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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 27, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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new developments on the deadly plane crash in the french alps. the copilot may have been i'ding an illness. and the countdown is on now. nasa astronaut scott kelly hours from leaving earth for a very long time. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. the rain around all morning long. when that rain ends and a chilly wrnd weekend coming up. learning this morning the copilot accused of taking down germanwings 9525 hid an illness from employers. in germany investigators searched the home of the 27-year-old and found torn up sick notes for the day of the
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crash. investigators aren't saying what the illness was and whether it was mental or physical. friends say lubitz had a history of depression and may have had a falling out with his girlfriend. lubitz did some pilot training here in the u.s. in phoenix. the fbi is now also launching its own investigation. three americans were killed in the crash including a mother and daughter from prince william county. some memorials for the victims have already taken place, for other families the search is not as easy. they are asked to provide dna to help i.d. their loved ones. former ntsb investigators greg feith says the airlines rely on pilots to tell them some something is wrong. >> self-policing has always been challenged if you will one, you're employed. the last thing you want to do confess to your employer you have issues. in kind of mental issue in this case depression that's a big story to see if he was being treated for depression and on any kind of medication.
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>> according to lufthansa, lubitz was 100% fit to fly. this crash may also lead to some big changes in airline rules. the german aviation association will consider changing its rules to require two crew to be in the cockpit at all times. jim? close to home rain creating a big mess in montgomery county. check it out. you may is seen this on your way in to work. tweeting about this all morning long. clogged drains backed up and flooded aspinville road clearing the drains all the water, and backup due to this. a half inch of rain since it going going last evening with thunder and lightning. the storm team 4 radar showing most of the rain tracking off east of washington but still a little bit here in the western edge of this that may be clipping right into the metro area here coming right through over another hour or so. as it moves on through, just a little bit more of a little
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light rain moving back into fauquier and southern maryland fredericksburg and east and gradually drying out farther north and west. it's been a chilly morning. temperatures now still just hovering in the low to mid-40s, and not much of a warming for the day ahead. lots of people are weighing in on a recently enacted indiana state law as the city of indianapolis gets set to host the ncaa final four. the law allows restaurants and other businesses to refuse services to gay and lesbian people for religious reasons. hillary clinton weighed in on twitter today saying "sad this new indiana law can happen in america today. we shouldn't discriminate against people because of who they love." the ncaa is worried fans could be impacted. in a statement the president said the ncaa national office and our members are deeply committed to providing an inclusive environment for all of
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our events. we are especially concerned about how this legislation could impact our student athletes and employees. saying future events may have to be moved out of indianapolis if fan, negatively impacted by the law. here's a look at today's games. the teams that win move on to the elite 8. 7:15 ucla takes on gonzaga. 7:37 nc state versus louisville. 9:45 utah takes on number one duke and 10:07, michigan state takes on oklahoma. the big question whether any team left can unseat number one seed kentucky. it certainly didn't look that way last night. kentucky demolished west virginia. did you see it? they've won 78-39. that 39 points was the fewest points allowed in a sweet 16 game since 1975. kentucky is still undefeated.
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just three games left to about perfect 40-0. crews will try again tomorrow to launch a rocket from an island supposed to lift off this morning but nasa scrubbed the launch because of bad weather. the rocket will take experiments from several colleges including virginia tech into space. the new launch window starts at 6:45 tomorrow morning. now, a nasa astronaut is setting out to make history today. saying good-bye to earth for a one--year mission in space but not alone. heading to the international space station, if kelly lasts the year he'll smash the u.s. endurance record for the longest continuous time in space. here on earth, kelly the identical twin mark will undergo the same tests his brother is facing in space as part of a scientific experiment. kelly sent out this tweet as he literally does enjoy his last few hours on earth at least for a while. we're back in 60 seconds
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with new information on the news that rocked the pop music world this week. stay with us.
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i'm pat lawson. news at the live desk with breaking news pap bear kade situation in northeast. d.c. police got a call a short time ago from someone requesting help in a home on the 4900 block of meade street. someone barricaded inside the house in the attic. no i.d. at this point and don't know if anyone else is in the house at this time. police meanwhile, closed off parts of 49th street 50th street and nash street. an update soon as we get. one direction's outgoing bandmate explains why he's
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leaving the group. zane ma'lik zaynmali zaynmalik says he's at odds with the others. and a re-invented show following it a follow-up sitcom focusing on the coach's son introduced during the end of the serious and coach fox comes out of retirement to coach his son on a college football team. the footage, fun toy watch. this little boy at the kentucky high school state basketball tournament. he became the halftime entertainment show. pulled off dance moves while dancing to pharrell's song "happy." payton henderson caught everyone's attention and performed an encore to taylor swifts "shake it
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we could know any moment whether or not amanda knox's murder conviction will be upheld in italy. follow nbc washington on twitter to be the first to know as soon as a decision is handed down today. italy the highest court is now deliberating her latest appeal. she and her former boyfriend charged with the 2007 murder of her roommate meredith kercher. they've been through three trial, convicted, acquitted, convicted again. right now a crucial witness just wrapped up part of her testimony in the murder trial of former nfl player aaron hernandez. his fiance. she told the court today just in the last hour she asked directly hernandez if he killed odin lloyd. hernandez told her, no. she has been granted immunity. the fiancee faces tough
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questions how she behaved in the days after the murder and her knowledge of her fiance's guns. prosecutors have previously said she may have helped dispose of evidence. your neighbors, maybe you, too, spend the weekend planting newly acquired marijuana seeds. can you legally smoke pot in d.c. but you can't buy it. the d.c. cannabis campaign organized two seed-sharing events yesterday for people who don't know anyone who can give them some seeds. hundreds waited in line and an r.s.v.p. required. if you want to weigh in on this head to our facebook page. another sharing event is planned for tomorrow. this story is trending on facebook this morning. willie nelson launching a designer brand. his own brand of weed. the 81-year-old is working on his own mix calmed willie's reserve. he says there will also be branded bongs and branded stores in states where pot is legal.
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he says he wants to create something that is reflective of his passion. and yesterday we got into the 70s. the march sucker punch to us and dropped 35 degrees. only in the 40s now. reagan national at 46 degrees. north and west just in the low 40s. right now south of washington and around the bay, most location there's as well. just in the low 40s, and that rain continues to track from the southwest heading northeast. right now dry north and west of washington but a little more light rain coming in for another couple of hours then it tracks away. your afternoon planner hovering near 50 degrees during the afternoon, but the last of the light rain about 1:00. drying roads by 3:00 p.m. by 5:00 p.m. back down to near 50 degrees. the environmental film festival wraps up this weekend in the district and filmmaker james redford is here with more on his part in the festival. good to have you here. >> a pleasure. >> i bet you don't like all the
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rain with the sunshine you're having in california? >> nice to know it's still possible. we've been so dry out west. >> talking about the environment all the time these days. i'm told you present a humorous expose on clean energy tonight at environmental festival? >> yeah. here's the exciting news. clean energy is coming. and it's coming hard and fast. but how do we make sense of it? all of us that are living our daily lives are busy, many things to do got to get up and go to work. what does it mean as this reserve revolutionary new time comes. being smart about clean energy it's harder than i thought. >> i can imagine. this is going to be funny? >> yes. >> are still tickets available? >> sorry. >> are there still tickets available for getting in to see that? >> yes. at the carnegie tonight we start at 7:00 an hour presentation. i'll show scenes and have a discussion and hopefully give people a sense of some good
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things happening in the face of difficult things like climate change. >> also you did a documentary calmed "toxic hot seat." tell us about that. >> that was an extraordinary stumbled on an interesting situation, chemicals in our couches supposed to protect us from fire but didn't really work and are not good for our health. so why were they there? that film an hbo film as well as is this new clean energy film i'm doing and that was really a matter of trying to understand why we would be exposing ourselves to such you know significant health risk with no benefit. so that was on a year ago. and it's led to some really interesting changes in california. we'll get the chemicaling out of our furniture. >> all right. well you're going to get to see more of james coming up at the carnegie institute of science at 6:30 this evening and later in the show we'll talk to him about
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why hi face loo
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right now a major construction project underway and it's going have a big imt pact on how you get in and out of the district. the 16th street bridge over military road will be entirely rebuilt over the next several months. this could cause big bottlenecks on major commuter routes. news 4 megan mcgrath has been
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watching construction crews all morning long in the rain. megan, the rain not slowing crews down out there? >> reporter: no. hasn't slowed anything down. look behind me hee and see the crews working all the heavy equipment on the inbound side of the 16th street bridge. the work is happening around the clock as he rip out and replace this bridge over the next several months. we are definitely going to see traffic problems in the area. might be best to avoid this bridge all -- entirely. get used to the blaring of horns and the frustration of slow traffic. [ horns honking ] >> reporter: entering a new stage. >> a good thing they're doing the bridge, you know. but in terms of the backup, it's going to be horrible. >> reporter: 16th street is now down to just one lane in each direction. with orange barrels shifting the lanes of traffic. military road which runs beneath the bridge also loses
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an eastbound lane. and periodically military will be shut down completely and the overnight hours, so the bridge demolition work can be done. that happens for the first time this weekend. >> well we're tearing down the bridge. there's going to be a lot of rock, rubble. big machines. it would be dangerous to have cars driving next to all that. >> reporter: both 16th street and military are major commuter routes, and traffic jams are expected. so you may want to take -- >> georgia avenue. >> reporter: forget this? >> yes, forget this. this is a long wait. >> reporter: and there's going to be a big impact for metrobuss as well. especially the s line. a lot of detours with the buses. get the details on our website, as for that closure on military road over the weekend, that's going to kick in at 7:00 tonight. they say they'll have things reopened though in time for rush hour should be reopened by no later than 5:00 a.m. monday morning. back to you in the studio. >> megan, thank you. it could be days before this
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fire in new york city is under control. fire crews are on-scene now mopping up the hot spots after that building exploded yesterday. construction workers hit a gas line in the city's east village setting off the explosion. a massive fire broke out, eventually causing three buildings to collapse. 250 firefighters from 50 different fire houses responded to the scene. >> we thought it was a bomb or something and then my manager actually thought a car ran into the restaurant. >> then i saw the whole storefront is on the street. >> new york city mayor bill de blasio says everyone has been accounted for following that blast. we are gradually drying out from west to east, but it's going to take a while for this rain to get out of the region right now. still getting light rain southern eastern suburbs and still more you can see tracking from the southwest heading northeast. it's going to continue through southern maryland and northern neck eastern shore into the afternoon but drying gradually in the metro area from west to
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east into early afternoon. later today just hovering around 50 degrees, and then overnight tonight partly cloudy cold start to saturday morning. mid-30s. during the day saturday a blustery wind into the mid-40s. quite a chill in the air, instead of the average high around 60. then sunday sunshine a lighter wind up near 50 degrees. finally, milder air moving in monday tuesday, wednesday, thursday. high 60s. maybe a little rain on thursday. we have to make sure the democrats take control of the senate again and i feel it is inappropriate for me to soak up all of those resources on me when i could be devoting those resources to the caucus. >> you heard it. game-changing news from senator harry reid this morning. the democratic majority leader and scrappy former boxer will not runnel for re-election in 2016. reid announced on youtube he will instead focus on being, retaking control of the senate for democrats. his departure actually means two
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jop openings. one for his senate seat in neff never and neff never and one for his position at democratic leader. the senate stayed in session into the wee hours of morning passing a budget after a marathon session. it's a non-binding plan full of spending cuts and could lead to a balanced budget within ten years. the white house said today that it's full of gimmicks however. well we have nbc news political writer carrie dann with us to break it down. >> good morning. >> what took so long? 15 hours? >> a votorama. a fun name for senators being in the capitol until 3:30 in the morning when they finally finished this. where the senate votes on a series of amendments. almost any senator can say, smig want to add to the budget. vote it up or down. here's what happens next. the senate passed their budget blueprint. it's non-binding and won't immediately become law anytime soon. the house passed their non-binding plan. out on recess two weeks for
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easter holiday. when they come back lawmakers get in a room together and hammer out differences between the two plans, come up with one budget to vote on. that's when you'll see both houses of congress voting on one binding legislation plan. >> how close do you think they are? >> both very very conservative plans. democrats have a lot of issue, obviously, with basic premiseses. medicare and medicaid among them. >> harry reid's plan surprise you? >> huge huge for the nevada senate race and in that important state, a swing state. but there's going to be big consequences chuck schumer from new york is slated to maybe succeed harry reid. we won't find out until 2016. >> all right. good to see you. have a great weekend. >> good to see you, too. bill cosby can coming to our area
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bill cosby is performing in baltimore tonight but not without controversy. a baltimore-based sexual assault addvocacy group is organizing planning to picket outside the modell performing arts center. cosby takes the stage at 8:00. the show far from sold out. more than a dozen women accuseded 77-year-old comedian of inappropriate sexual behavior. jim, could a "downton abby" film hit theaters some day? offering no guarantees but also dropping hints in an interview with "variety." check it "quote from the tweet, as many spinoffs as characters. the creator told "variety" they'll have more time to think about spinoffs and films now that they're wrapping up the show itself. a lot of people not happy to hear that. a film may be a little
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consolation for diehard fan. the show will officially end after its sixth season after next year. a lot of us will miss those witty one-liners from the much-loved countess. a very popular show. do you watch it sunday nights? >> i don't, but a movie would be a way to condense it to two hours for me. it's too late to eastern binge watch at this point for me. >> i guess. a lot of people like t. love it. >> yep. anyway coming up after the break. >> the information your tv could be giving away about you.
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we're learning this morning the secret service is tightening rules on drinking. ut new policy prohibits staff from driving government cars within ten hours of drinking alcohol. "the washington post" reports the new policy was put into place on monday. it follows an incident this month when two acts drove through a bomb threat scene after a party at a nearby bar. a new report out today accuses dea agents of holding sex parties overseas. the report from the department
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of justice's office of the inspector general says drug cartels paid for the prostitutes. the report goes on to say, cartel members gave some agents money, expensive gifts and weapons. the inspector general's office says at times the dea refused to cooperate with the investigation. members of congress were quick to announce they will be holding a hearing on this in just a few weeks. and this morning, rain coming through southwest to northeast. now just in the last couple minutes, the radar trend shows it's pulling off to the east now. so the drying trend for this for the metro area is going to be for the last of the rain maybe around noon 1:00 as this continues to drift off to the east but much of southern maryland northern neck of eastern shore, showers continuing into early evening. ah yesterday got into the 70s. and some blossoms popped out. this photo taken in arlington of a dogwood blossom coming out.
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photo by sue cromer. shares your on facebook and twitter and instagram as well. the weather plan for the afternoon, gradually drying in the metro area. chilly weekend to follow and look forward to warmer weather coming up next week. all right, tom. how scott kelly's twin brother will help him during his year in space after the break. stay with us.
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welcome back. we're going to get you caught up
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on some of today's big stories in just over a minute. >> new developments on the deadly plane crash in the french alps. this morning german prosecutors saying they found evidence that the copilot of the germanwings plane appeared to have hidden evidence of an illness from his employers. evidence taken from his home showed he had an existing illness and was taken appropriate medical treatment. at as a result i am not run forge re-election. >> harry reid announces he won't seek re-election. the democratic leader in the senate posted the video on youtube. drying roads, our temperatures though only around 50 degrees during the afternoon and remaining cloudy. this morning's wet weather not keeping work from getting started on the 16th street bridge over military road in northwest d.c. the bridge rebuilt over the next several months and could be the biggest traffic disruption we
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see during this year's construction season. and a look at today's ncaa basketball games. the teams that win move on to the elite 8. ucla versus gonzaga. n.c. play takes on louisville. utah takes on number one seed duke. michigan state plays oklahoma. >> be sure to download and check the nbc washington app throughout date for updates on these stories and more. the faith community in manassas is still coming to grips with a loss of a mother and daughter in that crash that happened. >> the parishioners are trying to remember the good times they had we yvonne and emily selke. yvonne served in the children's programs for years. emily sang in the choir. last night the parish priest says the fact this was a deliberate act doesn't change anything for mourners. >> why he did it that doesn't change that him and everybody else died. what do we do with that?
11:34 am
how do we wrap ourselves tharnd is important. the survivors. that's what's important. >> the father says he's preparing for a difficult mass this sunday, which is, of course, palm sunday. a nasa astronaut sets out to make history and so is his brother. scott kelly saying good-bye to earth for a one-year mission in space. here on earth kelly's identical twin mark part of the twins study they're calling it undergoing the same tests his brother is facing in space as part of a scientific experiment. >> we have to expand our understanding of the physiology of the human body in space. things like how does it affect the dna and genetics of the person? how does it affect bone loss? the heart the brain, the optic nerve? >> scientists will compare the efforts on the bodies of the two brothers when the mission is complete. ah the sky is brightening over the metro area. latest radar trend showing most of the rain beginning to track farther to the east rather than
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go northeast. so it will bring in some drier air by the time we get into the afternoon. much of the metro area begins to dry out. southern maryland northern neck eastern shore still having showers off and on into the afternoon. temperatures right now are chilly. we're just in the low to mid-40s. that's way below the average high this time of year which is around 50 degrees. we're going to stay hovering in the 40s through the rest of the afternoon. may briefly get up to around 50 degrees by late afternoon. a little light rain lingering phi 1:00. roads drying by 3:00. by 5:00 just cloudy rather chilly with temperatures right around 50. >> all right tom. a major push by the white house today to fight drug-resistant illnesses. the obama administration announce add five-year plan to deal with the problem. the cdc says drug-resistant dack tieria currently causing 23,000 deaths a year and 2 million illnesses. if the problem is not dealt with experts fear normally minor illnesses could become deadly. some experts say the white house isn't going far enough.
11:36 am
they want antibiotic use extremely limited in animals processed for meat. back in one
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an uplifting story on this friday. the little boy now cancer-free. vant valiant vito. a superhero cape getting chemo. he left the hospital in minneapolis pap go fund me page raised more than $11,000. check this out. better drop that diet coke. pepsi is now the second most popular soda in the country. coke and diet coke were the top two, not anymore. check it out. pepsi coming in that second spot. beverage digest released new numbers showing more people drink pepsi than diet coke and found fewer people are drinking diet soda altogether. over on, let the games begin.
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cracking open a list of the best easter egg hunts in the area. easter's not until next week but a few of the hunts begin tomorrow at a couple spots including butler's orchard bunnyland and four-mile looking for one of these?
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yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. the fate of american amanda knox rests in the hands of italy's highest court. follow nbc washington on twitter today so you are the first to know as soon as a decision is handed down. she sndary former boyfriend charged with the brutal 2007 murder of her roommate meredith kercher. been through three trials convicted, acquitted then convicted again. stay with news 4. as soon as we have a verdict we'll bring it to you. right now a crucial witness just wrapped up part of her testimony in the murder trial of former nfl player aaron hernandez. his fiancee told the court just
11:40 am
in the last hour she asked directly hernandez if he killed odin lloyd saying hernandez told her, no. she has been granted immunity. the fiancee is facing tough questions today about how she behaved in the days after the murder and her knowledge of her fiance fiance's guns. prosecutors previously said she may have helped dispose of evidence. good morning. the storm team 4 app radar showing that the rain is continuing to pull off to the east of the metro area. and here we're seeing still moderate showers in southern maryland. the areas in dark green and eastern shore and down towards richmond. the overall trend is for this rain to pull east and pull away from the metro area slowly drying us out during the afternoon. the weekend, well looking blustery and chilly saturday with temperatures just into the mid-40s. with a partly sunny sky. just a slight chance we might get a sprinkle maybe a flurry during the day on saturday. otherwise, partly sunny, breezy
11:41 am
and chill pip sunday looks like the best day of the weekend. sunshine, lighter wends, temperatures into the low 50s. back now with filmmaker james redford, and you do look familiar. and we know why. you're the son of actor robert redford and look so much like him. how much did he influence your career? >> well i mean it's -- it's completely -- there's no reason to deny it. interestingly enough i think both my parents, they were actively involved in social and environmental issues when i was growing up. it's just there. you know? it's just over time i've gotten older, have kids of my own it's become more meaningful to me. really i focused on health and environment as a filmmaker. >> your dad famous for being in front of the camera still is and you chose the other side of the camera. why? >> my acting career ended in eighth grade. i had a wig fall off in the middle of a play. traumatic. that was it. started playing guitar.
11:42 am
>> nobody of said you could about great stand-in for your dad? >> i did get an offer to stand in on "the natural" in the mid-80s. wasn't my bag. >> and dyslexia we understand that was a real personal store for you? >> yes. my wife and i had the challenge of raising a small boy with dyslexia and at the time we really didn't understand that it could be as much of a gift as it is a challenge. we didn't have any information about what it means to go through the educational system and move on in life. so i made a film that shed light on what it is and what it isn't. really offered hope to families about how to cope. >> was he in the film? >> he was. a thoughtful articulate kid and like a lot of dyslexics really smart. not the fast effort reader but that doesn't matter particularly in audiovisual world we live today. >> and what we're learning
11:43 am
today, many who have dyslexia turn out to be wizards later on in other things. >> media, i would say, five are dyslexia. in media, one in two. >> we are happy to hear about your films that are coming out now. the one you're working on and look forward to seeing you tonight at the carnegie institute of science. >> hope everyone comes down. >> thank you, james redford. we'll be right back. a quick reminder, watch news "news4 midday" wherever you are. streaming this newscast live on also stream news 4 at 4:00 and 5:00 a shout-out for us too, get the nbc washington app on your phone or tablet allowing you to watch all nbc 4 programs on the go. time to geek out in a good way. the
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we have new developments in the investigation surrounding a 27-year-old german pilot. officials say andreas lubitz deliberately crashed germanwings flight 9525 in the french alps earlier this week. nbc's katy tur has why lubitz vo not have been inside the koch wit. >> reporter: released finding what they found within the childhood home of lubitz and the dusseldorf apartment. they did not find evidence of a suicide note or any note claiming responsibility for this crash. they found no evidence of a religious or political affiliation either but did find evidence of illness.
11:47 am
they wouldn't say what sort of illness exactly, but german media has been widely reporting he was suffering from depression. they did find the evidence he was being treated presently for that illness. now, there are doctors notes as well. doctors notes excusing him from work. in the past few days including the day he was flying that plane, and the day that he crashed that plane into the side of a mountain, which means that he should no have been working that day and was ignoring doctors' orders not to be as work and evidence he was hiding this from his employer, kwoen coinciding with what lufthansa said. >> i could not imagine he had done this. it does not fit in this picture i have from him. >> reporter: or from those who knew him during flight club days. they didn't see anything wrong with him. investigators are looking into whether or not they can find any
11:48 am
reason this was premeditated or a notion for this crash. back to you. >> investigators in new york are making sure no one is birred beneath a building that collapsed in the city. construction workers hit a gas line in the east village yesterday setting off an explosion, a massive fire broke out eventually causing three buildings to collapse. it could be days before crews finish mopping up the hot spots. 19 people were injured when that building exploded. 4 are still in critical condition. mayor bill deede blasio says everyone has been accounted for from the building. take a look you may have see this on your way into work. tweeting about it all morning long. clogged drains clogged. crews working to clear the debris and road right now. it's time to geek out pap two-day student robotics comp
11:49 am
physician is in full swing. news 4 zachary kiesch is live in fairfax with a look at some of this awesome technology. this is pretty darn cool zach. >> reporter: human players -- right, at this robotics competition here at george mason university. check out some of these machines right here. the goal here is to stack some of these boxes and bins here. these folks have been working on these machines for a long long time. a lot of them have aspiration to pursue careers in engineering and do different things like that. right now it's all about living in the moment and chasing the number one spot. >> this opportunity is just like the greatest one. it's kind of like having our almost our super bowl moment. >> reporter: miles is here from d.c. on a team representing mckenley tech but it's a packed house. 49 teams, some from as far away as brazil. each team has six weeks to build their robot. it means long nights and lots of
11:50 am
teamwork. >> how you feeling about your robe but? >> really good about our robot. hopefully we'll win the competition and gee to st. louis. >> reporter: first goal make it to part two. it means tweaks and adjusts building the right machine and the challenge. that's not easy. >> this year is basically the competition is called recycle rush. the object of the game pick up recycling totes and containers and basically stack them on platforms. [ cheers ] >> reporter: greg said they didn't do as well as they wanted but put a lot of time into this. some of these machines cost as much as $10,000 to $20,000 and means a lot of them do fund-raising all year long and therapy here today trying to give their best effort. reporting here at george mason
11:51 am
university zachary kiesch news 4. >> wow. a whole lot of creative energy there. thanks. a
11:52 am
no one will like you. >> a show that brought back a show in the '60s, "mad men." includes don draper suit fedora and office bar cart. "mad men" is coming to an end after seven seasons. the final season begins april 7th. and coaching icon dean smith is still giving back to his players. the former basketball coach died last month and this week former players started receiving letters from coach smith along with a $200 check as part of his trust, every varsity basketball player in coach smith's 36 years is receiving a gift.
11:53 am
one tweet add picture of the letter that read enjoy a dinner out complements of coach dean smith. coach smith sense 25 players in the nba draft including michael jordan. jordan always said no one would have seen him without dean smith. wonder if he's getting a dinner check? >> and his players loved him. >> they did. >> loved and worshipped. outdoor plans for the weekend, and update on our weather coming up after the
11:54 am
some say a unique take on therapy, hemping people get back to work after being injured on the job. >> reporter: take a slip or fall while at work and it can take weeks maybe even months to get back on the job. experts say even when you're medically cleared to go back to work a lot of times people still aren't ready and end up getting injured again. now we're learning about a new program not only making sure
11:55 am
employees are ready to go back to work but also preventing them from get injured again. digging, lifting, shoveling and turning. this warehouse in sterling virginia is full of people trying to get back to work doing physical therapy that mimics their day jobs. >> i'm a school bus driver and have to be able to lift kids if there's an emergency need to be able to lift the roof hatches and open the windows. >> reporter: 53-year-old valerie petri says she spent weeks in traditional physical therapy, after she underwent surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. it's an injury she sifford aftere she suffered after slipping on the ice last year. her doctor said she wasn't ready to return to work and instead they sent her here. industrial health a specialized rehabilitation center that works in conjunction with inova health system i. didn't know how much i needed this when i came here. coming up tonight at 5:00
11:56 am
doreen gentzler has more on work rehab helping to get employees to stay healthy on the job. rain now ending in washington. storm team 4 radar showing this may be continuing in our southern suburbs, southern maryland northern neck eastern shore as we get into the afternoon hours. this is going to continue to pull away but it will gradually be leaving there not untildrying out and temperatures horch ss hovering near 50. breezy saturday ms. 40s. sunday low 50s but a lighter wind. mild weather monday into next week highs 60s each day. maybe a little rain on thursday. have a great weekend. you. >> you, too tom. that does it for news 4 add "midday," also news at 4:00 5:00 and 6:00. >> and join us monday morning, have a great day, terrific weekend and we'll see you monday.
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