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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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traffic. blowing off the roofs, a new video shows how powerful those storms were this morning and news4's talking with people still dealing with a big cleanup this afternoon. and after a stormy morning, i'm tracking more showers on storm team4 radar. fauquier loudoun county and more rain before the week's over. i will show you when and how much. we begin with that breaking news. and people trying to prevent a muddy mess from overtaking their yard. this afternoon, a pipe installed way back when harry truman was president finally showed its able. it burst and sent water flooding close to homes and yards on whiteman road in wheat. news4's pat collins is there live. pat, do they have to evacuate homes in the neighborhood? >> reporter: one home had to be evacuated, six people out of that home. nobody was hurt. the red cross is moving in to take care of those people. now we are in the 12000 block of georgia avenue and it's rush avenue. over there the northbound lane
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you can see cars are creeping along. this is the southbound lane. it looks like a moonscape now. earlier, it was more like a maritime situation. it was like the georgia avenue river, water cascading down the southbound rain. water into homes. water into offices. water down driveways, turning nearby lawns into lakes. in is hazily that's her house and a lot of this water ended up inside. so you were in like, the living room? >> mm-hmm. >> sitting down? and did it -- did it come in like a water fall? >> yeah. >> rushing in? >> yeah. >> were you scared? >> a little bit. now how deep is it now? show me how deep.
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>> um, i don't know. >> almost up to your knee? >> yeah. >> reporter: joining me now live, lynn riggins with the wssc. lynn when will all this be fixed? >> at this point, hoping tomorrow morning. it is still a little early. haven't been able to dig down in the pipe and see how much damage was done to the pipe but early estimate would be tomorrow morning. >> by rush hour? >> tough to same we are going to do everything with he can to get this road opened by rush hour. could be a little later in the day. we will know more tonight. >> thanks, lynn riggins. we will hear more from her at 5 and 6. coming up, we will hear from dr. khan. his office was in the middle of all of this he told me he had no patients and then no patience. you understand when you hear his story coming up at 5:00. now back to you. all right, thanks, pat. we are going stay on that story and update it throughout the hour. first at 4, a grandmother who desperately tried to save her daughter from a dangerous lifestyle. well, that daughter is now one of the latest victims in a
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string of murders in d.c. news4's meagan fitzgerald spoke to her family just a short time ago. >> reporter: darlene brian's mother says on may 13th she received a call that her daughter was stabbed to death near the 4300 block of wheeler road. when she arrived, she said crime scene tape was up and her daughter was like on someone's front yard. dolores brian admit hearse daughter made dangerous choices. she lived in southeast d.c. and struggled with a drug addiction. but dolores says she did everything she could to save her daughter, from moving her to different neighborhoods to trying to get her help, but despite her efforts, nothing seemed to work. >> i have always felt like that knock was going to come on the door and the men in suits was gonna come in and tell me we have bad news, your daughter's dead. >> reporter: police say it was 34-year-old dell lon ta win that killed darlene. he is facing a second-degree murder charge. at 5:00, how dar leap's daughters say they were determined to learn from their
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mother's mistakes, one even being recognized by the department of justice. back to you. prince george's county police are investigating exactly what caused this vehicle to drive into this liquor store. it happened at about 10:30 this morning. the owner of the store says that he had just left the counter when that car came plowing through the front. >> i was there standing but i went in the back to see how everything was going over there. it was a blessing for me. lucky day i would say. >> reporter: a spokesperson with prince george's county fire and ems says the driver told him that she had her foot on the brake and not the accelerator. she doesn't know how her car ended up inside of the store. the good news is she is just fine and able to walk away from this accident didn't even need to be transported to the hospital. in lanham, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. storms and an overcast sky now. yes, there are a few showers falling from those clouds.
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take a lock at it. go straight to storm team4 radar, tracking these for the last hour to hour and a half. a few showers that are making their way eastward through areas of fauquier county. you can see them there crossing right over 15, sliding eastbound into eventually fairfax county, around reston, just some light showers. look at all the storm reports from last night and they were many early this morning. high wind reports, 74-mile-an-hour gusts, prince george's county and now we could have isolated storms coming our way tomorrow. for your evening temperatures upper 80s, southwest wind, your forecast stray shower out there now, mid to upper 80s, drop to about 85 by 8 p.m., just a couple of minutes much meteorologist chuck bell will have your get away forecast for the holiday weekend. >> thanks vj. crews are still trying to remove this can poppy in bowie. surveillance video captured the exact moment it collapsed a at gas station from all that heavy rain and wind overnight. folks are telling news4's zachary kiesch, they are lucky
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it wasn't worse. >> reporter: they pointeded they clicked, it was a talker this morning. big news for bowie, they told me. >> this is the biggest. we had somebody drive through the bay door at one time. they decided that they were at daytona or something. >> reporter: the surveillance video shows at all the can poppy at the shell station on lower bowie road took a tumble before 1:30 this morning. boom. on its side. the result of the wind and rain that ripped through our area last night. >> out here in the suburbs, it was crucial last night. >> reporter: a lot of talk around the shop this morning, it was a good thing no one was around when this thing came down. it is absolutely huge and it's old. you can see there's an old bird's nest in here. there's also some broken signable here. check out this crumbled mess. it is unbelievable what this thing did when it came down and a couple of the folks i talked to in the auto body shop behind me here, some have worked here as many as 20 years and some tell me they didn't recognize this place when they rolled this up morning with the can poppy
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sitting on the ground. >> i drove past this place, i didn't recognize it with the roof off. i literally almost drove by. >> reporter: the gas station is closed, but the shop opened. at least two of the bays are. it is business as usual. there's work to get done and cars to get out, so the crane can move in. workers here say that surveillance video shows a grifer pulling off shortly before this can pop no i came down. the good news, nobody was hurt, electricians here right now, supposed to be a crane here later on today or tomorrow. reporting here in bowie, zachary kiesch, news4. we are working a developing story in south carolina right now. federal law enforcement sources say early indications that are a fire at a predominantly black church was not arson. there was lots of lightning reported in greeleyville last night, less than an hour before that fire was reported. back in 1995, the ku klux klan
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torched the same church. since the charleston church shootings there have been at least seven fires set at black churches in the south. we will talk to whur's troy johnson about that coming up later this hour. there's a big story breaking right now that involves major airlines and your money. we are working it from the live desk and we will have the latest, comi
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works are topping the white house security fence with sharp metal spikes right now. the news4 i-team first told but this temporary fix to deter jumpers. the secret service and national park service are in talks about a long-term solution. it will take workers about six weeks to install the spikes but they are removable. this is part of the response to several fence jumping incidents, including one last year in which a guy got into the executive mansion.
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car inspections are on hold right now in the district as the dmv tries to fix a glitch in the system. the inspection station on half street southwest is closed. it is the only station in the city. if you have an expired sticker with yesterday's or today's date, you can get a temporary inspection sticker that will be good for 30 days. all late fees will be waived. you might want to pay extra attention to your speed in prince george's county. in the past year, the county happened out more than 300,000 tickets from speed cameras. that's more than d.c. which issued just over 280,000. despite the numbers, the overall number of tickets is down in both areas and so is revenue. prince george's county collected more than $5 million last year, down from 7 million in 2013. breaking news a possible massive case of coalition involving major airliners. what the doj is saying about its investigation into an alleged operation to keep fares high. and fourth of july is full
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of fun and fireworks but now there's a new effort to make sure you're mindful of veterans with pt is. d. we have a little bit of sunshine out there across washington right now, but clouds are slowly beginning to increase as you're planning out your evening. dry for most, literally one or two showers out there, that's it. since skies will be partly to mostly cloudy between 9 and 11:00, get away slowdowns tomorrow friday, early saturday, heading to the beach or mountains a chance of showers that can slow things down just a smidgen on your get away. rain showers moving into beth these and it just about ready to move on to du
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i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. right now, a federal probe into the airline industry and the way it is doing business. we just learned the justice department is investigating what it is calling possible unlawful coordination by some airlines, questions about whether major airlines are illegally coordinating with each other about limiting seats and whether to add flights and routes, all of which with the intention of keeping your airfares high. the government has demanded copies of all communications between the airlines. the air line industry says its members compete rigvigorously every day and the traveling public has been the ben fishery. more when we get it. back to you. history will be made here in washington july 20th when cuba formally opens it's about on 16th street much the reopening of our embassy in havana will
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take place soon. steve handlesman is live at the state department right now with details on a big step forward in u.s./cuba relations. steve? >> reporter: thanks. down here at the u.s. state department, this will be a re-establish. re-establishment of ties with cuba severed so long ago, barack obama was not yet born. president obama said he is resuming diplomatic relations with cuba knowing it will not change the communist government there overnight. >> but i believe that american engagement through our embassy, our businesses and most of all, through our people, is the best way to vans our interests and support for democracy and human rights. >> reporter: in havana where the u.s. embassy will reopen after 54 years, cuban tv carried president obama live. up 16th street from the white house, tv crews gathered at the cuban office that will be havana's u.s. embassy. cuban coffee brews nearby at a cafe where most hailed the news of an embassy swap.
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>> i think it's a win-win situation. >> i think the relations with cuba should have started decades ago. >> i'm dying to go visit. >> reporter: in miami, many cuban-americans are outraged. >> that's not gonna work at all. >> we have gotten nothing in return and the castro regime get a lot of legenditimacy they have not earned. >> reporter: congresswoman ileana ros-lehtinen says congress will not lift the embargo against cuba but secretary of state john kerry goes to cuba soon to raise the stars and stripes to protest that and to try to slow things down, a lot of senate republicans and a prominent democrat, cuban-american robert menendez of new jersey vow they will confirm no one, no one from this building or anywhere else, to be u.s. ambassador to cuba. i'm steve handlesman news4. >> thanks, steve. maryland governor larry hogan is getting a a lot of likes and retweets on twitter this afternoon.
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hogan posed for this picture today with his wife and daughter on his fifth day of chemotherapy as he fights non-hodgkin's lymphoma. hogan says he is doing great and getting a lot of work done. he is being treated at the university of maryland medical center in baltimore. expects to leave the hospital some time tonight. can you imagine what the fourth of july feels like to a combat veteran with ptsd? i can guarantee you, here in our area, we all have some neighbors that are dreading fireworks going off right outside their door. and a group called military with ptsd is trying to help them get through this holiday weekend. they have been giving out signs that veterans can put in their from the yards. i tweeted this earlier and linked to them on my facebook page. it basically tells neighbors, look, all those sudden loud blasts can trigger flashbacks anxiety, if you see a sign in someone's from the yard hey, it is just asking you to be courteous. ask them if they would like to
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join in the very least give them a fair warping where and when you will be setting them off. look, this does not mean that vets don't like fireworks. and we are not talking about the big shows at citythat cities and towns put on much the less the national fireworks down on the mall. vets can avoid those on their own. it is the personal fireworks in the neighborhoods that can be really, really hard for them to deal with. and we are looking forward to the fourth of july holiday weekend forecast. right now, i'm focusing in on a few showers moving through, areas of loudoun county and into montgomery county, tough look hard in on. zoom in. let's do that right now. these showers headed off to the east. you can see them here just west of sugarland run area, about ready to cross over 28 toward that area toward reston and another shower just about ready to head toward reston. so a little bit of wet weather out there a stray shower. 87 degrees temperature with the wind out of the southwest at 7
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miles per hour. been nice and toasty warm today and it's been quiet, too. s here the reason why. we have got our warm front that's way up to the north, way up there in new york got cold front off to the west and pennsylvania, that warm air is coming our way with the southwesterly wind. now, tomorrow we will have more clouds as that weather front to our west steps in. more clouds throughout the entire day tomorrow. that will keep the temperatures down. here's how we expect to start your thursday, with high -- with temperatures that will be in the mid to low 70s from mid-60s to low 70s, 68 around la plata, waldorf area 66 manassas, reston, falls church 62 starting out in mount airy. so with that wet weather moving in tomorrow and the chance of a little bit of third, moderate impact forecast for tomorrow the weather will have, the roads, wet, especially during the early morning likely. so, moderate cautionary there and then chance of a shower coming your way for the afternoon. you get the green light for the afternoon and evening hours with
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just occasional showers that will come through. your temperature between 7 and 9 a.m., 73 we are mid-70s with some iso i lated thunder by 11:00 during the afternoon hours. just a couple of minutes, meteorologist chuck bell will have your future forecast taking you hour by hour through the day tomorrow and a beach forecast for the big holiday weekend coming up. thanks, vj. starting friday night, a sixth challenger will join the nats beloved president's race down at the park. calvin coolidge will join george, abe, tom, teddy and bill. now, this decision came out of an agreement between the nats and the white house's historical association, but it's a temporary one. mr. coolidge is only expected to race through the end of the season. the action continues into the evening tonight at the police and fire games taking place in fairfax county. the contests include boxing and baseball, basketball and ice hooky. we were at the games earlier this week following all the action. find a full schedule of events
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and more coverage in our nbc washington app. just click police and fire games. the games run through sunday. it is one of new york city's most recognized buildings but tonight, you will notice something different about it. 30 rock is getting a brand-new name. what was the ge building will now be known as the comcast building. and for the first time in history, the nbc peacock will adorn the know new york city skyline. the new comcast nbcuniversal signage will be officially illuminateded edtonight. tonight is the anniversary of when the first television show went out over the air
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not anymore. >> that was first lady michelle obama ripping up the sign at the white house that says no pictures or social media allowed. so if you've been waiting to take selfies and tweet them out, now's the time to sign up for a white house tour. mrs. obama made the announcement last night on instagram. the ban on picture taking has been in place for more than 40 years. now, visitors are encouraged to take pictures and share them on social media. now, you're still not allowed to take any video and you have to leave those selfie stick at home but you can find mrs. obama's entire instagram post at nbc
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washington. some of the girl scouts who attended the first girl scout camp ever on the white house lawn are still talking about how much fun it was last night, even though a storm forced them to end their campout early. president obama made a surprise appearance as the girl scouts from d.c., baltimore, virginia, west virginia and oklahoma camped out with the first lady. this morning on "today," the scouts talked about seeing the president. >> and before he left he said that he would give us group hugs. the next thing you know, he had 50 stampeding girls competing to see who would get the closest to give barack obama a hug. >> had to hand allot of hugging he did. the campout was part of the first lady's let's move campaign. when the thunderstorm moved in, the fourth graders and their schaap ropes were moved to a conference room in the eisenhower executive office building next door. >> between sasha and malia, i think he has gotten a lot of practice over the years. >> lots of it. keeping an eye on breaking
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news in montgomery county county, water main break forcing evacuations and close showers. a series of fires in the
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we are working a breaking news story right now at 4:30. homes are flooded in the wheat.area after a pipe burst. several homes on whiteman road have been evacuated and part of
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georgia road has been blocked off. pat collins is talking to home owners and will have a live report at the top of the hour. we are learning more about preparations for what could be one of the biggest fourth of july celebrations washington has ever hosted. there will be more restrictions this year for events including the festival, the parade concert and the fireworks, of course. coming up at 5:00, we will have a live report on what's being done to address concerns about the terror threat. he took the bait and now, montgomery county police want to track him down. this suspect got into a bait car at chevy chase village and triggered a police aharm. by the time officers arrived the man was gop but k-9 dogs traced his scent into the district. police found someone broke into several other cars but nothing was reported stolen from them. brand-new law now in effect in maryland and virginia. here are all the ones you need to know right now. we have put the complete list for you on the nbc washington app. we will start in maryland where the price of gas is now higher. the state is taxing gas the an extra 1.8 cents per gallon.
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also for drivers, tolls are down on the bay bridge, the baltimore tunnels and on the icc. in virginia, one new law is designed to end college sex assaults. college police now have to tell prosecutors within two days if they are investigating a sex assault on campus. and you are now protected if you want to breast feed in a public place. before now, you could get kicked out of a gym or grocery store for feeding your child. i'm aaron gilchrist, news4. i'm adam tuss at the bay bridge where for the first time in about 50 years, it costs less to get across that sucker. the cash price went down at the bay bridge today from $6 to $4. $2 savings. the e-zpass price went down by $3 for a round trip on the bay bridge. all of this of course governor larry hogan's proposal to slash tolls all across the state, not just here at the bay bridge. commuters, yeah you could imagine they are pretty happy. the business community is also
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happy about this, because businesses here on the eastern shore say people might be willing to jump back and forth between the two sides a little bit more. coming up on news4 at 5:00, we are going to hear more about that. plus is this just a good first step and the tolls should come down some more? hear about that. check in now with storm team4 meteorologist, chuck bell. the skies are kind of turning dark outside our studios here in northwest. do we need to take cover? >> i don't know, take cover may be a little strong. may want to have the umbrella ready to go if you're going to go outside. a quick little shower chance the next little while. no severe weather no thunderstorms new york craziness out there. just a few little showers and literally, just one or two dots on the radar. one just north of us here we are in northwest washington, the tv station one little sprinkle here the northsides of bethesda, another one a little steadier shower now. there's the dulles international airport right there, so, moving just over downtown sterling, virginia, headed out into the northside, reston, here in the next little bit. that's the only game in town on
4:33 pm
storm team4 radar. future weather carries as little chance of a shower here through about now to 10:00, i think really once this one little shower is done, that's about it rain chances move back into the area for tomorrow. could have a pretty showery stretch through at least the first half of your thursday. and then more rain chances into the weekend. more about that coming up in a few minutes. an historic black church in south carolina burned for the second time last night but the difference is the kkk set fire to mount zion ame 20 years ago. last night it looks like it was a lightning strike from as paing storm that destroyed the church. our talk around town today is on recent church fires down south and whur's troy johnson is here to put this into perspective. crimes against churches temples, mosques, police say they are down. >> the numbers are down but people really respect feeling good about this especially after the situation we had just weeks ago in charleston, nine inspect people who were simply at a bible study, now dead
4:34 pm
because of something that we all know has been around in the south. we have had these situations with racism, where there have been attacks on churches. the church has been a frequent target of hate groups and folks are saying that, you know they know that, because churches are core institution in the community. so these fires -- the naacp also saying there's no coincidence here. so, people are definitely concerned about what this is really saying. is it really just a terrible situation of coincidence or is it really something else more sinister going on? >> we saw those statistics that show every year it dropping in both number and the percentage of those that are racially based. what are your listeners saying in terms of -- since the church shooting? do they feel this is a problem or are we taking this out of context? >> the naacp say it is in their official statement, take necessary precautions against the threat of attack. that sounds like military
4:35 pm
directives. we talking about churches. that is kind of ringing true with the folks i talk to say there are security protocol in place at churches, especially people there for worships on sunday. now, churches may have to look at 24-hour security systems. and again we are talking about churches, not armories. >> right. >> so that's the thing that's resonating with folks. >> pete williams spoke to a senior federal law enforcement source, 20 years ago, these fires had nothing to do with race. they had other causes, but -- >> right. >> publicizing them and talking about them sort of introduced that idea and spurred more fires. could that happen today? >> it most certainly could happen today. i think people feel like they don't want to see a situation where there are copycats, people seeing an idea that -- that again may resonate with some, you know fringe parts of our citizenry. but people are taken back to those scenes from the '60s, people telling me it feels like
4:36 pm
1963 when i see a church burning but it's really 2015. obviously, there are some issues certainly is some terrible coincidence here, but they are hoping that it's not much more than that. arsons are being investigated though. and people are certainly concerned. >> all right. thank you very much. >> absolutely. >> pat? >> all righty. now to a warning about some creative thieves get nothing homes by first breaking into cars. the thieves are hitting homes in the ashburn area. the latest case happened this past weekend on auction barn drive. there were three others last month not far away. in some cases thieves found garage remotes in unlocked cars and then used those remotes to open the garages and get into the homes. the sheriff is reminding you to keep your garage doors closed, lock your cars or park it inside the garage and secure all of your windows and doors. today friends and family members are honoring a teenager who was killed in a car crash in north potomac. he died four weeks after graduating from woolt.high
4:37 pm
school. visitation for alex murk is taking place at pupfries funeral home. he and his friend were in a car that crashed into a tree last week. speed and alcohol played a part in the crash. the drive and another person in the car survived. a new mandatory vaccination law in california has set off a new round of debate. we will tell you which vaccines you need as an adult and who's the one type of
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a businesscy night and the wind is picking up, getting busy tracking a stray shower here, it comes into areas of northern fairfax county now around -- crossing just over sugarland run and eastbound right now, but it is starting to weaken. so, we're not going to see much in the way of those showers out there. a stray shower for about the next hour or two. then we have got more clouds coming in by 9:00. 11 p.m. mostly cloudy. we will drop more than 10 degrees by the time we get to 10 and 11 p.m. tomorrow morning occasional shower possible. so going to need the umbrella for tomorrow.
4:41 pm
65 to 73 starting out. it will be nice and warm, not only for the morning will you need that umbrella, but also for the afternoon hours, we have got showers on tap for the evening as well as tomorrow. in fact some pockets of moderate rain, we will take a look at where some of that heavier showers will be setting up for tomorrow in your beach forecast, meteorologist chuck bell has that in a few minutes. thanks, vj. a lot of ereaders in for a refund from apple. the technology giant lost its appeal in a price fixing conspiracy case. the justice department sued apple accusing it of violating anti-crust laws by cop spiring with publishers to raise the price of e-books. apple could appeal to the supreme court but "the wall street journal" reports the expected payout is about $450 million, less than 3% of apple's profits in the last quarter of last year. if you use a kindle, the number of pages you read could impact how much the author makes. in the kindle library programs, self-published e-book aughters
4:42 pm
are now being paid based on the number of pages read, not the number of times the book is checked out. many writers asked amazon to make this change. the new rule means authors of longer books can potentially make more money. california's governor signs a new vaccination law and a hollywood superstar calls him a fascist. and some troubling questions about security in new york city as a tourist takes a selfie from a restricted area on one of
4:43 pm
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4:45 pm
it is a story you will see only on news4, the family of an elderly woman filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit after she was found dead in her d.c. home. news4's mark segraves has details. >> reporter: beatrice harley was 102 years old and still living on her own in this home in southeast washington, where she raised her children. still able to get to the store on her own up and document stairs. neighbors say she still fed the neighborhood cats. last winter, her son found his mother huddled under a pile of blankets next to a frozen radiator. she was dead. the coroner's report just released shows she died of pneumonia. her son is now suing washington gas for $10 million. he says the gas company turned off her heat without telling her or him. coming up at 5:00 you will hear from a local council member, why she is upset with the gas company after what they told her about this incident. this afternoon california
4:46 pm
enacted one of the toughest vaccination laws in the country and it's not going over well some. starting next year nearly all public and private school children will have to be vaccinated and there will be no exceptions for religious or personal beliefs. now, the change was prompted by last year's measles outbreak at disney land. but actor jim carrey is already railing against the law, tweeting -- california governor says yes to poisoning more children with mercury and aluminum in mandatory vaccines. this corporate fascist must be stopped. supporters say opting out taxes the health care system and vaccinations do protect the majority of kids from infectious diseases. they may be controversial, but they are still the law. in news for your health, what's difference between vaccines required by public schools in d.c., maryland and virginia? which vaccines do you still need as an adult and who should really never get vaccines the
4:47 pm
small dr. jackie is here to help us figure all of this out. first off, dr. jackie let's review the common vaccines required for all kids who are in public school. >> sure, now let me start with saying none have thimerosal in them. the first on the list hepatitis about for a blood-borne illness, d tap diptheria pertussis, for whooping cough ipv the polio vaccination and that is for an inactive virus. so there's no way that you can be -- get the actual polio from that. measles mumps, rubella, really well known, the one we had the problem with last year. and then the chicken pox, the childhood disease of that, varicella. >> different in the schools in d.c., maryland and virginia. what is different? >> hepatitis a only required for d.c. for a food-borne or water-borne illness. meningitis, that's required in d.c. and maryland but not in virginia. and that's really nasty virus.
4:48 pm
if you were to ever sit by the bedside in d.c. you are going to need it for college, those this in virginia you are going to need it before you go to school. and hpv, mandatory in virginia and d.c. for girls to prevent against upcoming cervical cancer. >> most of us got shots when we were kids and many people, you know, the shots we got then will be good for the rest of our lives. but we as adults need shots and need the boosters. >> right. a list of those. the first one starts with flu. your flu vaccine, you should get every single year and then tdap has tetanus in it. everybody knows they get a booster every ten years but this includes pertussis, so important for pregnant women, have to get it in pregnancy. shingles for the chicken pox vaccine that's been reactivated in you the chicken pox virus for people over the knew mow coccal, over 65 and didn't have the mmr or the
4:49 pm
varies sell la vaccine, you should be sure to get that didn't have the disease and lastly, hpv, up the age of 26. >> how many times do you need to get a booster? >> depends what the virus really is. in case -- the one that you really need to keep getting over and over again is that tdap, with pertussis and tetanus in it. >> who should never get a vaccine? >> people with egg allergy, no longer a problem. those people should go on and get vaccinations. what california is saying here you should not be able to opt out any longer. the reason they are doing this is because of public safety and public health. this he can no longer afford to be able to keep this going without the vaccination. the fears that were there about autism and overloading the immune system, they have never been proven and came is now putting their foot down and saying, we have to do this for the public good and the public
4:50 pm
health of each individual. dr. >> dr. jackie thanks so much. >> welcome. good afternoon, everybody. skies have dark.ed a smidgen in northwest washington. our tower camera looking out over downtown. another one of our-to- tower cameras in reston, looking to the east a pocket of rain showers that rained on dulles airport 15 minutes ago. that shower continuing off to the east. what to expect rain chances, one or two showers today, rain chances back into the picture all of the day tomorrow, cloudy, cool on your friday, remaining very optimistic about the weekend. overall weather impact on your day tomorrow will be moderate. showers likely maybe isolated rumble or two of thunder but not a severe weather threat for tomorrow. here's storm team4 radar dulles airport, where our camera is
4:51 pm
there, looking out to the east that little rain shower here along route 7, getting ready to go over the potomac into southern montgomery county. poolesville bethesda-chevy chase may get another quick round of showers in the next little bit. that is really the only game in town for now. again, not severe weather, just a quick little passing rain shower. temperatures mostly in the 80s now, 87, washington, 82 college park, 87 rockville, 83, springfield, virginia. hour by hour then, your planner for tomorrow, wakeup temperatures, upper 60s, near 70, rain likely at least through lunchtime, tapering back just a bit showers the course of the afternoon that will keep us in the low 80s across most of the area for tomorrow. so just sort of know if you are planning your day tomorrow, need the umbrella for sure. if you are planning to go down to the beach now the next couple of days tomorrow and friday kind of shower at the coastline. but saturday and sunday for fourth of july, looking good. right now, working several developing stories in the newsroom.
4:52 pm
homes evacuated and roads blocked off in wheaton after a water main break. three hours after the pipe burst and water rushing through front yards. homeowners in the neighborhood talking to pat comes right now and have a live report at 5:00. can you believe the driver of this car walked away unhurt after plowing into a liquor store in maryland? this happened around 10:30 this morning at bill's wine and liquor in lanham. the car crashed right through the glass front and landed completely inside the store. an employee is counting his blessings right now he left the front of the store minutes before the car came crashing through. police investigators are looking into why this driver lost control. i'm scott macfarlane in the live desk a virginia martial arts instruck thor is in jail now, accused of sexually assaulting a child. fairfax county police arrested han to be this afternoon.
4:53 pm
an instructor at fox mill tae kwon do in herndon. accused of inappropriately touching his students and police want to hear from anybody who knows more about this case. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. it is the selfie being watched in shock all over the country. >> an unbelievable picture. why this picture is raising new questions about
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
scouts sent the money back when a donation was said it couldn't be used for transgender girls. now, they have twice as much as originally donated. >> it was, believe it or not, a rather easy decision. >> take a stand in what you believe in to walk your talk. >> we just checked the girl scouts' page on the crowd funding site indy go go and so far, they have raised nearly $250,000. there's no credible terrorist threat but the nypd is on high alert ahead of the holiday weekend. >> that's why a tennessee tourist's self-point brooklyn bridge this week is raising a lot of new questions about the
4:57 pm
city's bridge security. here's ray viellda from wnbc. >> reporter: tonight hundreds crossed the iconic brooklyn bridge, snapping pictures and enjoying the view. >> a landmark. it's something that my son and i walk across it for fitness, for fun. >> reporter: but this view, this picture, that's surprising many. a college student visiting from tennessee posted it on instagram after somehow scaling the bridge on monday. >> it is not only dangerous for the person, but's dangerous for the pedestrians who walk across the bridge. >> reporter: no one questioned him or stopped him, he says. >> could you just get on a beam and actually had hand rhames on the left and right side. i just walked across the edge. >> reporter: a french tourist climbed the bridge in november to take pictures as did a russian visitor in august. last july two german artists claimed to be behind white flags discovered in place of the american flags on the bridge span. >> i guess that's saying i don't
4:58 pm
recommend anybody else to do it. not a smart thing to do. >> reporter: tonight, the nypd released a statement saying the ac was not a security breach. the police commissioner said just yesterday security is a big concern, especially headed into july 4th weekend. he added officers are being vigilant about any possible terror attacks. >> what we are always worried about is not so much what we know but what we don't know. >> reporter: tonight it is this picture worrying some about just how secure the city is and its landmark. >> not the only bridge we have a problem with. new york's big. there are a lot of landmarks like that. it is hard to police them all. right now at 5:00, a live look at a big mess created by a water main break. >> within the last hour, we have learned that it will not be fixed until at least tomorrow,
4:59 pm
possibly after the morning rush hour. >> chopper4 over the scene now this water main break happened this afternoon at georgia avenue and shore field road, right near the busy intersection of randolph road. >> there are a lot of new developments since our first alert on the nbc washington app. >> and we are now getting a better picture of just how many homes and businesses are affected and how this will all impact traffic. we begin our live team coverage now with news4's pat collins. pat? >> reporter: jim it is loud and painstaking work and it could be a while before they fix this water main. the water main broke today. it's been broken before. in fact, dr. khan, who lives here, says when he saw the water coming toward his office, he lost his patients and then he lost his patience. this is the office of dr. khan.
5:00 pm
it was right in the middle of it. >> it truly was like you know, the mississippi river on both sides of the building and finally, a lake, lake michigan in my office. >> reporter: this is dr. khan's driveway that leads to the parking lot. this is how people would normally get into his office. no patients today. >> this is perhaps the third time this is happening and this has been the worst one of all. there's water flowing on both sides and finally flooded the office. >> reporter: 2.5 million gallons of water rushing down georgia avenue. a broken 16-inch water main. a water main that's 68 years old. now, you heard the doctor. this has happened a number of times before. >> this is a classic example


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