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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. news 4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. >> a mail scare at the white house tonight. a letter sent to the presidential mansion has tentatively tested positive for cyanide. the envelope arrived at an off-site mail screening facility on monday.
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it initially tested negative for a biological agent, but today the chemical test came back with the so-called presumptive positive for the deadly compound. the letter is being sent to another facility to confirm the results. also tonight, a d.c. cop who was also a church pastor is accused of sexually abusing two teenagers. >> the claims are explosive. one girl says she was assaulted at police headquarters and that's where jackie bensen is live tonight with new details. jackie? >> reporter: jim, the allegations are sickening and include one alleged incident that took place on the same floor of police headquarters as the chief's office. court documents reveal that one of the victims, 17 at the time told detectives she was sexually assaulted by officer darrell best inside an office on the fifth floor of d.c. police headquarters while he was off duty but in uniform and wearing his service weapon. she told investigators that best was her pastor that she'd been
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attending his church god of a second chance ministry on southern avenue in southeast washington for about two years, when he took her to dinner last december to talk about her future she said. the court documents indicate best said he had to stop by his office. they drove to an underground parking garage and rode the elevator to the office where the victim says she was assaulted. investigators observed tears welling in her eyes when she returned with them to the floor where the alleged assault took place, and they say surveillance footage showed the two in the building. the investigation into best began saturday after a girl who sang in the choir at his church came forward and claimed he sexually assaulted her at the church in december and again in january. she was 16 at the time. d.c. mayor muriel bowser spoke about the arrest today. >> we won't tolerate any employer preying on young people. >> reporter: d.c. police chief cathy lanier issued a statement that said in part the allegations against off-duty officer darrell best are serious
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an disheartening. the fact that he used his position as a pastor and counselor to gain access to his victims is extremely disturbing. once mpd became aware of the allegations, we immediately conducted an investigation, obtained a warrant and arrested him. news 4 has learned that best was demoted from the rank of sergeant a few years ago after a sexual harassment complaint. live at d.c. police headquarters jackie bensen news 4. we're following a developing story out of southeast d.c. someone shot a 6-year-old girl in the hand in the 3400 block of 22nd street. this happened just before 6:00 this evening. the girl was taken to hospital for treatment. she's expected to be okay. tonight officers are looking for asuspect. three college football players at morgan state university are recovering tonight after being stabbed. it happened this afternoon outside recallawlings dining hall on the campus. our sister station wbal has
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more. >> rep 2:00 in afternoon outside the dorm dormitory complex at morgan state university authorities say someone slashed three of the school's football players with a knife. one across the chest, another in the arm and a third in the face. >> some individual pulled out a knife, and in the middle of the altercation and just wildly began swinging. >> reporter: according to university president david wilson two of the players went to the hospital. one was later released. the other at last board was in critical but stable condition. >> kind of after the guy had gotten stabbed, i just seen him on a stretcher and then i seen a couple football players like getting a little rowdy. >> reporter: campus officials say the alleged attacker is in custody. >> i run track here. >> reporter: as an athlete this has to hit home. >> i'm sure in the next few days we'll have some type of rally or a meeting about all the violence going on on campus. >> reporter: officials say it's possible because of an incident
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and tied to fights that broke out friday night following a dance that drew 1200 students. also on friday at the same complex where the football players were attacked, a male student injured his roommate with a pair of scissors about an argument about cleanliness. a meeting called in response to today's incident he urged them to tweet about the positives of their school. >> in the last three days those days are not what morgan is about. >> reporter: so far authorities believe the suspect is a student. as to what that prior dispute was all about, that's unknown at this point. in baltimore george lettis news 4. now for a check of the weather, here's a line look outside. felt great today, but get ready folks for big changes coming. doug's talking about a 40-degree temperature plunge. >> you see that flag there, guys just blowing in the wind down there toward union station. that flag blowing at 15 to 30
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miles per hour. we have winds that are gusting upwards of 40 to even 45 miles per hour. that's making a huge difference. 73 the warmest temperature we've seen so far this year. a very warm day today. not just warm but hot. temperatures nearly 15 degrees above average. look where we go tomorrow morning. down to 35. but that's just the actual temperature. the wind chills will be a lot lower than that. as a matter of fact take a look at these numbers. here are the current wind chills. 38 in d.c. 30 in gaithersburg. a wind chill of 21 in hagerstown and 29 in leesburg. if you thought spring was here think again. winter still trying to hold on. guys? >> thank you, doug. police now say a man found dead along the popular walking trail is the victim of a homicide. officers found william leiva's body in a wooded area of folly lick stream in herndon yesterday. there's no word on how he died but investigators did reveal there was trauma to his upper body. the 22-year-old is from the herndon area.
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he was attacked from behind then shot in the stomach. and tonight we've learned the man randomly attacked in silver spring last night has died. shomari stone reports now, police now need help looking for the killer. >> i feel very sad and scared. >> reporter: she's stunned to find out a man was shot near where she fills up in silver spring. >> i'll probably stop getting gas from here. i'll probably go to another site. >> reporter: montgomery county police say 24-year-old jonathan lopez was walking with a friend on piney branch road about 8:30 last night. suddenly a man crept up from behind tried to rob him and fired a shot. >> i'm scared for myself now. >> reporter: and tonight police tell us that lopez was shot in this area in the middle of this block here on piney branch road. suffering from the gunshot wound, he walked right here to the intersection of dale drive and collapsed. medics rushed lopez to a hospital in critical condition. he died this morning. police believe the shooting was random. people in the neighborhood are surprised.
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>> i think it's unfortunate for the person. i think it's unfortunate for the community. >> reporter: while investigators search for the suspect, they urge anyone with information about the shooting to give them a call. >> police come forward. detectives are asking if anyone knows anything or saw something regarding this shooting and now a murder to come forward. >> i hope they catch him. >> reporter: in silver spring maryland shomari stone, news 4. tonight a burglary suspect is in the hospital after being shot in a fairfax county home. the home owner said he was just about to run on his treadmill this morning when he heard someone trying to break into his home. happened on lenore lane in the fair tax county area. the home owner spent most of the day being interviewed by police. >> it was a little terrifying. somebody breaking into your house. you don't know what to do. you know so i just ran and got my gun and then i told the guy
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to stop but he didn't hear me. so that's when i returned fire at him and unfortunately i hurt the young man, you know. >> 27-year-old man who was shot was caught by police a short time later on telegraph road. his injuries are not life-threatening. no come on! >> don't fight. >> don't fight. >> that man who forced a united flight to return to dulles last night is in the hospital this evening undergoing a psychiatric evaluation right now. and we're hearing from the man who tackled the passenger midflight. scott maldonado says the passenger was screaming, jihad, and saying the plane was going down when he confronted him. >> i asked him, please relax. you need to calm down. he didn't do that. and so at that time i felt that the best decision was to -- to put him on the ground. i truly wanted to get back to my wife. >> the passenger still has not been identified and is not facing charges yet. you can see much more of the
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video of the passenger being subdued on and on the nbc washington app. illinois congressman aaron schock is the center of a growing ethics investigation now says he is stepping down. the republican said tonight he would leave office at the end of the month. last month "the washington post" reported on his $40,000 office makeover with a "downton abbey" theme. that led to questions about his spending on travel and reimburse reimbursement expenses. tonight schock's spokesperson said out of an abundance of caution, the 33-year-old has reimbursed any money he received for official mileage since in congress. the inspector general for the department of homeland security has now opened an investigation into reports two secret service agents crashed into a white house barricade after drinking at a bar. this happened earlier this month in a government vehicle. the two agents were not given a breathalyzer test and were sent home. the new head of the secret service, joseph clancy wasn't
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told about the incident for five days. he was up on capitol hill today testifying before congress. lawmakers came down hard on clancy saying he must act fast to change the culture at the agency. and clancy made one request of congress during his visit to the hill today. he asked for $8 million so the secret service can build a replica of the white house to help train agents. the agency currently has a training facility in beltsville but clancy says it doesn't provide a real enough training experience. we're following a developing story in israel tonight. election results for the prime minister's race appear to be too close to call but that's not stopping current prime minister victory. initial polls show his likud party deadlocked with the center left zionist union. netanyahu said begun to call potential partners to form a ruling government. a leader needs 61 parliamentary seats to form a government. northern virginia democrats
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are giving an early indication tonight of who they think should be the democratic nominee for the white house. more than a thousand democratic activists and politicians took part in a straw poll tonight. it's become an annual tradition. congressman jerry connolly's st. patrick's day feat. conley says it's a good indication of the enthusiasm of the party. >> it's a record crowd. people are enthusiastic and ready to go out and win elections. you got to deliver. and i think that bodes very well for democratic races this fall. >> also receiving votes tonight former virginia senator jim webb vice president joe biden and former maryland governor martin o'malley. $2 million in damage caused by two preteen boys. >> up next at 11:00 tonight, what police said those boys did that cleared out a walmart and ruined a long list of merchandise. plus these barely five feet tall but managed to fight off a man who robbed her in broad
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daylight. what this maryland woman says she did that had him running away. and here's a traffic alert as we head out to the break. >> do have closures tonight. 395 northbound between duke and king.
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developing tonight, police in houston have been searching the home of millionaire robert durst. no word on what they're looking for, but on monday prosecutors charged durst with an unsolved murder. he's also suspected in the disappearance of his wife. the 71-year-old was the documentary on the final episode he mumbled how he
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quote, killed them all. two west virginia boys are in trouble tonight accused of starting a fire at a walmart store. a fire that caused $2 million in damage. the incident happened last month in martinsburg. police say the 12-year-old boys set a rack of towels and some boxes on fire. the store had to be evacuated and the flames spread to other merchandise. the boys were charged today. they were identified through surveillance video and witness statements. a brazen robbery caught on surveillance video, and the victim fought back by biting the robber. this happened sunday afternoon outside a pizza hut on richie highway south. that's in anne arundel county. a 58-year-old woman was leaving with her pizza when a man opened her car door. he reached in the car and tried to take the victim's purse. >> his hand come to my mouth. here we go. i bite on him. i bite him as much as i can. but i don't think about anything.
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i just fight. you're not going to take my purse. he's not going to take my purse. >> the victim stopped fighting when the robber warned he had a gun, then he took off with her purse. these pictures are from 20 minutes later when police tell us the man tried to use her bank card at an atm in southwest baltimore. police believe they're looking for a green town and country minivan. the british are here. prince charles and his wife camilla arrived at joint base andrews this evening. they departed for a reception at the british ambassador's residence in northwest d.c. the prince of wales and the duchess of cornwall are here to promote democratic values and environmental conservation. they're scheduled to meet with president obama. they'll spend the next few days sightseeing before they head to louisville kentucky. >> let's hope they brought some warm duds for the rest of their trip. >> something tells me they have their own meteorologist that let them know -- >> you think? >> all the royals they travel
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with their own meteorologist. >> that's the job you want. >> i'm just saying if they want to take me somewhere. they would have told them that today was nice then it got cold. and boy, did it get cold in a hurry. look at the temperatures today. 73. the hottest we've seen so far this year. 74 down towards fredericksburg. cullpepper at 75 82 yesterday. we've seen warm temperatures. but what time of day did we see that 73? it was before noon. then the temperatures started to drop and they dropped fairly quickly. right now a very chilly 45 degrees. north at 16. current wind chill down to 35 at the airport. look at the current temperatures down to 35 in hagerstown 39 in leestown, 45 in cullpepper. that's from early tomorrow morning from where we were. that has to do with the wind. look at these wind gusts. 47-miles per hour wind gusts in
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hagerstown. and 30 miles an hour down towards patuxent river. a very windy night. it will stay windy as we move on through the evening. that will create that wind chill right on through early tomorrow morning. storm team 4 radar, clear. not dealing with any rain or snow. the next chance will be during the day on friday. yes, we're still talking rain and snow. nothing on the satellite picture. it was clear. the northern lights didn't make their way all the way down here. the closest i saw was in towards portions of northern new jersey around new york. but for us not much. just clear skies from the new york down towards our region. once again we get that flow coming right across canada over the lakes and into our area. that means we'll be rather chilly tomorrow. not too bad. 50 in d.c. 48 in leesburg that wouldn't be bad at all if we didn't have the wind. take a look at the wind chills early tomorrow morning. down to 30 in d.c. at 6:00 a.m. 24 in frederick. 22 in hagerstown 27 in
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manassas. a cold start to our wednesday. even around noon only going up to 34 degrees on wednesday, 33 in martinsburg, 30 in annapolis. a fairly chilly day with that breeze. the breeze will let up a little bit. so tomorrow afternoon late we'll be a little bit better. impact forecast tomorrow on the low side. no real impact from the weather other than the fact that you need the jacket maybe the coat early, breezy and cold for sure. the next few day, 53 on thursday 43 on friday. here's that chance of rain or snow. once ag explain this. rain/snow early. but it's been on the warm side and temperatures should stay above freezing. so road problems will be unlikely i think, as we make our way through friday morning rush. but this is something we'll continue to watch for. saturday a high temperature of 60 then we are cool again on sunday and monday. highs back into the 40s. >> that pollen getting to you a little bit? >> i got a cold. i got it from my daughter. and it's up there. >> okay. pollen today, snow friday. that's the time of year.
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>> it is. >> thank you. yes. >> coming up george washington didn't make it to the big dance but tonight they did something they've never done before.
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♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. college hoops, here we go. first taste. >> yeah so really for the big dance that we were talking earlier during the brackets thursday that's when you got to get them filled out, ready to go. i know you got kentucky winning the whole thing. i think we all do. as we are all getting excited for the big dance to start, don't sleep on the n.i.t. we have george washington playing in it this year. tonight was the colonials'
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chance to shine against pittsburgh. a great matchup. festive fans getting fired up. maybe too much chock hat for those kids. first half colonials up five. savage comes up with the steal. the sof for takes this all the way to the bucket. a five-point half time lead. second half we're here now more from gw and more from savage. colonials on the road. savage lobs it to garino. panthers getting back in it. kick over to jameel artis. savage taking control. pulls up for the jumper. falls. 17 points off the bench for him. gw beats pitt 60-54. they advance to the second round waiting to face the winner of temple -- temple/bucknell. the hoyas out in portland oregon. they left campus very early to
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get ready for their matchup against eastern washington after missing out on the ncaa tournament last year georgetown isn't stopping to smell the roses. they know what this trip is all about. >> it's business time. this time it's either win or go home. we don't play again if we don't win. it's all business. no fun at this point. >> the message has been pretty consistent. you know since the pairings came out. let's just stay focused on eastern washington and nothing else. >> it's never too early to talk quarterbacks around here. tonight sources tell me there is still a chance the eagles could sign tim tebow if they can trade their third string quarterback. he worked out with phil yesterday. meanwhile, here in washington the redskins they resigned eded colt mccoy. he had four touchdowns and three interceptions last season winning two of the four games he played in including the big win
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against dallas a mid-december neck injury ended his season though. jay gruden said rg-3 is the starter going into camp but i'm told it will be an open competition come august. baseball plenty of st. paddy's day spirit there. i love those hats. this has to be stephen strasburg's favorite holiday of the year. because he was dominating five strikeouts in a four shutout inning for stras. his coach and former mentor here tony gwynn jr. stras strasburg looked up to him. your mentor's son is now a teammate of yours, a guy you looked up to your whole career now they get to play together. >> sma
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. dying the chicago river green has been a st. patrick's day tradition for more than 50 years. new video tonight shows us just how they do it. this time lapse footage shows crew members in boats dropping vegetable dye into the river. isn't that cool looking? >> that is cool. >> they use 40 pounds of a secret mixture to completely change the river's color, and it's not a fast process either. this section of the river alone took five hours to dye. thousands of people come to chicago every year to see the city change into the emerald city. >> that is pretty neat. >> that confuses the heck out of the fish. >> yes. >> they're going really fast and
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there's no red lights. they're just speeding. >> then before too long it's no longer green.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jennifer garner, eugene levy, musical guest, modest mouse,


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