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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 21, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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ving behind a fresh coat of snow. >> above freezing temperatures earlier in the week kept some of that snow from sticking today. but after-school activities were still canceled at arlington, fairfax, montgomery prince george's and prince william counties. >> the snow is winding down now. >> we'll have to watch out for ice on the roads as the temperature starts to fall. >> live team coverage starting with veronica johnson in the storm team 4 weather center. how is it looking? >> it's looking like areas that got most of the snow the hiver amounts, that's where secondary roads will be icy during the late evening hours overnight, early tomorrow morning. we could even be looking at delays. let me show you what's been going on. storm team 4 we call it between noon and 4:00 most of our snow making that exit now. it's out of baltimore just about and heading out of annapolis maryland too. pretty much gone this event for us. the areas that got the most snow montgomery county loudoun
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county, damascus with 3.5, hughesville, virginia loudoun 2.8 and only 0.5 in greenbelt, maryland. same in culpeper, a lot of rain mixing in. temperatures real important what happens tonight. ox oxen hill to chan tilly the areas up to the north, montgomery just north of d.c. loudoun county frederick county where there will be icy spots. watch bridges and overpasses. now we're not ohm only talking about another storm for saturday but one for sunday and, yes, both of those storm was the potential of bringing more accumulating snowfall to the area. we'll time it out for you coming up in a few minutes. and the big concern right now, that ride home. that's why many school districts in virginia and hairmaryland called off after-school activities. we are live in germantown with a closer look at how folks are
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getting around. >> reporter: the main roads like 118 here are just fine but it's the side street that's could be a bit trickier this afternoon. montgomery and frederick county schools decided to go with regular dismissal but then home as soon as possible. along 270 in montgomery county cars kept moving big trucks needed to navigate carefully on the interstate as the snow accumulated into the afternoon. in frederick, state police put their snow emergency plan into effect designating emergency routes. many by now are resigned to the fact that it is winter and it snows. >> you've got to get it sooner or later. it don't matter when it comes. >> reporter: no after-school activities at urbana high school the frederick county school system canceled them across the district. montgomery county schools also called off after-school programs as the temperature dropped and roads became slick this afternoon. parents like shayna callahan are
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mostly concerned about getting their children home safe. >> i do worry because some place places aren't cleared and the kids kids have gone to school so the buses will be out later and increase trachkffic on will road. >> reporter: major backups along 270 northbound this afternoon, causing some headaches for drivers headed home. tonight at 5:00 we'll tell you what caused it. live in germantown kristin wright news4. >> be sure to download our news4 app. now to breaking news involving that massive fire na destroyed a mansion in the annapolis area. six people are still unaccounted for. they include a computer executive, his wife and their four grandchildren. today investigators started combing through the rubble for any signs of them. we're going to join a news conference with an update on that search as soon as it begins.
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we're also following developments right now in the investigation into last week's underground emergency on news4's wendy rieger with new details. >> metro and the ntsb will be believing our regional lawmakers in the next half hour about what they have learned so far about last week's deadly underground emergency. senators and representatives from maryland and virginia will be joining d.c.'s eleanor holmes norton to be updated on the investigation. it was one week ago monday that smoke from an electrical current that arced filled a tunnel near the l'enfant plaza station. one died two critically injured, 84 hospitalized. after the briefing, the lawmakers plan a news conference so we could hear new information we're expecting. stay with news4 throughout the evening as details come out. back to you. it's now official. with his family by his side larry hogan took the oath of office today to become maryland's 62nd governor. we just updated the nbc washington app with new details
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about his initial plans. news4's chris gordon was in the crowd today for today's snowy inauguration in annapolis. >> reporter: this is chris gordon at the inauguration of larry hogan, the 62nd governor of the state of maryland. >> it's only when the partisan shouting stop that's we can hear each other's voices and concerns. i am prepared to create an environment of trust and cooperation where the best ideas rise to the top based upon their merit, regardless of which side of the political debate they come from. no problem faces us that hard work honesty, and courage cannot solve if we work together. ladies and gentlemen, we can improve the tone in annapolis and we will. >> reporter: all new at 5: to governor hogan's inaugural address and what it
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might mean to montgomery and prince george's counties at 5:00. maintenance crews in maryland were on double duty today in addition to keeping an eye on the weather out there. they also changed the road signs from o'malley to hogan. we caught up with them changing the sign on i-295 near the maryland/d.c. line. they'll also change the welcome to maryland sign on i-495. the son of the late marion barry is out of jail right now after pleading not guilty to three charges related to that alleged outburst inside a bank. marion christopher barry is accused of threatening a teller at a pnc in chinatown last week also with throwing a trash can and breaking a security camera. the judge ordered him to stay a28 from the bank and from the teller. barry, who is running for his dad's ward 8 council seat released a statement today. it says quote, i know i have a great responsibility as a leader in ward 8. i am committed to rise up and carry the torch in my father's
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legacy. new word from metro police. they made an arrest in a shooting into a metro bus monday night. police arrested delonte brown overnight in prince george's county. he's accused of fighting into a metro bus in northwest injuring two passengers. police say there could be more charges when he's extradited to the district. now to a scary scene during rush hour this morning when two buses collided here. the crash happened in west baltimore and sent 25 people to the hospital. a fire department spokesman tells us 21 children were treated for minor injuries. windshields and windows were blown out and the street was layered with glass and metal. no word yet on what caused the crash. it sh easier ride home for folks headed to falls church this afternoon. it was a mess this morgue morning. but a broken main along east broad street has been fixed. we're told the street is now open to traffic. the water main ruptured early
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this morning near fairfax street. traffic in both directions was blocked all morning and for most of the afternoon. one snow-maker down and done. now another will move in before the weekend even starts. the timing and what to expect coming up on the other side of the break. news4 at 4. more cases of measles triggering new health concerns. where the virus has spread now and what doctors think. home wrecker. why a man took a bulldozer to his house without t when you've got something to share, you need upload speed.
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>> a flag outside of brigham and women's hospital is flying at half staff. >> michael davidson was killed.
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in a statement today, the hospital said he devoted his career to saving lives. davidson died last night after being shot outside an examination room yesterday morning. the gunman then killed himself. police are trying to determine a possible motive. there are new cases of measles linked to the outbreak in disneyland in california. hem health officials now say five employees have contracted the highly contagious virus. at least 18 people have been diagnosed with measles in orange county where the park is located. and oregon's first case in eight years just surfaced in a man who recently visited disneyland. >> in 2000 we pretty much eliminated measles. now we're seeing an upswing. and it has to do with people not getting immunized. >> the outbreak is measles in five western states and mexico. we have more information in the next half hour. the cold and flu season is worse than expected out west. there is a shortage of
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prescription cough medicine at drugstores in california. it's the medicine that contains codeine. pharmacists say as soon as they get a new sof syrup supply in it sells out. the problem is affecting drugstores from san francisco to san diego. as a result some doctors are now having to change their prescriptions. a man runs a bulldozer over his home without telling his wife. >> this is getting a lot of attention and all kinds of likes on facebook. the man explains his bizarre house razing decision coming up. i'm rat nats park. they call him max amillion. the nats sign their big right-handed pitcher. we talk to him
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going to show you some live pictures at the fire station where we are about to get the very latest on the fire that destroyed that mansion outside annapolis on monday. we are expecting a news conference to start in a few minutes. we'll bring that to you live when it begins. we are tracking developments in yemen today where there may be a pause in the crisis there. yemen's news agency is reporting that shiite rebels holding yemen's president have reach aid deal with him that will end the violent standoff. the agreements gives the rebels more voice in yemen's government. the country is a critical u.s. ally in the fight against al qaeda.
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history is unfolding in cuba right now. the highest level u.s. delegation in 35 years is now on the ground in havana for two days of diplomatic negotiations aimed at normalizing relations. there was an early arrival before the talks began. a russian spy ship pulled into the harbor yesterday, and the soviet union was cuba's main patron during the cold war and brian williams is also in havana tonight. he'll anchor "nightly news" live at 7:00 here on nbc 4. that is going to be an impressive sight for him. well this is one of the most popular stories on our nbc washington facebook page today. >> sure is. a new york man is in big trouble for demolishing a house he shared with his wife. the guy's name, james ryne. he rented a bulldozer monday and literally mowed the place down. police arrested him on the spot. here's the problem. his wife is the legal owner.
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whoops. and she didn't know about the razing. ryne said he did it because the foundation of the house was crumbling from years of disrepair and it had to come down. he's out on bail until a court hearing next friday. ryne admits his wife was upset initially but said quote, now she's over it. almost want to stay in jail and away from the wife until she cools down. the nationals $210 million man introduced to his new town this afternoon. so why did he choose d.c.? diana raciny has the answer from nats park. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine now with all the snow on the field here at nats park but in just a few months baseball is back. and the nats will have a new guy, max scherzer. the highest paid right-hand pitcher in the league. >> what were the reasons that made you decide to sign with the nationals? >> it's pretty easy. one, winning. i think this team is capable of winning and winning a lot. when you look at the near term
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and long term this is an organization you want to be a part of. >> he's a guy you can't ask for more. he's the type of guy we're looking for, and he's the guy that we went after very aggressively and we strengthened our strength. who wouldn't want max scherzer? >> reporter: according to scherzer's agent scott burris, he said he had other deals in the league but it was max who wanted to play for the washington nationals because he believes that here he could win a world series. at nats park news4 sports. going to take you now to the breaking news story. the news conference has gotten under way on the mansion fire. >> as we promised we're keeping you briefed on the progress of this operation. this morning we were able to secure the structure to make it safe for investigators to enter. a search with a cadaver canine resulted in positive alerts. as we started ded to process the scene, we located the bodies of two individuals. the office of the chief medical
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examiner for the state of maryland took possession of the bodies and transported them to baltimore for autopsy and identification. there is still a lot of work to be done. this is a massive effort and will take days to complete. as we develop more information, we will continue to brief you as we are in a position to do so. we appreciate your patience. due to this being an ongoing investigation, we will entertain question that's do not relate directly to the investigation. we will also provide updates as appropriate. [ inaudible question ] >> we cannot specify whether they were results or children. we still have four people unaccounted for. [ inaudible question ]
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that's part of the investigation that we're not going to discuss at this point. [ inaudible question ] not at this time. we have not brought in accelerant dogs. >> describe the process you're going through. obviously there's a lot of debris. what is the process you're going through at the scene? do they have plans to show where things are in the house? how are they going through their search and investigation? >> they're aware of some of the layout of the house. they're going through a meticulous process. there's a lot of heavy materials from the house, as has been described previously. this isn't built like a typical residential house. this is more like a commercial structure. it's a time-consuming process they're going through right now. >> there you have it live from
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fire officials in annapolis. they have located two bodies two individuals. those bodies have been taken to baltimore for autopsies and identification won't say whether they are children or adults. they had the help of cadaver dogs in helping them. still four people unaccounted for. this is a days-long process to complete. a lot of work still to do. changing gears now, going to the weather. the snow we got today, how much, veronica? >> anywhere from a little bit of nothing mixed with rain to just over 3 inches up through areas of montgomery county. now it's about to re-freeze getting ready for the next storm. in fact two storms for the weekend. a little snow left. this is a live look at storm team 4 radar. you can see a little snow left around baltimore, maryland. road impacts here for the overnight and early tomorrow night, it's all about the slush re-freeze, especially on the secondary roads. your evening planner forecast from 36 degrees, above freezing
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by a few, to 34 at 9:00. you really have to watch for the ice, deceiving black ice, as we get into the late night/early morning hours tomorrow. this is a look at the high temperatures tomorrow, from 39 frederick, 38 hagerstown to as high 45 fredericksburg. of course that means we'll see a lot of the melting of the snow and deal with re-freeze tomorrow night into friday morning. by friday late more snow. set your attention to the southwest pocket of the screen here around stanton, that is snow oversprelding the area going into saturday morning, a mixture of snow and rain right between manassas/culpeper. all that snow eventually with the colder air coming in by late friday/early saturday that is snow and it will be accumulating early hours on saturday up until at least lunchtime to around 1:00 2:00 p.m. always what we tell you to download the storm team weather app. if you're away, we have the latest updates there on our
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storm team 4 weather app. 44 degrees the high temperature for tomorrow so we're quiet and we're quiet through the daylight hours friday. it's around 8:00, 9:00 when the snow moves back in. saturday 80% chance of rain and snow right now, the temperature high is 37 degrees, then yet another storm comes in for sunday. this one late sunday into monday. we'll talk more about that one and how it could impact the early part of next week and what the trend is looking like too, for next week. get ready, folks. >> thanks veronica. changes are coming to your facebook news feed. how facebook is fighting spam.
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we now know a little more about microsoft's newest operating system. it's been two years since the last one wind dozeows 8 was unveiled. >> now we're getting a preview of upcoming windows 10. as jay gray tells us it comes with some surprises including price. >> today is a big day. >> reporter: microsoft prepares us for windows 10 earlier today. >> we have bigger hopes, higher aspirations for windows. >> reporter: the company announced its new operating system will be free for one year as an upgrade to users of
4:27 pm
windows 7, windows 8.1 and windows phone 8.1. the move is seen by some as an olive branch after the company's problematic transition to windows 8 in 2013. >> microsoft lost a lot of credibility in the consumer market by the way windows 8 was launched, even though quite honestly the operating system was quite good. >> reporter: microsoft says the new windows 10 will work saeklessly between devices. >> if i exit tablet mode i have regular windows with my full task bar right down here on the bottom. >> reporter: another change is the addition of the digital assistant cortana to desktop pcs. >> who's your pick for the super bowl? >> for you, joe, hawks by 78 1/2. >> reporter: the company also unveiled a surprise. >> microsoft hollow lens. >> reporter: a wearable virtual gadget that allows people to see 3d renderings of computer
4:28 pm
generated images. they plan it to be launched along with windows 10. it's a story that's been blowing up in the sports world, the new england patriots are accused of underinflating footballs during the afc championship. >> what the league is telling nbc about its investigation and the punishment the pats could face ahead of the super bowl. new law enforcemen technology raising serious legal and privacy issues. the device that will let officers see through the walls of your home. you're watching news 4 at 4.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. right now at 4:30 a sweeping system blanketing d.c. with up to an inch of snow. could the winter weather put a freeze on your evening commute? >> reporter: and the snow over but as temperatures fall icy spots become a concern overnight tonight. i'm live in herndon, virginia with the latest road conditions. new evidence the new england patriots illegally deflated balls. did the team cheat their way to the super bowl? the nfl is set to weigh in. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handily. off the top, you're looking live at radar, a fast moving system is quickly moving out but not before slamming our metro with some snow. >> that's right. earlier today conditions looked more like this snow falling steadily across the region. our cameras shot this video in
4:32 pm
herndon, virginia. a winter wonderland throughout the area today. we have live team coverage now on the heavy snowfall. >> meteorologist amelia siegel will join us in a bit, rocking the red hat, with concerns about a re-freeze tonight. but first veronica kicks things off from the storm center. so how low are we going tonight? >> tonight our temperatures drop into the 20s to around 30 degrees. the system again, out of here. the snow has finished falling. so take a look at the numbers. if you're going out this evening, we're at 36 degrees right now, 34 by 7:00. by 11:00 p.m. we're down to 33 and continuing to drop a few more degrees by early tomorrow morning. so yes, again secondary roads some of the side streets will be slick with ice setting up again and with the re-freeze. here is the look at the latest radar. pink you're seeing in dover and cambridge is where the snow is right now, making its way out. your drive time forecast for early tomorrow morning, icy patch it's is with your
4:33 pm
temperatures ranging from around 26 to 30 degrees across the area. and by afternoon, up to a high of 44 degrees. that of course means more melting snow and well it's thursday tomorrow but by friday it's yet another storm another storm that could bring snow to the area. we'll talk more about that, the timing of it come pg youing up in a couple minutes. storm team 4's amelia siegel continues our team coverage in fairfax county. amelia? >> reporter: well pat, i'm here at hutchison elementary school and the snow was falling heavily here around the midday and early afternoon hours. you can see the sign there at the school reporting the temperature at just above freezing 35 degrees. that's good news because it's allowing everything to melt and hopefully dry up before temperatures drop below the 32-degree mark overnight tonight. students still in school toda after-school activities were canceled. so everybody has left the elementary school now at this
4:34 pm
point, good news there. students having time to get home. as we come back out here and take a look at the current road conditions across the area first we'll look at the sidewalk where you can see there are slushy areas on the sidewalk. so if students are walking tomorrow they'll likely be dealing with icy spots. but parker avenue, conditions there for the most part just wet and most likely drying out over the next few hours. sot road conditions are good, but there could be slick spots on the sidewalk overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. live in herndon, virginia amelia siegel. >> thanks. check out some of these snowy pictures. news4 news4's david culver was in great falls, virginia when the snow started earlier today. even nats park got a blanket of snow. the scoreboard just barely visible there. you can see the snow started sticking in buoy earlier this afternoon.
4:35 pm
and kristin wright captured the snow that canceled after-school activities. download our storm team app. it will have all the latest school closings and delays. following a developing story right now. we should get more answers tonight about what went wrong in that deadly metro smoke incident at l'enfant plaza. local lawmakers are meepgtting with the ntsb on capitol hill. there are plans to speak around 6:15 tonight. adam tuss will be there. we'll also bring you the press conference live on our nbc washington app. a new warning from leesburg police about synthetic marijuana. they are seeing a spike in the number of people needing medical attention after smoking or inhaling the product. often labeled as k-2or or spice, it's actually a type of incense. it contains powerful chemicals that can cause dangerous health
4:36 pm
effects if ingested it's now inlegal in virginia. last year leesburg police investigated 40 k-2 incidents. this year they've already had 14. president obama is on the road right now to push the middle class tax cut plan that served as the centerpiece of his state of the union speech last night. but republicans are pushing back and flexing their muscle with a startling move on iran. news4's steve handelsman has the story. >> reporter: the day after the speech house speaker john boehner slammed the obama message. >> all the president really offered last night was more taxes, more government more of the same approach that has failed the middle class for decades. >> reporter: and, as mr. obama headed out to sell his plan to boost middle class take-home pay by cutting their taxes and hiking taxes on the rich the new senate republican leaders said no way. >> there's not a lot of serious lawmakers that can do with
4:37 pm
talking pointsecifically not to pass. >> reporter: the obama focus on taxes did win praise from one key republican. >> we'll see if we can get a tax reform package done. i'm glad that he sort of held back on the partisan ship in the demagoguery. >> reporter: but there's a firestorm on isis islamic terrorism and u.s. security. after mr. obama boasted that he got u.s. forces out of afghanistan and iraq. >> the shadow of crisis has passed. >> that news came as quite a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to what has been happening around the world. >> reporter: isis is on the rise in iraq said john mccain. there's ukraine and iran. upset at what they see as a timid obama approach to iran's nuclear program, republicans invited hard-line israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to address congress. the white house call thad a breach of protocol but also a show of power by republicans. breaking out of annapolis right now, investigators locate two bodies in the rubble of a
4:38 pm
mansion fire. four people still unaccounted for right now. we've got a live report on the very latest details coming up in just about 20 minutes. the larry hogan era officially begins in maryland. you'll hear the governor's plans for the state. the patriots call deflate gate a bunch of hot air, but the nfl is calling it something else entirely. new details on the team's latest cheating scandal. storm team 4 is tracking our winter weather. >> that's right. already tracking the next storm. here it is for friday/saturday coming up and into the area. yes, producing snowfall. how big will it be and how will it impact your weekend? we'll tel
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we want to hear from you about the stories you're talking about today first at 4. >> like us on facebook follow us on twitter. football fans are gearing up for the super bowl. that's one of the stories folks are talking about. but today allegations of cheating are threatening to overshadow one team's success. the patriots are accused of using deflated footballs to get an advantage over the colts. >> nbc's jay gray takes a closer look at whether it's a bunch of hot air or if there may be more serious questions heading into the big game. >> reporter: in a season defined by off-the-field scandals as much as anything on it, the nfl now heads into its biggest game
4:42 pm
dealing with another controversy, deflate gate. a league source tells nbc sports that game day footballs used by the patriots against the indianapolis colts were underinflated. a rules violation which could have made them easier to throw, catch, and hold onto in the cold rainy weather during the game. >> they're trying to vet how the balls came to be deflated whether this was some rogue ball boy or ball girl which i seriously doubt, or whether it came from the top, bill belichick and his coaching staff. >> reporter: the patriots have been accused of bending or ignore rules on several occasions. belichick was fined in 2007 and so was the team who lost a draft pick after they were caught illegally videotaping an opposing team's defensive signals in a scandal dubbed spy gate. >> i don't think it tarnishes the record of the team or quarterback. >> reporter: tom brady laughed off the allegations monday
4:43 pm
morning. >> would you care to weigh in on that? >> i think i've heard it all at this point. >> reporter: maybe not everything. the nfl has yet to rule on the controversy. as they prepare f patriots say they'll cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation. jay gray nbc news. >> and you can of course watch the super bowl right here on nbc 4 sunday february 1st. i'm going to be heading out to arizona this weekend for coverage of the big game between the patriots and the seahawks. so follow along, like me on facebook. kickoff 6:30 sunday night. >> should be a lot of fun. a condemned bridge collapses, killing a construction worker. now a new view of the deadly accident. plus a disgraced local politician serving time for an underage sex scandal. tonight, explosive new revelations in the case could bring him even more legal troubles.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. welcome back to news4 at 4. we he have reporters and anchors standing by with new stories first at 4. the big story today is the weather and the snow. you're not going to get much rest are you? >> no no no. here we go. as we said, we're just getting going here putting one storm to bed and now getting ready for another one on its heels for saturday, late friday/saturday that could be a bigger deal for the area. let me show you what's going on. early tomorrow morning
4:47 pm
temperatures 26 to 31, plenty cold for the re-freeze we're expecting. so if you do have to get out and clean those sidewalks, it would be a good idea to do that now. 26 to 31 early thursday morning. you can see we're quiet right now. the next time we'll see anything significant show up on storm team radar is friday evening coming in from the southwest, the next storm system really organizing down south around alabama/mississippi and making that beeline northeastward to the southeast virginia coast. impact forecast for tomorrow, low we're going to have clouds, some sun around the area. it will be cool but i think a fairly decent day tomorrow. temperatures start out at 30 degrees. we hit the mid-30s by 9:00. then into the 40s for a couple of hours, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. again, not bard melting snow. that means a good day to get out. there could be delays possible at the bus stops so school day forecast cautionary at first but
4:48 pm
recess dismissal, i think we'll be fine tomorrow. now, for the weekend, snow chance early in the day, as a matter of fact, friday night that will last until early afternoon, 37 degrees and another chance late sunday. but this is the pattern now, doug we're in so we have to get used to it. >> yes. if everybody has been waiting for the snowy pattern, this is it. we're talking about snow out there across the area today in parts of the region. other areas saw rain. coming up this weekend, we have a similar scenario. what we have is the jet stream that's dipped way toward the south. that jet stream will help bring moisture out of the south. our storm on saturday, that's the one we'll watch that could be a big one. but again, we are talking about a rain/snow line. monday we think the storm will be all rain. a bigger storm on saturday a lot of snow for some areas. some areas will see rain and then everybody on monday even so the south will see snow. >> and the cold air after those two storms this weekend into
4:49 pm
early next week that cold air continues. very cold next week with highs in the low to mid-30s. we've got more on what to expect friday night coming up at 5:00. where there's smoke, there's controversy. virginia is under fire now from the american lung association over its tobacco control efforts. a nonprofit says the state needs to restore funding for tobacco use prevention programs eliminate smoking in all public places and workplaces and increase money for state tobacco secession services. virginia is blasted for having the second lowest cigarette tax in the country at 36 a pack. video released this afternoon from a deadly bridge collapse in ohio. this is a bit tough to see. but look at the highlighted part of the left on your screen. now, the bridge over i-75 in cincinnati was being demolished on monday when it collapsed, killing one of the construction workers there.
4:50 pm
today the highway below reopened to traffic. police need a search warrant before they can enter a building and search it for evidence of a crime. but right now there's a new question. do they need a search warrant if they're outside of the building using technology that can see through the walls? news4's chris lawrence takes a look at that. >> reporter: it's real-life x-ray vision. inventor gene and his cooperation have created technology that can see up to 50 feet behind walls. he demonstrated it with nbc's kerry sanders. >> i'm hiding behind this wall. you can't see me. >> not visually. i see you between the wall echo and another echo over in the room. >> so if i was someone running from the police and i was exhausted, what do you see there? >> well, i see the respiration signature very large at this point. >> should i be afraid that it's that easy for you to use the electronics to see through a wall? >> i don't think so.
4:51 pm
>> reporter: but when u.s. marshals in kansas use a hand held version of the radar to catch a fugitive it raised questions. >> we believe a device like this that allows police to peer into people's living rooms, look into people's homes is an inherently creepy technology particularly because it can be used without the people who it's being targeted at ever learning it's taking place. >> reporter: an estimated 50 police agencies have equipped their officers with these systems. the military uses it in iraq and afghanistan. and it's even been used to find survivors buried in rubble. >> privacy laws have a hard time keeping up with the technology. right now the radar units are about the size of a stud finder but the courts have yet to rule on the question of can police use them without a warrant. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. new developments in the case of that jailed yet reelected virginia delegate. joe morrissey is facing new
4:52 pm
felony charges. he was indicted today on perjury and forgery in court. prosecutors saying that he faked documents that were presented in his defense. morrissey is accused of having a sexual relationship with his 17-year-old receptionist. he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of delinquency of a minor. actually he did an alford plea and is spending nights in jail. despite the zwrail timejail time he was reelected. he says today he plans to fight the new charges against him. back to you. your facebook news feed is changing. the social media site is now working to fight hoaxes. you can now flag and post -- flag posts that you think are fake. facebook will not take them down but the more time a post is flagged, the less it will show up in news feeds. they will also add a warning or disclaimer to the flagged
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there's a new warning if you think regular workouts can help you avoid the dangers of sitting. a major new study suggests that exercise won't protect you much if you're sitting the rest of the time. nbc's erika edwards has more. >> reporter: take it from someone who sits all day writing news stories about how sitting all day will eventually lead to disease and early death. >> that's me. >> reporter: the latest news on the dangers of leading a sedentary life is sobering. >> this is about the avoidance
4:56 pm
of disease for 10 20 years to come. >> reporter: dr. david altar released a study that found spending too much time sitting will over time increase the risk for heart disease, hospitalizations type 2 diabetes, cancer and premature death. mixing in regular exercise helped lower the risk. >> we know when you're physically active we improve metabolism of sugar and insulin. >> reporter: but the bottom line is this. not only do we need to move more we need to sit less. >> we burn twice as many calories standing than we do sitting. >> reporter: a few of my co-workers got that memo along with an increasing number of previously sedentary employees who have altered their desk to stand or even better walk while working. if you can get up and walk around for just three minutes every half hour during a typical eight-hour work shift, that cuts nearly an hour of sitting out of your day. just set a silent alarm.
4:57 pm
every time you stand up adds up and could help your health in the long run. erika edwards, nbc news. news4 at 5 starts now with jim and wendy. it's a beautiful wintry scene, but right now at 5:00 we're already looking ahead at more winter weather that could bring a lot more snow. and gruesome discovery today. minutes ago we just learned that two people were found dead in that mansion fire. we're live to find out what's next in the investigation with others still missing. and measles outbreak at disneyland. it's brought up the question about vaccinations in our area and who's really at risk. now we've got the answers. first up tonight, right here on news4 at 5, we have live team coverage of the wintry weather with storm team 4. >> the big concern is the re-freeze tonight and the other storm on the horizon. let's get the latest from doug kammerer who is tracking it. >> we've seen the snow come in and move out of the region as we moved over the last couple of
4:58 pm
hours here. the biggest thing we've seen is we're going to continue to watch as temperatures dip below freezing. yes, that will be an issue re-freezing on the roads. look at the storm team 4 radar. notice this is over the last five hours from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. this was it. we told you this would be a short duration event with the heaviest snow between 11:00 and 2:00. that's exactly what we saw across the area. but down to the south and east no snow. this was all rain around waldorf and lenonardleonardstown. that system is moving out and we have nothing on the radar. the radar is now clear. some areas did pick up some pretty good amounts as far as snowfall goes. damascus about 3.5, now up to 3.8 in that area. hughesville, virginia 2.8, greenbelt, maryland about 0.5, about the same as the airport picked up. i'm watching not just one but two storms. we are talking snow with both of them one could be a little
4:59 pm
bigger. we'll talk mohr about that at 5:15. >> the storm team was on the roads as the snow started to fall in leesburg. we saw the first flake bz 11:00 this morning. the roads were already pretreated ahead of this storm. no accumulations on the roads when we were out there. the sidewalks were covering up pretty quickly, however. >> also began snowing right around lunchtime in great falls, maryland. looked like a postcard on lowe's island. many schools decided to cancel afternoon activities to help keep students safe. kristin wright is live in germantown maryland, where getting around has been a challenge for some drivers. >> reporter: that is right. main roads like 118 here looked pretty good. everybody is moving just fine. but the problem, as you know is that the roads are wet, and they could freeze. here is how the ride home is shaping up for a lot of people so far. a car caught fire on i-270 north
5:00 pm
of route 121 in the clarksburg area of montgomery county. the northbound lanes shut down causing traffic backups for miles during an already challenging drive home. >> we're about 20 or 30 minutes, we blocked two lanes of 270, obviously traffic backed up as we started getting into the rush hour there will be miles and miles of traffic northbound on 270. rfrnlt the snow fell without stopping for hours in parts of montgomery and frederick counties. many side streets and neighborhood are snow covered, the snowplows are out. >> i think it will be slick tonight and tomorrow. >> reporter: no after-school activities at urbana high school the frederick county school system canceled them across the district. montgomery county schools also called off after-school programs as the temperature dropped


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