $100 a year change the temperature setting on your water heater from 140 to 120 degrees. if youplyiancesappliances consider buying energy efficient ones. and up plug the extra refrigerator it your garage. in a typical dorm room you might find a tv, k350u9computer and fridge. >> one man in texas decided to turn his dorm room into something much more unusual.
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take a look. he turned his room at houston rice university into a huge ball pit. it cost david $500 to get all 13,000 plastic ball there is to his room. >> why david. people will say why. >> when they think about it, they're like no, wait that sounds awesome. >> at first the school was concerned, but ultimately said it was safe and fine. and he only has a few more months to enjoy his personal ball pit. he graduates in may. >> wherever he goes there will be a ball pit p. how the gop responded when the president reminded them that he had no more campaigns to run. breaking news in s ins in s arlington. two people rushed to the hospital after fire gutted a home. and storm team 4 radar shows
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a snowstorm moving this way. tom will be back at 6:31 to show you which neighborhoods will get the most snow.
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getting ready to another round of snow. a winter weather advisory is in effect right now. a storm is moving quickly heading right toward our area. so far it is quiet. >> will in anticipation of that snow loudoun county frederick county virginia, clark county and winchester city schools are all closed. anne arundel is closing two hours early. >> opm says federal offices are open. but you have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. and if you're joining us now good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. we want to turn to tom kierein. the morning drive won't be a problem for today. >> yeah, for most folks. up to the north and west areas in gray there is a little bit of light snow or a few flurries trying to reechtach the ground.
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farther west a wintry mix. most of this is passing north and west of us for the morning. but a few flurries may be trying to reecht ground here now in fauquier county, northern shenandoah valley northern loudoun, fcounty maryland, northern montgomery county western howard county for the another couple hours or so. and some of the road temperatures are below freezing so it may begin to stick there on some of those roads. winter weather advisory zone all these counties in color. northern shenandoah valley panhandle of west virginia all of maryland and nearby suburbs. this is in effect until 6:00 p.m. as we will likely see snow developing but not until late this morning. heaviest snow tonight to around 4:00 p.m.. so could be delays during the afternoon. chuck bell will show our bus stop forecast. melissa has breaking news. breaking news on the
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beltway. outer loop as you're approaching georgia avenue a 5 mile backup. take a look. tractor trailer seems to be out of the way. we have a tow truck here with a sign on the back and police vehicles. so still center lanes blocked. you'll have to go left or right. very big backup here. 95 into town and out of town looking good. same hipgthing bw parkway. beltway at central avenue looking just fine. same thing 95 at dale boulevard. right here prince william parkway area of 66 as you're headed into town about 42 miles per hour. travel times coming up next. they riddled it with giveaways that the super rich don't need while denying a break to middle class families who do. this year we have an opportunity to change that. >> taxes just one of many things
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the president said he plans to work to change in the coming year. the president will keep talking about his message today. tracie potts live on capitol hill to tell us more about his plans. >> reporter: he's headed to boise, idaho to continue to pitch some of these ideas that we heard in the state of the union last night. let's give you a recap. the president focused on the economy and jobs saying that we've got more jobs albeit they're not paying as much and that's something he wants to work on with congress. he talked about terrorism and the fact that we'll continue to fight isis. he hit on foshreign policy opening relations with could you barks something republicans say should not happen. as you noted, he also talked about taxes and reforming the tax code. p. >> i served in congress with many of you. i know many of you well. there are a lot of good people here on both sides of the aisle.
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and many of you have told me that this isn't what you signed up for. >> reporter: this being the back and forth that we've seen with democrats and republicans being unable to agree on anything. and it looks like taxes may he said up falling in that category because the president wants to raise taxes for the wealthy, lower taxes and provide tax credits for the middle class. and republicans are saying that's not the way to go. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. republicans opposed to most of the president's proposal. they chose not to respond directly to his speech. instead the gop response by senator joni ernst outlined a number of things republicans plan to focus on this year. >> we'll work to correct executive overreach. we'll propose ideas that aim to cut wasteful spending and balance the budget. with meaningful reforms, not higher taxes like the president has proposed. >> the response and the state of the union may go up 7 of the top
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10 trending topics in twitter in our area right now. and you can read the entire speech right now online. the white house released it early. usually it's only released to the media before land. if you want to read it we put a link on virginia's former first lady could spend more than six years in prison for corruption. the "washington post" reports the probation office puts the sentencing guide line range between 5 and 6 1/2 years in prison. she'll be sentenced next month. bob mcdonnell is appealing his case. he was recently sentenced to two years and will report to prison by february 9. new this morning, the changes face backbook is making to your news feed. and plus walmart's new plan to deliver your tax refund one step faster. and it's a weather alert day. snow is on the way later this morning. next at 6:4 1rks1 the bus stop
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condition for your kids.
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nationals will introduce max scherzer. he signed a 7 year deal. this afternoon dianna russini will be at nats park where scherzer will put on his you new uniform for the first time. he won the cy young award in 2013. and he was also an all-star in each of the last two years. >> huge. we will see less fake or misleading posts on your facebook news feed, at least that's the hope of the social media leader. they have added an option that allows users to report a story in the news feed as false. stories that include scams or deliberately misleading news are reported 2 1/2 times more often than links to other stories. news feeds will take into account how many people flag it as false. most users will not be impacted by the update. a small set of publishers who
6:40 am
are frequently posting hoaxes and scams will see distribution decrease. this happens to a lot of people like us on television where there is a screen grab of our broadcast ap usend used for something that we never agreed to. salt trucks have been on the road and chuck bell is live in rockville. >> reporter: good morning. a cold start here in rockville. we're now down to 31 degrees. we're keeping a close eye on the radar. snowflakes in we were maryland now trying to make their way east of the blue ridge between mid and late morning hours today. so bus stop weather on the way, you'll need to bundle up. temperatures in the 20s to near 30. chance of a few flurries late this morning. by coming home time today, a mix of both rain and snow. snow to the north, rain to the south. in the heart of the metro, we'll be right on the line.
6:41 am
road impact today could be moderate especially from i-66 northbound into parts of northern maryland and panhandle of west virginia. we'll be talking more about that and of course more snow chances this weekend and again next week. tom will have more on that. breaking news still on the beltway here. we're talking about the outer loop approaching georgia avenue. 5 mile backup. travel times 95 north quantico to the beltway, 37 minutes. 19 minute to the bridge. 66 eastbound 286 i should say to the beltway, 16 minutes. and then in matter lpd, we're slow on the outer loop 38 minutes. 95 to 70 south, 19 minutes. pretty slow around town. i'm back in ten. looking for answers after that mansion fire in an nap list. what investigators plan to do today as they search for a cause and six family members who are still missing. a week after the deadly incident on metro, why the
6:42 am
transit agency is talking about a fare hike again.
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getting a wintry mix in west virginia. sleet, rain and snow. the gray area is snow. a little closer to the metro area. i've set our radar on a higher scan angle. so it's sort of scanning the
6:45 am
clouds. the snow trying to reach the ground over fauquier county northern shenandoah valley panhandle of west virginia into frederick county and extreme northern montgomery county. as well as washington county. panhandle of west virginia. p this whole system is for the most part going to pass to our north and west during the rest of the morning. we do have a wider area of some snow farther north and west. that won't be arriving here until late this morning. and into early to midafternoon. a look at the snow totals from that and the timing coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s. crews are out right now salting the roads. your morning commute shouldn't be impacted as it's expected to arrive later this morning, but it will make the roads slick later this afternoon. in d.c. more than 200 snow trucks are out on the roads. northern virginia, vdot has 800 trucks out working. you're advised to put salt on your sidewalks today as we're expecting slicker conditions later on. in maryland the highway
6:46 am
administration says that it is closely monitoring the storm to keep the conditions safe. and you can stay up-to-date with the latest weather news by downloading the storm team 4 weather app. search nbc washington weather in the apple store or google play. in arlington, crews rushed two people to the hospital following this house fire on 40th street not far from glebe road. two people suffered smoke inhalation. fire started just before 4:00 this morning. firefighters say when they arrived on the scene, they saw fire on the second floor, smoke coming from the roof. that fire is now out. 14 before the hour. this morning a lot of you are wondering how the state of the union will impact you this year. we spoke with mark murray he says there may not be many changes with republicans prepared to shut down many of president obama's proposals. however, the president did send a message. >> one of the ways that i was almost looking at this speech
6:47 am
was president obama kind of passing the baton to the rest of his party saying these are the initiatives that we're not going to get the remainder of my presidency presidency but we should once we control congress things we should shoot for. >> tax reforms and changes on foreign trade agreements could happen this year. the republicans be focused on the keystone xr pipeline bill in the coming weeks. part of the president's climt to those proposals is because this was his next to last state of the union address. he mentioned it and ended up with an unkrimtedscripted moment. >> i have for more kamgno more campaigns to run. [ applause]. >> i know because i won both of them. >> as you take a look. you can see he winks at the crowd at this point while republican speaker john bay fler didn't boehner didn't react.
6:48 am
you can see the whole speech on we expect to learn more more about the yupd groundkrupd yund underground emergency in the day ahead. lawmakers will hold a news conference. federal investigators will hold a separate news conference at 6:30 this evening. one woman died and more than 80 others were sent to the hospital. it's now 6:48. and you may have to pay more money to ride metro. metro's board of directors is considering several options to raise revenue in the upcoming budget year. among the options is to increase metrobus and metrorail fares by at least five cents. the board is also considering eliminating its late night rail service on friday and saturday nights to save money. there is also an option to cut bus and train trips. metro already requested $140 million from d.c. maryland and
6:49 am
virginia. now you can pick up your tax refund in cash at walmart. landon dowdy has more on this new service 4 your money. >> walmart has launched a new service letting customers pick up their tax refunds in cash at stores. walmart is partnering on a service called walmart direct to cash. the service may appeal to people who don't have a bank account. and walmart, as well, as consumers will be inclined to spend some of that cash in stores. and microsoft will show off its new operating software this afternoon. it's designed to offer a more consistent experience across all devices. consumers have been disappointed with windows with what they complain is hard to navigate. microsoft may also take the wraps off a new web browser called spartan.
6:50 am
aaron, back to you. right now police and firefighters are in an aanne arundel county where a fire destroyed a mansion. firefighters will hold a media 10:30 this morning. that fire happened at a home on childs point road. richard jordan is live there now with the latest. >> reporter: here from the front gate you can see in the distance the lights that have been set up as the searchers will start to go through the rubble what is left of the multimillion-dollar home to try to see if perhaps the homeowner here don pyle and his wife sandra as well as their four grandchildren may have been at the home. there has been no confirmation of that. the six people still remain unaccounted for. yesterday searchers started bringing in heavy equipment that they will need to go through. we've also had yet to learn what the cause of the fire will be. but as you said later on today twll be an update.
6:51 am
officials will release new information as to where the search for the potential victims stands as well as what might have left to the fire here. the community still reeling from what happened here. the home has been deemed a total loss. but really the concern is what happened to the six people that according to relatives the last place they were known to be was inside that home. richardjordan news 4. want to turn to tom kierein. there is a weather advisory in place. >> a fast moving system, it will have sort of a moderate impact on our region. all we need is just a little bit to create problems. and that is just about all we'll get by the metro area. we do have a weather alert day in effect. so we'll have frequent updates all day long. we're seeing a little bit of light snow trying to reecht ground north and west of the metro area. it is coming down now in ohio western pennsylvania mixing now with a little bit of sleet and some rain here in this the pink
6:52 am
and green zone. gray is very light snow. i've got the radar scanned at a high angle. it play not be quite reaching the grounds. maybe a few flurries western howard county frederick county maryland, down toward winchester martinsburg and charles town hagerstown just east of there. an maybe right around damascus up to mount airy. some sleet in the pink zone. the main energy from the snow system later today is way up here in the upper midwest. that is going to be quickly zipping down our way. won't affect our weather until the afternoon. so here is the timing on any snow arriving. it will be right away 10around 10:00 or 11:00. most of the accumulating snow stays north of the metro area during the afternoon. by 7:00 p.m. it's long gone. and we'll be drying out overnight tonight and then getting cold tomorrow morning. so a little ice tomorrow morning leaving a coating to an inch in its wake.
6:53 am
mainly grassy areas. 2 to 3 inches farther north and west. some of the mountain regions might get up to 4 inches. and again all of it ending around 4:00 5:00 this afternoon. right now 20s to around 30 degrees. so layer up. we'll stay cold through 8:00. and then by noon that's when we'll have the snow maybe a little rain. all of it ending by 4:00 5:00. tomorrow morning patch dhi ice. mid-40s in the afternoon on thursday. here comes around round of snow this looks like a bigger event starting late friday night into saturday. drying out sunday. another chance of snow monday. cold next week. breaking news top of the beltway here outer loop at new hampshire avenue. still slow from an earlier crash at georgia. 95 north bound near the truck scales two left lanes blocked from a crash. wider look at things, slow top of the beltway. inbound 395 just passing the beltway. you're getting a little slow as well. inbound 95 a tad slow.
6:54 am
and east broad street between 29 and cherry street closed there a water main break. son of the late marion barry is expected to turn himself into police today. he faces charges stemming from an angry outburst at a local bank. christopher barry who is a candidate in the special election to fill his father's unexpired term faces charges of making a threat and destruction of property according to lawyers handling the issue for barry. both charges are misdemeanors. barry according to a police report cursed at a pnc bank teller during a dispute over his account and said he would, quote, have somebody waiting for you when you get off. the incident was captured on security cameras. it is 6:55. and today we'll have a news 4 crew in annapolis where larry hogan will be sworn in as maryland's new governor. his inauguration is at the statehouse not the governor's mansion. hogan opted for the change because of a $750 million brunlg
6:55 am
either budget deficit. there won't be a military fly overeither because of federal budget constraints. prayer service and ball are scheduled as part of the day's events. four things to know before you leave the house, two time all-star max scherzer is this d.c. he'll be pitching for the nationals the next seven years. today they will hold a news conference. and a briefing about petro's underground metro's underground smoke emergency. stay with news 4 and for updates. right now no sign of a maryland couple and their four grandchildren following the massive fire at a mansion in anne arundel county. we expect to learn more during a media briefing. and new this morning, two people in the hospital following a fire in arlington. it broke out at a home on 40th street not far from glebe road. that far is now out.
6:56 am
radar showing some light snow the area in gray. pink and group is mixinggreen is mixing sleet and rain. accumulating know between noon and 4:00. chopper 4 over a new crash in mclean. georgetown pike at old dominion. traffic getting by. top of the beltway pretty slow because of an earlier crash. and we have a number of school closings. loudoun county frederick county, clarke county and winchester city all closed. anne arundel is closing two hours early. >> opm says federal offices are open. government employees have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. we'll run all the closings and delays through the "today" show. >> and that is the broadcast this uyou waking up with us.
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taking credit. a confident president obama declares the crisis has passed. >> shutting down republicans after they mockingly applaud the coming end to his presidency. >> i have no more campaigns to run -- my only agenda -- [ applause ] >> i know because i won both of them. >> reaction to it all from vice president joe biden. deflate gate. 11 footballs used by the patriots in suspected's game were underinflated. the question was the team trying to cheat


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