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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 19, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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i'm storm team 4 meteorologist meteorologist chuck bell. winter weather advisories posted for parts of our viewing area. i'll let you know who should be expecting snow and when coming up. i'm barbara harrison. we're following a developing story out of springfield. one person is dead in a house fire. why firefighters are calling it a difficult scene. i'm richard jordan at the live desk. police make a gruesome delivery a short time ago at a scene of a car fire. i'm aaron gilchrist. an arrest at uva, and this huge protest. you're watching "news4 midday." good morning, everybody.
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cloudy skies are starting to move in, and underneath the clouds soon we'll deal with rain drops and eventually yes, even snowflakes. so keep in mind everybody, this is going to turn into a bit of a winter weather threat as we get into the pre-dawn hours of tomorrow morning. lots of rain just down to our south. these purple shaded counties are where we already have a winter weather advisory posted. the advisory starts at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow and goes until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. snow likely to begin twee 2:00 and 5:00 a.m. across the area. primarily a heavy, wet snow mixing with rain and mostly rain down to the south. slushy roads are quite possible especially north of the metro. for this afternoon, nothing to worry about. temperatures into the upper 40s and low 50s, but tomorrow the a.m. commute likely heavily impacted. a complete check of the forecast coming up. i'm mark segraves at d.c. superior court where the d.c. police officer charged with sexually assaulting two teenagers made a second appearance in court just moments
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ago. prosecutors revealed that there is now a third victim who has come forward, and they also said that while he was a police officer on two occasion he sexually harassed other officers including a female cadet. he was demoted for one of those incidents in 2007 from the rank of sergeant back down to the rank of police officer. supporters in court today. his lawyer did not want to talk about what his plan was for his strategy but he did say that it is too early in the case to make any statements. but in court, his attorney did not dispute any of the evidence that prosecutors so far laid out against the officer who, again, is accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl on the fifth floor of d.c. police headquarter, and a 16-year-old girl inside the church where he was a pastor. we'll have much more on this story coming up this evening on news 4. reporting live at d.c. superior
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court, for news 4. new video on "news4 midday" of a large fire in silver spring that destroyed a popular restaurant. this video taken by cell phone. someone that happened to witness what happened started rolling on their cell phone camera. from georgia avenue it was the bombay gaylord restaurant destroyed by that fire and then the restaurants on each side of that restaurant also had damage as well. firefighters say they believe this may have been started by some electrical malfunction. there was a firefighter that suffered a minor injurey but he is expected to be okay. the owner of the gaylord bombay saying this was his main source of income. he's devastated by the loss. barbara? i'm megan mcgrath on a developing story in springfield, virginia where a man has died in an early morning house fire on northampton drive. there were four people inside the burning home including the victim. i talked to two of the men
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off-camera this morning. they say they asmoke so thick, they couldn't see anything and had to use their hands to feel their way around. one man went upstairs yelled to his roommate i'm right behind you, but the roommate never made it out. he was eventually taken out through a window by firefighters but he later died. three other residents had minor injuries. no official word on the cause, although the residents i spoke to think it started in the unfinished portion of the basement area. in springfield, megan mcgrath news 4. you can weigh in now on a story that's on the nbc washington facebook page. already sparked a social media firestorm. a uva student arrested after he wasn't allowed into bar. more on what happened there in a minute. first, this. what happened late last night. this is video of a young woman being arrested at a rally for that first student. it's just raising more questions responding
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to these incidents. now, this is what started that pro test. take a look. martese johnson, arrested by an abc agent on tuesday outside a charlottesville bar after he wasn't allowed inside. this disturbing picture, look at the photo. shows johnson bloody bruised after that arrest and this is what is sparking much of that controversy. the #justiceformartese still trending on twitter. a lot of people asking why the agents had to use so much force? this morning governor terry mcauliffe of virginia weighing in demanding action. his office release add statement, "concerned by the reports of this incident and asked the secretary of public safety to initiate an independent virginia state police investigation into the use of force in this matter." breaking news out of southeast washington knew. a body found inside a car. apparently there had been a fire set inside the vehicle. just got video in here. you can't notice any fire from the outside, but inside police
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officers say it is charred inside that vehicle. this is on livingston road kneenear atlantic street. waiting to find out if it was a male or female and identity of the victim located there. >> thanks. if your credit card information was compromised during that massive target data breach you could be getting a settlement. today a judge decides whether to approve's $10 million lawsuit. at least 110 million people's information was exposed during a breach. if the settlement is approved target could have to pay individual victims up to $10,000. barbara, you into college basketball at all? a little bit? >> i'll be watching. haven't filled out any brackets. i'll be watching. >> one hour eight minutes are so in the ncaa tournaments gets started. time to wrap up bracket picks. first game 12:15. two teams from our area sort of
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playing today. vcu, yurnlder graduate degree kicking things off at 4:40 this afternoon. the rams play the ohio state buckeyes. coming off five straight wins and the atlantic ten title. this past weekend. as for ohio state, in 12 games against other teams in this tournament this year they went just 3-9. georgetown also playing tonight out in oregon. video showing the team leaving the district earlier this week. they'll face eastern washington state, and while the hoyas hold a much higher seed 4 over 13 the eagles coach put out a bold quote, we're going to win, he said on national sports radio yesterday. we'll find out how georgetown reacts to that at 9:57 tonight. brash? >> looking for that response. for most of you the tournament is about having fun, maybe winning a little money. however, gambling can be a big problem for some with everybody else talking about their sleepers and picks. march is also national gambling problem awareness month. the national council is saying
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gambling can about problem and watch for anyone lying about how much they're betting. someone who seems overly anxious about his or her picks and a friend who may ask you for money so they can bet. all warning signs and could tell you that that person does need some help. all of this basketball talk has us wondering, are you less productive at home and at work during the ncaa tournament? let us know by calling or texting
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here's a look what is burning up social media. hearts pounding after last night's "empire" season finale ending with a soap opera-style cliffhanger cliffhanger hanghanger hanger.
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take a look at a video going viral today. not your average l.a. police chase. motorcyclist spotted weaving in and out of traffic at 100 miles per hour and taunts police officers on his tail with his spunt move. check it out. stands up on the moving bike with no hands. the daredevil eventually turned himself in at a nearby gas station. go to social media editor brittany johnson for what's trending on >> thanks richard. yeah two stories really buzzing right now. first one islly interesting story. an amtrak passenger walked off the amtrak station with the wrong backpack. the crazy part he found $17,000 in his backpack and later found out that that money was linked to a convicted drug dealer in new york. also tomorrow's the first day of spring. we're so excited, but we have snow on the way. and with that being said it's going to cause a lot of chaos in the morning. so the best thing you can do is
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download the nbc washington app, we'll push out updates and track the snow in your area as well. >> all right. brittany definitely need to prepare for that. another crazy morning in court for the man accused of three
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i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. skies going from partly to mostly cloudy now across the area. already 48 degrees in washington now. all eyes on tomorrow morning. here's futureweather starting at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. starting as a period of light rain quickly changing to snow by 5:00 6:00 7:00 tomorrow morning. areas most likely to pick up an accumulating snow are going to be northern montgomery county up to the pennsylvania border out to the mountains of west virginia northern western virginia coming to an end mid to late afternoon. should be dry not long after sundown.
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how much sgloe coating to an inch or two around the immediate metro. one to three montgomery and fairfax. a solid three to four inches of snow across maryland. you love the snow? >> not even a little bit, cluck. word from the courthouse in alexandria a hearing for charles severance pushed back. the defense team said it didn't have enough time to review a psychiatric report whether severance is competent to stand trial. a judge agreed. no word when the new hear lg take plays. he's charged with people in new alexandria over the course of ten years. and a big economics development project saying an expansion to navy federal credit union at the vienna campus paid for by $114 million grant. the governor says it will bring 600 new jobs to the area.
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barbara? been a lot of talk about the secret service lately. the discussion turns to money today on capitol hill. director joseph clancy will testify before senate lawmakers about the need for more money to turn the agency around. lawmakers grilled clancy over several recent scandals in the secret service. the most recent one earlier this month when two agents crashed into a barricade outside the white house. during a hearing yesterday, a congressman asked for more surveillance footage from that night of the crash. clancy said it could be gone because the tapes are erased every 72 hours. recall information about honda coming up after the break.
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good morning. tracking a chance for wintry weather coming our way tomorrow. nothing going on on storm team 4 radar now. shaded counties have a winter weather advisory going into effect 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. currently, going outside for the next couple hour plan on upper 40s, low 50s under an increasingly cloudy sky. by tomorrow morning, could have a moderate to high impact on the roads across parts of northern maryland. not as much impact in the immediate metro area. your forecast coming up. from the live desk honda expanded its recall now to
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include 5 million honda vehicles. over the new ones recalled this morning. 89,000 pilot suvs. those are from 2008. 11,000 civics from 2004 and 5,000 accords from 2001. honda saying the issue is that faulty air bag. the driver side air bag when it is detonated when it explodes could throw shrapnel injuring people. six already died. dealers will replace those air bags takata-made air bags for free. just take them to the dealer. president obama set to talk about a new executive order. this one aimed at cutting greenhouse gases. one of the goals of the new order could affect federal workers. it cuts energy use in federal buildings more than 2% every year between now and 2025 and adds more hybrid and zero emission vehicles in the federal fleet of cars and trucks. aaron? thanks. talking a lot about race issues on college campuses
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lately. one d.c. university trying to tackle this head-on. racist posts popped up on yik yak, a forum showing anonymous comments from user close to each other. based on location the posts may have been made by american university students or by people knee the school. so au is hosting a discussion how to include a more inclues ish community. monday the campus life vp said it cannot be stated strongly enough these posts stand in stark contrast to america university's core values. today the prince of wales and camilla, duchess of cornwall wrap up their visit to the district. amon plans this morning the armed forces retirement home in northwest washington. greeted by the press learning more about the programs offered there for our veterans. the royal couple will now head to the white house to meet with the president and the vice president. president obama and joe biden. they head to louisville tomorrow before leaving the u.s.
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inside that house, great stories, lincoln cottage. former first lady barbara bush making headlines walking back her famous comments her son should not run for president. she talked to nbc's matt lauer two years ago. >> by far the best qualified, but, no there are other people very qualified and we've had enough bushes. >> oh things will change. mrs. bush blasted out an e-mail to her son's supporters subject line shouts i've changed my mind. it that's not clear enough the e-mail announced she's starting a run, jeb run fund. the best chance to take back the white house in 2016. a zoo's big mistake in 6
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hey, if you love chinese food and want to know where the best places are to eat we have you kov covered. food is at yahoo! scoured the
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nation looking for the best chinese restaurants and compile add list using stars and reviews you gave your favorite restaurants. here in the district it was ching ching cha in georgetown that made the list. seems you are fans of the mongolian dumplings there. and judy's cuisine in virginia beach for their fix of spicy and unique flavors there and maryland vegetarian yuan fu. if thai duck or beefa make your mouth water, head to asian bistro in morgantown west virginia. >> my favorite didn't make the list. wow. the phoenix zoo is admitting to a pretty embarrassing misidentification. a boy bear cub zookeeper planned to use to father a cub turned out to be a girl. luke is an indian bear native of south america. zookeepers were prepared to ship him off to nashville to join an international species survival program. during the examination yesterday
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vets noticed that he was actually a she. the phoenix zoo says bearcubs genitalia are highly undeveloped before 2 years of age and reached out to the washington zoo for help identifying the bear's gender. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell hard at work now. back after the break with his snowcast.
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storm team 4 radar nothing falling from the skies yet. that's not the case across southwestern virginia with the first leading edge of rain drops to start, already moving in our direction. winter weather advisories posted already for northern maryland northwest virginia and the panhandle of west virginia. snowfall amounts in and around the metro a coating to maybe as much as an inch or two around the immediate metropolitan area. one to three fairfax, loudon most of montgomery county. a solid chance for three to four
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inches across northern maryland. next four day, 50s today. 30s, near 40 tomorrow. 60 saturday. whatever snowmen you can make, ain't going to make it for long. breaking news now out of tunisia regarding that massacre at the museum yesterday. officials saying the islamic state is claiming responsibility for that mass shooting. this as the death toll rises. 23 people confirmed dead. 18 are foreign tourists. 5 tunisians. two gunmen killed here but police saying they have nine people in custody in connection to the shooting. the shooter opened fire on buses as tourists walked to the bardo museum and then went inside and shot up the inside of the museum. two spanish tourists that had been hiding there all night long were found inside that museum. aaron? other big news from overseas out of the iran nuclear talks. according to the associated press, a draft of a nuclear deal is circulating now.
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a.p. reports that deal would force iran to reduce its number of centrifuges by roughly 40%, that would be for at least ten years, in exchange iran would see economic sanctions lifted. the thing though the fact that a draft is being passed around shows some progress but the iranian foreign minister told reporters today there is still a lot of work to do. >> how do you make in progress? >> we are making progress but there are issues that need to be resolved. >> there you have it. a lot of lawmakers skeptical about these negotiations. the deadline for the two sides to have a framework in place is the end of this month. barbara? aaron, that time of year that many of us dread. those performance reviews we have at work. now a well-known company simplified everything. according to the harvard business review consulting firm deloitte cut reviews down to four confess. what are they? the first is if you were spending your own money would you give this employee a raise, and bonus?
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next question -- do you always want this person on your team? and the next question -- is your employee at risk for low performance? and then last -- does your employee deserve a promotion today? deloitte started this after doing the math discovering they were spending about 2 million hours every year just to review their employees. time is running out for you to fill or brackets for the ncaa. aaron has his done.
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i'm meteorologist chuck bell. beeping from a few minutes ago, expansion of the winter weather advisory by the national weather service including parts of fauquier county page and shenandoah washington county virginia. be on the lookout. accumulating snow a chance in these areas. elevations 1,000 feet and up most likely to see the most amounts of snow. tomorrow the advisory goes from 3:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon. snow begins between 2:00 and 5:00 in the morning. mostly wet snow with a rain/snow mix in the met throw area. mostly rain across southern maryland towards the northern neck and fredericksburg down to the south. how much sgloenow? show new a couple minutes. out of southeast washington a death investigation after a body is found inside a burning
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car. here's the video. that suv kun tell there was fire from the outside but police say inside it is charred. that's where the body was found. it may take a while to find the identity of that victim. police not even able to tell at this point it's a man or woman. again, this is happening on livingston road near atlantic street in southeast washington. we'll be monitoring for developments. brash barbara a fire that quickly spread to three restaurants. one firefighter suffered a minor burn. told the cause of the fire was most likely electrical in nature. one man is dead after a house caught on fire in fairfax county. news 4 megan mcgrath live in springfield, virginia with more information on the investigation. what sparked this? do they know yet, megan? >> reporter: well barbara, no official word on the cause for this fire but talking to people who were inside the burning home residents, they believe that it started in the unfinished section of the
11:32 am
basement and then spread to the rest of the house from there. a man was killed when he was unable to get out of an upstairs bedroom. the home continued to smolder, even after the flames had been knocked down. a ladder leans against the upstairs windowsill firefighters used it to pull man from the burning home but didn't reach him in time. >> flying out of the window. you could just -- flames getting higher and higher. once they hit it with the water it looked like a big, big bonfire. >> reporter: neighbors describe a chaotic scene. flames and smoke pouring from the cape cod on southampton drive. i spoke off-camera to two of the men inside. they said they awoke to smoke so thick it was pitch black inside and had to use their hands to feel their way around. one of the residents says he went upstairs and shouted to his roommate to get out. the roommate responded, i'm right behind you. but he never made it out. >> when the firefighters -- >> reporter: the fire chief says it was a difficult fire.
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when they got there, every level of the house was burning. >> fire on number one floor, number two floor as well as in the basement. and on the outside of the structure, too. on the rear side of the house. >> reporter: and the fire department has not yet released the name of the man who died. they are still trying to contact family members. in springfield, megan mcgrath news 4. >> thank you. two big stories involving target this morning. first learning more about a potential settlement involving the 2013 target data breach. today a judge will decide whether to approve the $10 million class action lawsuit. it approved customers must split their claims online through a dedicated website. claims will be processed through the same site. the proposal also requires target to adopt and implement data security measures. target could end up paying individual victims up to$10,000 and target announced its extending a return policy window to one year from date of purchase. a plea to lawmakers today on capitol hill. a new york city mother pushing
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for legislation to protect children from detergent pack poisoning. her child ended up in intensive care ar biting into a liquid detergent pack. from 2012 to 2013 nearly 800 children were hospitalized for poisoning. one 7-month-old boy died. lots of ncaa tournament action about to begin today. the first games are in just about 40 minutes. two teams from our area playing out in portland this afternoon. vcu taking on ohio state this afternoon at 4:40. go rams. georgetown playing eastern washington at 10:00 p.m. first game of the day, 14 seed northeastern versus 3 seed notre dame. and you don't have a lot of time if trying to get your bracket in today. in fact some websites are already locked in now. if you're trying to get ahead of your opponent "the washington post" put up three upsets. it says you should consider terps fans. sorry. but you are first on their list and the game against valparaiso tomorrow because of the
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crusaders strong defense. uc irvine over louisville potential upset. 7'6" center could stop louisville's ability to score. austin with their shooting also a team to consider here over fifth seeded utah in their game today. all right. the hash tag trending today that could make you lo
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we told you art sol other eclipse rapping tomorrow night with some islands in norway promises a view. star gazers gravitating to the region. one man got more than bargained for, attacked by a polar bear camping. he'll be okay. some friends camping with him shot and killed that bear. a new hash tag creating comic relief on twitter. take a look. users describing their lives before twitter. one woman writes before twitter i had a battery life that would
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last me a full day. someone else wrote before twitter i used to shout my opinions at ran didn't people down the streen. one of the best before twitter i used to find it weird when people followed me. now there is a video that will make you go ah and it is has already been seen by millions of people. a little kid singing karaoke do ed sheeran's "thinking out loud" attempting to play their own guitar. someone else it joining in. the video has more million views
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i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. sunshine now but the impact on your day tomorrow from our next winter weather chance ashes moderate impact in the northwestern suburbs to higher impact across northern virginia and the panhandle of west virginia, could see three to four inches of snow. delays likely. most snow between 4:00 and 9:00
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in the morning. the morning commute likely to be severely impacted tomorrow. much more so than the afternoon commute and accumulations not huge amounts, certainly enough to get things slowed down across the area. a coating to maybe as much as two inches around town. one to three in the western and northern suburbs. three to four across northern maryland and the winter weather advisory expanded farther south along the blue rimp. so thaw in a little later. for now over to snow lover number one. >> i'm flot going to call awe liar on tv but -- chuck, thank you. a judge we just learned approved more money for charles severances defense team. the northern bureau chief broke this news on twitter. the defense team says they've already spent $30,000 pup see the tweet. the judge approved another $30,000 for investigators. the defense indicated it plans to hire a firearms expert. today a judge pushed back a mental competency hearing give the defense more time to review a report. charles severance is charged
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with killing three people in alexandria over a ten-year span. discussions turned to money on capitol hill. director joseph chance irtestifies before senate lawmakers about the need for more money to turn the agency around. lawmakers grilled clancy over several scandals in the secret service like this one. crashing into a barricade outside the white house. during a hearing yesterday a congressman asked for more surveillance footage from the night of the crash. clancy told him it may be gone because tapes are erased every 72 hours. a 34-year-old woman facing charges an being accused of stabbing a pregnant woman in the stomach and removing her baby. it happened in northern colorado while the mother to be visited the home to buy baby clothes advertised on craigslist. the victim is expect survive. the baby died. the suspect facing first-degree murder charges. a grow number of police stations started offering safe
11:41 am
zones after recent deaths linked to the classified ad's website. check out the nbc washington app for the recent story on safe zones. we are back after the break with a look at what is making
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i'm meteorologist chuck bell.
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keeping a close track of storm team 4 drar. a lot of rain across the southeastern united states and already mixtures of snow in southwestern virginia. as a result the weather service expanded the winter weather advisory southward right along the spine of the blue ridge now to include page and shenandoah counties down towards the la rey area here prp be on the look out. basically elevations at or about 1,1,500 feet and higher up the best chance of seeing accumulating snow. snow beginning between 2:00 add 5:00 in the morning. even in the metro, wet snow a likelihood. rain down south and again, slushy roads could make them for a little bit of slippery and slow going during the day tomorrow. breaking news into the live desk. two people found dead in washington county. police officers saying a triple shooting. a possibility of at least one other victim but we haven't received confirmation on that yet. right now investigators are at
11:45 am
valley road and miller avenue there in knoxville, conducting an investigation. one person taken to the hospital but did not survive. police saying all the victims here are adults. we've got chopper 4 on the way and more on this here later today. aaron? >> richard, thank you. look at video here. more than 1,000 people gathered overnight at the university of virginia. they're demanding justice for what they say was a rough arrest of a student there. we must warn you, some of the arrest video and the pictures are pretty difficult to watch. nbc's willie geist has more on the protest and tlaeft started it all. >> hey, he's bleeding! yo his head is bleeding. yo his head is bleeding! >> reporter: this video obtained by newspaper the cavalier daily shows officers with the state alcohol and beverage control arresting university of virginia student martese johnson outside an irish pub early wednesday morning. >> i go to uva.
11:46 am
i go to uva. [ bleep ]! >> reporter: johnson is seen on the ground yelling as officers handcuff him. >> i go uva. [ bleep ]. >> stop fighting. >> racist. how could this happen? >> reporter: the abc officers say 20-year-old johnson a member of uva's honor committee was detained after being refused entry to the bar charging him on two counts. obstruction of justice without force and public swearing or intoxication. the virginia department of abc saying in a statement, a determination was made by the agents to further detain the individual. based on their observations and further questioning. in the course of an arrest being made the arrested individual sustained injuries. >> thank god martese is able to stand here today. [ applause ] >> reporter: overnight, about 1,000 students gathered on uva's campus demanding justice for johnson. in a protest mostly peaceful with a few isolated incidents. >> get out of the street! >> reporter: johnson, who received ten stitches following
11:47 am
his arrest spoke at the event. >> we deserve to respect each other especially in times like this. thank you. >> now we have a link to the arrest video on you can also weigh in on the arrest on the nbc washington facebook page. barbara. today the prince of wales and camilla, duchess of cornwall wrap up their visit in washington. among plans this morning a visit to the armed forces retirement home in northwest washington. they did that earlier. they were greeted by the press this morning as they learned more about the programs off everied there for our veterans. the royal couple will also head to the white house to meet with president obama and vice president joe biden. they head to louisville tomorrow before leaving the u.s. this story is trending on facebook this morning pap long-term study suggesting a link between breast feeding and intelligence. according to brazilian researchers, baby breast fed for long her a higher i.q. more than 3,000 babies studied here. these researchers say
11:48 am
intelligence can be improved up to the age of 30. many pediatricians say this backs the current trend for mothers exclusively breast feed for six months. are wednesday's child this sweek a bright 11-year-old who loves life and has a passion for cooking. and she hopes one day to share her cooking skills with a forever family. >> reporter: i hear you like to cook. is that right? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: her interest in cooking brought us hire to the academy cuisine. >> hi. i want you to meet serena. >> reporter: we met academy manager emily worth who invited us to take a cooking class with chef sandy patterson. >> are you excited to cook today? i'm excited you're here. look. i've got an apron for you. so we are going to start out. we're going to make macaroni and cheese. >> reporter: one of her most favorite dishes and surprised to learn there was so many choices of cheese that you can use to make it. >> pick one kind or pick all four. you get to pick.
11:49 am
>> i get to pick having choices was a nice experience for serena. and in her 11 years she's been moved around as a foster child with little to say about where she goes or how long she gets to stay. her social worker says she's a bright child who needs a loving home to grow up in. >> she loves life. she is very friendly. she loves to cook. like you can tell today. >> reporter: serena reshmembered every step. >> step one, wash your mands. two, put the butter in step three, put the flour in. step four put the milk in then stir it until it's bubbly. >> reporter: what would you like to be when you grow up? >> i would like to be a chef, like the lady i was cooking with. i want to be just like her. >> cheers. >> reporter: we clinked spoons and attempted the macaroni. a smile of approval but we weren't done. >> every good lunch needs a good dessert. we are going to make chocolate
11:50 am
trufrales. >> reporter: serena listened closely and memorized this recipe too to make at home. >> i want a home that is a loving and caring and likes to cook just like me. >> reporter: we hope she finds that loving caring place, with a family to cook with. bright little girl. only 11 years old. if you have room in your home and your heart for serena or another child who's waiting, please call our special adoption hot line. the number 1-88-to-adopt-me or search wednesday's child on show you will ferrell's new push
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xwooshgs welcome back. we love to hear about amazing kids but from california topping the list here. nbc's joe fryer sat down with the teen who's invention using legos could make a huge difference to blind people across the country. >> it's a braille printer made of legos. >> yeah. >> amazing.
11:52 am
>> reporter: inspired after learning most braer printers court $2,000 and weigh 40 pounds more. he wants to build one a quarter of the cost and weight. >> he made that print whir he was just 12 years old. his logo proelt oh type only a letter at a time a faster lego-less version in the works now. see the full story on will ferrell is proving that he is one of the funniest comedians out there, if you didn't already know that. he stopped by the "tonight show" to promote his new film and did it in character. wait until you see the character. >> why are you doing that. i mean let's be honest jim, i'm not the hollywood hunk i once was. this mug ain't making the moola like i used to. i go a mouth to feed. >> he did the appearance as little debbie. you see that?
11:53 am
recognize little deb fri snack cakes? there she is. not really. he didn't break character for a second there. will ferrell had a new film "get hard" heats theaters next thursday. watch the entire appearance on our website. back in 60 seconds with a look how to stay informed about today's today
11:54 am
an update on breaking news. chopper 4 just got to the scene of a triple shooting in knoxville, maryland. to the like pictures here off of miller avenue on valley road in washington county. police saying that three people were shot inside this home. right now they're only confirming that two of them did not survive. still waiting for information on that third victim. all of them believed to be adults. police are investigating the circumstances here behind the shooting. we'll keep you posted throughout the day. aaron, back to you. >> thanks. earlier in this newscast we asked if you were less
11:55 am
productive at home and at work during the ncaa tournament. here are the results. the question for you. if you hadn't seen it look at results. 25% say, yes. you're less productive. 75% say, no. barbara? >> all right. do you know tomorrow is the first day of spring and this guy talking about snow? >> absolutely. but the snow will be over before spring officially begins. >> yeah? what time' going to start? >> 6:45 p.m. is beginning of spring. 3:00 a.m. is the beginning of the snow. so keep that in mind. >> how much e wr going to get? >> that's the million dollar question right there, barbara. i think around most of the metro area a coating to maybe one to two maybe three inches of snow around the metro area proper. temperatures are probably never going to drop below freezing. should be a relatively low impact inside the immediate metro area. however, out to the north and west three to four inches of slushy wet snow could get roads slippery at times. keep did in mind making plans. low to moderate impact across the metro but much higher impact
11:56 am
in northern maryland panhandle of west virginia. frederick county maryland to frederick county virginia the spine of the blue ridge, where the impact is the highest. next four day, 50s today. mid to upper 30s tomorrow. cold enough to snow but not ice up roads. could be slippery at times. all-important weekend, saturday mix of clouds and sunshine highs near 60. any slushy snow you make tomorrow snowmen, melt fast saturday. sunday on a cool side. temperatures in the low 50s. on the whole, watching out for that. veronica and doug will have the latest on news 4:00 5:00 and 6:00. ♪ do you want to build a snowman ♪ >> right. >> veronica and doug here this morning, 4:00 5:00 and 6:00 talking about the snow too. chuck will be here at 4:26 in the morning and
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> daniel: check on brady black every four hours. melanie's visiting with him now.
12:00 pm
if she's still there in another hour or so you just shoo her out. he needs his rest. >> understood. >> daniel: yeah, thank you. >> abigail: daniel, hey. >> daniel: hey. >> abigail: hi, i just talked to my mom. she said she heard that brady was admitted. what's wrong? >> daniel: yeah, it's no big deal. turns out he's fine. going home in the morning. you know, i will let him, uh tell you about it. >> abigail: oh. >> daniel: yeah. >> abigail: okay. i'll let my mom know. she was really worried. >> daniel: i care about you and both of your kids. i always will. but i really hate it when you tell me not to be involved especially when you're the one who brought me into this. now, i can tell you're lying. and i am worried about you. how, uh--how are things with


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