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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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an au grad and former congressional intern killed near a popular metro station. we will reveal what else we have learned about this promising young man. a close call in virginia. the pilot survives. i will have details coming up on news4. who do you talk to for military advice right now? >> well, i watch the shows. >> and the man who wants to be your commander in chief gets his military advice from tv? but first, we begin with breaking news. just a few minutes before we began this newscast we got word from authorities in prince george's county that there has been a shooting in the suitland silver hill area of that county, that one man has been shot
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multiple times. that individual is being rushed to the hospital. we have got a crew headed that way and another crew working behind the scenes to gather more details before this newscast is over. we will bring them to you as soon as we get them. alexandria woman is at fairfax innova hospital with serious injuries after she crashed her small piper plane into the backyard of a home in bristow. virginia state police say the woman is 50-year-old car rita barnes. apparently, her plane lost power and went down in the 9800 block of upper mill loop but she managed to avoid hitting any homes. derrick ward was at the scene and talked to witnesses. >> reporter: sound and sight of airplanes overhead, not unusual, but the sounds and sights of this sunday morning were something quite different. >> we heard the aircraft come in, low rpms. >> i just heard a loud thump. >> scary, you hear noise like that you never heard before. >> terry smith checked on his family, had his wife call 911 and got to the wreckage. plane had come down in his backyard, he could see the
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pilot. >> tried help her until the police got there. >> what kind of condition was she in? >> very bad shape. >> but she was alive. >> we held her head so she could breathe. >> reporter: the pilot was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. early account say she was practicing approaches to manassas airport a short distance away. >> saw it go behind the trees from our standpoint and -- or view point and about ten seconds later, we heard the impact. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board will investigate this crash but before findings are made public, folks in this neighborhood feel very lucky this morning. >> who ever lives in this house is truly blessed, that's probably like 20, 30 yards from hitting their house. >> she could have tried to do something else but she hit a tree instead of my house. to me, i couldn't be more happy that she missed my house and kept control. >> reporter: in bristow, virginia, derrick ward, news4. tonight, we are learning more about the man killed near the shaw metro station. matthew shah lon ski was an inten on capitol hill and au
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graduate. darcy spencer is live in shaw with more on how he is being remembered tonight. darcy? >> reporter: erika, this appears to be nothing more than a senseless tragedy. by all accounts, the people we spoke to who are out here yesterday, they say he was an inintended target in this shooting. it happened in broad daylight right outside the small metro station. the killer is still on the loose. as you said, we are learning a lot more about this victim. just been the last hours, a friend placed a bouquet of flowers where he was shot. the victim was identified as matthew shah lon ski, just 23 years old, from ohio, a 2014 graduate from american university and a member of the phi kappa fi fraternity, currently working at deloitte consulting. he was snot a hail of gunfire yesterday. it was 5:00 in the afternoon. police are still looking for the gunman who took off in a
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burgundy chrysler 300 with maryland tags. >> no good. the city should be free and safe for the citizens. shooting and all those things, i don't think it's a good idea. >> i think people should stop streaming period. i lost a good friend to people killing people. so -- >> around here? >> no, it was in south d.c. >> reporter: he did previously intern for senator rob portman of ohio up on capitol hill. he issued a statement that says, in part -- i checked in with d.c. police a short time ago and they have no updates in this investigation. back to you. >> darcy spencer, thanks so very much. indonesian officials believe
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they have found the wreckage of a small plane that went missing today, trying to land in bad weather. vitt vil lanners in the remote part of the country reported seeing a plane flying low and then crashing into a mountain. 54 people were on that plane. it's a small, regional care ya called trigana air. the pilot radioed into the airport saying visibility was too poor to land and that was the last communication they had. four people confirmed dead after two small planes crash in midair. both were heading to brown field municipal airport about 15 miles south of san diego. the shod says all of the people who died were on board those planes. they have not been identified and the ntsb, we are told, is now investigating this case. donald trump shared a lot more details about his stand on several issues during his interview on nbc's "meet the press" this morning. he told chuck todd that on the issue of abortion, he is
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generally pro-life but he has exceptions in cases of rape, incest or if the mother is going to die. on the issue of iraq and the growth of isis, trump says the secret to beating them in financial. >> and i said this was going to happen. i said iran will take over iraq, which will happen, as soon as you're sitting there, isis taking over the oil in certain areas of iraq. i said you take away their wealth, go and knock the hell out of the oil, take back the oil we take over the oil, which we should have done in the first place. >> trump says he thinks nafta is a huge mistake. it was hot, but the humidity wasn't too bad this weekend. pretty nice, right? what about the beginning of your workweek? storm team4 meteorologist amelia segal tells us what we can expect. hi, mel. >> the humidity continues to slowly increase as we head on into the workweek. here is what you can expect tomorrow morning. we have had pretty nice starts these last few days, that is going to continue again, 6 a.m. tomorrow, temperature around 71 in washington.
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mid to upper 60s in the suburbs. by 8 a.m., mid-70s, 10 atlanta, 83, you're noticing the humidity at that point. code orange air quality alert in affect once again for the baltimore metro area tomorrow. that includes howard and anne arundel. what that means, children, elderly, if you have heart disease or lung issue, you want to limit your outdoor activity. for more on code orange air quality alerts, head to my facebook and twitter pages. >> thanks acres meal ya. nbc4's clear the shelters campaign places hundreds of pets in happy homes, but there's still time to help animals in need. a special tribute tonight to civil rights leader julian bond who died last night at the age of 75.
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tributes are pouring in as we remember civil rights giant, julian bond. the southern poverty law center says he died in florida at the age of 75 on saturday night. he is considered a symbol and icon of the 1960s civil rights movement. he was on the frontlines of protests that led to landmark civil rights laws. bond shared the naacp for a decade and served in the georgia state legislature. bond was a professored a american university. he challenged students to go beyond social media activism and fight for causes of their time. >> he said, well, i don't know, the social media piece, i don't know if that's really
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organizing. you should be out in the streets. you should be -- what are you-all really doing? in a very gracious way, he challenged them and they said, you know, you're right. >> in april 2014, news4's chris lawrence interviewed bond in austin, texas. he was there for the anniversary of the lbj civil rights summit and questioned bond on civil rights challenges facing the country. >> one of them, for me, is segregated house. i don't think the civil rights movement or the country has done much about that. you go to almost any city in the country, the white people live here the black people here, this other group lives there, as long as that condition persists, can't have an equal society. >> bond also told chris that he felt local politicians and develop hearse to set aside affordable housing units and encourage neighborhood businesses beyond expensive bars. the cameras rolling as two parachutes collide in midair. we will update their condition. many of you did what these folks did and took advantage of
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we've got an update to the breaking news we told you about at the top of the show. maryland park police telling us
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knew somebody was shot in the parking lot of the bradbury recreation center in suitland. that victim now is at the hospital, but we are unaware of his condition. we are going to have more information on this breaking news as it becomes available. an early morning crash on suit land parkway left two women dead and two other people very hurt. two cars collided on the parkway near meadowview drive. u.s. park police are investigating the cause of the accident but there are no reports of any charges pending in the crash. police are not releasing the names of the women killed because the family is asking for privacy. police in riverdale, maryland, need help solving a murder. a shooting happened early this morning outside a home on the 67th avenue. detectives on the scene got information that led them to a car just about a block away. well, when officers stopped that car, they found a man inside and he had been shot, more than once. they rushed him to the hospital,
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yes di where he died a short time later. there is no motive or suspect or information in this case. we want you to look closely at the center of your screen. that's one of two military precision parachutists who co-flied midair at the chicago air and water show yesterday. after they hit, one of them, a member of the army's golden knights team, collided with a building before falling into the street below. the other parachutist from the navy's leap frogs landed on the beach at lake michigan. both of them are in the hospital with serious injuries. the army jumper's injuries are worse. a major league baseball minor league prospect makes history by revealing he is gay. david denison, a milwaukee brewers prospect broke the news to the milwaukee journal sentinel. denison is a rookie first baseman and is the first openly gay player affiliated with the mlb. denison says talking to teammates gave him the confidence to come out. the brewers today released a statement in support of him.
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as of our last check, yesterday's clear the shelters convenient resulted in 1,033 pelpet adoptions in our area alone. shelters in virginia, maryland took part in the event. we should have an update on the local adoptions tomorrow. nationwide, get that, 17,823 pets adopted. yeah, that is something to bark about. you can get all of the information on the program by logging into our site and just search clear the shelters, a great event. wonderful to see that. all those dogs and cats have new homes. >> inspiring. i saw a picture on social media of empty rooms in the shelters. love seeing that >> good sight to see. love the frames. thank you. we are talking about our heat wave. today, we hate high temperature of 94. tomorrow, a touch warmer, a high of about 95. and the humidity continues to slowly creep in tomorrow and it
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is muggy, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. here are your weather headlines. high temperatures hit 90 or higher through thursday. so going to be a six-day heat wave. you factor in the mugginess, tomorrow, right on through thursday, it is going to feel closer to 100 degrees. i've posted the feels like temperature in your neighborhood, my facebook and twitter pages for tomorrow afternoon so you can go there and check that out. storms in the forecast mainly later in the day on tuesday but more likely on thursday. i will be showing you those chances on the seven-day forecast. tomorrow the weather having a low impact on your day. it's hot, a bit humid, as long as you take it easy, hydrate, you will be just fine, plenty of sunshine in the forecast once again. temperatures right now in the upper 80s, low 90s. 90 in martinsburg, 89, washington, cooler by the water, 71 in washington and an nap poly, the suburbs are going to cool into the mid to upper 60s, pretty comfortable, going into
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early morning walk, jog, taking the bicycle out. early tomorrow, high of 95 degrees. for breakfast, temperatures in the low 70s, by lunch, temperatures around 90 a little bit more humid tomorrow. by dinnertime, temperature around 89. maybe an isolated thunderstorm at that point. but that's going to be west of washington. back around the i-81 corridor, luray, winchester and petersburg, a chance of that thunderstorm. elsewhere, going to remain dry. the weather outlook for tomorrow, the baltimore metro area, code orange air quality alert. want to take it easy, those areas, otherwise, drink plenty of water, you will be fine, take the run early or later in the day. heading to the pool, you will need the sunscreen, bester lands again late. want to eat dinner outdoors tomorrow night, think it is going to be really nice wait until about 7:30 or 8:00 it will start to feel more comfortable, humidity forecast tomorrow it is sticky, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, starting to feel oppressive outside. tuesday afternoon, future
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weather showing you the chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms and because of the heat and humidity, some heavy rain is possible later in the day on tuesday. a high of 91. wednesday, there's a 30% chance of a late-day shower or thunderstorm, a high around 90. the best chance of storms is on thursday. this is as a cold front moves through the area. a high on thursday of 91. this front does look to clear us for friday, saturday and sunday, that's going to set us up for a really nice weekend as long as it clears the area with lower humidity and the mix of clouds and sun, erika. >> thanks, amelia. coming up, injuries decimate the tight end position for the redskins. could that mean the return of fan favorite, chris coolly? maybe? carol's live in
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carol maloney, jason pugh love their jobs, carol lost the coin toss, she is out in the weather while jason is in the studio. >> can either of you play tight end, by the way? >> no. no. >> not a chance? >> move it along. >> the redskins are still recovering from the preseason they were week, the preseason home opener will take place at
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fedex field against the detroit lions thursday. carol maloney, she is in richmond now carol, have you managed to stay healthy down there seeing how the injuries are contagious with this team right now? >> jason, i don't want to jinx it to answer, we have one more practice tomorrow, closed practice, we are still good but you're rirktd thght, the injuri piling up. jordan reed and four guys trying to make a name for themselves a nice way of saying four guys you probably never heard of. one is new today, signed. jordan reed, he did not practice again today. of course, he has marquee potential, can he stay healthy? hamstring issues kept him out. hopes to be back this week. meet the new guy, earnst brunt jr., tight end, iowa state, signed in practice this afternoon. he tweeted today, god is good, i'm a redskin. injuries senior year and didn't catch on in oakland. so brunt is a long shot but coach gruden impressed that he can block and catch.
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>> he can probably do both a little bit more than the other guys we have worked out so far. you know, we are looking for somebody obviously that can block. so many tights that end can do one or the other, but hard to find ones that can do both. hope he has the traits to do both. >> got cut by the raiders so, life has been pretty tough but hopefully, the redskins, i'm going to get another chance. >> you validate or squash the chris cooley rulers? >> i'm not going there. chris cooley, a really good redskin, part of the redskins still. i'm not going there. >> i'm not going there. that's not a no. so you're saying there's a chance. also, don't want to miss tonight's chance to see joe ber roi -- ber roint roury on the roun after an 0-16 year with the lions. getting kicked in the face repeatedly, you better learn and get better and, you know, i don't want to go through that
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ever again. i don't want to wish that upon my worst enemy. but what we went through there, what i personally went through there, at the end of the day it made me a better football coach. >> joe barry. very candid about the most painful time in his professional life. you're going to want to see that tonight at 11:30 on sports final. the meantime, one more practice to cover here in ashburn. it is closed, again, tomorrow, here in richmond. and then it is back to ashburn for good. so, got it mixed up. we are in richmond now back to ashburn tomorrow after a closed practice. jason, kicking off for real tomorrow, four weeks from today, i should same four weeks from today they kick it off for real. >> looking forward to the real football season. >> four sundays. >> stick with preseason for now. thanks so much, carol. move on to baseball now for a moment. beautiful day out on mccovey cove but nothing pretty about the nationals these days. joe ross, he was on the mound, not looking good. bottom of the fourth, man on, hunter pence spending this ball
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out of the park, a two-run homer, four runs allowed in four innings for ross. giants, they are up, 3-0 here. we know things aren't going well when the opposing pitcher is rocking you. madison bumgarner, an rbi, double in the game, this crushes this ball, solo home run. his fourth homer of the season. the giants, they lead the nationals, 5-0, in the ninth. no problems scoring runs for the orioles lately, hosting the a's today. bottom of the second, tied, one man on the corners, joseph rips one to left. that ball is going to fall in. joseph the double there. he was 3-4 with four rbi. bottom of the fifth now the birds up 10-2. manny machado skies this one to left. coco crisp, marcus simeon. commune is the key to any good relationship, what i've been told by a few exes, not good communication there between the guys. machado 3-5, three rbi.
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things worse for oakland. later on in the inning, orioles, the lineup, adam jones, backed up, a man on, he crushed this ball to center. that one's gone, two-run shot, his second of the game. the birds scored nine runs in the fifth inning. they cruise today, 18-2. 26 hits in this game for the orioles. by the way, the nationals, they would lose to the giants, 5-0. below .500 on the season, 58-59. >> all right, jason pugh. >> all right, jason pugh. want to update you on that oh my gosh, it's the guy from last night. what?! can i jump on your wi-fi? yeah, you can try it. hey! i had a really good time last night. yeah, me too. the only thing is that... the only thing is what? what's the only thing? oh my gosh he's married. he's a kleptomaniac. he's a pyromaniac. he's a total maniac. hey! hey! go back to your wife you sociopath! leave slow internet behind. the 100% fiber optics network is here. get out of the past. get fios. tea?
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on this sunday night, firefight. thousands evacuated and hundreds of homes threatened as wildfires rage as firefighters from across the country join in the fight. what went wrong? more than 50 feared dead tonight after a plane apparently flies into a mountain. trump's agenda. his plan on immigration and other key issues laid out in our exclusive interview. fighting isis. not with guns and bombs but with positive words and images aimed at young muslims. and remembering julian bond. the civil rights leader, former head of the naacp, and passionate voice for equality. "nightly news" begins now.


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