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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 12, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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running from danger another devastating earthquake today in nepal. i'm eun yang with reports of more deaths and destruction. >> i'm barbara harris. bob mickcdonnell back in a courtroom, trying to clear his name. >> the heat is on. already around 80 degrees around the metro area. looking like our hottest day of the year so far. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> breaking news. big price tag verizon is willing to pay to take control of aol. the death toll from morning's massive earthquake in nepal keeps climbing.
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42 people confirmed dead 1100 hurt. today 7.3 magnitude quake centered around kathmandu and mt. everest, at least six strong aftershocks. the quake comes less than three weeks after a massive tumbler killed 8,000 people in nepal. we're told they were not hurt today in fair fashion. it's not clear from the plans have changed. developing story now, out of richmond lawyers for former virginia governor bob mcdonald wrapped up arguments in his appeal. >> god is good and faithful and i've got a great family. >> that's mcdonnell walking into court two hours ago. the appeal is focused on two key topics. first, his lawyers say the jury was given too broad of a definition of the phrase "official acts," second they
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say they didn't get to ask prospective jurors about pretrial publicitityy. he was sentenced in february to two years in prison his wife was also convicted. a decision could take weeks. many of you had a much easier ride to work on metro compared to yesterday. news4 was there this morning as the first train started coming through metro center. megan mcgrath tweeted this photo, power outage and reports of smoke in the tunnel shut down the station last happened as the wasizards game was letting out. earlier major issues on the orange blue and silver lines. take a look at pictures from chopper 4 over the scene of a crash in gaits aregaithersburg. two vehicles collided. this happened around 9:30 this morning. ambulances took six people to the hospital one of those people was ejected from a car, and has serious injuries. >> a group of d.c. leaders
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oppose a proposed merger between excel lon and pepco. the group gathered on the steps of the wilson building to share concerns. news4's megan mcgrath is live in northwest washington. megan can tell us what the sticking points respect good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ex excelon wants to buy pepco. they say pepco and excelon says such a merger would increase stable ability and rates. others gathered on the steps of the wilson building to aoppose the sale and urge the mayor and the public service commission to drop the deal. jobs would be cut and environmental standards would slip and ultimately rates would go up for customers. >> they are saying they're going to ring fence, their
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terminology, our jurisdiction for the next five years and not ask for any rate increases. but there again, excuse me but after five years, i guess we'll make up for it then. >> reporter: but in a written statement, pepco said pepco holdings and exelon proposed $34 million fund to be use ford direct customer benefits in the district and another $51 million in projected merger savings over 10 years will flow back to a two-district customers through rates lower than they would be without the merger. pepco believes the merger's in the best interest of customers and committed to reducing frequency of outages by 36%. now approval is needed from the public service commission for this deal to go through. and the time period for public comment here in the district ends may 27th. back to you in the studio. >> wero have cloudnow. temperatures are continuing to climb. here northwest washington we have already now up to 82
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degrees. in much of the region it's in the upper 70s to near 80. that includes chesapeake bay. look at baltimore, already up to 84 right near the bay. it's near 80 degrees. fredericksburg up to 84. western northern suburbs 80. fredericksburg 81. shenandoah valley upper 70s. mid 70s in the mountains. and we will have these temperatures continuing to jump in the afternoon hours and we've had a few showers passing through southern maryland but radar is all in the clear for now. look at highs today coming up in a few minutes. new this morning, verizon is buying aol for $4.4 billion. aol owns "the huffington post," tech crunch and gadget makers and the acquisition gives verizon an entryway into the increasingly competitive online video space. last month verizon said it was preparing to launch a video streaming service targeting mobile devices.
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the deal is expected to close some time this summer. >> download the nbc washington app to find out first when patriots quarterback tom brady appeals his four-game suspension for deflate-gate. brady's agent called the suspension ridiculous. he said the investigation that implicated brady, quote, is an incredibly frail exercise in fact finding and logic. investigators said two patriots employees deliberately underinflated footballs during the team's afc championship win this year. the nfl stripped the patriots of two draft picks, and handed the team $1 million fine. we're watching the wizard's john wall situation. the star sat out another playoff game with eight wrist injury last night. it's not clear whether he'll be back in tomorrow's make or break match against the atlanta hawks. the teams are playing in atlanta with their series tied at 2 apiece. they'll be back at the verizon center this friday. >> a maryland college student takes oath of office today. why his new job is getting him
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so much attention. plus crash test results, the best and worst performing midsized suvs. new, a look at how much this painti
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here's some of the stories lighting up social media university of california san diego allows students in an art class to take final exams nakeding and causing quite a stir. "the washington post" says students stripped down along with their professor for performance of self it's called this happens in a dark room with a lit candle. the university says nudity is not required to pass this clasp. now this video's trending on yahoo! almost 2 million have watched it. a sneaky crow trying to outsmart a human and failing. conner mccarthy eating his lunch when he noticed the sneaky crow
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getting closer to him. the crow didn't get any of his lunch but did get 15 minutes of fame on youtube. if a picture says 1,000 words and picasso says a million, almost 2 million, pablo picasso set a record yesterday when his 1955 painting sold for almost $2 million. the painting shows a harem of colorfully dressed women. this is the highest price ever paid for a work of art at auction. we'r
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into new this morning a new front crash results are in. 2015 midsized suvs didn't do so great. 3 out of 7 midsized suvs passed this test. the best performer overall the redesigned meese
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redesigned nissan murano designated as top safety pick. the jeep wrangler four-door took second spot good rating. third place, ford flex given acceptable rating. dodge durango, jeep cherokee and high underday santa fe earned marginal. the worst performer, dodge journey. we put the results on nbc washington facebook page so you can tackke a closer look. review by the news4 iteam reveals 2200 drivers in our area have been charged with ignoring stop school buses. that's just in the past three years. the iteam put under cover cameras at 3 of the busiest bus stops in our area. each of the bus stops, cameras caught drivers bypassing the signs even as children were standing or walking in close proximity. >> did you see the bus? did you see the sign? >> yeah i see it. >> you kept going because they kept going? >> well i know there was wrong.
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>> between 2011 and 2013 more than 800 drivers were cited in arlington and fairfax counties most tickets were in fairfax. between 2012 and 2014 nearly 950 drivers were cited in prince georges county and montgomery counties. high temperatures today, first time near 90 degrees this year. now the average high is 90 degrees by mid-july. and so it's going to be feeling a couple of months early. right now it's in the upper 70s and low 80s. afternoon highs should be reaching mid 80s north and west of the metro area. hottest temperatures around washington and to our south from fredericksburg to warren and culpepper, low 90s there chesapeake bay, mid to upper 80s. winds pick up too, gusting around 15 to 20 miles an hour temperatures up near the pennsylvania border will be hovering in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees.
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mountains, most locations peek peaking in upper 70s to 80s. first time for the year near 90 in the metro area. >> feels like it's already there. today a maryland teenager will become the youngest mayor in the state's history. he's too young to buy beer but at 19 years old, brandon paulin will soon be running the town of indian head in charles county. he gathered more than double the votes of the incumbent mayor. indian head home to more 4,000 people. the ceremony will take place 507 kate middleton in town hall in indian head. the information that has natalee holloway's father back in aruba.
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right now, people in our area are trying to reach loved ones in nepal, after another majorth quake hit the country. this is less than three weeks after the massive trem that killed more than 8,100 people. kristin wright is live with more on one man who will travel to help his family and his village. >> reporter: well barbara, this student didn't talk his family for five agonizing days after the first earthquake and now it's happening all over again. he says he has to go. george mason university freshman can't believe another earthquake has hit his home country of nepal. this time he's going back to help his family and their
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village. >> that's my home. that's where the heart is. >> reporter: we talked to him after of the first devastating quake. at the time he had no way to know if his mother and close relatives survived. >> i've heard so far that the village is gone. >> reporter: his family was spared. he's waiting for word this time around. but he does know food and shelter is scarce. >> it's a day hike away from the last bus track. so foreign aids are going to be difficult to get there. >> reporter: george mason's nepalese student association is raising money for effort and he started his own fund to help people of nepal. he leaves monday for his childhood home now torn apart. >> i hope my plane tickets are not delayed. sigh want to get there as soon as possible and help with shelter, food whatever the need. >> reporter: he is having a fund-raiser in his hometown on friday. george mason university kristin
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wright news4. natalee holloway's father is back in aruba to investigate new clues in the presumed death of his daughter nearly ten years ago. a witness told inside edition he saw the prime suspect van der sloot carrying holloway's body on night she's vanished. vander vote denied wrong doing in connection with natalee holloway's disappearance. he's serving a 28-year prison sentence nor the 2010 murder of stephany flores. once his sentence is complete he will be extradited to the united states to face charges of extorting and defrauding holloway's mother. secretary of state john kerry's in russia for a meeting with president putin. relations between the two nations plummeted as they battled over a series of issues. but as nbc tracie potts reports there are some areas of agreement. >> barbara, the white house thinks syria may be one of the areas of agreement. they think that russia doesn't really want a war torn country
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used as a safe haven for terrorists. essentially in its backyard on its side of the world. they think while they have differences about the civil unrest they may be able to agree on fighting isis there. of course there are other areas like ukraine where there are deep differences between the two countries. they're expected to talk about iran this nuclear deal the u.s. is trying to work out, russia is part of the u.n. security council, they'll have to sign in on that. yemen and trying to preserve some peace in that region. so a large agenda for secretary of state john kerry today with russian president putin. we are also watching the weekend summit at camp david, four of the six arab nations decided to the to send heads of state. critics saying that shows a lack of confidence in the united states and concerns about that iran nuclear deal both the saudis and the white house say
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that's not the case. back to you. >> thank you. we expect detailed upgrades from kerry himself whether the u.s. and russia are heading through breakthroughs. er er. the temperatures are childing into the 80s. pollen count is dropping. tree pollen count is way lower than it was last week but still in the high range. it's mostly mull berry tree pollen and we have moderate grass pollen in the air now. good news is most of the oak tree poll. is really much lower. as we look at temperatures right now, 81 in washington and in frederick, we're in the upper 70s. across most of northern virginia including shenandoah valley and nearby suburbs north and east hotter. baltimore at 84. around the bay, it's generally in the upper 70s. today's weather emoji, a hot one, you'll need sunglasses.
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>> lawyers in baltimore are now challenging the curfew that took place after violent protests last month. baltimore mayor ordered the cur curfew for five dapz the lawyer for some of those arrested for the curfew say she didn't have that authority. only governor hogan had power to implement a curfew not the mayor. there's a program to make it easier for the people in baltimore who lost homes and businesses. the small business administration is giving out low interest loans. approved a disaster declaration to rebuild the worst hit. it's for buildings burned or destroyed in the protest two weeks ago. governor hogan is expected to sign new bills about police accountability into law today. one of the bills is about police body cameras. it allows police to record conversations on their cameras. the bill also will put a group in charge of studying how well camera programs work.
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another bill requires police to tell the governor's office about deaths in police custody. bills were approved before freddie gray's death and the protests last month. >>
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>> now you can buy your favorite mini frappuccino at star bucks. a tweet saying, ta da meet the mini frappuccino, it's ten ounces has 120 calories without whipped cream. the chain is cutting calories. the price, 10 to 20 cents cheaper, now sold through july 6th. our favorite giant panda cub at national zoo is growing up so fast. now playing in her own yard. take a look the zoo released this video. you can see her take a tumble somersaults. zookeepers say she likes to rest and play in that maple tree in her enclosure. she's been in her own yard for more than a month now. she can play in a water fall and
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pool. she's going to need it it's so hot already. now that zookeepers inseminated her mother you can see all three rotate among the three yards. i can never get enough of her. adoreble. why do you think they don't put them together? >> maybe she wants independence right now. she has to learn how to be on her own. i'm guessing. i'd love to see a new panda, too. >> we've got our fingers are crossed. a look at the bikers headed to the district to
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just about an hour new jersey republican governor chris christie will dlfr aollar a big economic policy speech in new hampshire, a critical state if christie runs for president in 2016 but could be awkward for chris toy talk about spending. new reported
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he's run up a tab in alcohol and food. he spent $360,000 from his state allowance during his five years in office more than 80% was spent on food alcohol and desserts. christie spent more than $82,000 on concessions at nfl games. christie's office points out official spending isn't always at the state house. americans apparently are losing their religion. according to any awe new survey. from 2007 to 2014 the number of people who didn't identify with a specific religion jumped from 16% to 23%. that's come mostly at the expense of christianity which dropped from 78% to 71% during the same time. people who identify with the protestant faith saw the deepest declines in the last seven years. >> we want to take a deeper look at those numbers and to see what this means. for one thing, americans not
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affiliated with religion are becoming more secular. 31% of americans who are not affiliated say they are atheists orring anotics up 6 points from 2007. in addition millennials appear to be disconnecting with religion as they get older. among those born between 1981 and 1989 34% do not affiliate with a religion up from 24% in 2007. finally, catholics saw the biggest losses due to religious switching. researchers say, there are more than six former catholics for every one new catholic. how about the weather, tom? >> we have big changes on the way for the rest of the week. today's highs, soaring to around 90 degrees. by late afternoon. then overnight tonight, temperature plummets down to the mid-50s by dawn on wednesday. during the day tomorrow sunshine blustery wind low 70s. and much lower humidity. then chilly on thursday
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morning. down in the upper 40s. afternoon highs on thursday into the low 70s. and then on friday partly sunny, gorgeous spring day, mid-may temperatures into the mid-70s. that's about the average high this time of year. then getting above average for the weekend. back into the 80s on saturday sunday and both afternoons could have a passing thunder shower. near 80 on monday. >> thanks tom. right now, lots of police officers are on bikes to recognize police week here in d.c. riding in a police unity tour. you can see chopper 4 above hundreds of officers in kwanny quantico. cyclists are ride oohing to the national law enforcement memorial. the bike ride honors officers who died on the job. organizers say unity tours around the country raise nearly $2 million this year. >> breaks new, new information on the major earthquake today in nepal. an area already struggling to recover from a quake that killed
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more than 8,000 people last month. how deflate-gate is changing another spor
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i'm pat lawson muse. the death toll from the second massive earthquake to hit nepal keep on climbing. at least 42 people confirmed dead and 1100 injured. today, 7.3 magnitude quake was centered in a remote area between kathmandu and mt. everest.
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there have been at least six strong aftershocks today. this quake comes less than three weeks after a massive quake killed more than 8,000 people in nepal. a search and rescue team from fairfax county is there, we're told they were not hurt today. the team was set to come home but it's not clear if those plans have changed. bob mcdonnell back in a richmond courtroom, lawyers from both sides had a half hour to convince a panel of judges to throw out or hold on to the governor's corruption conviction. news4's julie carey also in the courtroom, here to explain what happened and what comes next. hi julie. >> reporter: i just talked to former governor bob mb donecdonnell and tells me this is one of most important days in his life. his attorneys made oral arguments before a three-judge pan until a bid to have his conviction reversed. their bid to try to restore mcdonnell's name. now, at the heart of mcdonnell's
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appeal is this argument things he did for johnny williams were simply political courtesies and not official acts and couldn't be considered part of a bribery scheme. but government lawyers told the judges that the timing of what mcdonnell did, for instance receiving a gift and then setting a meeting for williams proved those official acts were criminal acts. now as you know mcdonnell and his wife were both convicted on pub pick corruption charges last september. convicted of accepting more than 177,000 in gifts, trips and loans from wealthy businessman johnny williams in exchange for helping his -- helping promote his company's dietary supplements. given a two-year sentence but allowed to be free pending this appeal. here what happens the former governor had to say today. >> there's nothing that has been done here that violated the law, i know that in my heart and in my soul and i thank the team here for their zealous advocacy today, the probing question
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about the judges and continue to trust in the greatness of the american justice system and in the lord for vindication. >> reporter: now, this three-judge panel has three possible courses, after hearing these arguments. they can vacate the conviction they can order a new trial, or they can uphold the conviction and send former governor mcdonnell to jail. any case that decision weeks if not months away. even when that decision comes down another round of appeals could take place, appeal to the full court here. for now, live from richmond jewelry carrey news4. today a judge will hear final arguments in the john hinckley case. the judge could decide whether to allow the man who tried to kill president reagan out of a mental hospital. hinckley's lawyer say he should be allowed to live full time at his mother's home in virginia. he's been free of mental illness for years.
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a new study finds bring drinking is up among young people. the organization for economic cooperation and development released a study, the dangerous increase of binge drinking accounts for a higher proportion of deaths worldwide than hiv, aids violencetuberculosis. girls rose 15%, boys rose 13%. bring drinking is a major public health and social concern. overall alcohol consumption fell 2.5% in the past 20 years. partly sunny now, winds beginning to pick up. gusting around 20 miles an hour out of the south and west. temperatures heating up leesburg 81 so is range national annapolis, baltimore and fredericksburg up to 84. it's in the 70s farther north and west. near 80 around the bay. commuting today, no problems if you're about to head out the
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door, dry roads, good weather tomorrow for the commute. that includes thursday as well. a nice stretch of weather. warm and breezy by 1:00. much of the region mid 80s. near 90 by 4:00 p.m. hitting 90 for the first time this year in the metro area. by 7:00 p.m. down to around 80 a blustery wind. >> thank you, tom. take a look at this tweet from senator -- senate democrat leader harry reid. the national football league is more concerned with air in footballs than the washington redskins' racist name. reid spoke on the senate floor today. his comments come as we're waiting to hear whether tom brady and the patriots will appeal an nfl decision today. both brady and the team are fating big consequences for deflate-gate, that is the name that stuck after patriots employees underinflated the footballs during the afc championship game. brady's facing a four-game suspension. the league took away two of the patriots' draft picks and slapped the team with $1 million
11:37 am
fine. into we're learning major league baseball increased its watch over baseballs because of this deflate-gate scandal. a.p. reports a league representative watches all game balls as they're delivered to the field. a security officer hired by mlb retrieves more baseballs if needed in a game. a ball girl or ball boy did those jobs alone before this year. after the break, questionable fashion choic
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knew record breaker. picasso sold at auction for a whopping $179 million. that is the highest price for a piece of art at auction than ever. the buyer decided to remain anonymous. so what's grabbing your attention, social media editor is here with one of the stories lighting up social media
11:39 am
britney, some safety concerns this morning, huh? >> you may want to think twice before you drive past a stopped school bus. according to our iteam, over 2,000 people have been charged with illegally doing this. this is not good. this puts children in our area in danger. we've got a full report on the website about the different citations that police have been giving out, what they've been doing. >> thanks britney. now buzzfeed wants you to guess your age based on the color you choose. try it. it's fun. choose a color, on the different color charts here. it says that i'm in my teens. well i think i'm happy about that. jimmy fallon, the fashionista. not what comes to mind. but he picks the outfits for charlize their ron's appearance and she chose his. the results were pretty interesting. >> we're
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an alabama grandmother will spend her life behind bar. she forced her granddaughter to run for hours for hours after three years ago punishing for lying about paying for candy. the girl died after that punishment. she was convicted in march, and could have been sentenced to death but yesterday a jury voted seven-five in favor of life in prison. volunteers handing out food and supplies in texas and arkansas. five people died when tornadoes tore through the states this weekend. take a look at damage in van, texas, southeast of dallas. officials say everyone who survived is accounted for. the ef-3 tornado there had winds as high as 140 miles an hour. it destroyed more than a third of the town's homes. and we have clouds that have begun to close in from the west
11:42 am
getting breaks in the cloud cover, holding the temperatures back temporarily. the clouds ought to break up by later this afternoon right now, climb into the 80s. highs this afternoon, reaching the mid 80s north and west of washington, right in the metro area. to the south hovering around 90 degrees. the winds are going to begin to pick up too, gusting to around 25 miles an hour. around the bay, highs reaching the mid to upper 80s. near the pennsylvania border. panhandle of west virginia in the mountains, upper 70s to around 80 degrees by late afternoon. the winds are going to keep up overnight tonight, bringing in lower humidity. thanks tom. as we reported earlier in the newscast big news from verizon, the company is buying aol. cnbc's morgan brennan joins us live with more on this deal. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so verizon's buying aol for $4.4 billion, that comes out to $50 a share. this is a deal that is all about mobile and video. so verizon claims 1.5 billion
11:43 am
connected devices in the u.s. touches 70% of internet traffic. and buy acquiring aol the telecom giant will get access to better tech for selling ads and delivering high-quality web video via mobile. it's going to get content since aol owns sites like techcrunch and gadget and "huffington post" which could, according to some reports be spun auch thisoff. this deal is more about technology but highlights rapid convergence of content and distribution now producing the actual media that you're going online for. not just actual content creation but new consumption models, particularly over the top video streaming, that's what this deal targets and so many companies from at&t to dish to time warner's hbo are developing to cater to the cord cutters. tim armstrong saying the company
11:44 am
decided to sell to verizon to better compete in a marketplace that will be dominated by large players. looking at shares of aol, higher on this news verizon, slightly lower. >> morgan brennan from cnbc thank you. president obama addressing the question of poverty. how big a problem it is in this country.
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i'm pat lawson muse at the
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live desk. president obama speak at georgetown university. he's meeting with a diverse group of faith and political leaders to talk about ways to overcome poverty. and make it a national priority. income inequality a key issue for the president and catholics especially under the leadership of pope francis. it's also likely to be a decisive topic in the 2016 presidential campaign. thank you. as you know, poverty and income inequality key issues for the president and catholics especially around proposeope francis' leadership. nationwide more than 1 in 5 children are considered poor. that is 16 million children throughout this country. now the children's defense fund says that a family of four is defined as poor if living on $24,000 or less each year. let's take a look at our area now. in d.c. over 42% of children are poor in d.c.
11:48 am
nearly 21% of kids in maryland are poor or extremely poor. in virginia that number is 22% poor or extremely poor. and in west virginia the highest number here 38% poor or extremely poor. you can expect income inequality to be a huge buzzword in 2016 campaign. incomes for the top 31% rose 31% from 2009 to 2020. for everyone else the incomes rose an average of 0.4%. well it's official as of this morning, the barack obama presidential library will be built in chicago. nbc news confirmed the location several weeks ago but now the university of chicago can officially celebrate. president obama taught law there at one time. this just in from the live desk defense lawyers for jesse matthew asking for his fairfax county trial to be delayed. he's the man accused of kidnapping and killing uva
11:49 am
student hannah graham and accused of attempted murder and assault in fairfax county. this continuance for his trial. the defense needs more time to go over the thousands of pages of evidence provided by the prosecution. right now the trial is set for june 8th. a judge grants this request, it would be the second delay in the trial. storm team 4 four-day forecast increasing sunshine temperatures now beginning to climb into the 80s. a peak around 90 late afternoon. overnight tonight, after a blustery wind bringed in lower humidity temperatures plumb neat the 50s tomorrow morning. highs low 70s on wednesday. with lots of sun. breezy tomorrow. then on thursday 40 in the morning. afternoon highs low 70s. another beautiful day on friday with low humidity. ought to make it into the mid-70s. over the weekend, it will feel like summer again. highs, low mid 80s saturday and sunday. might get an isolated thunder shower afternoons saturday and sunday. then on monday partly sunny,
11:50 am
highs right around 80. a lot of you probably spurj a little bit on pampering at a nail salon now and then. have you ever thought about the people working at those salons? how much they get paid and what work conditions are. a recent new york time reports opened up lot of eyes of the poor treatment of workers. kate snow reports new york state is doing something about it. >> reporter: pick a color, that's the toughest choice a customer faces at the nail salon. according to a stunning report the workers may feel like they have no choice but to sit on a stool for hours on end. new york"new york times" reporter spent 13 months in investigating and speaking to female immigrants who said they initially paid salon owners for the right to work. and then after months of free labor, made as little as $3 on hour. >> i think the story's had so much rezsonance a manicure is an
11:51 am
intimate act, holding hands with someone, looking into their eyes across the table and yet not seen. >> reporter: other workers detailed inhaling harsh chemicals made them sick or caused miscarriages allegations that prompted new york state to start action. >> we'll start a crackdown. >> reporter: ordering new rules, giving workers access to masks and gloves to protect against chemical exposure. each work area must have a fan and ventilation codes will be strictly enforced. salons have to take steps to cover workers' claims of unpaid wages. >> they're being extorted. why? questionable immigration status so they're without recourse. >> reporter: so lons post post on employee's bill of rights with written in multiple languages. these two worked in nail salons for years each made less than $300 a week regularly working 6 days. she says the worst parts were not having any breaks and the long hours.
11:52 am
diana says when she started she made as little as $150 a week. they're now part of a federal lawsuit against former employers in a court filing the attorney for the salons denied the allegations and contested the suit. all of this is making aa lot of women think twice about the actual price of a little pampering. >> it's horrible. you should be paid fairly. >> i'm going to get $20 manmani/pedi, no problem but you don't think of what standards these places have. >> "new york times" says some owners acknowledged how little they paid workers. many told "the times" they were helping new immigrants giving them jobs but the minute muslimminimum wage is 8.75 and without tips they weren't make close to that amount. back with a sea lion who had
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when you own a small business there's a never-ending list of small things to do every day. appointments... orders... deadlines... every one of them matters. so you need internet you can count on. verizon fios is really fast with 99.9% network reliability because when everything is running right, all those small things you do every day can turn into something big. team up with fios for this great limited-time offer.
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a san diego man woke up to an unexpected roommate on his boat 30-pound sea lion made its way on to the boat and went to sleep on a bunk below deck. when he woke up he heard sneezing and something moving around. he grabbed his phone and started filming the sea lion as it waddled back to the water. it's unusual for a sea lion to actually make their way on to the boat and then down under the deck. duffy nicknamed the sea lion gilligan and suspected he was looking for some company. >> glad he found his way back into the watt. >> pretty much every parent can relate to this next story. your child starts to throw a tantrum getting ready for bed. take a look how one mom in california handled a bedtime meltdown. >> no! no! no! no! . >> my goodness that's jennifer
11:55 am
clausen, she just instinctively started started lip syncing her 4-year-old daughter's tantrum the other night. worked. the girl quickly stopped her screaming and of course like any good mom, clausen showed us how it works to share the advice and she says that her daughter is mostly very sweet. most of the time. but when they're bad, oh boy, is it really bad. feels like summer today. after the break, tom's back with when w
11:56 am
already into the 80s now. reagan national at 86 as we approach the noon hour. later today, near 90 during the afternoon with a blustery wind. cooler weather moves in wednesday and thursday down to 40s by thursday morning. >> thanks, tom. that does it for news4 midday. we have news today at 4:00 5:00 6:00 i'm back tomorrow morning. >> hope you'll join us at
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no, it's okay, mom i promise. the italian authorities cleared us of any wrongdoings. everything is fine. we're back in salem, and we're safe. - i love you too. [door closes] everything is not fine melanie. you need to go see brady. after everything we went through to get our son back, i just want to make sure he's healthy and he stays healthy, okay? whatever it takes, okay? yeah. sorry. when you put it like that, it makes sense. i just--i get scared sometimes, you know. i know. it's okay. it's all right. so what's this thing you have to tell me? is it some kind of secret? no, but it's-- it's very serious, and there are


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