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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 11, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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ter will be laid to rest. kevin mcrae's funeral is this friday. he collapsed during a call to seventh street northwest last week. several d.c. leaders and firefighters will join mcrae's friends and family at the d.c. armory friday morning. there's a public viewing at 9:00 and he'll be buried in prince george's county. police need your help finding a man they say abducted and tried to sexually assault a woman. she entered a car with an uber decal on the window yesterday morning and the driver tried to assault the woman before she escaped. the attack happened near 11th and "g" street northwest. if you have any information call police. coming up on 4:31 on a monday morning. 71 degrees outside. that's not so bad, it's the humidity. it's so muggy. >> and that's the beginning of what we can expect for the rest of the summer. it's early though for this humidity. >> yeah it really is but here it is. it has moved in. that's due to that tropical depression ana, the remnants of
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that's going to be affecting our weather later. right now, it's rather steamy. we have quite a bit of dew that's formed on your windshield this morning. you'll notice that as you step outside. 60s in nearby virginia and reagan national. and the bay, in the upper 60s. off to the west shenandoah valley low to mid 60s. out of the mountains hovering in the upper 50s to right around 60 degrees. got a little bit of fog. for the morning bus stop it will be mild in the mid 60s. sunshine in and out between 7:00 and 8:00. between 8:00 and 9:00, temperatures will jump up to 70 degrees. you'll notice the puffy clouds building. we have a little bit of fog showing up now on the traffic tracker and where is this melissa? >> we do. right now the first 4 traffic tracker 234 southbound. it started on 66 headed down to 94 for us. we have been seeing patchy fog
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the entire way. and in the spots where you don't have lights on the roadways makes it difficult to see things. no major problems. 234 south, but that patchy fog from the traffic tracker. 66 here and to 95, no major problems right now. a lot of the earlier road work is now out of the way since we're past 4:30 at this point. 29, 95, b.w. parkway, no major problems. do have this southbound georgia avenue at layhill road with the left lane getting by. so today, just the left lane is getting by. no major problems there. i'm back at 4:41. weather and traffic on the 1s. >> good morning. parts of texas getting pulled by a major storm. some homes are completely destroyed after this storm which likely produced a tornado, swept through a town southeast of dallas. now, in iowa take a look. this all caught on camera. more than 100 people inside of a
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high school right there directly struck by this twister. flowing the roof right off. but no one was hurt. also in the midwest, many waking up now without power and water after a tornado in south dakota levelled houses. aaron, the red cross is assisting right now. >> thank you. it's 4:33 right now. we're working to find out how a toddler is doing after falling out of a window. prince george's fire say that toddler fell from a second story window. a report from "the baltimore sun" says jails in baltimore refused thousands of people because of injuries. the jails turned away 2,600 people over the last three years. the people they turned away had high blood pressure head injuries and broken bones among other things. the sun says the injuries didn't happen during an arrest but paper suggests that the baltimore police often disregard or don't recognize injuries and illnesses when they arrest someone.
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we're expecting to hear a lot of stories today about prince's late night concert in baltimore. thousands of people packed this rally for peace concert there last night. prince held the concert in honor of freddie gray. gray died from the severe spinal injury in police custody sparking violence in baltimore. >> kudos to prince for doing this and making this something that's very positive for the community, for them to continue to heal. >> prince asked people to wear gray to the concert in honor of freddie gray. he also said he a donating -- he is donating some of the profits to charities. the orioles will play at camden yards for the first time since the violent protests in baltimore ended. the orioles beat the white sox without any fans in the stands. and first pitch is set for 7:05. today the man charged with attacking an elderly man inside the eastern market metro station will be released from jail. 19-year-old elijah smith has to wear a monitoring ankle
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bracelet. he must follow a curfew and stay away from 69-year-old albert langeberg. metro transit police say that smith spat on and punched him last month. today leaders will be talking about montgomery county police with body cameras. and the body cameras program would cast about $600,000. the council will formally adopt a budget next week. three of the most prominent female leaders will be honored a at a gala for women making history. d.c.'s first ever police chief kathy lanier, national science director francis cordova. she was purdue university's first female president. and dr. ellen ochoa, the first latino woman to fly into space. they hope to build a women's history museum. it's do or die for the capitals in the stanley cup final.
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they are heading to new york for a winner take all game seven after losing to the rangers last night at the verizon center. after the game, captain ovechkin predicted they'll win when they play this wednesday in new york. if they do it will be first time in 17 years the caps will advance to the third round. they were down 4-1. i thought they'd make a huge come back. the wizards have a 2-1 lead over the atlanta hawks. they again tonight. the teams are facing off at the verizon center. if you want a ticket to the game, we just checked stub hub. it will cost you between $50 and $750. i think people are still talking about saturday night's game. it was crazy. that buzzer beater with paul pierce. it was crazy. >> jumping up and down. you played it over and over. well, talk about a viral video. what hillary clinton said in a video post that has a lot of people riled up. caught on camera a stage
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collapses. but you might be surprised to learn how many people were seriously hurt. looking live at storm team 4 radar and the rain headed our way. tom
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skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪ take a look at this dramatic video. you can see a stage collapse, sending about 80 singers to the ground. this is in southwest china. two suffered serious injuries. six others were also hurt.
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it is now 4:50 -- 4:40 rather. a hot year can increase your risk of getting the west nile virus. that's according to the national center for atmospheric research in colorado. infected mosquitos spread the potentially deadly virus and researchers found a rise in temperature by two degrees doubled the risk in our region. scientists may build a system to forecast the risk of contracting the west nile virus. it likely affects the mosquitos' breeding cycles. weather and traffic on the 1s. going to be a warm one today. not complaining, but just pointing out. >> some like it hot. great movie. and it has turned humid. bad hair day according to melissa and it looks good to me though. this morning, we will have no travel problems weatherwise other than patchy fog, but caution for midday. if you're heading out for your lunch hour there could be a few passing showers so have the umbrella ready.
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some roads may be wet for the afternoon. for the morning commute, sunshine and dry roads with temperatures in the upper 60s and then hitting mid 80s. some roads wet from passing showers this afternoon. look at the hour by hour timing of the showers, that's coming up at 4:41. now a look at aal so construction with melissa. >> we do have some construction this little patch in hyatts road, annapolis road at 410. they're hoping that's out of way the way before things get moving with your morning commute. beltway at connecticut avenue, everything is looking quite good. at the top of the beltway, 270 headed southbound, we do have that construction off to the right side of the roadway at buckeystown pike. taking a look here, remember to listen to wtop andst of sudley, no problems. >> thank you, melissa. military bases on high alert this morning. and it's all because of isis. why the terror group has some places stepping up security.
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and the presidential candidate demanding guaranteed
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you're watching "news4 today." >> welcome back at 4:44 today. we expect to learn how long a virginia woman will spend in prison for lying to the fbi about her social media support for isis. 30-year-old heather elizabeth kauffman was arrested in an fbi sting last year. prosecutors are calling for the maximum sentence. she hoped who join why sis in syria and was destined for violent conduct. military paces have stepped up security in the wake of the isis inspired attack in texas. nbc's tracie potts has a look at
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how lawmakers and military leaders are trying to stem the problem. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. the problem is they don't agree on how to do it. do you fight isis in iraq and syria as some have said? do you leave it to the islamic community here to try to make those inroads that the government can't? some are saying that. or do you raise security as we have seen or do you rely on state and local police to help deal with this? what we do know is that the department of homeland security secretary jeh johnson said over the weekend that one of the big issues here is how well isis uses social media. in other words, they're claiming responsibility for things like the shoot-out in garland, texas, when they didn't necessarily plan it, but they inspired the lone attackers who authorities believe that. any lone wolf can strike at any minute. however, they're not diskourning americans from going out to big
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events and from doing thing. senator cory booker of new jersey said the problem is that our social media as he put it is laughable. but jeh johnson said they're making inroads but it is difficult to track t people in this country who are isis sympathizers online and may be inspired by their message. >> tracie potts, thank you. i'm angie goff at the live desk with this developing story out of cleveland. a pregnant woman among those hurt after a deadly shooting. we got some new video in of investigators on the scene. limited information right now. but we do know the man killed was in his 40s. he was among five people shot. as for the woman expecting she's in critical condition. no details on a motive yet. in the day ahead, three men and a woman charged in connection with the deaths of two mississippi officers will appear in court. last night first responders and community leaders gathered for a candlelight vigil.
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they honored the memory of two officers killed in hattiesburg. >> call for backup. after he called fo the assailant entered the car and started shooting. >> a man and woman face charges of two counts of capital murder. two other suspects face lesser charges. the only country in the developed world that doesn't guarantee paid leave. >> that is presidential candidate hillary clinton calling for guaranteed family leave in her mother's day message. the video has 25,000 views on youtube. clinton tweeted that she had given a few moms a phone call to personally wish them a happy's mother's day. women voters are seen as a
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decisive part of 2016. tomorrow a federal appeals court is set to hear -- over governor mcconnell's conviction. the fact that mcdonnell has been allowed to remain free during appeal signals the three-judge panel might see the charge as as a close call. the panel could take weeks to issue a decision. former president jimmy carter unexpectedly left guyana because he was not feeling well. the 90-year-old was there to observe the national elections that are happening there today. in a brief statement, the carter center said the former president was not feeling yesterday and he would return to atlanta. a team from the center remained in guyana to observe the election. two weeks after the powerful earthquake many people in nepal can't return to their homes. sick and hurt patients have overwhelmed hospitals. the earthquake killed more than 7900 people and left 18,000
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hurt. several countries have donated supplies. millions of dollars and doctors. but the u.n. says they still need more. ahead of his trip to d.c. and cuba pope francis met with raul castro. they spoke privately for nearly an hour yesterday in vatican city. castro made a special stop at the vatican on his way back home from russia. the pope will be in d.c. in september. new this morning, check your refrigerator. a virginia company is recalling all packages of soybean sprouts because of a potential listeria contamination. good seed incorporated says the recall involved sprouts in stores that were sold in virginia and maryland. they were packaged on or after april 1st. you can return the sprouts from where you bought them for a full refund. folks are already planning for this weekend. this saturday is national kids
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to parks day in virginia. there will be kid friendly activities at all state parks and you will receive a coupon for free parking. visit five different virginia state parks between saturday and june 30th to get an annual naturally yours passport plus. that covers parking and admission to all state parks for one year. very cool. >> nice incentives. >> we have beautiful parks in our region. we have to dress appropriately to be outside starting today. >> yeah another short sleeve day. like you were mentioning earlier, aaron, you notice the humidity when you walk outside the door. like walking in the wall of water vapor. covering the ground in the form of dew and the windshields are covered with dew. all of this with what's left of tropical depression ana. you can see it spinning there over eastern north carolina. there's some heavy downpours right around the outer banks. all of this for the most part is going to be staying just to our east. it will be tracking up the bay
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and across the eastern shore late today. it will take a long time for it to get there. leading edge of the rain there is around norfolk now. another line of showers that's to our west. this is in west virginia. been a little bit of thunder with this too around charleston as it moves off to the east into the shenandoah valley. that may be later this afternoon. into this evening. right now it is mild and we are in the 60s. most of maryland and virginia, the eastern shore around 70. shenandoah valley and the mountains now in the 60s to near 60 degrees there. good news on the pollen count. it has dropped considerably. in fact less than half of what it was last week. but still in the high range. it's now mostly mulberry pollen and the oak tree pollen which a lot of people suffer from is way down. temperatures in the upper 60s. partly sunny noontime. low 80s. that's when we will have a shower to our east.
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here's the timing on that, the remnants of ana passing east oft have a shower in the eastern suburbs and by late afternoon may be in our southern eastern suburbs. maybe thunder, eastern west virginia the panhandle by 4:00 p.m. into the shenandoah valley around 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. after that it breaks up and we stay dry the rest of the evening and into tomorrow morning. keep one the changes on the storm team 4 weather app. track the radar on the app. then tomorrow, hot day but turning less humid. hottest day of the day so far and a blustery wind will bring in lower humidity and cooler temperatures. high 70s. only near 70 thursday. morning lows 40s on thursday. and friday looks beautiful too. mid 70s. and then getting warm again. a chance of afternoon storms both saturday and sunday. how's traffic now? >> looking good.
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first 4 traffic tracker headed northbound in virginia. i can warn you, traffic tracker went north on 95 and in the dumfries area still had that gravel again from the overnight road work. a little bit of a rough ride there. once you get to the dale city area looks like it's cleared out of the way. no problems here. remember we had that earlier fog in the 234 area this morning. no major problems here. nice and clear on 95 in virginia. overall again prince george's county also looking quite good. top of the beltway, 95, b.w. parkway, don't have any issues northbound or southbound. 270 at old hundred road rolling along nicely. looking at 66 again, nice and clear. don't have any major issues at this point this morning. back at 5:01. >> see you then, thanks, melissa. 4:54 now. we received a report when it comes to your kids and early education the finding that might surprise you straight ahead. and honoring the men and women in blue. how national pol
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you're watching "news4 today." >> welcome back. you'll run into some street closures today in the district for the 36th annual washington area law enforcement memorial service. "d" street and indiana avenue will close at 6:00 a.m. the service begins at 11:00 a.m.
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a u.s. capitol police officer and charles county sheriff's deputy will be remembered at today's service. both died on duty. police week kicked off with a motorcycle ride. dozens of officers and supporters road from rfk stadium to the national law enforcement officers memorial off of "f" street northwest. many said they did it for the community. all remembering fallen colleagues. >> i'd like to think this opens it up. we're all people you know? we all come together just like somebody would come together for a barbecue in a park. this is our barbecue in this park. >> this week will be a bike ride, wreath laying and candlelight vigils to honor the officers. more and more parents are enrolling in pre-k programs. this report is put out every year on pre-k. and the report found the numbers of kids enrolled in pre-k depend on income levels. the person behind the report says it could be 75 years before the level levels out for
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everyone. president obama made it a priority in his policy. and a racetrack could be coming to spotsylvania by next year. you can visit in thornburgh by next april. it is expected to cost about $16 million. stay with us now. "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >> "news4 today" starts now. >> good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this monday it is may 11th. 2015. let's check our forecast. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with this kind of hot and humid day for this kind of the year. >> definitely. >> there's what we're hash tagging today, hot and humid. it has turned quite steamy since yesterday afternoon and overnight. you'll notice it when you step out the door. this is all due to the remnants of tropical depression ana spinning here near raleigh, north carolina.
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it's bringing in a southeasterly flow. it will be slowly tracking to our south and east by late today. and also to our west we have a weak cool front triggering a few showers in west virginia. those may make their way into the shenandoah valley by later on this afternoon. in the shenandoah valley and in the mountains, low 60s to just near 60 degrees out in western maryland and west virginia. closer to washington we're in the mid 60s in prince george's. upper 60s in fairfax. waiting for the metro and the bus this morning, mild and humid in the 60s between 7:00 and 8:00. and between 8:00 and 9:00 it will be jumping up to near 70 degrees. a look at the hour by hour rain timing for this afternoon. that's coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. now we're looking at some construction early on this monday. >> we have nice road work that's still sticking around. we're talking southbound georgia avenue. at layhill road this is the on going road project. right now the left lane gets by. i have to warn you as to what's
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happening there. annapolis road in hyattsville at 410. veterans parkway, i have some road work that popped up there. that's still hanging around. wide look at things overall, no major problems when you look at the beltway. nice and green inner and outer loop. and don't have any issues. then right now, first 4 traffic tracker headed north on 95. going to head up 395 for us to check things out again. kind of strangest spot near dumfries road, 234, a little bit of gravel on the roadway from overnight construction that's now cleared out of the way. live look at 66 coming up. i would see them walking all the time. very nice, loving couple. and a very nice neighborhood. >> we're following a developing


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