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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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that merger. this is video of baltimore last week. today's protests will be in front of d.c.'s public service commission office. today is also the commission's first day of formal hearings on the proposed merger. if the merger goes through, it will create a single energy provider for most of our area. time to get another check of our forecast. we had such a gorgeous day yesterday. but back to cold weather now. >> it won't be awful today, right, tom? not quite awful, but yesterday got to 68 degrees. a record. 115-year-old record was broken yesterday in the metro area. and now this morning it has cooled down dramatically. just near 40 degrees. a few scattered sprinkles in the western northern suburbs. most breaking up. most pavement is dry right now. our temperature 42 at reagan national upper 30s in prince george's county near 40 in pair fax county and the rest of northern extra have a. shenandoah valley into the mountains in the med to upper 30s there 3740s out in the mountains, so everywhere we a.
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hour by hour, we'll have a lot of cloudiness through the rn hovering upper 30s near 40. holding steady in the upper 40s during the afternoon. a p few scattered showers maybe 3:00 4:00 and into and overnight tonight. might end as a little bit of sleet by late tonight, but temperatures should stay above freezing. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 4:41 a look at your walk to work forecast for this monday. and now melissa, how are the roads? overall looking pretty good. taking a look at prince george's county branch avenue pennsylvania avenue indian head highway, everything moving along just fine. taking a wide look at they cans you can see inner loop and outer loop no major issues. seeing a little bit of yellow i'll check on that for you coming up in the next couple minutes. we shouldn't have any construction as you're headed around kenilworth and bw parkway. 66 looking quite good.
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and 95 at pohick road. 66 east at nutley street right lane blocked until 5:00 this morning. otherwise looking pretty good. a check on the situation on the outer loop and be back in ten minutes. 4:32. right now two people are recovering from a plane crash in maryland and we're now hearing from another pilot who saw their plane go down. take a look at the scene. there are first responders where the plane crashed in anne arundel county. the plane took off from tipton airport in ft. meade. a pilot waiting on the runway said they didn't clear the trees. >> something to watch especially since i noour the the people in t plan >> the ntsb is working to learn exactly what went wrong. the pilot jeffrey bar net and passenger thomas klein from silver spring are both recovering at the hospital. go mcauliffe is
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supposed to talk about the future of research and personalized cancer care. the announcement is set for 8:00 a.m. in falls church. your kids' teachers as well as government workers could get a pay raise this ys are part of new budget proposals in the statehouse and senate. you probably won't have to work about a government shutdown this year. proposals also include money for economic development in the common willth but left out governor mcauliffe's push to expand medicaid. there are questions surrounding annen inmate death. natasha mckenna was taken off life support yesterday. last week during a transfer mckenna became combative and she was tased. after that a, she experienced a medical emergency and was rushed to the hospital. an investigation into whether the taser actually caused the emergencyy is under way. in a statement, the sheriff's
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office says it is fully cooperating, quote, we anticipate a prompt and comprehensive investigation and will continue to update our website as you new information becomes available. in d.c. authorities are investigating how a woman died in the district's central cell block. the corrections department says tawana johnson was found dead of an apparent suicide in her holding cell yesterday morning. johnson was arrested saturday on a misdemeanor charge for destrugsden of property. german chancellor angela merkel is coming to d.c.. merkel and president obama will talk about plans for the summit as well as u.s./german trade. they will also discuss several foreign issues including the crisis in ukraine. international relations with russia and isis. this week the president is expected to ask congress for permission to continue fighting isis. the white house is also facing a push to help jordan fight the terrorist group. jordan now says it's fired 56 air strikes against isis since a
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jordanian pilot was burned alive last week. the family of a woman kidnapped by isis now asking for the u.s. to pray for her return. last week the group said that kayla jean mueller from arizona was killed in an air strike. jordanian government says that is propaganda. mueller was taken in august of 2013. she's now the only u.s. hostage still being held by isis. p. jurn begins for the man on trial accused of shooting and killing a former navy s.e.a.l. who inspired the movie american sniper. eddie ray routh is charged with the murder of chris kyle. the trial will happen in a small texas town outside of ft. worth. two years ago, lester holt talked with kyle about helping veterans strugg with post stress disorder. one of those veterans was routh. defense attorneys have said that
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routh will plead not guilty by reason of insanity. lester spoke with kyle's widow in december. >> the guys that i know that ha ptsd still love their families and they struggle with other things. they don't kill somebody else. >> defense attorneys tried to move and delay the trial arguing kyle is too popular in the small county following the release of that movie. coming up in the next half hour we'll have a live report from texas with more on this case. lester holt will anchor "nightly news" for the next sevel days. brian williams says he's taking temporary leave because he's become too much a part of the news. he apologized for claiming to come under attack while working in iraq 12 years ago. giving it another go. spacex tries to launch a rocket into says for the second time today. we'll take a look at the mission. and vandals hit dozens of vehicles in a matter of hours. a live look outside this
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morning. clear for now but not for long. you'll need the rain gear. tom is back with a look at
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today you can find out more about a project to upgrade the fairfax county parkway and rolling road interchange in west springfield. vdot the crews will widen the inner loop ramp taking traffic from rolling road to the fairfax county parkway. it will create a dual lane ramp.
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you can stop by a meeting at rolling valley elementary school at 6:30 tonight. this rocket is scheduled to be shot into deep space take. spacex is shooting it sky ward to study solar storms which can affect gps signals as well as electric power grids here on earth. the company called off the launch yesterday when a glitch disrupted tracking equipment just minutes before liftoff. they will try again around 6:00 tonight. coming up on 4:41. we'll come down a little loetwer and talk about the picture we're seeing here. what are we seeing guys? just some clouds. >> so does that mean rain? weather and traffic on the 1s. >> yeah we are. just to our west getting a few light sprinkles this morning. if you're about to head out the door live in western maryland, pap hame of west virginia, may enkuptw sprinkles. very scattered in montgomery
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county and fairfax loudoun county. these are tr o to the east. so maybe a brief sprinkle between now and 7:00 this morning. so your walk to work forecast just mostly cloudy and chilly. we'll stay in the upper 30s where we are right now. and then during the afternoon, you'll likely need the umbrella. showers starting around 3:00 4:00. continuing into the evening. so have yo umbrella. we'll be hovering in the mid-40s. a look at when frigid temperatures return, that's coming up weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:51. overall we're looking pretty good. beltway at colesville road into and out of town moving along quite nicely. 270 also looking good. 66 west of ox road is flowing along well. and then 95 northbound and southbound here in virginia, no major problems there. taking a look beltway at central
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avenue prince george's county looking quite good as well. one thing i wanted to mention, we were seeing a little bit of that slowdown outer loop near kenilworth avenue that has gone away. perhaps the sensors were acting up on us, but nothing happening there. weather and traffic on the 1s i'll be back at 4:51 with a live picture of 270. cars are safer than ever. but why some say the technology is dangerous for you. and new information we're learning about the deadly crash involving bruce jenner. what he says he'll be
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angie goff at the live desk with a developing story out of alabama where gay marriage licenses are being refused. the state's top judge now saying that same-sex marriage is illegal in the state.
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this order comes a day before gay couples could begin getting married. it goes against the federal judge's ruling last month which says that the ban was up constitutional. state wants an appeals court. hold. that request. a massive wildfire is sweeping through northern california. the so-called round fire has burned 7,000 acres and destroyed 40 home. at one point, the fire was being fueled by 75-mile-per-hour winds. rain moved in over the weekend and is giving fire crews much needed help. four firefighters have been hurt. today the newest way to have your information stolen may be sitting in your driveway. new senate report says that automakers are cramming cars with wireless technology but aren't encrypting it. it's not just personal data that can be stolen. hackers can also take control of your car while you're driving.
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senators say consumers need to know how car computers gather and transit personal information. the report says automakers have to do a better job of protecting your car against hackers. this morning d.c. police are trying to figure out who slashed tires in the congress heights neighborhood. seves on 9th street southeast had their tires slashed early sunday morning. you can see the damage here. neighbors say they quickly learned from police that it wasn't just one car. >> they came from house to house to let us all know that our tires had been slashed. >> the tires were slashed in a way that had a patch job -- that a patch job may not fix. many people had to buy new tires. if you saw anything suspicious call d.c. police. there is a new push to keep an intersection in loudoun county safe. they're increasing properlies around route 50 and route 15 where they have had several serious crashes. they say drunk and distracted drivers caused many of those
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crashes. bruce jenner's publicist says the olympic gold medal list was not texting when he was involved in a deadly chain reaction crash in malibu. jenner says that he will hand over his cell phone records if police request them. one woman died in saturday's crash. jenner was driving one of four vehicles involved. he was not hurt. police say jenner was being followed by paparazzi before the crash, but he was not being chased. they say jenner passed a sobriety test as well. jenner released a statement saying it is a devastating tragedy and i cannot retend to imagine what this family is going through at this time. i am praying for them. another woman has come forward accusing bill cosby of inappropriate behavior. the new accusations came just before cosby decided to cancel a show in boston last night. former fashion model he willlen gum bell says he made lewd gestures toward her on the set of the cosby show. at least 15 women have accused the 77-year-old gestures toward her on the set .
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he's never been charged of a crime. a pennsylvania mall is planning to crack down on unsupervised teens. a 17-year-old is accused of shooting three people at the monroeville mall outside of pittsburgh saturday ni two suffered critical injuries the third person shot is in stable condition. the mall plans to enforce a new policy banning unaccompanied minors on weekend nights. the youth escort policy will go into effect at the end of the hone anyone anyone under 18 must be with a pashts or guardian. a 16-year-old in pennsylvania is in jail charged with killing another teenager and then taking a selfie with the body. this happened in western pennsylvania about an hour outside pittsburgh. police say the teenager sent the picture to a friend. he's now facing first degree murder charges and will an adult. 4:49 now. jury selection begins today in violence trial against an nfl player. carolina panthers defensive end
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greg hardy is charged with assaulting his girlfriend in his home last may. last july, a north carolina judge found hardy guilty on those assault charges. he appealed the ruling and was granted a trial. today maryland governor larry hogan is introducing bills he proposed in a state of the state address last week, they include changes to elections and expandin charter schools. according to the "washington post," this week hogan is also planning to meet with maryland's speaker of the house, a democrat to talk about bipartisan efforts in the state. well, the music industry's biggest stars came together to honor the year's best work. >> and one star in particular wound up shining a little bit more than the rest. british pop star sam smith won four of the six grammys he was nominated for, including best pop vocal best new artist and song of the year. beck took home the top prize album of the year for morning phase. the other big win, beyonce picked up a trio of grammys.
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she now has 20 at home. this is one of the biggest surprises. yes, you recognize this woman? that is snl alum kristen wiig purchasing during the songshan today lear. this is a hit where she goes into the octaves that you can't hit. >> and she only performs up to her mouth. >> that's why when kristinen wiig first came out, people were like who is that. so an interesting night. several people grabbed a shovel and raced down a snowy mountain in new mexico part of the 39th annual angel fire shovel race championships. >> that looks dangerous. i can see an accident happening railroaded. >> the win are was clocked at 65 miles per hour on a shovel. this sport started back in the '70s when ski lift operators road shovels down the mountains at the end of their shifts. >> i'm going on give them the benefit of the doubt that they
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know what they're doing, but riding a shovel 65 miles per hour downhill? those shovels are sharp and they have some hard edges. >> you can have it. 4:51 our time. tom kierein is back with us this morning. i know you like snow. nothing like that though. >> wear a medical met and and pads. this morning, we don't have anything like that around. we won't be shoveling anything this morning. >> well -- >> that too. >> just kidding. >> a few scattered sprinkles showing up on storm team 4 radar. spectacles of greene you see in western virginia and our nearby suburbs. montgomery county and parts of loudoun and fairfax getting a few of these sprinkles. just quickly moving off to the south and east. so grab an umbrella. here is timing for more rain later today. by noon just cloud cover moving in but then a few light rain showers these areas in green by
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3:00 p.m., northern we were sub suburbs getting light rain. and then we'll have them moving across virginia maryland and over toward the eastern shore. these little patches of pink to our north might be will a little bit of light sleet areas north of washington into frederick and howard county by about 11:00 tonight. then most of the rain will be gone by dawn tomorrow. temperatures right now are hovering in the upper 30s to around 40. so we are above freezing and we'll have a split screen for the commute. dry roads this morning, and likely wet roads for the afternoon commute. post your pics liket this incredible surreal sunrise on saturday morning. still ice along the potomac. this posted by cheryl danielson.
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after we get through the day today, tomorrow morning down to the low 30s. afternoon highs reaching low 40s with a blustery wind. so it's back to wintertime. average highs this time of year mid-40s, so we'll be this way all the way into wednesday and thursday. partly cloudy on wednesday, temperatures in the upper 40s. and as we get in to thursday some scattered flurries perhaps. otherwise just cloudy and in the mid-40s. then much colder air moves in on friday. we probably won't get above freezing on friday and just into the teens to upper 20s on friday afternoon. then on saturday a chance of some light snow and highs only reaching the low 30s. and then on sunday, just a few clou aro but look at the temperatures may not get even into the low 20s for highs on sunday afternoon. coldest day of the winter so far likely on sunday. and that's the way it will be looking. your hour by hour forecast for the day ahead, have an umbrella ready for the afternoon as we'll have a few scattered showers
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coming through. melissa here now checking on our traffic on this monday morning. do we have any problems? have one new thing that popped up here. 66 west after 50, a disabled car. sounds like it's off to the shoulder. shouldn't be in the way. virginia 95 at dale city everything looking quite good there. same thing looking at 66 overall. big picture 66 moving along looking quite good. a lot of the earlier construction out of the wa the rest of it will be out of the way in the next ten minutes or so. 270 at old hundred, looking fine. and then over in maryland, 95 in and out of up tofof town and bw parkway looking good about that beltway at st. barnabas no issues there. it was nice while lasted. if you haven't noticed, gas prices are on the rise again. what is responsible for the increase and how high prices could go. the fight over trash fees in one county in northern virginia,
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a special meeting just called to determine how .
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gas is up 12 cents in just one week.
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in maryland, it's 2:20. in west virginia the average is $2.29. today a task force will hold one of two public hearings. the task force is looking in on proposals for street performers and maintaining a family frie the meeting is tonight at ocean city council chambers. >> federal saeg conducting a at that time tuesday review to determine whether the monarch butterfly will be named ap n endangered species. there is talk about the fees you pay to dump your trash. stafford county leaders are against to plan to charge more for bigger trash loads they have organized a special meet building that today. fees are new this year. you don't have to pay anything to bring recyclables to the landfill.
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>> your kids may also get a new playground along with the new elementary county. they plan to add playground equipment to all future elementary schools. it's only one of two systems that does not provide elementary schools with playgrounds.y siesy sies have been raising money for the playgrounds. every day will week you can chat with a member of the team. first up is angie goff. just like the nbc washington facebook page to take part. should be fun. stay with us. news 4 today continues now at 5:00 a.m.. another winter wallop on the way for the northeast. more than a foot of snow coming to places like boston. here is a live look.
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no snow but could you still see travel problems. and we'll tell you what students are doing in n. montgomery county in hopes of getting a little more shut eye. first, it is 5:00 a.m.. good morning. welcome to news 4 today for this monday february 9. let's take a live look outside right now. we will see some rain today. let's get right to tom. >> yes, we are starting off with a few scattered sprinkles mainly west of the metro area. this is associated with the big storm hitting new england, but we're onm sid wee seeing just scattered sprinkles western maryland panhandle of west virginia. closer to washington a couple of these near gaithersburg and


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