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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 22, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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continues now at 5:00 a.m.. right now on "news 4 today," flurries are moving in to start your morning and maybe a few icy spots, too. tom is tracking major changes including a warm-up and then shall some snow. and metro preparing to thouns big changes to keep you avenue. the immediate changes could youyou could see. p. >> welcome to "news 4 today" for this thursday january 22. we're taking a live look outside right now. 36 degrees outside of our studios. pretty cloudy too. >> let's check in with tom kierein for your weather >> storm team 4 radar is showing a few areas, we're getting a few flurry maybe a little freezing drizzle, this area in color moving from the west to the east. coming right into the metro area. montgomery and fair tags counties and then tracking in to our eastern suburbs. that will be over the next hour or two. winter weather advisory in effect through the counties in color as we may get a little bit of this off and on here before
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between now and about 8:00 this morning. and then it will be quickly gone. we should get some sunshine back. also some dense fog here in the shenandoah valley. and panhandle of west virginia to washington county visibilities there under a quarter of a mile so slow down use your low beams this morning. temperatures at or a little above freezing most of the region. there could be a little patchy ice and untreated surfaces. the morning fog giving way to sunshine a chill in the afternoon but above freezing. and then snow and rain chances on saturday. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at our hour by hour warming for the day ahead. that's at 5:11. melissa, construction causing any delays? right now 66 westbound at fairfax county parkway, no delays right now supposed to be out of the way wrapping up within the next ten minutes or so. otherwise being be looking good on 66 and 95 in virginia. taking a look at prince george's county in and out of up to just fine. p branch avenue pennsylvania average, indian head highway
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rolling along nicely. no road work there to talk about yet this morning. 95 here in maryland and bw parkway in and out of town also looking quite good. 270 at mondaytrose road southbound smooth and no delays there this morning. a live picture of 95 in maryland coming up. 5:02 is your time. today metro will announce immediate changes to its policies after the underground emergency last week. one woman died and more than 80 were hurt when smoke filled a tunnel by the l'enfant plaza station. ventilation was a rob, so changes are expected to include new rules for train operators. in an emergency, they will be able to turn off without reaching to central command. there will be no signage that makes emergency exits clearer and tell you what to do in a crisis. the ntsb is still working to learn why the problem happened which was lawmakers' big concern. >> when our constituents no
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matter where they live or what their zip code is when they get on the metro tomorrow how confident can they be that they're going to be safe. >> maryland senator barbara mikulski commanded answer edglapd demanding answers. also well learn from they will raise fares. they are considering adding tent cents to the tickets and also considering wait times from 6 to 8 minutes. the changes would allow metro to ask for less money from the counties that help fund it. today the man accused of plotting to bomb the u.s. capitol will be arraigned. chris tore christopher cornell600 rounds of ammunition. cornell's father says his son was coerced by the fbi and could never have actually gone through
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with the plot. in just a few homes, crews will comb through the debris of a massive mansion fire in an nap list. annapolis. two bodies have been recovered. megan mcgrath is live outside the fire station there in annapolis with the latest on the search effort and the investigation. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, aaron, investigators will resume their work later this morning when the sun comes up. they are looking for four of the victims believed to be buried in the rubble of the burned out mansion. yesterday two bodies were recovered. but fire officials will not say if those victims were adults or children. the medical examiner is working to make a positive i.d.. now, the 16,000 square foot mansion belongs to don and sandy pyle. the couple and their four grandchildren were all believed to be in the home when it burst into tlamsflaps flames. the roof and floors collapsed into the basement, so investigators had to shore what was left of the structure before
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it was safe for them to go inside. and really yesterday was the first day that investigators were able to venture inside. the cause of the fire is still unknown. officials say nothing indicates foul play however, it is standard procedure to treat the scene as a crime scene when they don't know what happened. but they will be back inside. they have a special equipment, the cadaver dogs were used yesterday. we're expecting to see them resume effort when the sun comes up. megan mcgrath, news 4. today we'll find out whether a man accused in three high profile murders will be hospitalized to evaluate his mental competency. charles severance displayed a rude gesture when a judge ordered a mental competent deps city exam for him last month. the findings of that report will be revealed this morning. a doctor says he is difficult to evaluate because he refuses to cooperate. prosecutors say that is no reason to find him mentally
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incompetent to stand trial. severance is accused of killing nancy done ronald kirby and ruth an ladato. a u.s. navy cargo ship ran ag ground in oakkinawaokinawa. authorities are working to assess the situation. is this a picture of that ship on a better kayday. tugboats are now there trying to stabilize the ship. so far no leaks no damage discovered. there were 127 crew members on board. everyone is doing okay. that's the latest from the live desk. kd to dc. the wizards take on kevin durant and the thunder. what he has to say about being home. are e-cigarettes really healthier for you than the real thing in the danger research shows is lurking in the vapor. and a live look outside for you morning. fog may be a concern for your drive. when the sun will clear things
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you may know that nba mvp kevin durant is from our area. he will be a free agent next year. and there is a push right now for him to sign with the wizards. that would be a dream. after leading the thunder to a win over the wiz last night, here's what he had to say about it. >> it's a blessing but to play at home in front of my family and friends is really
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something i can't describe. i don't get this opportunity a lot. >> the #kdtodc has received a bigger and bigger following. unless they meet in the playoffs they won't play against the wizards this year. what is this mess? we're getting a little snow around here maybe, but this, wow, this -- huge amounts of snow in norway shutting down access to up tos for more than a week here. crews are working in 12 hour shifts trying to clear the snow from the roads there pushing it to the sides where they can. the snow creating snow banks more than 26 feet high. going to take days to make a safe pathway in this area. or just get on a snowmobile. >> it is norway. but still hard to wrap my head around that much. 26 feet high banks? >> craziness. >> this is why we live here. >> where we can get warm every now and then. tread rick county maryland schools just tweeted a two hour
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delay. >> let's get the forecast now with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. anymore problems with the weather? >> yes, because of a little bit of the moisture from yesterday snow melted a bit and now it's refreezing this morning, in addition we're getting a little bit of freezing drizzle, falling now maybe a few wet snowflakes. this color on radar heading off to the east and track through the metro area over the next hour or so. so there could be patchy ice around because temperatures are at or maybe a little below freezing. hour by hour though a nice warming today. we'll get above freezing by mid morning. and then upper 30s by noontime. ought to hit low to mid-40s by midafternoon and partly sunny sky. a look at our snow and rain chance for saturday next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:21. melissa has some fog. >> this is 270 at father hurley boulevard. so coming out of germantown, all these folks headed south bound. icc at maryland 95 also foggy. so we have a little bit of haze
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here and there especially top part of 270. beltway at st. barnabas, not really seeing any haze here. 66 and 95 rolling along. and another look at 270 coming up. what one major grocery store says it's leaving out -- why it's leaving out many of its items. and how a 2-year-old was able to get a hold of a gun and accidentally shoot the himself.
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today the archdiocese of washington will host a march for life rally and mass. more than 28,000 people are expected to attend the annual event at the verizon center and the d.c. armory beginning at 7:30 this morning. here is a look at the route the march will follow. there will be rolling road closures throughout the day, so this may be an area you want to avoid. republicans will not be debating a bill banning all late term abortions. objections from gop women and other lawmakers have left republicans short on votes.
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republican leaders had planned to push the legislation through the house today. this was timed to coincide with the annual march for life rally. instead the house will debate legislation banning taxpayer funding for abortion. right now the u.s. department of justice investigating the ferguson police department. also considering a civil rights lawsuit against darren wilson the former office who shot michael brown. the fbi says it is now finished with its investigation into what happened. however, it has not publicly released any results. a 2-year-old florida boy died after finding his father's gun in the family car and shooting himself. police say the boy's father left the handgun in the glove box as the family was busy moving into a new house. police are classifying it as an accidental shooting. no charges have been filed against the father. the home where sandy hook shooter adam lanza once lived
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will be torn down. the city council there in newtown voted yesterday to demolish this house. lanza shot and kils at sandy hook element the takerary school. it's now 5:17. today we'll learn from governor hogan plans to cut from the maryland budget. >> i lawrence j. hogan jr. do swear that i will support the constitution -- >> in his inauguration you can see that he was sworn in in the snow. later they did move inside. hogan will present his budget to lawmakers later today. he says he has a plan to implement big cuts with a deficit of more than 75 $50 million looming this year. montgomery county schools are concerned about those cuts. the education chair wrote a letter to the governor asking him to preserve education funding. if he doesn't, though school leaders say they may have to eliminate as many as 500 teaching jobs leading to an average of two extra students
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per class. today a montgomery county council member will introduce a bill banning electronic cigarettes in places like restaurants and public buildings. essentially it would ban e-cigarettes everywhere regular smoking is already banned. and it would also require child proof packaging. the use of e-cigarettes or vaping as it's call has grown dramatically since the product hit the market in 2007. and new research shows e-cigarettes may not be a healthy alternative. it already has its own twitter handle apparently the george up to cannon ball has quite a following. >> somebody actually found this cannon ball inside a chimney. we'll show it to you here. the chimney sweep found the decades old cannon ball inside a chimney of a home a few weeks ago on cambridge place. yesterday the homeowner decided to call police. they determined that it was in fact full of gunpowder. so they called the fire department which then called the
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military bomb squad in. we spoke to a neighbor who has seen the cannon ball. >> this big in diameter and it had solid metal exterior. and i thought it was just solid shot. sglt >> it was taken to fort bell var for further analysis as they say. >> well, it's a good thing they had to bring in all those experts. it is such a delicate situation if there was actually powder in there. >> they found it and started showing it off to their friends and saying, hey, look what i found in the chimney and be somebody said i think this is loaded. >> good i thinkthing they caught it when they did. time to check in on our forecast. 36 outside our studios. we were dealing with a little bit of snow this morning. let's check in with tom kierein to find out what kind of day we'll have. good morning. starting off early this morning, we did have a few flurries passing through last hour or so. but now just getting some sprinkles.
5:20 am
maybe a little bit of freezing drizzle those areas you see in the moving color on radar, it's tracking from the west heading east now into loudoun county fauquier northern prince william, fairfax and montgomery county coming right into washington prince george's county howard county the rest of fairfax and southern prince william. that will be over the next hour. and in addition we have some patchy dense fog around especially north and west of the metro area. so you need to slow down and use your low beams this morning. temperatures are at or a little below freezing. some of the rural areas but in the mid to upper 30s right around washington. and farther to our west also a little bit below freezing. shenandoah valley and into the mountains. so watch out some of this moisture lingered from yesterday could be freezing up this morning. so watch out for patchy ice and this fog around between now through 8:00 at the bus stop. and then after that, a lot of the fog pretty much gone between 8:00 and 9:00. temperatures by then above freezing so the icing will be gone as well. then during the afternoon, partly sunny and up we go into
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the low to mid-40s. so we'll get a lot of melting of that snow that fell yesterday. then overnight tonight through the evening, we'll stay above freezing. then down to 20s by dawn on friday. some sun tomorrow morning, and then cloudy in the afternoon in to the low 40s. and some snow and rain late bring night looks like the arrival time coming up from the south will be maybe right around midnight on friday night. and then during the day on saturday, we'll stay just in the low to mid-30s with some rain south and east of the metro area. some north and west of the metro area. and then changing to all snow before it ends saturday afternoon. and maybe 2 to 44 inches inches of total accumulation by late saturday afternoon. then sunday back on sunday with highs low 40s. so we'll get some melting. as we get back to work and school on monday could get more snow, another 2 or 3 inches. and then cold after that mid week next week temperatures may not even get above freezing. we'll somewhere v.have some sunshine,
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though. how is the commute going this morning, melissa? overall pretty good but again, this fog, we are still seeing some even at shady grove road on 270, also quite a bit north of here. and as tom mentioned west of 270, as well. so just a little bit of haze. but when you look at my camera on montrose it's cleared up in that area. 66 at cedar lane looking just fine into and out of town. taking a look at 95 southbound here in virginia you're fine. northbound a little slow as you're headed through dale city. woodrow wilson bridge looking good. same thing when you're looking at prince george's county. no problem there. and then 50 into and out of town no problems. bw parkway and 95 in maryland no issues, as well. back in ten minutes. 5:22 your time. zachary kiesch just arrived on the scene of breaking news in article arlington. >> reporter: firefighters
5:23 am
respon this fire at about 4:30 this morning. take a look at this scene behind me. this is a live scene just north of 4 heil run on walter reed drive. we hear sirens and people still responding when we pulled up firefighters were still arriving here. we're talking about the 2100 block of southarlington. we know one person was in this home. they were taken out. we don't know the condition of that person at this time. you can probably hear the sirens in the back ground. you smell the smoke. we're trying to dig p up all the information here and we will deliver it to you as we have it. zachary kiesch news 4. the super bowl is less than two weeks away now. and one of the teams will hold a press conference today. the new england patriots coach bill belichick will probably face more questions about the afc championship. an nfl source tells nbc sports that footballs used during the game are were underinflated.
5:24 am
it's a big deal because they're easier to throw and catch. especially in cold rainy weather. the nfl has yet to rule on the matter. if the patriots are found guilty they could be fined and lose a draft pick. news 4 is your super bowl station. next week we kick off super bowl week. jim hanley is heading to arizona now for full coverage leading up to the big game between the seahawks and the pats on february 1. in news 4 your health this morning, a new study challenging a diet restriction many pregnant women stick to skipping fish. many women eat less fish due to mercury risk, but a new study found benefits appear to youts outweigh the risks. resenlgers found mercury was not linked to lower mun indication behavior or motor skills. kids who had higher levels of the fatty acids from fish sometimes performed better. 5:25. wegmans is trying to help you you eat healthier. they're reducing the amount of
5:25 am
added sugar in many of its private label products and that includes products like yogurt and bottled sauces. if you still have a sweet tooth, that's all right. wegmans is offering smaller portion size in the bakery department rather than decreasing the amount of sugar in the recipes. so instead of a cupcake the side of my head you can have a little mini cupcake. >> that's always better. >> cupcake the size of my head? >> right. >> well, if you eat at certain new french inspired restaurants in philadelphia you don't have to leave a tip. >> servers at this restaurant earn about $13 an hour. they get six time vacation days health insurance. nationwide tip servers can earn as little as $2.13 an hour. the restaurant advocates say this allows restaurants to keep down their costs and employ more people. >> that's an interesting concept. i've heard that in some cases it actually leads to better service because there is this quaulgity. in other cases, i think some
5:26 am
really slept service might be missing out on the extra tips about about. >> this is pretty standard practice in europe. >> so if it works -- well, just a heads up. a memorial for a local teen killed by gun violence turns into chaos. what we're learning led to a shooting just feet away from police. and tom kierein tracking the problems you could run into during your morning and afternoon commute. plus the push to hire our veterans a pledge virginia is making and who else besides our heros are benefitting. your time is 5:26.
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school delays to pass along to you. >> take a look at your screen. we've learned that prince william county schools in virginia will open two hours late today. in maryland frederick county schools are also on a two hour delay. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. coming up on 5:30. we have a live look for you outside. 35 outside our studios. still some clouds. maybe a little fog, too. >> let's check in with tom kierein. not quite as much fog as we
5:30 am
had over the last couple of hours. right now storm team 4 radar showing a few sprinkles, maybe freezing up on some untreated surfaces. now it's tracking from the west to east. montgomery county loudoun and fauquier fairfax northern prince william rap panpic rappahannock county. there could be patchy ice and many a few snow flurries. patchy dense fog shenandoah valley into washington county temperatures at or a little above freezing the immediate metro area but many of the rural area, it is a little below freezing. we'll have fog around through mid-morning. damp roads and patchy ice. dry roads for the afternoon commute. next weather and traffic on the 1s the up and down temperatures over the next 24 hour.
5:31 am
now melissa is looking at the road conditions. and some fog. 270 at father hurley boulevard, most of the fog top of 270 down to about the top of rockville. so from frederick to rockville, you'll see some fog on your way in this morning and perhaps some slick spots. wider look at things overall, no major problems as you're taking a big look at the beltway this to and out of town. same thing 95, bw parkway. wouldn't it be nice to f. itif it stayed like this. branch avenue indian head highway, all earlier construction out of the way. 95 at newing ton, no problems there. i have some travel times for you coming up. 5:32. president obama hits the road today pushing his agenda to help the middle class. the question is will it matter the at all since republicans are now in charge of congress.
5:32 am
trait city pot tracie live with more. >> reporter: it's a battle on two different fronts. we'll get another idea of where the president wants to go when he hits another red state today. we've been checking out his agenda. he'll be at the university of kansas speaking about some of those same themes that he talked about in idaho yesterday and in his state of the union speech tuesday night. tax fairness and other things like paying for community college and other programs and policies that he thinks will help the middle class. but here on capitol hill republicans in charge have a very different view of how to do that. they are pushing ahead with the vote on the keystone xl pipeline. they may in fact authorize use of force against isis. they're working toward that. there is a vote on abortion today. on the back burner here, cuba. there are high level meetings going on there today. but not a lot of talk about lifting that trade embargo. and immigration. just no word yet that there is anything close to a comprehensive plan. we'll hear more of what the president has to say in kansas
5:33 am
today. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. right now american diplomats are in cuba. this is the biggest u.s. delegation in that country in decades. they're expected to discuss new embassies in both countries including one right here in the district. we'll let you know where that will be once we learn. this delegation is also expected to spend time talking about immigration. the keystone xl pipeline is a top priority in the senate today. lawmakers are debating different measures to that bill. so far they struck down multiple democratic proposals, although they preserved one saying quote, climate change is real and not a hoax. the president has said that he will veto the bill if it passes. what started as a vigil to for a teen killed in a recent shooting turned to panic as shots were fired. this all happened last night just steps away from d.c. police officers. this video shows the police presence at the vigil. as the crowds gathered to remember a friend. five or more shots were heard as
5:34 am
the vigil endshe said ended about 7:45. the vigil was being held for philip jones. his trends sfriends are in disbelief. >> that's ridiculous, man. shooting at a vigil? that's gone too far. . >> d.c. police are asking anyone with information to contact them. hundreds are out of a home after this massive fire in new jersey at a luxury apartment complex. the fire was so big, the flames and smoke could be seen across the hudson river in new york city. no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. working smoke alarms help willed save an arlington family from a house fire. you saw this video first as breaking news yesterday morning. two people had to climb on to the roof of their house after flames quickly engulfed the home. rescuers used the ladder to get them down. they were rushed to the hospital and treated for smoke
5:35 am
inhalation. we're told they will be okay. that authority arlington home on 40th street has extensive damage. no word yet on the cause. a navy captain in charge of the naval station guantanamo bay has been fired after an alleged affair with a woman on the base. navy officials say they lost confidence in his ability to command. the husband was found dead in the waters west of the base by the coast guard on january 11. a big smile stonemilestone for a program aimed at helping veterans find jobs. 10,000 jobs have been pledged. nearly 7,000 veterans have been hired for jobs. sense june 2012 the program has accepted 234 member companies. mcauliffe hopes to expand that program. k-2 and spice, what virginia officials are warning about these drugs your kids have easy
5:36 am
access to. you may have heard warnings about being in the sun too long. how health girls sayif i recall officials say we should go out in the sun. and tom kierein is timing out the temperatures for you hour by ho.
5:37 am
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welcome back. you may have noticed a new feature if you use twitter on your phone. there is now a top tweets recap that shows up at the top of your feed. to wit twitter was not clear on how they pick those tweets, but they said how often they're seen is part of. it currently works if you have an iphone and it's coming to
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android, mac as and pcs pretty soon. there is no such thing as a healthy tan, but should you go out in the sun every once? in a while. short bursts of sun can help get you the vitamin d. what qualifies? about 15 minutes in the sun between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. is the most beneficial. and this is not an excuse to not wear sunscreen. >> so slather on the sunscreen and then stand in the sun. 11:00 to 3:00 the sun is really strong. i like the sunshine. i think it does make me feel better. >> 15 minutes. >> okay. no sunshine right now sadly outside of our you studios. let's check if n.f in with tom kierein.
5:40 am
we have temperatures below freezing. a little bit of moisture coming through. a little bit of freezing drizzle, perhaps a few flurryies from the west and tracking east across northern virginia into the district. we do have a few spots where the temperatures are a little below freezing. there is the capitol. a little light fog. a little patchy ice, as well. and then by noontime upper 30s, so a nice melting on the way. partly sunny during the afternoon. highs should reach the low to mid-40s by midafternoon. so welcome melting of all that snow we had yesterday. and then overnight tonight, we'll get below freezing again, but not until after hid night and by dawn tomorrow, we'll be down to the upper 20s under a partly cloudy sky. a look at our next chance for snow and rain saturday and monday that's coming up next weather andthe 1s. now melissa has breaking news. we're talking about vre,
5:41 am
manassas line it's completely stopped into and out of town because of a pedestrian halves struck there just a little while ago. so police activity in that area could have some roads closed there, as well. we'll keep you updated on this. wide look at things overall, beltway actually looking pretty good as far as we're talking about the roads here. again, some patchy fog in areas and of course some slick spots in areas. you'll want to watch out for this morning. talking about raffle timestravel time outer loop from 95 to 270, ten minutes. 66 east to the beltway, 11 minutes. and 95 north, quantico to the beltway, 31 minutes. again, we'll have much more on the pedestrian struck and how it is affecting vre overall this morning. marriott hotel is offering smaller rooms. a group of people hopping he chance for a check-in.
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5:45. this morning families of children suffering from epilepsy head to the virginia statehouse to plead for lawmakers to legalize cannabis oil. jennifer collins and her mother will be there. jennifer has more than 300 seizures a day. her family spent five years trying to find a treatment that worked and last year they tried cannabis oil, a form of medical marijuana, without the so-called high. jennifer and her mother moved to colorado because the oil is still illegal in virginia. >> being separated was -- excuse me -- very difficult. >> three bills that would allow the use of can that business oil are up for consideration.
5:46 am
opponents say more trials are still needed to determine the effectiveness and safety of medical marijuana. leesburg police issuing a new warning about synthetic marijuana. they're seeing a spike in the number of people who need medical help after smoking or inhaling what is often labeled k-2 or spice. synthetic marijuana is actually a type of incense and contains powerful chemicals that can cause paranoia or hallucinations. it is illegal to use or sell in virginia. last year leesburg police investigated 40 krintincidents related to k-2, so far this year already 14. the son of marion barry is out of jail. christopher barry appeared in court yesterday. he led not guilty to three charges including assault. he's accused of threatening a bank teller last week after he tried to withdraw $20,000 from an overdrawn account. police said barry threw a trash can over a security glass and broke a surveillance camera. he is running for his late father's council seat. barry has tweeted an apology.
5:47 am
today you can have your say on the recent violence in d.c.'s ward 8. you are invited to meet with various community organizations to discuss the recent shootings. that meeting will be held today at the old congress high school on martin jr. avenue. a man under arrest in connection with a shooting on a packed d.c. bus. brown was arrested tuesday night in connection with that monday night shooting which wounded two men. he was arrested in prince george's county and has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. nearly 50 people were on the bus at the time of the shooting they're union station northwest in washington. the two men to be okay. right now 25 people recovering from a bus crash in maryland. an mta bus hit a bus for riders with it is ablgtdisabilities. you can see the front smashed and bent up. police say none of the injuries was life threatening. loudoun county schools are opening two hours late today. again, loudoun county schools, into hours late.
5:48 am
5:48. this morning we're hearing from a truck driver who says he almost died when a bridge collapsed in ohio. crews were demolishing an exit ramp thisin cincinnati when it collapses. hundred high school of tons of concrete and equipment crashed into the interstate killing one construction worker. the truck driver that the concrete slammed in to at the stretch of the road right in front of him. >> looked like it was three feet in front of me when it started to fall. and i saw both sides. it was so close, i saw both sides just break and start to fall down. >> engineers and osha investigators are still looking into what went wrong. if you you live in virginia, there is a new proposal on protect what you you own. a panel in the house of delicates approved a bill that would prevent the government there seizing your property if you're arrested. spotsylvania delegate mark cole who proposed the bill says it is quote, up american for the government to do that if you're not convicted first. 5:49 now. applications for new mortgages
5:49 am
are on the rise. the mortgage bankers er sers association report as surge in application, up 63% from this time last year. low interest rates are one of the reasons more people are looking to own a home. a year ago a 30 year mortgage averaged 4.5%. today it's down to 3.81%. and even lower for a 15 year mortgage. we're coming up on 5:50. tom kierein here with us in the studio. we're looking at the sort of really active winter weather period. we just got snow more is coming. and then again and again. >> yeah we had a lull there for a while, but now things are getting more active and we're still dealing with the after effects of yesterday's snow thp we have a little fog around because of all the humidity that lingered in the air after the snow yesterday. in addition temperatures have dropped to at or a little below freezing mainly in the rural areas. any untreated surfaces getting a little icy this morning. so watch out for that. also a few lingering sprinkles, maybe a few flurries.
5:50 am
this patch of gray near poolesville and germantown. south of there freezing drizzle falling in parts of fairfax, loudoun, northern prince william. rappahannock stafford county madison and greene central part there, shenandoah getting a little bit of the freezing drizzle. so watch out for a little iciness this morning. counties in color. northern virginia eastern suburbs, temperatures may be a little colder here by dawn. freezing drizzle patchy ice and a few scattered flurries coming through over the next couple of hours. in addition we have some fog, densest is in the shenandoah valley panhandle of west virginia washington county maryland reduced visibilities down to under a quarter of a mile p mile in many locations. away from the beltway right inside the beltway, it's hovering in the mid-30s. bus stop this morning, watch out
5:51 am
for those icy spots. we'll be in the low 30s. between 8:00 and 9:00, some of that iciness met slts. get the storm team 4 weather app at the app store. during the afternoon, welcome melting as we'll get in to the low to mid-40s. partly cloudy overnight tonight. love this photo posted yes from beautiful shot there transformed our landscape to it a winter wonder lapd. that snow was like glue it stuck to all the trees. you can post your photos on facebook as well as twitter and i'll share some of those on instragram. people loving those on instragram. share your pics. i love your comments too. tomorrow sun in the morning. we'll be in the 20s. maybe a little more patchy ice around. during the afternoon clouding up you, the low 40s. and then shall snow and rain moves in late friday night. looks like right around midnight. and then it continues on
5:52 am
saturday. rain south and east of the metro area snow north and west. changing to all snow during the afternoon before it ends. and by then after it's all over we could he said up with maybe 2 to 4 inches of snow by the time it all ends late saturday afternoon. so this will be messing up your saturday plans who doubt. morning rain afternoon snow, and then clearing out for sunday near 30 in the morning. afternoon highs low 40s. another round of some snow looks like mainly that will be on monday. another maybe 2 to 4 inches. and then we clear out and it gets cold. tuesday, wednesday's highs may only make to near the freezing mark. sunshine, though. melissa here now with breaking news on the roads. breaking news once again, we're talk about vre, the manassas line right now the line is stopped in and out of town. vr echl saying we probably have about a one hour delay at this point this morning. your alternate will be metro. the line stopped there because a
5:53 am
pedestrian was struck by a train. amtrak train earlier this morning. so that police investigation under way there. 15th and independence, brand new crash there.e scene. taking a wide look at things overall, the beltway looking quite good. you can see 295 is a little slow as you're passing 50. and a little slow inbound, as well as you're coming north boupt there on 295. i-270 here at clarksburg road you can see these folks are headed north, all these headlights headed south. and we have the fog there. and of course this is something we're seeing a lot of in the frederick area. and top of montgomery county all the way down to rockville this morning. 66 into town a little bit slow just in patches. otherwise actually looking good. out of town no problem there is. 95 in virginia, you slowest spot is dwal city there headed northbound you're about 20 miles per hour. taking a look at prince george's county branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue, i saidndian head highway, everything looking good. a little slow on branch avenue approaching the beltway.
5:54 am
we see that this time of day. more on the vre situation coming up. it's 5:54 right now. and amazon is no longer selling its own brand of diapers for now. the online retailer introduced new environmentally friendly diapers just about six weeks ago, but the early feedback is pushing the company to make some design improvements. amazon opens a $25 credit will bring you back when the product is released again. 5:54. google offering mobile plans and american express is getting ready to chop its workforce. landon dowdy joins us with these stories 4 your money. american express is cutting 4,000 jobs this yeerp orar or 6% of its workforce. am ex-says some cuts will be offset by hiring in other parts of the company. ebay cutting jobs as well. 2400 jobs as we get set to spin
5:55 am
off its papaly pal business. google is getting set to sell mobile phone plans directly to customers. google will buy access to sprint and t-mobile's wireless networks so it can manage customers calls and data. the service code named nova is expected to be launched later this year. eun, back to you. 5:55. jason alexander will be performing with the baltimore symphony. you probably know him as george costanza on seinfeld back in the day -- wasn't that long ago. he's going to perform with the orchestra tonight in bethesda. he will also perform in baltimore this weekend. >> probably a lot older than you think. >> '90s? well, if you're willing to sacrifice space for a trendy hotel room at a cheap price, you may want to stay at a hair yot hotel. they're looking at hoping up new hotels in new york, sfrank and seattle that would feature space
5:56 am
efficient rooms. they're about 200 square feet but packed with perks like free wi-fi and power somehowhowers. you can expect to pay $100 a night. average room in this morning city costs more than $200 in many cases way more. so if you're willing to sacrifice a little space, who has space if new york anyway could be a good deal. >> and part of the localic iclogic, if you're in manhattan, you're probably not spending a lot of time in the hotel any wap.wayanyway. enjoy the city. it is official. matt ser zercherzer is waking up as a nat. he will wear number 31. it's not clear whether he will start for the nats on opening day. but why not. >> why not. >> scherzer will make more than $200 million over the next seven years. he said sometimes it is about the money a little. >> for me like i said it's all
5:57 am
about winning. but i don't play this game for money, but yet at the same time when you have an offer like that it just makes you go wow. >> yeah it does. nationals spring training starts february 19th. he's 30 years old. that's less than a month from today. >> congrats and welcome. we are continuing to follow breaking news right now. these are live pictures from arlington. crews are on the scene of a house fire. we know one person was rescued from the home. we are still working to learn more and we'll have an update in a live report next at 6:00. and a live look outside for you right now. just a little bit of snow this morning. a little fog, too. we have some delays at the bottom of your screen. tom will have the latest on your forecast.
5:58 am
5:59 am
> a few flurry maybe a few icy spots as you head out the door this morning. we're some wig changebig changes. and firefighters rescue one person from this house fire. we're live on the scene with firefighters learning new information. first, though good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. a little icy out there.
6:00 am
we're get something school delays. loudoun county prince william county frederick county maryland warren county, fauquier county schools are on a two hour delay. >> so let's goat right to tom kierein. >> any untreated surface that is allege a little wet may be freezing up and causing patchy ice this morning. radar showing scattered sprinkles, drizzle, freezing drizzle this area in color across northern virginia that stretches from loudoun county fauquier county new orleans prince william, fairfax, a little flurry activity. a little bit of freezing drizzle. ing east into washington and our eastern suburbs


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