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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 20, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight. >> only on four, in prison four times for threatening to assassinate u.s. presidents, how did an oklahoma man get near the white house grounds this week? police now have identified suspect in this shaw metro murder. i'm mark segraves, that suspect speaks exclusively to news4. coming up, you will hear what he told police about what he was doing during that shooting. off the top at six, waiting for someone to get home tonight, could be a while. a line of storms could be dumping up to two inches of rain in our area. >> doug and amelia are double teaming this thing tonight. for example we going to get clobbered? >> places getting clobbered now the big thing continues to be the heavy rain, not a huge severe weather threat as far as wind, hail, nothing like. rain is the big factor. >> torrential downpours, when that heavy rain moves into the area, could last 45 minutes, that is continuing off to the east. >> seen in leesburg, seeing the
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rain about 20 minutes ago, that rain still continuing in and around leesburg, heaviest storms earlier in frederick county, diminished now, frederick, carol county, montgomery county, seeing little bit in lightning and thunder and damascus and mount airy. the area through loudoun county and look around 66. friends driving along 66, waiting for somebody to come home, 66, live west of the marshall area, very heavy rain right now associated with. this i want to zoom in this storm here, this is right along portions of the -- right along officer linger around the airport here. once again, that is continues to move, it is moving over the airport right now in toward ashburn, in toward sugarland run, herndon, reston, you folks are up next for this, through your area in the next 15 to 20 minutes. down to the south this is the heavy storm right around marshall. the plains getting in, another area of extreme lightning to the west. we watch these as they all move
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through, them have an impact on your evening, around the metro area. amelia here with that >> we talk about heavy rain, look at what storm team4 radar is indicating at the rainfall rates, seeing rainfall rates in spots two inches an hour, doug was pointing out that heavy rainfall, impacting 66, rainfall rates there about 1.78 inches per hour, other spots, the airport, see rainfall rates there, about an inch and a half per hour. this again could lead to isolated flash flooding concerns, the latest timing, germantown, 6:05, gaithersburg, 6:15, fairfax, 6:45. baltimore, just before 7, washington, just after 7. if you are or know somebody heading to the redskins game, hopefully they packed a poncho, get ready to deal with for a period of rain theres on hill, 7 kf 35. this area of storms is going to have a big impact on our humidity levels. doug will have more on that in a bit. >> she mentioned around 7:30,
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between 7 and 7:30, we expect it to be out there toward the skins game. the kickoff, could be impacted. a man who admits he has threatened to assassinate a number of u.s. presidents somehow made his way to the white house on sunday, traveling thousands of miles to get here before officers were able to stop him. >> we have learned just now in the last half an hour that that guy is in custody of the u.s. marshals service. scott macfarlane here now with more on this case which begs the question whether somebody dropped the ball. >> reporter: archie glass of the oklahoma city area has been in prison four times for threatening to assassinate presidents. he has been on probation, not allowed to travel outside oklahoma, but the news4 i-team has learned in recent weeks, archie glass didn't just travel, he traveled here and twice. this is the letter archie glass pleaded guilty of sending in
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2008 -- court records said in 1996 that glass wanted to be like john hunkly. he was locked up for five years until recently at the el reno federal prison near his home in oklahoma. and those records say in may, while he was being held in a halfway house, he illegally bolted from there and from supervision and made a trip to d.c.,oo. those court records, the feds say they discovered he had done so after they found the returned bus ticket in his possession. when our cameras from a sister station in oklahoma city went there today, they found no answer but found a probation
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officer's business card in his door. some time this week, glass came back to d.c. court records say secret service stopped glass outside the white house sunday. they referred him for mental health care, according to those record, but d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes north.says what the i-team uncovered here raises questions. >> i'm surprised because the secret service is known for catching or at least tracking people who threaten the president. >> we got an e-mail, necessary the jail. no comment from the secret service, scheduled to appeal in federal court for violating probation in september. >> scott macfarlane. we have an interview, one you will only see on news4. tonight, police are looking for this man, his name is marcus king and he is wanted for that murder near the shaw metro
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station over the weekend that killed a recent au graduate, matthew shlonsky, caught in the crossfire and killed. tonight that suspect is telling mark segraves he is inspect anod why police are blaming him. mark is live at the metro station where this happened. mark? >> reporter: wendy, that's right, i spoke with marcus king, the 19-year-old suspect earlier this morning by telephone. his family wanted to get their side of the story out to the public before he is arrested and while he insists that he didn't shoot anyone, he does acknowledge he was here when shots rang out. it was a saturday evening outside the shaw metro station when those shots rang out. police say an innocent bystander, matthew shlonsky was killed in the gunfire. king says he has had nothing to do with the shooting but he was there.
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>> reporter: king said he was interview wood you homicide detectives and he was there during the shooting, but he did not confess. >> reporter: in our phone conversation, king said repeatedly that's inspect. -- that he's innocent. >> reporter: police believe the shooting at the shaw metro was in retaliation for a previous shooting. king acknowledged in our conversation that he had been shot in the face a few days before the shaw incident.
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>> reporter: king's family tells me he has hired an attorney and he does plan to turn himself in. they would not say when he plans to turn himself in. news4 notified metropolitan police department about our interview with king before we aired it and at no time did we actually know where he is and we do not know were he is right now. jim, back to you. >> mark segraves, thank you. a woman who was shot by a d.c. police officer after she refused to drop a knife is expected to be in court tomorrow. what's called a mental observation hearing is planned. also, a preliminary hearing, both scheduled for renita nettles, accused of starting a fire in a house on clay terrace northeast earlier this month. and then as police and fire crews arrived, they say nettles walked toward an officer holding a knife. nettles' mother and neighbor yelled at her to drop the knife. she had use admixture of pcp and
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synthetic drugs that day. we are getting a better idea of what d.c.'s next memorial could look like. this is one of five designs chosen as finalists for the world war i memorial. 350 people submitted designs. finalists will refine their designs to make the next cut coming early next year. this memorial will eventually be built in pershing park near the white house. the price tag, upwards of $20 million. i'm chris lawrence live at fedex field, we are just 90 minutes away from kickoff. it has been eight long months since fans have been able to see their team play right here, but take a look at what happened to a couple tailgaters who got here early. >> coming here to see your favorite team play. you know what i mean? having a beer, sit back with my brother, chilling. >> and lions fan behind you. >> oh, no, he photo bombed me!
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oh, no! he got to go, man. this is redskin country here! >> reporter: you gray up watching the lions, those fans been waiting nearly 60 years for a title, they are pretty passionate, too, one of the big stories buzzing around the team has been the fact that they are looking at options for where they will play next. are they gonna stay here, head out to virginia? are they going to go back to the district? even brothers and life-long fans cannot agree on where the team should play. >> rock those sundays. people were excited about football. when they came here, looked like it was a different atmosphere. that's where it should be. >> i don't want to go in d.c., no place to park. plenty of parking here. d.c. just too crowded. >> reporter: bottom line is for now and tonight, they are right here at fedex field. my colleague, jason pugh, is inside the stadium with a look at the stories you're going to want to keep an eye on as we head into kickoff.
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jason? >> yeah, thanks, chris. here inside stadium the players came out a little while ago, they are getting warmed up behind me here at fedex field, getting set for preseason game number two against the detroit lions. they took tarp off the field an hour ago. it did rain earlier here today a few things to watch out for, one thing in particular, has to be the offense, first team offense. last week in cleveland, they left a lot of points on the field. jay gruden, starting quarterback, robert griffin the third, looking to change that tonight. >> we want to get points on the board, move the ball, a very tough defense that will be going against so it will be a good test. like i say, just want to get plays, get the rhythm and timing back down on a game day and see how guys are moving. you know, continue to increase our tempo as an offense and just get positive plays. >> reporter: rg3 will be without a few weapons in that starting offense, desean jackson is out, treatment williams, starting left tackle is out along with the starting title end.
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i will send it back to you in studio. >> if you see that brother again, tell him he might recall that the subway used to drop you off right at the from the door of rfk and also that the parking that he has got thought at fedex is probably costing him probably a small mortgage or something like that. okay. here's the run down for tonight. there are new details in the ashley madison hacking scandal that have lawyers excited. also, a reality tv star from a big family is admitting he used the site. former president jimmy carter broke his silence today on his cancer. he reflects on his years in
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take a look right now, this is a weather alert day here at storm team4 and right here on the storm center, we have a severe thunderstorm warping now, fauquier county, prince william county, does include the city of manassas. you can see this line really falling apart as it moves to the east. i will show you something with that in just a second here.
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i want to zoom on in, especially to this storm here, just north oven ton, look at all the lightning associated with this, bring this in more, see what i'm talking about another storm, herndon, reston, sterling, herndon, get that, making its way through chantilly. the storm and you can see the cone here, severe thunderstorm cone, severe thunderstorm warning area, i track this out here, move on in here, what we are going to be seeing here, move in a little bit closer, this is going to affect gainesville, manassas, brentsville, a lot of lightning here, i have got amelia, all good. here it is gainesville, 6:25, bull run, 6:37, manassas, 6:44. around the clifton area, fairfax county, right around 6:55. again, the weather service has this issued for -- until 7:00 tonight. now, it has said we could see winds up to 60 miles an hour, not quite seeing that just yet. i want to go back two slides here. show you, see this line ahead of the storms itself this line is the gust front, any time that
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accept par traitself from the mainline, the mainline normally starts to die out and that's exactly what we e seeing in montgomery county. so, montgomery county seeing some areas of heavy rain, loudoun county seeing this heavy rain but if you look north of the potomac, may not see as much in montgomery county. this will move through the d.c. metro area. when, take you back down. a lot of lightning associated with this. you can see behind this, not much going on. once this moves through, we are just about done for the rain as we move on through the rest of the night. 7:00, that's where we are talking about here. right around 7:30, 8:00 now, it says 8:00 this is more like 7:30 coming through the d.c. metro area between 7 and 7:30 i think through downtown, toward the redskins game tonight. i think it could be a problem for the skins game but going to get the game in, no problem. the rain will move out of there by around 8:30, 9:00, second half of the game should nobody problem at all. as this does move out, going to see much better companies in for the next few days but we still have that flash flood watch.
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i'm not too concerned about this they are all moving, dying out. once again, not too concerned, something we will definitely continue to watch here the big deal, rainfall rates, an inch to two inches per hour. behind the line, where we have seen rain, look at the temperatures, 72, frederick, 76, martinsburg, ahead of the line, very warm and very moist air, so we could still see moist storms form, some on the stronger side, the rest of northern virginia, in toward portions of southern maryland, next couple of days, wow what a change. tomorrow, 87 degrees, plenty of sunshine, low humidity, saturday a beautiful sunshine, high 86, gets warm on sunday, back to 90, warm on monday, high temperature, 93, heat index above 95. then behind another cold front, not going to bring much in the way of storms but will bring us much more in the way of relief, next tuesday, wednesday and thursday looking great. we will continue to keep you posted, any more warnings coming out, there is another warping, i
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will check that out guys while i'm with you, severe thunderstorm barge, just make sure this is exactly what i have here. flash flood warning for fauquier and rap pa hpahannock county. can we go to max one, a flash flood warning for talk kbrer and extreme east rappahannock county. the yellow there severe thunderstorm warning, i'm going to take off the radar, you can see exactly where this is. this is where we have seen the heavy rain, just to the south, in that red box, you live around crest hill, vernon mills, just to the east, i'm going to say duddy, around the orlean area, carter's run road, leads manor road, you live in these areas, please watch out, flash flooding could be occurring in that area. give yourself a little bit of freak time, never drive through flooded roadways. this flash flood warping continues until 9:15 tonight. remember, turn around, don't drown, keep you posted from the
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storm center. >> thanks, doug. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell again is making an emergency appeal to the supreme court to try to stay out of prison. his move comes after the court of appeals ordered him to report to begin his sentence in jail. our northern virginia bureau reporter -- bureau chief, julie carey, a report with how soon mcdonnell could be locked up and what it means for his wife. >> we know when the fourth circuit court of appeals rejected bob mcdonnell's bid for a new trial or exoneration last month, it was silent on whether he should remain free as he pursued his legal challenge to the nation's highest court. but today, the appeals court issued this mandate, saying it's time to report to prison. and that led to this 49-page filing from mcdonnell's legal team asking the supreme court for a continued reprieve from prison. only the high court now stands between former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and prison. his conviction last year on
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public corruption charges car race 24-month prison term, but he had been granted bond to remain free while he pursues legal challenges. this order issued today by the fourth circuit court of apeels can change that denying his bid for freedom t is a jolt for mcdonnell's friends. >> i've been practicing law for 28 years, i have seen lots of people go to jail but never had a friend of mine, a very close friend of mine, go to jail and, i mean it is heartbreaking really. >> reporter: mcdonnell issued a statement, reading, in part -- this federal prison in petersburg, near richmond is one of the places mcdone come wind up but legal experts say even if the supreme court turns down mcdonnell's request to remain free, he wouldn't report to prison right away. legal experts say it will be weeks, possibly even several months before the federal bureau of prisons decides where he should be housed. he is hope.
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the u.s. supreme court will hear the case and permit him to stay out of prison. >> the supreme court looks at that time and think there is a chance of wing, thenner inther not going to want him to spend time in jail, that is not fair for an innocent person to spend time in jail. >> reporter: this legal scholar believe it is unlikely the high court will hear mcdonnell's appeal but agrees if they do, mcdonnell will probably avoid prison, for now. >> if they think there is a pretty interesting issue, if they think they may well take his case eventually, they may say it makes sense to let him stay free, particularly because his sentence is so short. >> reporter: legal analysts say the succession of court defeats for bob mcdonnell do not bode well for his wife, maureen's appeal. the fourth circuit hears from her lawyers and prosecutors in late october. >> all right, julie carey. more soul searching for the dug gar family of "19 kids and counting" after one of their kids made another admission after his e-mail was among one of thousands identified of the user of the cheating adultery
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website, ashley madison. josh duggar released a statement saying he has been unfaithful to his wife, called himself the biggest hypocrite ever. this comes months after he admitted he molested four of his sisters when he was a teenager. josh duggar and his family just moved out of their mother land home. their tv reality show has been canceled. the d.c. area, by the way, has the highest percentage of ashley madison members in the united states. coming up tonight, the security chief for the baltimore ravens on trial for allegedly groping someone after a game. tonight, a verdict has been announced. and metro is taking over a transit center that was plagued with problems. montgomery county explains why this facility is now safe and sound. flames at an apartment. several people injured. several firefighters as well. some families displaced. some families displaced. coming up tonight, a man
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tonight, several families in prince george's county will be starting over after they lost much of their belongs in fire. that fire in laurel so hot, it injured three firefighters. and a lot of people who lived in those apartments believe it could have been much worse. >> prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins talked to a teenaged girl who was home alone
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and made it out of that fire safely. >> reporter: her dad was very relieved an at points speechless when we talked to him today because it could have been a close call. she was right across the hall from where the fire started. they are still working to get this building back together again. it is going to be some time before families can move back in, but it is amazing that everyone made it out safely. >> a woman came out screaming in a towel that it was on fire. >> reporter: this woman made it out of the fire at the apartments in mount lawyer.. >> we got out quo, see the flames and black, black smoke. >> reporter: her dad wasn't home at the time but is relived knowing she is the one thing that cannot be replaced. the fire started in the third floor apartment. the woman was in the shower at the time and says it was the smoke that met her as she stepped out of the shower that warned her of the fire.
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>> glad i came out alive that i came out alive, because i don't know, the fire meeting me when i was in the bathroom. >> reporter: 15 adults and seven children will be displaced. >> you can see that we had cut to cut some pretty large holes in the roof to relieve the heat and fire from that attic. >> reporter: good news here is everyone made it out safely. >> if she can come out safe and the only one in the building, no glee greats about the things that burnt up. >> reporter: there were three firefighters who were injured in this fire. the one who had the most serious burn also burns to both of his hands, he has been taken to washington hospital center. all three of the firefighters expected to be okay. live in laurel, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. the police union criticizing police chief cathy lanier about the rising homicide rate and now the d.c. mayor is firing back. a guy with a knife tries to rob the barcelona. but a bartender, he's got an
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answer for that. i'm pat collins much the story coming up, news4. severe thunderstorm warning for parts of northern virginia. doug also watching a flash flood warning that just re
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we do have a couple of warnings out there right now, that line continues to progress, some of that line falling apart, other parts continuing. >> we are tracking a severe thunderstorm warning now for fauquier, prince william county counties. we are talking the national weather service saying wind, we are seeing folksily some hail, too. >> maybe hail with this storm, too. storm team four radar tracking this line. one thing became the to show you here, live in montgomery county, howard county, along i-95 north of the river, the storms intense and now falling apart. storms continue in the area, now all the active the south of the potomac the most part. i'm going to take the lightning off, i want to show where you this storm is. just to the west of manassas, coming right through gainesville right now. where that severe thunderstorm warning is, continues until 7:00. manassas get ready the next 10 to 15 minutes, coming in toward your area.
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issued thunderstorm warnings, national weather service issues them for wind, phone information hail. take a look here, paint to show you this i don't want to show you this very often this is hail, where the hail would be just south of route 15, lining 215 here west of linten hall. if you live in this area, may see hail to the west and north of nokesville. that is moving toward manassas, could see hail in the area. severe thunderstorm warning, flash flood warning. amelia has more on that >> flash flood warning for fauquier, rappahannock counties, that runs until 9:15, storm team4 radar, crestview, vernon mill, west of route 17, doug showing where you that very heavy rain is following, that moved through this area and now caused flash flooding concerns again until 9:00 this evening, areas in solid green continue to be under a flash flood watch, run through midnight, that includes washington, arlington, montgomery county, fairfax and prince george's county counties.
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the weather impacts dealing with heavy rain this evening, exercise best indoors out and about need the big umbrella. doug has how that impacts the redskins game in a little bit. guy tried rob a popular restaurant last night. bad idea. >> yeah. because new at 6:00, we are hearing from the bartender who stopped this armed robber at a wine bar while customers were inside. pat collins is outside of barcelona in the 14th street corridor this evening. pat? >> reporter: wendy, mike cohen is a bartender here at barcelona. he knew something bad was going to happen when on a hot, summer night, he saw a guy come into the bar wearing a ski mask and reaching for a knife. i saw somebody come in with the ski mask really quickly through the front door. reaching in his waist --
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waistband. he was coming in in a real menacing american. so i followed him and he announced his intentions as soon as he got to the bar and i just clocked him in the jaw. >> reporter: it was a right hook that took the robber to the ground. >> more like a hook, i just turned it over. >> reporter: i should tell you michael cohen is not someone you really want to mess. he has been involved in mixed martial arts since he was 16. he was surprised what happened last night. >> it was striking, it was shocking it is the city. people are going through hard names the city, i'm not going to judge the grirks know what struggle he was going through mentally, i'm not condoning what he did. it is the city, it is real life. >> reporter: in the end, michael and another bartender took the knife away from the robber and held him until the cops could get here toake an arrest. in the end, no one was hurt. except maybe the robber. just a little bit.
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>> i'm glad nobody got hurt. guests, employees, even the guy who did it nobody was seriously injured, which is good. >> reporter: the suspect's 34 years old. he has been charged with attempted armed robbery without bond. the director of security for the baltimore ravens has been cleared of charges that he groped a stadium worker. a woman who works for a cleaning crew claimed that darren sanders inappropriately touched her after a game at m&t bank stadium last december. today a jury found sanders not guilty. he says the woman asked for his phone number but he didn't give it to her and he never touched her. troubling spike in homicides in the city this year, up 36% this month compared to august of last year. today, here on news4's "viewpoint" program, mayor muriel bowser said the district is doing all that it can to curb
6:37 pm
the violence that, but there is no quick quick. >> she has been police the streets of washington, d.c. for 25 years. and she has a great sense of how to deploy our force. we have a great force, too. and we want to make sure that the officers have what they need to stay safe. >> the mayor defended lanier from police union complaints that city officers are not properly deployed in prevent crimes. tom sherwood doing that interview with the mayor. tom, is there ever a time that there's not a beef with the union and police chief, but also doesn't the mayor really like cathy lanier? >> yes, emphatically endorsing her police chief as the previous mayors did, back to adrian fenty. the union is concerned the police chief reorganized the
6:38 pm
staff, more officers in uniform, some of the squads disbanded. squads used to go out in advance around the city and gather intelligence as much as the people. the chief says things have changed, more aggressive in fighting crime, gun violence. she says we are making arrests, seedsing guns, the mayor told me in this program,ly air sunday morning, october 1st there's going to be some incentives for the officers to keep them on the force so they don't go to fairfax, montgomery county, other places. the union fight has been a long time. each side has some good things about touch the main thing the is mayor wants them to focus on the crime and violence happening now. >> chief lan knows ex-what the rank and file -- >> yesterday at a news conference, asked about the union stuff, when i indictment force, every time the management did something, didn't like it either. everywhere, not to mention tv stations. >> especially tv stations.
6:39 pm
thank you, tom. if you're thinking about selling your home, we are going to tell you why the market is as good as it's been in years. and it is back to school for college kids as well and one local campus is about to
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more emotional testimony today from a 16-year-old who says she was raped as part of a prep school tradition. t >> the girl said today she was violated in so many ways by the 18-year-old suspect. the victim did admit she helped the suspect remove her pants and shirt because she said she didn't want to be offensive. this alleged attack happened on the campus of the st. paul's school in new hampshire during what's called the senior salute where seniors try to have sex with underclassmen. the university of merry washington is welcoming its largest freshman class in history. students started moving on to
6:42 pm
that dorm on campus in fredericksburg today. about 1,000 students make up the freshmen class and another 380 are transferring to the school this year, more than ever before in the school's history. a young girl with a love for cooking. >> w
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after years of costly delays, we now know when the silver spring transit center will be opened, one month from today, sunday, september 20th. metro was given official control of the center today and no major issues expected. the county built the three-story structure on colesville road is going to serve as a central stop for buses and taxis as well as a link to met treatment marc trains. former president jimmy carter underwent his first radiation treatment today for cancer. carter revealed the cancer is in his liver and brain. but he said he feels good and he is ready for what he calls this new adventure. the former president is 90 years old now. he made his first public comments about the cancer this morning in atlanta. mr. carter also used the news conference to look back at his life and political career. somebody also asked him to name his biggest regret.
6:46 pm
he said he wished he had cemese more helicopters to get the hostages out of irran. he stayed this probably would have gotten him re-elected. imagine coming home and your 12-year-old has wind up a lovely, healthy dipper. as angie goff reports that is what is happening at one maryland home and tonight that 12-year-old is going to be showing off talents as she competes on nbc's "foot fighters." >> reporter: this is danielle meeting her favorite celebrity chef and role model. >> oh, my god, it's duff. >> reporter: her face says it all. this moment is a dream come true because cooking is the 12-year-old's passion. >> when my mom made stuff, it wasn't like we were enjoying it, we kind of did it because my mom was like this is good for you and you have to have it. >> reporter: danielle's mother, meredith, said she became a health nut after she was diagnosed with a rare type of
6:47 pm
can sear few years earlier. >> food doesn't have to taste good it just has to be your medicine. >> with he knew we were eating healthy but we just didn't enjoy it. >> reporter: to combat her mother's culinary clumsiness, which we got a glimpse of. >> mom, problem. >> oh, my. >> reporter: danielle says she taught herself to cook. she made her first dish, pasta prima vera with lots of veggies when she was barely sevlf 7 yea. >> what prompted me to want to cook myself was knowing that food could taste a lot better than what it was, you know, being served right now. and so i really wanted my mom to know that healthy food can taste good because i wanted to make it all for her really. >> reporter: since then, she has been studying cooking magazines, recipe books and tv shows, perfecting her craft and she now makes dinner for her entire family three to four nights a week and her specialties include -- >> spinach pasta that i makeby it has spinach in it, a lot healthier than store boxed
6:48 pm
pasta. i cook a chicken roux lad, really good, chicken, goat cheese, sun dried tomato and basil. >> i work full time, when i come home and dinner is already made, oh, my gosh, i think every mom in america would give money for that. >> reporter: why danielle chose to show her cooking skills on tv. >> if a 12-year-old can do it then a 35-year-old can do it at home. start getting rids of those cans and boxes and make things fresh and from scratch. more? >> yeah, sure. thank you. >> reporter: angie goff, news4. >> i know, you go, girl. "fide fighters" will be shown tonight on cozi-tv v because we are airing the redskins game here on nbc4 but find listings for cozi on your nbc washington app it is on your cable station. we continue to watch the line of scattered showers and thunderstorms across the area. this line make its way up toward howard county and montgomery county. howard, montgomery county, not seeing a lot of heavy rain,
6:49 pm
downpours in that region, once again, fairfax county right along the beltway. we have one shower, one storm right along the american legion bridge. but this is the area of concern right now, severe thunderstorm warning continuing for another 15 minutes until 7:00, includes manassas, look at all the lightning associated with that, another area of storminess, rappahannock, cole pepper county, want to zoom in on the area right there city of manassas, look at that, very heavy rain, indications of heavy hail coming out of this, too, chantilly, centreville this will make its way through fairfax, burke, the clifton area, the next half hour, manassas, i'm going to zoom on into manassas, see that very, very heavy rain coming down, rainfall rights here have been upwards of one to two inches per house, heads up, manassas park, bull run, hill crest, lakewood estates from prince william county toward fairfax county here there are a couple of barnings, severe thunderstorm warning until 7:00.
6:50 pm
flood warnings issued for eastern rappahannock and fauquier county, that until the 9:00 hour, upwards of two to three inches of rain fall into that area. an area, please be careful, turn around, don't drown, we could see more of that through prince william county and fauquier county, please be safe out there the lions taking on redskins at fedex field, i think kickoff time coming up about 40 minutes, the rain will be there at the game for sure. rain moving in the next half hour or so, says 7:00, think the rain around 7:20, 7:30, kickoff, 84 at that time, 82, pack the poncho, hopefully the porch choker hopefully the people you will be watching in the stands have the porch choker 7:00, i think all the rain is out of here. next couple of days, really nice weather, 87 tomorrow, low humidity, sunshine on saturday, beautiful, 86, the heat returns, sunday and monday height, 90 on sunday, 93, monday, upwards around 95 on monday, ahead of a cold front. that sweeps through. and look what comes behind it,
6:51 pm
temperatures in the mid-80s, plenty of sunshine, next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. got some great weather have to get through the storms tonight. >> thanks, doug. there's a report out today that says that existing home sales soared in the u.s. last month, their fastest pace since early 2007. the national association of realtors put out the report that says more than 5.5 million homes were sold in july. that is a 2% increase from the month of june. sales have jumped nearly 10% we are told the past year. jason and carol out at fedex field for the game, looking for some more action from the first teachers, huh? >> scoring a touchdown would be nice, fans, right, especially the first teamers getting in the end zone. >> absolutely, getting in the end zone and showing a little bit more chemistry. bit more chemistry. tell you what robin griffin the
6:52 pm
leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. visit your volvo showroom for this attractive offer
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on the 2015.5 volvo s60 sedan.
6:54 pm
jason, carol, i did read or hear today that rg3 hasn't thrown a touchdown in a preseason game since his rookie year? that's long time. >> rookie year a lot of field
6:55 pm
goals, vance, a lot of field goals. no touchdowns, either scoring drive with a touchdown or throwing for a touchdown. robert griffin's blood pressure might go up because we learned that trent williams isn't going to play, the pro bowl left tackle who always protects his blind side. you stay is precaution? >> precaution. see some of the young guys getting more reps today. the guys are warming up right now, kickoff about almost a half hour away here at fedex field. they have the tarp down on this field until about 5:00 this afternoon. it did rain earlier. we will see how the field holds up, a very strong chance of rain, like doug mentioned. everyone looking forward to seeing robert griffin and the offense, if they can put the ball in the end zone tonight, something the starters did not do last week in cleveland. >> the first offense was gonna get a lot more reps this upcoming game and zrit good defense, from what they did last year and everything. so, i think it will be a good
6:56 pm
test for us and just see where our offense is at. >> we do have to, you know, move down the field and make place and finish the drives. preseason game number two where we are going to play a little bit longer, definitely want to keep our offense going and keep moving in the right direction. >> pierre, probably one of the more exciting and disappointing players last week, first series, robert griffin looking long and letting it fly, but a wide open pierre garcon cannot make the catch. it was one of the reasons griffin and garrison spent nearly 40 minutes after sunday's practice working on timing, just the two of them out there in the heat, trying to get better. chemistry is the key. >> i think with all the receivers, robert's comfort level is getting there it's coming, coming, and coming and comes with repetition and reserves to trust the ball is going to be in the air, that takes time, pierre is an excellent receiver, detail oriented, ryan grant is excellent, andre excellent with the details. he's got some guys next actually how to get there, now he has got
6:57 pm
to get them the ball on time and that's coming. >> meanwhile, the bat for the backup quarterback position continues, colt mccoy and jay gruden says he has done good things in practice and see if he can continue that in the game, similar to kirk cousins in cleveland last week. cousins expected to play the fourth quarter this week by the way. four things to watch tonight, we have them four -- -- we have them for you. >> with all those injuries, you know guys are going to have to step up. we got our umbrellas $for the preseason home opener of the redskins and the lions. guys? >> did i hear somebody say
6:58 pm
cooley? am i hearing that? nah, i'm not hearing that nah, i'm not hearing that >> he is
6:59 pm
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tonight, the fight of his life, an extraordinary show of courage and candor from former president jimmy carter speaking openly about cancer. the hidden melanoma on his brain holding on to faith and family saying his future is in god's hands. wildfire tragedy, firefighters killed, a mystery crash and overcome by raging flames and smoke now surrounding entire towns. aggressive, erratic winds making it increasingly dangerous on the front lines. fighting words, donald trump and jeb bush caught in an uproar over birthright citizenship and the use of a term people find offensive. and gas below $2 in a dozen states. why experts say it's falling so fast, and how low it could go.


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