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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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a short time ago. we understand that from police officials that there was an arrest in this and that video is of a teenaged girl who was led from the school a short time after this incident occurred about 1:45 this afternoon. now, the charter school does have, you know all grades so it is possible that both the victim and the suspect were students at the school. nothing's been confirmed thus far, but i know, you know anxious parents want to know the condition of this 18-year-old young man. we are told his condition is nonlife-threatening. we do not even know what the weapon was, whether it might have been scissors something in the school. but d.c. police investigating and they say a teen age suspect is in custody. jackie bensen news4. i'm doreen gentzler at the live desk with news out of the rowanoke area where a 5-year-old boy missing since sunday has been found dead.
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law enforcement sources tell our station in that area that the body of noah thomas was found on his family's property in dublin virginia. hundreds of volunteers have been searching all over that area looking for any sign of him. this afternoon there was a flurry of activity at the family's home. police say they're planning a news conference within the next hour. we'll have updates here on air and with a breaking alert from our nbc washington app just as soon as there's news on this. more breaking news now. this video is from new york city where two buildings have collapsed after an explosion. this is in the east village on second avenue at 7th street. huge flames were seen shooting out of the front of the buildings. firefighters say 12 people were injured. we'll continue to monitor developments on air and on our website. two tragic deaths are taking an motion nal toll on a northern virginia community today. news4 went to the church of yvonne and emily selke, the mother and daughter killed in
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tuesday's horrible plane crash in the french alps. family friends, and parishioners are grieving there, this after news today that the co-pilot deliberately took that airbus 320 down. our kristin wright spoke with selkes' pastor. >> reporter: parishioners at sacred heart catholic church in manassas feel like they've lost two members of their family. the selkes joined the church in 1993. father michael bazan watched emily grow up. >> their loss we're diminished by two. >> reporter: the bond between mother and daughter was unmistakable. yvonne served in the children's programs for many years. emily sang in the choir pap plane crash so far away has left a void. >> all the possibilities are gone okay all those possibilities, all those dreams ended on that mountainside in france. >> reporter: condolences from the girl scouting community are pouring in on facebook.
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emily was lifetime member. her mother yvonne, a dedicated volunteer. the girl scouts told us "those who knew yvonne said she was the person troop leaders could count on and that she would have done anything to help her daughter and her community. in recognition of her commitment to serving others emily earned a number of girl scouts' highest awards." back at sacred heart. >> god will see me through this. god will see them through it. god will see the parish through it. >> reporter: tonight on news4 at 6:00 we talk with a parishioner who is feeling this tragedy in a very personal way because of the bond with her daughter. in manassas kristin wright news4. scott mcfarlane is at the live desk with the latest on the investigation on the ground in france. scott? >> yeah pat. brand-new video of the crash scene to show you. take a look in our moment as we get ourselves sishtuated. you can see the difficult terrain and some up-close looks at some of the debris they're encountering. we've learned the third american
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kill was robert oliver. he leafs behind a wife and two children. we're learning more about the co-pilot now blamed for intentionally crashing the plane. 27-year-old andreas lubitz had been a co-pilot for just 18 months but he obtained a glider's pilot's license as a teenager and joined lufthansa in 2008 to become training to become a commercial pilot. members of a flying club in lubitz's hometown said the young pilot seemed to be enjoying his job when he visited the club last fall. everything from possible family issues to financial trouble are being investigated as possible motives for the crash. at the live desk i'm scott mcfarlane. storm team 4, a line of storms moving closer to the dmv. showers, maybe some lightning and rumbles of thunder. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is tracking the rain for us right now. >> right now currently, i mean wow, the warm etc. day we've seen so far this year as a matter of fact. take a look at the numbers.
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outside across our area after this morning's rain nice number 75 in d.c. 75 in leesburg 77 towards fredericksburg. so a very very warm afternoon. that's going to set the stage for the chance for some stronger storms late they are evening. here's where the showers are back to the west that line of storms a little farther back to the west from garrett county through southern portions of west virginia getting ready to cross over the mountains. there's lightning associated with those and they will continue to move our way through the rest of the evening hours. what can we expect this evening? more rain overnight. some of those will have some heavy downpours associated with them. then tomorrow turning colder again, temperatures will drop big time tomorrow and even more so during the day on saturday which could lead to some weekend flurries. that's right. weekend flurries after our warmest day of the year. i have all of that for you coming up. it will be a bumpy and a little bit of a roller coaster of a 48-hour period. i'll have it all. a big break in a case
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against a veteran with disabilities. tonight prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins shows us how that report led to an arrest. she's live in bladensburg with new details. >> reporter: bladensburg police have been looking for 22-year-old rakim solomon for months now, and today they arrested him. they're telling us that all of this has to do with that report that we did just a few months ago. this is solomon shortly after he was arrested by the bladensburg police department. seen here being transferred to the prince george's county jail. he's facing a slew of charges including attempted first-degree murder carjacking and first-degree assault. this saul stems from solomon allegedly shooting and robbing a 65-year-old vietnam vet in the parking lot in bladensburg last november. then a few weeks later solomon popped up in this youtube music video holding the gun police believe was used during the crime and wearing the jack fret that night. police say a news4 viewer helped
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lead to his arrest. >> prince george's county crime solvers received a tip from a person. that person stated that they became aware of solomon's wanted status through the news4 story that we did a couple months back. that was their basis for calling in. >> reporter: coming up on news4, this was not a surprise for solomon. he told police he knew that he was wanted but why police say they were fearing for their own lives when going in to arrest him. live in bladensburg. back to you in the studio. a busy day is wrapping up for uva's martese johnson's attorneys. he was in court today and did not enter a plea on the charge against him. instead prosecutors asked for a
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delay so the investigation into what happened outside that pub near the charlottesville campus can continue. virginia state police are looking into why and how alcohol beverage control agents left him with a bloody face. >> our position remains the same. we don't hold court in the streets. we hold court in courthouses. there are very well defined legal processes. >> johnson's lawyer said they also planned to meet with investigators this afternoon. the next hearing is now set for late may. one of the charges against jesse matthew has been thrown out. charlottesville is dropping its abduction with the intent to defile charge against him. matthew is accused of murdering hannah graham and he faces that charge in albemarle county. he's also accused of attempted murder and two other felonies in a case from 2005 in fairfax county. you saw the pictures of the new railcars on nbc washington earlier today. now we know which riders will
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get the first trips on the brand-new cars. transportation reporter adam tuss live now at the gallery place chinatown station with details on the first rides. hi adam. >> reporter: hey, jim. this is something metro riders have been waiting a long time for, brand-new railcars on the tracks. here's a hint -- think blue. all shined up and ready to roll. metro's sleek, modern and stronger 7000 series railcars coming and riders ham pi to hear it. >> i think they could use them yeah. >> reporter: acting general manager jack requa. >> the first i.t. car train is ready to roll. and we will put the first train in service -- applause ] and we will put the first train in service on tuesday, april 14th. >> reporter: the first new train will be placed on the blue line. this is just one train for now, but hundreds of new railcars expected to follow. they'll replace the oldest
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railcars in metro's fleet, the 1000 series which are nearly 40 years old. >> does it work though? are they going to be more efficient than the ones we already have? >> reporter: mary jordan rides all the time and says new trains are great, but just make sure they don't end up hitting riders in the wallet. ? this's the concern. keep it safe okay but not have it cost so much. and they're putting all this stuff on the trains but hiking up the fares. >> reporter: eventually all lines should see the new trains rolling. now, here's one of the first things you'll notice about the new railcars. that brown carpet that is gone. vinyl flooring is in. back to you. >> all right. thanks adam. also from metro today the transit agency released new video showing riders what to do in case of smoke or fire on a train. a metro police officer points out the emergency buttons to notify the operator and shows how to work the emergency exits. the videos are also in spanish. they will air as public service announcements and start airing
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next week. this comes after smoke filled that tunnel at the l'enphant plaza station in january killing one woman. several stories developing that the hour. hundreds of people expected at an unusual giveaway in the district. why supporters of the new marijuana rules are handing out pot seeds. and after all of this raw sewage poured into their homes, they were promised one month, that's all it would take before things were back to normal. it's been four months and they're still cleaning up. meet the baby borp in this morning egg's rush hour.
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members of an alexandria community are reaching out to news4 in desperation. their homes were damaged months ago by a rush of sewage water.
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tonight they tell us the repairs still aren't done. northern virginia bureau reporter david culvert reports. >> reporter: pat, it's not hard to find the homes affected here. just look behind me here. most of the homes on this block still cleaning up four months later. >> they've had no contractor coming in here. >> reporter: willie brown showed us what was supposed to be his newly renovated basement. doesn't look like it. this is his new uneven door frame. >> that is the fiber out of this carpet. this is not the carpet compared to what we had down here. >> reporter: and this is the browns' new carpet. carolyn says this i quality she wanted and she's worried about her grandkids. >> i don't know if this is going to harm them down the road or what's going to happen. >> reporter: it all began back in early november. a water main break forcing a
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sewage backup right into the basements of these homes. virginia american water promised to take care of it. we checked back a week later. it seemed serve procrews were on it doing away with the old, replacing with new. but neighbors say they stopped short of completing the job. >> they left it like that, to do it but they didn't finish it. >> reporter: walls torn out, flooring nonexistent in some places. this basement still midconstruction. and notice the carpet on al garner's stairs. same as the browns'. >> it's not done. and ift's beginning to be stressful too. >> reporter: so i've had to make a phone calls to figure out what's going on here. we started with serve pro. they tell me they've been working in good faith up until now without being paid by the insurance company for virginia american water. that's travelers insurance. then i called travelers insurance within the past hour left messages for two of their spokespersons, haven't heard back yet, but as soon as we hear from them we'll of course update you on that.
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coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, i want you to meet a man who's had to split up his family because of the unsanitary conditions they're living in. the house oversight chair calls it truly stunning and a threat to national security. a new inspector general report out alleges the dea agents attended sex parties while stationed in colombia. what's more they say prostitutes at those parties were hired by drug cartels in that country. a white house official tells nbc news tonight the president has zero tolerance for sexual misconduct especially from those responsible for enforcing the law. the student who sent a racist sexist e-mail to fraternity brothers at the university of maryland will not be returning to campus. school officials tell us the university and the student came to a mutual decision for that undergraduate to withdraw from the school. his e-mail used racist slurs to refer to women he wanted to ban
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from a party and discouraged consensual sex. some students we spoke with today agreed with the decision but some wondered if it was too harsh. >> hate speech is defended under the first amendment. it's there particularly for these opinions. >> at the same time you should be held accountable for what you say. >> the e-mail went out late last year but only surfaced publicly this month. the student's fraternity kappa sigma, has also suspended him from the organization. pope francis will meet with president obama when he visits washington late they are year. the white house says president and first lady will host the pontiff at the executive mansion september 23rd. mr. obama met with the pope a year ago this month at the vatican. this will be the first papal visit to the u.s. for pope francis. he'll also have stops in philadelphia and new york. when it comes to banking, more people are taking care of it in the palm of their hands.
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today the federal reserve released findings of its latest report that shows mobile banking is up 6% compared to a year ago. the most common uses include checking account balances or recent transactions. one of the biggest jumps, 51% of people reported depositing a check using their mobile phones. that's up from 38% last year. half a dozen measures to change voting districts in virginia won't move forward. terry mcauliffe vetoed all the bills he se may be unconstitutional and overly partisan. those proposals were all sponsored by republican lawmakers. they called the adjustments minor, but mccauliffe says he believes the general assembly should only make substantive changes to boundaries once a decade. developing right now, federal agents say they've intercepted a national guard member who was trying to join isis. how they stopped him and his cousin in the alleged terror
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plot. and i'm tracking a line of showers and thunderstorms making their way closer to our region. i'm tracking them right now.
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it is spectacular outside right now, the warmest day we've seen so far this year you're like yay, we finally got there. >> not. >> no. it is a very pretty shot. towards reston looking at plenty of sunshine, a beautiful afternoon, high temperatures today that have reached the 70s. as i mentioned it is the warmest day we've seen so far this year. currently out towards the airport, look at that picture, 75 degrees. winds out of the south at 14 miles per hour. helping to bring those temperatures up. again, we're dealing with plenty of sunshine but, yeah it's all about the change. 74 in baltimore, 77 fredericksburg, 77 in luray. winchester picking up some rain right now. here's where the rain is along the i-81 corridor. we'll zoom in here and show you what we're talking act right along arias of front royal, winchester here's front royal right here seeing some of the heavier downpours and down
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towards luray. would not be surprised to see some lightning coming out of these. the bulk of the moisture just off to the west. that's with the front. this is what's happening. see the moisture back to the west. see these thunderstorms. a lot of times we see this energy transfer across the mountains and that's what's happening right now i think. that's why i think this line may become the primary line over the next one to two hours and make its way through the d.c. metro area in about the same time. so we'll be watching this through 8:00 tonight. here's the whole front. you know it's a cold front. and you know there's cold air. you know we've got the warm air ahead because we're in 70s but look at the snow back behind this. yes, some of that's going to come our way as over the next couple days and we'll see much colder air move in real hi overnight into early tomorrow. here we are at 8:00 tonight. 8:30 there's line coming through the d.c. metro area. once again some of those thunderstorms moving on through, may have some gusty winds, although we're not anticipating anything severe. the rainsticks around though. 11:00, still some rain around the region with heavier rain
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down to the south. more rain overnight. right on through early tomorrow morning. we could see that rain right on through the rush early rush, could be a little problem mat wick those wet roadways. that rainsticks around until 1:00 east of i-95 similar to the rain we saw this morning to no rain but cloud cover and we finally start to clear out. high temperatures tomorrow 25 degrees cold than today. 51 in d.c. 50 degrees in martinsburg, 49 in gaithersburg. it gets colder than that. look at saturday. a high of only 42. and, yeah we're talking a 30% chance of flurries. again, not much snow but it's snow after 75 today. we're talking about some snow falling on saturday not going to be a big deal but it's going to be windy and cold. windchills on saturday between 25 and 35 degrees. we get to 47 on sunday then we finally start to moderate. i think we stay here for a while. temperatures close to that 60-degree mark monday through thursday. right now students in prince
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george's county are taking common core assess. tests. >> why one testing instructor says they're not ready and how the secretary of education is getting involved. the news4 i-team obtains e-mails from the deadly incident near the l'enphant plaza metro station. what they reveal about the top concerns among city officials. >> reporter: i'm mark segraves. marijuana is still illegal to sell in the district, but it is legal to smoke it.
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right now at 5:00, d.c. residents are gathering for a new kind of exchange, a swap meet for pot seeds. it's a way for residents to get their own mini marijuana gardens growing. mark segraves is at one of the events in northwest. mark? >> reporter: more than 2,000 people signed up for this event. hundreds of them are still in line many have been here for more than an hour to get their
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share of the free seeds. >> i always wanted the opportunity but it was never quite available so, when they passed the laws it was like light bulb then they had a seminar not too long ago, all these things, you know all these steps are coming together. that's really making it possible. i'm not going to say live out a dream but kind of. kind of you mow. it's cool. >> we have a new right that's to grow at home. >> reporter: adam spearheaded the effort to get marijuana legalized in the district. the day pot went legal he planted some of the first legal seeds. adults are allowed to have up so six plants in their homes. these plant rtss are owned by adam and his fiancee. >> our chance to grow take away from the underground economy, all that this money that's been going to mexican cartels and stuff, we can stop that. >> reporter: he organized today's seed share, which will be very care to feel stay within d.c. law. >> we'll be checking to make sure you're 21 and older, you
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know we don't care from where you live -- i mean if you tell us you're taking the seeds outside of d.c. we're just not going to let you come in then because that's not legal. so this is really for district residents. >> reporter: if you missed today's seed sharing event, there's another one saturday afternoon. now, police are here. coming up at 6:00 how they're dealing with event this event and we'll take you inside to show you the seed sharing. it's scott mcfarlane at the live desk. at least 12 people are now in the hospital after a building collapsed and fire in new york city. new video just in of firefighters battling the flames as they arrived on the scene. three of those hurt are in critical condition. two with burns. one was unconscious when first respondered arrived. the building is about a block away from new york university and we're told it's next door to a popular restaurant frequented by new york university students. firefighters believe an explosion ignited the fires at
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the build bug they don't know the cause of that explosion. more as it comes in. for now at the live desk i'm scott mcfarlane. right now students in prince george's county are taking some assessment tests for the very first time. and one instructor says they're not ready. the so-called part tests are given to gauge students' knowledge of common core instructions. they're taken on computers but due to budget cuts prince george's county schools cut the technology teacher who is taught children how to use those computers and type. they also cut testing coordinators and reading specialists. now one teacher is saying that she's watching her students struggle with testing. >> these students are really in trouble. if the scores that come out, you know are supposed to measure their ability, they're not able to measure that ability at all because the infrastructure is not in place. we don't even know how to type. >> an open let they are teacher wrote about this issue has
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gotten all the way to the u.s. secretary of education, arne duncan. she'll be testifying tonight at the school board meeting. tonight fairfax county schools will meet to discuss a plan of action if students have to miss another day of school. students have already missed ten days this year. the school district tells us if one more day is canceled it could impact next school year's calendar. there's a meeting tonight to give parents an idea of what the calendar might look like. it starts at 7:00 at jackson middle school in falls church. big night in college hoops as the sweet 16 gets under way. no local teams remain but there is a coach making the dmv proud. >> notre dame head coach mike brey grew up in montgomery county played high school ball in prince george's and college ball in the district. his mother passed away suddenly last saturday right before his notre dame team was about to take the court and the ncaa tournament. as diana russini reports her son honor her memory.
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>> she was the one who kind of got me going competitive, an olympian a world record holder ahead of her time amazingly competitive. >> reporter: betty brey the driving force behind everything her son has done. >> i talked to her during the season and very rarely did i get, hey, mike how you doing? it was like hey, you got them ready? >> my mom was a coach. i think about mom every day, june 19th, 1995 is when she passed away. i knew it was a big deal to mike and i was amazed he coached after he found out his mom died. >> mike did exactly what his mother wanted him to do. she would want him to coach that game take care of those kids. i couldn't be prouder, to be very honest with you. that may be the greatest moment of his coaching career, what he did the other night. >> reporter: betty was an olympic swimmer and a coach for the g.w. swim team in the early '80s. accomplished in the pool while her son accomplishes on the
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basketball court. he played for and coached alongside the legend morgan wooten as well as coach k at duke. but those two weren't the only mentors in hi life. >> absolutely those guys were great, but the two educators my parents were when i run into people that played for them they had in class or they taught in the summers, everybody they had loved them. and i've really taken a big page out of that. >> he's been here for us for myself specific countless times in our past. that's something i hope he knows we cherish because really not a better coach in the country. >> diana russini, news4 sports. right now new information about the ebola patient being treated in bethesda. what doctors at nih are telling nbc news. an army national guard soldier acued of trying to join isis isis. what we're learning act his arrest just mom trading-in or selling your car truck or suv?
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the court hearing in chicago just wrapped up for a national guard soldier acued of trying to go overseas to fight with isis. army specialist hasan edmond was arrested at midway airport last night just before boarding a plane for egypt. his cousin jonas edmonds, is also charged. prosecutors say jonas edmonds planned to stay behind and carry out an attack on the military facility where hasan had been training in illinois. the judge ordered both men to be held without bond. you were if first to know if you got our nbc washington app. the american health care worker being treated for ebola at nih is showing improvement. doctors upgraded the patient's condition from critical to serious today. they're not releasing any personal information, but we know the patient was admitted two weeks ago after contracting the virus at an ebola treatment
5:40 pm
center in sierra leone. a 3-year-old involved -- >> yes. in a deadly crash between a car and train has now passed away. crash right around this time yesterday happened in the roanoke area at a crossing that does not have lights or a gate. police say a man and his tree three young children were in the vehicle involved. the other kids we re main in serious condition. investigators are still trying to figure out what led up to this crash. a school in suffolk, virginia, is making grief counselors available as they mourn the loss of 6-year-old mason sheets. his parents found him in a small pond yesterday near their home. his father told our sister station in the hampton roads area he tried to perform cpr on his son, but by the time they found mason it was too late. investigators say an autopsy is under way. they don't expect foul play. the news4 i-team obtains eshg maims that provide new insight into the deadly incident at the l'enphant plaza metro
5:41 pm
station. what top d.c. were writing to each other as the emergency unfolded. a "downton abbey" office led to his departure from congress. what aaron shock said in his farewell message today.
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at least 15 metro rail employees including a transit police lieutenant needed medical attention after the smoke incident at l'enphant plaza. >> that revelation is one of several today from the news4 i team which obtained internal e-mails from top d.c. mayoral aides. scott mcfarlane with that they're writing to each other as the smoke clears. >> federal transportation officials are still investigating the deadly smoke incident and prohibiting their investigators and metro from saying a word about what they've found. but tonight the i-team has obtained e-mails top city officials were trading with each other on their phones.
5:45 pm
a top aide to mayor muriel bowser in an e-mail to colleagues that night reported 15 metro employees needed medical attention because of the smoke including a number of transit police officers and at least one police lieutenant. the emails also said police were waiting for passengers and patrons to be treated at hospitals before seeking treatment themselves. another e-mail from a city homeland security official gives us our first details about a possible cause that night. water leaking on electrical equipment. when we brought that new detail to the ntsb today, they declined to comment. a separate batch of e-mails from the city's chief medical examiner reports problems with communication between his office and howard university hospital that night. the hospital was treating 25 patients at the time but the medical examiner was unaware, writing seven hours after the incident their number rings busy on all lines. al spokesman told the i-team today they were in contact with first responders that day. when the i team asked a city spokesman was unable to explain
5:46 pm
the mix-up mentioned in those e-mails january 12th. other e-mails show that less than two hours after the smoke filled the tunnel top city administrators expressed concern about the well-being of the passenger who posted these tweets. they realized he was a city transportation department employee. in one-e mail a top city administrator writes "he's okay but shaken." other city aides were detailing the location of tv cameras that evening specifying several were outside the metro station late into the evening. but howard university hospital, no cameras present, one writes. officials also discussed by e-mail strg mayor do a walk-through of one of the hospitals that evening. to read these, mails for yourself and see the full news4 i-team investigation, we have posted it at we have new details about how the rest of the school year will look after all the snow days this winter in prince george's county. april 2nd, which had previously been a day off for students and a teacher workday will now be a school day with a two-hour early
5:47 pm
dismissal. spring break starts april 3rd. prince george's students have missed seven days of school due to the snow this year. the school system is requesting a waiver from the state to forgo making up two of those days. doug's been talking big weather changes but can you guarantee we won't have a snow day tomorrow doug? >> yeah i can guarantee that. that's the one guarantee i have for you. the other is i guarantee it's a lot colder by this time tomorrow. but eatless enjoy what we've got now. national harbor live camera, a beautiful potomac, not bad to be out on the water. this guy doing a little boating out there today. not bad at all. again, things are going to change big time. that looks like the ferry, by the way. evening planner, sunset down at 7:26 currently 75 degrees, the warmest number we've seen so far this season 71 by 9:00 65 by 11:00. we'll see rain move the after the 7:00 hour and it will be a form of thunderstorms. currently 77 in rockville, 75 manassas 76 in warrenton, 75 in
5:48 pm
huntingtown. don't we wish this would last but it won't, and here's why. we have a front back to the west. here are the storms out ahead of that front. zoom on in and show you where these storms are. from hagerstown to martinsburg, starting to see some thunderstorm development here. no lightning just yet, but i wouldn't be surprised to see that. winchester right around front royal, then down to the south. let's zoom on in. we'll zoom into this area down towards northern faulkier county western loudoun county right around here's front royal right here you can notice some of these heavier downpours coming through. this will be right along 66 so if you're heading towards the front royal area towards the mountains, you'll run into these. the wider view showing the front itself making its way to the east. behind it much colder air, cold enough for snow and that's the cold air that will filter in tomorrow. tomorrow about 25 degrees colder than what it is right now. a.m. showers, plenty of clouds and keerl, 48 to about 5 p 3 degrees. we're going to see rain early tomorrow morning too, so the morning watch out for areas of rain. we'll see a caution out there on those area road, a lot of wet
5:49 pm
roads so give yourself extra time. no problems midday and during the afternoon. just cool and dry conditions as we move on through the late evening hours. now, it gets even colder. saturday a high of 42. windchill on saturday between 25 and 35 degrees. saturday very cold day for this time of year. could even be a couple flurries. we rebound on sunday sunday much better nice with sunshine high of only 47. but that's not going to be too bad. 59 degrees on monday a 30% chance of afternoon showers, and then we get into some nicer weather, high temperatures at 60 or above as we get to the middle and end of next week. so guys a little bit of a roller coaster and we've seen a lot of them so far this season. >> right now there are a lot of questions after a semi truck triggered a deadly chain reaction. it happened along a busy interstate in central texas. the rig was too high to clear part of the overpass and hit a beam. that caused parts of the overpass to collapse onto moving traffic. at least one person is dead and the department of public safety
5:50 pm
says several people have been injured in the incident. first responders are still on the scene this evening. aaron shock says he's leaving with sadness and humility. the disgraced illinois congressman delivered a farewell address earlier today on the house floor. he's come under fire of late for spending habits that include $40,000 for renovations to his hill office in the style of "downton abbey." >> i was never more excited than the day i waubed into this chamber six years ago.lked into this chamber six years ago. i leave here with sadness and humility. for those whom i've let down i will work tirelessly to make it up to you. >> shock is also being investigated for using taxpayer funds for expensive gifts, meals, and private flights. he'll officially step down at the end of the month. the bombs used in the boston marathon bombing attack were built to inflict harm and kill people. that was the testimony of an fbi expert today.
5:51 pm
he told jurors the bombs were made of readily available parts and instructions to build them are easily found on the internet. fbi agents also confirmed that similar items used in the pressure cooker bombs were found in dzhokhar tsarnaev's family apartment. he faces the death penalty if convicted in the 2013 massacre. secret service director joseph clancy be able to turn his beleaguered agency around? the head of homeland security is saying yes but only with a lot of work. jeh johnson gave that wary endorsement on the hill today testifying about the latest scandal surrounding the secret service. he said he's also personally gone to the white house to investigate the scene where two off-duty agents hit a barrier with their car after a night of drinking earlier this month. well forget the delivery room. forget the ambulance. one of our region's newest residents made his big debut on-in a car on a highway.
5:52 pm
>> this evening we're hearing from a couple whose special delivery came on the side of a highway. news4's pat collins live with their story outside shady grove medical center. pat? >> reporter: jim, in the last year 5,000 babies were born at the shady grove adventist hospital. jacob kenneth nelson was not one of them. you might say he chose a different path. this is baby jacob. this is his mom. >> it just seemed surreal, like it was almost like i was watching somebody else go through it. >> reporter: this is his dad. >> it was an adrenaline rush. i was just trying to do the right thing at the right time. >> reporter: and this is where he was born on the side of 270 early this morning. why it even made the news. >> we had a report a couple minutes ago that somebody delivered a baby it sounds like on the side of the road.
5:53 pm
that's what you call water-breaking news. right, guys? >> reporter: you see as the nelsons were driving down 270 to the hospital, the contractions got intense. amanda unfastened her seat belt the alarm went off in the car, john missed the shady grove exit and out came baby jacob feet first like he was going down a slide. >> as soon as i took the seat belt off he we knew what was going down. it was no more than five minutes. my husband delivered the baby feet first. >> reporter: off to the scene, the montgomery county fire and rescue. but by the time they got there, this special delivery had been well, delivered. >> we meet a lot of really nice people when we go on calls but usually it's not a good day in their life when we see them. it's really nice to be part of a call like this and be part of a truly blessed event. >> when he gets older, boy, will you have a story to tell him. >> mm-hmm. i think he's going to be trouble.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: he already has been. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: jacob kenneth nelson 6 pounds 12 ounces. tonight he and the rest of the nelson family are recovering from a road trip they will not soon forget. i'm pat collins, news4. >> mom looks fantastic. and baby's adorable there. >> i don't think he'll be trouble. what do you think? >> no i don't think so either. thank you, pat. great story. violent storms rip across the plains. >> it's the first major strike of tornado season. tonight, we'll go live to disaster zone in moore, oklahoma. and new at 6:00 parents question a police raid at their house. why officers came in with guns drawn and what the department
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5:57 pm
this evening we're seeing more of the damage left behind in the first major strike of tornado season. >> twisters ripped across parts of arkansas and oklahoma where one person died. among the areas hit, moore, oklahoma which has seen its fair share over the past several years. that's where we find nbc's jay gray. jay? >> reporter: hey, there, pat, jim, you're absolutely right. in fact, this isn't the worst storm they've seen in the last couple years. look at all of the debris. it's scattered for miles. several communities not only here in the oklahoma city area but also in the tulsa area just ripped apart by a string of spring storms spawning
5:58 pm
tornadoes, at least seven, possibly more. they're continuing to work through and try and find out how many were actual tornadoes. and the strength of those tornadoes. we know at this point from the national weather service one here in the moore area was at least an ef-1 sustained winds upwards of 110 miles an hour. that's the top end of that spectrum. you can see the snapped power pole here, line stretched out across the rooftop. believe it or not, everyone okay inside of this house. in fact here in the city of moore, no fatalities. one in sand springs, which is just outside of tulsa. the cleanup has already started here a resilient community. they are being tested right now. it's going to take weeks to move all of this debris. it's going to obviously take a lot longer for the recovery and the rebuilding effort here. that's the latest live in moore, oklahoma. i'm jay gray news4. right now we're covering breaking news out of the roanoke, virginia area where this there's been a heartbreaking conclusion in the
5:59 pm
case of a missing boy. late this afternoon police sources told our affiliate in that area that they found the body of 5-year-old noah thomas. he'd been missing since sunday. little boy's body found on his family's property. >> right now we're waiting for the police in that area yo who said they're holding a news conference. we'll bring you an update as soon as we have it. also tonight at 6:00 following the latest developments about a building collapse in manhattan. police guns drawn on a local family as they looked for a person with a gun. we'll tell you why the department is now investigating its response. and two virginia women killed in what we now know was a deliberate plane crash. new reaction from their local church. tonight investigators are digging into the ground of the co-pilot who intentionally flew a germanwings plane into the french alps. >> some airlines are now changing policies about how many crew members are in the cockpit at a given time.
6:00 pm
team coverage of this story tonight beginning with pat lawson muse at the live desk. >> we just learned from nbc news aviation correspondent tom costello that the young co-pilot programmed the autopilot to descend to 100 feet knowing full well he was flying into the alps and needed to stay above 6,500 feet. that has german prosecutors now saying this was a murder/suicide. investigators say 27-year-old andreas lubitz locked the pilot out of the cockpit when he left to use the bathroom. lubitz had been a co-pilot for just 18 months but had a long history of flying dating back to his teens when he received his glider pilot's license. members of a flying club in his hometown say lubitz seemed to be enjoying his job when he stopped by to visit the club members last fall. that has investigators looking into his personal family and professional environment to try to figure out why he


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