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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 1, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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this has been going on the past five hours and still no fix. pat collins joins us live from the scene. pat, any word on when this will be fixed? >> reporter: they are hoping tomorrow morning, but who knows. the repair work continues on here at the scene. it could take a while. let me give you some idea of what happened. the amount of water that spilled here today would fill about four olympic-sized swim willing pools and neighbors say this suspect the first time they have had to deal with the water main break here. it looked like the georgia avenue river. 2.5 million gallons of water cascading down the south bound rain of the road. show me how deep. >> um, i don't know. >> almost up to your knee? >> yeah.
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>> reporter: your, water gushing all around this doctor's office. >> truly was like the mississippi river on both sides of the building and finally, a lake, lake michigan in my office. >> reporter: water flooding driveways turning lawns into lakes. this home got so much water, it was evacuated. how much did you lose here? >> i saw my beds a couple beds, kids' beds and clothes, right now, it's wet. >> reporter: that's roger ramirez ramirez. this is the second time he has been victimized by a water main break. got to be frustrating. this is the second time your home has flooded? >> yes. >> reporter: in less than a year? >> mm-hmm. the same spot the same side. >> reporter: this water main is 678
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68 years old and broken before. the wssc says it is due to be replaced. >> but this pipe is slated for replacement, so we will put a new stretch of pipe in here in the coming months. >> reporter: now the wssc says it will honor all damage claims from their water main breaks. in the meantime the work goes on here at the scene. they hope to have this temporarily patched by tomorrow morning. now back to you. >> thanks, pat. our team coverage continues now shomari stone has more on the repairs and why it's still gonna take several more hours before the road can open again. shomari? >> reporter: i'm at the busy intersection of randolph road and georgia avenue. i have an update for our viewers. at 5:00, you may recall that this intersection right here was blocked off. but as you can see as these cars make their way down georgia avenue, it is open. but it is a little misleading, because i would say about a football field length as you can see right over there, these three lanes turn into one.
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as these drivers move around the water main the broken water main that my colleague pat collins just told you about, this thing has caused quite a mess for the commute for a lot of folks who rare now trying to get home, from weeden the beltway on georgia avenue. a lot of folks are asking questions, some people taking a detour avoiding the areall together. as collin was told you, think about it a lot of folks are concerned about their commute tomorrow morning this one rain will all these three rains open up? so a lot of folks are going to avoid this area. we will have to bring you updates as they become available. live in weeden i'm shomari stone, news4. >> thanks show marry. we will be on top of this story throughout the hour and shomari mentioned that road will be closed throughout the night. as soon as it reopens we will send a breaking news alert on the nbc washington app.
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new at 6:00 tonight, two daughters of a woman murdered in the district refusing to be next. with an arrest in their mother's murder just announced they are looking ahead, carving their own path, something their grandmother can't wait to see. news4's meagan fitzgerald joins wuss this family's tragic store rained the good they are hoping will come from it. meagan? >> reporter: darlene's mother admits her daughter lived a dangerous lifestyle. she told us she did everything she could to try to help her but now, she has to turn her focus to the two young women that darlene left behind. dolores bryant would be the first to say life is about choices. >> i had darlene at an early able age, 16. >> reporter: sometimes those choices come with challenges. >> i got myself together and a good place. i tack darlene. >> reporter: darlene bryant grew up in a rough neighborhood. her mother tried to earn more money so they could give a
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better life, but it was too late. darlene was into drugs and hung around the wrong crowd. it was a lifestyle her two daughters grew up seeing. >> no matter where we went or whatever happened she would always seem to find her way back to that area. >> reporter: on may 13th dolores got a call saying her daughter was stabbed to death on wheeler road. police say she was like on a front yard. >> i didn't see her often. that's what makes it worse, the last time i had to see her was in a casket. >> reporter: her death painful for the family but her life motivateded her two daughters to do better. jay lean is an honor roll student, dell roar student student, dolores a soon-to-be college grad and wannabe prosecutor. life is about choices. >> what make you like that one? >> 'cause it's all of us. >> reporter: and these girls have chosen to follow their dreams. >> i'm focused. i'm motivated.
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i'm determined. just nothing that can stop it. >> reporter: darlene's family says they are very thankful tonight to d.c. police detectives for solving this and finding someone to bring to justice. we did have the opportunity to speak with chief lanier this afternoon. she tells us this is certainly an example of the hard work detectives are doing to break some of the d.c. murder case we was been seeing here lately. jim? cleanup now from last night's severe storms. surveillance video here has been shared by more than 200 people on our facebook page. high winds blamed for knocking over the cap no i at a gas station in bowie, marymaryland. no one was under the canopy when it collapsed. the urban forest tree administration keeps track of tree damage in the area and says that is the worst it has seen from storms so far this year.
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no major storms thought now, we could get more rain tomorrow. veronica's in the storm center. how much veronica? >> rain for a little while this evening what we are seeing storm team4 radar, a little bit of sunshine, a little bit of rain, reports of rainbows and rain shafts, the area little line tracking now, toward the southern end of the beltway, see it there showing up on steam team four radar, areas of 495 the next couple of minutes. this one toward 301 out of kettering kettering, another good shower out of d.c. bailey's crossroads, headed toward alexandria, the stray showers we are seeing should last another two hours or so. 7:00, 8:00 see things dry up. upper 70s. even cooler temperatures and more rain, i will show you if we are going to see any storms set up across our area we head into the holiday weekend guys. >> thanks, veronica. six months ago president
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obama announced that the u.s. and cuba would restore diplomatic ties. after 50 years of hostility, we seeing the most significant step forward in that process. embassies will open in washington and havana this month. steve handlesman has our report. >> reporter: president obama said he is resuming diplomatic relations with cuba knowing it will not change the communist government there overnight. >> but i believe that american engagement through our embassy our businesses and most of all, through our people, is the best way to advance our interests and support for democracy and human rights. >> reporter: in havana, the u.s. embassy will reopen after 54 years cuban tv carried president obama live. up 16th street from the white house crews gathered at the office of what will be havana's
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embassy. cuban coffee brews nearby at a cafe where most hailed the news of an embassy swap. >> i think it's a win-win situation. >> i think the relations with cuba should have started decades ago. >> i'm dying to go visit. >> reporter: in miami, many cuban-americans are outraged. >> that's not gonna work at all. >> we have gotten nothing in return and the castro regime get a lot of legitimacy they have not earned. >> reporter: congresswoman ileana ros-lehtinen says congress will not lift the economic embargo against cuba but secretary of state john kerry goes to cuba soon to raise the stars and stripes. to protest that and to try to slow things down, a lot of senate republicans and a prominent democrat, cuban-american robert menendez of new jersey, vow they will confirm no one, no one from this building or anywhere else, to be u.s. ambassador to cuba. changes are being made to the white house fence to try to stop people from jumping over
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it. they are topping the barricade with sharp metal spikes to discourage jumpers. our news4 i-team first told you about the plans for this temporary fix. the secret service and national parks service are working to develop a long-term solution. it will take six weeks to get the spikes in place. a federal official who organized an expensive conference out in las vegas with taxpayer money is headed to prison. the news4 i-team's scott macfarlane shows us the video that landed the high-ranking man in charge in so much trouble. scott? >> reporter: pat, his name is jeff kneel lakersneely, a former exec with the jenner is advices administration. a judge sentenced him to three years in prison for sit inning false paperwork to the government. this in a him in vegas went viral and neely on stage leading that convenient which cost nearly 1 million taxpayer dollars. the conference was over the top, luxury suites sushi bars, clowns a mind reader, video
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productions, like this one, too, so says the man who led that investigation. >> me need to be efficient, spend taxpayer dollars wisely. it is not their money taxpayer money. >> reporter: it now spends tens of millions of taxpayer dollars less on employee conferences now than 2010. jim? details on a chaotic and lady motel shooting involving a well-known couple on their way from d.c. to california. lynne russell is a former anchor for cnn. her husband is a former investigative reporter for that network. a friend of the couple says they were staying at a motel 6 in new mexico last night in the middle of a road trip when decar row shot and killed an armed robber who burst into their room. we are told decar row also was
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shot during the confrontation and that he is recovering in a hospital. another historic church burp burns to the ground but the cause of this may be different. $10 million lawsuit against washington gas after an elderly woman is found dead in a home. tonight, conflicting reports about what really happened there. plans to lure washington's football team back to the
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new information about the cause of this fire at a small church in greeleyville south carolina. the governor says the building was hit by at least four lightning strikes and that's what started the fire. arson is not expected. suspected, rather. there have been seven other fires at predominantly black churches in the south in the past two weeks. sarah dal love has more. >> reporter: federal investigators are looking into the cause of a fire that destroyed a african methodist episcopal church in greeley, south carolina about 50 miles north of charleston. the fire erupted tuesday night as lightning storms moved through the area. a source telling the associated press that early indications the fire was not intentionally set. >> we simply want to not stand in judgment, allow law enforcement to do what it does
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best. >> reporter: following a rash of fires at predominantly black churches in the southeast in the past two weeks, people are on edge. >> i'm suspicious. i'm very suspicious. and i don't think lightning striking at seven african-american churches all across the country. >> reporter: officials say at least two of the fires have already been declared arson. the fire at mount zion church is especially difficult for its congregation. the same church was intentionally burned to the ground in 1995 by the ku klux klan and visited by then opinion president bill clinton after it was rebuilt. >> of course, i'm devastated about the loss. my mind is filled and my heart is filled because of the parishioners having to go through this again. >> reporter: emotions reopened and raw among the title-knit congregation much the community is rallying behind the congregation of mount zion, offering them a alternative place to worship while the church is rebuilt. the pastor tells me not only will it be rebuilt but they
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will come back stronger n greeleyville, south carolina dara doll love, nbc news. you might have to look harder to find the confederate flag at historic sites now on. the national parks won't be selling any more items either with the symbol standing alone. the books with the confederate flag are still on store shelves the private shops in the fredericksburg area. that's different story. some owners told the fredericksburg post there's actually been an increase in sales over the past week. a possible setback tonight in the effort to bring washington's football team back to d.c. according to the "washington post," the national parks service is not likely to allow construction of a new stadium unless the team changes its name. that matters, because the park service owns the land on which
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the stadium sits. president obama and the interior secretary believe the name is offenseive to native americans and others. >> what is the city saying about this? >> three quick points the team name is a controversy but the president obama is not likely to get too involved in this. it only has 18 more months in office and interior department has a lot of things to do other than this. secondly, the city has a 22-year lease still on the rfk site to do what it wants to do there. every mayor since tony williams tried to figure out some way to get the team back that town, changing -- excuse me changing the name may be one thing to do. and thirdly dan snyder, the owner of the team that said he would never change the name, but he is looking for a site in the washington area for a new stadium. d.c. is one of the places. so there's a lot of discussions going on.
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i think we can say obama administration is not going to be involved in this but just a lot more talk over the next couple of years before the team decides what to do. >> governor mcauliffe like to have dan snyder. love to have them in loudoun county but people in the city say going to louden county is like being out in prince george's county county. want to be in the city in the line with all those monuments. snyder said to have said he likes that spot but going to have to work out the name thing as well as the stadium. >> 22 years on a lease right? >> 22 years left at rfk. >> not that long. >> snyder says it takes almost ten years to figure out a site and then build the thing and to open it. this is a long-term project a lot of excitement every time you mention the team name but this is a long-term project. >> all right. thanks, tom. turning now to the weather, veronica is here with what to expect. looking long term to the holiday weekend. >> exactly a little bit of rain to kick things off this holiday. i like that we are going to be
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trending more dry times, it has been a bet june and early part of july talking about rain showers. yes showing up already on storm team4 radar not like any storms that we had late last night, early this morning. take a look. storm team4 radar tracking these the last couple of hours this little weak disturbance making its way through the area, not seeing lightning not seeing wind with this. but the wind picking up a little bit. d.c., the beltway, right now braddock, this whole area sliding east southeastward, areas of southern maryland, oxon hill, mount vernon, 6:19 vernon square by the time you get to 6:27, fort washington, 6:28 to 6:30 or so wet weather moving in. breeze out of the southwest, mid to upper 80s, 85 right now, reagan national airport, going to drop to the upper 60s to low 70s by tomorrow morning.
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showers around early in the day for sure likely for your morning commute thursday, pack the umbrella week and a half two for the commuter forecast, 9 to 11 a.m., storm chances mid to late morning into the early afternoon, impacts, roads wet, likely moderate impacts have on your morning. by afternoon, a thunderstorm chance again 11 a.m. noon, lunchtime, 2 p.m., what happens after that just a few showers will start moving through. i think dry up and ending by the time we get to late afternoon and evening. a green light for road conditions late tomorrow. here is a look at 6 a.m., start you out, clouds early on. showers lexington park, 9 a.m. still some showers around there is your isolated thunderstorms wall cover, lexington park again, calvert st. mary's, charles county, prince george's county, anne arundel, 1, 2:00 in the afternoon, things start to
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wiped up late afternoon and evening hours. high chance at noon, 3, 4:00 chances of seeing thunderstorms should start to wane. poolcast for tomorrow, not so great, rain, showers, thunderstorms on tap. exercise impact forecast we hit 80 by 1:00 83. again not so great day. but we have got improving conditions and going to take a look at that fourth of july forecast in a few minutes. look forward to that thanks, veronica. coming up yet again, a shark attack in the waters off of a north carolina beach. tell you what we are learning about the latest victim. the fbi has issued a security threat assessment for the capital's fourth of july.
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there's some big changes coming to the mall this fourth of july. the list of what you can't take is growing and restrictions of where you can sit for the fireworks show. news4's chris gordon has more on how police plan to keep you safe. >> reporter: the smithsonian folklife festival opens at 11 a.m. saturday, followed by the fourth of july parade up constitution avenue. a capitol fourth begins at 8 p.m. with the national symphony orchestra and kc and the sunshine band. this stage has been set up on the west lawn and feature shots of the u.s. capitol behind performers like alabama.
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and then there's the main stage, where they will have most of the entertainment. barry manilow, the featured singer/songwriter, gets a third stage all to himself. the fireworks begin at 9:09 and will last 17 1/2 minutes. >> we just came because our family came from korea and we want to see the history of the united states. >> reporter: construction for the mall restoration is under way. closing the mall from 7th to 14th streets. that eliminate a lot of prime space for watching. >> you know have to go a little further toward the capitol or toward the washington monument grounds, so encouraging people to use metro stations other than smithsonian. >> reporter: fbi has issued a special convenient threat assessment of potential terror activities at the independence day celebrations here. you can rest assured that we have concentric circles of security. it will be well pattedrolled and well monitored. >> reporter: a new item added to the no-no list, the things you
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cannot bring to the mall. no drones. >> there are no drones allowed in and around national park service areas either for launching or landing. >> reporter: no drones are added to the traditional no-no list. no alcohol, no fireworks and no weapons. and you can bring food, water. you can bring drinks in plastic containers and you might want to bring some plastic for ground cover if we keep getting more rain. that is the latest live at the u.s. capitol. back to you in the studio, jim. >> hang in there, chris. coming up tonight we are following some news in montgomery county. a water main broke forcing people out of their homes. a look tonight at how long it will take to clean it up. for more man three weeks a military family welcomed in a family of 13 displaced by a fire. tonight, it is moving
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back to our breaking news this hour in weeden, maryland. one lane of traffic is getting by on busy georgia avenue. a 16-inch main burr thanks afternoon, flooding the roadway and nearby homes and businesses with two and a half million gallons of water. one family now has to find somewhere else to stay.
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tonight, we are told that pipe is 68 years old and had already been slated for replacement. crews plan to put a patch on it tonight. wssc is hoping to have georgia avenue ready to go tomorrow morning during the commute. tonight, the family of a 102-year-old woman who froze to death inside her house in d.c. that family is demanding answers and suing washington gas for $10 million amid new questions about the investigation. mark segraves has our report. >> reporter: the hole in the driveway where the gas line was first dug up and cut off has now been filled back up. but according to the attorney for beatrice harley's family, washington gas isn't telling them anything about what happened. >> what happened? i just want to know what happened here. >> reporter: paul bowman talked with news4 last april just after his mother's death. the temperatures were in the low 30s and the forecast was for
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snow. bowman came to check on his home. the 102-year-old mother was still able to care for herself and several neighborhood cats. >> well, she was found in her night clothes. she had taken as many blankets as she could find pillows, rommed herself up and got as close to the hot water radiator as she could. and that's where she was found. >> reporter: the medical examiner has determined the cause of death to be community acquired pneumonia. bowman is suing washington gas for $10 million, alleging had the utility company cult off her heat without giving the required notice. the attorney for the family tells news4, washington gas never conducted an internal review or reported the incident to the public service commission. but that's not what an executive with washington gas told d.c. council member, yvette alexander. >> they told me that it was under investigation as to why they, you know cut the gas off when they were doing the work in her private driveway. and i have not got a response.
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>> reporter: a spokesperson for washington gas declined to comment because of the pending lawsuit. in the district mark segraves, news4. breaking news into the live desk paramedics are rushing a toddler to the hospital after they fell out of a window in a montgomery county apartment building. chopper4 just over the scene in silver spring. these are the white oak towers on old columbia pike. rescue crews say the 4-year-old fell about 12 feat from the window and is suffering arm and eye injuries. right now, we don't know how serious those injuries are. we will keep an eye on this bring you any updates. pat? >> thanks, chris. tonight, a family of 14 -- 13 disspaced by fire is settling into their brand-new home. they say it would never have happened without the generosity of so many of you. news4 spent moving day with them and found while they are keeping positive, they face a lot of struggles.
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>> reporter: ament mo ago, these families didn't know each other. >> welcome home. >> reporter: helping the family of 13 move into their new home. >> once the mow henneys got the word the house office proved, i said, okay let's get all the cleaning materials and the house ready. i turned your icemaker on. >> reporter: this is what brought the families together. last month, a fire devastated the mohannys fairfax home. they didn't have renter's insurance or a police to stay. >> we have a big family, used to a lots of people in the house anyway. >> reporter: the carlins heard about the fire. only seep the mohannys at church but curtis and mitzi told their four kids, make some room. to be honest, i thought it was something my parents would do anyways that is the people they are. >> reporter: two of the mohanny girls checking out their new room, though we found some of their furniture still silts s sits in front of the burned out house.
6:35 pm
>> having a roof i know the furniture is going to come. >> reporter: that is not enough for the car lynn, curtis hoping to get their new space furnished and get them a van. >> the rate if not us who? if not now when? >> reporter: while the added space will be nice the carlin kids admit the separation may be tough. >> i think they are family to me now. >> reporter: in fairfax, david culver, news4. >> to learn more about the community's fund raising efforts or to make a go nation, go to our website and search fire family. >> wonderful story. good people. support still coming in tonight for maryland's governor, larry hogan. hogan posed for this picture today with his wife and daughter on his fifth day of chemotherapy as he fights non-hodgkin's lymphoma. hogan says he is doing great and getting a lot of work done. he is being treated at the university of maryland medical center in baltimore. he expects to leave the hospital some time tonight. new debate over speed
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cameras. why one maryland county is getting compliments for handing out more tickets than d.c. >> showers moving through the area. how long will these last and what about that rain that we have got on tap for the end of the workweek? i will give you all the details,
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traffic in virginia might be better by this time next week. the virginia department of transportation plans to open a shoulder lane to rush hour traffic. you can see the area we are talking about there is highlighted in orange. it will stretch a mile and a half from the end of the express lane merge to just beyond georgetown pike. if you've driven in that area, you know it can be a terrible
6:39 pm
bottleneck there. vdot is aiming to have the lane open by tuesday morning. you may have a little extra cash to spend now that tolls all across maryland are going down. costs $2 less to use the bay bridge now, if you pay with cash and about $3 less if you use your maryland e-zpass. transportation reporter adam tuss is at the bridge tonight where some are calling for the prices to be cut even more. >> reporter: tolls are coming down all across the state of maryland including here at the bay bridge it is a good day indeed but some say this is just a start and tolls should actually be coming down further. at the bay bridge and intercounty connector, tolls are dropping. >> very ready for it to go down. >> reporter: marge drew drives back and forth across the bridge all the time. she says keep the prices coming down. >> nice. >> more money in your pockets is always a good thing, right? believe or not other ways who
6:40 pm
have ways around the tunnel judy has ways around the helicopter about to you get to the chop and boat she has to drive across the bridge and she says she is thrilled with the lower price. >> make quite a bit of difference. it really does. and so we are really happy about that. >> reporter: let's do the math for you here, $2 a savings over and over again quickly adds up to $10 a week work and hey, you can buy a good am of gas with that. you can also buy a nice big bag of groceries. the manager at hemingway's is essentially the first stop right after the bridge. he says this will encourage people to come see his restaurant. >> people look at the whole picture overall, you know between the toll between the gas. >> reporter: now, tolls are also dropping for e-zpass customers along 95 and the icc, where you could say 50 cents end to end. to see a list of what the tolls will be now head to the nbc washington app and search maryland tolls. at the bay bridge, adam tuss, news4. for the seventh time this summer, there has been a shark attack in the waters off a beach
6:41 pm
in north carolina. lifeguards today rescued a man who was only in waist-deep water off oak ka croak islands. he had bite wounds on his hip legs and hands. that man is in his 60s. he is in the hospital now. when asked about the number of shark attacks in the area a national parks service spokeswoman noted warm water temperatures and swimmers who are too close to fishing areas. capturing your memories at the white house. the new rules for people taking tours of the mansion and the one thing you still can't do. i'm tracy willing. coming up on news4, prince george's county has few
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a man who works in this liquor store is counting blessings tonight. a driver lost control of her car and plowed right through the front window. it happened at about 10:30 this morning at bill's wine and liquor in maryland. the owner tells us he left the front of that store just minutes before that car came through. >> i was there standing but i went in the back to see how everything was going over there. it was a blessing for me. lucky day i would say. >> the driver told the fire department she had her foot on
6:45 pm
the brake, she said, and not the accelerator. said she has no idea how the car ended up in that store. prince george's county county is getting high praise for its speed camera program. the county has far fewer cameras than the district but handing out thousands more tickets. bureau chief tracy willing has the story from suit land. >> reporter: prince george's county has 72 speed cameras all located in school zone and they stopped working after 8 p.m. and on weekends. they are easy to spot. >> they are out there. >> reporter: in d.c., they are working 224 hours across the city. how is is it prince george's county is outticketing d.c.? >> shocking many people but shows you how pervasive speeding is in school zones. >> reporter: according to aaa, in 2014, prince george's county handed out more than 303,000 tickets while in d.c., they
6:46 pm
issued 282,000 i can tickets. nearly 22000 in prince george's county. >> the whole idea to try to get the numbers down and save lives. >> reporter: d.c. police released this statement saying -- >> reporter: even the most cynical drivers say it is hard to argue with more tickets, cameras in the right areas. >> for them to have it in the school zones is a good thing because a lot of drivers does not -- do not pay attention to how fast they are going. >> watch out for the kids because too often even with respect to the school buses, they are flying around the buses. >> reporter: the district and prince george's county are reporting that their ticket numbers are down significantly from previous years.
6:47 pm
they say it is working. tonight, visitors at the white house is doing something that has not been done there in 40 years. >> you may have seen this sign. well, not anymore. >> first lady michelle obama made the announce this morning on instagram. the photography ban has been lifted at the white house. didn't take long for people to take advantage of that visitors will be allowed to use social media as well during public tours but don't take your selfie stick in there. it is not welcome. >> as a matter of fact not allowed. one of new york city's most recognized buildings is getting a new look tonight. 30 rock is getting a brand-new name. the ge building will now be known as the comcast building. and for the first time in history, the nbc peacock will
6:48 pm
adorn the new york city skyline. the new comcast nbcuniversal signage will be officially illuminated tonight. it was on this date back in 1941 that the first commercial television broadcast went out over the airwaves from nbc's headquarters. >> i can't wait to see how long it will take people to stop saying 30 rock. >> we have got a little bit of rain out there and some wet roads in part not going to last that long and not going to get rocked like late last night. not saying winds. you can see some of the pockets of heavier showers that are coming through the area right now. right through the beltway emerging into prince george's county and anne arundel county. about it ready to cross over 301, south and east of kettering clinton, mount vernon, all that advancing down to the east with some rainfall rates close to an inch an hour. it is pouring there 301,
6:49 pm
brandywine around clinton to piscataway the next couple of minutes. impact forecast tomorrow, expecting rain isolated thunderstorms moderate impact on your day tomorrow. today, rather low. wakeup forecast tomorrow, occasional showers isolated thunder late morning, hid 60s low 70s across the area. today, nice and toasty. sunshine tomorrow, more clouds, 80 to 84 across the area. temperatures 82 fredericksburg, 82, 83 degrees, area down there across southeastern maryland could see the best chance of isolated thunderstorms. here is a look at your sky cast for tomorrow. showers as we get into 6, 7 p.m. tomorrow. eye isolated thunder, late morning to early afternoon there is your high, 83 around 3:00 tomorrow. full forecast, 77 to 80 degrees
6:50 pm
again some of the heavier storms coming our way late in the day. here is a look at your storm team4-day forecast. fourth of july, 84 degrees 86 on sunday your showers coming early in the day there on saturday, but sunshine as we head into the first part of next week hitting a high temperature of 90 degrees by tuesday. but a dry fourth of july, dry now, that's the trend i'm sticking to it. guys? >> free agency has a big price, you know, a long-time captain saying bye to d.c., why mike green is leaving the district for detroit. first, here's lester holt with a look at what they are working on for the "nbc nightly news." >> hi jim and pat. coming up in the broadcast tonight, we break down why there's so much anxiety over possible terror attacks over the long holiday weekend. the donald trump business empire takes another hit over his controversial comments about mexican immigrants. and questions over the safety of
6:51 pm
players after a nasty on-field collision overshadow a big soccer win by the u
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better have here some tissues carol might cry, she is in love with mike green. >> just singing his praises and i said, you know it makes
6:54 pm
dollars and cents, he is no longer a washington capital. but a lot of people are going to miss him social media everybody is like he is the man. we knew it was coming. a big draw. >> going to be professional. that's right, come on. expected news can be hard to hear mike green no longer a washington capital. game over, green taking his talents to detroit. the news comes just hours into free agency, but greeny says it "still slap me in the face this morning". the deal is for three years, worth $18 million. green was one of the longest tenured caps, spending all ten seasons of his career with washington. the team drafted him in the first round in 2004. the 29-year-old was a two-time norris trophy finalist for the top defenseman in the league. also scorer 560 points in 575 career nhl games. the caps put out this statement this afternoon, very classy --
6:55 pm
the first place nationals are in action tonight hoping to continue to beat up the braves much the nates have won nine in a row head to head, so, time for a change. instead of ted turner listed as the owner of the atlanta braves, it should be the nation as. pay back. lately, the nats beating up on everybody, wing 9-10. last night jordan zimmermann throwing 7 2/3rd scoreless innings, striking out six. the last ten games, the nats' starters e.r.a. 1.69 drops an entire run if you take out tanner row walk's eight-run inning against the phillies sunday. nats add a roster spot to their racing presidents. calvin coolidge gets the call, the 30th president of the united states will make his debut on friday. why cool limb? lots of baseball ties and looks like mitt romney, right? >> no. >> and also michael dukakis.
6:56 pm
threw out six pitches for the senators, prevented the 1924 al mvp to walter johnson, attended four world series game, most of any sitting president. said baseball is our national game. >> all he ever said. usa moving on after a huge 2-nil win over the top team in the world cup, germany, over the top of the world team germany. carli lloyd keeps scoring three goals in the last three games, on the other sishdde americans kept opponents from scoring for 513 minutes, they will play england or japan on sunday. those two teams face off tonight. across the pond, everyone trying to beat the heat, including both william sisters at wimbledon. 119-mile-an-hour serves. serena, no problems returning it. serena wins, 6-4 6-1. meanwhile, venus williams
6:57 pm
playing, match point now, venus, a huge serve. unage to return. veep us in wins, 7-6, 6-4. both venus and serena, another win away from facing each other. earlier today at andrews air force base in maryland, that super bowl champion rob gronkowski, fresh off the kentucky derby may weather/pacquiao fight, now in our area, teaming one pro camps, 100 military kids for two days. >> people are coming and supporting us every sunday, coming to watch us. so, there's big fans out there all across the u.s., patriots fans everywhere and great to come out here and see everyone patriots gear on the kids just running around, having a blast and great to give back so the kids have an opportunity to succeed in life. >> come back to maryland, where i played my college ball at and hang out with some of these military kids and their parents are out there, giving it their all for our country. always good to come back and give back a little. >> see the family turk ties,
6:58 pm
back in the area. >> how cool is it to play with rob gronkowski? that is big. super bowl. >> 'cause he bad.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, are airlines conspiring to fix prices? the feds investigating whether carriers are illegally wther to limit seats and keep prices high even at a time of record profit. holiday terror threat. heightened anxiety of an isis-inspired attack. the fbi increasing arrests. cities adding more security to guard against a nightmare scenario on america's birthday. shark frenzy. yet another attack. the seventh in three weeks in north carolina. that's far more than normal. right before one of the biggest beach weekends of the year. and head to head. team usa one victory away from winning the world cup. but a violent collision on the field has fans kicking up a firestorm against soccer off


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