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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 18, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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. right now, what ended as a car crash is being called a murder investigation by police. i'm barbara harrison with new information from the scene where investigators have spent hours collecting evidence. i'm aaron gilchrist. amtrak's northeast corridor back open after last week's derailment in philadelphia. the latest on the accident and the possible safety changes. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. heating up to the 80s and we could get scattered afternoon thunderstorms. and what president obama does not want police to purchase. news 4 midday begins right now. a developing story in prince
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george's county, a man found dead on reed street off martin luther king, jr. highway in glen arden. it started as an accident investigation now it's a homicide investigation. megan mcgrath is live with what we're learning. good morning. >> reporter: barbara, what i can tell you at this point is that the driver was going eastbound on martin luther king, jr. highway when someone opened fire on his car. that bullet-riddled bmw crossed over the other lanes of traffic, went off the road. the driver didn't make it. . the 911 call came in for an accident but when police looked inside the car they found a man dead. delonte brown works as a security guard in the area. around 2:30 in the morning, he heard rapid gunfire. >> oh man, had to be about seven, eight shots. lot of shots. >> reporter: then what? >> then i saw smoke coming from
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the parking lot area. >> investigators spent the morning taking photos and piecing together the sequence of events. evidence markers could be seen along martin luther king highway near reed street. the car appears to have left the roadway, crossing the median and traveling through a grassy area before becoming to a rest on the sidewalk. mlk highway was closed for hours. people at this nearby apartment complex couldn't get their cars or use the bus stop. >> i couldn't go that way, i went down around that way they told me i couldn't come down here at all. >> all of the roads have reopened but this is a murder investigation no arrests have been made. barbara, back to you. i'm melissa mollet at the live desk. an incident where a man was shot and killed in reston was not a home invasion as they originally thought. they say it was a robbery attempt that led to the shooting. this happened at that condo on
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stoneview square. officers still trying to find at least two people they say killed this 24-year-old man. family members tell us the victim's name is rashad day. at least one other person was hurt. police found the weapons used in the crime at the crime scene. they believe the victim knew the suspects. anybody with information is asked to call investigators. aaron? >> reporter: melissa, thank you. right now you can take amtrak trains to new york city. there have already been delays but that's not unusual. trains are running along the northeast corridor. for the first time since the derailment last week. this was the first train to leave 30th street station in philadelphia as it passed through the curve where train 188 went off the tracks. amtrak says it's offering a safer service now that northeast trains are moving again. the federal railroad administration asked amtrak to examine all the curves on the track and to meet new speed safeguards before train cans run again. teams examining the derailment say they're exploring three
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possible reasons for that derailment. negotiation the train and the engineer, the ntsb is looking into the possibility that something hit the train's windshield before it derailed. amtrak says rock concrete and other things hit trains all the time. >> those marylanders who want job, want big employers like marriott and the fbi and other companies and corporations and federal agencies we need transit to attract those employers, to attract and keep those jobs. >> you just heard from one supporter for the proposed purple line in maryland. here's a look from chopper 4. more than a dozen people rallied at the new library at wayne avenue and feintnton spring. this happened at one of the proposed light rail stops. the protest follows maryland governor larry hogan saying the project's $2 billion price tag is unacceptable. the "washington post" first reported hogan is reluctant to go forward because of the project's current cost.
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the 16-mile light rain line would connect new carolton and bethesda. clouds are building and a humid sky. these clouds not yet turning into showers or thundershowers but just in a couple of hours they likely will. and around the region we have had these clouds building quickly as the air has been heating up. your weather headlines for this muggy monday it will be a hot and humid afternoon, scattered storms likely developing later today into the afternoon hours and may continue into the evening. then a big change is going to be coming in by midweek this week. so a noticeable change moving on through. right now storm team 4 radar showing a few showers out of the mountains right now. nothing building yet. >> all right, thank you, tom. i'm melissa mollet at the live desk. christopher barry, the son of the late marion barry, has reached a plea deal with prosecutors days before his trial for assault charges was set to begin. he lost a bid to replace his late father on the d.c. council
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last month. he's faces charges stemming from a reported violent outburst stemming from a downtown bank in mid-january. they say he became upset with a teller after he was decline add cash withdrawal from his bank. he allegedly threw a crash can at the teller and threatened her. if barry's plea deal is approved by the judge, it would prevent the surveillance video from ever becoming public. aaron? amid a national debate over police tactics and gear president obama says he will no longer allow the federal government to give local police departments military hoof style equipment. banned items include armored vehicles high-powered firearms, bren aid in grenade launchers, and camouflaged uniforms. humvees and drones will be under tightened control. the white house is looking to recall gear already distributed. it says misuse of the gear can undermine trust in police. president obama heads to camden new jersey today, where he says
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new community policing strategies are working. new information on a deadly biker gang shootout in texas. nine people dead more than 150 arrested. what we now know about the charges facing some of those involved. and tributes for a man known for his extreme
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here are the big stories online today. leaders at duke university are criticizing this man, a professor at the school. jerry hew is on leave right now. he commented on a "new york times" editorial about racism in baltimore and his comments he said african-americans didn't work as hard as asian americans to overcome racism. up the coast from us the red nose day tour is under way, take a look. it started this lauer is among a lot of nbc stars making the journey from boston to new york city. they're raising money for
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children in need. in the middle of the country, you have to see this video. it will play over and over again. it happened near the end of the clippers' loss to the houston rockets. chris paul is practically asking for a piggyback ride from dwight howard. paul had to foul him and
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a developing story this morning. the marine corps is looking into what caused a deadly hard landing of an osprey aircraft. an eyewitness says the osprey "just literally appeared to drop out of the sky." it happened yesterday morning in iowa. you can see the dark plumes of smoke in this video of the aftermath. one marine died on impact, the other 20 marines and a navy corpsman were rushed to the hospital. >> reporter: a popular base jumper and another man died in
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an accident in california. dean potter and his friend died when attempting a wing suit flight in yosemite national park. this is file video of him doing a tightrope walk. the two were trying to fly through a narrow gap between two rock faces over the weekend. they smashed into the rocks. a search-and-rescue team found them yesterday morning. base jumping, we should say, is also illegal in that california park. people from around the world are posting tributes to potter on social media. this is a tweet from rock and ice magazine saying "he lived to fly and went out with his wings on." in a recent article in the magazine potter wrote his philosophy which was to go toward your fears. he said it always bothered him he was held hostage by his fear of falling. he said he just learned to get over that fear in the last decade. potter was 43. heat is on. temperatures already the into the 80s. reagan national already 88 degrees and it's very humid, feeling more like mid-july not mid-may.
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temperatures around the bay with a breeze off the water, cooler in the low 80s there, annapolis at 75. to our north and west it's in the low 80s to near 08 in the shenandoah valley. by the afternoon, we will continue to have our temperatures climbing a bit but not as much around the bay or northeastern maryland. for your afternoon, by 1:00 upper 80s, near 90 by 4:00. might have an isolated thundershower at 1:00 but a greater chance between 4:00 and 7:00 of passing thundershowers moving through. >> thank you, tom. a setback for montgomery county as it tries to find a new public school superintendent. the board of education says dr. andrew houlihan from houston withdrew his name from consideration. this comes days after the board announced houlihan was their first choice. the board says it has looked at 25 candidates speaking in person with seven of them. after the break, the latest stumbling block for presidential candidates. stay with us.
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>> my son's in there, my husband's in there and the bandito gang members think they can do whatever they want to people and they pull guns out and start shooting people. >> distraught families search for answers as biker gangs unleashed gunfire in texas.
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police have arrested more than 160 people. they charged gang members with engaging in organized crime. texas alcohol is closing that restaurant for seven days until tempers cool there. thine people died more than a dozen others injured when the fight broke out. police say this may have started in the restaurant bathroom and spilled into the parking lot. it escalated into a shootout between gangs and police. earlier an officer explained the significance of the charges. >> it's a severe charge engaging in organized crime in reference to nine individuals being killed it doesn't get much more significant to that. there may be warrants on that individual that may be attached to that rest as well. that's a serious charge. >> police say gang members used brass knuckles and clubs during the fights. more charges could be coming. shiite militias in iraq say they will mount a counteroffensive to retaken a iraqi city from isis. this video appears to show iraqi
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troops fleeing the city of ramadi after isis militants took control. ramadi is a provincial capital 80 miles from baghdad. iraq is back in the news because candidates for president are facing tough questions about whether they think the u.s. invasion there was a good idea. >> knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion? >> i would have. and so would have hillary clinton. >> knowing what we know now i would not have gone into iraq. >> was it a mistake to go to war with iraq? >> it was not a mistake given the fact of what the president knew at the time. >> i'm not asking you that. >> well, the world is a better place because saddam hussein is notthere. >> carrie dann joins me now. carrie why are republicans having a hard time with this question? >> well republicans want to make sure they're honoring the sacrifice of troops who died in iraq they also want to look tough on terror saying i'm going to look tough on terror but the iraq war continues to be so unpopular in retrospect two-thirds of americans say the
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iraq war was not worth it. that includes a majority of republicans so candidates like jeb bush and marco rubio want to look tough on terror they're struggling with the answer. you have other republicans, people like rand paul who has more of an isolationist view he's saying i don't think it was worth it we shouldn't have gone it. >> democrat hillary clinton had a rough weekend. critics say she is avoiding hard questions from the press. "saturday night live" gave her a little bit of a -- well i don't know what you'd call it likability question. >> little bit of a ribbing. >> well let's look at that from "saturday night live." >> why don't you tell your parents to vote the for me hillary clinton? >> oh, they don't like you. [ laughter ] >> why not? >> i don't know. they just don't. >> reporter: how does that impact her trip to iowa today? >> i this i the question of answering these question s isare like now that you're in now that you're running you have to answer questions. there's a new trade deal that is
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is pending. we don't nowhere hillary clinton stands on that. right now it doesn't seem to hurt her with democrats. her approval ratings are high. as time goes on, you'll see even democratic voters saying "i want answers to these questions." >> how will she address things like the likability question? >> this has been a long long problem and "saturday night live" has done a good job of lampooning her. she wants to say i'm going to iowa i'm taking questions from people, just not the press, i'm sitting down with real iowans. she's going to keep visiting these key states showing herself being willing to talk to voters. >> all the candidates on the hot seat last night. we have heat here in washington. is this going to continue this week tom, following the hot weekend? >> for a couple more days with which is why today's weather emoji is unhappy. heat and humidity and scattered afternoon storms likely later today. team team radar not showing showers locally or even in the mountains just a few light
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showers to the north and west of roanoke. storm team 4 radar not showing any rain. by 2:00 we may have a few scattered thundershowers in the metro area but a greater chance in the shenandoah valley. around 4:00 we'll have thundershowers gradually tracking off to the east out of the shenandoah valley panhandle, closer to the metro area then around 5:00 6:00 p.m. they may roll through likely not severe but some do unpours with flashes of lightning. lightning. >> you could soon buy your lunch from foot trucks at more places in virginia. terry mcauliffe will sign a bill that requires the state transportation board to come up with rules for food trucks to park on state roads. right now, food trucks can park in popular spots like tyson's corner reston town center. truck operators need permission from the property owner to park. they must also obtain a zoning permit. a
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♪ i can't take it back look where i'm at ♪ >> the wait is over for the new taylor swift single requested bad blood." social media lit up in the night as they released that. it seems a lot of people feel the wait was worth it. the star-studded video debuted at the billboard music awards last night in las vegas. it was a great night across the board for miss swift. she scooped up eight trophies including top female artist. more good news this morning. maxim magazine revealed she's at the top of the annual hot 100 list for the first time. good news for her. other winners including one direction, sam smith, and iggy azalea. meghan trainer beat swift for "all about the base." a starbucks employee is out of a job and on the defensive
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after her blowup at a customer went viral. take a look at the video. >> give me the straw! give me the straw! give me the straw! thank you. go. she's holding up my line. >> is there aing? >> you're talking to it! you're talking to the manager! get out! you're not going to be served here! >> this happened at a starbucks in queens new york. the woman yelling is a supervisor. the customer ruby chin says she didn't hear a question from the staff and that set the supervisor off. she accused chin of stealing a cookie straw. starbucks fired that supervisor. wpxi television reporting the supervisor says she was not fired, she quit and she says chin was abusive. >> hmm. [ laughter ] customer is always right. stealing a cookie straw? what is a cookie straw? >> i have no idea. but it was a big blowup for something so small. >> she must have been having a bad day.
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after the break, did a
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a 31-year-old rockville man who confessed to killing his long-time neighbors is expected in court tomorrow. police tracked him down in alaska. officers arrested scott thomasuski while he was getting off a cruise ship in juneau alaska. he's charged in the death of richard and julian vilardo. investigators say they found money with possible bloodstains on thomasuski's wallet when they arrested him. they say when he was a teen he house sat for the vilardos. the couple was found dead at their home on ridge drive in rockville on mother's day. meanwhile, the vilardo family ree release add statement saying "for the past week we have known the where, the when, and the how, now we know who, and while we are truly upset about it we understand now we are looking for the why.
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as a result of the work of the police department and prosecutors office we can take the first step on the long rode to healing." a computer security expert claims he hacked into the entertainment systems of a united airlines plane, was able to take control of the plane's engines. chris roberts made that revelation to the fbi which then seized a bunch of computers from his home as they investigate here. roberts says he is hoping this helps to fix a potential security threat. the fbi is not confirming his claims or whether roberts will face charges. nbc news has confirmed that roberts has been banned from all united airlines flights. surveillance video could be the key to solving the murder of four people. the person in the video hidden by a hoot. but police still want you to take a look. coming up more on the video and the home still considered a crime scene in one of d.c. east most exclusive neighborhoods. and just in a decision from the supreme court that could change the way you pay taxes in maryla
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right now, the search is on for a person of interest in the deaths of four people near the vice president'ses now the district. d.c. police are looking if this man running through a parking lot. they want to question him in connection with a quadruple homicide. news 4's kristen wright is outside the home on woodland drive in northwest. what have do you know today kristen? >> reporter: police and d.c. fire still here four days later and now there is a person police want to talk to.
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today the search is on for a person of interests in a quadruple homicide in northwest washington. it appears to be a man in a hoodie. he's running behind a building near a blue dumpster. police say the person in the surveillance video was possibly operating a dark blue porsche connected to the savopoulos' home. the car was found torched behind st. christopher's episcopal church. police standing guy outside the home on woodland drive in an upscale neighborhood. caution tape surrounding the house which was also set on fire. amy and savvas asavopoulos their ten-year-old son and housekeeper were all found dead thursday. back here live you're looking in the front door of the home where we've seen police walking back and forth and in and out working inside of the house trying to figure out exactly what happened. now, that surveillance video, the person you see there is not clearly identifyiableidentifiable.
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it's not clear video. but police hope that there is someone out there who can put these pieces together. live in northwest washington kristen wright news 4. and we're also keeping an eye on a developing story in prince george's county. police found a man dead in a car on reid street in martin luther king, jr. highway. officers originally responded to a call for an accident in morning. they say the man was shot and they're calling this a homicide investigation. right now you can take the train up to new york city again. this was the first train to leave philadelphia since the deadly derailment last week. amtrak canceled service between philly and new york. the company had trains running again this morning a day ahead of schedule. there have already been a few delays. as service gets back to normal the safety of rail passengers become priority number one. today on "morning joe," u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox said the government needs to take additional steps to keep
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people safe. >> we are taking a look at taking additional steps beyond what we've taken and you can expect that over the next days and weeks, the fra as well as dot will take steps to sure that inner city passenger rail is setting a high bar for safety. >> reporter: tuesday's derailment killed eight and injured more than 200. 20 injured remain in the hospital this morning. i'm melissa mollet at the live desk. the supreme court has struck down a maryland law that would double tax income residents earn in other states. justices say the tax is unconstitutional because it discourages maryland money from earning money outside the state. the ruling means the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for maryland and affects similar laws in other states like new york indiana, pennsylvania and ohio. it is hot and humid. already into the 80s and humidity is up there, it feels like midsummer, not mid-may. later today up around 90 degrees, just another couple hours already 88 at reagan
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national and scattered thundershowers are likely this afternoon, probably not severe just brief downpours. tomorrow a smaller chance of an afternoon thundershower and still hot and humid, highs upper 80s then. a nice break moves in on wednesday with lower humidity, a beautiful day with highs in the upper 70s, lots of sunshine partly sunny thursday small chance of a shower highs in the mid-70s. look at this pattern into the memorial day weekend. mild highs 70s and temperatures in the morning in the 50s with low humidity. here's a preliminary look at memorial day, high near 85 and comfortable humidity and partly cloudy. >> we'd like to hear that tom, thank you. now to a news 4 i team investigation. this morning as you were getting up getting ready for the day, so were bike thieves. that's what a convicted thief told us. more than 2,000 bikes were stolen around the d.c. area last year. the i team sat down with a northern virginia man serving 12 years in prison for bike thefts.
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he says he mainly targeted apartment buildings and condos in the early hours. he asked us to conceal his identity. >> the average person goes to work, what? about 8:00 has to be there between 8:00 and 9:00 so i do it early, no confrontation. coming up tonight on news 4 at 11:00, he shares more secrets from behind bars including the only way to keep your bike from being ripped off by guys like him. people are talking about what they're watching this morning, from the series finale of "mad men" to a
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todayed is the last day of the kaubs film festival in france today and natalie portman is getting attention for her director y'all debut, a film called "tale of love and darkness." the awards will be revealed this weekend. this is another buy i don't know i can about steve jobs.
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michael fass bender will play apple's to top innovator. the film also stars kate winceless, seth rogan and jeff daniels. and you can go to the nbc washington page for our review of the final episode of "mad men." everyone is talking about this. here we go. you can just pull it up on the home page. the show ended it run of seven seasons. a warning, y
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google will launch buy buttons on several search sites in the coming weeks. the "wall street journal" reports the buttons will only appear on sponsored or paid results when people search for products on smart phones or tablets. if you click on a link you'll be sent to another page to complete your purchase. your commute to richmond
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could be a longer one because of track work on vre, fredericksburg's line. this is happening south of fredericksburg station. there could be up to 45 minutes of delays. the construction will affect both the northbound and southbound trains for the next two weeks. this is part of a project to create a third track between d.c. and richmond. tom it's getting warm out there. will it be as hot as it was yesterday? >> i think it will be hotter. already it's 88. yesterday we got to 87. it feels hotter. it's more humid. the good news is the pollen count continues to drop. it's still in the high range for trees but it's been lower the last couple of weeks. moderate grass pollen is continuing to climb. that may get into the high range over the next week coming up. here is new model timing on storms this afternoon. these areas you see in color, this is where we may get scattered thundershowers in the metro area. and in the shenandoah valley and around the mountains as well scattered thundershowers by
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then. now let's fast forward here go to 4:00 p.m. and anything around the metro area may be dissipating. but persistent thundershowers in the shenandoah valley. then by 6:00 p.m. we may get a few in our western suburbs and in virginia. getting closer to the metro area tracking between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. after that a lot will settle down. we have may get a few additional thundershowers by 11:00 p.m. way out in the mountains but otherwise it will settle down overnight tonight. but staying hot and humid tomorrow. >> tom, thanks. gas prices headed up again as you get ready for the memorial day road trips. the national average right now, $2.70 per gallon. in our area you're paying about $2.47 in virginia. maryland up to $2.66. in west virginia you're paying about $2.67. and d.c.'s average is $2.79 for regular unleaded. prices are rising but they're nowhere near the $3.65 a gallon we were paying at this time last
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year. chances are somebody will be sitting next to you if you take a flight this summer. the airline industry is forecasting the busiest summer travel season ever. more than 220 million passengers are expected to fly within the u.s. between june and august. that's up 4.5% from last year. u.s. airlines are trying to meet the demand by increasing the number of seats available. the industry says the improving economy is likely responsible for this increased air travel. another republican planning his run for president. after the break, who made his intentions known today. life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the
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(gong) blend kikkoman into your burger patties to beef up their savoury meaty flavour. (taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat) life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed.
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it is a major blow to iraq and the u.s. isis fighters have captured the provincial capital of ramadi. nbc's keir simmons has a look at the impact of this latest setback. >> reporter: iraq security forces appear to flee ramadi escaping the isis advance. video, unverify bid nbc news shows humvees packed with iraqi military in full retreat, leaving a crucial city seeming desserted. a propaganda video released by an isis affiliate showing ramadi's empty streets, a hospital ransacked, the video has intenseghting. the secretary of state insisting this morning isis remains on the defensive. >> it's possible to have the
11:44 am
kind of attack we've mean? ramadi but i am confident in the days ahead that will be reversed. there had been an intense air campaign to save ramadi, a city just about 80 miles west of baghdad. the u.s. has sent weapons and is providing training. >> we're getting reports by -- minute by minute but we believe that around 500 people have been executed or died in battle. >> reporter: 8,000 civilians have fled in recent days. behind them isis controls much of their city and the military base. packed with weapons. and the anbar region is of course a place where so many americans died during the iraq war. but an iraqi official tells me he believes the city of ramadi fell to an isis force numbering just hundreds. meanwhile, thousands of shi'a militia are said to be gathering to try to liberate the city which is largely sunni. back to you. a developing story right now. the marine corps is trying to
11:45 am
figure out what caused a deadly hard landing of an osprey aircraft. an eyewitness says the osprey "just literally appeared to drop out of the sky." this happened yesterday morning in hawaii. you're looking at video of dark plumes of smoke in the aftermath of that accident. one marine died on impact the other 20 marines and a navy corpsman, a medic, were rushed to the hospital. more than 160 people have been arrested in connection with the deadly melee at a texas restaurant. nine people died no more than a dozen others jr. ss were injured, jay gray is live in waco texas, with where the investigation stands right now and what's happening to the restaurant where the melee happened. jay? >> reporter: we can update just now, we've just heard from the corporate offices of twin peaks saying they are pulling the franchise of this business in waco in part because managers did not cooperate and work with police in the months ahead of what happened here. take a look at the investigation and what's going on here right now and what you'll see on the
11:46 am
ground here is a line of those motorcycle five outlaw biker gangs involved in the melee yesterday, as many as 200 members at the time. it started with a fight inside this restaurant. the restaurant you're seeing right now, twin peaks. it was in the bathroom spilled out and into the bar and then the parking lot. nine people killed at least 18 injured and police say for two months they have been working this intelligence that was telling them there would be problems here that they approached not only the local restaurant but corpse offices and they say they got no response. overnight this local restaurant posted online they have a good relationship with police and they will continue to work with them throughout the investigation. this morning police told us point blank, and these are their words, barbara, "that's a lie." that's part of what's a long and on going investigation here. >> jay, since they pulled the franchise, i guess, is that what
11:47 am
you said from that restaurant could they have closed it knowing there could be something that was going to happen? is that what the head office would have liked for them do? >> well there's no indication from the corporate offices that they wanted them to close it down but they say they wanted them to cooperate with officers who approached them concerned about bikers that had been using this spot in the past as a place to gather and about what was going to take place here sunday. 20 to 30 officers were on the ground in nearby moved in very quickly as all this was happening and that's one of the reasons they say things worked out the way they did. they say that and the quick thinking of some of the customers inside this restaurant who rushed into a standoff freezer likely saved their lives. >> a loath more to learn about this nine people dead. thank you, ja i gray in waco texas. decision 2016 senator
11:48 am
lindsey graham expected to announce he will run for the presidential nomination. in a national tv interview he said he would make the official announcement on june 1 in his hometown of central. this morning, he used the phrase "i'm running" while explaining why he believes he would be the best commander in chief. a first 4 traffic alert if you are headed down 95 for memorial day weekend. the express lanes in virginia will be southbound starting at noon on friday after the morning rush hours. they will change to northbound on saturday afternoon sunday morning. the lanes will close for the rolling thunder motorcycle ride. they will then reopen northbound on sunday afternoon, evening, and all day on monday. >> right now, storm team 4 radar showing a few showers building to the north and east of washington. they're showing up near baltimore and into carroll county. a few showers may turn into thundershowers drift closer to the met low area eastern suburbs.
11:49 am
highs today up around 90 in washington and areas south and southwest up near 90 with a few showers around. then around the bay it should be in the mid-80s by mid-afternoon and very humid, too. up near the pennsylvania border temperatures should be in the low to mid-80s. mid-80s shenandoah valley and even a few scattered thundershowers coming through from time to time beginning now into the afternoon and ending this evening. >> thank you, tom. severe weather is whipping across the middle of the country right now. there are reports of 29 tornados in nine states from texas to minnesota. oklahoma is bearing much of the brunt of those tornados people in northern texas faced heavy thunderstorms and hail. the national guard helped rescue ten people from their homes and cars a flooded river forced missouri residents from their homes. authorities said strong winds derailed this freight train in eastern kansas. >> if you're making plans for the summer shenandoah national park in virginia says it's
11:50 am
opening a new area where you can take your kids. they're opening a kid-friendly trail near oak rock summit. this is the second child-friendly trail in the park. a college campus in virginia an endangered historic site. there is a slave cemetery and two dozen historic buildings at sweet briar college north of lynchburg. alumni are fighting to keep the school open which is scheduled to close in august. the listing is meant to save buildings and landmarks, however, not necessarily the school itself. it's a naval academy tradition. after the break we'll show you the event hap
11:51 am
children in pre-school are not getting enough exercise. researchers from the seattle children's hospital compared the activity of pre-schoolers from ten different day care centers. they say kids were only active for 48 minutes a day. that means they were sitting
11:52 am
down for 70% of their school day. in news for your health doctors warn you can lose your hearing from using earbuds. they say young adults and kids are damaging their hearing and they may not even know they're doing that. hearing loss among today's teens is about 30% higher than it was inform the '80s and '90s. doctors say earbuds play sound closer to the eardrum and enhances the volume. experts say follow the 60-60 rule. keep the volume on your device under 60% and listen for only 60 minutes a day. today you can maybe call it is rite of passage for the freshman class at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. the class will climb up the herndon monument, this is a look at previous climbs. it's a 21-foot obelisk greased with 50 pounds of lard. the goal is to replace a dixie cup at the top of the monument with an upper classman's hat. this dates back to 1940. they always get the hat up there, too. after the break, when w
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11:54 am
i'm melissa mollet at the live desk. president obama is officially on twitter. he has a personal handle. look at this. lots of people already following him. he wall streeted from the handle about 11 minutes ago. look at the comments as we scroll down. "wait, really? ""fake omg." and "nice." in 11 minutes he already has more than guess what? 37,000 followers. that has to be some sort of record. nobody has been able to cool down the red hot bryce harper. i wonder how many followers he has. even fans on the west coast are taking notice. >> with a swinging strikeout. >> maybe you can hear the "mvp" chants as harper came to the bat
11:55 am
in the ninth inning. he had another great night against san diego. he had a three-run home run, a triple a single and a walk. he was a double away from hitting for the cycle. harper is hitting .418 in the month of may. he has nine home runs. bryce will try to keep it going tomorrow night when the nationals play the yankees at nats park. right now, storm team 4 radar showing showers quickly popping up now. we have these in these little areas of color in prince george's county and now just north of baltimore there's a line of some showers, no lightning showing up yet. and there's another one right here just south of manassas in prince william county another to the north and west of culpeper these may turn into thunder and lightning here over the next half hour or so and they'll be slow moving so expect maybe brief passing downpours with a little lightning but likely not severe. highs hovering around 09 in the metro area. upper 80s through the rest of the afternoon. much of the region with the high
11:56 am
humidity. and then any showers and thundershowers dissipating by sunset. then tomorrow lots of sunshine still rather humid, upper 80s. and a smaller chance of an isolated thundershower in the afternoon as much trier air does begin to push in. that will move in on tuesday night and a nice fresh change on wednesday morning, down into the 50s wednesday afternoon into the upper 70s. a delightful mayday with lots of sunshine. then on thursday partly sunny, a chance of a passing shower small chance. highs reaching the mid-70s. delightful pattern into the memorial day weekend. friday the upper 70s with sunshine. maybe just low 70s on saturday. near 80 but still comfortable humidity. first look at the memorial day forecast high near 85 and partly cloudy with comfortable humidity. >> wow. delightful. that's news 4 midday. we have more news between 4:00 and 7:00 today and i'm back tomorrow morning at 4:26 with news 4 today.
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