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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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we'll see you next sunday at 9:00, 8:00 central for an all new eedition of escape. and for all at nbc news, good how can i avoid maintenance fees? why would you want to avoid them? because i don't want to... you know what? i'm gonna bring my maintenance guy in here to tell you all about it. roddy! so, uh, without your fee your checking chamber can't run smoothly. every time you put money in it causes, uh...deposit friction. gotta get some fiscal lube on there. [ male announcer ] it's time to bank human again. [ defeated] okay. [ male announcer ] avoid monthly maintenance fees at td bank with a minimum checking balance of just $100. td bank. america's most convenient bank. off the top at 11:00, a large tree comes crashing down in the district. it damaged some of the vehicles on the road and forced other drivers to turn around. breaking news tonight. d.c. mayor muriel bowser taps a
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new fire chief. he's the former head of the seattle fire department. and the mayor expects to make a formal announcement tomorrow. first to the winter weather. freezing rain was falling for most of the day and caused plenty of accidents. right now ice is still the main issue. meteorologist amelia seigel shows us there's another potential threat on the way. that's exactly right. winds will be increasing tomorrow. if ice does not melt off of trees by the time winds start to increase, that could bring some limbs down and cause even more issues for tomorrow. overall, three big weather concerns for tomorrow. the first, fog until 7:00 a.m. patchy fog. icy surfaces getting reports on social media and into the newsroom of absolutely terrible sidewalks, treacherous conditions and breezy conditions throughout the day. here's a look at the current visibility in your neighborhood. gaithersburg the greatest concern with visibility about a
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mile. the potential for fog until about 7:00 a.m. storm team 4 radar is dry, not tracking any freezing rain. temperatures still remaining right around freezing especially north and west of the district. so ice likely stays on surfaces overnight tonight. now the main roads with dry conditions should be just fine tomorrow. chris, the secondary roads will have some ice in spots, especially in the suburbs. the sidewalks, if they're not treated, solid sheets of ice. coming up in ten minutes, i'll let you know when your neighborhood warms to above freezing and have more on those winds that will be impacting us throughout the day tomorrow. >> all right. thanks. we're already getting word that some schools will be closed or delayed monday. in maryland calvert, frederick, anne arundel, and howard county schools on a two-hour delay. in virginia loudoun county starting class two hours late. the best way to keep up is to visit and download our app. from fallen trees to eight-car pileups, it was a dangerous night to be out on the
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road. news4's molette green continue our live coverage from northwest d.c. >> reporter: chris, good evening. for about an hour now, we've been watching this tree-cutting crew work on this second of massachusetts avenue where -- section of massachusetts avenue where a large tree fell and blocked the road for hours. looks like they're just about done. this is just part of the aftermath of the march storm. flashing police lights, drivers detoured. eight cars involved in this pileup northbound on jefferson davis highway at the monroe street bridge. salt trucks treated the icy spots while police forced cars to take slater's lane. bridges, ramps, and overpasses freeze first and thaw last. nicole eppersons says she's not used to driving in this weather. >> it's been slick and icy. we're hoping to get to our hotel safely. we're southerners from richmond.
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we don't know why we came this far north. >> reporter: in northwest d.c. cars had to turn around at massachusetts avenue at mccomb street after a large tree fell across the road. in georgetown this car took the brunt of a fallen tree branch on 35th street. ice-covered side streets, cars trash cans street signs. the worst of all, sidewalks. not at all ideal for fancy high-heeled shoes. this alexandria resident had a close call. >> i had a spill walking out of my house. i was trying to walk down the stairs and grabbed the ledge and fell down. nothing too bad. i'm alive. >> reporter: we're glad he's okay. we can tell you that the monroe street bridge in alexandria is now back open, in good shape now. major streets around the area we've been driving around look pretty good. just wet for the most part. the problem you'll face is what
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amelia was talking about a few minutes ago, is what you'll see when you walk outside your front door and venture out. the sidewalk is a solid sheet of ice. we saw this throughout northwest d.c. alexandria earlier this evening. be careful. back to you. >> thanks. we've got more on the winter weather coming up. in about ten minutes, we'll take a closer look at montgomery county and the wintry mix drivers had to endure. you can stay ahead of the weather at download our app to access the latest road conditions cancelations and delays. >> the district set to welcome a new fire chief. he's the former head of the seattle fire department. darcy spencer is live in northwest washington with the story we broke right here on news4. >> reporter: tom sherwood was able to confirm the name. it is a very interesting pick
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for the city of washington. this man, as you said, comes from seattle. he was with the seattle fire department for more than four decades. his name is gregory dean. in fact he just retired from the seattle department in december. he'd been the chief there for the last ten years. he told the nbc nation seattle when he retired this he was going to take six months off and do nothing. well, it looks like that is not going to happen. muriel bowser here, mayor of d.c. has decided that she wants him to be the next fire chief here in washington. looks like he wants the job. he would lead a department that has been politicianed with controversy over the last few years. there have been problems with equipment, problems with training. we had that fatal metro incident that happened at l'enfant plaza. there are problems with morale. many are telling me we need a strong leader in the district to take over the department to lead it into the future after the tenure of former chief ken
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ellerbee who was very controversial. now what you're seeing here is eugene jones. he's been the interim chief for the laugh several months. a former chief in prince george's county. he was there for decades. he extend in at a -- stepped in at a critical point in time. he's not been selected to be the permanent chief. many are saying that he's done a good job in that role in the interim role but muriel bowser has decided to go in a different direction. some are hoping jones will stay on in some capacity. but his future is unclear. now again, gregory dean former fire chief, has been selected to be the new chief in d.c. that announcement will happen tomorrow at a fire station here in washington at 10:30. stay tuned to for all the latest coverage tomorrow morning. we're reporting live from the wilson building news4. fire broke out in fairfax county and send workers at one business -- sent workers at one business running for safety. a truck caught fire on lee
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highway. fortunately no one was hurt. it did not spread to some of the buildings nearby. a year ago today a little girl went missing from the d.c. general homeless shelter. relisha wood has not been seen since. family and friends held a service at their batptist church. she disappeared with a janitor who worked at the shelter. he was later found dead. worshippers prayed with the girl's mother for answers. >> we want your will in the name of jesus, give us some answers! >> relisha would have been 9 years old today. muriel bowser announced the district will update the investigation on monday. >> police have arrested someone for shooting a teenager in southeast d.c. jalil wood is 19 years old and has been charged with assault
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with intent to kill. wood is accused of shooting a teenager friday. police told us the victim could be as young as 14 but no new details are being released tonight. new at 11:00, three teenage girls were caught on surveillance video in turkey and may be on their way to syria to join isis. two weeks ago the girls ran away from home in london. their families have pleading with them to come home. as we report we're learning more about a british woman who's become a key recruiter for isis. >> reporter: this security camera video was made public this weekend. three girls at the istanbul bus station 12 days ago. police believe they're shamima begum, kadiza sultana, and amira abase abase, 15 and 16 years old. it's believed they left that day to join isis dplaun by a known recruiter -- drawn in by a known recruiter.
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three days before leaving, begum had reached out to the woman on twitter. the 20-year-old from glasgow, scotland. she left her family in november, 2013. >> we were horrified when we learned that our daughter had becomeeral calizeded and -- had become radicalized. >> reporter: she grew up in an exclusive part of glasgow and attended a private school. we looked into her past. >> she had a lot of friends. she was in music, she had crushes on movie stars. nothing unusual that would say this girl is going to become a fanatic or radical. >> reporter: a stark contrast to her new life somewhere in syria. now her tumbler blog she lashes out at the west and gives girls advice on joining isis. "bring a good pair of boots and make-up and jewelry because, trust me there is absolutely nothing here." in the month before she left mahmoud started wearing a head scarf and talking about the war
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in syria. her parents never imagined she would give up studying at this university and her own family to join isis. family lawyer emir anwar says there were no warning signs. >> if the family had known, they would have stopped her. she just simply got up one morning, was supposed to go to university said good-bye to her family. gave everybody a hug. >> reporter: anwar says now security services are constantly watching her social media. he questions whether they did enough to stop begum. >> you will hope that in that situation that they would have knocked on the door of the family and said we need to give you a warning, your daughter's in danger. >> reporter: the security services did not respond to a requesty for comment. in the surveillance video, the timestamp shows the three girls spent at least 17 hours at the bus stop in istanbul. no one ever approached them. police believe they're already in syria. nbc, glasgow, scotland. adopting into a happy home.
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families getting a break on new additions. students get ready for new tests starting tomorrow in maryland. what to expect:police are to be believed. this is a young woman who has led a double life. >> and a high school student commits suicide. why is his cleanse friend facing a manslaughter charge? and in a few minutes on "sports final," brice harper at the round table on the source of this season's confidence. the capitals wheeling and dealing to the trade deadline. their latest addition and what could be next. and maryland's des wells, the memories behind the emotions of senior day.
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new charges are opening up some old wound for a femme in massachusetts. conrad roy killed himself last year and police now say roy's friend encouraged him to end his life. roy got into his grandmother's truck, turned on a generator, and died of carbon monoxide poisoning. first police say he got out of the car and texted his friend saying he was too scared to do it. the text messages reveal that michelle carter told him to get back in the truck and finish it. >> carter is alleged to have strongly influenced his decision to take his own life encouraged him to commit suicide, and guided him in his engagement of activities which led to his death. >> carter has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. the prime minister of israel has arrived in washington. benjamin netanyahu has been invited to speak before a joint
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session of congress on tuesday. and he's going to be pushing his opposition to president obama's plan to strike a deal with iran over its nuclear program. the invitation came from house speaker john boehner, and it angered the white house which was not consulted in advance. the vice president and about 30 democratic lawmakers plan to skip the speech. starting tomorrow students in maryland will start taking a new standardized test. parcc stan for partnership for assessment of ready not for college and careers. the tests are tied to the common core standards. third through eighth graders will be tested in english and math. high school students get algebra one and english ten tests. talk about working out for a good cause, today hundreds of cyclists came out for rare forms of cancer. they hopped on their bikes at the equinox in bethesda and worked up quite a sweat. all the money they raised will go to research programs at the memorial sloan-kettering cancer center.
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>> rare considering include pancreatic cancer, lymphoma every pediatric cancer and rare cancers usually are underfunded. there's not a lot of research and development going on for rare cancers. so the need is vast. >> over the past eight years, cycle for survival has raised well over $70 million. tonight, some cars and trucks are headed to the repair shop after those icy roads caused a lot of accidents. this one slid right off the intercounty connector west of new hampshire avenue. the driver of injured, but the icy sidewalks made it just as tough to walk anywhere. some folks told us they are more than ready for winter to end. >> i grew up in northern maine, for me this is a bit much. >> we're done. done with winter. it's march. should be over. >> i'm tired of it. the snow's fun, but the ice not so much fun. >> yeah. i agree. maryland highway officials predict road temperatures probably won't rise above freezing until sometime tomorrow morning. and that pretty much means it's
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going to be a little bit of a mess for folks trying to get out of their neighborhood and subdivisions to get to some of the main roads. >> yeah. the biggest tornadoes as far as ice tomorrow are -- biggest concerns as far as ice tomorrow are sidewalks. you've seen the pictures -- >> i slipped a couple of times, yeah. >> it is treacherous out there and secondary roads, as well. the weather having a moderate impact on your day tomorrow. even moderate to high during the morning hours because of patchy fog and icy conditions early. after that it's just breezy and cold. my concern with the winds increasing during the any morning hours temperatures at that point will just start to warm to above freezing. if we still have a lot of ice on trees, if you saw a lot of ice in your neighborhood we could see trees potentially coming down tomorrow because ice does weigh so much. of course tom's going to be in tomorrow morning updating the forecast. here are your weather headlines for tomorrow. of course icy spots early. just about everybody is above freezing by 9:00 a.m. we saw impressive amounts of ice today in spots, a quarter of an
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inch in some locations. that's going to take a while to melt. the winds and ice could cause problems. when you factor in the winds during the afternoon hours, it only feels like 20s and 30s. typically our high about 52 degrees. i'm showing future temperatures here. the colors on the map are the winds. the brighter colors the yellows, oranges and pinks are stronger winds. so what i want to show you at 6:00 a.m. the winds aren't so bad. look at the temperatures gaithersburg leesburg manassas baltimore, culpeper all still below the freezing mark. washington above freezing at that point. good news downtown with icy sidewalks, potentially starting to improve early tomorrow morning. by 9:00 a.m. this is the time when everybody just warms to above freezing. we are looking at breezy conditions at this point. if we have any damage from wind and ice, it it will be mid to late morning hours. the schoolday forecast for tomorrow we have delays coming in and will continue to get
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delays overnight because of the treacherous sidewalks and getting out the neighborhoods still slick. main roads should be fine. overnight, we're mainly dry. and that will give crews a chance to get out and ton treat the roads. by recess it could potentially be indoors if the kids seem even school because it's breezy and cold and maybe even icy spots at that point. dismissal, part three mostly sunny skies. improving weather throughout the day tomorrow. 7:00 a.m., still icy. it's breezy. at least it's sunny around the midday hours. part three mostly sunny at 3:00. high of 44. it feels more like 30. then we jump to tuesday. it's dry around the noontime hour, but after that a wintry mix moves in to the area. we'll continue to track a wintry mix on into tuesday afternoon and evening. that could delay or slow down that evening commute. rain on wednesday, and then snow is in the forecast on thursday. we could see some snow piling up. high of only 33. we're dry friday sudden sunday temperatures warm.
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you'll lose an hour of sleep on sunday. i don't have a lot of good news tonight. >> are you ready for our shameless bid to get people to say "aww"? that's right. we'll show you puppies. tonight, some folks are hanging out with their new best friends. they brought them home from the road to the puppy bowl adoption event. it was held at the washington animal rescue league. animal planet sponsor the event expect covered half the cost of the adoptions. the puppy bowl airs on super bowl sunday and has led to hundreds of adoptions over the past 11 years. still ahead, the capitals end their losing skid while alex ovechkin slips his way into history.
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♪ insight is knowing you made the right decision from the start. insight is knowing how to handle things that don't go as planned. and sometimes it's knowing when to step back and see things differently. when you have insight, you can handle your finances with confidence. that's why at pnc insight is behind all the expert guidance we provide
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tools we create and services we offer. nothing like running into a really bad team to break a losing streak. >> perfect to say thank you. you know they're like all right, here we go. >> toronto. all right.
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alex ovechkin scored his 40th and 41st goals of the season tonight in the caps' 4-0 win against the maple leafs. his celebration after number 40 may have been the highlight of the game. he looked like the way we're all probably going to look in the parking lot later tonight. the newest cap, curtis glencross, watching this tonight. just traded today. the other new guy, tim gleason suited up. some of the vets got this rolling right away. nicholas baxtrum, firing scores. watch the celebration. down he goes. then he goes on the ice. caps up 1-0. ove not gone. the long shot ovechkin's there. ove scores on the backhand rebound. second goal added assist. caps up 2-0. later the maple leaf trying anything on the attack. holtby robs it. gets the pad on it -- toronto
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stays score will. leafs on the power play. the rebound shot. can't cash in across the goal line. toronto not happy. 32 saves in the shutout. holtby caps at a goal and they win 3-0. a good one for them. >> it's always important to have that kind of start, get the lead right away. to also take the pressure off. and that's what we said. i think a couple games we don't have that kind of start or jump. the effort is there. and it's going to be a hard game and an important game for us. it's big points. >> the terps closing out the regular season visiting northwestern. final minute of the first half up four. looking really like john wall there. high off the glass. terps head into the locker room up just six. the second, maryland starting to pull away. mosely steps back hits the jumper. 18 points in the game for her.
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terps up by 14 now. later in the half terps putting the finishing touches on an undefeated big ten season. knocking down the throw. maryland beats northwestern 69-48 finishing 18-0 in their first season in the big ten. to the track. atlanta motor speedway honoring jeff gordon in his final full-time season. not a good day. 69 laps to go after a restart because of a big wreck. hamlin takes the hit. newman the chain reaction. collects jamie mcmurray and jeff gordon. check out the 24 car. all smashed up. second week in a row gordon's been involved in a late crash. frustrated right there. fireworks didn'ten there either. 21 laps left. -- didn't end there either. 21 laps left. biffle goes sideways, eight cars involved in the wreck. that brings out the red flag to clean up everything. on the final lap, it's jimmie johnson taking the checkered red
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flag. first one at atlanta motor speedway since 2007. >> man. >> a big "sports final" coming up. brice harper has some acting chops. >> really? >> yeah. >> wouldn't have expected that. >> he's got
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four three, two, one, zero. >> and liftoff. the weather over cape canaveral held out. conditions were right for a nighttime rocket launch. spacex's falcon 9 lifted off about ten:50. it's carrying commercial communications satellites. spacex says if all goes as planned, the satellites will be deployed about 30 minutes after liftoff. it should be out there already. today i guess we dealt with the ice, but a lot more than that going on tomorrow.
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>> yeah three big concerns tomorrow. it's going to be fog, icy surfaces and wind. some of the fog could freeze leading to more icy conditions. sidewalks will be treacherous tomorrow. also be careful leaving your neighborhood secondary roads and winds become an issue. if we see enough ice on trees, this could bring down branches. >> something to look for. that's going to do it for us. "pirates final-- "sports final" is up next. have a great night.
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right now "sports final," the caps quick on the draw against the leafs and the trade deadline. >> sometimes you want to get younger, sometimes you want better. it's a matter of trying to get the mix. >> jay gruden on the skins' roster renovation. >> he's all about having fun but also working hard. and brice harper joins the round table with mad respect for his skipper. and sky-high season expectations. >> hi this is bret starr with the washington nationals. "sports final" starts now -- >> whoia, it's the fun -- you're supposed to be energetic, fun, get the folks going. >> it was fun. it was good. >> all right.


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