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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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ck around july fourth. the terror group is calling for attacks during the holy month of ramadan which ends on july 17th. we're not hearing specific holiday threats in our area but a lot of you will be outside and on the national mall. what you should watch for this week in about 15 minutes with tracie potts. today the man who pleaded guilty after climbing over the white house fence is going to be sentenced. dominic adasana could face up to a year in prison. he was caught by secret service officers after climbing this fence last year while metal spikes are now being added to that fence around the white house for added security. that's expected to take about six weeks to deplete. today new legislation will be signed in montgomery county that will require employers to provide paid sick leave. the leave can be used for injury or illness. it can be used for those affected by domestic violence. the bill signing will take place in downtown silver spring just
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after midday today. that law will go into effect on october 1st. >> yeah, employers will have a little more than a year to comply. 4:31. tom curran has a check at our hour by hour forecast over the next four hours. >> notice it got humid overnight. and the rather steamy humidity going to be with us through much of the day. showers here one shower here in the shenandoah valley that's going to be moving toward the north and east into loudoun county, west virginia, just south of winchester, near charles town, leesburg, perhaps toward frederick and near damascus the next hour or two. thunder and lightning too this area in red in st. mary's county, heading over toward calvert county. it may be get getting closer to cambridge the next hour or two. we've got some breaks in the the clouds over washington. a live view from our towercam ra. temperatures 60s and low 60s. low 60s by 8:00. sun may be breaking out, partly
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sunny. noontime upper 70s. mid 80s midafternoon. a chance of afternoon thundershowers by mid to late afternoon. temperatures low 80s by then. and your drive time forecast, next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 4:41. what's happening on the roads? >> getting new information again you're going to want to avoid georgia avenue. wsse saying southbound georgia avenue shut down right now between the areas here of randolph, arcola henderson. all traffic using northbound lanes here this morning. we have beltway colesville moving along nicely. 66 at sudley road. a little road work but nothing to worry about at this point. maryland, 95 at cherry hill road, everything rolling nicely here. and a big look at the beltway. nice and green no major issues overall. we'll have a lot on this situation here in wheaten
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throughout the morning. much more coming up in ten nutes. we'll tweet about it it @first4traffic. baltimore police say they caught the man who started this huge cvs fire. it is one of the most memorable images from the protest over freddie gray's death in april. the atf says raymond carter torched that store. they're also looking for another eight people they think damaged the city that day. >> for those who have destroyed our stores who have thrown rocks at our officers, we're coming. we haven't finished yet. >> carter could spend up to 20 years in prison if convicted. also in baltimore soon police will get new riot gear. mayor blake says officers were not properly equipped during april's protests. about 160 officers were injured that day. rawlings-blake sit the city will order upgraded gear.
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no one on board a military transport plane that crashed in indonesia survived. it went down right in a neighborhood in one of the country's largest cities crashing right into homes and a hotel. the video here shows just how devastating this crash was. 122 people on the plane were killed. 20 people on the ground. the plane left the air force base, the pilot did ask to go back because of technical problems. apparently it was too late. the plane crashed two minutes after takeoff. the air force there in indonesia has now grounded c-130b aircraft during this investigation. they do believe perhaps the engine stalled. they're right now reviewing the aging fleet that this particular plane was put into service 50 years ago. back to you. 4:34. developing right now, greece is in for another long day of long lines at the banks. most banks are closed to prevent
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mass money withdrawals as a debt crisis grips that country. the banks that are open are only letting elderly people take out money. greece and its creditors have halted talks on the crisis until after a vote on sunday. greece defaulted on a $1.7 billion payment to the international monetary fund. you're probably watching your 401(k) accounts. investors appear to be taking the greek debt crisis in stride. stocks around here rose yesterday. in a story you saw on first 4, the family of a 102-year-old woman who froze to death inside her d.c. home want some answers. they're suing washington gas for $10 million. she was found in her southeast home ahead of a snow storm in march. she was huddled under blankets near a radiator. the family says washington gas had shut off her service without notice. the company is not commenting on this lawsuit. a suspected car thief took the bait but got away before montgomery county police could arrest him. this man got into a car left by police at chevy chase village
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yesterday, about 4:00 a.m., and triggered a police alarm. by the time officers arrived he was gone. police dogs were able to trace his scent into d.c. he was not caught. police believe that man broke into several cars in the area. nothing was reported stolen. this morning the 16th street bridge in northwest d.c. is opening up two weeks ahead of schedule. just in time for the fourth of july weekend. crews replaced the 57-year-old bridge over the last three months. this is part of a bigger effort to improve the area around 16th street and military road with new roads and upgraded traffic signals. the mayor will cut the ribbon at 11:00 this this morning. the district's dmv inspection station is extending its hours today. the station on half street southwest will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. yesterday a system glitch forced that station to close. as a result all customers whose inspection stickers expired on june 30th or july 1st will not be penalized. all late inspection fees from the closure will be waived.
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live look outside for you at 4:37. this is a friday for a lot of people around here. tom's putting together your drive time forecast. that's straight ahead in your weather and traffic on the 1s. >> we're just getting started. a decision none of us want to make but two people had to. instead of taking their life it saved it. their incredible story of survival straight ahead.
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virginia's historic sites are the latest to rethink when and how to display the confederate flag. from now on the flag will only be shown during civil war re-enactments on battlefield sites. at you've seen u.s. national parks stopped selling most confederate-themed souvenirs. "the fredericksburg post" says some stores have seen more people buying the confederate flag. you have to see this amazing escape from this fire. take a look at the video. it comes out of atlanta. the fire starting to burn down the building. that young woman right there in the window, a girl inside, there she goes. she breaks out of the upper-story window. we'll show you again. she jumps into two people's arms. the girl behind her just after they escaped the fire blew out the entire roof. dramatic. 4:41. our time now weather and traffic on the 1s. 71 outside our studios. what's coming up? >> right now we've got a few eam 4
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radar, there's one batch in the shenandoah valley along 81 where it meets 66, near front royal to blue mont, western loudoun doesn't. it's going to move perhaps near charles town, leesburg maybe near frederick, damascus the next hour. other patches of showers with a little bit of thunder and lightning here in southern southeastern charles county across st. mary's county moving into southern calvert, toward cambridge. driving today no problems for the morning and midday. afternoon scattered thundershowers around. some of the pavement's going to be wet. dry roads mainly this money in most of the area. low 70s mid 80s during the afternoon. our fourth of july weekend storm chances. melissa, what's going on? >> right now the issue on georgia avenue. here's what we know southbound georgia avenue shut down between randolph and arcola all traffic using northbound lanes. use alternates, kemp mill road.
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beltway don't have any big problems. take a look at the beltway overall, prince georges county moving along fine as well. remember this road work, dulles toll road eastbound at the beltway and the branch at beltway looking good. a crime anyone with an iphone will want to know about the culprit or at least the suspect is just 14 years old. just as you're about to start that summer vacation the government has a question for the airlines. have they been colluding to keep airfares high by keeping the number of available seats relatively low? life's morning multitasking.
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right now we're working to find out more about a plane crash in oregon. it's a helicopter that went down about 17 miles from newberg. it happened last night. we do know that two people were killed in this crash. these are pictures posted to
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twitter overnight. right now the faa just says that the circumstances are unknown. it's 4:45. a big developing story about your travel. the department of justice now investigating whether airlines are working together, concludinge ing colluding to make you pay more. >> basically saying, don't grow your airline, don't add seats get rid of routes where you don't have your flights completely full. >> the government wants to find out if airlines are intentionally limiting how many seats they offer to keep their fares up. fuller planes mean more money for airlines and higher prices for you. vest gave sources say the probe is looking at uses of the word "discipline" to capacity. the justice department has not named any specific airlines at this point. law enforcement across the country is on high alert right now heading into this holiday weekend. heightened fears of home-grown terrorism have everyone on edge. nbc's tracie potts is with us
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now from capitol hill. why did this year seem so different? what should people keep in mind to stay safe? >> first of all, it's different because there are two events happening at the same time. july fourth falls in the middle of ramadan, the holy days for the muslim community. as a result isis has been calling for attacks and they've been recruiting westerners under 21 years old. lots of social media out there, they've been tweeting 60,000 tweets a day. isis and their supporters. the mall as they prepare for fourth of july, the fbi and homeland security sent out a bulletin to police all over the country saying to be alert particularly in large crowds. because isis has been calling for the attacks with no specific credible threat. and as the defense secretary has said, the big concern here is not so much that they're planning attacks but that they will take credit for inspiring people in this country to do so. so we see in new york we see in d.c. that they've got lots of
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security you will see and security you will not see. experts say the answer is not to stay home. freedom without fear what is they're going for. so going out but being watchful and being vigilant this weekend is what they're suggesting for people who want to enjoy this holiday. >> tracy potts on capitol hill with good things to keep in mind, thank you. a large christian fade will soon allow same-sex weddings. the episcopal church voted overwhelmingly in favor of performing the religious weddings yesterday less than a week after the supreme court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, a fact that is not lost on supporters. >> friday i became a full member of the united states of america. and today i became a full member of this church that i love and i've dedicated my life . >> the church vote eliminates gender-specific language from marriage laws. members of the clergy can still decline to perform same-sex weddings as they choose. the measure takes effect in november. students at university of
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d.c. will have a chance to learn about life for college kids in cuba. the interim president announced a memorandum of understanding. he signed it with the university of havana. the idea is to create a collaborative relationship and promote friendship. this comes a day after president obama said the u.s. and cuba will reopen embassies in each other's capitals. maryland governor larry hogan is all smiles on social media as he shares the latest on his fight against cancer. he posed for this picture, take a look, this is with his wife and daughter, on the last day of a round of 24-hour chemotherapy. hogan has nonhodgkins lymphoma and says he's doing well ask getting a lot of work done. he was being treated at university of maryland medical center in baltimore. metro transition met arrested a teenager for a string of rob byes along the blue orange and silver lines. they say he targeted people with iphones. the suspect is just 14 years old. metro says all of the robberies involve the iphone 6.
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police say he managed to steal phones from riders six times between may 27th and june 15th. this happened at the minnesota avenue eastern market, bening road, and dean wood metro stations. a toddler is recovering this morning after falling eight floors from an apartment window in silver spring. chopper 4 was over the scene around 6:00 last night. it happened at the white oak towers on old columbia pike in hill and dale neighborhood. rescue crews say the 4-year-old boy is suffering arm and eye injuries but he is expected to be okay. news 4 is working for you to make sure that this doesn't happen to you and your child. safety experts say that buying window guards and window stops can help prevent those falls. move furniture away from the window. this is going to stop children from getting to windows easily. we have more safety tips on our nbc washington app. search "preventing window
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falls." a family of 13 that lost their fairfax house in a fire is finally getting a brand-new home. we introduced you to the muhanis family a couple of weeks ago when they were taken in by the carlins, a military family that welcomed them into their home with already six people it in. par the past month all 19 have been living together. yesterday the mohanis moved into their new house. they can't believe all the generosity they've seen. >> including the people of the whole nation who we don't even know. they came out. they want to help. >> i think they're family to me now. >> the mohanis still don't have furniture but they are content with a roof. the carlins hoping to get the new house furnished and get them a van too. in news 4 your health right now a new study says that we're having quite the difficult time remembering because the internet is wrecking our memory. imagine that. it's called "digital amnesia"
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when you forget information that you trust a digital device to store and remember for you. 91% of you surveyed said you use the internet as an online extension of your brain. 44% said their smartphone serves as their memory. back in 2008 "the atlantic" had a great article called "is google making us stupid?" >> yes! and all that great technology is making us dumber. we don't have -- you google it you don't need to memorize anything, you don't need to know anything. >> your to do list you plop it in there and assume you're going to remember everything and you depend on it. what would you do if we didn't have teg nothing and the nbc washington weather app? >> we have tom here. >> he's been in my pocket. >> thank you. aaron and -- uh -- uh -- >> hey, it happens. >> the storm team 4 radar. we are getting a little bit of light rain showing up,
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shenandoah valley. that's moving north and east. it's going to be moving the panhandle of west virginia, loudoun county now, should be crossing the potomac heading into washington county and frederick county. maybe extreme northern montgomery over the next hour. a few other showers, thunder and lightning in st. mary's county crossing the bay maybe near eastern and cambridge over the next hour. otherwise, partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 60s just about everywhere, from the shenandoah valley to the bay. right near the bay waters, low 70s. the full moon coming up last evening. this photo taken by lloyd ferguson. post yours on facebook as well as on twitter. and we'll share on instagram. by 8:00 in the low 70s. sun ought to be breaking out noontime. upper 70s. you'll notice the humidity has returned. it will be in place during the afternoon. stalled front over the region may trigger thundershowers during the afternoon as temperatures reach the low to mid 80s. now the impact this morning for any weather impacts should be fine. scattered thunderstorms during
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the afternoon. may have a moderate impact on the afternoon commute. then the evening hours the storms will be ending. our impacts will be low again. and then showers likely during the day tomorrow. a damp day with occasional showers. it will be cooler as well with highs in the upper 70s. and some of those showers ending by friday evening. then saturday partly cloudy during the day for the fourth of july. should be all right for picnics and parades. in the evening we might get a few passing thunderstorms. maybe late afternoon and early evening. it may interrupt some of the fireworks displays. then on sunday partly cloudy into the mid 80s. sunday afternoon, there is a possibility of some thundershowers south of the metro area. then as we get back to work on monday, tuesday and into wednesday highs near 90. chance of storms on wednesday. melissa, what's going on with that water main break? >> a water main break along georgia avenue. going to be there much of the morning commute. right now is shut down not all the way up
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top but between shorefield and arcola. right now all traffic is using northbound lanes to get around. alternates of kemp mill road and veirs mill road. right now you could probably stay into the north and southbound lanes and get around it. 270 at shady grove, no problems there. top of the beltway into and out of town, 95 and 29, everything rolling nicely there. 66 and 95 don't have any majors there. major problems i should say at this point this morning. a live all right on the scene in wheaten coming up in a couple of minutes. a warning for anybody headed to north carolina for the holiday weekend after another shark attack. this morning we're learning what may be behind all these recent attacks. and a safety alert for you in virginia. the area officials want you and your furry family members to avoid.
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breaking news now. there's been a train derailment near knoxville, tennessee. the train was carrying highly flammable and toxic gas when it derailed. it also caught fire. about 5000 people in that area have been evacuated from their homes. it's about a one-mile radius around the derailment. seven firefighters we've learned have been taken to the hospital for breathing in those toxic fumes. we expect to have more throughout the morning.
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it has happened again. a shark attack in the waters off north carolina's outer banks. this is the seventh confirmed attack in north korea in three we'lls. in this latest attack a 67-year-old man was in the water up to his waist when a shark grabbed him and dragged him under. he managed to swim to safety. >> the news spread quickly on the beach that it was a shark attack, or a shark bite. and so you know, obviously everybody got out of the water. >> none of the north carolina attacks was fatal and there are no plans to close any beaches this weekend. researchers believe the increased number of attacks might be connected to the unseasonably hot june. a safety alert this morning. if you use the four mile run trail or stream in washington, water authorities found petroleum product in the waters yesterday morning. they want you and your pets to avoid it for you. don't fish or wade in the stream in the area between mt. vernon avenue and south walter reed
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drive. the dog park is in the center of this contaminated area. we're working to find out when the area will be deemed safe. another big step the d.c. council has to take to get started for a new stadium for d.c. united. the council just approved half a dozen land and development agreements. however, the city still needs to acquire two acres of land at buzz zard point. the kun sill has until october to buy that land or get it through eminent domain. a baseball complex could be coming to fairfax county. "the fairfax times" said the county park authority is making plans to build a major complex for big events. it would have five different diamonds for adults and little leagues plus a press box and concession stand. the complex would go somewhere around patriot park on braddock road. >> that's exciting news. that place is growing a lot. the county parkway's going to be even busier though. 4:59. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now.
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a major heads-up if you are headed out of town for the weekend. a massive watermain break it is having an impact on your drive. it is 5:00 a.m. >> we have you covered on how much this is going to affect you and your plans. first let's hand things over to mellissa malay. >> we have quite closure. take a look, southbound georgia avenue is closed between shorefield and arcola avenue. northbound coming southbound, you are pushed over to the northbound la


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