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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 25, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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yvonne are from north virginia, they were traveling together on vacation. they are among three americans killed. one of the black boxes has been recovered and is now being analyzed. investigators say it could be days or even weeks before they know just what went wrong. chris gordon right now is in nokesville in prince william county, virginia, where the selkes lived. >> reporter: tonight a family member told me that they are in a state of shock that they have not been told anything beyond what's being reported on the news. yvonne selke, a beloved wife and mother, and her daughter emily whose life held such great promise emily selke graduated from drexel university with honors in 2013. her sorority provided this picture. she was killed in yesterday's crash along with her mother yvonne, members of the selke family are gathered in
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nokesville virginia with no plans to travel to france at this point. i am told they are waiting for more information. they haven't been told anything that would allow them to begin planning a funeral. they sent me this e-mail today. our entire family is deeply saddened by the losses of yvonne and emily selke two wonderful, caring, amazing people who meant so much to so many. at this difficult time we respectfully ask for privacy and your prayers. a neighbor who has lived across the street from the sellkes since 1988 reacted to the news. >> terrible. i mean she's a really nice lady. >> sad and shocking that it's just over. we'll never see them again. >> reporter: yvonne selke worked for booz allen who issued this statement. booz allen and our employees are mourning the sudden and shocking death of yvonne selke an employee of nearly 23 years and her daughter emily. yvonne was a wonderful co-worker and dedicated employee who spent
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her career supporting the mission of the national geospatial intelligence agency. emily was traveling on vacation with her mother. she graduated from woodbridge high school with top honors a few years ago winning a college scholarship from the national naval officers association at quantico, being named one of the future leaders of america. emily was dreaming of a career in the music industry. the selke family is hoping to hear from authorities investigating the crash not knowing what to expect next. that's the latest live in nokesville, virginia, back to you. >> we invite you to stay with news4 for continuing coverage of that deadly crash. follow us on facebook twitter and our mobile app. he was brought home in a prisoner swap for five members of the taliban. now bowe bergdahl is being charged with leaving his post. chris lawrence who has covered
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the pentagon for years is at the live desk with the latest. >> doreen, i remember vividly when bergdahl disappeared. a lot of officials in the pept gone wondering how he was able to walk off that base. now he could face life in a military prison if he's convicted. but it's highly likely he will get much less than that. sergeant bergdahl was the only american p.o.w. in afghanistan. now he's been charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. he abandoned his post in afghanistan in 2009 picked up by the haqqani network, the taliban had him until may of last year. he'll likely get a shorter sentence because of that. a military defense lawyer says officials will take into account that bergdahl sent so much time as a prisoner. the united states is bringing charges so he cannot collect special compensation as a prisoner of war. the charges raise a lot of we questions about the deal to bring bergdahl home. five members of the taliban were released from gitmo.
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right now they're all under surveillance in qatar. for the first time, police say they're looking for a woman in connection with a murder in an upscale d.c. hotel room. that announcement as the victim's wife issued a tearful plea for help in the case. pat collins is outside the donovan hotel tonight with more. pat? >> reporter: doreen, it's been 43 days since this happened but so far no suspect no arrest. today some moves to get some action in this case. the person of interest in the donovan hotel murder case pictured on large placards outside police headquarters. the victim's wife making an impassioned plea to solve this troubling case of murder. >> in one day i lost the most important person in my life and the man i loved so much. >> reporter: kim vuong the wife
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of david messerschmitt, talking publicly for the first time since her husband was stabbed to death at the donovan hotel. >> i'm here to urge anyone who may have any information about the murder of my husband to please come forward. >> reporter: david messerschmitt was a 30-year-old lawyer with a powerhouse firm downtown. he lived with his wife in a stylish condo on capitol hill. it's unclear why he was staying at this thomas circle hotel back on february the 10th. shortly after the murder, police released surveillance video of a person of interest in the case. today police say that person of interest is a woman, but they're not sayingly how they know that for sure. >> i cannot reveal any information as to how we came about that. that's information that could damage our investigation. >> reporter: according to court documents, police say
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messerschmitt had stab wounds to his back. they found blood on the walls and the door of the hotel room. from the room, police say they recovered a number of items, including a wallet, credit cards, a condom lubricant a watch, and enema a cell phone, and some keys. now, sources tell news4 investigators are looking into the possibility that this was some sort of setup. doreen, back to you. >> thank you, pat. a few showers out there today, temperatures up temperatures down. doug what are we looking at next? >> we're looking at that roller coaster continuing right on through the next couple of days. we've got the cloud cover now. we saw a few showers earlier. most of those now are oust the but still a couple. storm team 4 radar showing most of us on the dry side. that's how we'll remain through the evening tonight. we had a couple of showers moving through with a little frontal boundary coming through the area. as i mentioned, most of those
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showers over the chesapeake, just moving around the deal area toward kent island. that's the big story the warm jum. we will see much warmer temperatures tomorrow and possible storms tomorrow night behind that, well, behind that we get much colder again. i'll let you know how this roller coaster of temperatures goes as we move into the weekend. >> doug thank you. an emergency fund is in place now to try to ease the financial strain for the wife of walter fauntroy. she faced losing their family home. we told you last week that worried friends believe the former d.c. delegate is in dubai, but there's a mystery surrounding his well-being. tom sherwood has the story. >> reporter: walter fauntroy served in congress and was pastor of his church for 50 years while being at the forefront of the civil rights movement. >> walter fauntroy, a man who
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set the standard for dedication and service. >> reporter: news4 reported last week that the 82-year-old fauntroy has had limited contact with family and friends here for more than a year, that there's concern about his physical and mental well-being, and that his home in northwest faced foreclosure until fauntroy's attorney filed bankruptcy to protect his wife dorothy. >> so while we are not sure where reverend fauntroy may be at this time nor his condition, which we are very very concerned about we do want to make sure that the family and particularly mrs. fauntroy is in good hands. >> reporter: the national congress of black women headed by fauntroy friend williams has agreed to collect donations for the family while the mystery is pursued including allegations fauntroy is financially troubled and worried about returning home. >> our concern right now is with mrs. fauntroy, who also does not know all of the answers. >> walter, if you are hearing
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about this, knowing about this, we want you to come home. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood news4. a warm reception from both republicans and democrats on capitol hill as afghanistan's new president addressed congress today. ashraf gauny is trying to repair relations between his country and the u.s. his speech comes after president obama announced he will keep 10000 troops in afghanistan through the end of the year. >> the people of afghanistan recognize the bravery of your soldiers and the tremendous sacrifices that the americans have made to keep afghanistan free. >> the president also thanked congress for billions of dollars appropriated to afghanistan. he promised his country would be
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self-reliant within this decade. battling potholes. the guarantee made today to get potholes f >> reporter: today we met some of the folks who live here in prince george's county. i'm trisacee wilkins. coming up we'll have their stories. >> reporter: i'm tisha thompson with the news4 i-team. we're investigating sex assaults inside the national guard and how we found that the rules and punishments are very different here t
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 6. we count on them to be ready to fight for our country at a moment's notice. but tonight tisha thompson and the news4 i-team continue their investigation into sex assaults
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inside the national guard, showing us why some women say they don't feel safe serving in one of our local national guard units. >> reporter: nestled in a narrow mountain valley the snow surrounding the west virginia national guard headquarters gives the impression of a calm and quiet place. but the news4 i-team has uncovered documents showing a battle of the sexes raging. >> as a female, whether you're an enlisted or officer, you have to be faster better, stronger at everything you do. and you learn that really quick. >> reporter: a lesson captain dend ra weaver learned on the battlefield but one she said she never thought she'd have to learn yet again when she returned home from afghanistan when she made a sexual harassment complaint. >> i think he was dead serious when he looked at me and said, i will f'ing kill you. he was not joking. >> reporter: her complaint unleashed a barrage of complaints from other women. in written complaints female
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service members talking about sexual harassment. in response, one male officer told investigators he felt the me males are whining and such over proemss. >> the army is not a wayward home for girl scouts. >> reporter: physical assault were sustained, chairs kicked an other objects thrown at members and women admitting they don't feel safe working there. even the guard' y sexual assault victim advocate told investigators the soldier and officers inside this guard unit don't have each other's backs as they should. i don't know how this would work if they were sent to the battlefield. >> we determined the best way to go about addressing this situation is i've got to effect change to the culture and the environment of the organization. >> reporter: general james hoyer took over the west virginia national guard the same year the
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complaints started to surface. >> normally the ajute antigen looks at how the troops are being trained how they're getting ready to do. you what i decided to do with my unit visits to spend less time observing training and take part of that time to do town halls. >> reporter: the two-scar general tells the i-team says he separated women so he would speak honest with him. he said at least 24 have come forward claiming they were sexually assaulted or harassed including lieutenant colonel teresa james who according to a recent national guard report is the highest ranking officer in the nation to come forward with a rape claim. >> i thought with my longevity, my years of service that the leadership would view me as a very credible person, believe me, and support me. that's not what happened. >> reporter: lieutenant colonel james says her attacker resigns
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because the state does not have the legal authority to court-martial soldiers for criminal offenses. general hoyer says he can punish offenders financially by stripping them of their pensions and issuing letters of reprimand, which is what he says he did after an investigation found james' perpetrator was physically and sexually assaulting junior officers. >> i'm pleased that the town hall is having an impact. i'm frustrated that we're still dealing with this issue. i'm frustrated that there are people that take advantage of other people that impacts our organization's ability to do the things we're supposed to do, be prepared to take the nation to war or to respond to a disaster that may occur. so i think my frustration lies more with as much as i think we're having an impact here and we've got people coming forward,
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is it coming fast enough? is change coming fast enough? >> if you want to learn more about lieutenant colonel james' case, go to there you can see why she thinks the guard system is failing service members when they come forward with rape allegations. click on "investigations." tisha thompson, news4 i-team. >> tisha, thank you. doug is here with more about our weather. we had kind of a little bit of everything today. >> yeah. even a freezing rain advisory early this morning. didn't amount to much, but that was interesting to see this morning. temperatures quickly climbing well above the freezing mark and now we're about ten degrees warmer than yesterday. take a look outside. one thing you notice toward reston town center, looking pretty good and the traffic is flowing. earlier the westbound lanes on the toll road were back to back all backed up. still a little backed up there but not nearly as bad as an hour ago. let's look now and show you the temperatures.
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currently at the airport we're sitting at a cooler 52 degrees, winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. anytime we have that southerly direction, you know we could be talking about warmer temperatures. that's what we'll get into tomorrow. 54 downtown fredericksburg fredericksburg, 48 in gaithersburg frech in47 in annapolis. look back to the west, 65 in petersburg, west virginia cumberland at 63. these pesky mountains, can't they just get out of here and get us some warmth. it is really warm just to the west of the mountains. we had a couple of showers come through. those are now toward the eastern shore. the rest of us should be dry for the night. back to the west is where the storms are. there are some big-time thunderstorms, even a couple of tornado warnings out there towards the west. that's the system that's going to move our direction. and it's going to allow a lot of this warmer air to pick up across our region. pittsburgh right now at 67, 66 in cincinnati, 66 in raleigh. you take away the mountains, we also get into the 60s.
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you can't do that too easily. 75 in memphis 78 in jackson. that's the warm air coming up tomorrow and everybody will get warmer. storm team 4 future weather talking about tomorrow morning as we move through the night tonight, just the clouds. around 7:00 you're making your way in i think you'll deal with shower activity right around that morning rush. it won't be everybody. most of the showers should be on the light side. but be ready, take the umbrella with you. i think you'll need it in the morning. 9:00 a.m., few more showers toward the south and east. most of the area on the dry side same deal around noon. we have showers toward the south but most of the region on the dry side. watch what happens here. do not think tomorrow is going to be a wet day. it will not be.5:00 p.m., sunshine could break out. the more sun we get the warmer the temperatures get as everybody climbs into the 70s. also, the stronger the storms could get. here's 5:00 showing those storms back along i-81. then a line coming through the d.c. metro area around 8:00. we're not talking about anything severe here but we could see
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heavier downpours, maybe a rumble of thunder, bolt of lightning or two. the best news is we get warm and we get very warm. take a look, high temperatures of 75 in d.c. 76 in fredericksburg, 72 in martinsburg, 71 in gaithersburg everybody into the 70s with the chance of storms once again after the 5:00 hour, so most of the afternoon okay. impact forecast we'll call it low to moderate, a.m. showers with the wind coming up in the afternoon, gusting upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour as it brings in the warmer air. 51 friday and we come crashing back down 42 saturday, windchills only in the 30s. we go right back up, though, sunday not too bad, sunny with a high of 52 degrees. >> thank you doug. when we come back, new details into the lives of fraternity members leading a racist chant speaking out. >> reporter: potholepalooza kicks off with a bang and a new
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strategy. i'm
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i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. one of the frat brothers who led a racist chant has just held a news conference to apologize. he was caught on video at the university of oklahoma, and today levi petit met with officials in oklahoma city. during his news conference, petpit said he was very sorry
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and upset and embarrassed that he failed to stop that chant. pettit would not say who taught him the chant or where he learned it, the fraternity's lawyers have reached an agreement with ou and no more former members willing expelled from the school. the university is expected to release a report on what happened on friday. at the live desk, chris lawrence. tonight, a local woman has a new opportunity to make a discrimination case against a former employer. the supreme court has ruled that peggy young of loiten virginia can make her case before a jury in district court. young had sued united parcel service in 2006. she accused them for refusing to accommodate her physical limitations during a pregnancy. two lower maryland courts agreed with u.p.s. but today the supreme court threw out those rulings and gave young a new chance to prove her claim. u.p.s. has since changed its
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policy and now says it tries to better accommodate pregnant workers. a huge honor today for some ordinary folks who have done extraordinary things for others. vietnam veteran michael reagan is one of three recognized today with the citizen before self award. he makes hand-drawn portraits for families of fallen service members killed in iraq and afghanistan. john niece, another honoree tackled and subdued a gunman during a shooting at seattle pacific university after that gunman had killed a student. the congressional medal of honor foundation chooses the honorees. ancht next, a new strategy to fix those pesky potholes faster. we're hitting the road to see if it really is working. a transgender student at the center of a controversy over a bathroom. it could prompt a new push in the district. plus, 1,000 people behind the building of mgm's new maryland casino. what local workers are sharing with n
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 6. they can be expensive and dangerous and they can sneak up on you. tonight there's a new push to fill all those potholes in the district. >> they are truly evil things. and the city is promising that the repairs will be quicker than ever. our adam tuss is reporting now.
6:30 pm
exactly how the crew plans to make good on that promise. adam? >> reporter: they are so evil jim. ddot has its work cut out for it. take a look at it, this is "r" street in northwest, an absolute mess. but rejoice, these holes are about to be filled. we asked you to send us potholes to pass along to ddot, and, boy, did you. 15th street northeast, south carolina avenue southeast illinois avenue northwest, beach drive northwest. just a few that ddot now knows about and take a look here at "r" street in northwest. oh, boy it gets loud here. >> furniture rattles stuff falls off the shelves because of this street. >> reporter: you're saying your house is actually shaking? >> yeah. the stuff in my house shakes. >> reporter: now to filling them. yep, even mayor bowser getting in on the action today. the city has a new strategy for getting rid of the craters this year. they're treating it like
6:31 pm
battling snow. >> it gives us the flexibility to deploy crews and contractors where the problems are. >> reporter: so if you have a pothole you want filled, do you know what to do? >> i don't. is there something i say? >> reporter: here i'll tell you. ready? you can either tweet ddot, you can call 311, or you go to >> i think i might do all of those things. >> reporter: you should. the last few winters have been so bad, the city filling 65,000 potholes a year. over this month-long campaign, the hope is to fill 12,000. and back here live on "r" street as everybody makes their way home, the whole idea you report a pothole and it will get filled in two days at the most. back to you, jim. >> thanks adam. an arrest in an attempted sexual assault in northwest washington. a man named al aman gone gol low has been attacked on an attack on 16th street near meridian
6:32 pm
place. a woman reported the attack early this morning. gonzalo is charged with assault with the intent to commit a sexual offense. we're about a year away now from the opening of the mgm casino and resort at national harbor. some people in the area are already making money and feeling lucky. tracee wilkins met some of those on the front lines of construction. tracee? >> reporter: well, jim, they were celebrating the fact that the 1,000th employee has been hired here at the mgm site. they also wanted to make sure we met some of their minority emp those folks had quite a story to tell about working here. >> a lot of work going on. hearing hammers in the background. >> reporter: even in the midst of this press conference, eric coats is still on the job. >> barely stopping for all of this. >> reporter: he's the site safety supervisor for mgm national harbor. >> our job is to make sure that everybody who walks on the site walks off the site at the end of the day. >> pulling the temporary theaters and providing all the temporary power for the cranes.
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>> reporter: jane oliver is a union electrician working here. and both are from prince george's. >> all my life. and that's 56 years. >> i live in laurel right now, was raised in capital heights. >> reporter: now they're building a piece of history in their home county. >> this project here is the largest project that i have ever been on. >> reporter: but it's not just the size that makes her proud. >> i have one grandson, and he's 3. i'm just proud to see that there's one day that he can drive by here and he can say my grandmother had a part of this. >> we have about 400 people working on the site, and i would say that a good majority of them are from prince george's county. >> i personally made many promises to this county. >> reporter: and mgm's ceo jim murren said hiring minority companies. >> it's an offshoot o oldest black-owned arc keck turl firm in the country.
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>> reporter: making promises that those who biltd the casino look like the people who play here. >> we make sure minorities participate in the project even after it's completed. >> reporter: it is amazing just how large that project is. if's moving along quickly. but the completion date has now been moved back. they're expecting it to be done sometime between july and the end of 2016. tracee wilkins reporting live, back to you in the studio. a missing link among roads in eastern loudoun county is about to be fixed. ground was broken for the completion of russell branch parkway in ashburn. right now russell branch ends at ashburn road and ashburn village boulevard. when completed in about a year, the two ends will be linked behind virginia academy. the project is being paid for with a combination of tax dollars an developer offers. county officials tell leesburg today the road is critical in their plans to get local traffic off of route 7.
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a push to raise taxes in prince george's county may have hit a snag today. a 15% hike is being proposed to improve education in the county. that comes to about $600 more per year for someone with a $400,000 home. but today maryland senator anthony muse introduced a bill that would significantly reduce that tax hike. the council has the final say on any tax increase and it will vote on that matter in june. for the fifth year in a row, our region ranks among the healthiest when it comes to virginia residents according to a recently released report ranking on education, housing, diet and exercise. when it comes to the commonwealth, arlington county is number one. fairfax and loudoun, which previously topped the list, are in the top four. taseville county in southern
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virginia ranked last. hundreds of thousands of people asking congress today to approve a potentially life saving drug. and providing help on wheels and the effort under way to fight diabetes and owebeseityobesity. we're talking about showers but temperatures are going way up. starting off around 48 tomorrow, but then getting up to 70 by 1:00 and 75 in the afternoon. we'll talk about when the rain moves in and what you can expect
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the italian judges in the ox trial will not announce their decision until friday. they're deciding whether to uphold the conviction against knox and her ex-boyfriend in the murder of knox's former roommate in 2007. a crush of photographers greeted lawyers in the case as they arrived today. knox did not attend the trial. if she's convicted -- if the conviction stands, it could spark a legal battle over whether she would be extradited back to italy. jesse jackson jr. might be moving into a halfway house here in d.c. as early as tomorrow. there he would finish out his sentence. jackson was once a congressman from illinois. he is now serving a 320-month prison term in alabama. in february of 2013 he pleaded guilty to using $750,000 in campaign money for personal items. his wife also pleaded guilty in that case. her sentence of one year will
6:40 pm
begin after jackson completes his sentence. a possible life saving drug for people with als, lou gehrig's disease, is not approved by the fda. tonight a petition with nearly 300,000 signatures on it is in the hands of congress. the petition calls for gm-604 to be fast-tracked for approval. that would make it available for patients and have it covered by health insurance. if the fda does not act, it could take three years for the drug to reach the market. >> these people that are fighting for their lives have a choice of death versus a chance to live with this drug that's already showed efficacy. the fda can approve the drug and yet continue to have clinical trials. >> als is a deadly neurological disease without a cure. most patients are given two to five years to live. hospital east of the an cost area river is taking had health care closer to the
6:41 pm
hospital. united medical center unveiled a mobile health care clinic today. it will make stops in wards 7 and 8. nurses and medical technicians will provide a variety of medical tests including blood pressure and diabetes screenings and hiv and pregnancy tests. we invite you to our nbc washington facebook page for details on where the mobile clinic will be. a news4 i-team investigation getting results. we'll tell you about the change that could be coming for anybody looking to buy a home in maryland. >> reporter: public outcry over which restroom a young transgender student uses. i'm
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i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. tonight people are sharing some very warm memories in northern virginia after we learn that a mother and daughter were on board that plane that crashed in france. a member of yvonne and emily selke's church just spoke about the women, their character and how she'd like to see them
6:45 pm
remembered. >> i remember yvonne being a kind of quiet person but always with a smile on her face. it was a wonderful thing to watch emily grow up. she was just -- i've known her since she was in second grade all the way up through the sacrament. i'd like them to be remembered as just spiritual people close to their church, close to god, close to their community, and they'll be remembered for a long long time. >> the selkes were among 150 people on board that flight from barcelona to dusseldorf. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. a bill that would help protect home buyers prompted by a news4 i-team investigation has cleared a major hurdle. today the maryland state senate unanimously approved the measure. that legislation aims to keep new home builders from seizing down payments if a pea potential
6:46 pm
buyer can't get a loan. the i-team reported how some lost tens of thousands of dollars on potential new homes because they couldn't get the financing they wanted. a bill now goes to the statehouse for a vote. a growing number of school districts are confronting the issue of restrooms and transgender students. the issue had ignited a controversy in stafford county, and now the school board has reversed its earlier position on the matter. the child in question is in elementary school. northern virginia chief julie carey has our story. >> reporter: it's an issue tenth grader gavin grim knows well. he's challenging the decision to bar him from the boy's restroom and locker room. >> there have been some parents in the community adults, that have had a problem with this. so i'm fight forge my right to use the correct restroom. >> reporter: which restroom is that? >> the men's. >> reporter: in stafford the transgender student was
6:47 pm
initially allowed to use the restroom of the gender that student identifies with. but some parents began to complain forming save our schools. >> the vast number of parents were upset that their children were sharing the bathroom with a child of the opposite sex. and many of the children expressed that they were feeling awkward about it. >> reporter: among the speakers last night, a man who says he's the transgender child's father. >> as we move forward that we don't trade understanding for fear and that we don't trade misconceptions for hate. >> reporter: after a closed session, the board voted to endorse a new plan. the superintendent's directive allows the transgender student to either use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender at birth or an alternative facility like the nurse's bathroom. this stafford mom says that's the wrong decision. >> kids should be accepted for who they are. and i think in this time people
6:48 pm
need to get over same sex marriage, transgender, all that stuff. >> reporter: stafford school board chairwoman kidby issued a statement today saying the reasoning behind our decision was that the legal landscape on these issues is unclear at this point. the save our schools group says they aren't finished. they will continue to push for a broader, districtwide policy making it clear that restrooms and locker rooms can only be used by those of that biological sex. doug is back with a little more about our weather and warmer temps on the way. >> warmer temperatures for one day only. get it now. get it now. temperatures going up tomorrow by another 20 degrees. today was 10 degrees warmer than yesterday, tomorrow 20 degrees warmer than today. we mentioned the cranes a little earlier in national harbor. there they are six of them in the distance. you can also see 495 and the beltway in the distance in this camera looking towards the north
6:49 pm
and west. as we look across the region, temperatures have been on the mild side today, relative to where they have been the last few days. 52 degrees your evening planner, 52 degrees 7:00. it's not 5, that was last month. february was very cold. tonight is going to be okay. i showed this at 5:00. it didn't look like that. 49 by 11:00, though. 48 in gaithersburg, 48 camp springs, 52 degrees down there toward manassas. the rain is gone. we had a couple of showers earlier, but that's really about it. right now we look towards our storm which is back towards the west. it is bringing some big-time severe weather into portions of oklahoma and missouri, an area we'll have to watch tomorrow. i'm not too worried about it. the morning a few light showers exercise caution but shouldn't be too many problems. midday roads mostly dry. tomorrow will not be a washout. don't think it will rain all day. much much the afternoon will be dry. the afternoon warm and dry, a
6:50 pm
few showers moving in. then we see the chance for thunderstorms developing after around 6:00. some of the storms may be on the stronger side with winds and maybe a downpour but nothing severe in our region. 75 for the high tomorrow, the afternoon nice, 51 though on friday and we come crashing down to 42 degrees on saturday 52 on sunday. and we're moving in the right direction again. we get back to 60 on monday and then it just is more of that meandering around. only one cold kay unfortunately on saturday. >> being reminded of those 5s makes 30s an 40s even better. >> thank you, doug. sports coming up. jay gruden is going to talk a little bit about quarterbacking and why he
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk, your home for the most live sports. we're talking football today. he's talking about the coach having some ideas about how to make the offense click? >> well, they need to make sure they fix some of that, come fall. there's no question the redskins struggled in jay gruden's first season. washington ran a new system, but is it too difficult for this team? it's a rhythm passing game. right now rg3 has a hard time
6:54 pm
throwing the ball in rhythm. respoke to gruden at the owners' meeting today. >> i don't think robert or any of our quarterbacks were like what does this play mean? i think we felt good about them knowing exactly what to do, just having the confidence to believe in what you see is the big thing moving forward. when we give you a concept you see it in coverage you want to get the ball out of your hands and go here or here. that's what we want to see all three quarterbacks make just the divisive nature of where they're going with the football, getting it out of their hands. >> the idea of processing. that's how i translate it he wants robert, kirk and kolt to be able to process, see the defense as fast as they can and get rid of the ball. you see the peyton mannings of the world, aaron rodgers of the world. one other note involving the redskins, the team sending well wishes to j.d. gibbs son of joe gibbs president of joe gibbs racing. he's undergo inging treatment
6:55 pm
regarding brain function. doctors believe it's related to previous head injuries. in college park, brenda with their sweet 16 shirt. one more practice before heading to spokane where they face duke on saturday. the terps tweeted out this picture just before takeoff. lexie brown gives a little taste of what the five-hour trip might hold. >> our last trip coming back from the big ten tournament we had a karaoke session in the back of the plane. the plane was packed. it was hot. everybody was irritable. it was 2:00 a.m. but we had karaoke in the back. >> reporter: who was the best voice on the team? >> probably nobody. nobody. >> that's diplomatic. >> you heard doreen mentioning that the women team is practicing against men.
6:56 pm
the top teams need good training so when they play the best they're ready. >> guys with big egos likely to get scooped by girls. >> you know, a lot of stories about men who played on those teams wound up making the men's team so they use that as practice to pry to make the men's squad. some of them do it. >> it made them better. so from a team gelling like the maryland terps to a team unravelun unravel unraveling, the wizards. >> i didn't see no arguing, to be honest. i would tell you if it was. i didn't see no arguing. i think guys just trying to help us through the tough times. >> i don't think we argue as much as people think we can. every team argues. you'll have your differences. but i think the biggest thipgs for us is we have to bear down and look ourselves in the mirror first and see what we're doing.
6:57 pm
are we giving 110%? then look at it as a team. are we playing hard together, doing what it takes to win? if we're not we can't point the finger at nobody but ourselves. max scherzer on the hill against cardinals. boy did he look good. nats fans hoping they see this on april 6th. bottom one k. scherzer finishes with nine total while allowing just three hits and six innings of work. nats unable to1-0. scherzer the big story, a spring e.r.a. of 1.35 in 20 innings. that is just dominant. he gets paid a lot of money. that's why he's getting the ball opening day. >> he looks like one of those guys you do not want to face. >> any of those starters. >> i know. we're looking good. why he's on the cover of "sports illustrated," right?
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
on this wednesday
7:00 pm
night, the search for answers in that air disaster in the alps. three americans including a mother and daughter on board. tonight, our team is on the mountain with news of what the cockpit voice recorder is telling investigators. breaking news, bowe bergdahl, the u.s. army sergeant rescued in that surprise prisoner swap with taliban, charged tonight with desertion by the u.s. military. caught on camera a new flash point involving police and the controversial use of force during an arrest now under investigation. and wild ride, popular among kids, parents cheering them on. tonight, inside one of the most exciting and dangerous youth sports in america. it is not for the faint of heart. "nightly news" begins now.


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