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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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is is the office of dr. khan. it was right in the middle of it. >> it truly was like you know, the mississippi river on both sides of the building and finally, a lake, lake michigan in my office. >> reporter: this is dr. khan's driveway that leads to the parking lot. this is how people would normally get into his office. no patients today. >> this is perhaps the third time this is happening and this has been the worst one of all. there's water flowing on both sides and finally flooded the office. >> reporter: 2.5 million gallons of water rushing down georgia avenue. a broken 16-inch water main. a water main that's 68 years old. now, you heard the doctor. this has happened a number of times before. >> this is a classic example though of ageing infrastructure.
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when an older pipe like this breaks, we are putting a band-aid on it today. that's what we did back in november. but this pipe is slated for replacement so we will put a new stretch of pipe in here in the coming months. >> reporter: now they say they hope to have that band-aid in place by tomorrow morning. coming up at 6:00, i'm going to talk to a man who will have to find another place for himself and his family to stay the night. i'll see you at 6:00. now back to you. >> thank you pat. news4's shomari stone live with an update amount traffic conditions. shomari? >> reporter: this comes a at really bad time especially folks getting off work or planning to pick up their kids from day care, summer camp from bethesda to silver spring. look here at these barricades. they are stopping people from going south and right over
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there, take a look those cars making a right onto randolph road and they are avoiding this area as -- because of this water main. let's roll some video the south bound lanes of georgia avenue are closed from randolph road to the north and henderson avenue to the south. the lanes are closed right now during rush hour and a lot of folks tell me this comes a at really bad time especially during rush hour. many of them planned on getting off work and going home and right now, they are having to take a detour due to the broken water main that my colleague, pat collins, just told you about. come back out here live. if you are coming south on georgia avenue, approaching randolph road, you see this big truck. and right down there, pat collins is on the other side of those trees, other side of those trucks as well. and those guys are trying to figure out what's best way to fix this broken water main? keep in mind, this is affecting not only some homeowners, but as you just saw, a lot of the folks who are trying to get home during this rush hour commute.
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i will have another live update for you at 6:00 and try to figure out, you know, is there any way these lanes could possibly open up so people can utilize this road to get to where they need to go? live in weeden, i'm shomari stone, news4. after last night's storm, of course, everybody wants to know what's next. >> veronica one step ahead of it all. vj? >> that's right. more rain before the week is up. that means rain to kick off the big holiday weekend. in fact, tracking some showers right now. storm team4 radar, we are not going to see anything like the storms that rolled through early this morning. look at all the reports of high winds and trees down across the area. a lot of them centered right around d.c. and inside of the beltway. 74-mile-an-hour gusts reported in sea pleasant, years since we have seen winds reported that high inside. tracking showers now as they slide out of fairfax county, montgomery county bethesda, kensington, headed right to 193 and crossing over 29 in the next couple of minutes a little bit of wet weather grilling out this evening could see a stray
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shower, warm one for us. we will take a look at high -- how high the temperatures are going to go for the remainder of the workweek and the big holiday weekend coming. guys? >> vj thanks. there could be bigger crowds wherever you go this fourth of july since it falls on a saturday and now, we are getting a better idea of what to expect for the celebrations. our team coverage begins now with chris gordon on the mall where new security restrictions will be in place this weekend. chris? >> reporter: it's going to be very busy come saturday starting at 11:00 you can choose the smithsonian folklife festival or the fourth of july parade up constitution avenue. now, if you like music, at 6:00 in the evening, the u.s. air force band concert is on the grounds of the washington monument or you can choose to come here to the u.s. capitol. they are hoisting the stars and stripes over the main stage of the capitol fourth concert,
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featuring the national symphony orchestra, kc and the sunshine band, alabama and barry manilow. the show starts at 8 p.m. and runs right through the fireworks display, which begins at 9:09 p.m. the program will last 17 1/2 minutes. >> one of the most beautiful ones around the u.s., i think. we lived in north carolina and this is the best, so, this is the place to be. >> reporter: the fbi has issued a special convenient threat assessment,a -- event threat assessment for events here. >> we are monitoring, don't have any specific credible threats to this convenient however, we are staying diligent, we are asking attendees to stay diligent and again to report anything that they see that seems unusual to us. >> reporter: everywhere you look on the mall, there are families with children, youngsters can get separated from their parents on the fourth of july. >> take a picture of what they will be wearing so that if you become separated and the parents become a little bit apprehensive
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and nervous, you have the ability to pull out your cell phone and bring run the picture and that makes finding the child much much easier for us. >> reporter: coming up a new item has been added to the no-no list, the list of things you cannot bring to the mall this fourth of july. plus, a large area of the mall is being closed to viewing. you're going to want to hear about this. that's coming up at 6:00. now, for all of the activities, the times and maps involved, you might check out our nbc washington app, search national mall. that's the latest live at the capitol, chris gordon news4. the holiday weekend arrives just as tolls go down across the state of maryland. so we sent news4's adam tuss to the bay bridge to show you how much more money you're going to have when you get to the other side. >> reporter: if you're just about to kick off your summer vacation, it's getting off to a very good start here at the bay bridge. the price has gone down for both cash and e-zpass. people are excited about it.
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and it's going to make an impact. less of your money going here. more of it staying with you. >> i'm amazed that they went down $2. >> reporter: yep. take a look. you can see the cash price at the bay bridge has gone down from $6 to $4. if you use a maryland e-zpass the price drops from 5.40 to 2.50. do the math here $2 a day savings over and over again quickly adds up to 10 bucks a workweek. and hey you can buy a good amount of gas with that. also buy a nice, big bag of groceries. >> this is probably an extra $1 or $2 or $4 that they can spend. >> reporter: the manager of hemingway's is the first stop right after bridge. he says this will encourage people to come see his restaurant. >> people look at the whole picture overall you know, between the toll, between the gas. >> reporter: tolls are also dropping for e-zpass customers along 95 and along the icc, where you could save about 50 cents, end to end.
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and back here at the bay bridge, people make their way across today, some say of course this is a good start, bringing the toll prices down, but some say the prices should go down further. hear more about that at 6:00. back to you. >> to see what the tolls will be now, head to the nbc washington app and search maryland tolls. maryland governor larry hoag.says he will probably be able to leave the hospital some time tonight. he posted an update on his condition on facebook and twitter today. he posed for this picture with his wife and daughter at the hospital. there he is. today is his fifth day of chemotherapy. hogan says he is doing great and getting a lot of work done in the hospital. last week, he announced he has non-hodgkin limb foam match he is being treated at the university of maryland medical center up in baltimore. a local grand mother says it is her worst fear come true. someone murdered her daughter, robbing her grandkids of their mom. news4's meagan fitzgerald spoke with the victim's family about the arrest announced late last night and why they were afraid
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this might happen. meagan? >> reporter: darlene bryant's mother is very very relieved that police have made an arrest in this case but she does admit that she lived a dangerous lifestyle. she says she tried to help her daughter out but she had to shift her focus to darlene's two younger daughters so they didn't follow in their mother's footsteps. >> i intended to keep it going so they could see and realize what they have been doing. >> reporter: you might call it a wall of fame, pictures capturing moments of testimony lore res bryant's two granddaughters, jay lean, an honor roll student dolores, also called miracle, a soon-to-be college grad who wants to be an attorney. she was recently recognized by the department of justice. >> i'm very proud of them. i'm very proud of them. >> reporter: dolores is proud because her daughter, 43-year-old darlene bryant and the mother of these two girls lived a dangerous life. sheafs drug user. and whatever lifestyle that was, she did not bring it to our
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door. >> reporter: dolores says she tried save her daughter even moving to our neighborhoods, but she was addicted to our habits. >> i always felt like that knock was going to come on the door and the men in suits was going to come in and tell me, we have bad news, your daughter's dead. >> reporter: it wasn't a knock, but may 13th a call that said her daughter was stabbed to death on wheeler road. she was like on the front yard when they arrived. on tuesday 34-year-old dell lonty wynn was arrested and charged with her murder. >> i didn't see her often and that's what makes it even worse that the last time i had to seize her was in a casket. >> reporter: there's no doubt her death is painful for her family but because of the life darlene lived, her two daughters say they are determined to do better. >> everybody thought i was going to be just like her, just motivated me deep down inside to try my best to not -- to be just like her.
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>> reporter: now, an arrest does come about a moment and a half after darlene was murdered. we just talked to chief lanier about the timing of it. she says this is a message to the community, that even though there's unsolved murder cases out there, detectives are working diligently to try and make arrests and this is a perfect example. the message she is trying to send people is if you commit murders in this town detectives will find who you are and make an arrest. now, coming up at 6:00 darlene's mother talks to us about the steps she made and the step she is took to try to save her daughter's life. erika? >> all right, meagan fitzgerald, thanks very much. it is illegal, but that didn't stop a bus driver from texting behind the wheel. find out who was on board and what happened after it was all captured on video. the death of a d.c. woman who lived to be 102 i don't have been prevented. that is the claim from her son who is filing a multimillion dollar lawsuit. find out who he says itst to blame. the airlines are responding to accusations that they teamed
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last night's storm caused a lot of damage across our region. i want to show you this gas station in prince george's county.
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surveillance video shows the cap poppy -- canopy topples over there. zachary kiesch gives us a closer look from bowie. >> reporter: a lot of talk around the shop this morning, it was a good thing no one was around when this thing came down. it is absolutely huge and it's old. you can see there's an old bird's nest in here. there's also some broken signage here. check out this crumbled mess. it is unbelievable what this thing did when it came down and a couple of the folks i talked to in the auto body shop behind me here, some have worked here as many as 20 years and some tell me they didn't recognize this place when they rolled this up morning with the canopy sitting on the ground. >> i almost drove past this place, i didn't recognize it with the roof off. i literally almost drove by. >> reporter: the gas station is closed, but the sh at least two of the bays are. it is business as usual. there's work to get done and cars to get out, so the crane can move in. across the district, the big
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issuement to downed wires. we just checked and pep coe still has 500 customers without power. storm team4s aamelia seekle le-- amelia segal joins us with the problems spots. >> reporter: here on 26th and pennsylvania, you can see the dangerous storms that moved through during the overnight hours knocked down this massive tree here. luckily, it fell into the park and not the road. my photographer, irene, and i have been out the entire day today during the morning hours, very early, starting on fox haul road, where a wire came down across fox hall, shutting down the road all morning long. that wasn't the only downed wire issue in the district. some issues reported around fulton street and northeast traveling along independence avenue. this fence had been blown over, the park service hoping to clean up branches and downed trees. that was the number one issue today, trees or branchs that had fallen down from the powerful storms that
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moved through the area during the overnight hours. we talked to one man here who said he was happy he just heard nobody had been injured. >> i pass through here every day, living here over 30 years. this is the worst i have seen. i'm glad there were no homeless people under the tree. they are usually sleeping there the transients. >> reporter: back here on pennsylvania avenue, you can see this tree the root system at least six feet high. talking to the urban forestry administration, this tree is going to take a while to clean up, they say. they hope to have the sidewalk open by tomorrow. they also told me that these storms that moved lube have produced the worst damage in the district so far this year. storm team4 meteorologist amelia segal, back to you. the second time in two decades, a church in south carolina will have to rebuild.
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the difference is the kkk set fire to mount zion ame 20 years ago. last night, it looks like it was a lightning strike from as paing storm that destroyed the church. our talk around town today is on you won't see the confederate flag flown if you visit historic sites in fredericksburg. it will plunge on up at the battlefields during reenactments. the national parks won't be selling any more items either with the symbol standing alone. the books with the confederate flag are still on store shelves the private shops in the fredericksburg area. that's different story. some owners told the fredericksburg post there's actually been an increase in sales over the past week. we are learning more tonight about a significant step forward in the relationship between washington and havana. president obama announcing today that the u.s. and cuba will reopen their embassies. cuba's embassy on 16th street and adams morgan will open july
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20th here. it is the most tangible progress since december when the president announced he and cuban leader raul castro agreed to restore diplomatic ties after a half-century of hostility. >> this is an hist fortoric step forward to normalize relations with the cuban government and people and begin a new chant we are our neighbors in the americas. >> secretary of state john kerry will reopen the u.s. embassy in havana later this month. several senators, most republican do not support re-establishing ties and they are threatening to block the pint.of any u.s. ambassador to cuba. if you're downtown, you may notice workers around the white house fence. they are topping the barricade with sharp metal spikes to discourage jumpers. our news4 i-team first told you about the plans for this temporary fix. the secret service and national parks service are working to develop a long-term solution. this is all a part of the response to several recent incidents, including the one in
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which an intruder made it all the way into the executive mansion last year. the justice department is investigating whether some major airlines are illegally coordinating business with one another. it wants to know if carriers communicated to each other when they added new flights, routes and extra seats. the probe raises the question of high airfare among airlines. the doj has demanded copies of all communication between certain carriers. the air line industry released this statement, in part -- flames raced through the family of 13 but a military family made sure no one was left behind. a northern virginia family is taking a new step now.
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-- heroin epidemic in virginia. find out why today is different in the battle against a deadly drug. and the rules are changing for how transgender teachers are treated at local
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some of you seeing rain showers, we have drop opts camera on the lenz in the distance that rain mainly coming through areas inside the beltway right now. so just d.c. areas, slightly north, let me show you, tracking these showers for about the last two hours and we have seen that one little economy starting to get a little heavier, it steps inside the beltway, bethesda fairfax county, montgomery county wet, and prince george's county wet. bethesda, the next 20 minutes moving out of the beltway, i think into areas like lanam. a few wet roads out there nothing storm mir not detecting lightning with these. this one making its way along 66 into areas of fairfax and idle
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wood, staying north of annan dale. wet weather, yes, but the chance for some more rain before the week's up. -- a weak weather some coming through the area this evening. mostly cloudy by 11. 73. see the drops falling right now. we are going to be cooling off. impact forecast tomorrow not only some rain back, but also the chance of thunder. the weather will have a moderate impact on your day tomorrow. roads will be wet. going to need the umbrella. keep that in mind. here is your commuter forecast between 7 and 9 a.m., 73, showers around the area. yes, even early in the day tomorrow, this time around 9, 10 11 a.m., we can see an isolated thunderstorm temperatures hit the mid-70s by then. so some wet roads likely early. again moderate impact on your morning, moderate impact also for the afternoon with a thunderstorm chance between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. any storms that fire you can always track them with the nbc washington app. by evening, we will be looking
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dry. i know you are hoping for dry weather, too, for the upcoming holiday weekend. so, some rains at least kick things off. here is a look at thursday. there is those thunderstorms.coming through manassas, d.c. a.m. tomorrow morning, the best chance of storms will be areas around d.c., down through kwaumt co-, fredericksburg,theast areas of maryland the best chance of seeing isolated storms from early in the day, around 9, 10 a.m., up until about 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. then just some occasional showers will be coming through, going to be overcast not a good pool day for tomorrow. rain likely again some p.m. showers, 80 to 85 degrees for high temperature across the area. some locations stuck in the 70s, cambridge pax river, maybe 80 around german town and gaithersburg. right now, planning your fourth of july, yep saturday, we have got a few clouds warm 84 degrees, by the time we get to the evening hours it is looking dry. we have got a detailed look at your seven-day forecast in just a couple of minutes.
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all right, vj thanks. we continue to follow developments on the water main mess in silver spring today. >> that's right. we have been making some calls since the top of the hour. going to have an update on how this will impact drivers through the night. and in a story that you saw first on news4, a son takes new action tonight after his mother died in the cold when her heat was shut off during the bitter cold winter. i'm tom sherwood in northeast washington. the district's minimum wage today went up to $10.50 an hour there are some people who want to make it $15 an ho
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right now, several new updates coming into the live des become that big water main break in wheaton. in the last few seconds, wssc told us that one lane southbound georgia avenue has just reopened. that is great news for folks heading down into silver spring in the district. we have already told you is going to be at least tomorrow morning before they get all these repairs made. we also now learned 42 customers are without water right now and several home in that area were flooded when that water main burst. now, this main is due for replacement. it was installed two years after world war two ended. it has broken several times in recent years. wssc says more than 2 million gallons of water were lost in
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just two hours after that water main broke. jim erika? >> thank you. now to a story you will see only here on 4. the family of a 102-year-old woman is suing washington gas for get this, $10 million. >> beatrice harley was found dead in her home after her heat was cut off. news4's mark segraves was first to report on this story earlier this year. today, he spoke with one city leader who's promising to hold washington gas accountable. i'm just clearly in the dark with washington gas. >> reporter: paul found his 102-year-old mother on her bedroom floor the day after a snowstorm earlier this year. he spoke to news4 just days after his mother's death. >> i believe if they had not interrupted her heat in the house, my mother would still be here today. >> reporter: yesterday bowman filed a $10 million lawsuit against washington gas, alleging his mother froze to death because the utility company had turned off her service without telling her, leaving her without
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heat for several days when the temperature was in the low 30s. after harley's son was unable to get any answers out of washington gas, he turned to d.c. council member yvette alexander for help. zbhapder met with an executive from washington gas who promised her they would do an internal investigation. but the lawyer for harley's family tells me that investigation was never done. >> that's really disappointing for me to hear because i was told directly that they were gonna conduct an investigation and we still want answers as to why that took place why her gas was, in fact, cut off. >> reporter: the medical examiner has ruled the cause of death was community acquired pneumonia. >> it's sad and it shows, you know, it was really cold during that time she didn't have heat in her home and she was elderly. so, it leads me to believe would she have knew mope ya if her heat, in fact, would have been on. >> reporter: washington gas declined to comment because of the pending lawsuit. alexander says she is going to
5:33 pm
pressure utility company for answers. >> i will definitely follow up with washington gas. i will get an anticipate. >> reporter: harley's home whether she raise herd children sits empty now but the neighborhood cats she was nope for feeding still sit waiting. mark segraves news4. a liquor store and employee and driver are counting their blessings tonight. the driver to of this car walked away unheard after plowing into a prince george's county liquor store. happened around 10:30 this morning here at bill's wine and liquor on annapolis road in lanam. the car went through the glass front and didn't stop until it was completely inside the store. the owner tells us he left the front of the store minutes before the car came crashing
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through. >> the driver told him that she had her foot on the brake and not the accelerator. she doesn't know how her car ended up inside of the store. the good news is she is just the school board is adding a list of protections. a similar plan in fairfax was not received well by all. some parents worried acceptance of transgender staff would lead to mixed sex bathrooms. new laws to help fight the heroin epidemic virginia start today. one is called safe reporting or good samaritan that lets you call for help for an overdose victim without fear of being arrested. lawmakers believe it would have saved the life of a fairfax county teen who died from an overdose in 2013, jim. and another law expands a program for the drug noll locks sewn that counters the effects of heroin. it would let all police give it to someone suffering from a overdose. a lot of workers will see a bump in the paycheck. the minimum wage in the district shot up today to $10.50 an hour. it rose to $8.25 in maryland
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much the. the minimum wage stayed at $7.25. tom sherwood reports there are efforts to raise it to $15. >> hello. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm just fine. >> reporter: the goa new good food market on busy rhode island avenue northeast is a welcomed store and employer. >> i was born in this neighborhood. i have been here for 35 years now. and so to see the store come into the neighborhood was a really good blessing. it means they don't have to go two or three miles away to get food. they can walk to us. >> reporter: the grocery already pays the minimum $10.50 an hour that took effect in d.c. today. >> it means you can feed your families, pay your represent not necessarily worry so much about living chargeeck to check. >> reporter: it will go up to $11.50 last summer under a wage law passed by the d.c. council but could go higher. the board of elections heard
5:36 pm
from a citizen's group that wants to vote next summer to hike the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020. >> the capital of the nation and i would say the capital of the world, we should not be the capital of inequality. >> reporter: business groups say $15 would make the city far less competitive with the suburbs and lower wages. >> the concern the d.c. chamber around all the businesses we represent is that this will make d.c. a less business-friendly jurisdiction. >> reporter: if it gets on the ballot, expect a hard-fought campaign over the $15. in the district tom sherwood news4. while he was using his phone behind the wheel riders feared for their lives. find out what happened after a bus driver was caught texting behind the wheel. for more than three weeks a family of 13 forced from their own home because of a fire lived with a family they hardly even knew. and now today moving
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now a special little boy looking for a forever home. terrence is only 6 years old but has a deep passion for church choir music. barbara harrison shows us,wednesday's child who despite his physical limitation has a lot of love to offer. >> reporter: the greater mount calvary church is one of 6-year-old terrence's favorite places. terrence, who neither walk or is able to see or hear well, loves coming here on sundays. nice to meet you, i'm barbara
5:40 pm
and of course, you know terrence? >> yes, we do. >> he is one of your parishioners. it wasn't sunday, but he invited us in. inside, some of the choir members were already warming up. they came just for us, so we could see just how much terrence loves their music. ♪ terrence's eyes widened as he felt the beat. he seemed to enjoy letting the sound surround him and embrace him. he has some hearing ability and it seemed that he was listening intently to the words and feeling the energy that filled the church. terrence comes here each week with his foster parent. his social worker says he has been in foster care for most of kid. he is so adorable. he is so cute, as you have seen. and he just needs a home. >> reporter: terrence seemed to feel right at home here at the greater mount calvary church. sensing the vitality of the singers, feeling the powerful rhythm of the drum and the
5:41 pm
strong-spirited sounds pounded out on the organ. [ applause ] and at the end of the song, we applauded the choir and they came down from the sanctuary to welcome us. they each introduced themselves and one choir member shared something in common with terrence. >> good morning, terrence my name is terrence as well. >> i'm looking for a family that is going to love him, is going to show him attention, that definitely has the time to support a child like terrence. he loves to be loved. he loves to be held. he loves to be touched. >> reporter: the choir members ask if they could say a prayer in hopes that an adoptive family will come forward. >> thank you for the family that is going to love him and care for him like only, father, he deserves. >> reporter: they pray that terrence's days to come will be his better days. >> amen. >> amen. >> reporter: barbara harrison, news4, for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for terrence or another child, call 1-888-to adopt me or go to
5:42 pm and search wednesday's child. a new report claims that prince george's county county is handing out more speed ticket than d.c., although it has fewer cameras. i'm tracy willing , coming up on news4 why one agency normally critical of these programs says that's good thing. and we are not the only ones dealing with storm damage today. we will show you more of the aftermath across the region. and we have rain shafts and rainbows out there across much of the metropolitan area right now. if you have a picture of the rainbow, send it to me on my twitter at chuck bell 4.
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drivers in prince george's county county are getting a lot more speeding ticket that happens drivers in the district. thousands more. >> now a group usually critical of speeding camera programs has high praise for prince george's county county. bureau chief tracee wilkins has this story. >> reporter: they are saying that the county is doing the right thing, this program is working well, it's the drivers messing up. on silver hill road and brooks drive in front of suit land high, people speed.
5:46 pm
>> they really do. because i actually see people. >> reporter: and so does this speed camera, one of two near the school. there are 72 speed cameras sites in prince george's county, in school zones only. elsie jacobs fought for these two. >> we had to have something to protect people's lives. >> reporter: according to aaa, in 2014, prince george's county handed out more than 303,000 tickets with fewer than 80 cameras rile in d.c., while there are nearly 300 cameras, they issued 282,000 tickets. there were nearly 22,000 more tickets in prince george's county with three times fewer cameras. >> that's shocking to many people. but it shows you how pervasive speeding is in school zones. >> reporter: while aaa is normally critical of speed camera programs and considers them predatory they say prince george's county is doing it right because its cameras are only in school zones. >> you are dealing with the lives, limbs of the youngest
5:47 pm
highway users, sometimes they are 6, 7, 8 years old maybe 4 or 5, and you have to safeguard them and no one should object to that. >> reporter: in the district, camera sites can be anyanywhere. >> our program is different from washington, d.c. like comparing apples and oranges. >> reporter: this major runs the program for prince george's county and while they are giving out fewer tickets in previous years than d.c. >> the numbers of speeding tickets are going down in the school zones, we know we are having an effect. >> reporter: three times as many cameras in the district, why is prince george's county outticketing them? d.c. has aness spo and i will have -- and i will have that report at 6:00. we have a warning tonight if you use the four-mile run frame or stream in arlington. authorities found a petroleum product in its waters this morning. they want you and your pets to avoid it. no fishing or wading in the
5:48 pm
stream in the area between mount vernon avenue and south walter reed drive. the sher ling ton dog park is right in the center of that contaminated area. our north in cecil county maryland, a messy situation on the docks. i want to you take a look at this. we have got pieces of splintered wood just scattered all on top of the boats at the marina, northeast maryland. some really big trees also came crashing down last night in mere by neighborhoods. behind us, the scene was fickle. it was range. now sun. whats agoing on? >> the way of the world here today. one cluster of showers traveling along route 50 from fairfax to annapolis. if you live or travel 10 miles north or south of there not going to get a drop. right on route 50 you can drive in the rain almost from the bay to the blue ridge. outside we go tower camera tour around the area looking for the rainbow. we saw it a little while ago it is faded out of our camera view for now, but might be visible by
5:49 pm
someone else so please send us a picture. that's our view looking out to the west. on the whole, a pretty quiet day outside, temperatures have been the most part in the 80s a, nice evening on the outside. i can't get my computer to actually move forward. i wonder what's going on with that. see if we can push another button on that. this is -- actually, go over to max one, maybe that's where the issue is. this is max two here. we are on max one. hmm. i don't know -- try max two. go to max two, i can see the graphics changing. all right. well, unable to get my graphics to move for you here so i don't know what the problem is with that. let me explain it to you there's one little band of showers through the heart of the metro, temperatures now into the mid-70s there is rain chances. here we go. now it wants to work of course. rain chances looking ahead tomorrow. 60% chance for showers around. rain chances up a little bit, we get into the day on friday. then as we get into the fourth, i think really most of the rain
5:50 pm
chances will be early on in the day. here's our camera view out over downtown, 86 now a passing showers going through. winds out of the south averaging about 14 miles per hour, temperatures now mid-80s, frederick, maryland, 88 fredericksburg. planning out your evening, showers for some. temperatures mid-80s now, clearing out just a smidgen, partly cloudy, 8:00, 8, 9:00, temperatures 78 by 11. here we are finally, here's radar. you know, one of these days, i'm going to put another nickel in that computer all right. the rain shower along route 50 there east of the beltway, out toward bowie and annapolis. right into the city of fairfax could get gusty wind with the cell. i say that the is only game in town that is it, everybody. everywhere else completely rain-free at this point in time. so, future weather, completely overdoing the rain chances here for the next little while, but it will fade out after midnight tonight. by the time you are getting up early tomorrow, rain chances coming back in on us and off and
5:51 pm
on showers likely through tomorrow morning on into the after into as well before we start to dry out just a smidgen. so, hour by hour then tomorrow, rain likely in the morning, then just tapering back to showers highs tomorrow mostly upper 67 70s. showery weather thursday and friday. the fourth of july and saturday looking just great. planning out your fourth of july on the national mall, a few clouds and warm. 84 degrees during the afternoon and 79 degrees just in time for the fireworks. one quick check of your seven-day forecast, which veronica will have again news4 at 6:00. showery weather tapering off in time for the holiday weekend. sunny, barge and drywarm and dry next week. it is moving day for the family of 13 forced out of their home by a fire yes, that's correct, a family of 13. we introduced you to the family a couple weeks ago when they were taken in by a welcoming military family. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver was there today as the couple and their 11 kids walked in to their new
5:52 pm
space. >> you have all your stuff ready? >> reporter: a parade of suitcases lining up in front of the basement steps. the 11 kids ready for this move. >> come on, man. let's go. >> reporter: for most of the past month, they have called the carlins' house home. this local marine family barely know the mohani is. through church when they heard about a fire gutting much of their home, curtis and mitzi told their four kids, make some room. >> to be honest i thought it was something my parents would do right off the bat anyway because that is the people they are. >> reporter: those warmly welcomed houseguests now leaving. they won't be moving back to their fairfax house. the damage just too much. but after a few weeks living with the carlins they now have a new place to call home. and when we walked into their new home, we found mitzi tidying up the place. >> once the mohanis got the word the house was approved they said, okay, let's get all the
5:53 pm
cleaning materials and get the house ready. >> reporter: wearing a patriotic tie, we were proudly shown around the house. he says he doesn't know what he would do without the generous donations. >> the people and the whole nation whom we don't even know, you know? but they came out, they want to help. >> i think they are family to me now. >> reporter: while the added space will be nice the carlin kids admit the separation will be tough. >> i will miss the shoes and stuff, by the door, 20 pairs of shoes, littlest to biggest. >> reporter: curtis even took part of the day off to see them move in. >> you can't put a price on what you get out of it. >> reporter: at 6:00, we learn about the struggles that still lie ahead for this family. in fairfax david culver, news4. >> what a great picture. one of new york city's most recognized buildings will look noticeably different tonight. 30 rock is getting a brand-new name. what was the ge building will now be known as the comcast building. and for the first time in history, the nbc peacock will
5:54 pm
adorn the new york city skyline. the new comcast nbcuniversal signage will be officially illuminated tonight. it was on this date back in 1941 that the first commercial television broadcast went out over the airwaves from nbc's headquarters. comcast is the parent company of nbc4. a bus caught on camera texting while driving. look there. hear about the scary ride from the traveler who captured the whole thing on his cell phone. and there are reports tonight that efforts to lure the redskins back to the district are now being blocked by the obama administration. but when we did some digging, we will tell you wha
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
faced of a job tonight after this video showing him using his cell phone on the new jersey turn pike surfaced. >> passengers became really concerned when the driver started speeding. as george spencer reports, this is just one of dozens of violations the bus company has faced of over the years. >> reporter: this is a fireable
5:58 pm
offense. for you this is a safety issue? >> yes. yes. >> reporter: he recorded the video after first seeing the driver texting miles earlier in the cherry hill area. he worried even a split-second distraction might cost lives. it appears authentic to you? >> yes. >> reporter: we showed the video to the owner of the bus company with offices on north 11th street. >> we have zero toll perhaps of cell phones. zero tolerance. >> reporter: jeremy backer tells us focus travel is the ticketing agent. he says the bus company is named yep tours. when we did a search of yep's federal records, we found just one accident but 25 up safe driving violations over two years. it puts the company in the bottom 2% of the carriers. even though this texting is clearly unacceptable, other violations represent a small portion of total trips. >> we do about 36,000 trips in the past two years, so 20
5:59 pm
violations on the amount of 36000 trips in two years is a small number. >> and the good news to report, nobody was hurt during that bus ride. >> yeah. while the bus driver was fired, he was not given any fines even a ticket from police. view from above shows a mess. a live shot from chopper4 tonight of the damage from an old broken water main. homes and businesses flooded. some people told to leave the area. we are learning cleanup is far from over. the big concern is for tomorrow morning's commute. new numbers just released show more than 2 million gallons of water flooded georgia avenue at shore field road in wheaton. this has been going on the past five hours and still no fix. pat collins joins us live from
6:00 pm
the scene. pat, any word on when this will be fixed? >> reporter: they are hoping tomorrow morning, but who knows. the repair work continues on here at the scene. it could take a while. let me give you some idea of what happened. the amount of water that spilled here today would fill about four olympic-sized swim willing pools and neighbors say this suspect the first time they have had to deal with the water main break here. it looked like the georgia avenue river. 2.5 million gallons of water cascading down the south bound rain of the road. show me how deep. >> um, i don't know. >> almost up to


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