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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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of businesses that have been affected. obviously the gay lord is the most severely impacted. but on the other side, there is another restaurant called the mandarin and then on the right hand side, there is the quarterly house tavern. i'm told those businesses have been damaged, as well. if you go around the corner, there is more minor damage to a couple of other businesses on that side. a significant fire here. you can see that they are still dousing it with water trying to make sure that they have all of the hot spots out. we're told one firefighter was injured. but they will be okay. there is an impact in terms of the traffic. northbound georgia avenue is closed between wear and fayer street. and also bonefant street closed in the area. not sure how long that is the case. we'll get an update shortly.
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aaron back to you. . i'm richard jordan at the live desk. right now tensions are running high on the campus of the university of have a vaf ter a student was arrested earlier this week. now a second arrest. some of the images we're about to show you are graphic. we'll start off with a new video in as they were attending a rally in support of the first student initially arrested. also taken into custody at a rally again this was last might, video shows that woman being forcibly restrained by police officers and then handcuffed. this all comes after the arrest of 20-year-old martese johnson, this is a graphic photo. you can see him bloody on the floor. johnson saying alcoholic beverage control officers used excessive force when they took him down outside a bar. he's underage, he's 20, he was arrested for obstruction of justice and public intoxication. now, virginia governor mcauliffe is calling for an investigation in lights of these images. but you can expect more rallies
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in the days ahead as the images continue to circulate. and a lot of people police excessive force was used by police. >> even the uva president teresa sullivan were at a different rally outside a bar where johnson was arrested. johnson attended the rally and spoke briefly. he thanked people for their support. sullivan says she's asked the governor to look in to the consider and also asking students for help. i'm not going to preempt or get in the way of the investigation. but i've asked our students who are eyewitnesses and based on the photographs i've seen i think a lot of students did see this. i've asked the students who are eyewitnesses to come forward. >> and this morning governor mcauliffe is demanding action. his office says he's concerned by the reports of the incident and has asked the secretary of public safety to initiate an independent virginia state police investigation into the use of force in this hear.
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time now to check our forecast. another pretty chilly start. >> that's right, off to a cold start again this morning. many of the suburbs down below freezing. and what to expect coming up tomorrow yes indeed, old man winter not quite done with this yet. snow during the morning rush tomorrow morning. should be a relatively minimal impact on roads and most of the impact will be before 2:00 in the afternoon. and that's tomorrow. right now we're all dry across the area. there is the moisture coming up from the south and the cold air is already locked in place. so winter weather advisories have just been issued for northern maryland and the panhandle of west virginia. again, that's for tomorrow, not today. 30 in frederick maryland right now, 37 in fredericksburg. so the next couple of hours here, temperatures mainly hovering mid to upper thirt for the remainder of the morning. this afternoon high temperatures easily making it up in the low and mid-50s. along the western shore of the bay, holding in the upper 40s
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because the bay waters just really cold still. so we'll be coping with that for the next couple days, as well. forecast for snow potentials maybe a lush shall i inch or two around town, maybe two or through inches northern and western suburbs. big winners will be up to the north and panhandle of west virginia where three to four inches of wet snow are a possibility. almost nothing prince george's county into st. mary's. today is the calm before the storm, so enjoy it. rainy and snowy especially for your friday morning. and there could be some slushy roads on contend with tomorrow. mid to late morning up to about lunchtime. we'll talk more about your seven day forecast coming up. but for now, big impacts on georgia avenue from melissa. northbound closed between rain avenue and fayer avenue. megan mcgrath is on the scene
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because of that business fire. southbound is open. so that is a good improvement from the past couple of hours. georgetown pike between old dominion drive and difficult run, a serious crash happened overnight there. road still closed for the investigation in both directions here this morning. 270 at montrose road, everything looking quite good. 66, 95 in virginia here, no problems at all. nice and green. lots of movement. not much construction really to speak of this morning which is great of course. beltway at st. barnabas, that is looking good. i'll see youuyou at 4:41. sbloo today a d.c. police officer will be in court on charges that he sexually abused two teenage girls. darrell best is being held without bond this morning. a 16-year-old girl told police that best sexually abused her three times at the god of a second chance ministry church in southeast washington. best is a pastor there at the church. a second victim says she was sexually assaulted in best's
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office at police headquarters. and we're learning new details this morning on a pedestrian crash. a woman injured in that crash has died. chopper 4 flew over the seencene frederick road in clarksburg. she was crossing the road when she was struck. it's not known whether there are any chargers defense the drive are. today we'll learn how a tax hike will affect schools. county executive plans to raise property taxes this year. today the county schools ceo is holding a forum for parents to explain what he'll do with the extra money. kevin maxwell will host the meeting at 6:30 tonight at the bowie performing arts center. and governor mcauliffe will be in vienna to make a big announcement, all his office is telling us at this point is that it's, quote, a major economic
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development announcement. the investigation into a series of racist social media postings has prompted public forums tonight for american university students. a series of offensive posts were reportedly made by american university students are or were posted near the school. they appeared on the online form yik yak which shows anonymous comments in their immediate area. au is hosting a meeting tonight to discuss the postings and strategies for creating a more inclusive community. au's vice president of campus life e-mailed students saying it cannot be stated strongly enough that these posts stand in stark contrast to american university's core values. it is now 4:37. today you can learn more about the future needs for montgomery county public schools. the county's education committee will meet today to look at changes that may need to be made to capital improvements program. portable cloos rooms will be a hot topic as the county prepares
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for increased enrollment. any increase in students may impact the bolt line and by 2020, there may be as many as 11,000 additional students in the county. that meeting happens today at the 2:00 p.m. at the council office building in rockville. and you can find more information about that later today on it is 4:38. two teams from our area are kicking off in the big dance today. if you're waiting to finish your brackets, most of them are due around 11:00 this morning. we'll start things off with vcu, kicking off the round of play for us. this is of course my alma mater, so i hope a lot of you are rooting for the rams with me today. and we should tell you that the rams are playing ohio state buckeye coming offer of five straight wins culminating in the atlantic coast title. in 12 games against other teams
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this the tournament, the buckeyes went 3-9. georgetown also playing today, as well. they will play oregon tonight. but the video here we can show you -- there we go. video here showing them leaving the district earlier this week. and they are facing eastern washington state. the hoyas hold a much higher seed here. four over 13. the eagles coach said, quote we're going to win in an interview on the radio yesterday. eastern wall has the top scorer in the countrynow. also georgetown has lost to a 10 or lower seeded team in each of the last five tournaments they have played. rooting for our local teams. thank you, aaron. we can tell you about the royals. they're still in town and prince charles and his wife camilla will spend some time at the white house meeting with president obama and the vice president. and they will also visit president lincoln's cottage and retired soldiers home there on
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the same grounds. and then spend some time talking with a sexual assault response team are or s.a.r.t. as it's known. and then tonight receive teddy roosevelt conservation award in northwest d.c.. police are looking for some man. how he was able to rack up charges on a local
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41 outside our studios right now and we're anticipating -- i'm not even going to say. >> we'll leave it up to chuck bell to give us the bad news. chuck, good morning. >> i'm not going to say it either. how about that? >> yeah you are. >> temperatures outside this morning at or below the freezing mark. college park down to 32, andrews air force base down to 42 p. going out to the buses, low to mid-30s between now and about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. "7-day forecast" and the snow map coming up at 4:51. just spoke with police. we have an opening here. georgetown pike between old dominion drive and difficult run, that serious crash now cleared out of the way and all the investigation is over. so the road there is now open. remember northbound georgia closed between wayne and fayer still because of the overnight fire. 66 east of 123, no problems
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there. a live look at 95 in virginia coming up. what may have gone differently if maureen mcdonnell's corruption trial
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developing from the live desk, several people are shot inside a restaurant in swee dep in southwestern sweden. and we're just learning that two people are dead in the shooting. police saying they believe this was all gang related. that according to witnesses there inside the restaurant at least two gunmen came in with automatic weapons and started firing. several people are being held for questioning. 14 before the hour. and right now, police in tunisia are searching for any
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accomplices after two attacked a make you see up in the capital. they gunned down tourists climbing out of buses. at least 19 people died, 41 others were hurt. attackers were killed in a firefight with security forces. this is the deadliest attack on civilians in the north of a can country in 13 years. a 19-year-old is under arrest for stabbing three people at morgan state university. police say carlos mars stabbed the players on tuesday. this happened after a fight broke out between two groups of students. in the charging documents a witness says mars repeatedly stabbed one of the students in the chest. but mars says he was swinging the knife to keep people away from his friend. we're learning new details today in the death of a high school student. the information came during the hearing of smalls accused of shooting woodbridge high school student brendan wilson. a detective says smalls admitted that he and four others lured wilson into the cut where his body was found after they had a
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dispute with him. smalls reportedly said he kept firing into wilson's body even after the first shot left him moem motionless on the ground. >> treat him like a dead animal. >> the case now goes to the grand jury. an indictment is expected early next month. the navy is investigating what caused a parachute to malfunction during a training exercise killing a navy s.e.a.l.. military officials say the victim jumpinged with a group of other s.e.a.l.s in a remote training area. they draped the body with an american flag as they carried him from the scene. happening today, we expect prince george's county state attorney and others to speak out in support of new child abuse reporting requirements. testifying before a house committee in annapolis today, a new bill requires health practitioners educators and others to make verbal contact with authorities and provide a written report if they suspect abuse, neglect or threats. they would have 48 hours to do
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that. the hearing is set for 2:30. you can learn how maryland transportation crews plan to make your commute a bit easier between montgomery and prince george's county. the maryland state highway administration will detail its plans for route 28 between the intercession of georgia avenue and i-95. that meeting is tonight from 5:30 to 8:00 at james blake high school. officials say there will be no formal presentation and you can arrive at any time to learn about the project. virginia's former first lady says the division to put her and her husband on trial together affected her corruption case. both maureen and bob mb do that he will are facing prison sentences sentences. the lawyers filed an appeal yesterday, they say she would have testified if she was given a separate case. according to mcdonnell's lawyers, she would have explained her marriage was falling apart and that she didn't tell her husband about many of the gifts she received. there could be harsh penalties ahead for penn state
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fraternity members involved in offensive posts. the school's president says anyone found responsible could be expelled. right now kappa delta rho chapter is suspended for a year. members are accused of posting pictures of nude women on a private facebook page without their consent. penn state's president is hoping women who were in the posts will come forward to the school. he says their privacy will be protected. apparently loneliness kills. that's according to a new study from brigham young university. the study found that feeling lonely increases the risk of death by 26%. living alone was more devastating to your health increasing mortality risk by 29%. researchers say loneliness could be the next big public health issue on the same level with obesity and substance abuse. >> wow, that's really surprising. it shows as humans we all desire the same thing, to connect with people, to be loved. it's kind of a basic need. >> apparently. much more so than maybe we
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thought before. 4:51. we wanted chuck to feel shall love, so we had him come into the studio. >> we love you, just not the forecast. >> what if the person you're with is driving you crazy. what does that do to your health. >> >> a whole different study. >> you were already showing me the browning faces. >> and now there is accumulation happening. there there will be, but you can converse about the accumulation. >> deep breaths. >> still we haven't moved up to cancellable just yet. maybe delays likely, but -- i know i know. you know and if it were a slam dunk snowstorm i'd just say that you'd probably get out of school tomorrow. but it's not a slam dunk. it's another one of these marginal snow chance events. it will snow tomorrow especially metro area authority. but temperatures will be at or above freezing. yes, it can snow above freezing. we've done that many times this winter already. for today, nothing to worry about today.
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you'll go to school today and you'll stay there all day long. no early dismissals. temperatures in the 30s for the morning hours, rising up into the upper 40s and low 50s later on today. so weather impact on your day today nice and low. cool with clouds on the increase later on this afternoon. nothing to worry about. hometown forecast, frederick maryland, where things will be a little bit more interesting tomorrow. today increasing clouds and 51. snow moving in late tonight in frederick, maryland. and then snow maybe changing over to wet snow/rain mix by tomorrow afternoon. so much talk of snow in the forecast, have our storm team 4 weather app ready to go. here is the way it looks. moisture coming in and cold air in place. we do have winter weather advisories now in northern maryland and the pap handle of west virginia, that does include northern loudoun county, out towards frederick county, virginia. starting at 11:00 tonight, going into tomorrow morning, there is the arrival of the wet snow chances at 5:5:00 a.m. tomorrow. and then heavy wet snow right through northern maryland,
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through much of the mid to late morning hours. here is 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, up to about lunchtime tomorrow. this should end as rain for just about everybody with potentially the lone exception right up along the mason dixon big question is how much snow? the computer says about an inch around town, 2 in gaithersburg, 3 or 4 up across northern maryland. and i think that's just about right. here is our snow map. a slushy inch or two around town and again temperatures around the metro should be about 34 35 degrees. so most of that accumulation will be on the grass. but slushy roads are a real possibility. soma lisa will be talking about that at length tomorrow. here is our seven day forecast. 50s today, rain/snow mix around the area for tomorrow. very little impact at southern maryland. there is 60 on saturday, so whatever comes down will be gone by then. dry cold air comes in early next week. i'm going to put a frowny face on this morning's traffic report. >> yrksjust because we're all upset about your report is for
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tomorrow? >> yes. retribution. >> wiping the tears away here. still have northbound georgia avenue closed between wayne and thayer. megan mcgrath will have more on that. 95 at dale city, everything looking good. prince george's county overall moving along quite nicely, as well. taking a look a little to the north, 95, bw parkway in and out of town. 270 at shady grove, not having any problems. the new names coming to a metro stop near you. and what president obama
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it may look like a scene out of the wild west, but it's atlanta. they were spotted along a busy interstate, trying to raise awareness about poverty and hunger in this country. despite the good deed, it is illegal to ride a horse on highway in georgia. >> i would imagine it could cause some problems. >> doc and his friends were asked to get off the highway. right now d.c. fire and event ms is investigating a case where an ambulance never showed up. firefighters say a d.c. police
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officer hurt his leg while arresting someone in northeast washington earlier this week. a fire truck came within minutes, but police say the officer needed an ambulance. firefighters requested one five times with no response. according to the fire department an ambulance was sent out 26 minutes after the fire truck arrived, but by that time, officers had driven the injured officer to the hospital. you will notice a stepped up security presence the next time you head to the arundel mills mall. the ribbon cutting ceremony set for 11:00 this morning. the new station will operate 24 hours a day, include interior and exterior video surveillance systems and roving security team. president obama is floating the idea of making it mandatory to vote in the united states. the president made the comment in cleveland yesterday. he says the u.s. should be making it easier not harder to vote. the presentthat countries including australia have mandatory voting. he says if everyone voted it
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would completely change the political map. 4:58. prince george's county delegate the jay walker says he's exploring a potential run for congress, but he's not the alone. he says he may run for the u.s. house seat that will be left open by donna edwards. edwards is running for barbara mikulski's seat. the former lieutenant governor and states attorney glenn ivey have also announced that they are running. maryland's house of delegates plans to vote later today on its own version of governor hogan's $40 billion budget. the democratically controlled house made significant changes to hogan's plan. the house version sends more cash to schools and reinstates pay raises for government workers. hogan had proposed serious cuts in both areas. the house plan cuts the state deficit by 85%. hogan's budget would have eliminated the deficit.
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today in the area as to say stories about his father. martin luther king iii will speak to students in pa toe making. tonight at 6:30 he will address a community discussion at cabin john middle school. that event is open to the public. king is the eldest son of dr. king. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m.. right now at 5:00 a.m., some spring snow. you heard it right, heading our way. storm team 4 radar is working hard right now tracking the storm expected to be here at this time tomorrow. chuck will have the timing of the storm and the new advisories announced this morning. let's get right over to chuck and get on that right now. >> good morning. today is #calm before the storm because nothing will happen today. it all starts after


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