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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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se as soon as tom and i look at the camera and said, we said where is this, 270 at a old hundred road, and as soon as he starts talking, the backups go away. so start talking. that would be wonderful this morning. 66 west bound, no problems there. and head eastbound to show us a little bit of volume there coming into town. wide look at things overall, beltway is actually looking pretty good. inner and outer loop. we have a slow down here at 295 as you're passing 50 here. that is pretty typical for this time of the morning. it's the only red i'm seeing right now. as we widen back out a little bit, 29, 95 and b.w. parkway northbound and southbound everybody is behaving themselves there. 95 in virginia slow here north would be as you approach dale city. back with travel times in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. a updeveloping story out of
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montgomery county. police are trying to figure out why someone would kill this couple. dick and jodi vilardo were found dead on ridge drive yesterday. news4's megan mcgrath has more on the investigation. megan? >> reporter: well eun, you can see behind me here that we still have a police officer watching over the scene and police tape across the front yard. family members are heartbroken and they don't know what happened. relatives had plans to meet dick and jodi vilardo on mother's day and when they didn't show family members went to their house and made the grim discovery. dick vilardo was found outside the back of the house. jodi vilardo was found dead inside the home. police say both were suffering from trauma to the upper body. in a statement released by the family they say they were a warm and loving couple. we know of no one who would wish them harm.
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the vilardos were known for their work at the children's inn at nih, a place for sick children participating in clinical trials. police are investigating this as a double murder. they have not said if they believe the couple was targeted or if this was a random act of violence. eun, back to you. >> thank you, megan. 6:02 your time now. today in montgomery county leaders are talking about equipping police with body cameras. the county council is going over the budget this afternoon. the program would cost about $600,000. in baltimore thousands of people who have a story to tell or will have a story to tell about prince's concert last night. although we can't show you any video from that. he called the concert a rally for peace after protests and fires and violence in the city over freddie gray's death. prince asked attendees to wear gray in honor of freddie gray. he wrote a song about things going on in the city right now. freddie gray died of a severe spinal injury while in police
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custody and now two nearby police departments are reviewing their practices because of his death. the baltimore sun says that howard and baltimore county police are conducts reviews. they're among several departments to use vans without seat belts to transport suspects. gray was hurt because baltimore police officers did not buckle him into a van after they arrested him. it is now 6:03. we're working to find out how a toddler is doing after falling out of a window. prince george's county fire said that happened at a townhouse on brinkley station hill. the toddler fell from a second story window. now to texas, at least 26 people are in the hospital after a tornado ripped through the eastern part of that state. i want to show you some pictures of the twister posted on twitter. last night's storm causesignificant damage in the town of van, about 70 miles south of
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dallas. at least 30% of the city is troyed. the damage includes flattened homes, ripped up trees and downed power lines. this just in, secretary of state john kerry will meet with russia's foreign minister in sochi tomorrow. we are hearing that they'll discuss things like ukraine, the turmoil in yemen, syria as well. and relationships with iran. moscow saying early they don't expect a break through from the meeting but they're calling it important. military support to kiev during the ukraine unrest under the -- on the u.s.'s behalf russia is expected to condemn that. more as we get it. it's 6:05. tonight the wizards are playing in a game that could put them way ahead in the playoff series. they can make it 3-1 with the win or even it up with a loss to the atlanta hawks. they're facing off in the verizon center. if you want a ticket it will between between $50 and $750.
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as for the caps it's do or die in their series against the new york rangers. the teams are heading to new york for a winner take all game seven after the caps lost to the rangers last night. they did rally after they were down 4-1. ovechkin predicted the caps will win this wednesday. he said quote, we are going to come back. yes, go caps. hey, the last time they played a true home game there was nobody there to see it. now, we'll show you how the orioles' fans plan to welcome them back to camden yards after the unrest in baltimore. no rain on the horizon yet, as tropical storm ana pushes north. first a recall to tell you about this morning. why fears over listeria have a virginia company pulling some
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you're watching "news4
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today." >> just about nine minutes after the hour. a consumer alert forty you this morning. a company is recalling all packages of soybean sprouts and mung bean sprouts because a of a potential listeria contamination. this involves the sprouts in stores in maryland and virginia. you can return the sprouts where you bought them for a full refund. some our area's most prominent female leaders are being honored a at gala for for women making history. among them are chief of police kathy lanier and among the honorees also nasa johnson space center director dr. ochoa. she was the first latino woman to fly in space. the group hopes to build a women's history museum along the national mall. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we are talking about the return of humidity. >> yeah, we are. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell live in southeast d.c. with
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the storm team 4 x 4. we know the humidity is here. are we going to see rain here? >> man, a chance for rain to get in here and then later this week, this humidity goes out of the picture for at least a little while. but man, the humidity has come back full force. if you go outside for your morning jog, prepare to be sweating early on. storm team 4, a few showers out here in southwestern pennsylvania and a lot of rain associated with tropical depression ana down across the carolinas. timing out your best rain chances for today, take a look here on your map. you can see rain chances coming in from the west primarily and with daytime heating we have a combination of factors working in the way of helping our rain chances by later on this afternoon. so any time after about noontime to the west side of the metro, 5:00 6:00, 7:00, that will be your best opportunity to be rained on today and finally cool
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things off. plan another day in the mid 80s today. tom is talking about maybe even near 90 degrees tomorrow. that's tomorrow's problem. problems on the roads right now we turn to melissa mollet with more mess on the roads for monday. >> more mess on the roads and humidity to add to it. right now, brand new crash here b.w. parkway at riverdale road. we have a call in to police to figure out which way this is. but b.w. parkway at riverdale, we have a report of an accident there. so i wanted to pass that along. as far as travel times go actually looking quite good right now. in maryland 270 south from germantown to the beltway, 16 minutes. outer loop that's ten minutes at this point. 95 northbound quantico to the beltway, 32 minutes. that's a ten minutes extra today. i'm back in ten. >> thanks melissa. a family forced off of a flight before they reach their destination. the incident that had the crew
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of that plane making an emergency landing and why the family says it's all a misunderstanding. plus why a new study says parent's perceptions of their
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i'm angie goff with breaking news. we are getting confirmation into the live desk of a possible tornado that killed two people in the state of arkansas. this was in a mobile home park. now have it was close to -- now, it was close to the texas border and we have been reporting how parts of texas have been hit and just pummelled by storms. a lot of houses destroyed up to 30% of one small town completely levelled they said. today parts of texas up to michigan preparing and bracing for a band of more severe weather. and all of this more than two dozen people were injured in the area. back to you. >> thank you. 6:15 right now. a community in mississippi gathered to honor two police officers killed in the line of duty. the group gathered in hattiesburg last night. they offered prayers an support for the families.
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four people were charged in the deaths will appear in court today. the officers were shot and killed during a traffic stop saturday night. those officers pulled the car over for speeding. >> a call for backup. as he called for backup, the assailant actually entered the car and started shooting. >> a man and woman face charges of two counts of capital murder. two other suspects face lesser charges right now. 6:16 now. new this morning, bladensburg road in northeast washington is back open right now. d.c. police closed it for a shooting investigation overnight. say someone shot -- they say someone shot two men near mt. olivet road. one was shot in the leg, the other in the arm. both are expected to be okay. we now know when a d.c. firefighter will be laid to rest. lieutenant kevin mcrae's funeral is set for this friday. he collapsed during a call to
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seventh street northwest last week. several d.c. leaders and firefighters will join mcrae's friends and family at the d.c. armory friday morning. there is a viewing at 9:00 before the service that's open to anyone that wants to go. this morning d.c. police are searching for the gunman behind a murder in northeast d.c. police say someone shot terrance moore several times near florida avenue yesterday morning. there is a reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case. after months of testimony, the jury in the trial of the boston marathon bomber is expected to begin weighing his punishment this week. jurors have to decide if dzhokhar tsarnaev should spend rest of his life in prison or be executed for twin bombings that hurt more than 260 others. the 21-year-old was convicted on 30 federal charges in the attack. his lawyers are expected to call the last witness today. republican presidential candidate ben carson is questioning the supreme court's power to review laws passed by congress.
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he says it's time to rethink the idea that a president must enforce laws the court declares constitutional. it's the authority the court has held since 1803. carson says a discussion is needed because today's concept of judicial review has changed from its original intent. hillary clinton says it is quote outrageous that there is no guaranteed paid leave for parents in the u.s. clinton called for guaranteed paid family leave. the clip has been viewed more than 25,000 times and it could appeal to women voters whose support is seen as critical in the 2016 election. it is only monday, but a lot of us are planning for the weekend and this saturday is national kids to parks day in virginia. there will be a special kid friendly activity at all state parks. you will receive a coupon to use later this summer for free parking. saturday kicks off the get
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outdoors challenge. visit five different state parks between this saturday and june 30th to get an annual naturally yours passport plus. that will cover parking and admission to all state parks for one year. right now, the application period is open to add new sports to the 2020 summer olympics. those games will be played in tokyo, japan. baseball and softball are considered favorites to be added back into the games. both sports are big in japan of course. other possibilities include squash karate surfing and cricket. we'll find out which ones what ed the short list in june. don't be surprised if the phrase reopening day is trending on twitter later today orphans are rallying it ahead of the orioles game. they'll play at camden yards for the first time since the violent protests in baltimore ended. the last time they played they beat the white sox without any fans in the stands on april 29th. they take on the blue jays tonight. it will be nice to get some people back in there.
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had to be eerie not to have or booing during the game. baseball weather maybe today? >> perhaps. the boys of summer. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein, weather and traffic on the 1s. >> you said the key word summer. it will be feeling like midsummer here as the day progresses. right now steamy humidity filling the air. storm team 4 tower camera showing low tropical clouds hovering over washington coming from the remnants of tropical depression ana which is way south and east of us. our skycast shows a lot of clouds by morning. by noontime a little bit of sunshine breaking out. a few showers may pop up to our south and east. then by the time you're headed back home quite a bit of cloudiness. might get an isolated shower. perhaps a little bit of thunder as we get into the afternoon hours. but the big story today the steamy humidity. that will be with us through the day today. low 80s. mid 80s by mid afternoon. and you can track any storms that do pop up with your storm
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team 4 app on your mobile phone or tablet. then tomorrow, hottest day of the year likely. up near 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon. partly cloudy breezy turning less humid by tuesday afternoon into tuesday night. lower humidity and cooler weather, fresh change moves in on wednesday and thursday. afternoon highs on wednesday the mid 70s. chilly thursday morning, just this the 40s. afternoon highs on thursday just up around 70 degrees. a dramatic change from today and tomorrow. low humidity in place on friday. should be in the mid 70s. for the kids parks day for the virginia state parks over the weekend, looking good saturday and sunday. during the afternoons both days there may be some passing showers or thundershowers saturday and sunday. temperatures should be climbing into the mid 80s. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 6:31. your what to wear forecast for
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this steamy monday. melissa has an date on the crash. >> yeah this is the one we told you about a couple of minutes ago. we know this riverdale road and b.w. parkway problem is the ramp from eastbound riverdale to b.w. parkway. so a warning there, sounds like we could have a partial closure right there. we'll keep you updated here and on twitter and that could cause some problems this morning. wide look at things overall looking good. getting a tad slow on the outer loop as you approach georgia avenue. manassas it's opening up pretty nicely. when i say slow in dumfries, you're moving, 40 miles an hour nothing is really happening there. and don't have any issues there. overall, prince george's county looking quite good here this morning and then right now first 4 traffic tracker 66 eastbound
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here, she actually just passed nutley street. back in ten minutes with a live look at 270. a bit of a slow down there. >> thank you, melissa. 6:23 is our time right now. some of the rain that could be heading to our area today is because of this storm, tropical depression ana brought rough surf, rain and wind to south and north carolina yesterday. ana is the first tropical system of 2015 to hit the states. and state farm says rain not snow causes most weather related car crashes. according to the insurance company, rain related crashes make up 46%, nearly half of all accidents that happen in bad weather. snow and sleet account for 17% of the accidents. fog was the cause of 3% of wet related crashes. in news4 for your health, a hot year can raise your risk of getting the west nile virus. infected mosquitos spread the potentially deadly virus and researchers found a rise in
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temperatures doubled that risk in our region. temperatures likely affect the mosquito breeding cycles. scientists may build a system to forecast the risk of contracting the west nile virus. you may think your child is the right weight even though he or she is actually overweight. researchers from the new york university found nearly all parents of overweight children thought their children had a problem. now coming up on the "today" show, find out more about what's being called the goldilocks syndrome and why it's a problem. this story is getting a lot of you talking on the nbc washington facebook page. an oregon mother says she and her family were kicked off a flight because of her autistic daughter. dr. donna beagle said her 15-year-old daughter became agitated during the flight because she was hungry. beagle said flight attendants give her some food and she did calm down, but then the pilot announced an emergency landing for an unruly passenger with behavior issues and then they
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were escorted off the plane. now, in a statement united said its crew made the best decision for the safety and comfort of its customers and elected to divert to salt lake city after the situation became disruptive. dr. beagle has filed a lawsuit against united airlines. >> it's probably a tough situation, hard to explain maybe to the crew members what's happening if you know what's going on with your daughter and she has a special need. we'll see what happens. how this ends up i mean. well it promises to take the stress out of your commute by doing the driving for you, but we'll show you why the driverless car technology could have you spending more time at the body shop. the calendar may say early may, but its feels like july out there this morning. a big dose of humidity. look at all that haze. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is enhelping you prepare for the day ahead at your what to wear forecast. and why concerns about lone wolf terrorist attacks have
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u.s. -- have the u.s. on guard
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swimming pools across the region are not open just yet, but the hot and humid conditions may have you looking to take a dip in the day ahead. >> take a look, you can blame it on the remnants of tropical storm ana. it is pushing its way toward us at this hour. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein the here now with the conditions you're dealing with. and some suggestions on what to wear. hey, tom, good morning. >> good morning. starting off this morning with what's left of ana giving us a southeasterly flow bringing in tropical humidity that's pretty much permeating the entire area this morning. today will be a good day to test out your a.c. you'll be comfortable in short sleeves today as we'll have the humidity and the heat with us in the afternoon. might need an umbrella during the afternoon as well.
6:30 am
perhaps sunglasses from time to time as the sun will be peeking through with cloudiness. right now we have a clou -- we have a low, dark sky. temperatures in the 60s and near 70 in the beltway and in washington. that rain associated with what's left of ana right now is in southeastern virginia. around tide water and norfolk. heavy downpours around the outer banks that's for the most part tracking to the south and east of the metro area. maybe moving into southern maryland northern neck eastern shore, but not until later on this afternoon and this afternoon. dress accordingly today as we'll have this mild weather with us and these humid conditions. it's steamy humidity. melissa calls it a bad hair day, but i think your hair looks great. >> thank you very much. it's all the hair spray. you can hardly breathe with me spraying my hair so much this morning. the fog is gone. >> yeah. >> we talked about that earlier
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this morning, now we have a different problem here. we're talking about eastbound 410 at b.w. parkway. right now, looking on the maps and the other traffic system only seeing less than a mile of the backup. not too much of a problem, hoping they get this out of the way shortly so it doesn't continue to build even more. first 4 traffic tracker on 95 southbound looking good. 95 northbound at lorton road, you can see a little bit of volume. nothing bad at all. 66 headed into town slow here as you approach manassas. otherwise, looking pretty good overall. no major issues there. 270 at old hundred road had some backups here. looks like that's clearing out for us. that's good news and then a wide look at things overall. looking pretty typical top of the beltway starting to slow dun as you approach new hampshire avenue. back in ten minutes. 6:31. today we expect to learn how long a virginia woman will spend in prison for lying to the fbi about her social media support for isis.
6:32 am
30-year-old heather elizabeth kauffman was arrested in an fbi sting last year. prosecutors are calling for the maximum sentence here. that would be 46 to 57 months. they say she hoped to join isis in syria and was destined for violent conduct. the ability of groups like isis to use social media could lead to more talks. those comments come in the wake of around attack outside a controversial art show in texas earlier this month. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with a look at what's being done to try to solve this problem. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. people on capitol hill are wondering do you hit them hard overseas in iraq and syria, do you get local police involved to track isis sympathizers in this country? how do you get to this group that's so adept at using social media. listen to what dianne feinstein saying talking about their
6:33 am
influence right here in the united states. >> you know isis now has a presence in 11 states. it's a force that we really haven't seen before. and we have to begin to cope more seriously with it. and that includes social media. >> reporter: and it includes trying to make inroads with the islamic communities here on capitol hill. is some say they can -- some say they can get the message out much easier than the federal government. we have raised the security level at 3,000 military bases, after what happened in texas. more of a general threat to recruiting stations and bases. >> tracie potts, thanks. tomorrow a federal appeals court is set to hear arguments over former virginia governor mcconnell's corruption conviction. it is expected on the short, lasting an hour.
6:34 am
the fact that mcconnell has been allowed to remain free signals the three-judge panel might see some of the charges as a close call. the panel could take weeks to issue a decision. we have new video of a rescue from an intense fire in prince george's county. take a look you can see the flames just consuming the upper floor of this building in langley park on saturday. firefighters recorded the video from the side of the fire truck as they pulled up to the see scene on gilford road. it trapped a baby girl and four others on the balcony. they were all pulled to safety. today, the district will host the law enforcement memorial service. officials will honor two law enforcement officers who died on duty. it begins at 11:00 a.m. "d" street and indiana avenue are closed until 2:00 p.m. police week roared to that start with a motorcycle ride. dozens participated in the 20th annual law ride yesterday.
6:35 am
they rode from rfk stadium to the national law enforcement officers memorial off "f" street northwest. a lot of them told us they did it for the police community. many are remembering colleagues who died. >> i'd like to think that this opens it up. we're all people, you know? we all come together just like somebody would come together for a barbecue in a park. in is -- this is our barbecue in the park. >> there will be a wreath laying to honor the officers. and the virginia avenue tunnel project is being prepared. crews will relocate utilities near the intersections of virginia avenue and fifth, sixth, eighth and 11th streets. csx is tunnel near the southeast-southwest freeway. it can take more than three years to complete. the trains are running on time this morning, however, you can expect possible delays this evening into fredericksburg
6:36 am
leyland and brook. problem in east riverdale, an update on that as we do have a closure there right along 410. it's all quiet at d.c. pools this morning but the city is gearing up for the busy season. the steps being taken today to make sure they're ready for the upcoming memorial day weekend.
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welcome back. 6:39. right now a look at gas prices in the region. aaa the average for regular is 2.70 a gallon. in west virginia the average is $2.63. the consumer watchdog group says the profits have gone up this
6:40 am
year and high gas prices in california are being blamed on refineries. the problems are being used as an excuse to fleece drivers. so you had to see this coming. self-driving cars are getting into accidents in california. four automated cars have been involved in crashes since september. that's according to the state's department of motor vehicles. that's when the state started allowing these cars of on the roads. google and delphi operate the vehicles involved in the crashes. they released statements saying the crashes were minor and the cars were not at report. two of the cars were in self-driving mode while the other two were being driven by people. proof that our human brains still matter. our intuition, reflexes, come on. >> we have to keep telling ourg ourselves that. >> otherwise we'll be sitting at home watching tv. well time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell living and breathing
6:41 am
in southeast d.c. with our commuter forecast. >> yes, it's a beautiful morning outside. a lot of clouds overhead and in the distance here the beautiful anacostia area. you can't see any of the rowers or the scullers out there. a lot of folks are biking and jogging here along the anacostia this morning. green light this morning, but maybe in the more of the yellow range for this afternoon and evening. temperatures are in the upper 60s to around 70 right now. a very summer like day up into the mid 80s by later on this afternoon. perhaps even near 90 tomorrow. tom will have more about that in ten minutes but it's a beautiful morning to be by the anacostia. and so far, i don't see any problems at least on the anacostia, but melissa mollet knowwhere the trouble spots are.
6:42 am
>> unfortunately i do breaking news one trouble spot, east riverdale. eastbound 410, we have the eastbound lanes blocked because of an earlier crash. looks like a one-mile backup right now. hopefully that will dissolve a bit as we head out this morning. 95 northbound no major problems after lorton. lorton was slow for the first 4 traffic tracker. germantown to the beltway slow. 95 north quantico, it will run you an extra 12 minutes. and eastbound pretty good at 15 minutes. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car for the latest on traffic. >> thank you. new developments in rockville where a coupl their home. news4's megan mcgrath just spoke with neighbors. what they're telling us about the victims as police try to figure out who killed them. breaking news out of the south, two people were left dead in arkansas one of the states hit hard by tornadoes over the
6:43 am
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we are tracking a pair of big stories for you right now on news4 today. severe weather that's moving across the south has claimed at least two lives this morning. what we're learning about the damage from the live desk. plus, a community reacting to news that a couple was found
6:46 am
dead in their rockville home. what we're learning about the investigation at this hour. first, your weather and traffic. >> midsummer like humidity in place this morning. some low gray clouds over much of the region now. not producing any rain yet. we'll be in the upper 60s, noontime low, 80s. mid 80s mid afternoon. a chance of a passing shower. and our problem right now is eastbound 410 right now at b.w. parkway is closed. east bound lanes are blocked. we have a one-mile backup. the alternate is good luck road. avoid it all together if you can. it's 6:46. a developing story in montgomery county. police are trying to figure out why someone would want to kill this rockville couple. they're described as nice and giving. the vilardos were found dead on mother's day and news4's megan mcgrath is live with more on this investigation. megan? >> reporter: well eun, you can
6:47 am
see behind me here the police officers have been here all night long keeping watch over the crime scene. neighbors are on edge family members say they are heartbroken and everyone is trying to figure out exactly why this happened. dick and jody vilardo were supposed to meet relatives on mother's day when they didn't show up family members came to their home and found them dead. the vilardos are members of a garden club and e-mails have been going out among the members in the wake of the murders, updating everybody on what has happened. just a little while ago i spoke to a neighbor who say vilardos had doneut with friends and returned home late saturday night. they were planning to meet up with their kids on sunday. >> they had told the people they were out with that they were meeting their kids at great falls in the morning for mother's day. it was something that they did every year. then when they didn't show up at the appointed time and they couldn't reach them by phone they all came back here. it was the daughter i believe that found the family. >> reporter: dick vilardo was found just outside the house in
6:48 am
the rear of the home. jody vilardo was found inside the house. now both were suffering from trauma to the upper body but th police are releasing at this point. back to you in the studio eun. >> megan, thousand thank you. and the montgomery county council is going over the police budget this afternoon. the program to equipment officers with cameras would cost about $600,000. money now headed to charities in baltimore. prince said he would donate some of the money from his rally for peace concert in baltimore last night. that concert drew thousands of people to royal farms arena. many wore gray in honor of freddie gray. >> kudos to prince for doing this and making this something that's very positive for the community. for them to continue to heal.
6:49 am
>> now, we weren't allowed to get video of the actual concert. freddie gray's death sparked protests in baltimore after he died while in police custody. baltimore prosecutors charged six police officers in gray's death. they say he was not buckled into the police van that led to the spinal injury that killed him. several use vans that don't have seat belts and the sun says howard county and anne arundel county both use beltless vans. there's straps for the suspects to hold on to. howard county police are considering adding new safety features to the vans. 6:49. we're working to find out how a toddler is doing after falling out a window. prince george's county fire says this happened a at a townhouse in oxon hill. the toddler fell from the second story window. some breaking news right now. we just learned severe weather and tornadoes in the south and
6:50 am
mid midwest are to blame for at least two deaths. angie goff has more breaking developments. >> hi, aaron. two people are dead after that possible tornado touched down in arkansas. now, this was near a mobile home park near the texas border. we just got some new video in of all that damage that was done in texas. the result of heavy rains and a lot of strong winds. you can see accidents, downed trees. completely destroyed a lot of houses and more than two dozen people were hospitalized. it is not over yet. up to 50 million people from texas up to michigan bracing for more severe weather today. >> thanks, angie. a lot of you are getting excited for the wizards next playoff game tonight for good reason too. the team takes on the atlanta hawks at 7:00 at the verizon game. you can still buy tickets, from the wizards, get them from stub hub for as little as $50. we have seen tickets for $750 or more. everyone is talking about that
6:51 am
crazy buzzer beater by paul pierce on saturday's game. it was awesome. the caps play wednesday night. they're facing the new york rangers in a crucial winner take all game seven. caps captain ovechkin said they're going to win. he said, quote, we'll come back after the loss to the rangers last night. we were down 4-1. we had a crazy rally in the third period and then just couldn't get it. >> yeah that's the way it works. 6:51 our time right now. >> go caps. >> tom kierein is here with us. we are talking -- as soon as you step outside you start sweating. >> walk into the wall of humidity. great weather for the nationals games over the weekend too. nats are on a roll too. there are the clouds kind of rolling through us this morning. those are clumpy clouds. i learned that in meteorology 101. clumpy. >> clumpy. >> and 401 we call that stratus.
6:52 am
>> wow. >> there are some stratus clouds coming through, but not producing any rain. we do have those -- heavy downpours, thunder and lightning around the outer banks, that's the remnants of tropical storm ana. that's moving through the rest of the day today, slowly moving along, but the atlantic beaches can get some downpours. west likely, most areas will stay dry. here's the brand new timing. a few scattered showers in maryland. and t eastern shore. it's after that into the afternoon those showers kind of track farther to the east. maybe a few flashes of lightning in southern maryland and the eastern shore. then a line of showers and thundershowers coming into the panhandle by 4:00 p.m. then farther south around 6:00 p.m. maybe a few thunder showers. after this we dry out and things improve overnight. temperatures are steamy 60s to around 70 degrees.
6:53 am
later this morning we're still around 70. and partly sunny during the afternoon, mid 80s. but the showers south and east of us and then coming in later. i took this picture of mother's day wild flowers while biking yesterday afternoon. post yours on twitter, facebook and instagram. a blustery wind blowing in lower h. during the day. big change wednesday, thursday friday. a little more humid maybe afternoon storms on saturday and sunday. melissa here with breaking news. >> we're talking about east riverdale. we have the eastbound lanes still blocked. the alternate is good luck road. we are starting to see backups there. 395 inbound here, right now, quite slow. just got on 395 here with the first 4 traffic tracker. so little slow there. that's typical of course. 66 east at compton road looking
6:54 am
good. 270 south as you're headed past buckeystown pike slow all the way through clarksburg. opens up a little bit after that. top of the beltway looking typical. overall, this sectionrince george's county not having any problems at the bottom of the beltway. through dale city you're going 38 miles per hour. may is water safety awareness month and today leaders will tour some outdoor pools in the district to make sure they're ready for the summer swimming season. especially because it's starting to feel like summer already. >> yeah kristin wright is live at the anacostia pool in southwest d.c. what do we need know? >> reporter: swim in designated areas, supervised by lifeguards. that is key. pool safety right now, so important. so today, council member mary cheh will tour the anacostia pool. she'll be alongside the department of parks and recreation. this is the start to the series of tours of outdoor public pools
6:55 am
and aquatic centers. council member cheh will visit several pools to see if i they're ready to prevent unnecessary delays or opening because of broken equipment or poor maintenance. in the past there are a few issues at other pools, so you know of course the district wants to avoid that. in the past there have been complaints as well about the way some of the pools were being managed. now, council member cheh will tour six pools today and eight more throughout the rest of the week. so just have fun and be safe. back to you guys. >> thank you, kristin wright. well we're at it again. be excited. we are handing out free coffee and doughnuts this morning at the sentara nova center in wood woodbridge woodbridge. >> we are teaming up with the guys from goodies. near the heart and vascular --
6:56 am
i'm not going to read that. a perfect location to eat a doughnut. >> just in case you have one too many -- just have one so you don't have to go to the facilities. okay. all right. but we encourage you to stop by. just say hi those guys are great. >> awkward. 6:56 is our time right now. four things to know before you head out the door on this monday. the orioles play at camden yards for the first time since the protests in baltimore ended. they take on the toronto blue jays tonight. part of national police week this morning is a 36th annual law enforcement memorial service. at 11:00, two will be honored from our area. who died on duty. dobody cameras could be coming to the montgomery county police officer department. and the vi lar does were
6:57 am
found murdered in their home. and eastbound 410, it's blocked there. another slow spot 395 into town. >> that's the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. have a great day
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
. zboorng. breaking overnight. a tornado rips through texas injuring at least 20 people. two people killed in storms in arkansas. in iowa another twister tears the roof off a high school with more than a hundred people inside. >> there goes the school! there goes the school! >> fortunately no one was hurt but there's more severe weather expected today. agonizing words. >> they took away my baby. >> families of those two slain police officers in mississippi remember their loved ones as their community holds a candle candlelight vigil.


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