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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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great angle. the lie is fine. 214 to the hole. i would think hit one at the center of the green and see if the wind moves it a little left. but i would certainly play right of this hole. i wouldn't play at. >> love this. this is great. >> this is right. way right. >> that's that move i was talking about on the tee. he hit it right off the tee. instead of a down slope, just a terrible lie. but that's that myth thatiff that he's going to have to fix if he wants to be number one in the world. >> look at the downslope that this landed on.
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well j.b. holmes has company in johnson wagner. a little dance and a little jig to celebrate a rare three at the 18th. j.b. holmes over on the range heard this. oh boy. oh no. he made it didn't he? >> he made it? birdied it? >> yes, he did. three at 18 for wagner. holmes and wagner tied for the lead.
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well wagner's come down to earth just a little bit. still taking deep breaths over there after that finishing birdie at 18. j.b. holmes continues to warm up over on the practice area. so what about this lie and third shot for spieth rog? >> well first of all, how's the ball stop there? i mean that's a pretty good slope that ball's on. you know now he's going to have to hit something that's going to be you know flighted low, john. it's not something you're going to get up in the air. sounds like we're asking for a rules official to come here at 18. we'll see what that's about.
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>> huh, i'm not sure what he could be asking for there? maybe a mulligan but besides that i'm not sure what. >> i just want to make sure i can remove these clumps of sand on the green? >> on the green, you can. absolutely. on the green. absolutely. >> thank you. >> sure. >> just wanted to make sure. >> well you could hear that discussion. it was all about brushing some sand clumps of sand that was just on the front of the green and, of course on the putting surface, sand is a loose impediment. it is not off the putting surface. a heads-up move by jordan. >> it's hard to tell from here roger, how tough this shot is. is it no problem as far as getting enough height and everything else on it to get the proper shot?
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>> well if his ball were on a level lie, john i think he'd pitch something higher up in the air. now off this downslope i think he's going to have to allow a lot more room for the ball to run. you can see how much his left foot is below his right foot. so that gives you an indication of the slope here. >> that iron shot was totally wiped with no power. it's way short and right. >> it was not a good shot no. >> par gets him in a playoff with holmes and wagner. >> even though he's had this great run of golf this would be a very disappointing five if he makes five. >> come on. >> see that spot. >> got his whole family watching and haven't seen him win, right? >> not as a professional, they haven't. >> it sort of goes left going up the hill to the top of the
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hogsback then once it gets over that it sort of flattens out. so overall maybe a three-foot break to the left. >> brush that grass. >> better slow down. better slow down. that's a pretty good shot. >> well he seemingly has made a boat load of putts from that distance in the last few weeks. the next one's going to be huge to have a chance still as we send it down to todd lewis. >> thank you very much. we just saw some excitement from this man, johnson wagner. you said you knew how difficult that 18th hole would be but walk us through that putt that ultimately has you now in a playoff. >> that's one of those putts you always hit in the practice round. i had a good idea it was going to break a little right-left i thought i missed it low here then it broke right back at the end and went in dead center.
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oh i wish i looked more athletic than that. but i like fist pumping a lot on the 18th green here. i remember in 2008 i fist pumped ten times in ten seconds. on cloud nine right now, getting ready to go out there and play 18 again. love that hole. >> congratulations. we'll see you in a few minutes. >> thanks todd. >> to 18. >> from below the ridge is piercy before spieth strokes a par putt to join wagner and holmes. >> he's played this hole well. tried to get it up this hogs back. down the hill. stays pretty straight. looks pretty good. >> so rough finish for piercy but all in all some real positive signs this week especially in that opening round 63. so when piercy taps in for par, finishes in tenth place by himself.
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with a final round 74. and austin cook just outside that top ten in a tie for 11th. those three bogeys paying the price for that final round 75 for the monday qualifier. okay so the stage is clear for spieth again to see if he can will another one in. >> roger, you probably had trouble getting behind this putt but i think it's probably a left edger, i'm not sure what you're seeing. >> yeah. it's got to go just to his right. this will be a very happy place if it goes in john. >> they love jordan spieth here in texas, especially the 20 or 30 family and friends who have been following him and have a chance to watch him pull off a victory. this from 11 1/2 feet for par to join the playoff.
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>> just walked it in. i tell you what jordan spieth has put on a display that quite frankly, i haven't seen farce big putts needed since that guy named tiger woods. i mean it's been that kind of have to will get it done attitude by jordan spieth. wow. two-man playoff just turned into a three-man playoff at 18. and the spieth party, which has traveled down the road from dallas texas, some three hours, hooting and hollering with a chance to watch their man pull it off in his native state of texas.
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we knew it had that special feel of drama when j.b. holmes went out and did what he did, and it hasn't disappointed down the stretch. wagner with a birdie to get to 16 under, spieth with a clutch up and down for par.
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through the window jordan
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spieth putting the finishing touches on that round of 70 to get into the playoff with holmes and wagner. and while we wait for the players to gather themselves and make their way out to the playoff hole at 18 what an amazing six-week run through florida and texas this has been. >> it's hanging right. oh, man. >> what a birdie by harrington. another honda classic victory. ♪ >> does it go in? how about that? >> again, maybe again? get out of here. >> he knows it looks good right now. >> get in there. >> dustin johnson is going to win this wgc cadillac
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championship. >> ryan moore. >> do you believe this? >> oh man. >> pga tour victory number two for jordan spieth. >> is it in? oh! >> daniel berger that is a double eagle. >> another double eagle. there it is. a birdie at the 72nd hole. san antonio's jimmy walker has won the valero texas open. >> how about an ace for patrick reed? ♪
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>> amazing finish here at the shell houston open. johnson wagner needed a birdie at the 18th and provided just the third of the day to get into the playoff. and in the group behind him, jordan spieth faced with a difficult downhill lie, a third shot to this point, needed this to join holmes and wagner and got it done. casually as if he expected it to drop. and then he congratulated johnson wagner on his birdie to get into the playoff. >> nice putt, dude. nice celebration. >> thanks very much. >> nice putt dude. well they're going to go back to 18 johnny. this has been some swing. it's almost going to be bittersweet to say good-bye to
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it. but one of these three guys is going to end up hoisting the trophy. holmes has been waiting a long time, 45 minutes or so. >> that could work against him. he has a good tee shot but the other two players are right in the flow. they're warm and had a good experience on 18. the only thing i can say negative about spieth is in the back of his mind he knows he hung on to that drive a little bit in that terrible second shot. he's got to get that out of his head. wagner, i think he's the most pumped he's got the most energy he seems clutch. i might even give wagner a slight advantage except for the putter of spieth is hot as a firecracker. >> we know that holmes is in the masters, be know that jordan spieth is in the masters, but wagner pulls this off, he gets into augusta, the same way he did for his very first pga tour victory seven years ago in this very tournament. >> i mean you want to have a hole that will separate you when you're nervous and this 18th
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hole the leaders really played it well. basically on 18 they made two pars and a birdie. the rest of the field is a million over par. so i guess obviously these guys are playing better than the rest of the field. >> so headed to another playoff. ninth in 21 pga tour events this season. >> shell oil company will do the draw here. j.b., you'll draw first. johnson, you draw next. jordan. >> i get what's left. >> one. >> two. >> one, two, three. good luck, gentlemen. >> the playoffs have been the norm johnny this is the fifth in the last eight. that we've seen a playoff on the pga tour. >> yeah the tour is full of really good players, but nobody's really you know extending themselves like we got spoiled with tiger woods, you know a little bit -- a lot.
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but big tee shots here. the tee shot is the key shot on this hole. and j.b. has been piping it on this hole. but he's been sitting over there in the driving range right for an hour and 45 minutes? >> just under two hours now -- >> oh man. >> -- it's been since he finished up with that 64. he piped his tee shot down the middle. also did the same thing at doral before he came up short. >> he can put pressure on the other two players with a bomb drive down the middle. he's got more power than the other two players. >> watch out for that water. >> this is just hammered down the left-hand side. >> man, that didn't make it by a lot. that is really good. there are no divots around that ball.
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>> so while we're used to seeing holmes and spieth this pga tour season this is a guy that had one top ten last year. sponsor's exemption and he's in with the two hot players and stars of the tour right now. >> trying to get a nice deep breath and then an exhale. >> got to come down from that birdie at 18, don't you? not easy. >> beautiful shot. >> man, these guys are playing good golf right now. all three of them have played this hole with all pars and one birdie. so they're all one under on this tough 18th. i guess that's why they're in a playoff, dan. >> brilliant, johnny. >> no i mean seriously maybe. there's a lot of guys that play this about five over. >> oh, yeah.
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>> oh this is a beauty. left side. >> hang on. >> hang on, hang on is right. >> that just went down in the water. >> oh wow, it's on up. >> they think it might be in the water, some people. but it's okay. it's going to have a huge hook lie, though. >> wagner and holmes in perfect position. spieth will come back with a second shot with a ball way above his feet. to our new data center! uh-oh. [ sirens whaling ] don't worry. cdw implemented vmware technology. so we already moved our critical applications to the cloud. with vmware's one cloud,
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any application, any device architecture... we don't have to rewrite anything. so we're good here? together: we're good. good.
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playoff at the shell houston open that's not decided here they'll go back to this treacherous hole. a hole johnny you mentioned, these three players have had very good success on. >> we're talking about all four days about all pars and one birdie. each guy has that same thing. three pars and a birdie but right now, definitely spieth has got the disadvantage.
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so gary koch you're out there. you got any thoughts about this? you're on 17. >> yeah it's going to be interesting obviously with jordan's lie. the ball wants to go to the left in a hurry. a ball that far above his feet. so look at this. he didn't even know it was up. >> he had a ball in his hand. >> look at that exchange man, we're dry, we're fine. >> i heard him at the tee after he hit it said i think it's in the water. he has to be a happy guy. >> look at him laugh now. tough smile. >> i don't know that they're fine. >> but it's better than in the water. and there is michael greller like dude you got to tell me if we're okay. but obviously he didn't. kind of funny how word didn't trickle back. okay rog, they're not fine you're right. this is not an easy shot by any stretch. >> wagner away. >> should i take that post that that post in between the shell
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and the -- >> playing 297 yards left. >> be committed on your target. great practice swing. >> watson hit the same shot in regulation 210. >> gripping down on it about an inch. you can see. can he do it again, another birdie on this ridiculously hard hole? 4.9 average on the field. >> that's an incredible karma in houston. >> come on. >> headed toward the bunker right of the green. >> wow. that hurts. that really hurts. not that a par's not going to extend the playoff. you know there's a good chance the par will extend. easy bunker shot straight down the hill. no break. >> j.b. holmes is next to play
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rog. >> j.b. has 203 left. >> earlier we had 217 hole now we have 202 hole. yes. yeah you like that? all right. man. good routine, here. set your target. >> boy, he hit a beauty in regulation didn't he? just right of the stick. >> almost made the putt. >> almost made a birdie which would have ended it two hours ago for him. here he goes through that visualization. >> he's got the train going by the planes going by. fly it in there good, though. >> got a 5 iron here johnny i would assume he's going to try to hold this against the wind.
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>> is it going right? >> a little bit. but that's that putt that doesn't break much. good spot. if you're going to hit it 40 feet from the hole that's a good spot. >> i thought the way holmes has played 18 regulation here right now. all right. that sets up spieth. as you just kind of pitch it out here rog. >> no way. he's not going to do that. but he's going to have to aim way right to play this shot with the wind coming from the right, with the ball as much above his feet as it is johnny he's got 190 away from the hole. >> i know he's an athlete. i hope he played a little baseball when he was younger because that's what this is. he's got to play it i would say, at the right edge of the green at least and you got to be careful not to overhook it because it will go in the water, but this takes some hand/eye
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coordination this shot. >> you like that one? >> yeah i do. i mean the chance i connect with it is good. >> yeah. >> if i don't connect with it just stay out of the bunker. >> stay off the bunker. >> start it way over. >> all right. you got a good feel. >> this is going to be a slinging hook. the hole location sets up for a hook. >> is he on his toes trying to get up on his toes. see his right foot. >> that start way right of the bunker. it will stay right of him. >> oh geez. >> at least he's on the downslope. and he is dry. advantage j.b. holmes on the 18th green. three-man playoff continues. emotion packed sunday outside houston.
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jordan spieth looking over his third shot out of the bunker. let's go back to the second shot where jordan did his own 360 on the banks of the water. >> you got to be careful because you want to go down the slope, you go right in the water if you didn't watch out. >> looked kind of like a
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baseball swing. >> you know i really think he aimed too far right. thought he was going to hit a big pulled hook. >> there's his sister ellie who is beyond excited. there's no other person here that jordan's more proud of than his sister ellie. hoping that her brother hangs in there. >> he is one heck of a bunker player. he comes so close so many times out of the bunker of holing them out. if you can get it over that hill doesn't do too much once you get near the hole. >> right in the backswing. >> you can hear -- you can hear him, the camera went off right in his backswing. >> so he had the roar of the crowd distract him earlier in this round, now a camera. >> i don't know what it was. >> that's too bad. that will -- if it gets you
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right at the top of the back swing, you flinch. that's the worst time. okay when you start the backswing. but right at the top you flinch. >> you freeze. >> like someone tickling you. >> johnson wagner now, notah? >> beautiful flat lie. hole high. has the whole green to work with. >> number one in scrambling this week. >> talk about scrambling. talk about scrambling. that's a pretty much a gimme par for wagner. talked about how


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