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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 21, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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to death in his springfield townhouse during a standoff with police in august of 2013. >> julie carey is in fairfax with reaction and a report on what comes next. >> reporter: well, the settlement hashed out by lawyers was by the fairfax county board of supervisors. it closes one chapter in what the geer family and supporters have said have been a painful 18 month-long struggle for justice. but there's a still big open question. these are the images of a police standoff on august 29 2013 just moments before john geer was shot to death. four officers there say the fewer of two had his hands held up and posed no immediate threat. but officer adam torres told investigators he saw geer's hands drop to his waist, and he fired. it was the wrongful death lawsuit by geer's family that forced fairfax county to release those details. fairfax county's board chairman says settling the lawsuit was the right thing to do. >> giving the geer family
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closure and for us to be able to put this behind us and for them to be able to you know, find some closure in this case i think is important. >> reporter: the lawyer who handled the lawsuit for the geer family says the provide some relief after an 18-month battle for justice. >> the nightmare will never completely be over. i think they'll sleep a little better tonight. >> reporter: the lawyer says the $3 million will also help fulfill one of john geer's greatest dreams, that his daughters have a fully paid for college education. >> while nothing will ever replace john and there's no hint that that money could ever do that one of his dreams at least will be fulfilled through this settlement. >> reporter: john geer's father was not available to speak on camera but told me over the phone it's a step up the ladder on getting to the top and getting to final closure. we still have a ways to go. the other step is whether criminal charges we filed against the officer who shot geer. the u.s. justice department and the fairfax county
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commonwealth's attorney's office are reviewing the incident. i asked the board chairman whether she believes geer was wrongly killed. >> it was a tragedy th happened. >> reporter: now, as we reported for months police and county officials have been fiercely criticized for the way they have handled this incident, information about it initially kept secret for so long. chairman bulova tells me today that this case proves they must do things differently in the future. there is a review commission working on that right now. its recommendations are expected sometime in the fall. back to you, jim. >> thanks, julie. a maryland state trooper has been charged with assault and misconduct. it involves a suspect who was in handcuff handcuffs. nathan steelman is the officer's name. he's accused of punching chuck snook jr. while taking him no the grand bury police station in december. investigators say those two encountered each other earlier that day in a parking lot while the trooper was off duty.
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the man reportedly flicked a lit cigarette at the trooper that hit him in the chest. the two argued. snook drove away. trooper steelman got the license tag number and arrested snook later. steelman is now on suspension with pay. the man who's accused of strangling to death a college sophomore is being held without bond tonight. steven vander briel was in court in fredericksburg today charged with murdering university of mary washington student grace mann. he asked for a public defender but otherwise didn't say much. just about an hour after that hear wrapped there was a tearful memorial in falls church as mann's family, friends and busloads of mary washington students and teachers said a final good-bye. as news4's mark segraves reports, her mother spoke of her empathy and her passion for life. >> we cannot believe that we won't hear her voice again that we will not feel her loving arms, that we will not hear of her latest project to repair the
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world and the lives of those around her. >> reporter: grace mann, the 20-year-old history major at mary washington university had a reputation on campus for speaking out about sexual assault and fighting for gender equality. >> she had the bravery to trust her beliefs and hold accountable those she thought were wrong. and unlimited love for those who needed her. >> reporter: mann's mother also recalled the less serious side of her daughter. >> as many of you know, there was also just so much fun in grace. it seems her smile lit up the room wherever she went. she was energy and life and love. >> reporter: mann's father, the judge here in fairfax, the family plans to set up a fund at the university to honor their daughter. >> we are blessed that we experienced what we did of grace and we are all forever shortchanged that it was for way
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too little of a time. this is simply a nightmare. >> reporter: in falls church, mark zee graves, news4. a high ranking counterterrorism official is in more trouble tonight. a judge scolded daniel rosen during a hearing today for violating his home confinement. rosen was originally arrested on a charge of soliciting sex with an under age girl in fairfax county. while out on bobd, police say they found what appeared to be secret videos of local women undressing in their homes on his phone. today the judge said gps showed rosen recently left his house at 2:00 a.m. he'll be sent to jail if it happens again. american warships are steaming toward the coast of yemen now in an effort to stop the escalation of a war that iran supports. sunni and shiite muslims are battling for control of yemen. rival countries in the area are choosing sides. the u.s. is trying to force a diplomatic solution. the outcome of all of this may depend on whether iran is
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willing to back down. brian mooar on capitol hill with the latest. brian? >> reporter: jim, the white house is downplaying a strategic move that could turn into a showdown. with yemen descending into civil war, president obama ordered the aircraft carrier theodore roosevelt and normandy to join an international blockade. the goal? preventing iranian arms shipments. with the white house still negotiating a nuclear deal with iran is downplaying an ultimatum ultimatum. >> the specific mission of the roosevelt is to ensure the free flow of commerce and freedom of navigation in this part of world. >> reporter: the humanitarian crisis in yemen is escalating as luge houthi rebels battle the government. >> by putting our forces offshore, not allowing more weapons to come into the fight
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hopefully we're sending a pretty strong signal that ultimate the best path forward is talks and diplomacy rather than escalation of this proxy war. >> reporter: but it's not without risk. >> this is really now a game of chicken. will the iranians in effect continue their arms flow? will they try to break this blockade and will in effect the united states carry out its threats? >> reporter: a military show of force aimed at restoreing peace in yemen. saudi arabia announced today it is suspending air strikes against rebels in yemen but says it's not the end of the fight. it's just a new phase. live on capitol hill, brian mooar, news4. it was a send-off ceremony at the d.c. armory today. members of the district's army national guard getting ready now for a nine-month deployment to kuwait. their mission includes managing a detention facility at a military camp. they'll be there to help coordinate the transportation and detention of u.s. prisoners
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in that region. it's all part of what's called operation enduring freedom. new at 6, local maryland lawmakers in annapolis to demand the governor release more funding for the schools. news4's chris gordon takes a look at how that education funding battle to have a big impact on prince george's and montgomery counties. >> reporter: many maryland public schools may have to lay off teachers. these educators and local lawmakers are in annapolis calling on governor larry hogan to release 68$68 million that has already been budgeted eded by the state legislator to big school systems where it costs more to educate students. montgomery county, for example faces $17 million in cuts. >> we will in effect lose in my opinion somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 positions in our school system, the quality of education in montgomery county will suffer as a result. >> reporter: prince george's county schools face the loss of $20 million. >> it is a cut. we've heard a lot of rhetoric
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about it not being a kid, but it is just that. >> prince george's is facing issues of reduced housing value, property tax decreases and $20 million education funding just magnifies that particular problem. >> reporter: the president of the montgomery county education association represents many of those who will lose their jobs. >> it will affect class size. it will affect support for students. it will affect support for special ed students throughout the county. >> it really is a cut that is going to hurt i think the most vulnerable students. >> reporter: governor hogan says the budget provides $109 million more in the next fiscal year than in the year before. he's committed to ensuring every child has access to a quality education and says his administration will be carefully evaluating the best use of all taxpayer dollars. a spokesman for governor hogan says he has not changed his position. he is reviewing all of his options before deciding whether or not to release the $68
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million in state funding. reporting from annapolis, chris gordon, news4. maryland gamblers left more than $700,000 in slot machine winnings unclaimed in 2013. now there are questions about how that money was handled by the maryland lottery and gaming control agency. according to the "baltimore sun," a new audit says all the money should have gone to the state, but the gaming agency treated the money as regular gambling winnings and divide it up between the casinos and the state. lottery officials say they're trying to change those regulations to reflect their practice. emotional testimony in boston today as survivors of the marathon bombing recount the horror of that day. jurors must now decide if dzhokhar tsarnaev should get the death penalty or life in prison. a first for d.c. pandas the we'll tell you about a special dli delivery from china that
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could help produce a cub. >> reporter: with the blightright lights about to shine on the caps here in long island they're trying to stay focused and have fun. doug? we need that game tonight. of course, p temperatures going down big-time. first maybe another round of storms. i'll explain when in my forecas
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overseas now the coast
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guard of italy released video of yet another boat overcrowded with migrants trying to cross the mediterranean sea. the coast guard says everyone on that boat made it to shore but that comes just days after yet another boat capsized, killing at least 800 people. european heads of government scheduled an emergency session for thursday. they want to talk about what to do about all the migrants leaving the strife in north africa and the middle east. a young couple from chicago is going to spend the next several years in prison in indonesia. they've been found guilty today of murdering the woman's mother. the man's name is tommy schaefer. prosecutors say he beat his girlfriend's mother to death at a resort in bali. he was sentenced to 18 years. the judges said he received a lighter sentence because he was polite and remorseful in court. the victim's daughter, heather mack was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
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the judges said they were lenient with her because she's a new mother. mack gave birth in jail. the penalty phase of the boston marathon bombing trial got under way with some dramatic moments in court today. jurors have to decide now whether to sentence convicted bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev to death. in opening statements the prosecution argued tsarnaev has shown no remorse. then to demonstrate that, they showed a picture that stunned the courtroom taken three months after the bombing. it shows tsarnaev in a jail cell making an obscene gesture to the surveillance camera. nbc's jay gray is following the trial in boston. jay? >> reporter: the judge addressed the jury early this morning, giving them instructions for the penalty phase here and reminding them of the consequences they face right now saying quote it's impossible for me to overstate the importance of the decision in front of you. describing dzhokhar tsarnaev as
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untouched and unrepent antd. prosecutors youts lined why they believe the convicted bomber should face the death penalty. displaying victims of the pictures, u.s. attorneys told the jury their beautiful faces are now symbols and memorials. the jury also heard graphic and emotional testimony from survivors including celeste corchoran, the first witness who cried as she described the horror of the blast, which took both her legs, saying, i remember seeing so much blood where my legs were, i remember thinking i wanted to die, that the pain was too much that i wanted to die. and now u.s. attorneys argue tsarnaev should be put to death. hoping to spare his life tsarnaev's defense team is expected to begin their case early next week one that will likely focus on what has been their central message throughout this case, that the then-19-year-old was pulled into the plot by his older brother tamerlan who they say was the mastermind of the attack. outside the courthouse today about a dozen death penalty protesters gathered, pushing for
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a life sentence for tsarnaev. but it's the 12 inside, the jury, that must ultimately make that difficult decision. if that decision is the death penalty, it must be a unanimous vote by the jury. if not, tsarnaev will automatically face life in prison. that is the latest in boosston. back to you. >> thank you, jay. 20 hours after the start of the race the final runner crossed the finish line of the bops boston marathon. he has muscular fist 50. this was his fifth and final marathon. mulamed ran that one to support a group that educates children in venezuela, his home country. >> good for him. >> yes. oh, there were a lot of runners at noon toefd. what a beautiful day to get out. >> great day to get out for a run. temperatures today in the upper 60s, around 70 degrees, little bit of a breeze, not too hot, not too cold. perfect. take a look outside, beautiful conditions.
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we've got the leaves on the trees finally. of course we've got a lot of pollen in the atmosphere too. a lot of people with allergyies this time of year for sure. 69 the current temperature. we've got cloud cover moving in across the sunshine with winds out of the west at 14 miles per hour. it's a little bit cooler to the west, only 58 in peterburg west virginia, 63 martinsburg, 63 in gaithersburg. yesterday we got up to 82 degrees so a far cry from that. over the next couple of days we're going to be struggling to get to at least 60 degrees. we've got some cooler air moving in. a few light showers. let's show you what's taking place. we have the cool air making its way in. that's what happens you get cool air aloft and heating from the sun, it helps with showers to it pop and the clouds. popcorn clouds just kind of bubbling up right there in through parts of ohio pennsylvania, down towards west virginia. they made their way in towards our area, too. once the sun goes down, they can't sustain themselves. we'll see clear skies tonight, meteor shower tonight. look back towards minneapolis.
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that is snow. that's the cold air that we're going to see coming down. we've been on the warm side of this trough. the trough of low pressure moves in our way, bringing much colder air and really a much cooler pattern. cold? 30s and 40s. we're not quite there. but we'll be in the 50s and maybe 60 degree temperatures over the next couple of days. future weather timing it out for us, by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow maybe a shower or two around parts of the region. most of us drive through the morning rush. around 1:00ness notice the showers, by 3:00, we start to see some of the showers becoming more thunderstorms. we could see some storms during the day. not expecting anything strong to severe. however, we could see one or two stronger storms. we'll continue to watch. as far as the rain is concerned, some of it could be briefly heavy. but that's about it. take a look at tomorrow. again high temperatures around that 70 degree mark so a nice start to the day. shower chance between 1:00 to the west and 6:00 to the east in and around d.c. metro between 2:00 and 5:00. quick hitting storms.
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once they get there, they'll get out of there, not like yesterday. if they came into the area you saw a lot of rain from the storms. tomorrow is different. highs in the 60s and 70s tomorrow. just like today a high of 70 d.c., 67 gaithersburg, 68 in leesburg with that chance of showers late. but the next couple of days, well, say good-bye to the 60s and 70s and hello to the 50s. 58 on thursday, 60 on friday. we'll struggle to get there. most of you staying in the 50s all day on friday and on saturday with a high of 59 degrees. next best chance of rain coming up saturday night into the early morning hours sunday. but the days look dry. that's why i do not have the shower activity here. i think the weekend looks dry right now. next chance fs rain coming up next tuesday with a high of 59. we're entering a bit of a cool pattern here. if you like that 82 yesterday, i don't see that coming back for a while. but i'll watch for it. >> so will we. it's that something in the air. breeding season for the national zoo's giant pandas. zoo keepers are taking an unusual step to prepare for it
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this time. for the first time the zoo will be using frozen sperm from china in hopes of creating a baby panda panda. the shipment arrived last night. it will be used to inseminate the giant female panda this spring. you can read more about this process on our nbc washington app. just search "panda." blue bell company pulling all of its ice cream offer the shelves over concerns about listeria. they're not the only ones issuing a recall. and rescued from the tracks. who swung into action when a man in a wheelchair fell off a metro platform today? >> reporter: a 13-year-old boy and his little sister were saved in a fire in clinton. they had the opportunity to meet the folks who helped to save their lives. i'm t
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right now food trucks are not allowed in prince george's county, but that could be changing. legislation was introduced today that would allow two or more food trucks in certain areas of the county. those trucks would only be able to provide freshly prepared foods no prepackaged foods. it's part of an effort to help the county's issue with what's called a food desert, areas where decent food and options for decent food are not available. it's also designed to provide healthy options in underserved
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communities. no word on when the bill will expect to go up for a vote. there is a lot of concern about the safety of the food we're buying. experts say it always starts with cleanliness. blue bell has recalled all of its products nationwide after ten reported cases of listeria and three deaths in kansas. harris jeter and giant sell that brand. blue bell's ceo says that the company originally thought the listeria problem was isolated to one ice cream machine, but they now know that's wrong. >> if there's a listeria problem in a food plant, it's usually a sign that their sanitation isn't up to par. >> blue bell has apologized, says it brought in the world's best microbiologist to get to the bottom of this. in another recall, trader joe's, that popular chicken sausage if you have it, get rid of it. from complete information, look to our nbc washington app and
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search "trader joe's." there is a massive recall of bicycles tonight because of a problem that has already led to one rider being paralyzed. the recall affects 900,000 bicycles including all models of trek bikes from the past 15 years. the consumer products safety commission says the defect can cause the front wheel to suddenly just stop or even to separate from the bike. trek says it knows of three injuries from the issue. you can take your bike to a retailer that sells that particular brand and they'll fix it for free. >> announcer: next, strangers jump into action at a metro station after a man in a wheelchair falls onto the tracks. see how they pulled him to safe safety a brother and sister describe frightening moments trapped in their burning home. what they're sharing in their role in the rescue that saved their lyfes. plus, a stolen row boot returned
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first at 6:30 tonight, a group of metro riders jumped into action when a man in a wheelchair fell off the platform. >> it happened just this afternoon. tonight we're hearing about those people who jumped quickly to help. news4's pat collins is live at the "u" street station with more. >> reporter: the man has no
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legs. he's in a wheelchair. he falls onto the metro tracks. he is rescued in 30 seconds. a metro rider in a motorized wheelchair drifts off the platform at the "u" street station. he appears to land facedown on the tracks. within 15 seconds a man in a suit realized what's happened. he drops a case from his hand, then jumps from the platform onto the tracks to try and save the handicapped man. he's joined quickly by a second man. and 30 seconds from the time of the fall, the man in the wheelchair is lifted back to safety, back to that platform. a short time later, the men hoist the wheelchair off the tracks. now, at the time this happened, the nearest train was three stations away, but the third rail was hot. and those good samaritans wasted
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no time making that save. emergency workers arrive on the scene and tend to the man in the wheelchair. they say he was conscious and breathing and that he had some cuts to the face. then they brought out the man's motorized wheelchair. and when the people here saw the redskins bag on the back, they knew exactly who it was. they say he's a regular on "u" street. this woman says she rides the subway with him every day. she didn't want her face shown. >> it's sad. i mean if he's falling off tracks, maybe somebody needs to be with him the whole time. maybe he's getting to a point where he can't be by himself anymore. >> reporter: joe the pizza guy says he knows the wheelchair man, too. he says he gives him samples just about every day. >> good timing i tell you that. good timing. the guy is a regular down here as well you know. we see him all the time comes in and to have pizza. he's a good guy. i'm glad they rescued him and took care of him. >> reporter: metro acknowledges
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that the save by these good samaritans was heroic, but they say it's best to wait for the station manager to cut the power to the third rail before you venture onto the tracks. but, boy, this is a metro trip that these men will not soon forget. live in northwest, pat collins, news4. for the sengtd night in a row, jurors left the alexandria courthouse left without a decision in a high-profile murder trial. cross was murdered last fall. in a taped confession, seyoum --
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right now in baltimore, a large group protesting outside police headquarters over the death of a man snaimnamed freddie gray. he died while he was in police custody earlier this month. six officers have been suspended in connection with that case. the justice department announced earlier it will launch its own investigation into the case. back here in d.c. a large group of dmron straighters ra will rallying on the mall against what they call racial profiling and police brutality. the group is calling it a march to justice. some of the protesters arrived in the district earlier today after a nine-day trek down from new york. they say along with the freddie gray case, they want to speak out against the other cases of deadly shootings and alleged sbeeting ing beatings involved police officers. the family of a man who was
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killed by a tulsa reserve deputy is anglyry because the deputy is allowed to travel to the bahamas. the judge is allowing bates to take a planned month-long vacation with his family. bates pleaded not guilty to second degree manslaughter today. he shot eric harris earlier this month during an undercover sting. he says he thought his gun was a taser. harris' family is angry that bates will be quote, relaxing and enjoying his wealth and privilege while they are mourning. bates is due back in court in july. an emotional reunion today. two children met the 911 operator, the dispatcher and firefighter who helped save them from a house fire. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins with the report on today's ceremony. >> reporter: today aleah is having fun on a fire truck. with the firemen who saved her and her brother marcus.
6:35 pm
>> we're going to die! >> please don't say that. >> reporter: aleah feared for her life as her brother called 911 inside their burning home on sunday. >> what is the location of the emergency? >> i knew i wouldn't have been able to take us out by myself. >> reporter: at one point, he had the presence of mind to hell his mother who can be heard crying from the other side of the door to save herself. >> tell them if they're able to get out, get out. you stay in the room if you can't get out. >> get out! get out! i wanted her to leave because i knew i could get as much help and i could. i wanted to see her on the other side as well. >> reporter: today he and his sister were awarded f bravery. so was the 911 operator. >> he did exactly what he was supposed to do. >> reporter: the dispatcher. >> feels good to know that everybody made it out alive everything went smoothly. >> reporter: and the firefighter who saved them. >> you dream for moments like this, that you can have an effect on an outcome. >> reporter: they were all
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humbled by the awards and thankful for the aacknowledgement but nothing meant more to anything than getting the chance to hear aleah say this to her brother. >> thank you for saving my life, marcus. >> reporter: prince george's county fire officials have released that the fire started in the basement of the home near a computer desk but they have not released the exact cause. in clinton tracee wilkins news4. one is a professor who spent 25 years researching sexual assault trauma on the brain. one is a native american shelter that provides culturally sensitive services for abused women. and there was a judge who created a special court for women who were charged with prostitution. they were all honored today by the justice department. the doj is recognizing their contributions to crime victims' rights. one of the 12 people honored is a local sex assault survivor who has turned into an advocate.
6:37 pm
she had to wait 8 months for her assault exam kit to be processed. >> i had an experience and i figured the right thing to do was just to stand up and to speak out and hopefully others would listen. >> the winners are chosen for special courage, financial help, public policy and significant service they provide to crime victims. police say a woman left her quadriplegic son alone in the woods with nothing more than a blanket and a bible. tell you what happened when she appeared in court today. there's a new software bug that could be putting your iphone and ipad at risk. how these hackers are targeting apple products. oh, we've got a chance for another round of thunderstorms during the day tomorrow. but the risk not great for severe weather. tornado risk very low high winds the biggest risk from these. not nearly as much hail and the heavy rain is a little lower than yesterday, too. we'll talk about the timing coming up in a minute.
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big news for people who want to see their credit scores for free. fico has reached new agreement was the three major credit reporting agencies. it will allow millions who get nonprofit credit counseling or housing counseling ond counseling in other services to be able to get a free credit score. until now, a sno sharing policy was common in the contracts signed by financial counseling groups. if you own an apple iphone or ipad, your apps might be carrying a virus. a cyber security firm says about 1,000 apps for those devices were exposed to a piece of bad software that could give hackers access to your information. while most of the apps have been fixed, some are still at risk. we have tweeted a link to a search tool that you can use to
6:41 pm
determine whether your apps are safe. we invite you to check it out on nbc washington on twitter. the clock is quickly running out on hopes that kate middleton will give birth on the queen's birthday it's only a few minutes from middle knight in london right now. queen elizabeth turned 89 today, spent the day quietly with her sons at windsor castle. prince william's and kate's second baby isn't expected to be born until this weekend. it will be the queen's fifth great-grandchild. a mother accused of abandoning her quadriplegic son in the woods has appeared in court. we'll report why she won't be staying in maryland much longer. a robot belonging to some local high school students is home at last. who helped bring the red baron back home and why his team
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a woman was arrested in our area accused of abandoning her quadriplegic son in the woods in pennsylvania while she drove down to these parts to hang out with her boyfriend. well today she stood before a judge in montgomery county. kristin wright reports on what happens next for both that mother and her son. >> reporter: nyia parler held onto a tissue in court. she's accused of a monstrous crime against her own child. parler waived her right to fight extradition in a brief appearance before a judge in montgomery county maryland. parler will return to philadelphia to face charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault and kidnapping. police say the 41-year-old mother left her 21-year-old quadriplegic son alone in the
6:45 pm
woods in a philadelphia park with only a blanket and a bible. the young man also has cerebral paulzly and cannot speak. he stayed out in the cold and rain for five days until a passerby found him on the ground out of his wheelchair. today he is recovering at the children's hospital of philadelphia. we're told he's with family. what happens to him next is unclear. police say parler abandoned her son, then came to silver spring maryland, to see her boyfriend. in montgomery county, maryland, kristin wright news4. >> we asked perfectly er eded pearler attorney attorney when he would return to philadelphia. he responded with a "no comment". a robotics team from loudoun county has been reunited with its long lost robot. it was found last week in knoxville tennessee. it had been stolen from the team's van during a recent competition. our megan mcgrath has more from sterling, dominion high school, and a report on how the saga
6:46 pm
will affect the team during its biggest competition yet. >> reporter: tightly bounded bubble wrap, the red baron team robologo's stolen robot, arrived back home to dominion high school. >> honestly i didn't think i'd see it. >> reporter: it's been a long journey for this team. >> can they do it again? >> reporter: from a second place victory at the robotics regionals in knoxville to heartbreak when their van, the robot inside was stolen. then the community rallied around the team, giving them the funds to build a replacement robot so they could go on to the world championship in st. louis. the icing on the cake, word that the red baron had been found in a wooded area in tennessee and was headed home. unfortunately, the team left this morning for the championship before the red baron arrived. but they're happy to have him back. >> we're thrilled that we're getting it back. we did not expect anything out of this.
6:47 pm
and we're also still excite birthday the support we've received from the community. >> reporter: as for the big competition, the replacement robot will represent the team at the world finals. are you sorry you're not competing with the first robot? >> sorry but not sorry. there's cool features about the first one, however we're very happy just to be in st. louis. we're still totally thrilled to even get to go. >> reporter: united airlines flew the red baron back for free this morning an uneventful flight we're told, although the robot did raise some eyebrows at the t.s.a. baggage check-in. in sterling, news4. and we had a beautiful tuesday and it's coming to an end soon. >> well, you know, coming to an end. we're talking about march weather coming instead of the june weather we've had the last couple of days. >> shorts and t-shirts have to go away. >> june is better. shorts and t-shirts going away. get out the jackets again, yeah. we are talking about cooler temperatures, also talking about the allergies very high.
6:48 pm
that tree pollen all over the place. you probably notice the yellow on your car. take a look outside toward rockville, we've got cloud cover, some rather breezy conditions today. the clouds have made their way in, and those clouds indicate some colder air. that's just off the surface. right now 69 in d.c. 66 in romville and 67 toward annapolis.'re headed to the nationals game first pitch at 7:05, this kind of shows you what it will be like around the rest of the area tonight too. going to be a little coomer, 64 by 7:05, 60 by the seventh inning, 57 by last out. we're dropping into the 50s fairly quickly. on the radar, a few showers trying to pop back to the west. these are part of that cold air that i'm talking about here. tomorrow will be a little bit on the cool side again. actually, temperatures tomorrow were today, around average. isolated early showers around 7, 8, 9. our best chance of showers and a thunderstorm between 2 and 5 tomorrow, along the i-95 corridor and a little sooner
6:49 pm
toward the west. 70 tomorrow, but then here's the cool air, 58 on thursday, 60 degrees coming up on friday back to 59 on saturday. the temperatures 10 to about 15 degrees below average for this time of year in many locations. many of you only in the mid-50s during this time frame. and many of you on friday and saturday morning waking up to temperatures in the mid-30s. so we are definitely seeing some cooler air. 64 degrees on sunday 65 degrees on monday. now, if you're heading out on saturday or sunday, no problems during the day. the kids' games will be fine soccer, baseball no problem. but a shower possible late saturday. if you're heading to dinner saturday night you may need to take the umbrella. but plenty of dry time during the day. there's your forecast. >> thanks, doug. coming up. are we bad or what? two teams in the playoffs playing on the same night. and they're both going to be facing hostile crowds. dianna will come along and tell us why we ain't
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
of. >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. okay it's a statistical thing. probably doesn't mean anything, but i think it's cool to have two playoff teams and both of them playing out of town on the same night. that's pretty cool. >> think about how much we complain about how our teams don't win. we have two teams on the road in playoff situations. the caps enter game four caling the islanders 2-1 in the series.
6:53 pm
we're having this debate in the sports department, too. is this the most important game of the season? if they lose, they're still in it but going down 3-1 is tough. to come back and win. also tough reporting ringside at nassau coliseum on long island. carol? >> reporter: hey, eyediana. to have a chance on the road, the caps know they need their offensive weapons to come out firing. history not on alex ovechkin's side. only one goal in the last 12 road playoff games. stars need to play like stars to have the kind of success they're after. >> we're going to have some different challenges along the way, and this is another one where he can be a difference maker. i expect him to be aif difference maker. >> for them right now, it's much easier to play that way with how they want to play. we just have to manage our emotions, control our energy, and do other things rnchtsz a big part of their thing on offense is marcus johanson.
6:54 pm
had to be helped off the ice in game three. he came back, skated this morning and expects to tough it out again tonight. >> i'm ready to play, and that's all that matters. i want to play tonight. i feel good that i can play. that's all that matters to me. >> reporter: a big hole for the caps with the injured eric fair out. and the rookie andre burke offski as is confident. >> i'm not thrilled thinking about the huge playoff game. i'm just going to play it like a regular game it's fast, and i kind of like it fast hockey out there. it's going to be fun. >> reporter: so it should be a blast. it feels like the biggest night of the season for the washington capitals, the natives are getting getting restless. i don't know if you can hear me. it's so loud in here. let's go caps! dropping the puck in 30 minutes on comcast sportsnet. >> thank you, carol. when in doubt, go caps. thanks so much. it's tough at nassau coliseum.
6:55 pm
over to the wizards they've won six of their last seven playoff games on the road, including saturday's postseason opener against the raptors. get them out of d.c. and they know how to win. game two in toronto tonight. as for how they plan on pulling out another "w" on the road? >> it's always important for us to come out and establish ourselves defensively. bh when we do that, we're pretty good. when we don't, we're not. >> doesn't matter if this is the first game of the season or second playoff game, it doesn't change. we're playing here. >> we have to try to maintain as much as possible our poise, knowing that it's going to be loud and electric and knowing that they're going to come out aggressive. we have to match and better their intensity. >> i think the biggest challenge is dealing with the crowd up there in toronto. they're fired up knowing that the pressure is on them here being down one. >> they had 20,000 fans outside the stadium that day. >> so what's tougher nassau coliseum or there? >> i think it's equal. i don't think you can
6:56 pm
distinguish distinguish. >> i've been at the coliseum. it's small, it's cozy, loud. there's 16,000 people roughly. it sounds like 160,000 people. >> and then you have the factor that it's the last time they'll play there right? >> exactly. they're moving to brooklyn. >> i love playoff hockey. boy, they get physical like a prizefight or something out there. >> it looks like football. quick notes nationals host the cardinals o's faces the blue jays. nfl schedules will be released tonight. we'll find out who the redskins open up against. deshawn jackson a very busy guy today a big crowd for the star this afternoon at j.o. elementary school in northeast d.c. he's talking to the kids there as part of the bullying prevention program. the star wide-out has been doing programs like this for about eight years. he still keeps in contact with some of the kids. of course i just wanted to talk
6:57 pm
ball with him. >> a lot of new faces in the building, a lot of coaches and things like that. so it's always good to come back around. we've been off for about three months now. just meeting new faces, hearing new terminology again. it's a lot of things we're trying to do in a new addition. i'm very excited. >> and at the white house today, president obama honoring nascar's 2014 sprint car series champion kevin harvick. he won his first career sprint cup championship last season. nascar in richmond this sunday for the toyota owners 400. quick note with desean jackson today. i thought he did something cool. he asked the kids, raise your hand if you're a bully, and come to the front of the class. he had them come up and he said why are you a bully? he had this open dialogue with kids on why it's not cool to be a bully. >> he's wonderful. >> i tell you what i noticed. i knew it was edited but the kid kids were going crazy desean like that then they got quiet. that's impressive. anybody with a bunch of
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on this tuesday night, breaking news. as protests swell in baltimore, late word tonight the feds are now investigating the death of a man fatally injured in police custody. life or death for the convicted boston bomber? tonight, chilling newly-seen video of moments after the explosions and a courtroom surprise. what prosecutors call tsarnaev's message to amica. total recall. one of the most popular brands of ice cream, millions of gallons thrown away over fear of what could be in it. and jacob's story. he's only 5 years old, but tonight he's revealing what it means to be transgender. one family shares a very personal story. "nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in


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