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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 26, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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let's go to storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer with more on what we can expect here overnight. doug? >> we've seen some pretty good changes over the last hour or so. that clipper system that made its way through has now transferred all the energy off the coast and now that coastal low developing and it's sending moisture back our way. let's take a look at the radar and show you what i mean. this is probably the most snow we've seen since about noon or 1:00 today. lots of snow coming down in portions of prince george's county montgomery coun back to the west.o put this into motion for you because i want you to take a look at what's happening. we have snow moving in from the west snow moving in from the coast on the east. they are going to collide here and what's happening, that's going to be an area that we see develop and i'm expecting this area down around fairfax county loudoun county where it may be snowing just a little bit, i expect that to fill in and i do expect to see more snow into this area. what are we going to see from this? we have our winter weather ad that continues through early tomorrow morning and what we could see anoo
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poy 2 inches. alike the lower erer end of this. we could see some slick road. we'll talk more about that coming up. a state of emergency has declared up in new york new jersey and connecticut tonight. and travel bans on the roads start at 9:00 p.m. in connecticut. the ban starts at 11:00 p.m. in new york city along with the shutdown of the city's subway system. 500 members of the national guard are on standby in boston and hurricane-force winds are expected on cape cod. about 6,000 flights have been canceled across the country. it's keeping some members of congress from getting to washington. transp reporter adam tuss is live at reagan national t where travellers are already feeling the impact. adam? >> reporter: that's right, doreen. airports in the northeast, boston newark laguardia jfk, newark when they see these impacts it has a ripple effect throughout all the other airports and that is what we're seeing here at dca.
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giving the planes a proper blast and coating of de-icing solution before they push back and head out. travel to the northeast, that's tough. what do our airport officials expect for the rest of tonight and tomorrow? >> we are seeing particularly as the storm starts to impact places like newark new york and boston expecting increased cancellations and delays to those locations, so that will continue tonight into tomorrow and probably later in the week as those areas start to dig out from the storm. >> reporter: louisa trying to get back to school in boston. >> i've been hearing it's supposed to be the worst blizzard in quite a while so, i'm thinking i'm going to get a couple classes canceled. >> reporter: like one boston resident brian downs heed back home today. >> sounds like we're in for the big one. and we're going to go home and sit in the house until it's over. >> reporte that's what you do sit in the house -- >> mostly. >> reporter: others like this woman could be waiting till tomorrow morning, so she's
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camping out. elaine trying to get to tampa and can't fly direct. >> right now the flight they have available is for ft. lauderdale so from ft. lauderdale i'm going to get a rental to tampa. >> reporter: now, that woman's story proo don't have to be traveling to the northeast to be impacted by this. there are impacts across the country. reag national adam tuss news4. some traveler who is managed to get to their destinations today say their flights were just fine. looking now at time lapse video from a passenger who landed at laa up in new york this afternoon. desp how shaky that video is the passenger said the land smo taking the train out of town should expect delays. amtrak running all trains in the northeast corridor on a modified schedule for the rest of the day. there will be fewer stops, they tell us north of new york. > this just in from montgomery
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county the county's 311 call center will be staying open all night tonight and into tuesday for people to call and report problems associated with the weather. if it's not an emergency, you can dial 311 or go to mshgts -- news4 will start early again tomorrow to give you all the information you need. tune in as the storm winds down. erin tom, and melissa will be on from 4:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. the drone at the white house this morning is raising new concerns about security. all over the district and all the restricted air space. we've got several reporters looking that the story tonight. we begin with kristin wright who's outside the white house right now.tin? >> reporter: jim, law enforcement sources say tonight that the person who was flying the drone reached out to the secret service after the whole incident and said that he was out flying the testosterone to see how it would
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then he lost it. this while the faa works to come up with drone regulations. a secret service officer posted on the south lawn heard the quad copter device flying at a low altitude before it crashed at 3:00 a.m. the white house complex locked down until the drone was examined and cleared. a group was started know before you fly campaign. >> w to be ever mindful that technology is never guilty. operators are. >> reporter: initially the secret service said the drone was not a threat. president ob in india right now. >> for me the operation represents pure bliss in terms of someone who is a hobbyist and enjoys the technology. >> reporter: the incident has many near the white house today thinking hard about the use of drones. >> only concerns i see security-wise is that being treated more like toys because anyone can buy a drone. >> amazing it's come to market
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with, you know when it can present such a threat without the necessary precautions ahead of's operator is fully cooperating with their investigations which continues. live at the white house, kristin wright news4. new at 6:00 steve handelsman is live at the white house with reaction from a former secret service agent. steve, what does he say about all this? >> hi doreen. since the recent incursion, since it embarrassment, skefs wants more than ever to make this place into what they call a fortress. they thought they had it figured out. anybody who drives around here knows e street's closed pennsylvania avenue clowed threatening vehicles can't approach. you have air marshals on the flights out of national you can't hijack a plane and slam it in here radar sweeping the skies. whole d.c. area is restricted air space. you can't fly a drone here legally. they have fighter planes up to go after any private aircraft
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that radar picks up. now they're raising the height of the white house fence. this tiny little drone, even though that drone itself is probably a toy, really couldn't carry anything dangerous, is really rocking the secret service that suddenly realizes they've got to start worrying now about another threat these bigger drones that could carry a weapon. here's a former secret service agent. >> yeah this is a game changer because you have now a device that can transport surveillance and explosives that's commercially availsly recognizable as a weapon. that's a vy big deal. >> reporter: so now the secret service he says and it's obvious, has two big tasks, related but different. one, figure out a way to detect drones secondly figure out a way to destroy any drone that's been detected. though are tough, tough jobs that lie ahead for the secret service. i'm steve handelsman news4. live at the white house. and we're learning this
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isn't the first drone to fly near secure government buildings. it's happened near the capitalol already, even near crowded planes in the sky and near an nfl game at fedex field. scott mcfarlane will have more on t of recent testosterone scares coming up. the president and first lady are in india. today they watched india celebrate its republic tay with a lavish parade. later the president talked to business leaders and announced $4 billion in investments to increase trade between the u.s. and india. tomorrow the president will to saudi arabia. there he'll pay his respects and offer condolences on the death of king abdullah. here in washington people are marking the king's deatying their respects at the embassy of sau new e avenue. the embassy opened condolence books today for visitors to sign. we have a new response tonight from former virginia governor bob mcdonnell. he may not go to prison as soon
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as planned. today a federal circuit court approved hi request to remain free while this appeals his multiple convictions on corruption charges. he plans to take advantage of his time before prison with his family. he was initially scheduled to start serving a two-year sentence next month. today a federal appeals court ruled he can remain out on bond until an appeals hearing in may. the expectedably ard in -- the expected blizzard in the northeast will hold up the jury trial for the accused boston bomber.e canceled jury interviews tomorrow because of the snow. the judge had hoped to interview 40 potential jurors a day but in the first six days of selection just 81 people have been questioned. a d.c. firefighter is on administrative leave tonight after he was arrested on gun charges. hi name is row land jones.
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he was arrested yesterday morning after an officer saw his car parked on a sidewalk. according to court documents the officer saw jones and two other men in that car and they detected a strong odor of marijuana. a search of the car uncovered two handguns extra ammo, ski masks and latex gloves. w at 6:00 an uber driver attacked by one of her fares. what he did to try to keep her from reporti >> reporter: the family who lives here were told by the doctor hald they waited 30 minutes before getting help they would have been dead.. coming up fire and ems is making sure they never hear that again. security getting tight at the super bowl. seahawks and patri
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just a matter of minutes. that's what saved one family in our area after everyone started getting sick the same night they'd moved into a new house. firefighters are pointing to their story as a reason for everyone to get a carbon monoxide detector. our prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins joins us now from riverdale. welcome back tracie. >> reporter: well thank you. i'm happy to be back. the prince george's couy fire and ems department wanted to make sure this family never ended up in this situation again and they are sending the same message out to other families in
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prince george's co and across the area. if you don't have a co detector it is crucially important you get one. this is how quickly things could change for you. prince george's co fire and ems installed a carbon monoxide detector this afternoon. this dad says he will never go without one again. >> he said this family was lucky. half an hour or one more hour everybody die. yeah. lucky family. >> reporter: roberto is beyond grateful after doctors told him that he and his family were near death this morning. what do you make of that when you hear something like that to hear -- >> started crying. >> reporter: according to prince george fire spokesman, a new na gas water heater malfunctioned and wit carbon monoxide. they just moved in last night. >> around 3:30 4:00 i hear my wife's crying. i went to the room to see what's
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going on. >> reporter: he says everyone was light headed vomiting and even having problems seeing. >> co was very high, 200 parts per million. 35 could be unhealthy. this is all the way up at 200. so you guys did the right thing by going to the hospital. the only way to actually detect the presence of carbon monoxide other than becoming very sick very quickly is to install a carbon monoxide detector. >> my first time this happened to me. i watching tv, you know, i mean i never been in this situation so it's scary. >> reporter: again, it is the law in prince george's county for you to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home. it's been that way since july 1st. so prince george's county fire once again reminding folks they need to make sure they have detectors in their house. this family had just moved into this home and it so that's part of the
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reason they did not have one in there, but they do now. reporting live in riverdale, tracee wilkins, news4. >> thanks tracie. we are now only six days from super bowl xlix patriots and seahawks in that one, of course, if you didn't know. and with hundreds of thousands of fans descending on phoenix this week security is among the greatest concerns. our jim handly is in phoenix right nog our coverage. he's there now with a preview and he's also warm. am i correct, jim? >> reporter: it is warm but cue the rain it is starting to drizzle in the desert. we were talking about security a bit earlier and we are six days out, but already you have to wear about four or five i.d.s around your neck to get anywhere around downtown. they are spending tens of millions of dollars here at super bowl central downtown and out at the football stadium in . it is there today where we had homeland security members and customs and border protection spending the day on test patrol.
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choppers went up all around the perimeter and they screened truck traffic, too, today, and secured all the entrances. it is a huge undertaking and they are taking no chances. >> well i think the concern always around the super bowl or any national security special event is around terrorism. and so particularly explosives. but remember we also look for radiation so we have hand-held radiation monitors. we have a lot of technology a lot of equipment, and we have people with a lot of experience inspecting. >> reporter: now the first pictures from sky harbor international airport, just about a half hour ago belichick and company arriving to 78 degrees, escaping the boston blizzard all in suits. even the coach trading in his gray sweatshirt. they boarded buss to their hotel just outside phoenix where they will take questions this evening. earlier today in boston quarterback tom brady thanked who braved the bitter cold there. >> it's been a long ride. we started about nine months ago
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here down in foxborough and the win last weekend was awfully sweet. to do front of our crowd, we have the best fans in america. we're going to go represent you guys in arizona as best we possibly can as we have all season. >> reporter: tomorrow of course the spectacle, the buildup to media day where fans will get to ask questions of both teams and coaches too. so head to may facebook page. let me know what you'd like to ask the coaches tomorrow. send me a message on my facebook page. also we'll be back tonight at 11:00 and all the way from phoenix to supersunday. come along with us. 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 11:0 back to you, vance. >> thanks jim. he'll be reporting live all week from the super bowl to leading up to the game on sunday and he's posting exclute on his facebook page. we invite you to take a look at that. >> the patriots rr doing a little dance when they got on
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that plane. we're getting off pretty easy. >> we are and it's the same storm, the clipper that came into our area this morning that will intropro-deuce blizzard conditions toward that area. for us right now it is producing more snow akrolsz our region. take a look outside. this is our studio in northwest. a little bit of snow continuing to fall. about a half inch earlier today, we may pick up another half in to an inch some locations, maybe another two inches in some areas. 34 degrees right now wind out of the north at 15 miles per hour. at the airport a windchill currently down around 23 24 degrees. temperatures are in the 20s, 24 in hagerstown 28 in leesburg so that anything else that sticks or anything else that comes down will stick and that's the problem we have right now. even if we only see another half inch to an inch, that will be on the roadways and notice the enhancement here that we've seen across the region. put into this into motion and show you what's going on. an area moving from the we and one from the east coming together and watch this fill in the next area to fill in will be
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fairfax county down towards prince william county just about everybody seeing some snow. it's coming down at a pretty good clip eastern portions of montgomery county in through portions of d.c. now in towards prince george's county we will see more snow as we move on thr the night tonight. you can see that on the wider picture too. watch the last few hours look at the enhancement around our region and up towards philadelphia and new york where they continue to get bombarded, new york already over 4 inches downtown. winter weather advy in effe for us until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for the areas that you see there in the purple areas, even faulkier county you'll see snow from this and it's not because we'll see 3, 4 5 inches of but because we'll see maybe 1 to 2 inches in parts the area, that at the most but we'll see temperatures below freezing and very slick road conditions. i do expect to see some delays tomorrow morning, maybe eve an couple of two-hour delays for schools. here's future weather showing that area to the east moving to the west and providing some pretty good snowfall overnight tonight through about 11:00.
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then watch it just kind of fade out here as that storm moves up to the north. we'll get out of the energy from that storm so by tomorrow morning weerg not dealing with much in the way of snow, a few more snow showers, but that will be it for tuesday. drive time forecast patchy ice, maybe a few snow showers but this is the time to watch out. temperatures around 28 degrees. in the evening we should not have any problems. should be dry pavement for the most part. high of 36 tomorrow. 35 on wednesday, b that's deceiving. we'll see winds upwards of 10 20 miles per hour windchill in the mid-20s. chance of late snow on thursday but not much at all. if we see a few flurries or snow shower, that's it. high of 39 degrees. 40 degrees on friday. then the weekend, it's going to be a cold weekend an we have a chance for some snow during the day on sunday. of course we'll talk much more about that over the next couple days. guys? >> thanks toug. more coming up tonight from arizona on the super bowl. >> diana, we still talking about underinflated footballs and stuff? >> yeah vance, we are.
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the nfl has zeroed in on a patriots employee that worked in the locker room. there's plenty of video of him apparently as well with the footballs during
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just in at 6:00 harry reid is home recovering after having surgery on his eye. his office says he is already cracking jokes with his wife. he injured his eye during an accident with exercise equipment. the surgery removed a blood clot and repaired orbital bones on his face. he could still lose hi vision. reid will stay at home in nevada to recover for the rest of the week. the man accused of opening fire on a metro bus that had about 40 passengers on board is said to be a gang member. that information according to newly released c documents on that youngster's name delonte brown. he allegedly got into a verbal fight with a dri a x2 bus in northwest d.c. last monday night. he pulled out a gun and allegedly started shooting.
6:26 pm
bullets hit two passengers before brown allegedly ran away. those passengers are said to be recovering. a 16-year-old maryland boy accused of shooting two friends over the weekende as an adult. police say delano doesn'tunr got a fight with his friends and shot them and then turned the gun on himself. the suspect is okay and is in the hospital. a fight over a video game may have started the argument. follow us on facebook for updates this evening. shomari stone is gathering more on this story for 11:00. next, a routine fare for an uber driver takes a frightening turn. what her passenger is accused of doing that landed him in jail. >> reporter: not everybody made it to work today. i'm mark segraves. i'll tell you where some of them . plus live in new england where a blizzard is set to blast the nort
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now at 6:30 security scares involving drones, a growing problem not just affecting the white house. the news4 i-team uncovers where. >> immigrant children out of the spotlight for now on capitol hill but still getting housed by the hundreds in our area. >> well we start with the weather in our area. both doug and veronica tracking this system for us. >> doug what can we expect
6:30 pm
tonight? >> what we can expect tonight is really only about an inch maybe two inches as far as snow is concerned, but it's going to be a lot different than the snow we saw earlier today. let's show you what's happening across our region right now. the one thing you notice, the radar starting to light up with snow loudoun county fenway park montgomery county prince georgey through the district and up towards hagerstown and frederick. watch what happens here over the last hour. nothing to a lot of snow. we have it moving in the coast, another system moving from the west so they're coming together to provide some areas with snow and we'll continue to see those. one of those areas is outside northwest washington. even if we only see an inch of snow temperatures are now below freeze that will cause problems on those roadways. >> that's righten, and the paimt temperature dropping in a hurry. from the lt tim i was out here an hour ago we have a lot more on our weather deck and it's slick out here. the consistency of the snow what's falling now is changing a little bit, not quite as wet and the flakes are getting a little
6:31 pm
bigger too. not going to take much to accumulate on area roads, especially those neighborhood roads, secondary roads. take a look at the pavement temperatures just updated this for you. this is the latest information, road temperature ace cross the area right now. they're arnold freezing just south on i-95. we'll put the animation into motion for you. areas 32 down 301, down 95, out american legion bridge 32 that road temperature. up to the north you have 25 already in westminster. the road temperature there is only going to continue to drop. same thing 70 out 270. what that means again of course some real issues tomorrow morning with icy conditions by the afternoon i think maybe after 1:00 gets a little better on area roads. doug? >> we expect things to deteriorate probably within the next half hour to hour already seeing some of the road snow covered in and around montgomery county. that winter weather advisory goes until 10:00 tomorrow morning. >> all right. thank you, doug. here's a live look at new york's norm crowd times square tonight.
6:32 pm
again a state of emergency has been declared in new york and all of new england because of the blizzard expected. amtrak has suspended all tuesday service in new england. the streets here in d.c. meanwhile, remain pretty busy. drivers and even cyclists braved the snowfall. we didn't see a lot of snow sticking to roads or sidewalks here. thous of people hitting the slopes today at liberty in pennsylvania. our mark segrav is one of them. he found some good deals. >> reporter: well you can see the lights are on here at ski liberty and people who are getting off work and school are showing up for night skiing. but there were plenty of people earlier today who thought that work and school could wait. if you're one of those people who are thinking about a ski day, folks up here at the mountain have some tips that might make it a little easier an >> before you come to the resort i really recommend going on the website, really perusing through the website so you can save yourself some time when you get here. if you're a first-time person
6:33 pm
we have a section there that explain what is to expect what will help you out, how to dress, how to prepare. >> reporter: if you want to sleep in and still ski, you can save a little money by avoiding the cost of an all-day lift ticket. >> we offer a four-hour flex tick thaet starts whenever you arrive and an eight-hour flex ticket that starts whenever you arrive. if you want to sleep in or wait till the roads clear to a little bit, it doesn't penalize you. >> reporter: many who showed up to ski today admitted they were supposed to be s el. how about you? shouldn't you be at work today? >> probably. >> reporter: so you're playing hooky. >> absolutely. >> typically on a snow day we get a lot of people that are playing hooky from of the kids skiing these days don't use ski poles, neither does our news4 photographer. there are plenty of ski resorts within a few hours of the d.c. area and many of them have deals going during the week. so if you're planning a trip it's best to check out their websites and shop around for
6:34 pm
your best teal. reporting from ski liberty, mark segraves news4. a rejected kiss has landed an arlington man in jail. police say richard hilliard d to kiss his uber driver saturday night.enresisted, investigators assaulted her and stole her phone to keep her from calling police. police caught up with hilliard later that day at his home. he tried to kick the back window out of a police cruise sores facing several charges. police say he was drunk. there is an unusual trial uny in fair and accurate. prosecutors there are trying a rape case even though victim died while her attacker was in jail. but the victim will in essence speak from the grave. the case involves a man named massey iii accused of tying up his former fiancee with packing tape then assaulted her and held her captive back in 2013. the victim testified at a preliminary hearin shortly
6:35 pm
after the alleged attack. but she died ten days later of an overdose of alcohol and drugs. her testimony, though, will now be allowed as evidence in the trial. massey's lawyer is expected to argue that the victim made up the allegation of rape in order to avoid going to rehab. the trial is expected to last all week. many undocumented immigrant children escape violence at home in search of a brighter future. montgomery county now faces the challenge of educating about 1,200 of them. as news4's chris gordon shows us it's a challenge the county is determined to meet. >> reporter: young immigrants traveling alone. children fleeing violence coming to maryland virginia and the district to escape gangs who prey upon them. >> and those gangs encourage these young people to become part of them and they don't wish to do so there can be assaults upon them. young women can be raped. >> reporter: wally lopez came to the u.s. alone from guatemala.
6:36 pm
catholic charities provided a lawyer and he got his green card. now he's in school and working at a restaurant to achieve his dream. >> right now i'm starting to be chef right now. >> reporter: chef. you want to own your own restaurant somed>> yes, sir. >> you have to let the judges know -- >> reporter: montgomery county today host this session to train lawyers to represent the growing number of unaccompanied minors who came here. >> we have approximately 1,200 young people who are caught in this web that they are leaving their countries because of violence and threats. they're here in the county so we have to educate them in our school system. >> reporter: providing an education for 1,200 immigrant children is a challenge for the montgomery county public school system made even more difficult last week when maryland governor larry hogan proposed a budget that cut in half the amount of money for montgomery and prince george's counties. geographical cost of education and some local lawmakers say they're going to
6:37 pm
fight back. >> we know that ber under underfunded for education and particularly montgomery county. >> reporter: prince ge public schools face the same challenges more than 1,000 young immigrants have come here and under the law must be educated. ch new at 6:30 hundreds of incidents involving drones in just the last six months. news4 i-team will show us where we've had security scare ls before the white house. plus an update on four children who fell through some thin ice in maryland over the weekend. and a familiar face in boston tonight, nbc's miguel almaguer used to cover storms for us here on channel 4, now he's "nightly news'" go-to disaster guy. what's going up there, miguel? >> reporter: hey, jim, and doreen great to be with you guys. we're not far from you down in boston where we're in a snow
6:38 pm
facility getting ready to drop tens of thousands of pounds of salt on local roads to keep them safe. we'll have a full report and what you can expect over the next 24 .
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6:40 pm
jo bistanders pulled a 12-year-old boy from the water. two others made it to the shore on their own. police say he knew his killer. that's one of the new details in a murder that happened in montgomery county over e weekend. a man named wi wu was found
6:41 pm
slumped over the steering wheel of a car. he had been shot several times. based on evidence found at the they believe the victim and his killer knew each other. it was not a a sixth and final body has pulled from the rubble of a burned-down mansion in annapolis today. don and sandy pyle along with four of their grirn are believed to be the victims of a massive four-alarm fire that gutted that mansion last week. investigators will be back out at the scene tomorrow. they're looking for -- they're trying to find how howe and where that fire started. they say the weather will not delay their investigation. another live look at times square where they've already seen snow tonight. 35 million people could be impacted by this storm in the northeast. we'll go live to the bull's-eye in a drone at the.
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that drone incident at the white house was not the first time illegally flew one of those things near a high-profile highly secured building in our area. scott mcfarlane has learned of dozens of such incidents in the past few months alone. scott? >> take a look. this is almost identical to the drone found on the white house grounds this morning. this too, is a quad copter. it's so small, like two feet across. it's increasingly easy to buy and federal law pribtohibits me
6:45 pm
from flying it bt isn't stopping everybody. our review federal aviation reports 190 complaints about illegal drone flights since last summer about 20 in our area including near f in the air i don't have prince george'sy police helicopter and near some very secure build toogs. prince george's the record a guy with a drone outside fedex field just before kickoff of this year's redskins game against seattle. u.s. park police pluck at man with a drone from a tree on freedom plaza last year. there was thy the lin memorial, a person quad copter there. and another person with a drone stopped by u.s. capitol police in august on the capitol grounds. the news4 i-team's review of federal aviationn incide reports shows nearly 200 recent potentially dangerous drone flights or unmanned aerial system flights. not just near build gts but also
6:46 pm
near airplanes. a pilot spotted a drone just 100 feet away from a recent united airlines flight near dulles international. another within range of a southwest airlines fligh en route to bwi. congress has been pushing the faa to release new drone rules and regulations to ensure these drones are safely sharing the sky with planes. in part one texas congressman says because drones are now so easy to buy and so easy to fly. >> i think you guys need to -- need to be putting a priority on there are too manyt capable of going beyond a couple hundred feet able to go up to 6,000 feet we have a probler failure to regulate them we'll have a genie out of the bottle issue. >> those new faa rules were expected by the end of 2014 but are still being written. an faa official told the e tame today, "it's a our goal to get the proposal right."
6:47 pm
to read the details of the nearly 20 drone complaints and incidents in our area, we have the details and locations of each one. check out . yon also find it on our nbc washington a on your phone or ipad. the northeast is effectively shut do you think tonight as millions brace for a massive winter storm to hit the subway and streets in new york city are being shut down and we just learned amtrak service is going to be suspended tomorrow between new york and boston. we have team coverage of the storm. we start with chris pollone in boston with more on th >> reporter: hi there, or the recent. we've had a light snow all afternoon here i but it has just started to intensify in the last hour or so and we really expect the storm to kick off sometime after 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. the most intense snow is expected to fall tomorrow morning. at that coming down at 2 to 4 inches an hour if you can believe it. that's not even the biggest
6:48 pm
problem here. public officials are not only worried about 2 to 3 feet of snow, a problem in and of it but the fact there will be 50-mile-an-hour winds inland and 70 miles per hour on the coast approaching hurricane strength. that will cause coastal flooding for all the communities up and down the massachusetts and new england coastline. that also coincides with high tide tomorrow morning. so there are many, many problem. they're expecting power outages scattered inland but widespread down on cape cod out on the islands because of this heavy snow that's falling and the high winds. so it should be a real mess in boston over the next several days. >> chris pollone, thank you. can we make the point while we don't want any kind of blizzard conditions like they're having there, can we be honest and say that doug is really disappointing they're getting all the action u boston? >> not just doug. some of the f us would like to have a little more.
6:49 pm
>> it would be kind of nice to see a nice little, you know foot snowfall here in our area. everybody out there right now cursing at the tv. sorry about that. but we do have some snow continuing to come down and even if we see an inch tonight it will pose some problems on our roadways. we're dealing with that now. boston could be dealing with this for days. we will be dealing with this for about another 12 to say 18 hours or so before the storm system is out of here. at the airport reporting light snow but we e area areas that will see snow through the rest of the evening.e sitting in the thirty at the airport, 32 degrees right now, 34 degrees right now and temperatures will falling to about 33 at 7:00 32 degrees by the 9:00 hour and 11:00 around 31. snow at 7:00 snow showers at 9:00 and then again at 11:00. we will continue to see snow tonight. look at the numbers here. here's why we're already seeing problems. 27 in gaithersburg 28 in rockville getting numerous reports in montgomery county
6:50 pm
streets being covered with snow now and that will be the problem as we move in through the overnight hours. we didn't see the snow early this morning but we saw some an inch or two with the clipper but that clipper moved all its energy off to the coast and now that coastal storm is developing. that one is now putting moisture back into our region. that's why we had the lull today but you can see what's happening around our area. snow pretty good back towards leeswarrenton, around the gainesville area parts of montgomery county prince gecounty through the district and this will all continue to move the the southwest in throu of fair and accurate. we are going to see some snow on the roadways here over the next few hours. i really think the next few hours will be critical if you'll be making your way out and about. u might want to say inside if you can over the next few hours. high temperatures tomorrow 36 degrees, light snow showers early, could be delays tomorrow morning, 39 on thursday with a chance for snow late in the day, but that's not going to be a big issue. looking at the next storm, though next sunday coming out
6:51 pm
with temperatures of 32. we'll talk more about that storm over the next couple days. thanks doug. all with all of that going on and everything else in the whole world, we're still talking about whether or not there's enough air in a football. give mae break, diane. >> i'm sorry. my fault. it's the story everyone is talking about. people can't get tired of this deflategate. now the nfl has a new lead. plus the story everyone need to be talking about our local hoops teams climbing u.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
so you know what doreen said as soon as she heard what you were going to report who didn't know they'd find some lowly, nonofficial, throw him all under the bus with spikes on it? right? >> didn't you expect that? the coach and the quarterback both said, we don't kn >> yep. >> nobody was surprised on this one. the nfl investigation is zeroing in on a patriots locker room attendant, this according to fox sports. accord the report they say the attendant allegedly took footballs from the officials locker room to another area on the way to the field. there'ly video of this as well. the nfl has also interviewed and is now trying to figure out if there was any wrongdoing that occurred during e game.
6:55 pm
but he is a strong person of interest. hard to say that with a serious face. >> yeah. >> i doubt bill belichick did nothing. real football talk now. patriots and the seahawks. i love this super bowl nugget. this is the first time the super bowl has had two he coaches in their 60s. bill belichick has three super bowl rings as a head coach. pete carroll has one last year. for carroll, he admires the belichick way of coaching. >> coach belichick has always been noted for challenging his opponents really in all ways and so he continues to do that and so we have to -- we're striving to stay ahead of that as best we can in the preparation, in the awareness. not all teams are like that so this team really does heighten your awareness of the different things t closer to home, the redskins e to raheem morris. morris is heading to atlanta to be assistant head coach and he'll lead the secondary there. even though the falcons have yet to hire a head coach, sources have told us seahawks defensive
6:56 pm
coordir dan quinn expected to be the head coach after the super bowl. morris had been the redskins defensive backs coach the last three seasons. with that position open we've learned that former giants defensive coordir perry fuel met with the team today about becoming the new defensive backs coach. he had been the giants defensive coordinar since 2010 winning a super bowl with the g-men but was let go by the team during the off-season. while super bowl is stee spotlight globally locally it's all about college basketball. the university of virginia men are still undefeated. virginia staying at number two right now in the country. 19-0 right now. their best start in 34 years. they don't play until saturday, a home game against number four duke. the maryland women move into the top five at number five a perfect 8-0 in the big ten after a road win at indiana yesterday. terps visit michigan on
6:57 pm
thursday. as for the men, they drop three spots to 16 1-1 on the week, a loss to indiana and last night's thrilling comeback win over north western. they'll visit ohio state on thursday. also the georgetown hoyas back in the two-poi check in at 21. georgetown atop the big east at 6-2. so college basketball right now local teams just doing well as the university o women, man, they're back in it. we love to talk about the men, but women are fantastic. >> exciting time in college ball. >> slippery on the road tonight? >> i'm excited about basketball. if you're going out over the next couple hour don't fete excited about this slick conditions on those roadways. give yourself extra time tonight. if you don't have to go out this evenint not want to especially if you see the snow falling. it is getting slick out theref those roads.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on our broadcast tonight, breaking news as this potentially history making blizzard unleashes its fury. states of emergency include some major population centers. tonight, the order to shut down new york city as boston and parts of new england brace for up to three feet of snow as an entire region awaits near total paralysis. flight risk, a drone has crash landed on the white house lawn in the middle of the night as the secret service scrambles to conduct its own investigation. just think of the security questions this raises. and petty theft. controversy erupts over one of the biggest hit songs in years. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams.


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