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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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nd latter part of the afternoon. lots of sun with low humidity. at dawn on this thursday, temperatures nearby suburbs in and around the beltway. in the mid 60s. farther out in the rural areas only around 60 degrees. your drive time forecast is at 6:11. we have had problems on 95. melissa has an update. >> again a four-mile backup headed northbound here right past prince william parkway. spoke with police again because it was looking like the left lane was blocked and it is. that's part of the problem, fewer lanes this morning. going 11 miles per hour as you're headed through the dale city area. prince george's county overall looking quite good this morning. 270 at shady grove road, no major problems. remember, because of the fire at historic harpers ferry, the station on brunswick line is shut down. use duff field or brunswick instead. a neighborhood in virginia on high alert this morning after a bear attack. a dog is recovering after that
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attack earlier this week. now, neighbors are taking action too. news4's megan mcgrath live with more on this. megan? >> reporter: well, aaron, a number of bear sightings in the great falls area including one right behind me here behind the firehouse. now, take a look at this picture that someone snapped of a -- one of the bears in the area. it's a decent sized bear walking around. you see the back section of the animal as it goes around a stone wall. it is also believed that a bear attacked a dog on river park lane earlier this week. later today, trail cameras will be installed in the area near where the dog was attacked. the animal control officials are trying to figure out exactly what they're dealing with and try and track this bear. on tuesday, 6-year-old lab named blue was found with claw marks on her side. her owner at first thought that she was attack by a raccoon but the vet said no, she was likely attacked by a bear.
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now, blue's family of course very concerned, this happened in their yard and they're worried about the safety of their children. in fact, a lot of people in the great falls area are concerned. they want more information about how many bears are out there and the movements of these bears. they'd like to see them moved along as well. those trail cameras going up later today to try to get some more information about the bear and what it's doing in this area. back to you guys in the studio. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. developing this morning, charles county investigators are looking into the officer involved shooting. deputies responded to the home on charlton court for a domestic incident last night. they found a man who was waving around a knife and threatening to kill himself. deputies say he eventually moved toward them and that's when one of them fired a shot. but witnesses say the officer didn't have to shoot because the
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man's arms were raised. the man survived. a man heads back to court. attorneys for charles severance will ask the judge to throw out some of the evidence against their client. including a photo lineup and the i.d. of severance given by a caregiver of one of the victims. news4's julie carey will keep you up to date. follow her on twitter @julie carey nbc. prosecutors will not pursue the death penalty in that case. a man will spend more time behind bars after a spree of bold burglaries in maryland and virginia. tyrone bean has been charged in the string of burglaries in the rockville area. in some cases he didn't bother using doors or even windows to break in. he would enter utility closets at apartment buildings, cut a hole in the drywall and crawl into the apartment space. it seems burglary is a bit of a thirsty business after drinking a root beer in one house he left behind his dna. bean will now face another ten years in prison. he's currently serving time in virginia for similar crimes.
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6:04. today, secretary of state john kerry will testify about the iran nuclear deal. he will address the committee at 10:00 this morning. congress has to approve the deal which rolls back sanctions on iran in exchange for limiting the nuclear program. president obama has said if lawmakers reject the deal, he will veto their decision. some of you may organizing protests against the nuclear deal. take a look here. this is from a protest in new york city. thousands of people gathered in times square to oppose the agreement. you can see they held up signs like no to terrorist khomeini. they say it gives iran too much leniency and puts israel in danger. and today a talk about police reform. the aclu, naacp, amnesty international are among two dozen different groups staging a rally at 2:00 this afternoon. if you're in annapolis you will
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see them on lawyer's mall. in baltimore, a former cop wants to perform in black face to raise money for the officers charged in freddie gray's death. however, the venue yes he was planning -- where he was planning to perform just cancelled his show. there was a wave of backlash. not only did the police union and the naacp both object, but a lawyer for the officer said they they wouldn't any -- accept any money for the show. and police are searching for a man who pulled the emergency switch on a train. he missed his stop, and then pulled the emergency lever on the train, leaving the l'enfant plaza station. i led to some -- it led to some serious delays on tuesday. metro set to discuss the culture of safety at the board meeting. last month the federal transit administration issued a scathing report about metro. it pointed out 90 issues.
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and today metro will provide an update on how it's improving safety. a new push to move the seat of government in prince george's county. rushern baker wants to move to largo. the executive and the council are in upper marlboro. baker likes largo because it's closer to the beltway. more than half a dozen county agencies are currently located in largo. that according to "the post." i'm kristin wright at the live desk with more on that breaking news of that huge fire going on right now in harpers ferry, west virginia. chopper 4 on the way as we speak. we know that at least two buildings possibly three are burning right now this the historic area right there. we know that firefighters from loudoun county, from washington and frederick counties in maryland are headed to the scene to help put this fire out. this is coming from our news
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partner wtop. we're told so far no one appears to have been in the buildings but we'll bring you more information and pictures as soon as we get them. aaron? >> thank you. we are learning new details about the death of that driver in a texas jail. what an autopsy is revealing about sandra bland, plus a look at what rights you have when an officer pulls you over. and right now, tracking a big backup on 95 northbound in virginia. full details straight ahead. but first a developing situation playing out in california. right now the fast moving wildfire forces a number of people from their homes. the challenges facing firefighters as they try to contain the flames.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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developing right now, firefighters battling a fast moving wildfire in napa county, california. take a look at some of the
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images here. awful looking fire here. strong wind pushing the flames here making it harder for firefighters to contain the flames. 4,000 acres have burned at this point. the california department of foresty and fire protection said it's only 5% contained. police detained a man traveling through the airport because of what was in his carry on. inside the bag, tsa agents found rope cutters, a hatchet. two smoke grenades. 12 bottle rocket fireworks, a folding saw and an assortment of knives. not exactly what you'd get in the travel section of the grocery store. he was allowed to put them into the checked bag but maryland transportation authority police charged him for having illegal fireworks. >> and no sense. how do you think you'll walk through security with all that stuff? i saw that yesterday.
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>> i don't know where to begin. well 6:15 nearly 6:15. you're waking up to a lovely day. >> we sent our storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal outside. she has the storm team 4x4 at the takoma park metro station. good morning. >> good morning, aaron. temperatures in the storm team 4x4 continuing to be around 68 degrees. almost a little bit chilly out here, but i do get cold easily anyways. not the kind of morning you'd expect in late july. low humidity, very refreshing. so folks headed to work this morning, whether you're driving, walking, the weather is certainly cooperating with the temperature around 70 degrees and plenty of sunshine. very similar to yelled. a high today of 88. tom is going to have a look ahead to the weekend. increasing humidity, but he'll have the latest on any storm potential. for now, melissa is tracking breaking news. >> breaking news right now. on 95 northbound, prince william parkway, we have a three-mile backup because of a crash.
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i'm hoping this won't be a problem too much longer at this point this morning. again because of this fire in historic harpers ferry, the station for marc is not accessible because of all of the fire apparatus. top of the beltway outer loop no problem. 66 inbound no issues. from quantico to the beltway about 20 minute delay here. of course the camera we showed you earlier because of the earlier crash. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. >> thanks, melissa. you probably encounter them on a daily basis -- rough roads that shake your car. the toll they're taking on your vehicle and your wallet. plus americans are weighing in on pope francis as he pr ♪ know you can deposit checks
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6:15 now. we're learning some new details about the investigation into the death of sandra bland. she's the 28-year-old woman who was found hanging in her jail cell three days after a controversial arrest. the waller county district attorney said that bland had traces of marijuana in her
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system. he also said rumors of a second autopsy plan are false. a man is is accused of shooting and killing a police officer in california. this is not the video for that incident though. but sergeant scott lunger -- there we are, was killed during an early morning traffic stop in hayward near san francisco. police say the officer pulled over the driver of a car after he was spotted swerving. the man thought to have ties with the gang in the area fired without warning and the officer shot back. the suspect is being treated after being shot but is expected to be okay. lunger had been on the job for 15 years. the gunman who confessed to shooting nine people in south carolina may face the death penalty. a grand jury indicted dylann roof on dozens of federal charges and they include 12 counts of committing a hate crime. a trial date has been set for july of next year. we now know the name of a man d.c. police arrested at
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george washington university. we brought you the breaking news yesterday at this hour. a police officer shot at two people on the g.w. campus. one of them stole a police and tried to hit a police cruiser with it. holland is 19 years old and police arrested another person. they're not releasing his name because he's a minor. the fbi is looking for a man they say robbed a bank. this is at the wells fargo bank in southeast. near branch avenue. police say this man walked in around 1:00 yesterday, handed the teller a note saying he was arm and demanded money. after getting the cash he took off. you can get another look at the man police say is considered armed and dangerous on the nbc washington app. police in fredericksburg are offering a $500 reward if you can help them solve a vandalism case. you can see a man spray painting a glass door in this picture. they believe this man vandalized six different places over the last few days. those places include a law firm,
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a bank and a church. if you think you recognize him call fredericksburg police. d.c. voters could get a chance to raise the minimum wage. the board of elections cleared the way to put a $15 minimum wage on next year's ballot. d.c.'s minimum wage now $10.50 an hour. it will be $11.50 starting next july. the measure calls for a gradual increase until 2020 when it would hit $15. supporters will have to gather about 23,000 signatures to get it on next year's ballot. right now we want to go back to that breaking news in west virginia in historic harpers ferry. this is chopper 4, it's a live picture over the scene. it's a fire burning at two possibly three buildings there. we have local firefighters from loudoun and washington and frederick counties there trying to fight this fire. you can see it looks like mostly a lot of smoke at this point. we see mostly smoke. i'm still trying to gather more information about what exactly
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started the fire. whether anybody is hurt. maryland transit put out a tweet a little while ago saying that the marc harpers ferry station is not accessible due to the fire equipment that's there. so you can use the duff field or the brunswick station at this point. chopper 4 just arriving to the scene there. we'll bring you more as soon as we get it, erika. >> we'll keep our eye on that. it looks like more d.c. students can pay for college through a popular program. $30 million was approved for the tag program today. it provides up to $10,000 a year to those who attend college outside the city. montgomery county school students are not making the grade in math. new data shows three out of four high schoolers failed the algebra one test. that's an improvement from last year. in all, 74% of high school students in the county failed
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june's algebra one se mountain west -- semester. some have linked it to the lack of preparation and the grading policies. well, people living with cystic fibrosis in our area got a huge helping hand. i had the honor of emceeing the breath easy bash last night. they honored 16 young professionals who spent the last few months raising nearly $50,000 for research and development. some of the photos from the beautiful night on the rooftop party in chinatown. i want to add my congratulations to a job well done for the young folks who put a great effort into raising some money and helping with the disease that is rare. and so it doesn't get a lot of money for research and development from you know big pharma and that sort of thing. a great effort last night. a good time. >> congratulations to them. beautiful start to the morning at 6:21. temperatures not even in the 70s really this morning. looking great. >> can we keep it like this for a while? >> let's keep it going.
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the birds are chirping so hard they're wincing. they're loving this cooler, drier weather that's pushed in. everything enjoying this. all living things. as we're starting off this morning, when you step out you might need a light jacket or a sweater briefly. later on today, short sleeves. we'll have lots of sunshine. need those sunglasses too. that sun now climbing in a clearing sky, perhaps a few clouds coming over. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera from several hundred feet above the landscape in northwest washington. the storm team 4 radar scanning our sky we have no rain anywhere in the vicinity. near 60 degrees, closer to the beltway and our nearby suburbs in the mid 60s. right near 70 in washington and by the chesapeake bay. my computers decided not to sequence it so let me get -- let me keep going here and change it over here at the workstation.
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hang on with me because we've got to talk about that weekend. it is so important. we have a little bit more humidity coming in for the weekend and it does look like we will have the temperatures climbing as well. i have your seven day loading right now. it's coming up and we'll have nice weather all the way into saturday. but then sunday and into next week, it does get more humid with a chance of afternoon storms each one of those days. melissa has breaking news on the roads. >> breaking news. still have this problem once again here 95 northbound at prince william parkway. i was going to show you what it looks like here. we are still slow at this point this morning. about four miles of backups here. very slow. another crash that popped up in fair fox, popes head road at ox road, initially it was reported as something nasty. sounds like it's in the way but not as bad as we originally thought.
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brunswick, again the harpers ferry station not accessible because of the fire apparatus on the scene. use duff field or brunswick instead. overall, looking pretty good right and top of the beltway getting quite slow outer loop as you approach georgia avenue. see you at 6:31. >> thank you. 6:24. a high profile call to get lawmakers to act on an expiring transportation bill. if the bill is not renewed, funding for road work could suddenly stop. aaa and the u.s. chamber of commerce will talk about what will happen if that happens. the damaged roads cost drivers as much as $1,000 on averager every year. alcohol is involved in a third of all traffic deaths around here, according to the report by the washington regional alcohol program. it's accounted for 81 deaths in 2013 and the report says police across our region arrested more than 17000 people for drunk driving in 2013.
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if you're moving around right now trying to get the coffee or get dressed stop for a minute and look at the next story because you may have received this official looking letter. state officials say this is a fake. the letter tells you to send $99 to petition for a tax assessment review. but that's actually free for homeowners in the montgomery county area. investigators tracked down two people responsible. we'll have more on this story on nbc the redesign of a $10 bill will be a hot topic today. the bureau of engraving and printing holds the annual bring our children to work today. about 2,000 children will see the exhibits about the ten and get to find out more about the redesign that includes putting a woman's picture on the new bill. there's growing dissatisfaction with pope francis. that's according to "usa today." 45% of people in the recent poll
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view him favorably today. the decline may be due to his highly public stances on climate change and social justice issues. another major factor is that the number of those who expressed no opinion was pretty significant here. a lot of people just said they don't know enough about him. we are following a pair of breaking stories right now from the live desk. first, this scene from jefferson county, west virginia, where a fire is burning in harpers ferry right now. what we're learning about the situation there and the impact it's having on marc commuter service this morning. when we go to the live desk next. we are following breaking news out of oklahoma. five people dead, two teenagers in police custody. the new developments ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪
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we're going back to that breaking news right now in harpers ferry, west virginia. chopper 4 over the scene right now. a big fire that's burning in -- two buildings, possibly three. mostly smoke. it looks like at this point. details still coming out about how the fire may have started.
6:30 am
if there's anyone hurt. we know that firefighters from loudoun county as well as washington and frederick counties in maryland are there helping out at the scene. we're getting more information and hope to bring it to you as soon as possible. now, melissa mollet has been tracking some developments that may affect some commuters this morning because of this fire. melissa? >> that's right, kristin. so initially they were saying that the harpers ferry station here on marc was completely closed because of all the fire an a apparatus at the scene. but now we have some trains loading from the opposite side. not completely closed. 95 northbound at prince william parkway pretty slow. slow top of the beltway, outer loop 270 looks nice and green northbound and southbound. tom? >> capitol hill right now, live view from our storm team 4 capitol camera, under a turquoise sky. and right now in prince george's
6:31 am
county, ft. washington is at a comfortable 65 and partly cloudy. hitting the low 80s during the afternoon with lots of sun. centreville fairfax county now at 64. and partly cloudy there. lots of sun during the afternoon. highs reaching the mid 80s with low humidity. low humidity all around the region. that includes silver spring, right now, in the 60s. montgomery county in the low to mid 80s by mid to late afternoon. next weather and traffic on the 1s, your walk to work forecast at 6:41. back to you. new information coming in to the live desk right now. concerning those two teenagers arrested in oklahoma after the discovery of five of their family members dead. this new information coming from nbc news and their phone conversation with a police sergeant there in broken arrow outside of tulsa. all of the five victims we have just learned were stabbed to death. police got a 911 hang-up call last night and when they went to
6:32 am
the house, they found the victims as well as a child who is now in critical condition and another child who was not harmed. police say those two teen suspects ran out the back door and they found them in a wooded area behind the house. so much more on the situation there in oklahoma throughout the day today. erika? >> thanks very much. soon you may see some changes at a d.c. trail after someone was attacked in the middle of the day. we'll take a look at this. police say this video shows two people who attacked a woman on the metropolitan branch trail last week. part of the concern here is because police and medics took so long to respond to that area. and critics say that's because there aren't markers to help them find you on the trail. >> the perfect solution is to get as much information on the trails so people know where they
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are and that really needs to be done today. in response, they're adding gps coordinates along the trail and plan to add mile marker signs as a long term solution. in prince george's county, detectives are closer to figuring out who killed a security guard. detectives found the suspected get away car on kenilworth avenue in northeast d.c. someone shot two security guards around midnight on friday as they sat in their car at the central garden apartment complex. one of the guards died. police believe they were targeted. new charges against a man accused of beating a boy to death in hagerstown. robert wilson now charged with second degree murder and child neglect. police say he beat 9-year-old jack garcia to death last month. he apparently ate a piece of birthday cake without asking permission first. garcia's mother and uncle are facing charges also in the boy's death. a second victim in a violent crash in virginia has died. police say 9-year-old desmond holmes died at the hospital.
6:34 am
his brother quincy died the day before. they're from fairfax county. they were in a car on a rural road in upper marlboro county when an suv crashed into them. the other individuals in the car are also in critical condition. we have new information about why a deck collapsed in howard county. "the baltimore sun" reports the joints holding the deck to the house were rotted. and that caused the deck to fall away from the home. five people were on the deck when it came down in a townhouse on wind rider way in columbia. everyone is expected to be okay. today crews are unearthing a massive tunnel digging machine in d.c. the event to pull up the lady bird tunnel bore was supposed to happen yesterday. you can see how big that machine is and in a few hours, d.c. water crews will lift it piece by piece up from underground.
6:35 am
the digger has been down there for two years now. it dug four miles of tunnel beneath the anacostia river. tom brokaw getting behind the effort to build a memorial to president dwight d. eisenhower. he is joining an advisory committee for the eisenhower memorial project along with former senator bob dole. he learned while writing about world war ii that veterans very much want to see eisenhower honored. the design and funding problems had slowed the project down. it is moving now. big improvements are headed to maryland. big developers descended on college park to reveal their plans. county officials are looking at five other proposed project sites. developers are looking to build a 300-unit and retail development near the college park metro. dulles international is offering free rides to the airport. that's because they're
6:36 am
celebrating one year of express bus service between metro silver line to the terminals. on sunday and monday they're picking up the tab between the wiehle-reston east station to the airport. the rides on the express bus normally cost $5 so extra change in your pocket. a fairfax county remains on guard after a family's pet is attacked by a black bear. the steps being taken today to try to track that animal down. and reminder that we have issues on marc this morning. one, because of the harpers ferry fire and another that popped up on the penn line. details ahead. we are following a pair of breaking stories. first the scene in jefferson county, west virginia. a fire burning in harpers ferry. looking at live images from chopper 4. what we're learning about the situation there and the impact on marc service this morning
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months.
6:39 am
iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
6:40 am
a safe liftoff and a safe docking for three astronauts this morning. the new crew members blasted off from kazakhstan and now aboard the international space station. one is from our area. kjell lindgren is from fairfax county and he'll spend five months in space. two parents in new mexico are now facing charges for throwing a lit fire work at a homeless man. i want you to look at this video, a little blurry and grainy there. but a flash of light there after that purple van drives by. albuquerque police say that's the firework the couple threw at the man. the couple regrets what they did and they were also charged with child abuse. they say the couple's 12-year-old, 10-year-old and 2-year-old all in the car at the same time. 6:41. just about right now. we have some nice weather, low
6:41 am
humidity. just a carbon copy of yesterday. >> makes for a great day. it's a shame we have to get to work. but at least the walk to work will be pleasant this morning. that's where storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal comes in to play. she is standing by with your walk to work forecast. >> good morning, erika. walking to work in the summer, it feels uncomfortable, it's hot and humid, but not today. we here here at the takoma park metro station in the storm team 4x4. you can see people headed off to work. there's a little girl with her mom. plenty of sunshine this morning. tonight also nice. low humidity, it will be warm, but the humidity is low. so if you're outside, it will feel hot. but comfortable with the lower humidity levels remaining in place and the high today of 88 degrees. now looking ahead to the weekend, humidity does return to the forecast, but what about storm chances? tom will have more on that in ten minutes, but for now we'll send it over to melissa who is
6:42 am
continuing to track breaking news. >> breaking news again here from the first 4 traffic center. when we talk about the brunswick fire, right now, loading from the opposite platform. you have to check before you head out this morning depend on which train you take. penn north, 554, we had a delay that just cleared. but i wanted to mention it. outer loop at georgia brand-new crash there. going to get some more information about that one for you. 270 south germantown to the beltway, no major problems. top of the beltway is slow. 34 minutes. shouldn't take that long. 66 inbound, little bit slow as well. and 95 north about 20 minutes behind because of the earlier delays there at prince william parkway. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. a story generating a lot of buzz on social media. people in wisconsin claiming they have seen a lion on the loose. the precautions being taken there this morning. plus, more on that breaking
6:43 am
story. chopper 4 in jefferson county west virginia, where a fire is burning in harpers ferry. looks as though most of the major flames
6:44 am
6:45 am
going back to that breaking news here at the live desk, we are watching these live pictures from chopper 4 at a fire in
6:46 am
historic harpers ferry. you can see it looks like it's mostly smoke at this point, but a lot of smoke. we understand that firefighters from loudoun county as well as washington and frederick counties in maryland are there helping to fight this fire. we don't know exactly -- we know that these are businesses at least two possibly three. but we don't know exactly what these businesses are. those are details we are working right now to find out. but again, this is in historic harpers ferry, west virginia. big fire happening there this morning. mostly smoke. a lot of smoke there. this is affecting the commute for some people. melissa mollet has more on that part of the story. melissa? >> yeah, kristin, so right now as far as marc goes on the brunswick line, that station was shut down because of all the fire apparatus a short time ago. now it's partially reopened now and they're loading from the opposite platform. another problem, 95 north at
6:47 am
prince william parkway three mile backup. it's 6:47. presidential candidate donald trump is expected to meet with those border agents in laredo. katy tur has more. >> reporter: good morning. trump is going to head directly to the border and then have a meet and greet with local law enforcement. now trump has staked his campaign on immigration specifically undocumented immigrants. ones from mexico more specifically. angering a lot of latinos. losing him business deals and makes him the target of his republican candidates. this town right here is about 86% latinos so we'll see how it goes once he gets here today. he's also talked about building a wall across the entire border. that border crosses four states. it is 1,954 miles long and if he were to build it and he told me the other day that it would be
6:48 am
impenetrable, but experts say if he were to build such a wall it would cost well into the billions of dollars and aaron, he has told me that he expects mexico to pay for that wall. back to you. >> katy tur, live for us in texas. thank you. charles county investigators are looking into the officer involved shooting. the officers found a man waving around a knife and threatening to kill himself. deputies say he eventually moved toward them. and that's when they fired a shot. but witnesses say they didn't have to do that because the man's arms were up in the air. the man did survive but it's not clear if he's been charged. a man accused of killing three prominent alexandria residents heads back to court. attorneys for charles severance will ask the judge to throw out some of the evidence including a photo lineup and the i.d. of severance given by a caregiver of one of the victims.
6:49 am
our news4's julie carey will be keeping you up to date from the courthouse this morning. you can follow her tweets @julie carey nbc. prosecutors say they will not pursue the death penalty in this case. a neighborhood in virginia on high alert this morning after after -- actually, we'll tell you about charles severance, his lawyers making another appearance in court today. we understand that his lawyers are going to ask that some evidence be thrown out in this case. this is of course the high profile case out of alexandria where he's charged in the deaths of three prominent people from that city. now, 6:49 is our time. a neighborhood in virginia on high alert after a bear attack. a dog recovering after possibly being attacked by a bear earlier this week. neighbors are taking action now. news4's megan mcgrath is live in great falls with more. megan? >> reporter: well aaron it's not the kind of thing you expect to see around here, but there have been several bear sightings in the great falls area. including behind me here at the
6:50 am
firehouse. look at the still picture snapped here. you can see a bear, at least the back half of one as he's walking around that stone wall there and it's also believe that a bear attacked a dog on river park lane earlier this week. now, later on today trail cameras will be installed near where that dog was attacked. animal control officials are trying to figure out what they're dealing with here. now, it was tuesday that a 6-year-old lab named blue was found with claw marks on her side. her owner at first thought maybe she was attacked by a raccoon, but the vet said no likely it was a bear. now, blue's family is very concerned and they believe it happened in their yard. they're worried about the safety of their children. now, if you do see a bear you should stay away. give it wide berth. allow the bear an opportunity to get away. make yourself look as large as possible. and back up. back away from the bear. a lot of people on edge concerned about this situation.
6:51 am
certainly they would like to see the bear or bears move along. hopefully we'll get some more information about these animals when the trial cameras go in and they can get a little bit of a better idea of where they're moving and how many there might be out there. that's going to happen later today. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, megan. appreciate it. today on capitol hill, secretary of state john kerry is testifying about the iran nuclear deal. he'll address the senate foreign relations committee at 10:00. congress has to approve the agreement which rolls back sanctions on iran in exchange for limiting its nuclear program. president obama has asked or has said if lawmakers reject the deal, he will veto their decision. lots of people are pressuring congress to go forward and reject the bill. take a look at this scene from new york city. this is a protest against the deal with iran. thousands of people gathered in times square to oppose the agreement. the protesters said the deal gives iran too much leaniance and puts israel in danger.
6:52 am
6:52 now. the city of milwaukee is officially on lion watch. even though there's no evidence of one. police are taking new reports seriously. this sort of evidence, here is what we have seen so far. milwaukee police following up on the cell phone video showing an animal that is sort of lionish we'll call it on monday. officers checked the ne anything. the milwaukee zoo said it's not one of their lions. the "today" show will have more on the mystery and the search and how the city officials there are responding to more reports of sightings. if you're just joining us, we hope you're off to a great start. the weather will make for a better day for you. >> yeah just perfect for the morning run. walking the dog. the sun jumping up in the july sky. the clouds will begin to break up and we'll have temperatures right now that are in the 60s, near 70 by 8:00. mid to upper 80s during the afternoon. when you're headed back home should be comfortably dry. not a lot of humidity, but it's
6:53 am
a cool morning now. most of northern virginia and maryland, only around 60 degrees. nearby suburbs, around the beltway, inside the beltway in the mid 60s. reagan national, the warm waters of the potomac at 72. this photo from yesterday, looks like a renaissance painting. this is the central shenandoah valley. this one posted on twitter by coop. post your photos on twitter, facebook and share on instagram. the feels like temperature will match the afternoon high in the upper 80s. it will get above the afternoon highs on from i and saturday and then into the mid 90s. increased humidity by sunday. as we have highs tomorrow still not too humid. near 90 degrees and a beautiful day for beach and pool. and then on saturday too still a great day for outdoor activities but getting more humid. then the humidity does build quite a bit on sunday and into next week. and our first chance of storms coming up here may be on sunday
6:54 am
afternoon. it's a small chance, then a greater chance of afternoon storms on monday tuesday and wednesday. and melissa is looking at a problem on the outer loop. >> top of the beltway georgia avenue, a four mile backup when you consider everything coming down 95. over to where that crash is at georgia avenue. pretty nasty. there 66 headed into town, you're going 40 miles an hour. 95 north at pohick drive, a little slow this morning. wide look at prince george's county no problem here. you can see the slowdowns coming down 95. b.w. parkway a tad slow before you reach the beltway. 270 at montrose road no real problems there. a little bit of volume headed southbound and northbound you're fine. brunswick line because of the harpers ferry fire they're loading from the opposite platform at this point this morning. >> all right, thank you. 6:55. metro transit police are searching for a rider who pulled
6:55 am
an emergency switch on a train. officers say he's the reason why some of you were stranded on metro tuesday evening. he mised his spot and pulled the lever leaving the l'enfant plaza station. that's a new push to move the seat of government in prince george's county. rushern baker wants to move to largo. they're currently in upper marlboro. largo is appealing because it's more metro accessible. there are more than half a dozen county agencies located in largo right now. this morning, greek lawmakers overwhelmingly approved some pretty sweeping reforms. demanding -- demanded by the country's creditors. the reformers are in exchange for a massive bailout to keep greece's economy from tanking. it followed a whirlwind debate that ended at 4:00 in the morning. radical left lawmakers fought the plan, but pro european parties backed the reforms.
6:56 am
time for 4 things to know, breaking now, a fire is burning in harpers ferry, west virginia. these are some live pictures from chopper 4. this was a three alarm fire that broke out at 3:00 this morning. at least two buildings were in flames. in a few hours, d.c. water crews are pulling the huge digging machine out of the ground. the agency will pull up the lady bird tunnel borer at about 9:00 morning. many of your neighbors in virginia are on high alert after a possible bear attack on a dog. the area in great falls now plans to install cameras to monitor any bear activity. five people have been found stabbed to death in eastern oklahoma. two teenagers under arrest right now. those teens both related to the victims. we're on vacation from high heat and humidity, that is even if you have to go to work. low humidity, another fabulous day on the way. highs reaching the low to mid 80s by afternoon. biggest problem, outer loop
6:57 am
at georgia avenue, a four-mile backup. southbound on 95 also getting jammed because of the crash at georgia avenue. >> thank you melissa. that is the broadcast this morning. the news continues with "today" show in a minute here. we're back at 7:25 with local news, weather and traffic. >> have a great day. >> make it a great thursday, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight the director of the fbi declares isis a bigger terror threat to the u.s. than al qaeda. this morning the one thing that is keeping him up at night. >> i worry very much about what i can't see. border bound donald trump paying a visit to texas today. will he be welcomed? fighting back dramatic video shows airline passengers taking matters into their own hands. beating then restraining an unrulely flier. did they go too far? and waiting for our emmy. the critically acclaimed performance of the "today" show cast in the third installment of sharknado. was it our last? and the cliff hanger that is


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