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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 7, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> police tactics also under the microscope, and they talked about the problems at a forum in clinton last night. several people accused maryland's police unions of dragging their feet to enforce more accountability. an attorney told young people to use their cell phones to record every interactions with police officers. newly released video shows the minutes before fairfax county police shot and killed an unarmed man. it was released in an effort to bring transparency to police involved shootings in fairfax county. the 2009 shooting killed david masters. this video begins with police chasing a large suv and that's when you can see two officers run after the suv and then you hear gun shots. you don't see them being fired. no one is facing criminal charges. the officer involved no longer works for the department. coming up on 4:31 now on this thursday morning and we
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dealt with a couple of days of rain. today we're looking good. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with more on what we can expect for this thursday. good morning. >> good morning. things have settled down considerably since yesterday afternoon's hail and those showers and heavy downpours and lightning, and it is all gone and we're calm and quiet and cooler this morning. mid 50s into frederick county and much of the rest of maryland. ft. meade down into a cool 54 right now. across northern virginia the cloud cover is breaking up. near 60 in most of northern virginia and shenandoah valley. in the mountains we're generally in the mid 50s where the sky has begun to clear out. there's the capitol, live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. as the day progresses, we'll
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have lots of sunshine. we'll be hovering in the low to mid 60s through the morning and then in the low 70s by noon. a warm and comfy day on the way. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. your bus stop forecast for this thursday morning. melissa, what peace's going on? >> looking pretty good right now. look at this 66 overall looking quite good. 95 northbound a little slow as you approach dale city. i'm not seeing any road work on all of my charts and information i get, but must be something going on so we're sending traffic tracker down there. prince george's county looking quite good. b.w. parkway, into and out of town and on top of the beltway there, connecticut avenue, that's rolling along just nicely at viers mill road. 95 here probably by about 5:00. the threat of severe weather is very real in the midwest. we want you to look at this video, a funnel cloud someone captured this driving in nebraska.
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funnel cloud crosses the highway, blew through an open field and touched down near byron, nebraska. major damage to homes and businesses that's what people are waking up to. tornadoes ripped through oklahoma. the worst of the damage in oklahoma city. also a lot of rain. firefighters had to rescue stranded drivers. parts of the state are under water this morning. six counties under flash flood warnings overnight not to mention some areas report seven to nine inches of rain in a three-hour period. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. 4:33. we expect to learn how security agencies plan to stop white house fence jumpers. the secret service and park service are approving temporary spikes for the top of the fence. several permanent solutions are on the table, including a double fence. we're told that the park service decided not to install barbed wire, a chain link fence or a
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moat. attorney general loretta lynch has been on the job for days now and plans to testify over how she intends to lead the justice department. law enforcement agencies across the country under scrutiny over use of force. we could see questions about lynch's handling of tensions in baltimore after the death of a man in police custody. the republican chairman of today's panel voted against lynch taking this job. coming up in about 15 minutes, nbc's tracie potts will have a look at what's expected to happen today. bills for gamblingnd adult entertainment are showing up on pentagon credit card statements. politico was first to report on a new inspector general audit. they found military and civilian employees used government issue cards to gamble and pay for escort services. the government did not necessarily reimburse employees for these charges. the officials say employees may have ultimately paid with their
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own money but used the government card to hide the charges from their spouses. i'm megan mcgrath live at an elementary school in silver spring where we're awaiting word on the status of school here today. you can see some of the equipment that's been brought in on the scene to teal with a flood -- to deal with a flooding situation. they're using the flexible hoses there to circulate air through the bottom level of the school. they had an issue with a pipe and some flooding that resulted. the school was closed yesterday. crews have been here though all night long trying to mop up the water and try to dry things out. we have not yet heard whether or not they'll be able to complete this work in time for the start of classes this morning. i was told by some of the crew members here on the scene that they're expecting some folks from the school to arrive here around 6:00 in the morning as soon as we get word on whether there will be classes here at flora singer elementary school we will let you know. back to you in the studio.
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4:36. the busted sewage pipe near oxon run creek is finished. it started on sunday. since then some 15,000 gallons of untreated waste water has leaked. wssc says the problem was fixed faster than anticipated. now the focus is on a permanent repair to that pipe. a developing story this morning. the family of a missing howard university student needs your help. lance buckley was last seen tuesday morning headed to howard university in washington, d.c. from stafford county. buckley is set to graduate saturday with a ph.d.. police know that he picked up his grajiation packet -- graduation packet and disappeared. his mother is appealing for help. >> we are desperate to find lance and we really need your help. we really need them to just reach out and think was i there, have i seen him, did i interact with him? we're just pleading for the
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public's help. >> deputies tell us that he may be in position of a firearm but is not a threat to others. if you have any information on him, or his whereabouts, police want to hear from you. feminist student groups are accusing the university of mary washington of sexual discrimination. later this morning, students will announce the filing of a federal complaint. it accuses the school administration of refusing to protect female students from threats of violence and sexual assault. today's announcement follows the murder of grace mann who was a leading voice for feminist and gay causes. metro wants to hear your thoughts on the potomac yard it will be built on the yellow and blue lines. construction expected to start next year and be finished by 2018. there's a public hearing at the lee center in alexandria tonight at 7:00. it's 4:37. one win away the caps need one more win to move on to the next round in the stanley cup
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playoffs. 20-year-old burakovsky scored both of the caps' goals. he hadn't scored since february by the way. the teams play again tomorrow. they're headed to new york for that game. let's just wrap it up here. >> if you're going to suddenly score this would be the time to suddenly score. >> good job, you know? barry trotz said something to him. the presidential race is about to get bigger. who we're learning will add their name to the list and it's familiar one. something that a lot of people use every day, but was it behind the death of a missing college student? how craigslist may have played a role in his murder. take a live look at the temperatur (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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welcome back. a man is waking up accused of killing a southern illinois college student. michael gordon is charged with first degree murder. the 19-year-old student went missing on monday after trying to sell his car on craigslist. gordon was arrested after the police found e-mails between the two. the body of the car was found south of where he went to school. 4:41. right know weather and traffic on the 1s begins with tom kierein. >> your skycast 4 starting off with cloud cover beginning to break up and clearing out. sunrise a little past 6:00.
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be coming up in a clearing sky and then by noontime we'll have just a few high clouds drifting through and then the rest of the afternoon looking beautiful. warm and comfy with lower humidity. at the bus stop this morning, you'll be comfortable in short sleeves. be hovering around 60 between 7:00 and 8:00 and 8:00 and 9:00 mild 60s. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:51. try roads this morning -- dry roads this morning, things improving. >> that is good. first 4 traffic tracker on the outer loop near braddock road. i just spoke with the traffic tracker and 66 eastbound at 123, do have a disabled vehicle off to the right side of the roadway. some help on the way there. a warning there. traffic tracker headed down to 95, looking quite good. beltway at indian head highway, looking good. back in ten minutes. he's been called teflon tom. but after a new report says tom brady was probably in on a plan
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to deflate game footballs with we'll tell you how this controversy just might stick. the d.c. council shines the line on body cameras for police. how you can weigh in on policy
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15 before the hour now. you're looking live at the u.s. capitol this morning and in a few hours, attorney general loretta lynch will face some questions about how she plans to lead our nation's law enforcement. she has been on the job less than two weeks now and this is a critical early test of her leadership. let's go to the hill and tracie potts this morning. what will we expected to hear today? >> reporter: once she is sworn in she'll say why she needs $28 billion next year. we look at a summary of where they want to spend more money.
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the biggest increase is for immigration. remember all the kids who crossed the border without their parents? there's massive backlog of cases, they want to create more courts and hire more judges to deal with those. they want an increase for prisons, for grants to states and local communities for things like body cameras and some of that money is going to deal with the aftermath of police actions like we saw in baltimore. baltimore's mayor is now requesting a civil rights investigation. a full investigation to see if there are any patterns of violations in her police department. same thing that they did down in ferguson. and don't forget terror related activities. millions of dollars she'll be asking congress for today to deal with that situations like we saw in garland, texas, and the fbi trying to track people before it becomes a problem. all of that as loretta lynch comes to the hill today asking for millions of dollars -- actually billions of dollars for the justice department next year. >> tracie potts, thank you. within weeks we'll find out
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whether former pennsylvania senator rick santorum is taking another shot at the republican nomination. he will announce his 2016 plans on may 27th in the town where he drew up. santorum said he's an underdog this time around but he says he's comfortable in that role. he surprised a lot of people in 2012 when he won the primary in 11 states. right now, brits are voting in what is expected to be the tightest election in decades, despite five weeks of campaigning neither prime minister david cameron's conservative party, nor ed mill aban's opposition labor party has a clear lead. that's causing a messy and uncertain outcome. today the d.c. council plans to discuss the police body camera program with the public. a roundtable conversation is at 2:00. it's too late to sign up to attend but you can submit written statements to the council until next wednesday.
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an elementary school is under arrest -- a teacher is under arrest accused of sexually abusing a student.h student in landover. he's shown here here in this prince george's county police video. police say the boy's mother contacted them in february. he reported said that he was touched and kissed inappropriately several times. >> and the boy says it began in september of 2014, and lasted through february of this year. and there were at least five instances in which this abuse is alleged to have occurred. >> prince george's county schools says it is fully cooperating with police. the teacher is on administrative leave. counselors are available for students and parents. make sure you follow news4's david culver on twitter. he'll be at the fairfax county school board meeting tonight which is covering a controversial topic. they're considering adding
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gender identity to the nondiscrimination policy. supporters say that move could protect transgender students and teachers and critics are concerned the that a policy change could lead to mixed sex bathrooms. that meeting starts at 7:00 tonight at the school board office in falls church. i played within the rules, i would never do anything to break the rules. i respect the league. >> new england patriots quarterback tom brady could now face a suspension because investigators say he likely did break the rules. a month long investigation says it was quote, more probable than not brady knew about underinflated footballs during the team's afc championship game. the patriots won that game back in january and went on to win the super bowl. the investigation says brady and two team employees deliberately let air out of some of the footballs in the game. underinflated footballs are easier to catch and throw. it is now up to the nfl to handle the discipline.
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the league could fine brady. it could also face -- he could face a one-week suspension and miss the patriots super bowl ceremony before the game. well there's a new app to really help you express how you feel about d.c. via text. destination d.c. is behind this new d.c. specific emoji app. it is called emoji d.c. some of the options include but are not limited to the d.c. flag or outline. a bunch of monuments around time even a metro car as you saw there. this app is free on itunes right now. >> very nice. some of the iconic images from our nation's capital. we can use that every day. >> that would be a bit much. but okay. 4:51. tom kierein is joining us now. what are we looking like tonight? >> you will only talk to us
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through emojis. >> we can do it too. >> we have our weather emoji on news4 midday every day. this morning, look at this. this is a photo i took yesterday afternoon. >> very pretty. >> you can kind of see the pollen in the air though. the pollen count is up. in the high range. it's down from what it was last week because of a few of the showers that came through. but still high. mostly oak tree pollen now. some mulberry and pine mixed in as well. temperatures right now are cooler this morning. it is more comfortable. the humidity has dropped. we have temperatures down into the 50s. our northern and western suburbs, shenandoah valleys, in the mountains, most areas in the upper 50s and low 60s. away from the waters cambridge, down to the mid 50s. mid 50s in montgomery county prince george's and fairfax. midday and afternoon, weatherwise for the commute green lights. no weather problems today. no storms this afternoon. so as you're heading out this morning you'll need the
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sunglasses driving into the sun under that sunny sky. dry roads and temperatures in the low and mid 60s through the morning commute. bright sunshine. temperatures most of the region should make it up around 80 degrees this afternoon. love this photo of bleeding hearts. this is in fairfax county. posted on my facebook page. you can post yours on facebook and twitter. and i share on instagram as well. then tomorrow, another gorgeous spring day. not too humid. morning lows near 60s. changing rain chances from saturday now looking like maybe some on sunday. south of the metro areas a possibility of a passing shower on mother's day. then into next week the summer in may pattern continues. hitting the 80s again. through tuesday. then a bit cooler with highs on the 70s. now let's check on traffic this morning. we have road construction.
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>> we do have some construction. just checked on this once again. i'll show you again, we still have this road work sticking around maybe until 5:00 this morning. not too much longer. but hoping it's cleared out by 5:00. and we have this construction in silver spring, georgia avenue between randolph road and lay hill road. overall, don't have any major problems. beltway is looking good. virginia 95 southbound headed south for us we'll come back up north and go through dale city. 66 into and out of town, looking good this morning. wren to listen to our friend debut -- remember to listen to our friends on wtop. northbound and southbound no problems on father hurley boulevard. live look at 95 in virginia coming up. it's now 4:53. business is booming in tyson's corner and whole foods wants a massive piece of that pie. what we're learning about the grocery chain's big plans to
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open a new store. did he or did he not remember a bank? the suspect says no, but his own instagram ac ♪ ♪ ♪
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you're watching "news4 today." >> a man accused of robbing a bank posted a video of the robbery on instagram. police say the man walked into the bank monday afternoon in virginia beach. he handed the teller a note
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asking for $150,000, please. he recorded the entire incident showing the teller placing stacks of cash in bags. then he posted two videos and a picture of the note on instagram. but the 23-year-old says he didn't do it. >> robbery is demanding going in and demanding something and taking the money or whatever like that. i didn't do that. i went and i gave a note and i asked actually politely. >> wait, wait, what? >> so because he -- >> this logic is interesting. if he thinks if you ask politely with a note then it's not robbing the bank. please. i think that's not togoing to hold up in court. he was arrested 20 minutes after the incident happened. well we are working in leesburg -- i'm still shaking my head. >> me too. >> the crime is down there. according to the leesburg police department crimes like murder and robbery % from 2014. burglaries and car thefts also declined by 36%.
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that's a 17.3% drop overall. it is going to cost you a little more every time you hop into a car to go. the company is adding a $1 driver protection fee to every trip. the company will drop the deductible down to $250. car to go is a car sharing service. they can leave the car in any legal parking spot in d.c. well, we know now will you will be able to go to a huge new whole foods. the company says it will build a store in tyson's corner at a new development called the borough. it's down the street from the metro station. it will be the biggest in the region. we don't know when it will open. stay with us. "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >> "news4 today" starts now. >> it's 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist and this
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morning black ribbons cover the badges of the firefighters after losing one of their brothers. you could play a role in the future of a new metro station. why metro wants to hear from you when it comes the potomac yard stop. we are standing by to see if a silver springs school will be open today after a water pipe creates a huge mess. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. windows open. how about that pollen tom? >> oh well we can sort of exhale. the rain washed pollen out of the air quite a bit. the pollen count is back down a bit. but not as high as last week. but still high enough maybe if you do suffer from oak pollen you'll notice that the rain is all gone. storms are all gone. we did -- well, quite a bit of hail in parts of northern virginia yesterday afternoon. but now settled down. the moon lit sky looking off to our west. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. your weather headlines, mild morning. a warm and comfortable afternoon
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with lower humidity. our summer in may weather keeps on keeping on. cooler start. down to the 50s in nearby suburbs. mid to upper 50s upper 50s near 60 around the bay. mid 50s on the eastern shore. in the shenandoah valley around 60 there. and then out of the mountains in the mid 50s. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. amelia segal will have your what to wear walk to work forecast at 5:11. melissa, what's happening on the roads? >> 95 in maryland, powder mill road, take a little look in the area. no major problems there at this point this morning. right now, 270 northbound and southbound, no issues there. going at speed there at 55 mile per hour. 66 at cedar


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