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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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home. >> but first this afternoon, sentenced to death for the boston marathon bombing. let's get right to wendy at the live desk. >> that's right. the jury has delivered its decision in the penalty phase of the boston marathon bombing. the short time ago the jury decided that dzhokhar tsarnaev should die for his role in the worst terror attack on american soil since 9/11. that same jury convicted him last month of 30 charges relating to that bombing. that killed three people and injured more than 240 others. jurors could have sentenced the convicted bomber to life in prison but rejected that option. the attorney general just released the statement saying "we know all too well that no verdict can heal the souls of those who lost loved ones nor the minds and bodies of those who suffered life changing injuries from this cowardly attack. but the ultimate penalty is a fitting punishment for this horrific crime and we hope that completion of this prosecution will bring some measure of
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closure to the victims and their families." tsarnaev will be put to death by lethal injection and a judge will impose that sentence and at that time the bombing victims will be able to con front him. he will also be able to have the option of addressing the court and, of course there will be a lengthy appeals process before he would be receiving the death penalty if they get to that. at the live desk back you to. >> now to the mystery in a mansion behind the national cathedral. >> we expect a news conference any moment on the investigation. all day our reporters have been hunting down new information. >> first at 4:00 we know more about the family living in that burned up home and big clue found in maryland. darcy spencer starts our coverage. darcy? >> pat, yeah, we're standing by for that live press conference scheduled to get under way any minute with the chief of police mayor and other city leaders. no arrest will be announced but
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they're interviewing various people in connection with this investigation. let's go to the newest video that we have today. yesterday the chief talked about a blue porsche in the driveway of that home over on woodland drive. and she said that porsche had been recovered. what we found out today is where it was and that it had been torched. this was around 5:15 yesterday afternoon in the parking lot of st. christopher's episcopal church. that is on annapolis road. that car had been set on fire. as you know that destroys any potential evidence there may have been. detectives were out there today, we're told with prince george's county police and d.c. police. they're also looking for any surveillance video that may have been in that area. it's right next to the bank wet hall and we can see that there was cameras on that building. they're checking to see if there is any usable video. now back at the house today, investigators were back there in that exclusive neighborhood as we've been saying in the shadow of the national cathedral. multiple sources are telling us that amy and sava savopolus live
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in that home. we don't know if they were among the victims. the victims have not been officially identified. we do know they lived there with their young son -- [ no audio ] >> now we've been out here all throughout the day and atf, we can tell you police and fire investigators have been going if and out of the house collecting evidence. they've been out here since yesterday trying to get to the bottom of what happened. we can show you the scene behind me here. it's taped off. there is still that perimeter around the house. police are securing the area here. but we can tell you that sources close to the investigation have confirmed that the child killed in this house was a fourth grader. now at 2:00 today two prayer services were held at the national cathedral for the boy and his family. the services were closed to the public. and they were only for cathedral
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community. the school sent a letter home to parents thursday about the tragedy informing them that the chaplin, counsellors and nurses are prepared to help students and faculty throughout this difficult time. now like my colleague darcy already reported police are not confirming the names of the people who died. but what we do know at this point is that home was owned by sava and his wife amy sapovolis. they have three children two daughters and a younger son. as you can imagine, neighbors are on edge they're anxious, they want to know more information. of course we'll be following this story. but coming up at 5:00 we talked to a neighbor who says she sent a text message to the homeowner, amy, letting her know her house was on fire. she's yet to respond to that text message. reporting in northwest washington megan fitzgerald news 4. >> thanks megan. d.c.'s mayor and police chief are about to hold a news conference about this investigation. we'll go to that just as soon as it begins. stay with news 4 for any updates
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on this storey. we'll send out push alerts to your phone as new information comes in. >> a bustling city paused for a few moments to day to pay tribute to a fallen firefighter known as a hero with a gentle soul. he gave his life protecting the residents of the district. hundreds turned out at the d.c. armory for mccray's homecoming service. mayor remembered the d.c. native as someone who inspired others and led by example. >> when the call went out that fateful day, initially engine six was not dispatched but lieutenant mccray radioed back to say that they were close. send me. >> mccray died just over a week ago now after collapsing while battling the two alarm blaze at an apartment building occupied by mostly senior citizens.
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he was 44 years old and had a wife and three children. >> first at 4:00 a local rabbi convicted of spying on his naked congress ganlts is about to learn his fate. the sentencing hearing is happening right now. he is convicted of secretly recording women in a ritual bath at a synagogue in the georgetown neighborhood. there was booing in the courtroom today as a friend of frondel's testified and asked the judge for leniency. we'll bring you the result of that sentencing in a live report as soon as it comes down. phenomenal talented and highly respected with a bright future. those are just some of the way justin zencer was described at his funeral today. they joined his friends and family at a chapel on long island to remember the young man killed in tuesday's amtrak derailment. he was buried with full military honors. the naval academy's jewish chaplin presided over the funeral service and served as
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the burial rabbi. we are awaiting a news conference from the ntsb with the latest on the investigation into that derailment. nbc news has learned that ntsb investigators met with the amtrak engineer brandon bostian this afternoon. of particular interest will be whether bostian can provide information about why that train was accelerating just seconds brit hit a curve and derailed. we'll monitor that news conference and bring you any new information as it comes in to news 4. honoring the fallen. a massive ceremony to hohn yort police officers who have died in the line of duty. and the officers we're remembering here in our area. >> plus storm team 4 tracking possible rain for your weekend. b.j.? >> on top of that it's going to turn hot around here. today had been comfortably warm it is going to get hot and humid come this upcoming weekend. i'll show you when we can have the stores and showers passing through comin
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we are awaiting a live news conference from d.c.'s mayor and police chief about that deadly house fire in northwest washington. we'll go to that as soon as it begins. >> arlington county police are making a big push to keeping kids safe this last month of school. officers are on saturation patrols in the community. they will be talking to teenage berz drugs and alcohol according to arlington now, the added presence will be until school lets out on june 18th. now police often see a jump in underage drinking during prom and graduation season.
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>> we have new details about the man accused of causing a drone scare near the white house yesterday. his name is ryan mcdonald. he's from northern california. secret service agents detained him and cited him for violating federal law by flying the small drone over lafayette park just north of the white house. the incident briefly put the white house on lockdown yesterday. the drone never made it over the park fence on to white house grounds. >> he wanted his trial delayed but a judge denied it. why the judge slighted her client's constitutional rights. >> and we are remembering a blues legend today. b.b. king's strong local connections to the washington area. ♪
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♪ i need your heart ♪ >> the thrill is gone but his impact remains. we are sure to hear a lot those legend airy guitar lick this is weekend as the world pauses to remember b.b. king. >> he died last night at the age of 89. nbc's chris clak yum takes a look back now at how king went to playing small crowds to helping define the genre of blues. >> ladies and gentlemen, b.b.
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king! ♪ >> b.b. king was considered one of the best blues players in the world. always performing with his custom made trade mark guitar lucille. ♪ ♪ everybody wants to know why i sing the blues ♪ >> king recorded an impressive list of hits but for years he played in small clubs, eventually becoming a road to musicians in blues. it was not until his 70s thou that his tours took him to concert halls. ♪ in 2006 president george bush presented him with the medal of freedom. >> nobody has been able to match the skill or copy the sound of any other blues.
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>> he continued a very busy concert schedule into his 80s despite of a variety of aches and pains. >> he put lucille before audiences night after night. ♪ >> local blues radio figure bill wax had a close working relationship with king. he remembers him as a kind man. >> i honestly believe that if there was a picture dictionary under the word gracious it would have been b.b. king's photo. he was by far the most gracious and humble plan i have ever run across. >> wax actually has one of b.b. king's guitars, personal gift from the blues legend himself. >> nobody like him.
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>> nobody. nope. turning to the weather, veronica what kind of a weekend is it going to turn out to be? >> you know this will be a weekend, we know there are a lot of events going on this weekend. folks have to take it easy. make sure they hydrate. it will be hot and feeling like summer again across the area. so higher temperatures higher humidity and with that the threat of some slow moving storms. that means downpours for us this weekend. even right now we have clouds well off to the west. the clouds, we had them early and now getting them again late. you can see the green. those are the showers in some of the highest spots. let's take a look at storm team four doppler. we zoom in. i-81 winchester to bridgewater now. a little shower here making its way east. but once the sun sets i do think our chance of seeing any showers will be dying out. they're not going to make it far. maybe even into areas of rap han of course county. see, it's 9:00 or 10:00 the
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clouds start to break up a bit. but tomorrow partly sunny to a mostly cloudy xind of day. we're going to be in and out of the cloud cover for a while. once we heat up during the afternoon, more not only showers but thunderstorms and these could be slow moving putting down a lot of rain in a short period of time. they will be scattered about. so hard to tell exactly where they're going to hit number real defined weather front for tomorrow. there is hagerstown gaithersburg and culpepper. by 8:00 again storm chances start to fade. we're closer to that sunset. so our chances will start dying out. then it's just showers that we could have scattered around the area for saturday night. because of the higher heat we're going to be dealing with and higher humidity more uncomfortable conditions for tomorrow. our impact forecast between low and moderate. again that, is tomorrow afternoon. quite warm and humid. take a look at these temperatures f you're going to be exercising outside, we hit the mid 7 o's by 11:00 a.m. low 80s by i think at least noon
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time to 1:00. then we're going to stay in that pocket of mid 80s. very warm as we get into late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. so the big focus for this weekend, again, back to that june/july kind of feel coming our way. temperature range between 83 and 88 degrees. again, the sticky stuff we're going to feel it. i think on sunday we may even have a higher humidity. so at times it could feel a bit oppressive outside. here's a look at 8 a5 degrees. 87 even in easton. so this time even the locations near the water, if you're heading to the beach, eastern maryland even those spots will see some higher temperatures and could get close to 90. culpepper, fredericksburg stafford i-95 charlottesville close to 90. in a couple minutes, we'll take a look at the weekend events going on. i'll give you an hourly forecast for saturday as well as sunday and, of course your seven day forecast. >> thank you, veronica. m.i.t. romney is used to taking jabs in politics.
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but to night he'll be ducking real life punches. the former presidential candidate is fighting evander holyfield. the two are squaring off in salt lake city. romney's not considering a career change. the sthout to raise $1 million for charity vision. it helps doctors in developing countries perform eye surgeries on those with curable blindness. romney's son josh is a volunteer president of that charity. >> going to be another stressful night for d.c. fans. >> yep. the wizards try to stay alive against the atlanta hawks in their play-off series. diana and jason join us from the phone booth. there is must win time tonight. >> oh, that is the point we are at. i feel like jason and i and our crew, we should have a sleeping bag and sleep on the court. we're back here at the verizon center. it is a big night for the wizards. it is a must win game for them. >> good news for the wizards. john will play again tonight. he played in the first game of the series after missing
4:21 pm
three -- the three previous games after injurying his left hand and wrist. >> i heard this morning in the locker room he was saying he'll be a lot calmer. he was nervous about that hand last game. now he's ready to go. you see the wizards are in the same situation they were in last year. they were knocked out of this round and they're hoping to have a much different result tonight. you'll hear from the guys at news 4 at 5:00. i'll send it back you to. >> thank you both. >> all righty. virginia college fights to stay open. later in our news we explain why the battle has led to threats against the college president. >> and a judge denies jesse matthews' request for a delayed trial. the strong words in the courtroom.
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we're back with breaking news just in. rabbi barry frendel was sentenced to 6 1/2 years many prison for spying on dozens of women in a ritual bath at a synagogue in georgetown. prosecutors wanted much longer. we'll go live to the courthouse to hear what about that decision once the players get out of the courtroom. >> delay denied. attorneys for jesse matthew get no extra time to prepare his defense in the 2005 sex assault trial in fairfax county. >> northern virginia reporter david culver was in the
4:25 pm
courtroom earlier today. he joins us live from our newsroom. why the post for a later trial? >> first worth pointing out here this trial is set to start in less than a month, june 8th. this is the date that both sides agreed to several months ago. matthew's attorney says she and her hired expert have way too much work and not enough time. she told the judge today that prosecutors handed over some 4,000 pages of documents, three boxes worth. matthew's charged for atementd murder sex assault and abduction all separate from the hannah graham murder case which is going none charlottesville. his attorney told the judge prosecutors have had nine years to prepare. she has only had six months. but the judge did not quite see it that way and saying the commonwealth acted within the statute and turned everything over in a timely manner. >> what is the impact of today's ruling? >> the defense attorney was angry. ahead of the judge's ruling she warned the court that keeping the current trial date would, in
4:26 pm
her words, lead to an unfair trial for jesse matthew. after the judge denied her motion she went on record with her objection telling the judge every single constitutional right of her client jesse matthew was just obliterated. back to you. >> all right. david, thank you. it's an image that's gone viral after that deadly derailment in philadelphia. the photo shows first responders rescuing an injured passenger much it's been shared on facebook thousands of times. we'll tell you how it brought together two mothers. >> and dzhokhar tsarnaev showed no emotion as he was sentenced to death for the boston bombing. why the jury decided he deserved the ultimate sanction in a live report from boston coming up.
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again, we are continuing to follow the story of that deadly house fire on woodland drive in the woodly park community in northwest washington. these are live pictures from the scene. the news conference from d.c.'s mayor and police chief will be taking place now at 5:00 5:00 they're expected to update the investigation. the new clues in the case and what they're learning about the family there as well as the fire. we will bring that you to just as soon as it begins. >> meanwhile, a celebration of those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those with a special kind of courage.
4:30 pm
that's how president obama characterize the 131 law enforcement officers honored here in the district today. he spoke at the 34th annual national peace officers memorial service. corporal james leon clagget was among those remembered. he died in a patrol car crash back in december. >> he ate, drank, and slept police work. he was one of these people who would sign up for overtime would volunteer for extra events. he loved being at work. he loved being the police. >> president obama also called on all americans to honor law enforcement heroes by helping to mend the rift that exists between police officers and the communities they serve. we are tracking developments in boston where a jury just sentenced sentenced sentenced sentenced dough har tsarnaev.
4:31 pm
>> yeah. dzhokhar tsarnaev stood emotionless, stoic as he learned he will be put to death for his role in the boston marathon bombing. more than two years after the blast, and more than two months after the trial began, the jury in the boston marathon bombing case deliberated about 15 hours over three days before deciding dough har tsarnaev should be put to death. it was surrounded by the people killed and the injuries and denouncing the u.s. for the wars in muz lick countries xraled on this bloodstained note found inside the bullet riddled boat where he was captured. prosecutors called tsarnaev unrepentant and unremorseful ultimately con vibsing the jury he should be punished to the full extent of the law. death by lethal injection. but that stencil not be the last word in this case. there will be an immediate mandatory direct appeal of the
4:32 pm
trial. >> also a series of post conviction habeas petitions. this is going to last a decade or more. >> so while it may just be the first step in the legal process, many here say it's a vital, huge step in the healing and recovery here. yeah some early reaction to this verdict outside the courtroom. we've seen people on both sides of this issue, a lot of celebration, a lot of people glad and saying justice has been served. they're glad that the death penalty has been the sentence here. there are others who have said repeatedly that they'd rather see him spend the rest of his life inside a supermax facility a federal prison. understand this is a state that has no death penalty, no one here has been sent to death row in 70 years or so. that is the latest live in boston. jay gray. jim, back to you. >> one chapter closed. jay, thanks so much. a virginia man from woodbridge is in the hospital right now after an early morning shooting outside a restaurant. this happened in the parking lot
4:33 pm
here of fast eddie's restaurant on richmond highway. police tell us about 50 people were arguing and fighting as the place was closing. we're told the victim is expected to survive. no arrests have been made. >> a community in southwestern virginia will hold a vigil tomorrow for a little boy found murdered. his mother is having a tough time coping with his death. her 3-year-old died monday at the home of his caregiver. he appeared to have been beaten. his mother can't talk about the woman charged in the case. she says she will always think about her son as a happy little boy who loved playing with his brother. >> one of the last things i did with calen is make a hand print and it broke. i cried because it's the last thing i'll ever get from him. >> a medical examiner is still working to determine how calen died. >> the governor of maryland is putting public safety ahead of
4:34 pm
the arts. larry hillger plans to reopen a state police barracks in annapolis and add 100 new state troopers. hogan said he'll use the line line-item veto to scratch out $20 million for the maryland hall for creative arts. it was closed in 200208 save money. the president of sweet prior college won't ab tending tomorrow's commencement ceremony. he rejected participating after hearing threats of disruptions by faculty and alumni if he did. the 114-year-old women's college in virginia is closing in august because of the finances. >> new developments on who is making plans or not in decision 2016. a spokesperson for rick perry says the former texas governor will reveal his intentions during an event in dallas on june 4th. perry recently traveled to iowa and other early voting states as he considers a second run for the white house.
4:35 pm
the republican also ran for president back in 2012. he currently faced a criminal indictment in austin for abuse of power as governor. and a move back to baltimore could be another sign of martin o'malley's intentions to move on and move into the white house. the former maryland mayor, governor rather signed a lease on office space in baltimore near penn station. this is according to the "baltimore sun." o'malley says he'll tell us on may 30th whether he plans to challenge hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. if you're running in this weekend's marine corps historic half marathon you'll want to get there extra early. there will be extra security measures at the fredericksburg event. marines and police will man a check point near the starting line. there will also be tighter security all along the race route. the extra safety is in lightst boston marathon bombing, the historic half marathon will get under way 7:00 a.m. sunday. the next time you visit great falls park you may have to pay more money.
4:36 pm
why entrance fees are about to go up. >> and it can be very stressful to raise a child alone. now there are signs that single mothers face more serious hemth problems than the rest of us. >> and storm team 4 raes tracking a possibly wet weekend. ver on yak? >> that's right. not only could we see wet weather with storms moving through but this weekend we'll feel uncomfortable to oppressive for some. i'll show you just how high our temperatures will go. what it will feel like and, of course, the timing for those storms.
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on the heels of that huge blue bell ice cream recall. consumer reporter erica gonzalez has details. >> we're learning that blue bell is going to lay off more than a third of the workforce following that series of list teara illness that's you might remember us mentioning linked to the ice cream. the company says it's not a clear time line for when production will resume. but supply and distribution will be limited when it does. blue bell employs about 3900 people. so we're talking about several hundred individuals being laid off. the company based out of texas but has a distribution senter in richmond virginia and about nine other states. we'll put out some more information on our social media pages as well. pat, back to you.
4:40 pm
>> all right. we'll take it. thank you. many d.c. commuters are pedaling home after part of bike your workday today. more than 17,000 cyclists took to the streets breaking a regional record. there are many pits stops for those not used to strenuous commutes. falls church virginia is offering fre food and prizes until 7:00 this evening. it's at centennial park on the w and o trail. biking is a great way to get exercise save gas and money. the number of people who bike to work in d.c. has nearly doubled since the year 2000. >> if you are going to ride your bike to great falls, it's going to cost you a little more to get in. entrance fees are going up june 1st. we just got a break down of the new fees. three day vehicle pass will cost you $10. that is double the current cost. a three day motorcycle pass is also doubling to $10. a three day pedestrian pass will
4:41 pm
be $5. an annual park pass $30. >> johnny depp's doggy drama ends. the actor's dogs pistol and boo are on their way back to the u.s. now. depp is in australia. they're accused of smuggling their pets into the country on a private jet. that violates strict laws there. dogs were sent home just hours before government deadline to euthanize them. it can be very stressful to raise a child alone. and now there are signs single mothers face more health problems than the rest of us. a study by the harvard center for population and development studied 25,000 women, those who were single mothers before the age of 50 faced the gratest health issues when they got older. the risk is higher for divorced women and those who parent add lone for more than eight years. >> it's my kids my kids' social life the cats.
4:42 pm
the house, and somewhere down here is me. >> doctors say the best thing can you do if you're a single mother is to make your health a priority. schedule regular doctor appointments and schedule down time for yourself with your friends. >> honoring the fallen we remember the police officers who have died in the line of duty. the message the president has to their families. and expect delays on metro this weekend. news 4's reporter takes a look. >> on metro this weekend, we do have some weekend track work to warn you b all six lines this weekend will be affected. on red line trains going to be running every 24 minutes only because of this weekend track work. yellow and green line trains running every 20 minutes. yellow line trains though only running between huntington and mt. vernon square. so just a warning here for you. orange silver and blue lines running every 18 minutes this weekend. have a good one.
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4:45 pm
and we're back now at quarter to 5:00. a rabbi convicted of spying on naked women in his synagogue in georgetown was just sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison. that is significantly less than prosecutors wanted. and the courtroom was full of his victims. we're hoping to hear from some of them as court lets out. also, the mystery into that mansion fire near the national
4:46 pm
cathedral. d.c. police expected to speak now at 5:00 to 5:15. we'll bring that you to live with the latest updates. new information on this case. and national police week begins to wrap up here in washington. president obama is calling on all americans to help heal what he called the rift between law enforcement and the communities they serve. >> police officers say those divisions are making their jobs more dangerous. news 4's steve handlesman on capitol hill with details on this story. steve? >> jim, pat, thanks. a lot of the officers i spoke to today here in town said they notice increase in hostility and they're worried about ut baez their job is already dangerous. just last night a deputy was shot dead on the job in arkansas and another in south carolina critically wounded. no surprise to officers across the nation who crowded the u.s. capitol lawn today for the annual memorial service for cops
4:47 pm
killed in the line of duty. 131 last year fewer than in most recent years. but nypd officer and her son were on hand. her nephew his cousin is rafael ramos, the nypd officer killed with his officer in december. shot as they sat in their patrol car in brooklyn. tens of thousands mourned. today in the wake of ferguson and baltimore, young black suspects dead and angry citizens in the street jeremy worries more about his mom in the nypd. >> seeing the rise of people throwing stones at cops and all they're trying to do is keep the peace. >> and you think about your mom. >> constantly every day. >> these officers from suburban philadelphia say their job is harder. and that's new since ferguson? >> absolutely. >> negativity? >> negativity. correct. >> makes your job harder? >> yeah. because unfortunately, the most people that we come across are bad individuals. >> president obama urged
4:48 pm
reconciliation. >> we can work harder as a nation to heal the rifts that still exist in some places between law enforcement and the people you risk your lives to protect. >> he reached out to the loved ones of cops killed last year. in a nation where the bond between police and the public is strained. president obama singled out poverty as a policing problem and said in his words we need to do everything to address it. i'm steve handlesman news 4. >> veronica we have a big race coming up in baltimore. >> exactly. some nice weather for that. >> they will have nice weather for. that. >> it will be hot. for a lot of people it may make for a crazier crowd. you know what preakness is like if you've ever been near the pit. >> what we remember. >> right, from what we remember. it's not going to feel like today. it's been nice today. the temperature right now at 77
4:49 pm
degrees at reagan national. we have a few high clouds starting to slip into the area. we find the huemidity for today low. tomorrow it will creep up from the start of the day to the end of the day. that helps to fuel afternoon thunderstorms in the heating of the day. so by 2:00 and between 8:00 i think our best chance for seeing some thunderstorms for you folks heading to the preakness. there is a look at that hourly forecast. at 4:00 85 degrees. by 7:00, still a chance of a thunderstorm. post time for the main race at least that storm chance will start to fade a little more. but it is going to be hot when you consider temperatures in the mid 80s with the humidity feeling more like 86 87 degrees or so. here's that storm chance for saturday. 40% chance from about 2:00 3:00 and for up until 8:00 to 9:00 during the evening hours. after that conditions willing start to curtail. we'll just have showers around for a portion of the evening. here's a look at 6:00 a.m.
4:50 pm
sunday to get you started. there could be an isolated shower with more clouds across the area. maybe even some patchy fog first thing sunday. as we get into the evening hours. i think you'll remember it is a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy kind of day. a few more clouds that will hold our temperatures down actually not the 70s but for sunday our temperatures will be in the 80s. so humid with afternoon thunderstorms coming through. temperature, 86 on saturday. it's 85 for sunday. but with even higher humidity that will make for i think some slow moving storms that could produce some downpours. there's even the possibility with these storms come the weekend that they could produce some high winds across the area. so keep that in mind if you're going to be doing anything outdoors this weekend. we always tell you storm team 4 to stay weather aware. we'll probably see our highest temperature out of these four. it is just that. four days with highs over well over the 80-degree mark. highest ones coming up monday. we still have a 50% chance of
4:51 pm
some showers and storms around on tuesday. as we get into wednesday and thursday of next week we'll be much cooler under partly sunny sky or best days out of the work week wednesday, thursday of next week feeling a lot like today again. back to the cooling and comfortable comfortable. we have a lot more coming up on the weekend storm chances and the heat building on news 4 at 5:00. >> thank you. veronica. they have been partners on the anchor desk for more than 25 years. but for the first time jim advance is opening up to dor reen about his hidden struggle with depression. >> i've been depressed since i was born. i don't remember a day that i have awakened since i can remember waking up in the morning. that i didn't have a sense of less than of -- for a long period of time i really considered myself a mistake. >> what do you mean you considered yourself a mistake?
4:52 pm
>> my self-esteem has always been so incredibly low that for a long period of time i thought that my existence on this earth was an aberration. that i was a mistake. >> advance says it was that low self-esteem that continued to weigh heavily on him, pulling him down no matter how much he achieved. and we'll have a lot more from thatibility view tonight on news 4 at 6:00 including how getting psychiatric help was one of the best decisions vance says he ever made. >> a dorm room rape investigation at george mason university northern virginia bureau chief reports on new evidence now in the police investigation. >> they just filed court documents on what brought the on
4:53 pm
campus rape investigation to our attention. george mason university police are seeking dna sam frmz two suspects accused of sexually assaulting a female student inside a dorm here. which dorm was the scene of the alleged attack? police said that twice, other students saw the victim come running down the dorm hallway screaming for help. the first time one of the two suspects grabbed her again. the second time police were called. no charges have yet been filed. coming you on news 4 at 5:00 we'll tell what you students are saying about the alleged attack. in fairfax, julie carry, news 4. >> as an image that has gone viral after that deadly derailment in philadelphia. >> the photo shows first responders rescuing an injured passenger. it's been shared on facebook thousands of time. we'll tell you how it brought together two mothers. you're watching news 4 at 4:00.
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more women have tools to reach heights in their careers. they took par in know your value. speakers included executives politicians and news 4 morning anchor. the topics ranged from interview and salary negotiation tips to stress management and style. we have much more information about the know your value vent on our nbc washington website. just search know your value. the search and rescue team
4:57 pm
from fairfax county is on its way home from nepal. members of the team are expected to arrive at dulles airport early tomorrow morning. they've been there helping with earthquake response since late last month. >> we're witnessing the power of a single photograph in celebrating the first responders who saved lives in the deadly derailment in philadelphia. people have now shared a picture of heroic rescue. tens of thousands of times. nbc's george censor shows us how it brought together two parents in an unlikely way. >> reporter: when they say a picture is worth a thousand words, this is what they mean. local photographer captured three of philly's finest rushing from the scene carrying an injured victim unable to walk. in the midst of all this chaos, rescuers did what they train to do one of them the officer on the far right of this photo, is julia adkins' son.
4:58 pm
she wrote that's my son on the right. #callofduty, #myhero. dosses gave praise. great job raising a true hero and there is nothing like a philly cop. but one particular comment from a stranger five hours later stood out, "thank you for having such a wonderful caring son. he's carrying our son. give him our undying thanks." it was a poignant virtual meeting between the mother of a rescuer and the father of the man he rescued. it was a message of gratitude that could probably be repeated 200 plus times, once for each of the derailment survivors. >> news 4 at 5:00 begins with breaking news. >> d.c. police are set to release new information within the hour in that deadly mystery in the multimillion dollar home. >> four people are dead
4:59 pm
following a fire in d.c.'s expensive massachusetts heights neighborhood. at least one of the victims showed signs of blunt force trauma and smelled of gasoline. >> and investigators say there is evidence in the home that indicates arson. we have live team coverage for you starting with darcy spencer at police headquarters where the police chief is expected to be speaking shortly. darcy? >> that press conference was supposed to happen at 4:00. it's now 5:00. so we're thinking that maybe they're getting some updates in this investigation. she is supposed to come out and the mayor. i'm told that no arrest has been made in this case but they are in the process of interviewing numerous witnesses. let's go to new video we got this afternoon. it shows a burned out parking lot where police recovered a porsche of they talked about that yesterday. that porsche was in the driveway of the woodland drive home in northwest d.c. yesterday morning, hours before those bodies were recovered. it was found in the parking lot of st. christopher's episcopal
5:00 pm
church. that car had been set on fire. detectives were out there today investigating, trying to recover any possible surveillance video that may have captured the person who set that car on fire. now several neighbors confirmed to news 4 that amy and sava lived in that home where the bodies were found. we do not know at this point if they are among the victims. the d.c. fire computer rated dispatch said one of the victims was transported to the hospital. that victim was bleeding from the head and as you said smelled like gas. now the family had been a ceo at american iron works in the high yachtsville area of prince george's county. d.c. police detectives went there today. they were interviewing numerous employees. we talked to workers as well and they all told us that he's a great guy. >> sav. so a great man. we love him a lot. >> you worked for his company? >> yes. yeah. three generations.


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