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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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around here, we're all about fast. that's why xfinity is perfect for me. with millions of wifi hotspots all over the place including one right here at the shop now we can stream all things fast and furious. you've done it again, carlos! with the fastest in-home wifi and millions of hotspots xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7 in theaters april 3rd. now, at 11:00, a wild manhunt in northern virginia. >> an eight-hour search for an escaped inmate considered armed, dangerous, barefoot and in a hospital gown. >> police tracked him down in southeast d.c. >> it was so -- it was like it
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wasn't real. >> now the man suspected of being the guy they call the bicycle bandit is back in the custody of federal marshals. news4 at 11:00 starts now. it was a day of high drama and high anxiety in northern virginia. but tonight the manhunt is over. wossen assaye is back in jail. >> today's manhunt involved two carjackings and put the inova fairfax hospital on lockdown forre jackie bensen is tonight where it all started. jackie? >> reporter: doreen the u.s. marshals service says the escaped inmate is back in their custody. they won't say where but it's believed back at the alexandria jail. under investigation tonight how federal prisoner wossen assaye believed to be a serial bank robber known as the bicycle bandit managed to overpower a private security officer and take her gun while her partner used the rest room.
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he then used the officer as a human shield to make his escape from inova fairfax hospital. the manhunt was one of the most extensive in recent memory. but assaye wearing only a hospital gown still managed to stay ahead of law enforcement for nearly eight hours. he stole two cars one by breaking into the trunk then kicking his way out of the backseat after the driver got in and started the car, causing a crash. >> i heard a big slam and i heard a lady screaming like crazy. >> this guy just did a carjacking at 6911. >> reporter: he stole some clothes. >> he went through my entire house, which was mostly empty, although he may have gotten some of my old clothes because the hospital gown was left in there and some of my old clothes are gone. >> reporter: the break came just after 11:00 a.m. when someone who had seen a picture saw him getting off a bus in southeast washington.
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within six minutes d.c. police officers swooped in and made the arrest. the man believed responsible for a dozen armed bank robberies was back in custody. >> they dragged him and got him in the back of the car and started taking his boots and stuff off to make sure he didn't have a weapon. it was like it wasn't real. >> reporter: we're told assaye was brought here to the hospital friday from the alexandria jail after he made a suicide attempt in which he was injured. now, he was guarded by alexandria sheriff's deputies for 24 hours, then turned over to officers from allied protection service. that's a private security company under contract to the u.s. marshals service. in a statement tonight, a spokesman for the marshals service told us quote, events such as today's escape will be investigated and reviewed. if changes are needed they will be made. back to you. >> jackie bensen thank you. after today we wanted to know how many prisoners have escaped the custody of u.s. marshals in the past few years so we asked the marshals office.
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they tell us there have been what they call 18 escape events in that time. an escape event can include more than one inmate. this year there have been three escape events. so far this year there have been three escape events. that's compared to just one last year. the most in the five-year span came in 201 is1 when there were seven escape events. our coverage doesn't stop here. be sure to check the nbc washington app and the full press conference from today's capture and sign up for breaking news alerts sent right to your phone. new tonight an airplane made an emergency landing at national airport after it might have been hit by lightning. it happened just after 6:30 this evening. it was a u.s. airways plane from toronto that landed safely. it's now out of service while they do a maintenance inspection. radar imaging at the time showed a storm moving through the area. now for a check on our weather. strong winds and thunderstorms
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this evening, but it's all moving out now. is that right, doug kammerer? >> yeah you can see we're still dealing with a little bit of a breeze. the winds now down to 15 to 20 miles per hour. earlier they were upwards of 40 and even 50 miles per hour. we did see a couple of lightning strikes across our region. look at the high temperatures today. just amazing. 73 d.c. 75 in fredericksburg. that gave way to cloud cover and the rain. most of today was absolutely beautiful. but there's the rain that came on through. now that rain moving down towards the south and east continues to move out. what are we in for? that's what we'll be dealing with nothing on the radar right now. that's good news. tonight and overnight we'll be dry, no problems tomorrow morning, but cooler tomorrow. the warmer weather, that return returns, but so does the warmer weather. a man tried to run down police officers twice in prince george's county.
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anthony skinner is charged with attempted murder and assault. police tried to stop him just before 11:00 last night in capitol heights. they say he sped towards them and that's when an officer shot at his car. he clipped a police cruiser and hit a tree. officers arrested him. nobody was hurt. a new york music promoter will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing a man from maryland more than ten years ago. kevin reynolds was sentenced to life in prison plus 20 years. he was convicted last month of shooting wesley king in front of king's young daughter back in 2002 in silver spring. detectives linked reynolds to the murder years ago through cell phone records and the testimony of king's daughter. but detectives lost track of him after he assumed a new identity as dennis graham. and after he created a successful career producing music up in new york.
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reynolds maintains he was in new york at the time of the shooting. the latest on a developing story now. the district is pushing back on indiana's new religious freedom law. mayor muriel bowser issued an executive order tonight that bans work-related government travel to indiana. she believes the religious freedom law discriminates against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. with that order, the district joins seattle and washington state, new york state, san francisco and connecticut with some form of work-related travel ban to the hoosier state. meantime the same fight is shaping up in arkansas with a very powerful force against the law. walmart's ceo is calling for the governor of arkansas to veto the just-approved religious freedom law there saying it does not represent the values they uphold. the company is headquartered in arkansas but the governor has said he will sign it. in indiana governor bill pence
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claims that state's law is misunderstood. he said it was never intended to allow discrimination. he asked that a new bill clarifying that be on his desk by the end of the week. muriel bowser used her state of the district speech tonight to end months of speculation about the city's troubled street car program. >> it's been long on promises and short on results. but tonight we pledge that that changes now. i promise you that we will get the street car along h street and bening road up and running. >> that promise was part of a wide ranging speech in which mayor bowser touched on initiatives to improve public safety, pub liblic housing, education and economic opportunity. we may hear from two secret service agents who witnessed a high profile security breach at the white house. earlier this month two agents drove into a secure area during
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the investigation of a suspicious package. the chairman of the house oversight committee is issuing subpoenas to the witnesses. he says he wants answers on why the secret service appears to be systematically broken. we know now the name of the man killed outside the national security agency on monday. investigators say 27-year-old ricky hall was driving the suv that entered a restricted area then rammed a national security agency police car. we also learn that hall and his passenger stole the suv from a party at a howard county motel. the owner of the suv says he met the men who were dressed in drag in baltimore. a wild and dangerous police chase left three officers injured. police tried to stop a silver pickup truck for a traffic violation this morning. but the driver sped off weaving in and out of traffic on the beltway, i-95 and the fairfax county parkway. that's where the driver 36-year-old lakisha tracy was
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stopped and pulled out of the truck. tracy has outstanding warrants for credit card theft, credit card fraud and identity theft. in prince george's county some are complaining about a video showing a school security officer body slamming a teenaged girl. the incident happened yesterday inside laurel high school. the student was reportedly being belligerent and was not following orders after after altercation. she was picked up and slammed to the ground and forcibly taken to the principal's office. >> the incident escalated and the officer had to yous force to protect himself and students and staff around him in that area. >> school officials say the incident is under investigation to ensure that proper protocol was followed. they say there's more to this incident that's not featured in the video, but they can't say because of confidentiality rules. >> i hope people from this can see that anybody can get addicted to this medication. >> expressions of remorse
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tonight from an ex-fbi agent who was caught stealing and using drug evidence. matthew lowry pleaded guilty to 64 counts including heroin possession. an addiction to prescription pain killers reportedly led lowry to steal the heroin from his investigations. federal agents were in the courtroom to support him. a d.c. man is one of 22 federal prisoners who will will be out of jail earlier than expected. president obama commuted those sentences today. rudolph norris was sentenced for selling cocaine. most of the prisoners would have faced much less time in prison if convicted today. norris will be released in july after serving 22 years. developing tonight, a body found in a hollywood hills mansion. >> right now police are at the home of an oil fortune heir. we've got the latest on the investigation. also we'll report how
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child's play left dozens of people in maryland homeless tonight. i'm shomari stone.
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developing right now. we've just learned the heir to an oil fortune was found dead in his home. the getty family just confirmed that andrew getty died in his hollywood hills home tonight. his body was found in the bathroom. the family is asking for privacy and no other information's being released. getty is one of the four sons of gordon getty one of the richest men in the u.s. tonight a 10-year-old is being blamed for a fire that has
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over 50 people out of their homes. that fire started about 6:00 tonight at a garden-style apartments off southern avenue in suitland. 22 of the units were evacuated. no one injured. the fire caused about $50,000 in damage. it's been almost a week now since pothole palooza kicked off in the district. d.c. mayor bowser launched an aggressive effort to repair the craters and bumps in our roads today. d-dot tweeted crews have filled nearly 6200 potholes across the city. district students will have to spend extra time in class to make up for this year's snow days. may 18th, june 18th and 19th are all now going to be full days of instruction. they were scheduled to be half days or days off for students. a local boy's being hailed as a hero tonight. he saved his father's life with a procedure he learned as a shomari stone reports. >> definitely ecstatic. >> reporter: brandon trembla has
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a right to feel good tonight. >> i got to save my dad's life. >> reporter: yes, you heard correctly. this 12-year-old boy saved his father darrell from choking to death on a hamburger last summer in fredericksburg virginia. darrell has severe allergies. >> i swallowed the piece of burger and it got caught in my throat. i wasn't able to breathe. >> reporter: brandon knew exactly what to do. >> i did something about it. >> reporter: he grabbed his dad from behind and did the heimlich maneuver. he learned it with the boy scouts at a first aid class. >> using the skills that brandon had learned in common sense and all those good study skills he participated in dislodging that hamburger. >> reporter: tonight the boy scouts honored him with a certificate for his service. darrell thanks his son and the boy scouts for teaching him how to save lives. >> it's great organization. they do a lot of good for the
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community. >> reporter: brandon says he wants to grow up to be a firefighter so he can continue to help people. >> might as well be a good person and people will treat you the same. >> reporter: a good reminder for all of us. in fredericksburg virginia i'm shomari stone, news4. way to go brandon and the boy scouts for teaching him that. good story. moving out now or is there still a little more left? >> no more left. >> okay good. >> storms are out of here. now cool air moving in here. but it won't be all that bad. temperatures tomorrow a high of 58 that comes with sunshine. that's below average but a couple of weeks ago, even this weekend, we would have loved to see 58. out there right now we're on the cooler side after a high of 73 earlier, we're now down to 49. those winds out of the north at 15 miles per hour. that's why we will see those cooler numbers and we're still dealing with a few clouds across the area. 40 degrees in hagerstown. 50 in hunting town and 51 down towards the patuxent river.
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some wind left but notice not everybody is seeing the winds gusting. 26 miles per hour in camp springs, 23 in manassas. manassas earlier had a 54-mile-an-hour wind gust. so we did see some very strong winds earlier. a lot of branches down across the region. storm team 4 radar, clear. so tomorrow morning we'll be on the dry side between 6:00 and 8:00 for the driving impact. the roads will be fine as far as weather is concerned. as you make your way in 4:00 to 6:00. still on the cool side. temperature of 58. so that's good enough to keep some of the windows down as you're driving around. first today we saw abundant sunshine and it was spectacular. then the clouds the wall of clouds moved in and so did the showers and we even saw a couple of thundershowers out there a little bit in the way of thunder and lightning, some of the first we've seen so far this season. behind it we've got that cooler
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air that's settling on in. not quite as cool as in pennsylvania. some areas over six inches of snow. high temperatures tomorrow cooler but not bad, 54 hagerstown 59 in manassas 60 down towards fredericksburg and culpepper. cambridge coming in at 57 degrees or rather tomorrow's high 57. cooler but nice. we'll start at 42. if you get out to get exercise it will be cool but by noon we're perfect. a great day to get out there, ride the bike and do a little bit of a jog. always nice to do it in 50-degree temperatures with low humidity. 70 on thursday. a little windy on thursday but that's about it. 75 on friday. just showers. we got a 40% chance of those. a thunderstorm or two. most of that activity may stay just to the north of the d.c. metro area. high temperature on friday of 75. then this weekend cool again with a high of 57 degrees on saturday. that is passover of course then sunday easter coming in at
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63 degrees. and then it's opening day down at nats park. 67 degrees as we take on the mets at 4:00. i will not be there, but i would love to be there. that would be fantastic. >> but if you can provide nice weather for everybody who does get to be there. >> it's like i'm there. >> job well done. sports coming up.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports.
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caps with two bonuses tonight. >> yeah. doug how are your ankles? >> that's not nice. nobody knows what you're talking about. >> we'll explain that. >> charity basketball he got his butt kicked. these days with social media, you can find really cool stats on any game or event. tonight alex ovechkin scored his 50th goal of the season and "the washington post" reporter tweeted this beauty. alex o vich kin has more goals than anyone in the league since 2001 and 2002. his rookie season was 2006. you have to make sure you have a really good stretch there. ovechkin pretty loose to start. first period caps up 1-0. rockets this one in. 50th goal of the season for the great ace. ties peter bondra for most goals scored. caps up 2-0. he's good. hurricanes stormed back.
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tied it up at 2 in the second. off a really great pass from jason chmura there. a little over a minute later ovi down the wing. passed down front to joel ward. wardo gets his stick in front of the defender's skate. his 17th of the year. ward really happy about that. capitals pick up two huge points. after the game the 29-year-old captain was asked about reaching this milestone at his young age. >> i'm still 21 but it's a huge accomplished to be with the names out there and it's always nice. but again, right now i like that kind of moment for our team we need the points. and team player. i hope i play well.
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>> every time a big record he takes a picture with the puck. reporter asked him today do you ever get sick of taking the picture. nope why would i? it looks good. >> why would he? >> every college basketball player pays to be in the final four. the maryland women they get to do it again. an incredible season so far. 28 straight wins but the biggest hurdle will be facing uconn. we know, they're good. but we found this a little disrespectful. automakers have them at 23 1/2 point underdogs. >> what? >> pulling back into the xfinity center this morning, the women took care of business against tennessee, punching their tickets to tampa first time in school history. they head to their second straight final four. waiting for them uconn. the huskies defending national champions. they've been to eight straight final fours. nine national titles. but maryland says join the club. people are all doubting them. >> i don't think a lot of people
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thought that we could make it to back-to-back final fours. i know all the work that we put in this summer and the preseason. to be able to make it back is amazing. >> i'm really excited. we have some experience from last year so we're going to enjoy this moment but then lock back in for uconn. >> on the men's side devonte smith-river have a says good-bye to georgetown. the school announcing he'll forgo his final season of eligibility. he plans to sign with an agent and hopes of getting drafted to the nba, of course. and the junior was the hoyas' leading scorer. but as for the maryland women, they definitely have a really big battle facing ginoeno auriemma they're his little soldiers. that's what makes march madness so much fun, well april madness now. >> you got to play the game. >> motivation. >> they've lost one this season.
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so they're not, you know
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have you ever imagined what it would be like to play pacman through your neighborhood streets? >> yes. >> me neither. well it happened today on google maps. doug loves this. >> this is so cool. >> enter your location and click on the pacman icon in the bottom left corner. you can play on the white house ground ors the national mall. if you get a message saying there aren't enough streets, you slide your map around a bit and
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eventually -- >> does it have the sound effects? >> i don't know. >> where are the cherries? >> you get music and cherries and all that stuff. we don't see them there, though. >> right by my house. >> i guess you have to be a certain age to appreciate this. >> that's right, 25.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ethan hawke, willie and korie robertson musica


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