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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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with meteorologist tom keerein. >> thanks to a gentle southerly breeze that's flapping the flag right there right near union station there in washington we have dry pavement and a clear sky, mild morning, our warmest morning so far. afternoon thundershowers rolling through parts of the region. this warm pattern continues. those are your headlines for this warm tuesday morning. a little bit of thunder and lightning from midwest down through ohio. it's eventually tracking to us. getting weaker. no severe storms right now. we're in the 60s most of virginia and maryland. shenandoah valley and the moup tans it's in the 50s in many locations there. your walk to work what to wear
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forecast. >> we have the right lane blocked. we don't have a good camera in that area. just a warning there. 66 westbound at 123, that earlier crash is now out of the way. you can't see it there anyno longer. 95 northbound here headed at 95 north, you can see the volume not seeing an actual problem at this point. we'll let you know if we do. wide look at thing overall, no major problems. and 2595 maryland and into gw looking quite good. today a former fbi agent will appear in a northern virginia courtroom after allegedly trying to get on the grounds of the cia. >> the former agent drove to the nsa headquarters in maryland and videotaped some of that drive before posting it on facebook. this is the story you first saw on news 4.
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why the woman went to the cia in the first place. kristen, good morning. >> tunisia davis is the former fbi agent. she will be here in federal court this afternoon for a hearing on a charge of assaulting a police officer. according to court records obtained by the news 4 i team she drove her car to the front gate of the national security agency in maryland and was turned away last thursday. court records show next she drove to the main gate of cia headquarters in langley, virginia and drove right past an officer trying to stop her. another officer had to physically stand in the vehicle's path. those court documents also say after handcuffed davis reached toward the officers gun belt. she was stopped and taken into custody. cia investigators say the former fbi agent told police if she could have reached the officer's gun she would use it to kill everyone around her. she is also accused of saying
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the cia could be bombed. she was an fbi agent from 2004 to 2010. we also uncovered her social media pages which show protests by davis against the federal government and police. she will have a mental evaluation according to court records. today the d.c. council is taking about a new bill that would change several rules for police. one of big ones the bill would redefine what counts as an attack on a police officer. ward 3 council member mary chase says the current rules are too broad. right now, the law says holding the door closed and even flinching can be considered assault against an officer. we'll break down what other changes could come out of this bill. we're working to find out why a woman rammed her car repeatedly into a calvert county deputies car. this happened yesterday afternoon. the first impact sent the
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cruiser through a fence. then the truck hit the cruiser again, sending the car backward down an embankment. the after math of that crash, the deputy shot at the suspect through the windshield of his cruiser. she was not hit. the woman tried to get away but a bystander helped the deputy arrest her. [ chanting ] in baltimore, there are new protests how police treated people they arrested. this protest disrupted a city council member you can hear the activists saying drop the charges, drop the bail. normally baltimore police have to release or charge anyone they arrest within 24 hours. yesterday, the judge upheld the governor's order extending that time frame. they needed that extra time to process everyone they arrested. today, the governor will tell us
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how much it cost to send the national guard and other resources into baltimore last week. baltimore police are now saying that the report of another police shooting in the city is not true. according to nbc news police initially said they shot someone at intersection of west north and pennsylvania avenues. officers later said a man dropped a gun in that area. the gun fired one shot which did not hit anyone. today, a man charged with murdering a university of virginia state of the union is expected to appear in court. jesse matthew has a status hearing inable marle county. today, a d.c. police officer will appear in court on charges he sexually abused teenage girls. three victims have come forward accusing 45-year-old darrell
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best. one victim says she was assaulted inside police headquarters. another says best abused her inside the church where he served as a pastor. prosecutors say best was demoted from sergeant in 2008 after two incidents of sexual misconduct. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is making it official today. he is expected to announce he is running for president. he has strong support from evangelicals but he will have it broaden his support in order to compete in a crowded field but does he have a lot of name recognition in part because he made such a splash winning the 2008 iowa caucuses. today,in hyattsville for the mayor's office for the first time. the voting age was lowered in january becoming only the second city in the country to do so at that coma park maryland was the first one to do so.
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there are some big news to fill the virginia house seat. democratic jack duwari is ending his bid for the seat. democrat john bell is entering the race. this will be his third attempt. you may soon be paying tax on your ecigarettes if you live in montgomery county. the debate will continue tonight at a public hearing. council members are considering adding a 30% excise tax on electronic cigarettes. it will support school first responders and other county programs. that meeting will take place at the county office in rockville at 7:30 p.m. the capitals are that much closer to the third round of the stanley cup playoffs. they now lead their series 2-1. they have never gone beyond the second round. they can do it.
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they play the rangers tomorrow at the verizon center at 7:30. >> braiden holt by. >> a letter urging a go ahead on the purple line or else. investigators believe a six-year-old fired the fatal shot. take a look outside, where it is 67 degrees. 67 people. it's only getting warmer.
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police in louisiana are investigating a shooting involving two young children. officers say a six-year-old shot a four-year-old in the head killing him. police say adults were inside the room when that shooting happened. the events leading up to the shooting are still unclear at this point. officers recovered a gun and drugs at the scene. no word on whether charges will be filed. a volcano is bell lowing thick smoke this morning in coast tarique ka. a high plume of ash and steam arose. a lot of flight cancellations in the region as a result. storm team 4 meteorologist
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chuck bell is outside now on the weather deck in his shirt sleeves, i would assume. pretty warm out there. >> i could warm up -- fs 30 something degrees. >> i don't know why i said that. i like these warmer temp >> you are always cold. mentally you always think it's freezing somewhere. really our only trouble outside this morning is the plume of pollen that's in the air. allergy sufferers know what i'm talking about. you'll need your sunglasses and your short sleeves to get out the door first thing this morning but i would have an umbrella ready to go for later on this afternoon into this evening. mild and dry but you may be jumping some puddles on the roads. rain chances are at 60%. no puddle on hawaii an 95 just -- i-95 just head but the
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volume increases. 95 looking a tad better. we had that problem in north through dale city earlier. 66 at 123, she flipped this camera around on me. the crash might still be there. 270 at shaed grove, no problems. we learned that isis is claiming responsibility for that attack at the texas free speech event. angie goff is gathering the details and will bring us the latest in two minutes. we're also following the latest from nepal where the clean-up continues after a deadly earthquake. listen up guys the new research that might have you shaving your beard this morning.
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i'm angie goff from the live
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desk. this just in isis claiming responsibility for that attack on the anti muslim event in texas. on its official radio station the broadcast said two soldiers of the caliphate executed an attack in garland. this is the first time they have taken responsibility for an attack in the u.s. the gun men were killed after they shot a security guard outside the center. today, you can talk about that attack in our area. it's raising a lot of questions about what's covered under free speech. jim carfagno is hosting a forum on it. >> there are clear first amendment issues here of what people are trying to do and there's clear issues how do you talk about religion and there are issues about security in
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public places. >> legal experts say it's highly unlikely that texas authorities will charge the organizer of the art exhibit with anything. one school in potomac, maryland will not be open after a fire. if your students attend the connelly school at the holy child except for app calculus students. maryland lawmakers want governor to give the green light on the purple line. they sent the governor a letter urging him to move forward to build the purple line and red line. it's a line that would run between new carroll and bethesda. it would run from east baltimore to wood lawn in baltimore, county. both projects are under review by the maryland transportation secretary. it's the million dollar truck on a mission to make your commute more comfortable. maryland's automated road
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analyzer uses laser and cameras to scour the roads you drive for cracks and potholes. transportation officials say this million dollar truck pays for itself. maryland is only one of a handful of states to own one of these truck. in news for your health now, a new report finds 17 million kids suffer from a mental health disorder. researchers at the child mind institute estimate that 80% of kids with an anxiety disorder do not get treatment. they also found 60% of kids with depression and 40% of children with adhd do not get help either. child mind experts say that anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric disorders in kids. you can go to our nbc washington app and search changing minds. researchers at the university of maryland say e.r. doctors are more likely to send women to the hospital for an asthma attack. the researchers looked at 2,000
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asthma-related e.r. visits. they found they sent women to the hospital 60% than men. apparently beards are perhaps fashionable right now but apparently they are not very sanitary. okay. you are going to lose your appetite. a microbiologist in new mexico tested facial air, they are full of bacteria specifically linked to poop. i said it. it wasn't normal levels. the beards contained levels of bacteria that typically live on toilets. >> and the show is over. [ flushing ] >> the morale of the story is to author rer -- thoroughly wash your hands and your beards too. gross! . >> how why. i'm not going to touch it. i'm going to move on. i think that's probably best. good morning. it's 5:21 right now.
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a live look outside for you. 67 degrees. what do we have out there, tom a few louds maeb? >> here's another view of our sky right here behind me. we've got our tower camera looking off to the east and that's showing sort of a nice rosy glowen on this tuesday morning and a mostly clear sky. moon lit too. got that bright. just past full moon in the western sky now. under this clear sky, we've got dry basement. -- pavement. 65 in re: began national. western, northern suburbs have dropped down 60 degrees. it's central shenandoah and into the mountains, the 50s. for the morning and midday driving, no problems weather wise for the afternoon caution for some thundershowers rolling through by mid afternoon. so dry pavement for the morning commute. bright sunshine you'll need your sunglasses and the dry
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roads will be through 70 degrees through much of the morning. thundershowers roll on through, likely not severe but some roads may be wet for the afternoon commute this afternoon. then overnight tonight, we dry out and by dawn tomorrow down to the mid 60s. afternoon highs near 80 on wednesday. a bit cooler tomorrow. a light northeast wind and maybe an afternoon shower or thundershower as well. tomorrow, highs in the upper 70s. partly cloudy thursday and friday. back into the low 80s on friday. over the weekend, for the mothers day weekend, warming to the mid 80s on saturday. for mothers day sunday looking beautiful with afternoon highs climbing to the upper 80s. warm and dry with lots of sunshine. just a few clouds around. could get a few scattered storms on monday as we get back to work and school with highs in the mid 80s. next weather and traffic on the
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1s a look at the hour by hour timing for storms later today. what's going on with this car fire. a found a camera. this is at 450 at annapolis road. we have the vehicle pulled over there. the fire truck perhaps pulled away. perhaps the vehicle sitting there waiting for a tow this morning. just your typical volume there. inner and outer loop at braddock road no problems. 66 at 123, this is where we had this vehicle on its side. i think the crash is still there. they just turn the camera on us so we're not seeing it as well as we were. prince george's county no major problems for us. 29-95, everything remaining nice and green for us this morning. back at 5:31 with a live look at 66 zblxt this morning, rescuers are looking for another 200
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people in nepal. search teams said a mudslide totally buried the village where many of those people lived. some could be tourists. rescue workers recovered 60 bodies so far. today, the boston bombing penalty trial resumes this morning. for the first time dzhokhar tsarnaev showed emotion in court. yesterday, his aunt testified about his past. he was especiall his older brother tamerlan. they say the older brother was the mastermind behind the attacks. today the new york city police department is mourning the death of an officer. fellow officers saluted the ambulance carrying the body of brian moore. he was shot in the head in queens on saturday. he was shot when he approached a man suspected of carrying a gun.
5:25 am
that 25-year-old man -- the officer was, details of the funeral service are not yet known. fallen first responders will be honored today at a mass in the district. the cardinal wuerl will hold the blue mass. local, federal, and state units will gather for a procession ahead of that mass. it starts at 10:00 a.m. at 10th and g streets northwest. the mass starts just after noon today at saint patrick's catholic church in northwest. your car is in and out of the shop and you haven't had it that long you are convinced it's a lemon. eric gonzales is looking into what is exactly considered a lemon because it's different in every state and what you can do about it. tonight news 4 at 5:00 will show you where you can go for help and it won't cost you again. and we're hearing from a girl's mother who was attacked and what it's going to take to
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send her back to school. neighbors on edge after recent sightings of coyotes. we're back with your hour by hour storm tracking. it's 5:26 67 degrees.
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tunisia davis is accused of threatening the lives of cia officers and recording video of herself the night of her arrest. she heads to federal court are later today. the man charged with murdering a university of virginia student hannah graham is headed to court today. mike huckabee is making it official today. he's expected to announce he's running for president. we'll have more on that in just a minute. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. we are in nor a big warm up.
5:30 am
some showers and thunder showers right now in the midwest but we're clear here now, but these are tracking across ohio now. these are tracking across indiana and nois. it's all part of a front that will be sagging down over our region later this afternoon. that's going to be the focal point of some showers moving through as the front moves in through the north and west. here is the hour by hour timing by noontime. still no storms around lots of sunshine here it's generally around 2:00 3:00 4:00 that we'll have a line of these showers. maybe a little thunder and lightning coming on through, right into the metro area between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m., after that we'll break up and we'll send any storms ending during the evening hours and as we get into the next several hours after that, we'll have our skies clearing out. we've got dry pavement and have several problems on the roads,
5:31 am
right. we've had several problems on the roads and we're looking at volume on the roads. 270 southbound out of frederick we're pretty slow all the way down throughs clarksburg. we're not seeing any problems right here but volume delays. listen to our friends at wtop when you hop in your car this morning. prince george's county looking preg overall. 95 northbound through dale city about 30 miles per hour around that bend. 66 westbound, near nutley street nice and clear. after this happens, i can't just walk away and say it's going to be fine and send her back to school. >> a prince william county says she will not send her 13-year-old back to school until she knows it's safe.
5:32 am
a group of girls attacked sarah sackette's daughter as she walked home from school last week. the 13-year-old victim has not been back to school. she's wearing the neck brace in the video here. the mother warned the school about threats she was receiving at school and the social media. >> i was assured that if they were going to do that they would have already done it. i'm not sending her back until i'm sure the situation is taken care of. >> school officials are taking this very seriously and they are confident it is safe for the girl to return to school. lawyers for the man accused of plotting to attack the capital want him to be able to browse evidence against him. christopher cornell's attorney says there's so much video and audio it's not practical to supervise him the whole time. he pled not guilty to charges of attempted murder. the fbi says he wanted to wage jihad by attacking the capital with pipe bombs and shooting
5:33 am
government officials. today, we expect mike huckabee to jump in the race for president. he's fighting two other newly declared candidates for the spotlight right now. tracie spots has a look at how his bid will shake up the primaries. >> he calls it nailed shut. when he calls bill clinton's arkansas. he can shake things up as a governor he comes with a record and he will have to run on that record for good and for bad, unlick we saw with carly fiorina or dr. ben carson yesterday. he's very popular with evangelical christians. he won iowa in 2008. it's going to be interesting to see if he can broaden that a bit
5:34 am
and get mainstream conservatives. but the beginning of his campaign officially kicks off later today. tracie potts on the hill. the question is how fiorina, huckabee and carson stack up against any potential opponents. none of them crack the top five. jeb bush tops the list with 23%. marco rubio is not far behind. scott walker rand paul and ted cruz round out the top five. voters also looking at how these candidates might fare against hillary clinton. she rates higher than top tier republican candidates. she's also beating them in hypothetical match-ups. 25% of people polled say she's honest and straightforward. clinton will have a chance to address critics who say she's too secretive. her attorney confirmed in a
5:35 am
letter that she's willing to testify before congress about her use of private email and the attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi. she's only willing to testify once. the case against adepartment employee trying to solicit a child for sex has been continued. daniel rosen fired a new lawyer. he was arrested in february after a series of online exchanges with an under cover detective. he was arrested weeks later on unrelated charges of stalking and voyeurism. the case will not be back until july buzz of his change of counsel. 5:35 the electric companies exelon and pepco will not murder any time soon. this is the fifth delay now. d.c. regulators have not approved the $6.5 billion merger either. if it is approved it will be become the largest utility
5:36 am
company. the merger will raise your power bill according to critics. the $33 million stadium and parking lot will be south of car max in the southpoint ii shopping center. it would be the new home of the hagerstown suns. it starts at 6:00. john wall and bradley beal say they will play in today's playoff games against the atlanta hawks. wall appeared to hurt his wrist and beal hurt his ankle in that game. go wizards! keep an eye out for coyotes. one guy says he saw one at his
5:37 am
home over the week. a kie yoet tee was -- coyote was spotted a couple of weeks ago in bethesda. she's worried about her dog. >> i saw one slinking along the back fence and i did a double take and then he went behind the wood pile. animal control only responds to cases where the animal appears to be aggressive or sick. animal control says the safest thing is to keep your pet on a leisure -- leash. he's accused of stealing a plane. that's not all. the shocking confession he made before refusing to land. storms are headed our way but so are warmer temperatures.
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i'm a pedophile. i have been since i was 13 years old. >> a shocking mid-air confession from a man accused of stealing a plane. you heard it there on the recording. he admitted that he is a pedophile. the 27-year-old is accused of stealing a plane from a las vegas airport in the middle of the night over the week. he took the plane on a joy ride
5:41 am
for more than an hour and an air traffic controller negotiated with him and eventually convinced him to land. right now, a forest fire is forcing evacuations in communities about an hour and a half northwest in new york city. the fire is tearing through a state forest in uls ter county new york. 5:41 is our time right now. chuck bell is out on our weather deck with no jacket on today. 66 degrees out there. pretty nice chuck. >> really mild once again. one of our mildest mornings so far of the early spring and summer season. a really warm day coming up. neighborhood highs, how about 79 in hagerstown cull pepper manassas a little bit cooler along the western shore of the
5:42 am
bay. mild enough day outside. there's a check of those rain drops. tom will be letting you know more about the timing of those drops coming up in ten minutes. it's trouble again on 66. trouble on 66. brand new crash, 66 westbound, the ramp to nutley street there sounds like it's off to the right side of the ramp. still there we have that crash there to let you know. 270 southbound on time. top of the beltway on time as well. 66 no problems at all and 95 north quantico near the beltway you are about ten minutes behind. it is the floim that originally tore two groups of students apart. now "american sniper" is bringing them together. the latest on the controversy at the university of maryland. the district takes up policy. why the rules could be changing when it comes to the men and women in blue. the rain is moving in but so is the warmer weather. tom will let us know w
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your time is 5:46. new, this morning, metro transit police have arrested a 19-year-old in connection with an assault two weeks ago at the eastern market station. police say elijahsmith is the man is charged with felony assault. new rules on the way for the d.c. police department. >> today, the council is talking about a new bill that would make a lot of changes. news 4 megan mcgrath is outside of d.c. police headquarters in northwest washington now with a -- to break it all down for us. megan rng good morning. >> good morning, we're actually outside the wilson building here where later today this bill will be introduced. the bill has been in the works for a while, before the unrest the civil unrest seen in baltimore and elsewhere.
5:47 am
she says recent events show the need for such reform. the bill introduced later today will narrow the definition of assault on a police officer. right now, chase says the definition is so broad that nearly any encounter, like a protester, stiffening to avoid being handcuffed could be called assault. the bill would change the definition. it would apply to people who deliberately assault a police officer. the bill would also provide more information to d.c.'s office of police complaints information on the use of unnecessary and excessive force, the number and types of complaints the resolution of complaints filed, that sort of thing. there also be changes in procedures for eyewitness identification so that officers are less likely to influence witness accounts and that bill is going to be introduced here at the wilson building before the counsel later on today. reporting live from the wilson building megan mcgrath news 4. 12 people were injured when
5:48 am
two subway trains collided in mexico city. take a look at the scene here. first responders arriving there. this happened yesterday at a busy hub station. mexican media say the one train crashed into another that was stopped at the station. more than two dozen students are expected to be okay after this scary school bus crash in new mexico. the bus flipped over on a mountain road in the northwest part of the state. police say the bus driver thinks his brakes went out. there are questions whether the bus was supposed to be on the road where that crash happened. this morning, students at the university of maryland are reacting to the screening of a controversial movie. a panel discussion followed the screening of the movie "american sniper" it was postponed last month because of complaints. the muslim student association says the movie was anti muslim.
5:49 am
>> our concern was our safety and security on campus. >> two sides to every story and i don't think it should be thought of as bad to watch a movie like that and it shouldn't have been protested like it was. it should have been shown in the first place. university of maryland president wallace lowe commended the student groups for working together to find a solution. they caught him fighting joe in iraq. now he may soon be called chairman of the joints chief of staff. he is expected to be nominated today. it's part of dunnford's rapid rise in the ranks. he moved up from a one star general to three star general in three years. david letterman and the president joked about what they would do when they retire. >> i was thinking you and me
5:50 am
could play some dominos together. >> you know those intense games, dominos, checkers. >> david letterman is set to retire later this month. the president will finish his second term in january 2017. folks who live in the raegan national airport flight path are not happy with the noise levels. a local group, the palisades citizens association here in d.c. will talk about the faa's failure to issue any penalties for noise violations. it's being held from 7:30 to 9:30 tonight. sober ride is offering free rides on this cinco de mayo. you can get up to a $30 free fare. nationwide more than 40% of the traffic deaths on may 5th
5:51 am
involve drunk drivers. this is the first time that they are offering the service for cinco de mayo. i'm guessing if we have storms it won't be an issue. >> yes. [ speaking foreign language ] >> we may get a few thundershowers this afternoon. right now, at the bus stop no problems you can go sleeveless this morning. we'll stay in the 60s for students boarding buses. 8:00 to 9:00 it will be in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. temperatures right now are hovering near 60. right now, shenandoah valley mountains, most locations are in the 50s, mid to upper 50s to near 60 degrees. the pollen count is at the
5:52 am
highest so far this season. it's nearly 1,500. that is very high. that has quinn itemed what it was last week. it is mostly oak tree pollen right now. we'll have much of the day dry, 70 moon. mid 80s in the afternoon. thunder showers coming through this afternoon. these will not likely be severe. the impact will be low. maybe some brief lightning and brief down pour as they move through between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. that is the latest timing for the metro area. a little bit after that a little farther to our east maybe until 6:00 p.m. overnight tonight, we'll clear up. tomorrow a little bit cooler. highs around 70s. tomorrow's storms probably not
5:53 am
severe. thursday high 70s. friday partly cloudy. jump back into the 80s. warmest day looks to be mothers day, in the upper 80s. nice day on saturday too. could get some thuners on monday with highs in the mid 80s. melissa looking with our roads with our traffic tracker camera. it's way cool. it's especially fun if there's traffic here and you don't want to be sitting in it. you can take a look at t right now, first 4 traffic tracker heading inbound on 66 coming through manassas here. it's quite slow and it's open up a few minutes. 66 westbound, the ramp to nutley street still have that crash. 95 at 234, brand new report of an accident here. it's a two-car crash with injury. it's just past this camera. beltway at central avenue inner
5:54 am
loop and outer loop flowing just fine and g.w. parkway into and out of town looking pretty good. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in the car this morning. i have to say nice dress. >> we look like twins. >> you should have worn yours, aaron. >> see. great minds. i have to break this up guys. angie goff here at the live desk. this just in right now. secretary of state john kerry just landed in mogadishu. he is the first top diplomat ever to visit the country of somalia and this was an unannounced trip. finding ways to combat the terrorist group al shabaab. the militants have been more dangerous spreading their violence into neighboring countries, including kenya.
5:55 am
5:55 for the record i don't own a purple dress, just get that clear. >> a blue one, though? >> not at all. consider this as you head out to work today, you are living in one of the worst cities for car drivers in the whole country. >> d.c. ranked second boston ranked first. they looked at things like road congestion the likelihood of getting into an accident the cost of driving, including car insurance costs and gas prices. parking availability was also taken into account. that is a big one here in our area. los angeles, miami, and chicago round out the top 5. another major food chain is making some changes to the menu chances are you won't even notice. landon dowdy is here to explain it. >> panera bread will eliminate items such as fat substitutes
5:56 am
and preservatives used in everything from deodorant to eext see gretz. the it has 1,900 restaurants in the u.s. and canada. typical apply -- it will apply to soups, salad dressings and other items. aprilple tv remote uses infrared signals. apple is expected to debut a new version of apple tv next month. reports say it will have its own app store and a bundle of select channels for people who don't want to pay por a full cable channels. sometimes we take tourist spots like the national mall for granted. people all over the world come in droves to see our nation's beautiful capital. and today we're going to learn just how many people came here last year.
5:57 am
travel officials will release domestic visitation numbers during a travel event. we're told they are record-breaking. we'll learn how much money they spent while they are vacationing in washington. how that money is supporting that economy. security at our federal facilities in the d.c. area back in the spotlight after yet another incident. news 4 first brought attention to this. this one involves a woman who used to work for the fbi. what she did that landed her behind bars. next on news 4 today at 6:00. 66 balmy degrees outside as we take a live look. skies are clear right now but rain is moving in. when
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5:59 am
right now on news 4 today, another high profile security threat at two government agencies brought to light by news 4. this time it involves a former fbi agent. what she's accuse the of doing. we are tracking the potential for thunder storms where you live in the day ahead. this is the system we are watching for you at this hour. our meteorologist is here with our weather headlines. >> we are off to our warmest morning yet. we've got a dreamy yellow moon floating in a lavender sky in the western sky.
6:00 am
a live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. it will be sun rising shortly. there's a live view from the tower camera looking east. sun rise is at 6:06. a mild morning and thundershowers this tuesday. this warm pattern will be continuing for next several days. right now, we are hovering low 60s. nearby suburbs in montgomery prince george's county mid 60s, low to mid 60s in much of fairfax county. rest of northern virginia now, it's near 60 degrees, ma nanses down into the mid 50s. your walk to work forecast what to wear for this tuesday next. now melissa as a look our our traffic on tuesday. i want to give you an update on


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