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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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officials, including the d.c. police chief cathy lanier responding to the scene here. there is a very, very extensive scene between cleveland and 32nd place of woodland and northwest near the cathedral, and we have seen a large presence from the secret service, both uniformed agents and the seekcret service uniformed officers, and so it is unclear at this point how many people are dead. the word that we have at this time is three dead and one person in critical condition, and we are told that could change very soon when we we get the updated announcement from the d.c. police and we are standing by waiting for that. i am yoin soed by news4's megan fitzgerald and people in the neighborhood are frightened and they want to know what is going on. >> yes, jackie. and they are horrified watch ging this home go up in flames and a home of neighbors that they have known for years. and we want the show you this the flames coming out of this
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home just shortly after it began. several fire trucks, and police cars surrounded the aer yarea. we spoke with the woman who said ta she knew the family of five who lived inside for years. she was frantic as she pleaded with the authorities for in information. >> the lady of the house is went out in the first ambulance, and the second lady i saw was the cleaning lady. they were giving her cpr. i think that there are others, but did not get to see them so we are going up to the ambulance to see. >> reporter: how do you feel about what is happening? >> i am so sick about it i know the whole family, and i have known them for years. >> reporter: just devastating, and the woman tells us that it is a husband and wife and along with three children who lived inside of the home. coming up at 6:00 we spoke with one of the family's former housekeepers who says that she spoke with one of the homeowners hours before the house fire started. jim, back to you. >> megan fitzgerald thank you.
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and now to another secure scare in the air in downtown d.c. this one involve dd a drone, and caused the secret service to put the white house on lockdown today. pat collins is in lafayette park as we learn more. pat? >> jim, behind me is lafayette park. and behind lafayette park is t white house. and now, lafayette park was shutdown clear eded out, and not once but twice today after another unexpected air incident down here. >> reporter: this is the troublemaker a drone. they said it is about two feet wide. secret service agents saw the drone flying over lafayette park near the white house. they say it was about 100 feet in the air. jane moser was here. she saw it too. >> i happened to look up and i did a double take. it was a drone. and i pointed it up and it was not long before that that the secret
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servicemen, and everybody said "clear." >> reporter: the agents found the pilot, and told him to land the drone. they evacuated lafayette park. and a long time demonstrators deskrib d described what happened when the cops came to the place. >> it is very much making sure that they cleared the place out. >> reporter: cleared the place out. was it scarey? >> because i am used to them not being that forceful, i knew it was something more imminent. >> reporter: the police bomb squad was called in to sweep the drone. they seized it. once they made sure it was safe. also seized a chevy car believed to be used by the drone pilot. the pilot himself was brought in for questioning by police. now, the president was at camp david, and he was not at the white house during the drone incident and the people in the park seemed impressed by the police akction today, and more
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about that coming up at 6:00, and now back to you. >> all right. thank you, pat collins. and right now the ntsb is about to the hold a news conference for the deadly derailment in philadelphia. as new information is going to be coming in we will bring it to you on news4 and also on the nbc washington app. all eight victims that have been kill ed in t killed in the crash have been identified. all 243 people aboard the amtrak train have been accounted for. shomari stone is still up in philadelphia to bring you the latest. shomari? >> well bob guildersleeve senior is distraught when he went to identify his son's body and let's take a look. >> reporter: he arrives at the philadelphia medical examiner's office and moments later, he kris after he finds out that his son bob gildersleeve is the
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eighth victim. i talked to him last night. >> we just lost one of the four beautiful children. we raised him to be a very good citizen, and he had two children and owned two homes, and he had wonderful job with a company called eco lab. >> reporter: he had rode the train between baltimore and new york and helped to the raise his family. >> he is a wonderful man, and pays his taxes, and goes out to make this world a better place for everybody to live in. >> reporter: the chief engineer turned over his cell phone to investigators and a blood sample. the speed limit of the train at the time of the crash was 106 miles per hour, and the ntsb says that the crash could have been prevented if safety track would have been used. >> he lost his life. he lost his life today, because
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we could have corrected, overrid human error with the technology available to us, and so how in this day and age can we allow a train to go out of control at 106 miles per hour? >> reporter: right now, we are waiting for more information from the ntsb expected to come at any moment, and we will provide it on twitter at nbc washington as it comes available. shomari stone. >> and we are learning about a woman from queens whose family confirms that she was killed. this is laura finmore and she worked in corporate real estate. she graduated from george washington university right here in washington, d.c. and our team coverage continues with pat lawson muse a and she joins us with details about the train's engineer. what are you learning pat? >> at this point, an attorney for the engineer brandon bostian
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says his client doesn't have any memory of the crash. he says that he had not used any drugs or alcohol, and that he the turned over his cell phone to the police, and consented to questioning, but he suffered from a concession and has 14 staples in his head. ntsb wants to interview him, but they want to gifve him a day or two to get over the shock of the crash. the data shows that the train was going 106 miles per hour leading up to the curve. the lawyer told nbc that he remembers driving to the train the, and going to the area generally, but he has no recollection of the incident or anything unusual. according to bosian's linkedn page page, he worked as an engineer before becoming an engineer in
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2010. an ntsb member says that the control would have likely prevent ed prevented the accident, because it would have forced the train to stay below the speed limit. this technology is installed in three locations along the northeast corridor. between perryville maryland and delaware and brunswick, new jersey and new haven, connecticut, and boston, but it has not been installed anywhere in the philadelphia region. >> today, we are committing to, and i'm committing to meeting the requirement of train control that will happen on the northeast corridor by the end o ff this year. congress did order the rail lines to install pct by 2008. and as you might expect amtrak is working on the modified routes as there are routes between philadelphia and new york and those rail
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services have been canceled at this moment. >> and now, john boehner lashed out to those criticizing the cut of amtrack funds. >> are you really going to ask such a stupid question? it is all about funding and it is all about funding they started it yesterday. it is not obviously about funding. the train was going twice the speed limit. >> the lawmakers in the house did pass a spending bill after cutting the funds for amtrak by more than $200 million, and most of the democrats were against that plan. and remember if anything breaks with the story, we will send you a breaking news alert on the phone, and you can read the profiles for each of the victims in the nbc washington app. and rail service is back to the normal after a mark commuter train when a person was hit near a railyard eararea of of where to a avenues meet in north d.c. we are told that the person was
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hit by the mark train and at this point the police have not identified that individual or what i that may have been doing on the tracks. we are working several developing stories right now. police fear that a sexual predator may have target theed a child in prince georges county. and what the police are doing tonight to track that man down. >> and tracking down faulty claim, and why the cosmetic companies may be breaking the law with what they are trying to sell you. and maybe all smiles the i dashgs because it feel ss like spring, but we have the return of high humidity, and how high and hot will it feel? i will track the storms coming through the weekend this weekend. that is all when "news4 at 5:00" re returns. >> and we will have new information from the ntsb as they are about to the release new information. and at least three people with dead after a house fire in an exclusive neighborhood in west d.c. the exclusive team coverage
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continues, and the police chief is going to be stepping out at any moment for a
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i'm pat lawson muse at t the news desk. a washington home is nowhe
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originally for a fire on woodland drive, but first responders quickly realized that the injuries suffer ed byed by the people inside of the house were not caused by the fire. three people are now dead. one is listed in critical kon condition. there is still a lot that we don't know about what has happened there, and we are expecting to hold, to see a press konconference by police chief cathy lanier who is expected to hold it any minute now, and when it happens, we will bring it to you live. at the live desk, i'm pat lawson muse. back to you at the desk. and now shgs, the two agents who drove near a suspicious package at the white house were likely in impaired at the time. they were returning from a re retirement party, and were likely not aware that the access had bneen denied. one of the officers has
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announced his retirement and the other is on administrative leave. >> a marine chopper disappear eded tuesday after delivering relief to nepal after the two earthquakes earthquakes. defense officials tell nbc news tonight that the chopper has a emergency beacon and secure radio, and gps and signal mirrors and a satellite phone. >> it could be located in the area where it is terrain that is preventing them from broadcasting and us reaching them as well. >> two nepalese soldiers and six marines marines were aboard the helicopter. and now, a sad farewell to the police officer shot and killed saturday night. fam family and friends and fellow officers filled the church in hattiesburg to remember benjamin deen and officers as far away from new york came to mourn him. he was a family friend and loyal friend. four suspects are facing charges in connection to the shooting.
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martin o'malley talks and travels like a presidential candidate and we should find out soon if the former maryland governor is going to seek the nomination. he has scheduled an announcement about the political future in baltimore for the may 30th, and he is expected to speak more generally about the intentions tonight in a conference call with his supporters. a goal scored tonight for young athletes in fairfax county. they are playing on the first new fields to open in that area in years. the jones branch fields are the newest of the reckreational project of the tyson plant adopted in 2010. they are a 15-minute walk from the tyson metro station, and saturday athletes and residents will officially mark the opening of the fields. a so when you shop for things like the shampoo, and the makeup, and the skin creams, and how do you know that they are delivering what they promise? it turns the out that some of the companies that the way they
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are trying to hook you is against the law. consume consumer reporter erika gonzalez explains why there is now a crackdown on the cosmetics. >> i use mascara, and the pen pencil. >> i use the lotion for the skin at the night and the day and the clean. i buy a lot. >> reporter: the cosmetic and the skin care industry is a multi billion dollar business an consumers spend money on the top dollar products seeking the fountain of youth and the latest makeup trends. the food and drug administration has authority over to the cosmetic and when it come tots the labels designed to lure you the buy, the fda has a warning for the consumers. >> what they the are buying may not be provetone do what they say it is going to do. >> reporter: dr. melinda cats says that federal law defiance cosmetics as products for cleansing, beautifying, and promoting attractiveness and
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those who market treatment, prevention or the change of the structure such as removing wrinkles or dark circles or hair dandruff are defined as drugs. but the the problem? >> there are plenty of products out there who may not have labeling that is appropriate for the category it falls into. >> reporter: cosmetics are not fda before they hit the market, but those that make medical claims must have approval. they are to have drug fact and active ingrediented yent-- ingredients, they have to show a warning. and so far there are five warning letters that have been sent for products that say they improve hair, lashes and other claims. we asked the group that reps the
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manufacturers to comment on the warning letters, but they declined. and a group who says they have been monitoring the claims for years helps to see what is on the marketplace is truly safe. >> reporter: for some consumers putting a price tag on the fountain of youth -- >> there is nothing out there that stops aging. >> if you want the spend the money, pay attention to the label and the ingredients, and the warning letters issued this year you can find them on the website, and along with the company statements. just serarch the word "cosmetic." the nfl players union have received a appeal to tom brady's four-game suspension to deflate game. nin the rebuttal, there is a message referencing deflateor in
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reference to a locker room attendant losing weight. and now, there is a major renovation at a local elementary and doug williams took part of the redesign at the capitol heights elementary and the new library is going to have a news anechor desk, and microphone, and ipads and reading corner and some 900 books are being donated. each student is going to be able to take home four books for their personal collection. it is big doings for the shoppers in prince georges county where whole foods is moving in, and why it is having an economic impact in the area. the police are going to talk to t are investigating the sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl, and tonight, they are asking the residents to help find him. and the quiet weather, but we are seeing the pollen count go up, and not only the tree pollen is high today, but also the grass pollen. the next chance when we could
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see the count drop coming up. >> we continue to follow the breaking news in an affluent area of washington, d.c. woodland drive, and we are wait og for the police chief the come out, and three people are dead and a house has burned to the ground and we hope to hear from her as soon as she steps forward. we w
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humidity, heat, it will all be climbing throughout the day tomorrow, and we will start to feel a little bit of it for the friday and then a lot more of it in the upcoming weekend. and let's talk about the transition as we start to make the change today, and we have had a lot of sunshine across the area and the clouds a ndnd they are not too far off and we can see them through southern west virginia and by early tomorrow morning, we will see the warm front over there, and it will make its way up, and make its way northward through the area and that means the warmer air, and also some higher humidity, and with the front passing, we le see will see the wind picking up too. right now, 71 degrees and ample sunshine across the area, and meanwhile, we will check on the forecast through the evening if you are picking up through 11:00, and nice and sunny condition, and we will see the clouds slip through the 10:00 or
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midnight hour, and the high clouds, and those are doing to be making their way through the area and pretty nice evening coming our way, and meanwhile, through the future weather this is tomorrow afternoon, and or at least at least this evening, a ndnd tomorrow afternoon, we will see the cloud cover make its way in, and showers or storms they will stay out here in the mountains around i-81, and then we will draw our attention up hire to hagerstown coupleumberland area, where there is a few showers and storms up there, and late in the day, but early tomorrow morning, another comfortable start for us and temperature is 5 22, and manassas and warrenton, and sterling and leesburg and la play toe and waldorf starting out at 52 and you will get the idea that there is not a huge range of temperatures tomorrow morning, and a few clouds again, and not as cool as where the clouds dropped tomorrow morning, and slightly higher for the temperature tomorrow morning as well as tomorrow afternoon. and when you get back to average for us which is 75 degrees for
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this time of the year, where it is 77 by 2:00 and 3:00 tomorrow after afternoon and good day the to get out, but you will notice the humidity is going to start to climb, and sticky by friday and then uncomfortable for saturday and downright oppressive for sunday an all with the temperatures going up and by sunday 88 degree and we have taken the highs up for the weekend and 30% to 40% for a shower or thunderstorm and during the afternoon and in a couple of minutes, we will talk about what else we could see in the area, and the upcoming weekend and how long we would deal with the system as it starts to make its way in, and today for tomorrow not too bad, and guys back to you. next, child predator fears. police are looking for the man who sexually assaulted a girl in the apartment complex in prince georges county and i'm mark sea grave graves and coming up we will show you a picture of the suspect. what we are finding in
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prince georges county there are unique businesses popping up. and wise beyond her years. >> methyl
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follow the break news in northwest washington where d.c. firefighters arrived at this house fire earlier this to a
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afternoon and found three people dead and fourth person in critical condition. neighbors tell us that a husband, wife and three children lived there. their the deaths are described as suspicious, and right now, d.c. police including the chief cathy lanier the seekcret service, and other federal officials are on the scene, and this is extremely affluent area, and a lot of the am bas dors live on the street woodland drive, drive, and we are expected to hear from chief lanier at any moment, and as soon as it happens, we will bring it to you live. what we now know more about a sexual assault on a 12-year-old girl in prince george county and we have a clue in the search for the suspect. news4's mark segraves has the surveillance video. >> reporter: hundreds of families live in this sprawling complex avenue here off of pennsylvania avenue. yesterday morning as many of them were getting ready to go to work and school a 12-year-old girl was grabbed and sexually assaulted inside of one of these
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buildings. prince georges county police have released this police video of the suspect. he has at the too on the left forearm and dreadlocks. >> i was told that the officers responded to the 2100 block of brooks drive and forestville for sexual assault. >> reporter: according to the police, she was getting off of the elevator in the apartment building when the suspect grabbed her and took her into the hallway and sexually assaulted her. police are hoping that someone recognizes the man from the video. >> from the video, we are encouraging the community to watch the video and pay at attention to the clothing, the description, and the red cap that the suspect was wearing and again, pay attention to the walk, the demeanor and any kind of movements that they might be familiar with. >> reporter: prince georges county police officers are back out here this evening canvassing door to door with the flyers and the pictures of the suspect hoping that someone might
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recognize him, and they are asking anyone who knows anything to give a call to the crime stoppers. coming up at 6:00, you are hearing how residents will be dealing with it. a young man is charged in connection to an alleged assault inside of a maryland dorm. he is colby dean, and we are told that he is intoxicated and went into the dorms and walked into the three different rooms with unlocked doors. in one case a afemale student reported waking up to a hand touching her inappropriately, and the investigators identifyied dean as that individual and arrested him later that the night. a police investigation tonight following the child's death. david culver is in the newsroom the tonight with the can details. >> and jim, that boy is 3 years old, and now he got this call this past sunday and the toddler fell injuring the head and the fire just responded and we found
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that the on tuesday, he passed away an autopsy had been done, and we have been working to get more information on this one, but a lot of questions still remain wendy. >> than you, david culver. five firefighters are recovering from minor injuryies after a roof collapsed on top of them. this happened at a fire on leaks lot way in gaithersburg. we are told that a man inside made it out safely and he told in investigators that the he built a fire that spread on to the chimney and then the roof. police are looking for the man who stabbed a woman to death in southwest d.c. off officers responded to the reports of a shooting on the 4400 block of wheeler road. they found darlene bryant suffering from fatal stab wounds. no word on the suspect description. if you have any information on the bryant murder you are urged to call police. an accused burglar who is shot by a homeowner is under
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arrest. arnold the duesalt is being held without bail. two months ago he tried to break into a home in alexandria area, but he was shot by the homeowner. the home yoenowner was not injured and now he is charged with attempted burglary and possession of the stun gun by a convicted felon. big change taking route in prince georges county. for the first time people will enjoy a whole foods in their the own community. prince georges county bureau chief joins us to tell us how people are welcoming the news. >> well wendy, this is a big deal for the people here in prince georges county, because there are few organic stores here and now a whole foods. and now for people in this e area, it is going to mean a lot for businesses that are already popping up around it. >> reporter: there are promising options in the county that was recognized as a food desert by
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the usda which is opening the the door for more high quality choices. >> the bottle goes into the machine. >> reporter: this craft beer and wine shop call ded the town center market has taken off. >> we have become a destination which is what we were hoping to be. >> reporter: they sett up the shop directly behind the whole foods site last year. >> if you asked me five or six years ago if i thought that the whole foods would come to this area, i would have told you that you are crazy. >> reporter: and just up the street vigilante coffee which was started in the basement of his row house. >> we decided to move out when the fire department came and axed my door down. they thought it was a fire but it was smoke from the roaster. >> reporter: he says that the area is ready for the products that whole foods will bring.
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>> in our case people will find a starbucks, but people come here because they want a different experience and product. >> reporter: a certified food desert is beginning to see a measurable change in what>> we have proven that things like this can be done in this town and county. >> and that is what the county executive is saying today, a lot of the folks have given up on the prince georges county of investing and what the whole foods means is more investment and not just small business, but larger businesses as well. it is an uphill battle for the county. reporting live from riverdale park i'm tracee wilkins. thank you. and now, police arrest a burglary suspect who they say he is connected to an organized crime family and how they tracked him down. >> and now, more tributes to thea8
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and we continue to follow the breaking news tonight. three people dead and a fourth person is in critical condition the after a house fire in a very affluent section of northwest washington where we are waiting on a news conference if d.c. police chief cathy lanier and as soon as it happens, we will bring it to you live. >> our wednesday's child this week is a wonderful young man who you have actually met before and sadly, he is still waiting and hoping for a family and hoping for one that likes pets
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as much as he does. he has been living in a group foster home where he has not had the chance to raise his own cat or dog, but he'd love to have one or a bigger pet he says would be nice. meet james. >> there it is, lift me up. you excited? >> yes. >> i'm excited, too. hi georgia. >> georgia pay, the program director at the therapeutic director at the program in falls church welcomes james who has horses. would you like to meet the horses? >> yes. this is niles. >> and the first horse that james saw was niles, and it is love at first sight. >> would you like to brush niles? >> yes. and james has been in foster care since he was 3 and he is now 33. >> this is a way to the make friends with niles, by brushing hip. >> and he said this is a great way to get some freedom. >> yes, they need their
5:41 pm
exercise. >> and that is important. and he says he enjoys playing every sport. >> sock keshgs basketball hockey. biking hiking. >> those who know james says he needs a family to help him to the realize his potential to be motivated to succeed in all that he does. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> he was motivated to learn how to ride niles. how does it feel? >> it feels great. james wants the love of a permanent family. >> it takes a a forever family, and not just a staff of people who are paid to care for him. >> james needs a home. he says that he hopes that home has pets. >> i think they'll take niles as my own pet if i could. >> and james says if not niles, a cat or dog will do. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for james or another child who is waiting, please call the special adoption hotline, 1-88-20-adopt-me or
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search on and children who are adopted need support as they are settling into their new families, and the council for adoption helps with that, and last night they announced a new fund to help family and yeah you saw her, we at news4 are proud to announce that the fund is named after barbara harrison and we know that barbara has worked tirelessly on behalf of children and adoption in the area. and you have gotten so many hundreds and hundreds of people placed through the homes through the year. >> we have been so lucky and so lucky to have the support of the staff and so many people who have kept it going for 30 years. >> and exactly, and all of the lives that you have made a difference. >> and so happy that c.a.s.e. can treat the people that we feature and others as well, but the families need a little help and especially those developed in this way where the kids have
5:43 pm
experiences where they come, and the families have had experiences, too, and so they are giving a scholarship to our kids to be able to be able to come there and get some help. >> well you keep on keeping on. >> thank you, thank you, i hope to do that. >> we just love you. >> well, you know, i feel the same. >> thank you barbara. well she is graduating college before most kids graduate high school. new at 5:00 tonight, one of the youngest graduates ever at george mason university. >> and a burglary suspect could be arrested. and the temperatures will be
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tonight, police say that a man with ties of organized crime is behind a series of daring burglaries in a neighborhood in fairfax county. >> the thieves are looking for joule jewelry and watching the victims before they strike. our northern bureau chief julie carey is joining us live from one of the areas hit in mclane. joules? >> well shgs, one of the town homes is one of the homes hit in the ring. and investigators believe that the ring has ties to a organized crime family in chicago. and now, one of the suspects is in under arrest. >> reporter: with two big dogs, mike demic does not believe he is likely to fall prey to burglars day or night. >> no, because we have dogs and you won't get near that door.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: but he and others are well aware of what happened to the neighbor earlier this this month after she left her home to go to the funeral. you see the smudges from the fingerprint dusting here after thieves grabbed $8,000 but the camera also grabbed a good image of the gmc car. and so then they kon ed withconsulted with the immigrant officials who found out that the man was a consultant and they found out the man was found at this hotel, and now he is under arrest for grand larceny, and the reston vick victims are relieved. >> and it is disturbing, because you believe that the neighborhood is safe and it is tough to find out that the things are occurring, and i'm
5:48 pm
glad that the man is arrested and the neighborhood can feel safer. >> reporter: and they say that three other ar burglaries are the same pattern, daytime, forced entry break-n and carried out after the suspects watched the victim leave the home and then they go inside and steal jewelry. coming up at news4"news4 at 6:00" shows how they came face-to-face with the burglars and it may have you thinking twice about helping someone looking for a lost dog. and now, swearing in two the new councilmembers. taking over former ward 4 seat, and ruby may won her ward 8 seat by 79 votes. may is filling the seat of late marian berry, and she will take over at a ceremony at the wilson building. and when is the pollen go ging
5:49 pm
to go away? at what point do the trees knock it off? >> well, we are waiting for the trees to knock it off and in fact starting to see the tree count decline, and now the grass count is going to be coming along and that is with us for quite some time and throughout at least june but the other thing is that we have cool air, and we are going to be seeing the summer returning just like that, and with the return of the higher humidity, it is poor air quality, too, but today, nice air quality, and nice and clean and refreshing for the start this morning with the temperatures today getting up to 70 degree and in fact right now shgs now, reagan international where it is 71, and the lower humidity and clear for the evening hours at 9:00 and drop 10 degree ss at 11:00 p.m. around 9:00 and as we have widened it out, this is where we are, and we are starting to see the high clouds making their way into the area right now, and the pe des trayian foretray
5:50 pm
ian -- pedestrian forecast is comfortable around 60 degrees. so tomorrow a filtered sunshine type of day. comfortable to start the, and the school day forecast for the kids. they will have the short sleeves and short pant and the busstop, they will be waiting and asking for the longer recess period too. and so nice to be out at recess by dismissal late in the afternoon and even in the early evening hours, we will start to see the humidity creep upward and feel sticky. this is how the friday is gogoing to be looking, with the clouds around sunrise as we get into the afternoon hour, and we will see the clouds working through the area and the temperatures are high in the day, and instead of 75 degree, it is 75 and 76 through the day, ap plenty warm tomorrow, and we will get the scattered showers and storms through the day and there they are firing around gaithersburg
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and scattered around to a afternoon saturday and the same chance coming your way saturday and 3:00 to 8:00, and there in the maximum heating time of the day, and any storm ss with the higher humid the ti is going to mean some downpours as well. the weekend impacts of course, the heat and the humidity and we will have to deal with that and the threat of the storms, and the storm team seven--day forecast going for the high of temperatures next week in the high 70s, and it is a roller coaster ride. we have more coming up on news4 at 6:00. keep the tissues handy. a look at the progress that they are making as they look to are restore the capital dome and this is the crews making the repairs to the iconic dome. we have much more picktures of the project, and go to the nbc washington app and search capitol dome. at the age when most teenagers are preparing to start college one prince william girl
5:52 pm
is finishing up her bachelor's degree. northern virginia reporter david culver caught up with her at the george mason campus. >> reporter: inside of the krasnow lab. >> ph 4.5 water. >> reporter: it is tough to the follow the conversation. >> it has tetracylene. >> this is page at age 2. the parents videotaped her read ing a encyclopedia. >> it goes through tube called the imumbilical cord. >> i remember that the people thought that i was the professor's kid. >> paige's mom would drop her off at classes. that confused at least one professor
5:53 pm
professor. >> and mom would say, i'm not the professor, it is her. >> and so her mom had to switch out the lab coat for the gown. she remembered when at 4 she tested for kindergarten. and the specialist called her in to chat. >> she said that you cannot put her in kindergarten, because she reading over 8th grade level. >> final exams are over and you can tell how well she did by all of the mom and dad are proud of what motivates her. >> it is important to make money, and take care of yourself but the goal is to make the world a better place. >> in fairfax, i'm david culver news4. we are learning about with one of the young victims in the derailment the 20-year-old midshipman who sis heading back home. new tributes from the naval academy coming up next. >> and right now, we continue to follow our breaking news of the evening. three people dead and one in critical condition after a house fire in an exclusive neighborhood in northwest d.c.
5:54 pm
atf and homicide investigators are on the scene right now and d.c. police chief cathy lanier is about the to hold a news conference and we will bring right
5:55 pm
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we continue to follow breaking news in an upscale neighborhood of northwest d.c. a place where a lot of ambassadors live and three people are dead and a fourth person in critical condition
5:57 pm
and after a house fire and atf and homicide investigateors are on the scene as is the d.c. police chief cathy lanier who is about to hold a news conference and we are about to bring that to you live. >> funeral services will be held tomorrow for justin zemzer. >> he is the midshipman who was killed in the philadelphia train derailment. >> today, the midshipmen at the academy opened up about the man they e knew so well with somber faces. >> as friends and top brass opened up. >> i am in shock. >> reporter: his closest friends spoke to reporters about how they and fellow midshipmen-coped with the loss remembering him for his good. >> pretty much every time i was with him, it was a good time and he was always having a good time
5:58 pm
and smiling and laughing. he used to have an aura about him. >> reporter: and besides being a good student he was a good athlete, and wide receiver on the varsity football team. his coach. >> justin was beautiful inside and out, and he leads through action and he does not talk a whole lot, and he is great with everybody, and fits in with everybody. >> reporter: zemzer was religious as well and secretary of the jewish club and return ded recently from a trip with the club to israel. >> he was out there representing who he was and laughing and being who he e was and working out jewishly driving people to be their best. that is going to be a huge loss to the jewish midshipman club and the brigade and the family. >> he was wonderful. absolutely wonderful. everybody looked up to my son. and it is just no other words i could say. >> reporter: wednesday we heard
5:59 pm
from his mother just as to how special he was and the vice admiral carter talked to his parents calling him an exceptional young man. >> i reminded them of the legacy of the young man third midshipman justin zemzer is always going to be a part of the united states naval akdcademy. "news4 at 6:00" begins with breaking news. oh the whole family, i have known them for years. >> the news right now at 6:00, the neighbors are stunned with a home gutted by flames and several people are dead. and the firefighters and the police want to know what happened there. the house is on woodland drive in northwest d.c. which is not far from the national cathedral and tonight, that neighborhood is a crime scene. >> we have team coverage beginning with news4's jackie bensen. what have you learned?
6:00 pm
>> well doreen, we are await ing right now, a press conference by the d.c. police chief cathy lanier and she should be here within a minute or two we are told. what we understand is that d.c. fire responded to the home very close to the national cathedral, a area of multi million dollar homes with a fire and smoke and flames and however, once they got inside they realized that something was wrong, something did not appear to be right, and they called d.c. police and in short order they responded. and


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