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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 21, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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marine and ex-convict. he was last seen in brooklyn with his girlfriend this morning. that's where she lives. and police there say he may be on his way back to maryland. police believe wipt is slofled in involved in the murder of a family and their housekeeper, the crime not random police say. investigators now say that wint worked for the victim's construction company and dna evidence from a slice of pizza helped police zero in on him. >> our team coverage continues. pat collins has been covering this all week long. >> reporter: it's been a week and there have been a number of twists and turns in this troubling case of murder. suspect daron wint linked to this home invasion of this mansion in northwest washington, linked to burning the car belonging to the victims in new carrollton, maryland, linked to his last known address in lanham maryland, linked to brooklyn, new york, where they say he ran off to hide with his
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girlfriend. daron wint, identified as washington's most wanted man because of an unfinished piece of pizza. the pizza clue. >> we can confirm it. >> reporter: was it one pizza or two? >> i think it was two. >> reporter: what do you make of this? >> so sorry for the family. >> reporter: while the family was held captive, someone at the house ordered two pizzas from domino's. this is how my sources are telling the story. the cops are inside the mansion looking for evidence. a lieutenant sees a pizza crust. he says, why don't we have that checked out for dna. they rush it through the atf lab, and they get a match to suspect wint. that's what leads to the arrest warrant. the suspect the quadruple murder suspect, identified by police as 34-year-old daron
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wint, charged with first degree murder in the deaths of savvas savopoulos, his wife amy their 10-year-old son philip and the family's housekeeper vera figueroa. it was one week ago today that firefighters came to this mansion on woodland drive in a tony section of northwest washington. there they found the bodies of four victims. they had been tied up, beaten stabbed and held captive here for almost a day. the fire set to conceal the crime and destroy the evidence.suspect/victim connection. >> we do believe that there is a connection between this suspect in this case through the business. >> reporter: the connection. police believe that suspect wint once worked for american iron works on kinl worth avenue in prince george's county maryland, a company owned by savvas savopoulos. sources say wint worked there
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from 2003 to 2005 and sources say he had a relative who was fired from that company some time ago. now a wake is scheduled tomorrow for housekeeper vera figueroa. the savopoulos family funeral is scheduled for june the 1st. jim, back to you. >> our coverage continues now in atlanta, maryland, where the family's porsche was found, set afire last thursday. and we now know that the suspect lived a little more than two miles from that scene. megan fitzgerald is in lanham with what we're learning about daron wint. >> reporter: jim, neighbors tell us that it's wint's father who owns the home behind me. according to police, wint was staying there. it's still unclear as to how long he was living there for. but two people are inside or at least two people, and they refuse to answer questions. 34-year-old daron wint has a
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lengthy criminal past dating back to 2005. wint was charged with several crimes including theft and assault shortly after police announced wint as the suspect in the quadruple homicide on woodland drive, they were at his home in lanham early thursday morning collecting evidence at around 4:30 p.m. at that same house, two people were seen running inside the home, refusing to answer any questions. neighbors who live here say they can't believe a horrific murder case has hit so close to home. >> total shock. just total disbelief. >> reporter: but robin ficker is an attorney who has represented wint in several of his criminal cases. he has a different take. >> he is a gentle guy. he was a student at prince george's community college. he wouldn't hurt a fly. >> reporter: neighbors around here say they just want the suspect accused in a horrific crime to be brought to justice. and even some neighbors say
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they're fearful tonight, knowing that that suspect lived in this neighborhood and is still on the run. reporting from prince george's county, megan fitzgerald news4. >> thank you, megan. tonight we're also getting a better sense of the events leading up to the murders. wendy rieger has more. >> it's believed whoever is responsible for this horrific crime made their way into that house on wednesday afternoon. that's because of housekeeper shift was supposed to end at 3:00 that afternoon, but she never left. at 5:30, amy savopoulos called her husband, asked him to come home to watch their son, telling him she had plans that night. at 9:30, savvas savopoulos left a voice mail to another housekeeper saying his wife wasn't feeling well. a pizza delivery was made to that house that same pizza led police to the suspect. thursday morning around 9:00 a.m., the housekeeper's husband goes to that home looking for his wife but no one answered the door. 30 minutes later, the second
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housekeeper gets a text from amy savopoulos' phone making sure she was not going to come to work that day. that morning is also when savvas savopoulos contacted his assistant asking for the $40,000 in cash we now know was dropped off. hours later, 1:30 in the afternoon, the house goes up in flames. police tell us the three adult victims were beaten and stabbed, the 10-year-old found dead in a separate room. vance? >> thanks, wendy. wint has a criminal record that goes back to 2005 including a second degree assault conviction in 2009. he was born and raised in guyana and moved to the u.s. in the year 2000. records show that wint joined the marine corps the same year but nbc news has confirmed that he never made it through basic training and that he received an honorable discharge for medical reasons. he then began working as a certified welder.
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coming up in our next half hour, we'll hear from workers at the american iron works plant in hyattsville, the company owned by the victim. we'll hear from some of the guys who knew the suspect and we'll find out if any information more breaks on this case. we'll be sure to let you know. both on air and on the nbc washington app. now to our weather. the rain is moving out, but temperatures are continuing to drop. doug is here with what we can expect heading into the memorial day weekend. hi, doug. >> yeah, i'll tell you what we're going to be expecting is very cool temperatures as we move through the next couple of days. we saw the rain come through. we saw very cool temperatures all day today. our average high is in the mid to upper 70s. we've been stuck in the 50s. take a look at the radar. that's the good niz, the rain is making its way out of here after bringing some areas good amounts of rain. we needed the rain. now it is all out of here. the temperatures behind the storm system, look how cool we are. 50 in gaithersburg 56 in
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fredericksburg, 53 toward the patuxent river. 20 degrees below average for the afternoon, but here's the good news. the sunshine returns. we're going to talk much more about that. then of course memorial day weekend. i've got that forecast and our first heat wave of the season all coming in the next seven days. i've got everything you need to know. if you've got plans you want to see this forecast. >> thank you, doug. a grandmother sits in jail tonight accused of a deadly shooting outside of a mock mcdonald's in charles county alleging stemming from an ongoing child custody suit involving her grandchildren. chris gordon is in waldorf with reaction from neighbors. >> reporter: doreen, the shootings occurred right over here at about this time last night. the waldorf grandmother involved in a custody fight apparently brought a gun. the shootings happened here less than 24 hours ago. carolyn conway has been charged with murder and attempted murder. today i stopped by her home in
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waldorf to ask if a family member would talk to us about what would happen. i just want to give my card. i'm chris gordon. i asked a neighbor about caroline conway. >> they're always outside with their grandkids, and that's the only time we see them. they never spoke to us. >> reporter: investigators describe the shootings this way. 25-year-old robert michael mange was killed, his wife seriously wounded. the charles county sheriff says the motive was a longstanding child custody dispute. the couple drove this jeep to the mcdonald's in waldorf from virginia to pick up her two small children. the youngsters had been staying with their grandmother, 51-year-old caroline conway. but instead of handing over the youngsters to the children's mother, conway got into the jeep. >> ms. conway produced a handgun, subsequently shot the male victim, mr. mange. the female victim tried to flee
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the vehicle. as a result ms. conway, the shooter, shot the female victim in the back. >> reporter: heavily armed sheriff's deputies converged on gilford drive where conway lives but they didn't find her at home. they had to search for her, figuring she was armed and dangerous. conway was arrested, but the handgun has not been recovered. >> this is kind of an older neighborhood. for me to hear this is unheard of. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: caroline conway is being held in the local joil jail tonight. she will make her first appearance in court tomorrow. jim, back to you. >> thanks, chris. next on news4 at 6, security video showing the moment of impact of what neighbors thought was a meteor. it wasn't a meteor at all. we'll tell you what it was. taser takedown. what we're learning about this scary encounter that played out in front of passengers at a major airport. and a setback in the fight
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against isis. lawmakers debating a plan to target terrorists.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 6. there was a dramatic takedown at los angeles international airport. investigators say the guy pushed his way through airport security yesterday when an officer tried to handcuff him he broke free. the guy was not armed but
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officers made a split-second decision to shock him with a taser. two years ago a man with a semiautomatic rifle opened fire on security officers at l.a.x., killing one person. isis terrorists captured an historic city in syria this week and sent thousands of iraqi soldiers packing in ramadi. in a new interview, president obama called the situation a setback. that sparked fury on capitol hill. members of congress say we need a better strategy. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: despite two triumphs by isis this week, capturing ramadi in iraq then palmyra in syria, a world heritage site, president obama claimed off camera today i don't think we're losing the fight against isis. republicans are outraged. >> it just is incredible. things need to change. >> reporter: john mccain ranted as palmyra fell. >> this did not have to happen.
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this is a result of a failed fek lass policy. >> reporter: today a republican plan was laid out. 15,000 u.s. forces going back into iraq against isis. >> we are engaging in combat at that point. i don't think there's any way that you avoid that, and i don't want to mislead the american people. >> reporter: we have no choice, said a counterterrorism chief for president clinton. isis is more than a terrorist group. >> now ramadi palmyra. it's a country. and it's going to train terrorists and sentd them places like here. >> reporter: congress is debating the authority of nsa to catch terrorists through phone records. >> it would be irresponsible to let these authorities lapse. >> reporter: the house passed a plan for phone companies to keep the data, but some in the senate say no. >> we need to stop this indiscriminate vacuuming up of all americans' phone records. >> reporter: congress has ten days to decide while it worries
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about isis. as for putting a lot more u.s. boots on the ground, the white house today rejected that turning down any prospect it said, for any large military deployment. i'm steve handelsman news4. doug is here with a look at our weather. i think this early rain and cool may have slowed down a little bit of the early holiday weekend part turs. >> i would say that, too. we saw a very similar system to this about two years ago on memorial day down there towards the beaches. man, it was just brutal. today it's a thursday. it's okay. the weekend is looking fantastic and memorial day looks great. let's take a look and show you what we're dealing with right now. you know we've had the clouds. we saw the rain earlier. but it's all out of here now. 55 degrees, just cloudy skies. but the reason why we're so cool, look at those winds, northeast at about 8 miles an hour. that's always a very cool direction in this area. coming off the ocean. 50 gles in gij urzburg, 53 culpeper. it is chilly everywhere. again, our average high temperature is in the mid-70s,
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and we were just at 90 two days ago. quite amazing how far we've come as far as the temperatures have dropped. no rain across the area now. it's all out to sea. and it will continue to move on out here. here's future weather. tomorrow we wake up with plenty of sunshine. it will be another cool morning but not bad at all with the sunny skies. watch what happens. we see a cold front come through during the afternoon, maybe a couple of sprinkles, isolated shower possible. most of us remaining dry. anything that does come through will be very quick and very light. behind it we get cool but very nice on saturday. saturday looking like a gorgeous spring afternoon. saturday morning, however, many of you will be in the low 40s so that will be a little chilly to start off saturday. but tomorrow high temperatures 74 d.c., 76 in fredericksburg, 71 in martinsburg nice and mild a little below average, yes, but not bad at all. we'll tall caul itcall it fantastic friday. exercise impact tomorrow some breezy sunshine, no problems temperatures up in the right direction. we'll be in the 70s by the
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afternoon, 59 if you're going to take that early morning jog or bike ride. your impact as far as the weather is concerned, the weather tomorrow will have a very low impact on your day. the only impactful part is going to be the chance for the isolated shower. as i mentioned, i don't even think you'll need the umbrella during the afternoon tomorrow, only a 20% chance of a shower. 73 on saturday after a very cool start. we get to 82 on sunday, very nice weather. sunday looking absolutely perfect. monday looking good, yes, we get to 88, but i'm not expecting too much in the way of humidity so it will be rather hot and humid but we're not talking about the heat index in the 90s or anything like that. i don't think it will be quite that hot but hot this time of year. plenty of sunshine and a really great afternoon if you're heading out for the festivities for memorial day. looking good for that. then it does get really hot and humid. we're talking about temperatures into the 90s. 92 on tuesday 90 degrees on wind 90 on thursday. we'll see a chance of showers and a few thunderstorms tuesday, wednesday and thursday as well. so after temperatures in the 50s
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today we climb and, boy, do we climb fast over the next couple days. guys in. >> thank you, doug. he's not backing down. we'll hear from the man who flew his gyrocopter through one of america's most restricted airspaces. why he says he has no regrets. and the fight to improve safety on the rails
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he's facing more than nine years in prison but the florida postal worker who landed his gyrocopter on the u.s. capitol lawn last month says it was all worth it to advance his political cause. doug hughes pleaded not guilty in federal court today. he says he flew the aircraft through restricted airspace to send a message to congress about the influence corporate money has on our government. after today's hearing, hughes told reporters he's ready to go to prison for his beliefs. >> i accepted the consequences of what i was doing because i believed it's critical that we
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return our democracy to the people and that can be done with the solutions that have already been defined. >> the judge will allow hughes to remain free until his next court date, but he's banned from going near the capitol and the white house. improving safety on amtrak in the wake of last week's deadly derailment was a subject of debate in congress today. senate democrats say that improvement begins on capitol hill. they're upset that house republicans voted to cut funding to amtrak just one day after that crash. republicans claim that money had nothing to do with the accident. democrats say the rail system already has a $21 billion backlog. >> they should be bringing to this issue as we should, the same sense of urgency and determination that those first responders brought to their job last week. >> senate democrats say on the
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northeast corridor alone amtrak needs to replace bridges that are more than a century old, install positive train control, straighten out dangerous russ curves, and rebuild aging tunnels. there's a new fight over old buildings in leesburg. the loudoun county board of supervisors will appeal a decision over historic properties along edward ferry road near the courthouse. the county wants to demolish the buildings to expand the courthouse complex. last night leesburg's review board approved a plan that would cost the county $8 million more for the project. the county's appeal now goes to the leesburg town council. >> announcer: next a multistate search for a suspected killer. why investigators believe he's back in maryland and the crucial new clues we're learning about his connection to the are victims murdered. also, one person injured and several homes and cars damaged after heavy rocks explode
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through the eyre. see what caused the mysterious shower. >> reporter: will he or won't he? governor hogan makes a decision on the purple
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jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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there's new information about the man wanted for brutally murdering a family and their housekeeper in the district. david culver at the live desk. >> this is a rapidly developing story. we've learned the primary suspect daron wint could be preparing to turn himself in. as early as this morning he was in brooklyn with his sister station. according to a new york station, wint is on his way back to d.c. police are asking anyone who sees wint to call them immediately. they're calling him armed and dangerous but it appears that wint knew and possibly targeted
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the savopoulos family. >> this does not appear there is a random crime. there is a connection between the business of the suspect and the family business. >> right now that business is the chief is referring to is american iron works in hyattsville. we've learned that wint worked there from 2003 to 2005, doreen. >> david, the more we learn about this crime, the more horrifying the details are. is it possible that this could end up being a death penalty case when it goes to trial? >> that's the question. currently as we know defendants cannot receive the death penalty in d.c. in fact, the last execution in the district was in 1957. but should this rise to the federal level and u.s. prosecutors pursue federal capital murder charges, then the jurisdiction really doesn't matter. that's similar to what we saw up in boston in the marathon bombing. it's not clear if federal prosecutors are looking into the case and of course they still need to catch wint and charge him before any of this really becomes a factor. vance, back to you. >> thankses, david.
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our coverage continues with tracee wilkins outside the american iron works company in hyattsville. tracey just got reaction from the co-workers who say they knew the murder suspect. tracee? >> reporter: they talked about knowing wint and his personality here saying that he did not get along with a lot of folks here. but they are still surprised to hear that he is a murder suspect. >> he's a great boss, and i lost a best friend. >> reporter: this worker has been a welder here for years and was here when daron wint worked here. he knew him. what kind of worker was he? >> the truth? he couldn't get along with anybody. >> reporter: when you heard about all of this, did you think of him as someone -- >> no. >> reporter: people here at this hyattsville company are trying to figure out why the former employee would be suspected of killing their boss savvas savopoulos, his wife, kid and housekeeper.
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>> it floored me. and that's all i have to say. >> reporter: sources tell news4 he was here from 2003 to 2005 and was a welder. five years ago in december of 2010 he was picked up across the street at the shell gas station. according to court documents he was sitting here near a dumpster with a book bag carrying a 24-inch machete and a black bb gun. he also had an open beer. >> it's a tragedy. >> reporter: police say wint is the same man seen in the security camera video in new carrollton running away from the porsche taken from the savopoulos savopoulos home in northwest d.c. wint is on the run. meanwhile, back here at american iron works -- >> how would you expect it to be? tess a it's a tragedy. it's incomprehensible. >> reporter: a worker confirmed for us that wint did have a cousin who also worked here and according to sources that cousin was fired. reporting live in hyattsville, tracey wilkins news4.
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now to our weather. doug is tracking the cool air that's moving in, but it won't last long, will it, doug? >> no, it won't last long at all. this is a one day area of very cool air. we're talking not just cool but this is really cold for this time of year. our average temperature is inching toward 80 and we hardly hit 50 in some areas today. we saw the rain coming through mostly south and east of d.c. that's what we've been telling you for the last couple of days. we saw sprinkles early but they moved toward the south. look at the numbers here, how chilly it is aclos the mid-atlantic mid-atlantic. today we're on the chilly side. tomorrow and the weekend we start to see warmer temperatures. and then well, it just gets plain hot. we're talking about the potential first heat wave of the season. i've got the entire forecast for you and we'll take you toward the beach in just a minute. >> thanks, doug. there are some new surveillance photos that show people negligenceal alintentionally
6:33 pm
setting fires up in baltimore a few weeks ago. tonight police are asking for help in finding those people. the images are from seven different locations. investigators say in at least five of those cases the suspects used fire bombs made from materials that they looted from local businesses. they also have a photograph photograph of the man suspected of torching the cvs pharmacy on pennsylvania avenue last month. there is a $10,000 reward for information. ray rice is no longer facing domestic violence charges in atlantic city. a judge dropped the charges today because rice completed a pretrial intervention program. the former baltimore ravens running back was captured on video last year knocking his now-wife out in an elevator. rice has been reinstated to the nfl but has yet to sign with a new team. coming up tonight, we'll tell you why virginia is in the maryland debate about the purple line.
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plus, a vient rock comes crashing into homes and onto cars. new video of the
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it has been discussed planned, even funded, yet it's been in jeopardy for years. but today leaders in maryland said there still is a future for the purple line rail. and, as transportation reporter adam tuss found out, that future might also have an impact outside maryland. >> reporter: as of right now, you should not be writing off the purple line in prince george's county. >> this is probably one of the better conversations i've had. it's not on life support. >> i feel very confident, very vshgs he confident that the government is going to make the right decision. >> reporter: prince george's and montgomery county executives rushern baker and others made the trip for a closed door session to tell governor larry hogan not to put an end to this project. as of right now they say it is
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still alive. why should you care? well, this rail line would connect pa thez da and new carrollton without go fwhoog d.c. it would provide you with a better commute t. could also run close to your house t. ace highly polarizing. when you think of the purple line of course it's about montgomery and prince george's counties but the concern isn't just there. virginia is also factoring into the mix. a maryland leader say they're highly aware the businesses that could be brought in by the purple line would also likely look to virginia if the rail line doesn't go through. in annapolis, adam tuss news4. an unusual graduation day in appliance georges county today. these students from the academy of health sciences got their high school diplomas this afternoon. this evening they'll be back to get their two-year associate's degree. this is just the start. all of them have been accepted to four-year colleges. many of them earned full academic scholarships. big day. earlier this week on news4 at 6 we incorrectly reported on
6:39 pm
the number of high school students who graduate in prince george's county. the protect graduation rate in prince george's 77% for 2015. that's a 2% increase over last year and the highest graduation rate on record in the county. still ahead, the situation going from bad to worse after an oil spill on the coast of california. he was sleeping in his bed. his head right on this pillow when an explosion sent debris through the room. coming up, i'll show you the rock that came through this hous
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narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
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it could be years before we know the extent of damage from that big oil spill in california, but today we learned the situation is getting worse. the u.s. coast guard says as much as 105,000 gallons of oil may have seeped into the ocean near santa barbara and crews have only managed to clear up a fraction of that so far. it's still not clear what caused the pipeline to burst.
6:43 pm
california has they'red a eddeclared a state of emergency. doug is here with a look at our weather for the weekend. everybody needs to know how to plan their weekend, doug a big important holiday weekend. but no pressure. >> you're not on the line or anything. your future your child's education, all of that kind of stuff. no big deal. >> riding on this. >> my son is getting a full ride wherever he wants to go. that aets kind of forecast we've got. >> that's what we like to hear. >> next couple of days beautiful after what was the coolest wench we have seen in quite some time. today's high temperature in the afternoon, afternoon high because our high was actually just after midnight. this afternoon we got up to 55. where we are right now look at the cloud cover across the region. 55 is the average high temperature for march 12th. that's how cool it is right now. 55 by 7:00 dropping into the 50s. again, we're not going to be dropping all that much more. but it will be quite chilly for this time of year.
6:44 pm
no rain across the area. we're not going to see any more rain and really not any over the next couple of days. the only chance would be an isolated shower during the day tomorrow as a cold front moves on through. but that cold front will be a fairly weak one. sun, clouds with the front but isolated showers. temperatures 70 to 76 degrees. that is it over the next few days. get out and wash the car. a good day to do that because i do think we'll be on the dry side. 73 on saturday, 82 on sunday. the one thing about this, 47 degrees on saturday, that's the one day that could be a little on the cold side. if you've got plans early, say, 7:00, 8:00, you want to get out and play early tennis or golf 47 saturday morning. that puts many of you in the suburbs in the low 40s. that's going to be quite a cool morning to start. 82 degrees on sunday then 88 on monday. any festivities going on around town in your neighborhood, maybe a memorial day parade, hot and humid during the afternoon but not overly oppressive.
6:45 pm
that's good news too. plenty of sunshine and really a great afternoon. i think memorial day will be fantastic. then we really get into the heat. we're talking about 92 on tuesday 90 on wednesday, 90 on thursday with a good chance of a few scattered showers or thunderstorms, typical for the summer months but some of the computer models putting us around 96, 97 next week. that's some real heat. we'll see if we get that high. right now i've got us at least at the 90 degree mark. if you're heading down towards the beaches like me tomorrow, ocean city our first backyard weather of the season heading down to ocean city. i get to ride this cool new ride toward jolly roger. 66 saturday a little cool, bring the jacket, the sweatshirts. 76 looking good on sunday and nice and warm monday, high temperature around 84 degrees. guys, all around memorial day weekend looking good ging ging good from the beach to the mountains. >> thanks doug. broken windows, damaged
6:46 pm
cars, a house with a hole in its roof. a man injured. after surviving a brush with death. that's all fallout from a blast at a quarry in loudoun county virginia. the debris, the rocks rained down on homes and businesses along old ox road and oak grove road in sterling. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey has our report. >> reporter: this security camera video shows what it looks like when a big rock flying like a missile crashes into a building. this is the damage left behind when another rock smashes into a house. dwight brooks got a call and raced to his parents' home this morning to find this huge rock blasted from a quarry a half mile away tore through the roof and landed on a betd right next to a pillow. >> the trajectory on an angle. you can see where it landed. that's quite a bit of force to come through that roof and in
6:47 pm
there. >> reporter: brooks' brother was sleeping on the other bed right under the spot where the rock came shooting inside. he was cut by debris and required eight stitches at the hospital. >> because if that had hit him, you know the damage could have been much worse. >> reporter: well, he could have been killed. >> absolutely. >> reporter: at the strip center down the street, more damage from more rocks. >> i just thought it was a real hard second concussion blast coming from it. never in my wildest dreams though, did i picture i'd see the size rocks that we saw that came through the window. >> reporter: take another look at the security camera video from fairfax auto parts in slow motion. the rock comes flying takes out the top of a no parking sign, then hits the asphalt and bounces off so hard into the building the windows explode. >> you can only sit back and say only by the gracenobody get hurt out of this thing with rocks flying through the air. >> reporter: outside in the parking lot at least a half dozen cars also got blasted from smaller rocks, huge dents now
6:48 pm
crease the metal. inspectors from winchester building supply, the blaster company, and from the department of labor were out on the scene to try to figure out what went wrong. if you want to see the full video of this rock going through the window go to our nbc 4 facebook page. in sterling, virginia, julie carey, news4. >> julie's been working out to lift that rock like that. these guys working out too. a woman in new jersey recorded this unusual standoff at the end of her driveway. a couple of bears apparently did not want to share the goods from a nearby tipped-over trash can. they got a beef working there. the woman says she noticed them checking out a neighbor's garbage. then she captured this battle of sorts. what do you call it when bears go at it? as they ransack eded -- >> not sure there's a word for that. >> bear fight. >> bear fight. there you go. >> i'm here to help. >> or not. we have sports coming up.
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bryce happener, we erharper, we know he's a hot hitter. some are wondering if he's hot headed. others of us say does it really matter? coming up tonight, we're following the hunt for the killer in the deaths of the washington family and their housekeeper as it expands outside the d.c. area. and we'll talk about the test that can test your newborn. what do you do with the inf
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. some people have earned a day off. but the ones who are principally among them are the nats. they have definitely earned a day off have they not? >> definitely. two games against the yankees now they're in first place. >> we love it.
6:53 pm
>> division battle. but you know what everyone is talking about today. bryce harper. it's like michael jordan. remember that commercial when time freezes? >> no. >> there was a commercial air jordan time freezes. everybody stops what they're doing. bikes fall. sinks overflow. people stop putting their kids to bed. they've got to watch what he's doing. >> i don't remember that one either. >> are you seriously? it was legendary. >> are you the only person who vau that kbheshl?commercial? >> it d it actually come out on television? >> yes. it was great. maybe it was just in iowa. you have probably at least heard about bryce harper being described as scary. there are two sides to that compliment scary for other teams in the way he's swinging the bat and at times last night showing why fans are both excited and anxious in every at-bat. bryce harper's hot may can only be cooled off one way. >> i don't care who it is. when it's bryce harper and there's nearly 40000 people in
6:54 pm
the stands to watch this guy play today and you throw him out for not being in the box, has nothing to did with what he said that's ludicrous. >> i don't think 40,000 people came to watch that tonight. plain and simple. no reason for me to get tossed in that situation. i really don't think i did anything to get tossed. but maybe he just had a bad morning, didn't drink his coffee. >> he's feisty enough to say whatever is on his mind. and expect to have his way in the box. >> he's in the face. he's been tossed. >> three home runs and two ejections in a span of seven games xs playing like a man in a kid's game. but time to grow up? or is he being targeted? don't hold your blejreath for answers except for when he's at the you didn't like that pacifier. >> you put a pacifier on bryce harper? >> we're not telling him to grow up. but nationally a lot of fans are
6:55 pm
against him. >> they need to find something else to talk about. that guy by and by his very nature is not normal. so why should you expect him to behave normal in any circumstances? he's a kid. he's 22 years old. he's a kid. >> this is his fourth year in the league. >> he's still a 22-year-old child. number three he didn't do anything wrong. >> he rolled his eyes a little bit. >> so what. he didn't use the mathing ick ingmagic word. you should have thrown that umpire out. you don't throw him out of the game. 40000 people in nats stadium to see the umpire? give me a break. >> and number five, any other fan in the league would love to have him on their team. >> the yankees would love to have him. >> that's right. >> he's under contract until 2018. there we go. we have some time before we worry about that. let's go to the orioles. buck show altshowalter and orioles.
6:56 pm
bottom first bases loaded for steve pierce facing jay happ. blasts one to left just over the wall. his first career grand slam. orioles take a 4-0 lead and how about a big celebratory hug from those fans. >> i love you, man. >> and then the rains came. a two hour three minute delay in the bottom of the third. we'll pick it up back bottom eight, j.j. hardy at the dish, game tied at 4-4. hardy a base knock up the middle. chris davis coming around third, a play at the plate. and he slides in safely. kind of tackles him, head dives in safely, o's win 5-4, their third win in the last five games. john wall didn't just get one snub today, he got named the first team all-nba. not second team all-nba or the third team all-nba. wizards fans, you're going to love his reaction, though.
6:57 pm
fuel to the fire. wall led the wizards to their best record since the '70s, averaging 17.6 points per game 10 assists second in the nba and 1.75 steals 11th in the league. not getting selected definitely a head scratcher. a tweet, it's crazy. wall reacted with a tweet, more motivation, keep sleeping. bring on next year. meantime rg3 congrats it's a girl. rg3 with baby number one. griffin announced the birth of reese ann griffin with a tweet just before 5:00 p.m. you see the selfie, his wife rebecca and the baby, 7 pounds 9 ounces. it looks like everybody is doing great. >> good for them. >> congratulations. >> a lot of unsolicited advice for that guy. >> night nurse. >> doug found your commercial. i guess it really did exist if only on -- >> none of us recognized it. >> no. >> michael jordan commercials.
6:58 pm
you've seen them all. >> can i get number six?
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on this thursday night, the manhunt from d.c. to new york, a huge break in the shocking family murder mystery has leftover pizza inside the home puts police hot on the trail of the suspected killer. a state of emergency declared amid a frantic race to clean up all the oil in californ the officer gunned down the day before she was to bring her newborn home from the hospital. the family and the city left reeling from an awful tragedy. the world treasure in the hands of isis. amid fears these ancient ruins could be destroyed and risk factors, testing for your baby's health earlier than ever but can those prenatal genetic tests be trusted. one couple warns of a tragic decision they nearly made. one couple warns of the


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