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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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are to edition of "dateline" developing off the top at 11:00, a violent robbery in georgetown. someone attacked a man with shopping bags as he walked you through the neighborhood. darcy spencer is live at the scene. what happened out there?
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>> reporter: well i can tell you that the scene cleared just about an hour or so ago. the victim of here for some time. we could see that he was holding an ice pack over his left eye. when he pulled that ice pack away we could see a big gash where he was punched during this vicious attack and robbery. this happened here at 33rd in neve d.c. about 8:30 -- northwest d.c. about 8:30 tonight. this is a drenlzresidential injury of ofof -- residential neighborhood in georgetown. police are looking for three metropolitan involved in -- the crime. there was a second robbery in the district in d.c. the victim of also punched while he was walking on 42nd street in northwest. the three robbers got away with his cell phone and wallet. of course we do not know if
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these robberies are connected. there is a lot of concern here in the neighborhood, a couple of residents mentioned, that they're planning on getting additional security cameras in the neighborhood. we're reporting live from georgetown darcy spencer, news4. another neighborhood in northwest d.c. has seen a string of robberies. we've learned they may all be connected. investigators say there were five robberies in a 24-hour period between tuesday and wednesday all around mt. vernon square. most of them took place in broad daylight. at least four involved a knife. in each case the robbers came up to someone walking outside and demanded money. police are still looking for the suspects. two more people have died from a crash we told you about on route 50. this is what it looked like sudden near route 97 in anne arundel county. maryland statement say an off-duty takoma park police officer did not see traffic stopped ahead of him. he slammed into a nissan killing a passenger inside.
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that man's teenage daughter and her friend have also died from their injuries. the anne arundel state's attorney will determine if any charges have to be filed. in maryland a police officer of working an accident on the side of the highway when someone plowed into him. it happened on route 29 and old columbia road near the howard and montgomery county line. the howard county officer was sitting in his cruiser and had his emergency lights on. police say a drunk driver ran into him and destroyed the police car. the officer and drive had to be rushed to the hospital. both are expected to be okay. new at 11:00, investigators are trying to figure out how two fires started in bladensburg. two vehicles caught fire and cause good $50,000 in damage -- caused about $50,000 in damage. the fire broke out in the warehouse along lauren street. no one of hurt. one of the other vehicles was a trash truck. tonight a 60-year-old woman is in jail accused of stabbing her own mother. investigators say michelle davis
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killed margaret wells after they got into an argument at their home in chillum. wells was 94 years old. relatives say although davis struggled with mental illness, they never thought that it would lead to this. >> i can't imagine what kind of argument it was that would lead author stab her mother and leave her there. make no send. >> mrs. wells lived in the home for decades and would have turned 95 in may. over in the district it didn't take long for police to arrest someone for a deadly stabbing. tyrone moore was stabbed at this apartment complex on f street northeast. emts rushed him to the hospital. moore died from the stab wounds. two hours later police arrested harold marshall. he's been charged with murder. a lot of you are on our nbc washington facebook page talking about a new account of what went down in charlottesville last week. the trinity irish pub says uva student martise join did not
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appear drunk before agents took him down. he was said to be polite in a conversation with the bouncer. the bouncer didn't let him in because he gave wronging in about his i.d. images of his bloody face went viral. virginia state police are investigating. we have the bar's full statement on including more of what the bouncer saw. six new ways to get caught speeding in the district. police have put up six new cameras along with this in southeast. they're going up in sites where police say speeding's been a problem. for the first 30 days you'll get a warning citation if you're caught. the grace period stars tomorrow. you're looking live at union station as cooler air moves into our area. chief meteorologist doug kammerer says we're all going to feel a chill waking up in the
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morning. doug? >> reporter: yeah. that's the sure thing out there. it does look like cooler weather going to continue to make its way in over the next couple of days. as it does it may stick around. right now, temperature around the region, 48 in the d.c. metro area. 48 in richmond. to the north, we're at 28 around the pittsburgh area. 29 in state college. that's the cold air that will top news4 as we move through the overnight hours. tomorrow morning, a chilly one. tomorrow will be much colder than today. temperatures ten degree below average for this time of year. we will warm up during the middle of the week. that comes with a good chance of rain maybe thunderstorm. then we get cold again. seven-day forecast coming up in a empty. >> thanks. supporter of sweet briar college took their fight to the nation's capitol as they try to raise enough money to save their school. student and alumni held signs and matched down the national mall. sweet briar college is a small liberal arts school for women in virginia. school president says it needs $250 million to stay afloat.
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>> it's a very one-to-one professor-to-student relationship there. anyone who believes this that -- we've had people who simply believe in our you cause and what we do at sweet briar. they've donated, as well. >> as of now, the college will close by the end of august. an alumni group has raised $3 million. this week they plan to demand the college make its finances public or face legal action. tonight, lawmakers are demanding more answers from the secret service. they want to hear firsthand if two agents drove on to the white house ground after a night drinking. today the congressional committee on oversight and government reform sent a letter to director joseph clancy. they want four employees who witnessed thetowns testify at a hearing -- the incident to testify at a hearing. he said he would agree but only as the sole witness. no exploratory committee, no mulling it over.
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the man from texas says he is ready to run for president. senator ted cruz will become the first high-profile floun announce his bid for the white house. on his twitter account, he hinted at news coming at midnight. nbc news confirms you cruz will formally announce his 2016 presidential billed monday. cruz is a princeton and harvard educated lawyer and tea party favorite. he will make the announcement at jerry falwell's university in lynchburg, virginia. a home base for evangelicals. >> other republicans want to move away from social issues. ted cruise is saying no i'm your champion. >> other big names on the republican side are expected to follow if the next few weeks. president obama is paying tribute to singapore's founding father calling himself a visionary and giant of history. he died today at the age of 91. he was singapore's first prime minister and served longer than nip. yu is credited with shaping
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singapore into a global city and making one of the most prosperous nation. a cliff suddenly clapped at a national park in northern california. toll plaza one hiker is dead -- tonight, one hiker is dead another critically injured. the hikers were at the end of the trail when the rock slide happened. they'll fell about 60 feet and were covered in rubble. park officials warned hiker last week that fissures along the rock were at risk of crumbling. a heart wrenching site in brooklyn as hundreds mourned the death of seven siblings. the young e.t. was of the -- youngest was of 5, the oldest was 16. they died in a fire. the family left a hot plate on overnight. to observe the family they used it to keep food warm without lighting a fire. the mother and teenage sister jumped out a second story window and survived. property taxes are always a contentious issue. fine out why -- find out why
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homeowners plan to raise them:and controversy and race relations. a company makes a major decision. and a stand banned all new fast food joints but it's not
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a prince george's county police officer is off the job tonight, indicted on assault and misconduct charges. the officer is accused of holding a gun to a man's head and threatening him. for the first time we're hearing from that man. derrick ward with more on what even the police chief calls up acceptable and disturbing. i felt like my life was about to end. >> reporter: william cunningham had a glock placed to his forehead and mouth.
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of it a uniformed prince george's county police officer on other end of that gun. that officer has since been indicted on assault charges after confronting cunningham out of his bowie home over where the car he was riding in was parked. as cunningham tried to go in to his home -- >> the police officer up holesters his service weapon makes reference to his service in iraq threatens to kill our client on his very doorstep. >> reporter: cunningham's wives she dialed 911 after seeing what was going on thinking there had to be a higher ranking officer on the scene. >> at that point, i knew the p. go. county does not absolutely train their officers to act in that manner. >> reporter: cell phone video of the event which attorneys say of shot by cunningham's cows in the driver will figure heavily in the proceedings as they go forward. cell phone stroe center of this is state's evidence. they're not releasing it publy. we did look at it, and it is disturbing.
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cunningham's attorney gives an account of what the attorney is alleged to have said. >> he had been in iraq he came back and wouldn't be available to help anyone. >> reporter: last week prince george's county's police chief spoke of the incident and the resulting indictments. >> disturbing. it's unacceptable on this police department, and it won't be tolerated. >> reporter: attorneys say the copy has made -- the county has been made and are to be applauded. >> i have not felt safe since the incident. seven years ago, los angeles banned fast food restaurants in parts of the city as part its fight against obeseityobesity. did it work? hally jackson with the trultsresults of a ban. >> reporter: this family has
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plenty of produce which they planted a year ago. desperate for healthy, affordable food close by. >> beautiful. >> say you dip have this guarden. what are your -- say you dip have this guarden. what are your options? >> we would drive nine to 15 miles to a photo shop. >> reporter: they wanted people in the neighborhood to have more options. in 2008 the city passed a law that banned new stand-alone fast ft. hood restaurants from opening in l.a. hoping healthier spots would take their place, an unprecedented move in the fight against adversity. some experts argue it was a total flop. in this neighborhood hardly any healthy alternatives open for business. >> this is whale ate. you -- what does it achieve?
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absolutely nothing. >> reporter: they found the numbers went in the wrong direction. before the law passed 63% of people in south l.a. reported being overweight or obese. four years later, that figure jumped to 75%. >> people eat fast food more you now than they did in twech2011. -- in twech. 2007. it's. as if one thing caused obesiti. it's not going to be the one thing that cures obesity. i hope it will have an impact. >> it's hard to change people's behaviors. >> reporter: for them, it's harvest that's why they're willing to share. >> it taste so much better from the garden.
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>> reporter: nbc, los angeles. star bucks' baristas will no longer write on cups. it worked but job line critics called it a marketing employ. starbucks' ceo says he's not ending because of the activity and plans more race together activities in the coming weeks:todayweeks: giant and aurora foods brand has a product recall. to see a complete list of products head to, and search "recall." covering northern she, a lot of parents in leak are pushing -- in alexander are pushing the city to raise their property taxes. the proposed budget false more than $3 million short of what the school district is asking for. the parents say to repair schools, keep teachers, and deal with an influx of new students,
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the district needs that money. the parents want a 1% increase in property taxes to go to the schools. the average in price of gas fell four cents in the last two weeks and is $2.50 a gallon. lundberg says they can make a drop in the crude oil costs. hopefully you got to enjoy this -- really entire perfect. now back to work and cold. >> 60s on sudden. today in the 50s. tomorrow most of us only in the 40s. cold air coming in for sure. looks like the cold air wants to be here more than the warm air does. i don't know why it's a fight. the warm air is losing. get in that corner. look at the numbers. we're on the coloside-- cool side. not bad. 48 winds out of the north. as you look at the rest of the area 40 in easton now, on the eastern shore. also 40 toward annapolis. cooler to the north and west.
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that's where the air is coming from. 37 in hagerstown and cumberland. everybody will drop to the 30s. most of you will drop to the 20s. a fairly cold start tomorrow. no rain or snow the next couple of days. if you're thinking about washing the car, it's a good time to do it. we will stay dry. we've got systems moving in. i want to show you this. you can see what's happening. to the west, snow toward minneapolis. rape to the south. this will stay to the south. and this storm back to the west really is not going to give us that much except snow into mountains of west virginia maybe western maryland. for us, it's going to help reinforce the cold air. tomorrow chilly. 48 in d.c. 50 in manassas. 45 in martinsburg. average high is 58. we will be close to ten degrees below average as we move you through the next few days. tomorrow morning, 30
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also close to ten degrees below average. between :and 8:00, a chilly start. tomorrow afternoon with a 48-degree temperature between 4:00 and 6:00 no problems weatherwise on the roads the next few days. the next chance for that most likely occurs on thursday. the forecast tomorrow low, chilly but that's it. we all know how to dress for that after what the last couple of months that we've seen on the cool side. look at the cool weather continuing on toward tuesday. woe start to see a warmup. 60 on wednesday. 70 on thursday. maybe showers or a thunderstorm. nothing too strong. friday saturday, sunday yeah. a lot of people mad at me. saturday, a chance of rain and maybe snow. not a big chance. it is something we will continue to watch as we move through the next couple of days. you nice there, we've got, what five out of the next seven days below average. >> remember what they say about the merchlger.
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-- the messenger. >> treat them great. >> right. ahead, virginia get sent home by the spartans. plus the wizards get schooled out in sacramento. how can i avoid maintenance fees? why would you want to avoid them? because i don't want to... you know what? i'm gonna bring my maintenance guy in here to tell you all about it. roddy! so, uh, without your fee your checking chamber can't run smoothly. every time you put money in it causes, uh...deposit friction. gotta get some fiscal lube on there. [ male announcer ] it's time to bank human again. [ defeated] okay. [ male announcer ] avoid monthly maintenance fees at td bank with a minimum checking balance of just $100. td bank. america's most convenient bank.
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i had a spiel ready for how maryland of going to carry the banner for our local region into the sweet 16. >> man. >> to heck with that. >> no one's left anymore. is the bracket finished now? the locals out. you know no one's left. >> mine of done day one. >> pretty much thursday. maryland and west virginia they were battling it out for a trip to the sweet 16. winner of this game would advance to face the top team kentucky. the point guard, mellow trimble, left and didn't return until the second half. he suffered a head injury. we're.
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allowed to show highlights you do u-- highlights due to ncaa rules. 69-59. trimble left in the second half. he finished with 15 points and seven rebound. dez wells, senior, his last game with the terps he scored nine in his final game at maryland. earlier, join watching his spartans take on virginia. second half a nice cut here by malcolm brockton. the cavaliers are within six. this game belonged to a guy named travis tryce. spartans too much. three of 23 in the game. game high michigan state, they knock off virginia. back-to-back years in the tournament. 60-54. final score, tony bennett disappointed after another early exit. >> things now of course the finality of the season after we had a heck of a year with these
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guys what they've done. but it leaves that feeling that you wish you could have taken it further. but it doesn't take away when the dust saids what was accomplished and we'll give thank for that but certainly learn from what took place. >> reporter: to the nit. the colonials visiting the top-seeded temple. gw down eight at halftime. trying to lead them back. the corner three pointer is good. next up driving. scored 15 in the game. gw got it to within five. temple up ten later in the half. daniel dingle to a wide-open jalen bond. and gw falls 90-77. temple advanced to the nit equipment. the sweet 16 and big dance gets underway thursday. congratulations once again to all of our local teams on great seasons this year. let's move to the pros. the wizards' offense was not the
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problem tonight. it was the defense according to head coach randy whitman. either way you look at it, the wizards didn't have it. maybe they were looking down the road. whitman's team playing first back-to-back games. monday they head to golden state to take on the warriors. best team in the league. had it going on scoring 19. eight of 13 from the field. but it was pretty much all the offense the wizards had. watch this pass by demarcus cousins. just beautiful. mclemore with the finish. the wizards struggling to play defense. the back door cut for another slam. fourth quarter, tearing up the wiz kids' d. cross over to the lane. that is an easy finish. he had a game high 26. kings win 109-86. the wizards have dropped 11 of 13 games on the road. mls action now. d.c. united visiting the new york red bulls. we will pick this up in the 25th
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minute. dax mccardy huge play. gets him down and beats bill hamid. the leading score from last season puts the red bulls up 1-0. united turns it over meaning trouble. phillips making the right moves finds lloyd sam. and d.c. united they fall to the red bulls 2-0. they welcome the defending mental illness cup champs the l.a. galaxy, to rfk on saturday night. we'll have more tourism reaction on "spor
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finally tonight, most nfl players spend the offseason resting, working out maybe going on vacation. not many spend it doing math. john herbalschel is not your
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average guy. the lineman does mathematical research and of pushed. he was a wiz who graduated from penn state with a bachelor's and master's in math. believe it or not, he did it with a 4.0. >> good for him. normally they're talking xs and os. >> no kidding. that's going to do it for us. jason is sticking around for "sports final."
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tonight on "sports final," a crushing blow for the cavs as the spartans deal them deja vu. maryland's juan dixon goes from cutting down nets to coaching up the terps. >> guys respect what i've done over my playing career. so i'm able to get through to them. offense stalls out in sacramento. >> it has nothing to do with offense. i don't know why you will even bring that up. >> reporter: maybe the wizards lost because they didn't watch "sports final" last week? >> i'd like to tell you a lot of other things but that -- that was basically it. all right. this video just coming in from columbus. freshman mello trimble and the terps fal


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