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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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two big right now. happening at this moment first off, the longest serving woman in the history of congress ready to call it a career. getting ready to announce her retirement. we bring it to you live. also happening now who mayor bowser wants to be the new fire chief. we're learning about the mayor's new pick. and we begin with angie goff with more on the announcement from senator mikulski. >> you mentioned, expected to announce her retirement from the senate. the longest serving woman in congress history is in baltimore
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ex- expected to say she will not another term. a groundbreaker on capitol hill who paved the way poorfor women in the senate. wep sent this out as a break alert on our nbc washington app, where we will continue to update the story throughout the day. back to you. >> thank you, angie. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell joins us with his forecast. temperatures warming up an melting out there, chuck. >> you bet. now that sunshine's out temperatures confrontly above the freezing mark the meltdown has truly begun. you may need the umbrella even hope to the sun is out with all the frozen water dripping and melting off treeps, branching, power lines. outside national harbor fairly chilly. a lot of ice across the potomac shoreline starting to break up a bit. at 43 already at reagan national. 41 degrees at restin town
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center. gaithersburg 40 degrees in parts of southern prince george's county. nothing on storm team 4 radar for now. dry for tonight and into tomorrow but this wave of moisture is coming out of way and could spell at least at the onset a little hint of a wintry mix, second part of the day tomorrow. talk more about that in a few minutes. for the rest of today hour by hour low 40s. mid-40s later this afternoon. mid-30s by 9:00 tonight. tomorrow a little chance of an afternoon start which would be a wintry mix at beginning before changing all toway rain. talk more about that in a couple of minutes and more on the second day. ready to spring into spring. >> we are ready for that. right now we are thawing the case but it wasn't the case this morning. many saw it soon as you walked out of the door. ice everywhere. news 4 is in clarendon, many began chip ago way at the ice. bet had you do that too. didn't you, richard? >> reporter: absolutely barbara. who didn't?
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starting off the day with the ice scraper then replaced with the umbrella because all the ice coating the tree branches starting to melt and drip down. you can see the branches are dry now. a big improvement over the past few hours. earlier people were slipping, sliding and falling. the sidewalk shuffle was how most got around today. even those that drove in had a hard time getting the day started. john zepplin chipped away at the frozen shield covering his car and adding another layer of prep time to his morning routine. >> allot time for it this morning before heading out. >> reporter: shovels and ice scrapers scratching the surface. this park bench was sealed in ice. and it looked like crystals were hanging from trees at times weighing down branches. by far, the walkways posed the greatest risk. no question it is slick out today and getting around is difficult. to show you just how slippery the sidewalks can be take a
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look at this phone. it would be like a hockey puck gliding right across the sidewalk. >> really slippery and really sick everywhere. nothing was salted. >> reporter: the light of day helped change ice intoicles dripping down making it feel like rain. >> not too bad. everything is melting right now. should be all right. >> reporter: the area is still thawing out, but a lot of ice cove ergring the roadways and sidewalks now melted. we'll dealing with a lot of puddles this late morning, early afternoon. reporting live in richard jordan news 4. >> good to see you. breaking news. angie goff at the live desk. what's happening now? >> yes. breaking news coming out of northwest d.c. d.c. mayor muriel bowser just nominated a new fire chief, and there he is seattle fire chief gregory dean who spent 40 years with that department.
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he will replace eugene jones, interim chief. look for updates on twitter and nbc for him, but mayor bowser also just tweeting out she wanted to thank the interim chief eugene jones for his leadership and service and after a lorngs national search the seattle fire chief is her choice to take over. back to you. >> thanks angie. and new this morning, not one but two security breaches at the white house today. the first happened last night actually when someone stepped over a bike rack to get into the grounds. that person was arrested. this morning, a second breach as someone tried to walk through gate while someone else was leaving. that person was arrested after a fight with two security or secret service officers. both suspects now custody. if you heard a little extra buzzing overhead last night, you weren't dreaming. norad is conducting exercises through wednesday. the operation is calmed "falcon virgo" designed to test norad's
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ability to identify and intercept possible threats. and right now former prisoners of wars veterans and air force officials marking a somber anniversary. 50 years ago today lieutenant corner hayden lockhart shot down over vietnam becoming the first prisoner of war there. complete way b-52 fly jover from minot air force base. keeping an eye on the american-israel public affairs meeting. benjamin netanyahu sfoekpoke to the group. what he to say there, plus the latest plan to fund homeland security.
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stronger than ever how israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu just described the relationship between israel and the u.s. while speaking to aipac. a day before he addresses congress a visit that upset the white house. >> my speech is not intended to show any disrespect to president obama or the esteemed office that he holds. i have great respect for both. >> the administration wasn't happy when netanyahu accepted the invitation to speak from house republicans.
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this as u.s.-israel tensions rise over the effort to forge a nuclear deal with iran. that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. >> thanks angie. today we expect the texas nurse who contracted ebola to formally file suit against the hospital where she became ill. nurse nina pham says texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas didn't give her proper training or equipment. she also says she still suffers side effects. she became ill while treating eric duncan the first person to be diagnosed with the disease while in the u.s. hospital officials say they're optimistic they can resolve the legal battle. the terrorist group isis make as threat against a new target. plus keeping you safe on metro. what's being done to make sure the agency is safer and secure each time you ride the train. and we're monitoring the upco barbara mikulski. there on the wharf in baltimore with an announcement coming. we will take it when it happens. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell.
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sunshine out. winds kicked up a bit and a big meltdown going on behind me right now. enjoy the warmth while it's here because more arctic air and more chances for wintry weather, just a few days
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let's go back to baltimore
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where senator brash mikulski is speaking now. >> -- or am i campaigning for my constituents? i had to decide how i would spend my time. fighting more my job or fighting for their job? do i spend my time raising money? or do i spend my time raising hell? do i focus on my election? or do i focus on the next generation? do i spend my time promising what i would do? or do i do it now and do it the way i would like to do? so as i thought about who am i campaigning for? it really became clear that i want to campaign for the people. i want to campaign for the people of maryland. i'm going to make sure they have a future nap they have a job. that they have promise amend opportunity. so i'm here today in fells point to announce that i will not be seeking a sixth term in the united states senate.
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this is has been a hard decision to make. i have served in the senate for a while, and at the conclusion of this term lie have served over 30 years. that's hard to believe. >> there it is. senator brash barbara mccalls mikulski. first elected in 1976 began service's in 1987 announcing retirement. today inspector examining the train you take to work. kicking off a full analysis how safe metro is. news 4 megan mcgrath explains what this means to you and your safety. >> reporter: the inspections get underway today and are expected to take a couple of months where'sing up sometime in may. the federal transit administration will be taking a look how metro operates its trains and buses.
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they'll be assessingweaknesses. in the in response to what happened in the stays, but talking to riders this morning and feel it's a good idea. do you feel like its safe? >> i do most of the time. i feel like the intelligence community, it's watched closely. safe. >> reporter: inspection as good idea? >> absolutely. always looking to make things better and make things safer. yeah. definitely a great idea. >> i think that's probably good. it doesn't seem like metra has a handle on what's going on. >> inspectors looking at both bus and rail and say that the inspectionless not impact service. megan mcgrath news 4. today local leaders debate proposed purple line. the maryland public policy institute is hosting that debate set for 7:00 p.m.
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the purple line is a light rail system running between bethesda and new carrollton. twitter reporting investigative threats against its co-founder and staff from the terrorist group isis. shut down a council allegedly used by isis. the threat is seen as retall retaliation for that. directing to jack dorsey "we always come back." all eyes on the senate as they take another critical vote in the battle over homeland security funding. the bitter battle spilled over into this week prompting questions whether the speaker of the house can keep his job. on capitol hill with a look at what's standing in the way of compromise. >> reporter: barbara, the biggest hurdle seems to be determining whether democrats and republicans can sit down at the table to talk about homeland security funding and immigration. there's a vote we understand is going to happen late this afternoon in the senate on whether or not to conference between the two, and we also
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understand that senate democrats are going to vote against it forcing down that vote. that may be deliberate because there's an old rule here at the capitol that says if they vote against it house democrats get to bring up that very same bill. basically that clean dhs funding that has nothing to do with immigration. voting against it could force a vote on the other side. also we're watching john boehner and conservatives in his party, some of whom want to vote him out of that job. it's just not clear that they have enough votes to get that done. barbara? >> thank you, tracie. from mikulskis retirement to funding the department of homeland security we are breaking down all of this news for you this morning. nbc's capitol hill correspondent luke russert joins us with all of that and more. and let's first talk about maryland senator barbara mikulski just announced, we just heard her, she's going to retire. what does this mean for maryland? who do you think might decide to replace her? >> a fascinating democratic
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primary, because in the state of maryland senate seat essentially is a lifetime appointment for a democrat especially when the race happens in a presidential year like we're going to have. so expect a lot of people to get in this democratic primary, because the bounltbounty is great. chris van hollen, a representative in mon gumry count montgomery and donna edwards, martin o'malley a big name might get in the race since hillary clinton beats way more liberal counterweight to her. if he looks at this, might have a better shot at becoming a senator instead of becoming president, he might get involved. going to be a real real fascinating race on the democratic side. >> and any idea who barbara mikulski might get behind? >> i don't think she'll endorse anybody. you never know. >> talk about homeland security. the senate expected to take a procedural vote. what's the house going to do?
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>> we're waiting to see. blocking a movement the house wanted to go to conference iron our differences between the two bills. democrats will block that because they want the department of homeland security funded the entire fiskcal year. after that what will john boehner do? put a year-long funding bill to the department of homeland security on the house floor or still try to come up with republican alternatives? remember this is all about immigration. republicans don't want to fund the department of homeland security until they can stand up to president obama regarding immigration nap said they haven't figures how to do so. chaos as tracie potts pointed out. they don't want to replicate that again. >> resolved by friday? >> yes i think. the republican congress hasn't been able to work on anything else. they wanted to change the message. have not been able to change. >> speaking of john boehner, his guest, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu told aipac this morning the u.s. and israel still have a strong alliance. tomorrow she expected of course to address congress but not everyone is happy about that
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speech? talk about that. >> a very controversial speech because it's a joint session of congress that usually when those occur the white house is looped in. in this case the white house says they were not told. saying this is political. republicans led by john boehner having netanyahu address congress with the idea to knock down these negotiations that the administration is ongoing with regarding iran and their desire to obtain a nuclear are weapon. expect political fireworks. netanyahu playing it down going here and speak on behalf of my country, but also a few dozen democrats saying, we're not going to participate in this. protesting and not showing up. fascinating dynamic. >> see who shows up and talk about that. >> indeed. thanks for having me. >> great to see you. for more from luke and the rest of the nbc news political team check out "first read" on nbc news dot com. a traffic alert. how long can you expect delays on the richmond highway in fairfax count ji tell you about
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that. plus kwhashgs what are you doing with your tax return? a
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gases prices shot up nationwide increasing more than 30 dplentscents in a month. the thrill of falling gas prices is gone according to one person. the average gas for unleaded
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gasoline $2.43. in d.c., a gallon of gas runs $2.53 on average, and maryland near our area prices around $2.43 for a gallon of regular. drivers in the state of virginia will pay around $2.27's in west virginia a gallon costs about $2.41 on average. if you drive on richmond highway every day you may have noticed big changes this morning. starting today traffic has been cut down to one lane only in both directions. this is in a quarter mile stretch bean fairfax county and widening of route 1. this part of the project lasts until may of 2016. so next may. well it is the heart of the tax season and many of you are thinking how you're going to spend your refund. nbc's kurt gregory has an agency putting the money away rather than spend it. frrt you're getting money back from uncle sam that extra cash
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can feel like a bonus, but for many what to do with it is the big question. >> i always save in order to spend later in the year. perhaps on a trip or something kind of big. >> save it and probably save it in the college fund. >> reporter: according to the national retail federation nearly half of those expecting a refund plan to save it. >> the economy improves we think americans are looking at that extra chunk of money that they're going to get from uncle sam as a way to save for the future. >> reporter: only 13% said they will splurge on a vacation. while another 10% plan to spend their return on a major purchase like a television or a car. perhaps the biggest savers are young americans. more than half americans between the ages of 25 and 34 plan to tuck away their refunds. >> this is the age group that may not have a lot of money socked away at this time. they learned from their parents about you know, the potential for crisis with the economy, and they really have learned the hard way that money doesn't come
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easy. >> reporter: hard lessons learned from the financial crisis. creating a generation of savers. kurt gregory, nbc news. and we're staying on top of breaking news involving the d.c. fire department. >> reporter: it's official. d.c. now has a new fire chief, mayor muriel bowser made the announcement moments ago. gregory dean former chief of the seattle department takes the helm may 1st. interim chief eugene jones is out. he's been places on administrative leave until officially dismissed from the department as for dean he says he's got a lot of learning and listening to do in the next few months. he says he will look at several top issues. all of that coming up next. all right. caught on video. a deadly police shooting in the los angeles area. we are learning about the man
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shot and killed by police. plus, another round of sleet and freezing rain. not kidding.
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we have breaking news for you. disease mayor muriel bowser announced we're getting a new fire chief here in washington. live from northwest d.c. with more on the big announcement. mark?
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>> reporter: barbara, it's official. d.c. has a new fire chief. the mayor made the announcement moments ago. his name gregory dean. for the past ten years head of the seattle fire department. now, dean will take over the department knowing that he has a lot of challenges ahead of him. he saids are staffing and equipment as well as morale and will take over may 1st. as for the interim chief eugene jones at the helm since ehlerllerbe left pending a separation from the department on leave, but a new interim chief put in place for the transition over the next two months. again, gregory dean former chief of the seattle fire department has been named the chief of washington, d.c.'s fire department. he'll take over on may 1 it. much more including you'll hear from chief dean this morning at 4:00 5:00 and 6:00. back to you. >> thank you for that announcement. all of that snow in boston is causing big problems. back to angie goff what's going
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on there today? >> yeah barbara. broke into news 4 with this this morning. a big warning for new englanders. more snow and problems and a major problem concerned about, roof collapse. take a look what we got here. video of a roof of a horse barn that collapsed. 15 horses you see a couple there, rescued. we hear some were hurt but hearing the injuries were minor. roofs caving in a really big concern right now for many people living in the boston area. in massachusetts, as they get closer to breaking a 20-year snowfall record. back to you. >> all right. thank you, angie. and storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is rear with his great news for us. >> that's right. >> more coming? >> snow record in boston as good a dead in the water already. for us more snow winter weather concerns coming our way not in the today outlook bit getting into tomorrow and even better chance towards thursday. outside on your monday afternoon, or late morning now
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plenty of sunshine. temperatures all over the region now warmed well above the freezing mark. that's welcome news after all of that extended period of freezing rain. it did leave a lot of pretty pictures across the area. many of them shared with me on social media. keep sending them in if you like. this from kim graboksky. coated 1/10 to 2/10 inch there. another piece of plant life encased in ice early this morning, and big icicles from chris goodwin in leesburg virginia. a lot of folks have big icicles hanging off gutters and roofs now. 43 at reagan national plenty of sunshine out there. a bit of a wind chi left because of the snow pack and breeze that remains out there. already 39 in frederick, maryland low 40s from winchester to leesburg. mid to upper 40s from quantico to fredericksburg. continuing to climb, the
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temperatures the next couple of hours. three to four degrees then between now and what will be the high temperature today. temperatures it below sfooezfreezing by 10:00 tonight. be careful. anything that melts up into a puddle today will be an icy spot tomorrow morning. with thawing out, all you need a jacket and pair of sunglasses the remainder of the day today. and montgomery county lots of melting, near 45. refreeze tonight. low temperatures back down into the low and mid-20s. tomorrow not much of a recovery. clouds come in early. seal out temperatures tomorrow in the mid-30s meaning by tomorrow evening we may have a wintry mix to deal with where the moisture is coming from down along parts of the gulf coast. racing in our direction over the next 24 to 36 hours. the way future weather's playing out. plenty of sunshine and melting for the remainder of the daylight hours today. clouds will gradually increase late tonight and by the time you wake up tomorrow morning it will
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be full cloud cover but dry. so no troubles for the ride in to work and school but by about lunchtime tomorrow an opportunity for a little sleet or freezing rain or snow to break out here. and more of an extended chance of sleet as we get towards the sundown time frame for tomorrow. gradually by tomorrow night, temperatures will rise and this will be all rain tuesday night into wednesday. so what to expect for tomorrow an afternoon start to the mix of precipitation. wintry mix into the evening hours before changing to rain late. then during the day on tuesday, going into wednesday, this is all rain wednesday with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. no problem there. but then another push of arctic air arrives late wednesday night. a big drop in temperatures comes our way thursday and i think thursday is our next best chance to get accumulating snow around the area. so for today, melting and 46. nothing to worry about. tomorrow starting dry. but an 80% chance of a wintry mix coming in tomorrow afternoon. all rain wednesday. 50s, and a very good chance of
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an accumulating snow on thursday. veronica and doug have more on that. daylight saving time saturday night into sunday. >> soon it seems. thanks. see you later. >> wluv it. planning on flying out of town today, double check your flight before you leave your house. right now more than 700 flights have been cancelled today. 34 are out of reagan national. 16 out of bwi marshall. dulles cancelled 11 flights today. this morning a look at dramatic cell phone video of a deadly police shooting involving a homeless man. >> oh! >> take a look at this video posted on facebook. police say they were in the skid rope neighborhood yesterday responding to a robbery call. that's when officers got into a fight with a homeless man. in the video it appears the man was unarmed. the los angeles police department says he was shot only after reaching for an officer's gun. at least one of the officers was wearing a body camera. detectives are gathering that video to help in the investigation.
11:37 am
still gone after 12 months this afternoon d.c. mayor muriel bowser discusses if the district have prevented the disappearance of the 8-year-old. she from the district of columbia. today's press conference is at 3:15 at police headquarters in northwest d.c. she went missing one year ago this week. at the time of her disappearance, she was living in a d.c. homeless shelter with her mother and siblings. family and friends held a special service yesterday at a baptive church. worshippers gathered around her another pray and ask for answers. last seen with a janitor who worked at that shelter who was later found dead of an apparent suicide. the fbi is offering a reward up to $25,000 for information leading to relisha. today we'll hear why bob mcdonnell says he shouldn't go to federal prison. the former virginia governor appealing his corruption conviction and opening breaches are due today.
11:38 am
mcdonnell was sensed to two years in prison for promoting a dietary supplements in exchange for thousands in gift and loans while governor. his full appeal case begins in may. construction on maryland's newest casino isn't slowing down we understand. despite the winter weather we've had. "the washington post" reports mgm resorts international is on track for next year's opening at national harbor. officials say the first parking level is expected to be completed within just a few weeks from now. news for your health. staying fit and living longer. what a new study found out about your intensity running on treadmill and what that means to your overall life. plus a new product to help get you fuller luscious-looking lips? we'll show you the temporary
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and news for your health this morning, it may be possible to predict a person's risk of dying based on their treadmill workouts. researchers at johns hopkins university say the new fit treadmill score factors in energy a person expends, and their heart rate during intense workouts. comparing people of the same age and gender participants with the lowest scores had a 38% higher risk of dying within a decade. people with the highest scores had only a 2% risk. well you could be putting your child at risk if you delay
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vaccinations. according to a new doctors' survey saying parents are delaying vaccinations for their kids. 92% of pediatricians are getting requests to adjust the schedule especially for children under 2 years of old. most of flexible but 87% believe if do you that you put your child at risk. one of the biggest fears of parents is a link to autism. a connection that has been discredited many times. luscious looking lips previously rerched for hollywood stars could now be yours, we hear. we take a look this morning at a new more natural and effective treatment to give us perfect lips. nbc's rachel mcneil follows a story of one woman ho just wasn't happy with her smile. >> nobody can tell i did it but everyone's asking what did i do i look so much younger, i look happy. >> reporter: michelle o'neil says before trying a new lip filler fda approved also self-conscious about her smile. >> virtually no upper lip.
11:43 am
i would smile, you would see teeth, no lip left. >> reporter: the doctor says advanced dermatology is one of 65 clinics nationwide overing this. >> when it comes to lip injections most any patient is a candidate, because we could all use a little better definition of our lips as we're aging. >> reporter: adel hedge has try tds for the first time. >> i think this will improve my looks. >> reporter: the doctor says patients like adel it is a game changer and ultra fine needle inject as clear gel formulation of highly ironic acid a sugar in the skin. the results, subtle smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines. >> we see people on tv with a very done look. not what we're trying to achieve. just a natural enhancement to give you the lips you already have just fuller and more defined. >> reporter: the doctor says there are some things to keep in mind before undergoing the procedure. >> they need to stop any type of blood thinners aspirin,
11:44 am
ibuprofen, omega 3s, fish oil two to three weeks before the treatment. also they want to avoid the day of the treatment drinking any alcohol, chewing any gum. they can expect swelling for a few days after the treatment. >> and they tell us it lasts between 6 and 9 months although some patients stay lasted almost a year for them. our time is 11:44. how your kids can make girl scout cookies year-round. and spring arrives later this month. already meteorological spring nap started yesterday. the cherry blossom festival 18 days away. the special dish to make to celebrate pap chef is live in the
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if you or your kids love girl scouts kikcookies a new toy. wicked cool toys unveil the first-ever girl scout cookie oven like the classic easy-bake oven featuring thin mints and treefoils. it hits stores nationwide this coming fall. with spring around the corner and in fact for meteorologists it's already here as we said it started yesterday, we're looking forward to warmer temperature, great food and of course the cherry blossom festival just 18 days away. the newly opened mango tree in
11:48 am
city center celebrating the 130th anniversary with a special cherry picks menu. joining us chef paul kennedy. welcome. >> how are you? >> a brand new restaurant creative you must be the only one making cherry blossom? >> a chain of restaurants worldwide. so we have a lot of iconic dishes on the menu and i get to be creative and build around those dishes. >> i see. you'll make something that involves the cherry blossom festival. what are we making today? >> stuffed breast and cherry glaze. >> sounds good. how do we get started? >> start off making red curry sauce. i have paste. >> what is that paste maids of? >> red curry paste. there's all of these nice thai ingredients there. >> a hot dish? >> nice and spice. >> asian inspiration. >> exactly. >> serving our guests of the japanese. >> and going to be four to five
11:49 am
minutes to get the flavors going. once that's sweated off addmilk. >> look goods. incidentally while you're doing this this recipe will be on our website. later this afternoon. >> coconut milk give it is a nice curry flavor. >> smells good. >> the smell of it -- straightaway. >> what's after that? >> fish sauce. >> fish sauce? >> yes. staple in thai food. >> next? >> palm sugar. palm sugar, like a shooger that come -- shooger that comes from the coconut tree. easy to finds in stores. >> i'll stir while you add the rest of the stuff. >> after all that we would leave that to cook about five to six minutes. >> okay. >> cherry tomatoes to add in there. apricots. >> ooh. sounds really wonderful. >> adds flavor to it. got plums. >> little sliced up plums? >> just little, small diced plums. nice in the stores. and then we have -- >> ooh.
11:50 am
hot peppers. >> hot chiles. one of the world's hottest and sliced. >> what are those called? >> bird's eye chilli from thailand and aims like anise seed. >> fraft our american basil? >> regular basin, a very different taste, yes. >> and then -- >> once that has been all cooked down nicely four five minutes cooking, dove breast here seared off and cooked in the oven. about medium rare. when it's cooked. >> you said can you use other things? >> use chicken, fish whatever you want really to do this dish. all i'm going to do is give it a couple of slices. >> i can see that it is medium rare. >> nice and medium rare. that's how we genuinely want to serve -- >> duck. >> sorry. may i have this one? i have sauce here which i made ready earlier, got all the
11:51 am
ingredients we just put in. spoon it in the center of the bowl. >> oh that looks wonderfully rich and delicious and i bet it has sweet with the hot sauce? >> sweet and sour spice. a little bit of salt as well. the duck will just lay nicely on top and as you spoke about the cherry glaze. this has got cherrys in it red wine red wine vinegar. a little orange zest sugar. and i'm going to spoon a little of the glaze over the top. just like that. >> looks delicious. >> along with some of the cherries. and there we have our finished dish. >> i guess i'll make that at home tonight. >> yes. >> i don't know if i can find all of those things.kennedy, nice to you have from mango tree in town? >> the city center. 9th and h, come don and see us. >> thank you for coming. >> chef paul kennedy. starting today, check out
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new restaurants in prince george's county. many restaurants at national harbor taking part. the second annual restaurant week for hem with special prizing and menus, a chance to try something new. that runs until sunday restaurant week out there. a skydiver suffering a seizure plunging to earth. how another man saves his life. and outside, chuck bell let's us know when we can expect
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talk about trendy video. the man who suffered a seizure during a sky drooiv is now recounting his terrifying ordeal. you might have seen this harrowing video on your facebook feed this morning. christopher jones says he became unconscious and was in a free-fall 30 seconds during a 12,000-foot jump. skydive master shearden mcfarland saw something was wrong, tried to reach jones. on the second try, mcfarland pulled his rip cord only 4,000 feet 20 spare. jones regained consciousness and landed safely. mcfarland says he's not a hero. just doing his job. and senator barbara mikulski is not seeking re-election. the 78-year-old maryland democrat announce read tirmt a few minutes ago in baltimore. the longest serving woman in the history of wong . of congress.
11:56 am
d.c. mayor bowser announced this man will be the fire chief. right. coming this may. dean was with the seattle fire department for more than 40 years. he's going replace interim chief eugene jones. he's led since embattled chief elsersby resigned. federal inspectors checking metra today looking at train and bus procedures to ensure your safety. we are told the analysis will not affect your travel plans. the federal transportation will deliver recommend angss to metra a few months from now. a time for a final check of the forecast. here's chuck. sunshine today. the rest of the day looking very very nice. temperatures way above freezing. the meltdown is on and that's good news but this weekend, as you sort of alluded to, who knew it was coming so early? right? daylight-saving time begins saturday night into sunday. and it's time to spring forward and change the batteries in your
11:57 am
smoke detectors. the weekend is actually looking very very nice. saturday sunshine. temperatures back near average, in the upper 40s. a couple more clouds on sunday but staying dry both days this weekend looks like. sat night going to bed, get up early sunday morning, move the clocks ahead. between now and then one more small chance of a wintry mix tomorrow afternoon and a greater chance of real snow again getting into thursday morning. we're not done with winter yet. no matter what the calendar says. >> is daylight-saving time coming earlier this year? >> moved it back later into november and earlier into march about two, three years ago. >> right, thank. imagine this a city in our area could become a square on the next monopoly board. hasbro is hosting a contest to pick new real stealth for the classic game. the 20 cities with the most votes will each become a property space. if you want to vote you have until wednesday to do it. and that's "news4 midday"
11:58 am
for this monday. tune in for news at 4:00 5:00 6:00 and 11:00 and right back here tomorrow hope you plan to join us on "midday" then. try to make that cherry blossom dish as home. a great dinner tonight. see you in the morning. have is a great afternoon, and we'll see you.
11:59 am
i already feel like we're the most connected but i think this solo date will seal the deal. sure! i offer multi-car, safe driver, and so many other discounts that people think i'm a big deal. and boy, are they right. ladies, i can share hundreds in savings with all of you! just visit today. but right now, it's choosing time. ooh! we have a winner. all: what? [chuckles] he's supposed to pick one of us. this is a joke, right? that was the whole point of us being here. >> marlena: hi, honey. >> will: come in.
12:00 pm
i'm really glad that you could uh--janet just came and took arianna--there's no way i'm ever going to get this place clean for--for sonny. um, god, wait--coffee. would you like-- i'll make you coffee! >> marlena: will, will. calm it down some. and no coffee, thanks. >> will: right. calm down. [sighs] >> marlena: yeah. so, how did your conversation with sonny go? >> will: bad. worse than bad, i'm not sure that he's ever going to forgive me. >> marlena: well, then he's gonna need more time. >> will: grandma, i slept with paul. i mean, i didn't know that he was sonny's ex, of course but--it just made it worse. and now everything's just messy and complicated and-- damn it, this-- [glass shatters]


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