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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 29, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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will remain dry today. however, i am tracking lone showers across the area. this impacting 301 around clinton maryland. picking up rain in parts of northwest washington back into areas of fairfax county. more on that in the next ten minutes. also the chance for isolated storms this afternoon. but for now, pretty quiet this morning, alexis. >> it is really quiet and we are not going to complain about that. route 50 at landover road very light volume at this hour. somebody 95 approaching dumfries road it should be picking up here but it is cause something delays. the northbound side looking good on 95. 1270 at shady grove road, no problems here. heading towards the d.c. beltway also looking good. the alexandria courthouse
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will be closed until further notice. for scheduling or case inquiries, call the courthouse tore further information. in alexandria a family opening up about a morning rush hour shooting that lefd their loved one dead. it happened on 295. pedro alvarado and his brother were on their way to work when someone opened fire on their suv. alvarado was killed. >> he didn't have any -- >> yeah. >> he was always happy? >> police want to speak to anybody who saw anything. today, a man will be sentenced for arson and shooting at sheriff deputies in prince georges county. david coally set fire to his house after he was told to sell
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the house in a divorce settlement. deputies were serving an eviction notice on coally when he fired several shots towards them inside the house. police say he then set fire to the house. another courtroom, jose peneda will be sentenced after pleading guilty to inappropriately touching middle school girls. there are. >> unhappy people in prij prince georges county this morning. the county faces its first property tax hike in 35 years. many people do not think the tax hike went far enough, though. >> aaron, good morning. what's significant for everyone to know, everyone who lives in this county is this is the first property tax increase to
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come in more than 45 years. the 4% tax hike only pays for mandated state teacher parent funding. it doesn't add to the teener training or the plan to lower class sizes and the county schools been the county council says anything more than 4% was, quote, not affordable for county taxpayers. now, this is a big blow to the county executive and the school ceo who are under major pressure in this county to turn things around in the public schools. now, kevin max well the head of schools, released a statement afterwards saying the action continues the tradition of chronic underfunding in county schools. now, the county council took action to try and shore up some education dollars by requesting that 50% of casino dollars, casino revenue coming from the mgm would go straight to education.
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many people that i have been talking to in the run up to this vote thought there was some kuhn fusion because they thought that's what they voeted for whether they approved a casino coming out to national harbor. so there is one more vote before this budget becomes official and final and in our next half hour some other tax measures in this budget. we'll talk about that and how it impacts you then. lette green, back to you. >> thank you. today we expect to learn whether the president of world cup soccer's governing body will win re-election. sepp blatter is up for his fifth term. the election comes as federal authorities tell nbc news more indictments are on the way. fifa officials and world leaders have called for blatter to step aside. he's refusing saying he had nothing to do with millions of dollars in bribes allegedly
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tossing. >> i cannot honor everyone all of the time. if people are going to do wrong, they will also try to hide it. >> russia has slammed the investigation, saying the u.s. merely wants to steal the 2018 world cup. the u.s. denies that claim. blatter has not been indicted. in new court documents, former virginia first lady maureen mcdonnell's corruption conviction should be upheld. they say she has a, quote, mud misyou can of bribery law. lawyers for mcdonnell says the verdict should be reverse because of the judge. right now, a live look at the washington monument. we're working to find out whether the monument will open
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today. an electrical issue caused elevator problems yesterday and that forced the as soon as we find out whether if monument will taupe today. >> nunatak. >> n-uhn-a-t-ark. missouri's coolthey spelled every word they faced directly giving them each a share of the title. both winners are going home with more than $38,000 in cash and prizes. until last year the spelling bee hadn't seen a tie in more tharn five decades. an amazing feat for these kids. >> that will buy a lot of
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dictionaries. >> now they can look it up on their will i-pad is. what oont want to know before you start to work. how do find out whether you're car falls under the air recall
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if you're not sure if your car is affected by a faulty air bag recall you can now use an online database to get specific information about your car. last week the recall on faulty takata air bags was expanded again, affecting more than 34 million vehicles. with just a few clicks you can now see if your specific car is a part of that recall. head to safercar of govern/vin. enter the details of your car there. accord ing according to -- this is now the largest automobile recall in history. take a look at what was once a 75 foot high mound of snow in huge pile of dirt and debris. how gross is that? can you believe at this time of year there is still snow? that's really snow covered in ice. crews have been working to remove this stuff, that's what we'll call it. six weeks. what do you do with it?
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officials say they still have a few weeks to go. >> yuck. >> good luck. 5:11. our time right now. wish we can send them some heat and melt that did you have. >> amelia good morning. >> good morning. hot and humid and after that a big power change. right now, i'm tracking lone showers developing along a lingering disturbance. so some of you dealing with a bit of rain this morning. most of us dry. where it is raining, pretty impressive. in northwest washington these are slowly moving towards the north. those of you in bethesda might see some activity. this over 301 right now and tracking light rain out around the did i ehl area. all indications are that this comes to an end, fizzles out by about 8:00 a.m. you can to keep the umbrella handy today. some isolated showers and thunderstorms, best chance would be to the west of i-95.
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alexis how are roads looking right now. >> the roads are looking no delays of incidents. very light volume at this hour. 270 southbound heading in as well. a little bit more volume but nothing to complain about. the belt line and prince georges county road looking good there. not too many problems headed up towards the bridge. tune into our friends of wgop. we're following a developing story out of japan right now where a volcano is forcing people outer of their homes. we're checking reports for any injuries and we'll bring that to you, coming up. right now, there is a warning about those wrinkle fillers. what doctors want you to know. and a heads up for anybody who drives across
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welcome back at act 16. big work begins today on the arlington memorial bridge. right now, right lanes in both directions are not shut down. there's new weight and pedestrian restrictions. megan mcgrath is live near the bridge to let you know how this will change your morning commute. >> it's going to be a problem for a lot of people traveling in both directions here on the memorial bridge. if you look behind me here you can see the electronic arrow sign telling people to get over to the left. we've got a lane closure that's been in place for a while on the outbound side. well now we have the same thing happening on the inbound side of the bridge. last week they closed that outbound curb lane on memorial bridge after a routine inspection found problems with corrosion. well further inspection has raised more concerns this time by a secondary support beam. so they have closed another lane
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as well as the adjacent sidewalks. so here is the situation this morning. both curve lanes, so one inbound, one outbound curve lane the right lane they are closed right there in the center where the draw bridge span is. also four foot sections of the adjoining sidewalks have been closed as well. and we now have weight restrictions in place. ten tons that is the limit which means that most buses will not be able to cross the memorial bridge. now, they have moved up the timeline for temporary repair work. it was supposed to happen in september. it is now going to begin in july and it's expected to take between six and nine months to complete. so we are going to see these weight restrictions and these lane closures until that work is completed. this is already a choke point for traffic as everyone knows. and it's only getting worse. back to you on the studio. >> thanks megan. construction has started on csx's virginia avenue tunnel project.
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this is video of the tunnel. construction is happening near second and 4/streets southeast. right now, crews are building reports for a temporary retraining wall. the project has drawn protests from people who live nearby. csx says it is committed to safety and respect for the neighborhood. one place you will not see ads of the prophet muhammad is on the metro. metro's board of directors issued advertising space closed to all issue ads until the end of the year. that includes religious and political ads. the group says metro caved to terrorists. today, people in arizona will gather outside an islamic community center to draw cartoons of the profit muhammad. earlier this month, two muslim men started shooting tat an event showcasing cartoons of the
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prophet of muhammad. nor than two dozen people are being treated after accidently exposing people to active samples of anthrax. the u.s. military shipped at many as nine samples to other states via fedex. more than 300 samples were shipped last year. dr. richard ebright said the shipments need to be stopped. >> that volume of activity needs to be rolled back. >> the cdc is now asking all the labs that received recent samples from utah to ship them to atlanta for analysis using fedex. in news for your health at 5:19 a new study says cancer cases are rising globally but the deaths rates are falling. this is according to researchers from washington state.
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it outnumbered all other kinds of cancer deaths. breast cancer is the largest cause in women. there is a new warning about rare but potentially dangerous problems involving popular wrinkle fillers. the food and drug administration says some doctors are accidentally injecting derma fillers into blood vessels. this can cause severely damaged skin blindness or worse conditions. the fda says the accidents are more likely to happen with injections around the eyes and nose. there is a new treatment out there for depression that uses magnets when medication just won't work. it's called tmf. targeted magnetic pulses are sent to specific parts of a patient's brain. doctors say the key is stimulating just one part of your brain so you're targeting someone's mood. >> this is the part of the brain
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that is not functioning well in depression. >> doctors say this kind of therapy works best for patients for whom medication doesn't or side effects from medication are just too severe. if you love to fish but you don't have a license, you'll have one weekend to get out there and catch all you can. the virginia resources association is holding a free fishing weekend next weekend. you'll be able to fish for fresh water and saltwater fish. licenses will be required for certain stocked trout areas. officials say all other fishing regulations, including size season catch limits and gear restrictions will remain in effect. even if you don't have a license, you'll need to learn the rules. >> any dad likes to fish. i could never get over the bait part. i can never do it. >> i don't eat fish either. oh how about that? >> how about that aaron? >> a live look outside for you. i keep -- the sun is nowhere near up but it's a pretty
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bright looking picture right there, right amelia? >> yeah exactly, aaron. for most of us it's feeling summer like in the district. temperatures in the mid 70s. a few lone cells on storm tracker, right into maryland. another one will be impacting the upper marlboro area. so some isolated showers this morning. most of us throw, remaining dry. as we get to the afternoon hours, well, some isolated thunderstorms. and aaron, just so you know sunrise time around 5:45. there we go. for this weekend, talking about saturday and sunday saturday mainly dry. sunday rain and thunderstorms are likely. we could have heavy rain and strong to maybe even severe thunderstorms on sunday. that would be later in the day on into the evening hours. potentially a weather alert day. we're going to continue to monitor the situation. after that much cooler next week that rain on sunday. it's a cold front and it's going to dramatically cool us down. here is the latest on storm
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team 4 radar. you can see these two, mainly two cells i'm talking about right here. this one around the bethesda area just leaving mcclain starting to pass over the river. until about 8:00 a.m. at the latest. otherwise, 75 degrees right now. it's muggy. a high today of 87. leaseberg, high of 87 as well. manassas a high of 89. traveling today, isolated showers this morning. isolated thunderstorms later today. exercise it will be hot and humid heading out and about. as long as you have the small umbrella handy, you'll be just fine. for tomorrow a high of 91. most of us will be dry. rain and thunderstorms likely later in the day. a high of 88. there is a big temperature change. june begins and we drop to high temperatures only in the upper 60s on monday. the chance of rain on monday. tuesday, as well. tuesday, a high temperature
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around 70. alexis any problems on this friday? >> no major problems on the beltway as you're traveling in maryland or virginia. we do have a mark train update for you. brunswick east delay of about 20 minutes. 95 northbound at lort oo n road more volume but no incident these. road 50 at root 301 looking good. and 270 to old hundred road running slow out ott frederick, but nothing to complain about. it is now 5:25. the coast guard is helping evacuate a small island in japan after a volcano erupted. it started spewing clouds of black ash and rock about eight hours ago. no injuries have been roshted. the small island has 137 residents and they're all waiting right now at an evacuation facility to be rescued. we should find out whether seven miles of southern
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california beaches will reopen this morning. the beaches cloesed after a mysterious oily goo washed up on shore. the tarry substance started showing up wednesday. crews are trying to figure out where it came from. they say it may not be from a recent oil spill in the area. contact with oil products can cause skin airtation and other health problems. 21 new recommendations to combat sex assaults at virginia university is now on the govern's desk. they include an increase in victim's reporting options. for example, victims could yo a smartphone app creating sexual response teams on private and public areas of campus. students we spoke to say this is a step in the right direction. >> i feel like they're actually
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going to do something about it. >> very few of this is recommendations would actually require new legislation. next week the woman at the center of jessie matthew's rape and attempted murder case will be in court. the 36-year-old woman is being flown to fairfax klt from indiana for a pretrial hearing. in 2005 matthew sexually assaulted the woman near lanier middle school. jessie was charged with the murder of hannah graham. the rape trial is set to begin on june 8th. army officials are denying reports that sergeant bow bergdahl was accused of sexual harassment in texas. instead, some say bergdahligami for her. the female soldier accepted the informal findings of no
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wrongdoing. bergdahl is awaiting a verdict on charges he abandon troops in afghanistan. amelia is back with your commuter forecast. and shocking numbers out of baltimore in morning where the murder rate is skyrocketing. why killings are up and arrests are down. and used as a human shield this morning, we're learning new information in the shooting death of a d.c. reporter just as her family speaks out about her murder. accusations are flying there morning about a district homeless shelter. only on 4,
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looking at the stories making headlines at 5:30 construction begins today on the arlington memorial bridge. right now, crews are shutting down the right lane in both directions. those lanes will remain close for the next six to nine months. the prince georges county voted for a 4% property tax hike. $34 million under the council's plan would only be enough to cover state mandated teacher pengs. the state council needs to vote one more time before the budget takes effect. we expect to learn whether
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the president's world cup governing body will rewin election. accept blaert is up for his fifth term. the electric comes as federal authorities tell nbc news more indictments are on the way. we'll have more on those stories. >> but first, it is 5:31. we want to check your weather headlines. >> amelia telling us about this hot and humid day. >> a high temperature of 88 degrees. first, a live picture. this is the top of the beltway in montgomery county. it's not windy for everybody outside, but i'm tracking a disturbance moving northward through the area. you can some lone cells here on storm team radar. as they move north, this is causing windy conditions locally. seeing a bit of rain. this cell moving towards cabin john. this activity quickly fizzling.
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for most of us our morning commute dry and warm. inside the beltway, upper 60s. outside of the beltway. getting into the evening hours, heading home on your friday, isolated storms in the forecast. no most likely you're not going to need it. you're tacking other issues on the roads, one of them around 95. >> i am. first to the district. we have reports of a water main break. first street and g street northeast. two lanes are blocked in each direction. traveling elsewhere, taking a look at the beltway, amelia just showed you this shot. looking good on the outer loop and inner loop. no reports of delays there. overall, the beltway is running smoothly for this time of day. no complaints there. 6/6 eastbound, higher volume but nothing major. one of our residents was gunned down. sharnese milton was a very active resident in the district of columbia. a reporter.
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she lived east of the river. >> the police need your help in finding the mushd suspect in the death of a local reporter. her parents say milton was used as a human shield when gunfire broke out at good hope road and alabama avenue sooift. milton's mother was waiting for a text message from her daughter, but it never came. >> at 9:28, she at the point texted me and said i'm on my way home. so i was waiting for her to text me back and let me know if she needed me to pick her up or where she was. we never got that text. police say they are looking for a teen ager with dread locks last seen riding a dirt bike or moped. baltimore is having its deadliest may in 15 years. there have been 38 homicides in
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the city so far this month alone. arrests dropped sharply after freddie gray's death in april. and we're now getting word on how the defense attorneys for the six officers are going to handle their case. five of the six officers charged in freddie gray's death voluntarily provided statements to the investigators. >> they want one trial for six people. it's for the convenience of witnesses, it's for the convenience of jurors it's much less expensive to do it one time. >> the officers will be arraigned on july 2nd. the frederick county police say they recognize the need for a more diverse police force.
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there were 145 officers on the force. 110 of them are white males. there are 10 black officers six latino officers and one asian officer. however, the news post did speak to minority groups in frederick who praised the police for regular outreach. 5:35 your time right now. we should find out tomorrow whether martin o'malley will challenge hillary clinton for the democratic nomination for president. the former governor of maryland has a big announcement planned for tomorrow in baltimore. o'malley is in for a mixed reception at that time. baltimore accountability activists say they plan to protest at his speech because of his record as baltimore mayor. they say o'malley's zero to rans policy may have headed to the that led to freddie gray's death. the man dubbed the bicycle bandit has been indicted. he faces bank robbery, escape
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and kidnapping charges. he targeted northern virginia banks between october 2013 to march of this year. after his arrest he escaped from a father fax hospital assaulted two federal officers and kidnapped one of them. based on these charges, he can face a mandatory minimum of 122 years in prison. a former speaker of the house is under indictment this morning. dennis hastert is accused of agreeing to pay $3.5 million in hush money. the indictment says hastert was trying to keep someone quiet about some sort of prior misconduct. there's no word yet on what that misconduct was or what is accepting that hush money. a story you will only see here on news 4, we're learning officials in the district knew about the high levels of lead paint at d.c.'s largest homeless shelter. the mayor ordered a complete inspection of the building. high levels of lead were found
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throughout the building along with a report from 2014 showing dangerous lead levels in several rooms. >> the city was alerted a year ago about dangerous levels where was the oversight when it comes to making sure we got that information and took action upon it? dleerl, we didn't. we're told that the bowser administration has implemented new policies to avoid having this happen again. the search continues for people in oklahoma and texas after days of flooding and the bad news just keeps on coming. when people there can expect even more rain. it's getting a lot lighter outside. amelia is working on your hour by hour forecast. and it's back. what we're learning about the
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your children may soon to be able to more about socrates as schools in the district roll out a new set of lessons. the activities called counselor stone may include a seminar to learn more about the philosophy or even a hands on science project. the new cornerstones are designed to increase the death of a student's knowledge and develop thinking skills.
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teachers will receive training on these new lessons and teachers will be expected to teach four lessons a year in addition to their regular teaching schedule. no rest for the weary for those in oklahoma and texas. this is lawton okay okay, where officials are shutting down highways there. in texas, swollen rivers are causing flash floods. dozens of people have been rescued as the flooding continues to rage on in texas and forecastsers are predicting high winds and large hail from dallas all the way to madison, wisconsin. >> let's check the forecast for our area. amelia segal, can we expect any rain? >> and isolated offers until about 7:00 a.m. then getting into afternoon thunderstorms. not everybody getting rain today. here is the wlatest. this area notice these two
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cells have already died. this one, though still trucking along. impacting upper mall borrow right now. for today, any of this isolated shower activity is done by 7:00 a.m. a. 72 degrees at that point. low 80s for the mid day hours. it's hazy hot and humid. a high today of 88. getting into the afternoon and evening hours, some widely scattered thunderstorms and showers. any showers we do see, though could be on the heavy side just because of the mugginess in the air. bus stop looking good. recess looking good today. dismissal, though isolated storms are possible. more on the weekend coming up in ten minutes. alexis is tracking are some unusual days on 5. >> unusual for this time of morning and on the southbound side. southbound 95 at the weight station, we had a work zone that just got picked up. northbound 95 delays in dell city but no problems if you're traveling the beltway in virginia or maryland at this
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time. here is a look at those travel times. southbound 95 28 minutes between the beltway and quantico. southbound 395 -- 495, excuse me 11 minutes. back to you. you can find just about anything on amazon including groceries. how the company is trying to make life a little easier. a gun shop creating quite the controversy.
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14 before the hour now. iraqi is pouring in regarding prince george's first tax increase in years. many people think a 4% tax increase was not enough. >> good morning. there's both a sigh of relief and major concern about the future of public schools in this
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county. now, the 4% property tax increase is nowhere includes to bringing in the tens of millions that we've been hearing are needed to boost teacher training their salaries even adding pre-k. the county council said anything more or higher than that would be too much of a burden on county people here still struggling to hold on to their homes. now, the money coming from this is just enough to pay for teacher pension costs. that's it. now, the head of schools, kevin maxwell has blasted the results saying this decision this action continues the tradition of chronic underfunding for our schools. now, also in this budget plan from the county council, a 1.5% rate hike for parks and planning to help with the vital services that are needed throughout the county's recreation areas. now, the council is going to bring in an outside auditor to be able to look through how school money is allocated and
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used so that taxpayers in this county can feel more confident about the money and how their money is being used. that is the latest live from heightsville. a woman charged with letting her husband drown in a kayak will be arraigned on murder charges. angeliqua told authorities the kayak accidentally capsized in the hudson river last month. but prosecutors say she tampered with the kayak and waited 20 minutes to call 911. today, fallen firefighters will be remembered here in the washington area. the 100th annual memorial day service will take place today at 9:30 a.m. he several families will be ayou attendance. mcray died in a fire earlier this month. act 49 now.
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an online battle for and against the gun shop in arlington is neck and neck this morning. there are two petitions circulating right now. one for the shop and one against the shop and both have about the same number of signatures. the owners of nova firearms want to lease the location at the shopping center in the chirry dale area. but others say the store doesn't fit in for stores in that area. >> people come here for beauty for peace, for a wheel and they -- i don't necessarily feel that people coming here for a gun. >> a lot of times before you purchase something you want to fit it and see if it fits right. the guns are the same. >> some say patrons center threatened not to come there if the if you know shot moves in pop. there will be track work on metro this weekend. trains on the orange silver and blue lines will run every 26
5:50 am
memberships. trains on the red line will run every 20 minutes. on the green line the station will be closed. shuttle bus will be will be proifd. police will install high resolution cameras to watch and record people. that's according to state records. they will be the latest of several cameras installed at mart stations in our area. the state won't say which other stations have been kwibd. state records say they're needed to help protect homeland security. now is your chance to get rid of any hazardous waste you might have around the house. drop it off tt regional landfill on eskimo road. there is no charge for people who live in fredericksburg or stafford county. drp off things like furniture polish, mercury therm mom
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temperatures and other items. it's another, hot steamy day. >> deal with it this weekend, right? >> until monday been you'll be talking about temperatures not making identity out of the section for a high. >> just like that. >> as june begins it's going to feel more like spring. as we close out may, it's right now the second warmest may in recordkeeping history. travel for the most part looking good. tracking an isolated shower right now on storm 4 radar. isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. exercise hot and humid heading out and about. for the most part okay. just grab a small umbrella. right now tracking this lone cell impacting 301. this is heading toward the north. as it does so, it's continuing to fall apart.
5:52 am
temperatures in the 60s and 70s. 72 in annapolis. 730 in college park. highs today, mid to upper 80s. very similar to yesterday. 89 for a high in manassas. future weather showing you the isolated thunderstorm potential for the afternoon. that hazing sunshine. getting into the afternoon hours, future weather a little overdone. but notice where it's favoring the rain chances for the most part west of i-95. that trend continues into the evening hours. thunderstorms bubble up later today. they could contain heavy rain and be slow-moving like that rain we saw yesterday in parts of washington and maryland. for tomorrow a high of 91. partly sunny skies. isolated showers and rain over the blue ridge mountains. elsewhere, it's dry. sunday a high temperature of 88 getting into the afternoon and evening hours. rain and thunderstorms are
5:53 am
likely. some heavy rain looking likely on sunday later in the day. and there's a low to moderate risk that any thunderstorms we're tracking could contain hail and high winds. sunday definitely a day to keep your eye on. brother-in-law brother-in-lawly i don't think so. some rain on monday the chance of showers early on tuesday. continuing to track a water main break this morning. >> that's right. first and g street right by union station, two lanes are blocked in either direction. traveling 935 south, those delays haven't decreased significantly. that work zone got picked up. 95 traveling from maryland baltimore down to d.c. route to 16.
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for more traffic, tune into our friends. new numbers show that more men than women die in car crashes. more than 33,000 americans were killed in car crashes in 2012. more than 23,000 of those deaths were men. just 9,000 were women. there are a number of possible reasons for the gender gap here. the agency says men drive more than women do and they drive more aggressively than women and they're more likely to drive drunk. sky mall is back. the company that makes in flight magazines filed for bankruptcy in january. a nirm brought the bag zeeb. well the days of photo albums are pretty much long gone but that doesn't mean you can't store your favorite pictures in a safe place. that and more good morning. all my photos basically live on
5:55 am
my laptop. >> mine are on my phone. i take pictures wherever i go. and google launching a new photo app to help users organize and store their images. available on gookel's and droid and apple the web. it automatically sorts pictures and helps users create collages and movies. >> the online retailer is adding more apps. last year, amazon latch dollars its elements brand. private labels let retailers control pricing and they don't cost as much to market. back over to you. >> landon thank you. the washington area has some of the wealthiest, self-made businesswoman in the u.s. shelia johnson, landing at
5:56 am
number 22. founder of siris radio, romance author nora roberts is at number 39. president obama took some questions on twitter yesterday with his brand new handle,@potus. the question was on climate change. first, is a hot dog a sandwich? what's your answer? i don't know. >> potus opens spot in fantasy football this year. and thoughts on drain having a little bit more light hearted conversation with the president. >> remember we discussed there. we said a hot dog is a hot dog, a sandwich -- is different.
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>> right. what do you think? let us know. >> we will tweet about that. if one of those weird questions, throw, that people do sort of ask. obviously, to no great consequence, but enough for controversy, i guess. a traffic alert that you want to be aware of as you get ready to leave for work today. we want to show you some live pictures of the arlington memorial bridge where crews have closed a second lane because of growing structure. this is not the only restriction put in place. we'll show you what you need to know if you use that bridge and how these are impacting the -- you will experience a big change in the weather come monday. amelia will have details, coming up. 5:57 is your
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right now on news 4 today, a growing list of problems for the arlington memorial bridge. the new concerns that have forced the closure of another lane on that historic bridge and the impact it could have on your commute. plus, showers popping up in some communities over the last couple of hours. take a look at these temperatures too. we're bracing ourselves for oots hot and humid day. >>. morning. grab the umbrella. most lakely though, you won't need to use it.
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some isolated showers and thunderstorms. we're hot and we're humid. 60s outside the beltway. washington now at 75 degrees. and we warm up quickly. by 9:00 a.m. we're near 80. into the mid day hour into the 80s. similar to yesterday. here is the latest on storm team radar. for most of us it's a dry start this morning. this lone cell continuing to impact route 301. any other isolated showers out there have sizzled. i'll have more on this afternoon's thunderstorm potential. but for now, over to alexis with the latest on the road. dealing with that water main break, 1st street and g street two lanes are blocked in each direction. 295, running pretty good


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