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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 1, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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cleanup day. this morning following reports of several downed trees and power lines after a big night of severe storms. also this morning standing by for an announcement that could have a major impact on your commute, if you take metro, why it could be good for some riders and bad for others. first, though, we'll start with some breaking news on the roads. just a mess in a lot of spots because of all the problems overnight with downed trees and downed wires with the storm that came through right now foxhall road we do have that closure. just one closure for you in northwest. another one, look at this map. southbound wisconsin right now shut down at fulton street and wisconsin at jenifer. wisconsin avenue shut down there. south capitol street at malkx x and and rhode island avenue northeast at washington place. the westbound lanes blocked and one eastbound lane getting by there because of an issue there as well. in bowie 197 shut down.
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your alternate there crane highway and clopper road shut down at mateny. amelia segel is on the scene you were just talking about in northwest. amelia, pretty nasty. >> yeah, absolutely, melissa. we had storms move through the area overnight bringing severe weather to the region and this is one of the areas that was impacted. we are here on foxhall road and closed because of two issues. we have some downed trees but we also have some downed wires across the area. so police are on the scene here. i did speak with them. they said it's unclear as to how long it is going to take to get this cleaned up because there are so many incidents across the area this morning of downed wires and especially downed trees. right now thousands without power. i have to say here on the corner the house here still has its lights on. the power in this immediate area does not seem to be impacted.
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tom though, these storms will bring a nice change as we say hi to july. >> bringing humidity by later today and the wake of the storms some of the pavement still damp and drying out and the rest of the rain and the eastern shore just a few lingering sprinkles right near interstate 70 where it crosses into washington county and south of there in the northern loudun county much of frederick county and then really after that dissipating. there is the capitol under a lifting overcast. we'll get some sunshine breaking out by 7:00 near 70 and upper 70s by 9:00. low 80s by 11:00. drive time forecast next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up. so, road closures and power outages are not the only problems left behind by the overnight storms. take a look as at this gas station in bowie. the canopy fell during the storm stormsstorm storms overnight.
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in the 7000 block of laurel bowie road. firefighters say it's too soon to say what sparked the flames at a predominantly black church in greeleyville, south carolina. the fire erupted at mt. zion church late last night that 8,000 square foot building is a total loss. at least one firefighter was taken to the hospital and treated for heat exhaustion. this fire is the latest in a string of black church fires since a gunman shot and killed nine people inside a charleston church. the same church was also burned down by the clu. it could happen under a proposal being presented today, but could it shorten wait times for some of you. zachary keith explains why some of you might like this idea and why others not so much. zachary? >> yeah. that's right. not everyone is a winner here, but if you're one of the many blue line riders at the rosalyn
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metro station you could see shorter wait times. this comes back to a year ago when the silver line opened up to accommodate that line they had to reduce the number of orange line. but, excuse me the blue line. but the blue line is actually the busiest line that metro operates. so the isisis is about restoring capacity. more blue trains from 12 minutes to 8 minutes. fewer trains if you're on the green, orange blue and silver lines. a longer wait six minutes to eight minutes. metro says on average, it might only be a minute. if you're a rider on those lines, that will impact you. this is during peak times we're talking about. this really hinges around the roselyn tunnel. that tunnel can allow 26 trains per hour. in order to accommodate the silver and orange lines less blue lines over the course of the last year. they're trying to fix that during this meeting tonight. reporting live here in northern virginia, back to you guys in
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the studio. >> thanks zachary. five minutes after the hour and this morning the d.c. dmv inspection station is working to fix a system glitch. if you had plans to take your car there for an inspection, don't count on it. drivers who have inspired inspection stickers with yesterday or today's date can get a temporary inspection sticker. all late fees waives ss sd today, as well. brand-new laws taking effect in maryland, as well as virginia. let's get back to our home page there. you'll find all of these on the nbc washington app by the way. we'll start off in maryland where the price of gas right now is going to go up. there we go. well, i think it's going to play. there we go. it's going to go up an extra 1.8 cents per gallon. also for drivers, some good news. tolls will go down on the bay bridge and the baltimore tunnels and the icc. moving things over to virginia, it looks like the first one we want to talk about is to end
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college sex assaults. college police have to tell prosecutors within two day physical they're investigating a sex assault on campus and then also in virginia we're talking about breast feeding. you're now protecting if you want to breast feed in public. before now you could get kicked out of the gym or grocery store for feeding your child. at least ao effect. we put them all on the nbc washington app, as well as on our website. watching a developing story. deadly targeted attacks in egypt. we learned 30 soldiers died in simultaneous strikes on checkpoints in northern sinai. at least six military checkpoints gault hit here. egyptian security reports that they took some soldiers capture captured. this is happening days after the country's top prosecutor is assassinated. that is the latest. back to you. coming up on 5:07 and today you'll notice construction along the white house security fence.
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crews are installing sharp metal spikes to the top of the fence. it will take about six weeks to complete. the secret service says a temporary fix to keep people from jumping over the fence. the move is in response to several people getting over that fence including one man that made it inside the mansion. working with other agencies now to develop a long-term design solution. and several girl scouts waking up inside the white house following some thunderstorms after their camp out. last night president obama and the first lady talked to the scouts camped out on the white house south lawn. those campers were moved to a conference room once heavy rain started falling. 50 fourth graders from the maryland, district virginia and west virginia taking part in that camp. all part of the first lady's let's move campaign. want to take a live look outside this morning. a lot of you might be seeing downed branches and trees on your drive to work this morning after last night's storm. but what else can you expect on your way to work? tom is putting together your drive time forecast and will bring that to us at 5:11.
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how about the issue take center stage in arlington. why gender identity could be part of school policy. get ready for a pay raise, but only if you live in d.c. and maryland. how much minimum wage is going up, starting today. who has more speed cameras d.c. or prince george's county? the story new this morning that might surprise you.
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5:11 now. today the arlington school board will meet to consider adding gender identity. that new addition would impact teachers and other employees. it approve if approved it would prevent -- also today the minimum wage is going up in the district in maryland. in the district it is going up a dollar to $10.50 an hour. go up another dollar next july. muriel bowser will talk about
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that decision later this morning. in maryland the minimum wage will go up a quarter. the first increase took effect in january. let's check in with melissa mollet and more breaking news from roadways. >> breaking news from prince george's county. indian head highway northbound at old fort road. the left lane blocked because of some flooding that just started accumulating in that area. foxhall road between cathedral avenue and hawthorn street. amelia segel is on that scene for us this morning.o in northwest wisconsin avenue at jenifer street. south capitol street and malcolm x. we have flooding there. that low-lying area where water accumulates all the time. at washington place westbound lanes blocked and one eastbound lane getting by. busy morning tom. >> high water. an inch of rain around an hour
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around midnight and strong gusts of wind to around 70 miles an hour. storms that roared on through after midnight and now quickly moving away. lingering light sprinkles this area in green moving over to howard county and carol. for the morning commute, high water around but mid-day in the afternoon drying out and green light for the commute weatherwise. drying roads in the morning low 70s and upper 80s near 90 with dry roads in the afternoon with lots of sunshine and lower humidity. look at the storm chances next seven days. next traffic on the 1s. >> tom thank you. a huge outpouring of support for the families of two teenagers killed in an accident in north potomac. why the crash is an ongoing worry for a local high school principal. in the race for president, an update on the local politician and his campaign. stay with us.
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you're watching news 4 today.
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5:17 now and a wake will be held now for one of two high school graduates killed in a car crash. visitation for alex murk is at humphries funeral home in bethesda. an emotional vigil for murk and calvin li. both died in a wreck on a way home from a party. police believe speed and alcohol contributed to that crash. wooten's principal says he worries about what can happen from students transitioning from high school to college. >> they're not drinking in school and part school school. i think we are part of the solution, but wree not the problem. >> the driver of the car is in critical condition. another passenger in that car walked away fine. munt montgomery county police say evidence will be turned over to determine whether charges will be filed. right now tensions are high
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in greece. the country defaulted on its debt at 1:00 a.m. local time. the government only let 1,000 banks open today due to fears of a spiraling bank run. this morning asian markets are cautiously traveling up. greek leaders are pressing new terms for a possible third bailout. today euro zone will hold a call on that new proposal. last night thousands rallied in athens as you can see here against greece leaving the euro zone. looks like big changes are coming to the maximum security prison. two men escaped in new york. 12 employees including the superintendent are on leave now. one of the escapees david sweat is now apparently revealing everything about how he and richard matt escaped. he told investigators he and matt actually practiced getting out of the prison the night before they broke free. >> if they were able to pop open a manhole cover the night before, why not escape that night? >> i guess they felt they had a
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plan to have joyce mitchell pick them up in a car and drive away. >> sweat said shehe was the mastermind of that plan. the prison is conducting a thorough investigation into the escape. a deal is possible. that's the latest word from negotiators in discussions over iran's nuclear program. they blew past yesterday's deadline for a deal but going to keep talking. nbc news reporting that u.n. weapon monitors will soon announce that iran has kept its promise to turn some of its uranium into a marmharmless material. yesterday president obama said he would walk away from any deal that does not include nuke inspections at any time. nascar is not banning confederate flags this weekend at the daytona 500 but offering a flag exchange. nascar fans can trade in a flag. nascar banned the flag earlier this month, but track officials say they can't call for an all-out ban this weekend since fans had previously purchased tickets.
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in news for your health, could you save someone's life? cardiac arrest death rates are on the rise in the u.s. as fewer people are learning the life-saving skills. a report from the institute of medicine says only 3% of the population gets cpr training each year. in some u.s. cities the survival rate is above 60% while in others it is under 10%. new research showing obese teenagers are less likely to use contra contraception than their normal weight peers. the university of michigan study focused on women who were 18 or 19 years old. obese adolescents have lower use of contraception and those who did use birth control were less likely to use it consistency. researchers say low self-esteem may stop overweight teens from asking their doctor or buy it at the pharmacy. fireworks are fun for kids, but they can be deeply disturbing for anyone suffering
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from post-traumatic stress disorder. ptsd. the loud noise can send some into a stressful, emotional, even painful experience. >> i loved to see the fireworks. any loud noise any flashes will easy make me jump and somewhat crouch down. >> as many as one in five veterans have problems with p ptsd. in about five minutes why terrorists may be stocking up on explosives. melissa mollet has the latest on the roads. right now 50 near the cheverly metro. flooding eastbound and westbound. a warning for you this morning. south capitol street at malcolm x avenue. we have more flooding there and
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you can't get around it this morning. just aern wag, not a lot of trees or wires down but many traffic sickgnals are down. you want to treat those as a four-way stop. cathedral and hawthorn and we have wires and a tree down there as well. wisconsin avenue at northwest at jenifer and a couple rail warnings for you. penn line 505 25 minutes behind and possible delays there saying this morning because of potential track problems because of those overnight storms. tom? >> flooding problems due to the sky just opening up and unloading. last night right around midnight to midnight around 2:00 a.m. got about an inch of rain, much of the region. happened only an hour, hour and a half. we still have ponding of water, watch out for that. those low-lying areas and some trees came down. wind gusts to 70 miles an hour
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in parts of prince george's county. how quickly the storms moved away. a few sprinkles in frederick county and move into western county and few scattered light sprinkles in montgomery county. temperatures right now are rain cooled and fresh. we're in the 60s most of the area. reagan national now is right around 70 and later today, pleasant humidity returns briefly. then it gets uncomfortable to sticky, again. overnight tonight and into thursday. and into the holiday weekend, too. there's the capitol under a brightening sky still overcast. sunrise 5:47. by 8:00, the sun breaks out and temperatures into the mid-70s. near 80 around 3:00 and a few high clouds coming in late afternoon. then overnight tonight down to the low 70s by dawn on thursday. tomorrow, some sunshine afternoon highs in the upper 80s and a little more humid. looks like thursday evening more thunderstorm thundershowers coming on
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through. a small chance the likelihood of showers all day on friday. it looks like a wet day. showers and cool temperatures with highs only in the 70s and then dry off friday night, just in time for the fourth of july on saturday. temperatures reaching the mid-80s during the afternoon. and some increasing clouds. then it's saturday evening we could get some showers that may interrupt some of the firework displays. as we get closer to the day, we're getting a better look at it. then sunday partly cloudy and up thor 80upper 80s. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up. 5:31. your walk to work forecast. aaron? >> all right tom, thank you. 5:24. new this morning a new speed camera king in our area. in the past year prince george's county handed out more speed camera than the dikstrict. the district issued 280,000. despite those numbers the overall number of tickets being handed out in both places is
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actually down and so is revenue from those tickets. prince george's county collected more than $5 million in 2014. that's down from more than $7 million in 2013. within days former virginia senator will decide whether he wants to challenge hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. that is according to several news reports. jim ewebb has talked pretty openly about running and noted that clinton's campaign got off to a shaky start. led to speculation that she could face more challengers. in the latest poll webb is at about 4%. terrorists may be stocking up on fireworks to make improvised explosive devices. that's the warning from the northern virginia regional intelligence center. officers are looking for those buying large amounts of fireworks or anyone who may have disassembled fireworks. they're also looking closely for injuries, burns or odors on the person or in the residence. they're also looking for plans drawings or sketches of public
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places. since mid-june the fairfax county fire marshal has been inspecting dozens of firework stands for fire safety. >> we're looking to make sure the fireworks, as you can see here, the packages are not destroyed and we don't have leaking black powder out of the containers or anything like that. >> there are no specific threats to northern virginia. officers are calling for vigilance. you may notice more security as hundreds of thousands of people are expected to see the fourth of july fireworks on the metro mall. the system is adding more trains beginning at 2:00 and then at 6:00, metro will run near rush hour service until everyone gets home. keep in mind, you can park for free at all metro facilities on saturday. go to our nbc washington app to see how to get around on the fourth of july. an athlete is among the first openly transgender swimmers. shiler is an incoming freshman at harvard. she was recruited for the
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women's team but came out as transgender this year. after he told the women's coach he was offered to join the men or the women's team. he chose the men's team. president obama is congratulating the u.s. national soccer team. what a game. he said he can't wait for the world cup finals the big game. the women are heading for their record fourth appearance into the final after their 2-0 victory over powerhouse, germany. the team did retweet president obama's message. but i say they won the big one already. germany, they were tough. they were known for the best offense out there. but defense in the end takes it. 5:27 our time right now. it is a busy news day around here. we're waiting for official word on the latest step in normalizing relations between the u.s. and cuba. a new embassy could be opening here in d.c. soon. a new report on d.c. schools released overnight. we'll tell you how it says the
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reports are failing. and the weather calm after the storm. the problems, the overnight severe weather is causing this morning.
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it's 5:30e now and here are some of the stories we're working on for you right now. could a cuban embassy soon stand in the district. we're standing by for that announcement whether or not a u.s. embassy could open in cuba's capital. a scathing report on d.c.
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schools. we are poring through the pages of the document just released and we will bring you those findings. cleanup under way in corners across the dmv after a night of storms. a look at the damage and whether we can expect more wild weather. good morning everyone. i'm angie goff. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. want to get right to, go to weather or traffic, guys? let's go to weather and tom kierein. >> now finally settling down in the wake of the strong storms. when i woke up i checked out the storm team 4 radar and saw the heavy downpours that came through with the thunder and lightning. a few sprinkles north of washington and around damascus and opup across the line eastern frederick county and that's moving off to the north and east and that's going to be pulling away. clouds around this morning and maybe jumping over some puddles walking to work. temperatures in the low 70s and then sun breaks out by later this morning and then dry sidewalks during the afternoon.
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by then the upper 80s to near 90. you will notice less humid t been the in the last 24 hours. you won't need the umbrella this afternoon. you will need the sun block and short sleeves and heading out for a length of time or definitely at the pool. next weather and traffic on the 1s. your neighborhood highs around the region. that's coming up at 5:41. melissa has breaking news. >> breaking news on the road because of trees and wires down all over the place. foxhall road between cathedral and hawthorne. one of the spots where we have trees and wires down this morning. you can see probably not going to be out of the way for some time. inbound can now also shut down there at foxhall road. that is going to be nasty for a lot of people coming in this morning on canal. south capitol street at malcolm x avenue the flooding there that we typically see with any kind of heavy rain and then third street northeast actually, at east capitol a tree on a car there. northern virginia warning many
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traffic signals are dark this morning. be sure to treat those as a four-way stop and brand-new kreesh 70 east at route 32 with the left lane blocked. a lot of problems as far as trees and wires down this morning. amelia segel live for us in northwest this morning and driving around and see a little bit of action here for us. >> yeah melissa. noticing a lot of branches down as we were making our way here this morning. now i'm here at foxhall and cathedral. this is just off of nebraska avenue. as i step out of the way here you can see a wire down across the road here. this is along cathedral. crossing over foxhall and also some downed limbs here. so, the road is shut down here. if you do take foxhall this morning, you probably want to find an alternate route. talked to police officers here on the scene. they're unsure as to how long exactly this road closure is going to be in place. we're going to pick up here and move to d. street in northwest where we're hearing reports of a tree down on a car and bring you
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the latest there live in about 30 minutes, aaron. >> amelia segel live for us, thank you. it's 5:34 and in less than a month we could see the u.s. flag waving over an embassy in cuba. president obama will announce plans for a new u.s. embassy in cuba. right now both countries only operate interest sections in each other's countries. reestablishing ties with cuba had vowed to block funding for an embassy there. the u.s. trade embargo is still in place. after finishing up his first round of chemo larry hogan hopes to leave the hospital today. the governor posted an update on his facebook page yesterday. he said he's still feeling really strong. battling stage three nonhodgkins lymphoma and plans to continue working during his treatment. we're getting our hands on hillary clinton's state department e-mails. senior obama administration
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officials were aware of clinton's e-mail address. but it's still not clear whether officials knew clinton was using a private server in her new york home. the state department is releasing clinton's e-mails in batches after an uproar over her skirting the rules. we're following three developing stories right now. starting out west where wildfires are getting more and more out of control. in washington state, 24 families lost everything in a wildfire that destroyed their homes. california and the u.s. forest service have spent tens of millions of dollars trying to contain a fire outside of l.a. it has been burning for weeks. firefighters say it's now 60% contained. in indonesia investigators working to find out how many people died when a plane crashed into a hotel. 113 people on that plane died. most of them indonesian military members and their families. you can see it was total chaos there as people tried to help rescuers or get away. it's not clear right now how many people on the ground were
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hurt or killed. marijuana now legal. the new law took effect. right now no stores selling pot there, but they won't be able to do that until some time next year. davis deejays is out of business. the company has been a go-to for weddings and parties across the dmv. some customers are being left with no refunds and very little explanation. one cupel is just one month away from their wedding day and now out of pof pocket and looking for a deejay. >> wedding is so expensive. everything that goes into it. the cake and the food and everything is expensive. when you're paying somebody all this money you expect them to give you these services and now you're out of money and out a deejay. >> several other companies have reached out to the company, but with no success. the company's phone number is no longer in service and e-mails to the company are bouncing back. an audition on "america's
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got talent" caught our eye. he has no job, no car and he lives at home with his parents. >> these are all big red flags. that's why i don't get much attention on i do, however have a lot of success on tinder where i am a buff 28-year-old georgetown medical student with a porsche and a trust fund. >> that is leo 15 years old from d.c. and he wowed the judges on last night's show. he made them laugh with jokes about his love life and how awkward it is to be 15 because it can be pretty awkward. >> it's terrible. >> leo got through to the next round. on twitter he said he was blown away by all the support he received. when you're funny you're funny. doesn't matter how young you are. >> keep an eye on him. >> for sure. some good news for beltway drivers where an extra lane will soon be opening. >> so excited about that. and who just give the nsa the go ahead to start snooping
5:38 am
on you, again. live look outside for you now at 5:38. temperatures mostly in the 60s right now. just how warm will it get? tom is working on your ne
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breaking news on the roads this morning because of downed trees and downed wires. kind of a mess all over the
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place. inbound canal road right now shut down at foxhall. going to be tough there for folks this morn. going to want to take mcarthur, instead. that is also shut down here this morning. 50 near the cheverly metro. getting complaints of flooding there. south capitol at malcolm x. also some flooding. second street at d street. amelia segel is headed that way. wide look at the beltway. don't have any major issues there. 66, 95, everything else looking pretty typical. tom? are your fingers sore? they have been flying on that keyboard. >> my clicker here. >> you are awesome covering all of this this morning in the wake of the storms that came through. they are long gone. good-bye storms. hi, july. few sprinkles in frederick county and western howard and carroll county will stay well north of the metro area. the air is rain freshed and cooler. it's down into the 60s from the mountains all the way to the bay.
5:42 am
later today up near 90 in the metro area and 80s around the bay and 80s north and west and near 90 further to our south. look at the fourth of july weekend forecast updated and that's coming up at 5:51. aaron? >> tom, we'll see you then. thank you. the nsa will keep collecting your phone records until this december. in may, a federal appeals court ruled the agency had to immediately stop the program because it was illegal. however, a higher court just overturned that ruling. the nsa will eventually end the program for good, but congress says it can continue for another five months. if you use the beltway in virginia, your commute is about to get a little easier. an extra lane on the beltway is about to open. news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss has learned that vdot plans to open a rush hour lane to traffic next week. one lane. that lane will stretch a mile and a half from the end of the express lane merge to just beyond georgetown pike. vdot is aiming to have that lane open for next tuesday's morning commute. shocking new details of a
5:43 am
little boy found dead in a swing being pushed by his mother. just how long he had been in that swing straight ahead. a troubling new study on those who care for people with alzheimer's. why they migh
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welcome back. people across our yare dealing with storm damage this morning. take a look at this gas station. the canopy over the gas pumps fell there over the night. that shell station in the 7000 block of lower bowie road. peak gusts to around 70 miles per hour. a look at our storm chances for the weekend coming up at 5:51. looking at radar right now, the storms are long gone. just a few lingering sprinkles to our north. melissa a lot of problems in the wake of those storms on the roads. >> a lot of problems. keeping an eye on you for everything here in the weather and traffic center. inbound canal road one of our biggest problems at foxhall.
5:47 am
a lot of issues. we've been tweeting about it. we'll be back in a comminutes to talk a lot more about this. >> guys, thanks. 5:47 and new this morning the d.c. agency in charge of school modernization spent money on the wrong projects and couldn't account for millions in modernization spending. arrives a week ahead of a joint d.c. council hearing on the cost since legislation passed in 2006 laid out a mayor muriel bowser has concerns of how much new schools cost. accused of pointing a handgun during a road rage incident. a grand jury indicted travis with first and second degree assaults. he is accused of tailgating a family and forcing them to change lanes before he drove in front of them and slammed on his brakes. this happened on route 15 near 301 in bowie last july. >> passed them a second time and
5:48 am
that's when he pulled out the handgun and began pointing it at the victims in the car. >> right now he has been suspended because he is charged with a felony. at the time of the incident, he was on administrative duty. he is under investigation for a crash that killed three people in march. you may want to keep this in mind the next time your phone rings. the spotsylvania county sheriff warning us. one caller asks you to buy a calendar to support underprivileged children in the county and the other caller is asking for money to send kids to summer camp. the sheriff's office says it does not ask for money over the phone. a warning from the share n loudoun county. deputies want to make sure you are locking your cars and garages. between june 4th and this past weekend four different homes have been broken into through the garage. in two cases, the garage doors were left open and the doors from the garage to the house were unlocked.
5:49 am
in the other cases, burglars took garage door openers out of unlocked cars. the public will get a chance to weigh in on proposed changes for a troubled liquor agency that is part of the news 4 team investigation. right now montgomery county's department of liquor control handles the sale and distribution. introduced a resolution pushing for a change to state law that would allow stores and restaurants to order specialty craft beers and fine wines from private whole sale distributors. >> i believe that they can figure out how to distribute the roughly 5,000 products that they keep on stock at their warehouse. but i do not believe that any single distributor can effectively manage an inventory of almost 30,000 products. >> a public hearing on the resolution is scheduled for july 21st. the news 4 i team has been investigating problems inside dlc. to watch the series go to our nbc washington app and click
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investigations. today you'll see a jump in how much you pay to ride dre. tickets now cost 4% more across the board. vre says they're paying for increases to help you. another train on the fredericksburg line and new speed control technology to keep you safe. big changes coming if you drive route 1. traffic is being shifted to new lanes near the fairfax county parkway. traffic moves on to southbound lanes starting this morning and the northbound side on thursday. when construction is finished in six months. that section of route one will have an additional lane in each direction. speaking of driving. if you're about to hit the road, let's check in with melissa mollet with breaking news. >> breaking news on the road. looking at this in prince george's county. inbound at suitland parkway. just got word that a traffic light there is dark we were wondering because we were seeing a bit of a slow down here. that is a bit of a slow down here for you.
5:51 am
remember to treat that as a four-way stop. 50 near cheverly metro. flooding in different spots along 50 there. problem here also coming into the city. inbound canal shut down at foxhall and take mcarthur, instead. warning for my friend in northern virginia, same thing that we're dealing with in prince george's county. many traffic signals are dark. no major traffic accidents. if anything pops up, we'll let you know. tom? we have a wind gust of 74 miles per hour one of our weather observers. >> i believe it. >> thunder the kept us awake half the night it seems. >> the watch area was just so massive. it was huge. >> well, they dropped it for a while and then it was you know, we had the storms come in late after midnight. now they're long gone. storm team 4 radar showing just a few sprinkles to our north and that lit patch of green now in the carroll county and stay of
5:52 am
the metro area. pleasant humidity moving in here later today. a nice break and it's going to get uncomfortable and sticky overnight and into tomorrow though. it will be returning. temperatures right now 60s shenandoah valley and in the mountains of west virginia, just in the 50s to around 60. some of that drier air already began to move in. metro area mid-60s and in the suburbs near 60 in washington and right near the chesapeake bay and the sky beginning to brighten a bit, but still cloudy. there's the capitol right now. we're not going to see it for a little while. by 8:00 sun breaking out and mid-70s by noon and mid-80s and mostly sunny. and that lower humidity in place during the afternoon. enjoy. we'll have it reaching near 90 by around 3:00, 4:00. back down to up thor 80s by 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. and a few high clouds coming in. storm team 4 four-day forecast. tomorrow the humidity does return and a thundershower coming in late on thursday night into friday morning. and then during the day on
5:53 am
friday, occasional showers and cooler. highs only in the 70s. quite a change and then for the fourth of july, looking good for the parades and for the picnics. during the daylight hours in the mid-80s and then for the firework displays on saturday evening, we might have a few showers coming through. and then sunday partly cloudy and the upper 80s and rather humid and then sunday evening we might get a few more showers coming in late and then monday and tuesday temperatures right up around 90 degrees. coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:01. a look at our hour-by-hour forecast and changes on the way over the next six hours. aaron? >> all right, tom, thank you. some disturbing details emerging about a maryland toudler found dead in a swing. investigators say lee had been there for almost two days. police found the toddler's mother pushing his lifeless body in a swing at a park back in may. they say he was alive when she brought him to the park. a medical examiner ruled the official cause of death was dehydration and hypothermia. no word yet on whether charges
5:54 am
will be filed. the fbi wants your help finding the robber who held up a u street bank in d.c. in broad daylight. look at some images here. a hat, yellow construction vest and gloves, too. this happened about 12:30 yesterday afternoon right when u street was packed with people going to lunch. the robber hit the suntrust bank next to the metro station. police say he got away by hopping on a metro bus. in news for your health, a story you're going to want to pay attention to if you know someone with alzheimer's disease. new research says people who care for someone with dementia are at a much higher risk for developing the disease themselves. now the research was done by scientists at john hopkins, duke. they found people are six times more likely to develop diminishementia if they played a key role in caring for lauvoved one with alzheimer's. >> long-term married people have the same diet health habits, exercise habits. they have the same stressors,
5:55 am
lifestyles. it can be attributed to the stress of caring for a loved one and seeing them deterrierate. >> the alzheimer's association says it's important not to go at it alone. build the support structure while your loved ones disease is in the early stages. the group is working on app right now which will have answers and tips for caring for someone with the disease. >> that's going to give a raise to 5 million people potentially in this con. who really deserve. >> president obama talking about the new overtime proposal he is putting on the table. not everybody excited about this, especially those folks who write the checks. cnbc landon joining us with your business headlines. good morning. >> hey aaron, good morning to you. businesses are blasting president obama's plan to boost the number of people who are eligible for overtime pay. they say with hurt job growth, retailers and restaurants are especially concerned about the higher income threshold which is $1,000 per week. says many managers would
5:56 am
qualify. companies may threaten to hire more part-time workers but it's actually cheaper to pay overtime than pay substantial costs toed a new employees. automakers report june sales numbers today and it is expected to be another strong month for the industry. that's due to continued demand for pickup trucks and suvs and gas prices that are lower than this time last year. this could be the best first half of the year for auto sales since 2002. aaron, back over to you. >> landon dowdy thank you. some breaking news right now as you get ready to leave for work. we're trying to give you a first-hand look at as much of the damage that you will encounter after those possible powerful thunderstorms overnight left a mess for you to deal with on the roads. this downed power line on the fox hall road in northwest washington will have some of you detouring. our crew is just arriving at the scene of another big problem. our live team coverage in minutes on news 4 today at 6:00.
5:57 am
5:58 am
you might want to brace yourself for a number of problems outside after overnight storms packed a powerful punch. >> this mess in northwest washington is one of instance of storm damage we found so far this morning andake you late for work. >> melissa mollet starts our
5:59 am
coverage with the road closures. melissa? >> inbound canal road shut down at foxhall and going to want to take mcarthur instead. foxhall road between can athead cathedral and hawthorne. that lenorthbound shoulder is also blocked. inbound pennsylvania avenue at suitland parkway. we're going just nine miles an hour because a traffic light is dark because of a power outage and causing some slow downs. wisconsin avenue northwest at jenifer street. southbound lanes also closed and southbound wisconsin at fulton shut down at the southbound lanes, as well. 197 shut down between 50 and 450. your alternate there crane highway. wide look at the beltway. everything actually looking pretty fw. traffic wise we'll keep you updated if anything pops up. a lot of problems this morning. all the main routes in and out,
6:00 am
no major issues. aaron? >> thank you. check this out. looks like a monsoon hitting the streets of metro d.c. strong winds, rain lightning made up a really scary scene for folks overnight. 74 miles an hour in one place tom mentioned a little while ago. like amelia said i'm sorry, like melissa said, there are a lot of trees and wires down across the area at this hour in maryland, d.c. and virginia. you want to be careful out there. >> amelia said it, too. she has been out there chasing the damage. we're following lots of power outages in the area. pepco saying 1,300 in southeast d.c. fairfax and arlington


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