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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 23, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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"news4 today" starts now. >> welcome back to "news4 today." i'm david culver. >> i'm angie goff. right now, at 9:00 a.m., pandemonium, one of the viewers saying, pandapalooza. >> i like that one. >> people are bursting with excitement over the new twins
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here at the national zoo. we have new information from the news conference that just wrapped up. >> you can hear them there. smoke and alarms going off at a metro station. why metro insists everything is just fine. will he or won't he? the pop-up meeting indicating vice president biden may make a run for the white house. a lot to cover. >> we sure do. we want to start with the two new panda cubs. >> that's right. mei xiang had twins. we are putting everything we learned about the little ones on the nbc washington app right now. they're the size of sticks of butter right now. so we have two sticks of butter. we have news4's derrick ward live at the national zoo where they say everybody is excited. but you're hearing from officials and they're very cautious too, right? >> reporter: yeah, it's an important time. it's a relatively rare event and a critical time now.
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the first birth happened yesterday at about 5:30. then by 10:07 actually, they saw that there was another cub. so they're ecstatic about this. this means the beginning of a critical period. this has only happened twice before in the u.s. actually, lingling was a twin and they have to be careful now. let's hear from the chief veterinarian. >> -- maternal care, they have next to no fur. they're not able to thermoregulate very well. they need to constantly will receiving some calories and some fuel. >> reporter: so to take care of that, what they're going to be doing is periodically switching out the cub that is if mei xiang allows them to. that's the variable here. they measure them and then they bottle feed them as well. so that gives them information
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about the health and hopefully the longevity of the new cubs. today is bao bao's birthday, and she'll be receiving a cake in a few minutes. but what takes the cake is that twin birth yesterday. as for the gender of the pandas, still tooly to tell. we'll keep you posted on that. >> yeah. i like how mei xiang is honoring her daughter's birthday. 2-year-old's birthday. don't want to take too much away from her. >> lauren ricketts, how beautiful the forecast is. >> yeah it looked on the warm side. after a cool start we are warming up. we're in the mid to upper 80s. a touch warmer than yesterday.
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he's show you another beautiful picture outside the nbc studios. we have veiled sunshine out there, but not looking too bad. temperatures now 76 in washington. 72 in manassas. 73 in leesburg. 73 in frederick. cool start, especially in the shenandoah valley. if you're headed out for running, temperatures will eventually move through the 80s. plenty of clouds and sunshine but not humid. we'll continue the conversation, continue it with me on twitter or instagram or even facebook. continue with me in a couple of minutes because i have that seven day forecast you have been waiting for. >> thanks so much. developing now, two men are dead after a crash on laurel bowie road. officers reopened route 91 30 minutes ago. the motorcyclist may have collided head on around 4:30 this morning.
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we'll let you know on our nbc washington app when we learn more about what led up to this crash. 101 people have been killed so far this year in the district. the last time they hit triple digit homicides this early in the year was in 2008. in the last two years d.c. did not reach 100 murders until december. police did identify the 101st victim as 24-year-old antonio dean. he lived in southwest. police say around 3:00 yesterday morning, he was shot several times on stevens road. a $25,000 reward is being offered for anyone who may have had information in this case. around the same time, police december covered watson jr.'s body. the police have not released a motive for the shooting. this deadly weekend in the
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district is something we're continuing to track on nbc washington. meanwhile a man is facing charges for running his suv into the cyclist and then getting out to assault the man and throw his bike into the woods. police in anne arundel say the cyclist had a broken arm and rib. the suv driver was trying to pass him around the curve in davidsonville yesterday morning and that's when the cyclist moved to the center of the road. the driver also left the scene after the collision. there may be some smoke and fire coming from the stadium armory metro station. the metro transit police and fire and ems they were testing the fans at the metro station. you may have seen some of that incident going on there. it's all okay, just a drill. a quick and unusual meeting, another sign that the vice president is considering a run in decision 2016. joe biden came back from
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delaware for just a few hours to meet with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. a source close to biden said they met at his official residence yesterday and then he headed back to delaware. both have supporters that want them in the oval office. still some time left to pick up last minute school supplies. how to save on your school supply list without skimping on what you need. and a family dealing with two
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as kids head back to school in the district, they will be
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getting free rides on metro. muriel bowser expanded it to include the trains. she sat down with our tom sherwood. >> that $30 a month they could put towards extracurricular activities for their kids, electronic devices to help kids with learning. we want that money to stay in the home. so our school bus is the metrobus. and the rail helps with that as well. >> the mayor also discussed how closely she and chancellor kaya henderson are working to follow their school plan. that helps boys in the classroom. all right. some of you doing that last night -- last minute shopping and you may be saving money this year. >> that's right, news4's consumer reporter erika gonzalez shows us how families are spending less on supplies. >> reporter: it is time to start tossing pens and pencils into your shopping cart.
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kids are going back to school. lexi keeling is headed to high school. >> i got some spiral notebooks. >> reporter: at this target in rockville, grandma judy is buying supplies for five grandkids so she has to be smart about it. >> everything is more expensive and i have noticed a big difference between store to store. >> reporter: there are signs that consumers are spending less this year than last. the national retail federation says 2014 was a record year for back to school spending. now, it's estimated consumers will spend about $630 on back to school shopping compared to $670 last year. >> back to school is all about inventory. parents are asking their children to look under the bed
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and dig through the drawers to see what they have. >> reporter: these young ladies have their eyes set on new backpacks. that's all right with mom. rose justin said she bought more than the family needed last year so they don't doesn't have to buy as much this year. so you were in search of half of it, not the whole thing? >> yes. >> reporter: and more people are using their gadgets to get supplies. >> more than 30% of the families shopping this summer say they'll use their smartphones to buy crayons and supplies and even apparel items for their children. >> reporter: erika gonzalez, news4. >> and you're helping some kids get ready to go back to school. >> yeah, school supplies and backpacks it's something that people take for granted. not everyone has access or the ability to get them. so we're calling on you our wonderful viewers to stop by the apple credit union. we'll be in all day. >> the one in kingston. >> yes. >> yes. there's plenty of
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you're watching "news4 today.." >> hillary clinton's e-mails continue to bog down her come pain. this as donald trump continuing to rise in the polls. here to talk about this and much more, "meet the press" moderator, chuck todd. >> yes. we want to start with the latest on this pop-up meeting between vice president joe biden and a also senator elizabeth warren.
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>> oh, that. look, i had been watching the little leaks that were coming from biden world. oh, they think they can do on this a small budget here. they think it will take $5 million to do this -- i'm sitting here going the finance calls aren't going well. and then he throws out this elizabeth warren thing. that's interesting. it's interesting he decided to do it and that she decided to participate. she is sending a signal, hey, you know what? maybe i'm comfortable with joe biden. look if biden is going to run, it's not just running against hillary clinton but against bernie sanders. who took up the warren mantle -- bernie sanders. >> are you talking about endorsement or running mate? >> biden said, looky here, what do you think of my front-runner for the short list? it's -- if someone warren could be convinced to do something like that early, when you start
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to think about how would joe biden defeat hillary clinton i can't find many ways he pulls it off, but it would take something like putting a ticket together. that's a how ronald reagan beat gerald ford. he got a ticket together early. you have to be dramatic. so, you know, i know it's hyperbole at this point, but i think it's the right bold move to do if you're trying to do this if you're biden. >> i hear you're talking about donald trump this morning. >> yes. >> is he a factor? >> the fact he had 20,000 coming into that stadium in mobile, this is seeming to continue. >> look, you're going to hear this, it's interesting. i have two people that donald trump claims he would never hire -- professional political consultants. and charlie black, a long time veteran, washingtonian, he said he's a more likable pat
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buchanan. buchanan had a lock on 25% of the base and could never grow it and he still believes that's it. his advice is let trump be trump and go after the other 75% of the republicans. i think that phrase says it all. deal with it. >> and you're talking to carly fiorina and then we have chris jansing speaking with rand paul. a jam-packed show. >> tell you what, rand paul does an imitation of tremendous tremendous. >> catch that after "news4 today." thanks, chuck. bizarre story out of texas, shifting gears here. a funeral home offering a reward for a missing body. someone took 26-year-old julie mott's body from her casket after her funeral last week. she died from cystic fibrosis. the mortuary was locked so they
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don't know how someone got in to take off with the body. the funeral home is offering a $25,000 reward. our country will mark a decade since hurricane katrina made landfall. it then worked its way up the golf, eventually slamming into new orleans as a category 3. more than 1,800 people died and damage estimates of at least $125 billion, katrina is the costliest storm to hit ever the american shores. all right. we have lauryn ricketts, if you're watching us on the app -- >> all the craziness behind the scenes. the real deal. but one thing we can't deny on screen and off screen, the fabulous weather. >> it's gorgeous outside. hopefully everyone will enjoy it, because it's beautiful. with the low humidity. if you can't get out today, i
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think you'll have a good chance next week to get outside. this upcoming workweek, after a chilly start it's in the 70s. looking good. we'll be warmer than yesterday. as temperatures warm up into the mid to upper 80s. weather outlook, you want to go out and exercise, looking good. to the pool, looking good. you may need water on the lawn or the garden. we have only three-quarters of an inch of rain here in d.c. for the month of august. we need some rain. i don't know if tomorrow is if day. tomorrow today definitely. highs today, mid to upper 80s. if you're grilling out, not too sticky. but we'll start to see that humidity move back in in the overnike. once again, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we are watching a cold front as it will march to the east, so we could see a few showers by tomorrow afternoon. maybe a few showers this afternoon in the central shenandoah valley, but i think mostly everybody will be dry.
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we'll go clear tonight. that's why our temperature will drop. here comes the front. a few showers. maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. it will clear out behind that front with some sunshine for your tuesday. so here's your school day forecast. i know a lot are going back tomorrow. a few storms in the afternoon possible. we want to get to tropical storm danny, it was a hurricane but it's now weakening. it heads over the land masses so we'll continue to watch that and see where that ends up. it will be warmer tomorrow, and then we'll have sunshine,
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back to school and you'll likely have to fill out a lot of forms, school athletic forms. so we want to keep you safe and secure. don't just give away your child's social security number. be careful who you put that out to. if someone wants it, ask why and be sure to ask how it will be protected. don't share on social media. and get to know the federal rights and privacy act.
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parents can opt out of information being released to third parties. >> you can also talk about using public wi-fi to get that homework done. >> yeah, wi-fi on the public network can be pretty dangerous. news4's erika gonzalez shows us how you pay for it. >> reporter: most who use wi-fi do so cautiously. >> they say a lot of things are secured, i'd be safe than sorry. >> reporter: but 27% admitted to handling personal business using public wi-fi. >> i never thought about it before. i don't know how anybody could get anything off of my computer from the public internet. >> reporter: but they do. internet security experts say hackers and scammers have ramped up and masquerading as evil twin hot spots. >> think you're logging on to the wi-fi at the airport, but
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you're logging on to a fake one. >> reporter: and they also troll neighborhoods and businesses looking for poorly or unsecured wireless accounts. >> even logging on to social media accounts you need to be careful because you're putting in your user name and password. >> erika gonzalez with that report. we're working for you to make a
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this sunday, two huge stories upend iing the campaign. for the republicans, accepting the fact that donald trump is here to stay. >> let's assume that somebody else becomes president, wouldn't that be horrifying? and how do the opponents now deal with the juggernaut. for the democrats, it is the hillary's e-mails. >> nobody talks to me about it other than you guys. >> it adds fuel to the biden fire, and did the vice president just tease the 2016 dream ticket by meeting we liz beth warren, and plus trump on hillary. >> and in her rein, look at what happened. everything fell apart


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