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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 24, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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opportunity to call witnesses. >> no word on whether holmes will take the stand. he hasn't so far in the trial. leanne gregg, nbc news, centennial, colorado. what a wild ride on wall street today, stomach churning, drops and comebacks, finally closed today with another big loss, all this prompted by fears over an economic slow down in china. it has been a harrowing day for anyone with even a little bit of money in the market. >> the dow took an historic plunge when trading opened this morning and markets rebounded from the worst of the losses but the dow and the nasdaq and the s. & p 500 all closed the day sharply lower. here is a closer look at how volatile it has been. brian mooar has been tracking the market all day and join us
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with the latest. >> reporter: today and friday represent two of the worst single-day losses in terms of points in history, but it could have been worse. >> there is the opening bell. >> reporter: from the opening bell, it was a roller coaster of a day on wall street. the dow plunging lower, lower and even lower in just the first five and a half minutes. >> guys, the dow is down 1,000 points. >> reporter: the numbers climbed back but ended down 588 points. >> i've never seen day with this kind of strange numbers that we have here. two new highs, 1200 new lows on the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: 11 months of gains wiped out in three trading sessions, largely because of fears that china's economy is slowing down. >> they've created demand. they've created commerce when our economy was slowing. now, china is slowing and the rest of the world seems to be fairly slow, too. >> reporter: white house says market numbers don't tell the whole story. >> what i would encourage people to evaluate is the ongoing strength and resilience of the
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u.s. economy. >> reporter: market analysts say today's volatility doesn't mean it's time for ordinary investors to sell. >> absolutely. this really is a moment to sit tight. >> reporter: some see the market glass as half full. >> some think if you're a long-term investor, pull backs like these can prove to be useful to buy. you know, get in at a lower level, a sale price, if, of course, you're investing for the longer term. >> reporter: in the short term, a stomach-turning ride on wall street. some are comparing today's plunge to 1987's blackm monday. the loss was 22% back then compared to a little more than 3 1/2% today. live on capitol hill, brian moore, news4. >> thanks, brian. we continue to follow the story out of northern virginia where a man was shot outside a house in centreville. a relative of his has been locked up. it happened on come oak rain and julie carey is ther with more. julie? >> reporter: it's says to see where the shooting incident
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started this afternoon, right behind the red crime scene tape in that below-ground level townhouse. you can see the evidence marker there on the sidewalk. neighbors tell me it was two brothers who were involved in this confrontation. tonight, one of them is in custody. the other one is in the hospital being treated for serious injuries. and police say the victim's two children witnesseded a least some of this shooting. now, we are going to take a look at video taken by a neighbor here in the meadows townhomes, the police response after the 911 was called today. we are told that one relative shot the other in that grounds level town hours, the victim fled out the door and collapsed on the street there. neighbors called 911 and began tending to the victim, bringing a pillow out ton the sidewalk to comfort. the victim's two children ran out of the house behind him. neighbors made sure they were taken to safety. once police arrived, you see the scene in this video from the neighbor and in these still
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photos. they set up on scene, contact was made with the shooter still inside the townhouse, he agreed to come out and surrender peacefully. here is how the neighbor who took the video described the surprise in the neighborhood this morning. >> we heard gunshots and then we saw all the police coming in about one officer had, like, almost like a rifle. and then the rest of them, it was like seven to ten of them thought with handguns pointing at my neighbor. >> he got shot. he got out of the house. and he fell in the driveway. he say my brother shot me. >> reporter: the victim's injuries were initially described as life threatening. police did give us an update a few minutes ago, he is expected to survive his injuries. this is at least the second violent incident here on cool oak lane in less than a year. back in december 2014, i was just down the block at another townhouse where one man stabbed his roommate to death and that
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came just seven months after another fatal stabbing in the same town house. but neighbors tell me here today, they still feel like this community is a safe place and they look at these all as isolated domestic indianapolis dents. reporting live from centerville, i'm julie carey, back to you. >> thank you. sadly there is no slow down to the rise in violence across d.c. this weekend alone, the city saw three new homicides, bring the total so far to 102 homicides this year. that's almost as many as for all of last year. tilt in 2014, there were 72 homicides. last year ended with 105 murders. one of those cases involved a physician's assistant killed in a hit and run crash outside the united medical center in southeast. it's the second deadly hit and run crash in that same area this year. pat comes is live outside the hospital with more on the dangers for pedestrians in this spot. pat? >> reporter: doreen, georgetown
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has one. george washington has one. howard has bun. virtually every hospital in our city has a traffic light and a crosswalk at its entrance. he here, not the united medical center on southern avenue and it's having deadly consequences. southern avenue, where many cars travel at a high rate of speed, where people coming to and from the hospital often find themselves in harm's watch >> crossing the streets. >> very dangerous. >> without a doubt, always have been treacherous. >> reporter: last april, 68-year-old faith pines struck and killed by a hit and run driver as she was leaving the hospital. last friday, 56-year-old emma bet cab bay day, hit and killed
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by a driver almost at the same spot. emma bet a long-time physician's assistant at united medical center was leaving work when it happened. she comes from a large and loving family. >> my mother was the kindest american you will ever meet in your entire life. she was the most hard working person i have ever known. >> reporter: this is the entrance to the unite medical enter. this is the bus stop many people use to get from here to the hospital over there. the nearest traffic light, the nearest safe crosswalk is way down the street, nearly two blocks down the street. now, nobody is going to go way down there when they can cross from here to over there.
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could a traffic light and a crosswalk have prevented this? >> definitely. it is needed. >> reporter: the mayor told us today she is studying the problem but no definite commitment for traffic light here at united medical. >> pat collins. four guys with guns robbed a verizon store in montgomery county today and police are trying to catch them. it happened at noon on spartan road in olney, maryland. they robbed the place and witness says they drove off in a 2015 dodge charger. police followed them as they drove on to the innercounty connector. chopper4 flew over the chase as it continued on the beltway, but police lost that car at kennel worth avenue and prince george's county. weather now, scattered showers in parts of our area, a cold front moves in on us.
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doug tracking it for us. >> this cold front coming in to help get the heat out of here, we hit 90 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow, a completely different air mass moving on in here, storm team4 radar, line of storms making its from west of baltimore, the culpepper area. these are where the strongest storms are the herndon area, great falls, back into portions of the sterling region a little bit of lightning there, this moving up to the north in through montgomery county, loudoun county seeing the storms and down to the south, a closer look at those storms to the north of reston. here is herndon here. back to the west of the airport, middleburgh, very heavy rain, warrenton, culpepper, a lot of lit thing here, too. i will show where you this is, show you the timing of these storms, then take you hour by hour tomorrow with the little bit more on what the change in the forecast is coming up. >> thanks, doug. two men have been locked up today, said to be using a drone to fly drugs into a maryland state prison. our derrick ward shows us how
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officers arrested them and why prison officials say that could be part of a bigger problem. >> you can't make this stuff up. >> reporter: police and corrections officials believe they foiled a plan to air drop contraband behind prison gates via drone delivery. this saturday, they arrest good men on the road outside the state prison complex in cumberland, maryland. they were in a vehicle. >> found in that vehicle were a drone, which we believe was about to be used to deliver contraband into the western correctional institute. >> reporter: there was a gun found as well. investigators made the connection to an inmate at the facility who's also facing charges. >> this is a serious issue of safety, both for inmates and staff. >> reporter: jeff pittman is with the american federation of state, county and municipal employee, the union representing corrections workers. he says this is also about staffing levels at state prisons. >> when you have less eyesmnr├▒ these towers and around the perimeter of these facilities, it's less safe.
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>> reporter: this alleged drone conspiracy was busted up primarily through intelligence gathering among corrections and local law enforcement. it is an ongoing investigation and it is being taken very seriously. >> contraband fuels violence and we are committed to keeping it out for the safety of our staff and the inmates. >> reporter: and general public at large. now, corrections officials say there could be more arrests, both inside and outside the prison and hope to be able to drone-proof their facilities bounce there's money for t >> derrick ward, thank you. gee be ab he will be able to stay out of prison for now. the chief justice of the u.s. supreme court gave former governor bob mcdonnell a reprieve today. justice put a hold on an order that would require mcdonnell to report to prison on saturday. roberts ordered the u.s. attorney to respond to mcdonnell's request to stay out of prison bile he appeals to the supreme court. so, until the high court defies it will take up the care it is likely that former governor
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mcdonnell will remain free. vice president biden hasn't said anything about running but today, another sign he might get into the race. bind met with president obama earlier today. white house press secretary josh earnest added a bit of fuel to the fire when he said biden -- when he suggested that bind has the president's support. >> the president has indicated his view, that the decision that he made i guess seven years ago now to add joe biden to the ticket as his running mate was the smartest decision that he had ever made in politics. and i think that should give you some sense of the president's view of vice president biden's aptitude. for the top job. >> the vice president was also spotted meeting with senator elizabeth warren this weekend. political experts say if he chooses to runs, he will likely make a decision before the first
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democratic debate, which is scheduled for october 13th. still ahead on news4, a mother attacked while walking with her toddler in arlington. what police are saying about the possible connection to other crimes in the area. americans and others honored for tackling a gunman on a packed train in france. meantime, we are learning some new details about that dramatic takedown. also, a legal vick vetory f disabled veteran. but the case may not be over. why the tables
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quite a special honor today for the american heroes who saved lives on a train bound for paris. tonight, they are talking about how they took down a gunman and prevented a tragedy and revealed how it changed their lives. >> reporter: the three americans who on friday stopped the gunman from opening fire on passengers on a high-speed train through paris were awarded today the highest honor in france, the legion of honor. >> translator: in the name of france, i have to thank you for what you did. since friday, the whole world has admired your courage, your composure, your sense of responsibility. >> reporter: but today, we also learned that there was a fourth american on board of that train who tried to stop the gunman.
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this is mark magorlian, a 51-year-old man originally from virginia, who works as a professor here at the prestigious sorbonne university. he saw the man with an ak-47 in his hands. he was wounded and the gunman moved on to the next carriage where he was wrestled down by the other three americans. >> so i just want that lesson to be learned going forward. in times of, like, terror like that, to please do something. don't just stand by and watch. >> reporter: the professor is still recovering from his wounds, but his wife was there at the presidential palace this morning to receive the award on his behalf. >> and what i said to myself is never be the guy who just sits in the corner and gets shot. >> reporter: in the meantime, we are learning more information about the 26-year-old moroccan who was the gunman. he is still in custody here in paris, but charges will have to be brought against him by
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tomorrow, tomorrow morning, because anybody here, suspects can be held without charge for only four days and those four days expire tomorrow afternoon. nbc news, paris. the words were "you're lucky. you''re gonna die soon." that is what the man who opened fire on a state trooper told him seconds after he shot him this happened in southwestern will a l.a. the trooper, named steven vincent, stopped to help a man whose truck had crashed into a ditch, but they say that man, for some reason, pulled a sawed-off shotgun and shot trooper vincent in the head. the trooper died this morning. flocks around louisiana will be flown at half-staff in his honor. the driver, a man named kevin daigle, will be charged with murder. the forecast, some of us
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getting rain out there now? >> heavy rain. we saw a soupy atmosphere, the last couple of days, beautiful weather. today was warm and rather humid, tomorrow, back to what we had saturday and sunday. >> we like that. >> that was some great weather. right now, we do have showers and a couple of storms coming through, storm team4 radar picking them up good. first off temperature-wise, those clouds they have moved back in, notice the temperature also, you can see where the rain has been by the temperature, 87, d.c., 92, fredericksburg, 77 in leesburg and in gaithersburg, 75 in fred rib, the areas that have seen the rain, here it is on the radar, you see that line of showers and thunderstorms coming in and developing. now, most of these are just some heavy downpours, but there are a couple of stronger storms here, this one down ards southern fauquier county. i want to take a couple of zooms here, first, montgomery county, fairfax and loudoun county, loudoun county, you have seen a lot of rain around the region, this all moving off toward the east slowly, this storm right here has actually been moving more toward the north-northeast,
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up toward gaithersburg, raining around rockville. zoom on in, see if this is over the rockville area right now looks like it is sitting on top of rockville. rockville seeing this rain along 270, back toward the west, the darnestown area, poolesville, seeing the rain, potomac falls, over toward great falls. we look at this storm here, down toward southern fauquier county, came through culpepper earlier, a lot of lightning with this the last hour. this is just south of warrenton, along 15, route 17 here, we can zoom in on this one, too, as we look at that zoomed area, you see all of the lightning associated with this, moving off toward the east, in through portions of southeastern fauquier county, eventually be in prince william county and stafford county, too over the next half hour. much cooler and drier air moving in, for us, won't be too much cooler but will feel a lot
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better, different during the day to something else we are watching, the tropics have been a little active. we had hurricane danny the other day, now that storm is almost gone. not even a tropical depression anymore, but we have another one this one could become tropical depression or tropical storm erika even later on this evening. this one maybe one to watch over toward portions of the bahamas and southeast that's what we will be watching closely the next few days, 82 in gaithersburg, tomorrow, 85, fredericksburg, 84, la plata, low humidity a beautiful afternoon, 78 by noon. get out and maybe take lunch outdars. 86 by 4:00. a really nice evening, go out and do a little barbecuing out there tonight. i think i'm doing that tonight, if the rain holds off. 85 in d.c. on wednesday. 85 on thursday. 86 on friday. now, the heat, it will try to come back, i will show you when, got the seven-day forecast, including the weekend, coming up in a minute. >> thanks, doug. there's new fallout tonight from the hack of the website called aley madison. meantime, police are really trying to find the people who
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targeted that website. a disabled marine vet criminally charged for just painting a picnic table no longer has to worry about the prospect of jail or a fine tonight. why this high-interest case may not be quite over yet. all eyes on the new panda cubs at the national zoo. why
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a legal victory today for a disabled marine from northern virginia. criminal charges were dropped. we told you on friday about mickey triplett, that's his name, he was accused of a crime for painting the picnic table at his woodbridge apartment koch plex. now, julie carey reports the tables may be turned against the people who accused him. >> reporter: six weeks of worry wipe aid way in seconds after mickey triplett entered the courthouse much the disabled vet had been charged with destruction of property for painting an apartment complex picnic table white. today that charge was dismissed, dropped at the request of the commonwealth's attorney. >> today was a glorious day where the law did exceedingly above all that i could imagine and that's -- i think it's because of him. >> reporter: an outraged public
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took to social media after tripletit's pilot was reported by pot potomac local and news4. on top of the criminal charge the disabled vet had been bounced from his apartment. he told us he painted the table to surprise up the place before a visit from his daughter and granddaughter. today, the prosecutor bumped triplett's case to the top of the docket. he said there was no crime. >> no wait commonwealth could prove criminal intent in this matter. according to him and from the evidence indicated he was painting, right or wrong, that table and he didn't have any intent to destroy t. >> reporter: triplett says he will try to put the case and the weeks of worry behind him now. >> i can forgive and i can forget and i don't think any of this should have ever happened. >> reporter: but a marine vet attorney who represents tripletit is looking at one more thing, whether to bring a civil malicious prosecution case against the managers.
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>> the managers that the apartment complex have not responded to our request for comment about the possible charges that might come against them. coming up, a mother attacked while out walking with her child. mark segraves has more on the search for a suspect. >> another woman assaulted in a local park. i'm mark segraves and we will hear from police about what they are doing to catch whoever's responsible. before the first day of school and kids at this brand-new international school in prince george's county are already getting some learning in. i'm tracee wilkins. i will have that story coming up on news4. and some say it's the wave of the future when it comes to preserving our past. we will tell you about a new method generating big money for
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yet another woman has been attacked in arlington, virginia. it is the sixth incident of its kind that's come in the few -- last few recent weeks. >> this time, the victim was a mom with her 3-year-old child. they were walking together in rubber run park about 8:00 friday night when it happened. the woman screamed and they were able to get away, but so did the guy who attacked her. mark segraves tells us what police are saying and doing about these attacks making so many of you nervous. >> reporter: it was along this trail in rubber run park when a woman was walking with her 3-year-old daughter and decided
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it was just getting too dark to keep walking into the park. police say six women have been attacked over the last month. most in parks. >> they approached from behind. they grabbed these females, unsuspecting of anybody, throw them to the ground and attempt to sexually assault them. >> reporter: the most recent attack which happened friday evening at 8, the victim feared not only for herself but also for her 3-year-old daughter. >> he approaches her. at that point, she goes shield her daughter from him. >> reporter: police say the woman put herself between her adaughter and the attack. she cried out for help. >> she screams to you the and shakes him off. at that point, he fleece. >> super disturbing, no one is safe ever, but i think off little security if you're all by yourself and that's just awful. >> reporter: police only have a b
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vague description of the suspect, no the sure if it is the same person responsible for each assault. arlington county police are deploying more officers and advising residents to be alert. >> sending additional officers out into some of the high-traffic areas on the weekends or plain clothes officers out there, and each of the cases, the suspect did get scared off by their cries for help. but who knows where this can escalate. >> reporter: police are encouraging residents who use these trails to walk in pairs or with groups. if you see anything suspicious, to call police. jim handly on the live desk, following breaking news on the 14th street brim, look at this live traffic camera shot, park police helicopter just landed, je we understand that a park police officer is involved. that officer was on a motorcycle. we understand that's about to be airlifted, transported.
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that a he is u.s. park police helicopter there. 14th street has been shut down from independence southbound. this is happening at rush hour. this involves as you park police officer and an accident involving a motorcycle. we will stay on top of it again. 194th street brim, live pictures, from the live desk, i'll jim handly. the growing ashley madison hacking scandal has led to extortion and two reported sue sides. police in toronto said today they are investigating blackmail threats and unconfirmed reports of sue sides. the canadian company that ounce the website is offering a $500,000 for information leading to the hackers arrest. they leased the entire ashley madison client list, which claims to have more than 30 million users worldwide. looking at weather now scattered showers out there.
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doug, how is it looking? >> showers heavily at time, that the case through the evening, depending your, only storms up there toward the baltimore area, around montgomery county, fauquier county, prince william county, seeing those heavy storm, the manassas region, manassas seeing a very heavy rain cell now. big time thunderstorm toward fauquier county, look at the lightning associated with that moving off toward the east, it does so, near dale city, 6:49, if it holds together, woodbridge, 6:55, quantico area just after the 7:00. so heads up, southern fairfax county in toward prince william county, another bun rightone ri 270, slowing traffic down for sure a bad time this time of night anyway. just throw some rain into the mix. i've got more on the forecast coming up for you in ten minutes. hundreds of new teachers, new course and new schools, too. nearly 50,000 students in the district return to class today amidst a slew of changes.
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brook land middle school in northeast is one of four public schools that opened today. they will feature more hands-courses. students are excited. >> we should keep it clean. >> a big school and have lots of classes and also, i think i will like the labs so we will be able to do some experience. >> new to the school system, career academies, focuses on jobs and it engineering will be launched at hd woodson high school. mayor muriel bowser says the academies will launch next year. children are also returning to classrooms in frederick, maryland, today, as well as in howard county. elementary and middle schoolers also went back to class in anne arundel. the state of maryland has a record number of students, more than 1 million, enrolled in
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schools. schools will open tomorrow in prince george's county. budget caught big concern there but the cut backs are not getting the way of plans to help students who need help learning english. tracee wilkins has mr. on the program the first of its kind. >> reporter: this international language school was a bit of a controversy when the idea was first pitched but the ceo is saying this is no different than students who want to focus on art or on s.t.e.m. and in this instance, it is focus on improving their language skills. >> hi, how are you? >> reporter: this is an intimate learning environment, the principal can get to know the name of every student like this girl, one of 100 at the international high school at largo. they a here in hopes of vastly improving their english. i speak spanish at home. i grew up speaking spanish at
6:37 pm
home. >> reporter: even though she grew up in america but that made it tough for her in the traditional public school setting. >> i felt the glasses were going so fast. >> rock, paper, scissors. >> reporter: this international school inside of largo high school, students will focus on group learning opportunities. >> we are really trying to create a space and a place that's different and a police of belonging. >> reporter: a model the county borrowed from new york city, making it the first in the d.c. metropolitan area. >> looking at students from the perspective of skills and what are their strength and how to build on their strengths. >> reporter: the students speak up to 12 different languages and have varied learning needs. today, just orientation, many are already optimistic. >> the important thing when i grow up, i have a better feature. >> reporter: also interviewed prince george's county ceo kevin maxwell and had fan tass tips for parents making sure they are involved in the schools that
6:38 pm
their students are attending and what they do when they come home from school with homework, et cetera. check out the tips by logging onto and searching maxwell tips. in largo, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. a severe thunderstorm warning issued, talked about this storm toward fauquier and people, severe thunderstorm warning for prince william county, fauquier and stafford county until 7:00. a lot of lightning associated with that storm right now over manassas. this is the cone here and it does include manassas and parts of prince william county. again, fauquier and northern portions of stafford county portions of stafford county until 7:00.
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leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. visit your volvo showroom for this attractive offer on the 2015.5 volvo s60 sedan.
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the next few days are critical for the new panda cubs down at the national zoo. but so far, things are looking well. >> let's take a look at the national zoo's panda cam. mei xiang is busy nursing and bonding with them, one cub at a time. when she is busy with one, the
6:41 pm
other cub is kept in an incubator. every few hours, they are swapped out. >> the cubs are not on public display yet, only as big as a stick of butter, we are told, but that hasn't stopped visitors from flocking down to the zoo. tom sherwood is among them. tom? >> reporter: jim and doreen, it's pretty quiet here at the zoo right now, but busy days are ahead to care for and name the new panda cubs. the panda watch was going strong all day, even though the new baby pandas are still in isolation and under intense 24-hour care. >> struggling for food. they are struggling for warmth. and their mom's used to only raising one, so we are supplementing her and swapping her out from time to time. they are doing okay but it's a critical time. >>. >> reporter: the crowds settled for watching 2-year-old bao bao, when all right panda fans be let in to see the pandas through the
6:42 pm
usual plate glass windows. >> coming outside is three or four months away. these cubs are so tiny right now, their eyes aren't opened, they have no fur. but they wll grow quickly, but just like bao bao, they won't be out for about three or four months much. >> reporter: the twin births are big news here and for the friends and national zoo that supports all the zoo exhibits. lynn minto is the new executive officer. like the pandas, brand new. >> no the a twin but new. something so special about the pandas, the only free. >> -- only the only free zoo that has pandas. >> reporter: when will they get a name? >> you will hear that in a few weeks. >> reporter: don't the elephants get upset with the pandemonium? if i were an elephant, i would be jealous. >> perhaps, but the pandas deserve all our energy and
6:43 pm
support. >> reporter: well, jealous or not, the pandas are the center of attention right now at the national zoo. at the zoo, tom sherwood, news4. >> thank you, tom. some call it the future of philanthropy. the new bay that people are banding together to preserve history and raise thousands of
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
jim hand loin the news4 live desk, go back to that breaking
6:46 pm
news now, a park police officer is being airlifted to the hospital after a crash on the 14th street bridge. here's a live look at the situation as is stands on the bridge now. this is video coming up here of the chopper carrying that injured officer taking off just minutes ago. the officer was on a motorcycle and another car was involved. the inbound 14th street bridge is back open, but it appears the grout bound side of the bridge is now closed. details still very fresh on this, so we will update on the nbc because app, of course, throughout the night and right here on news4 at 11:00. from the live desk, i'm jim handly, back to you. mission accomplished. many of you helped the smithsonian raise $500,000 to preserve neil armstrong's space suit and another 220,000 to preserve alan shepherd's suit. the first time, the institution used crowd funding to pay for a project. news4's aaron gilchrist has a look at where the money is going and what may very well be the
6:47 pm
future of philanthropy. >> it's one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: words that resonate across time, images that left the people over the world in awe. neil armstrong in 1969, the first man who set foot on the moon. armstrong's suit spent 30 years on display, teaching tool after making history. then in 2006, it was locked away. >> we have discovered over the decades that some of the materials in the suits are deteriorating. >> reporter: behind these doors in virginia is a massive state-of-the-art vault where the suit is being preserved but the smithsonian wants the public to be able to see it again. >> what we are hoping to do with the neil armstrong suit is about put it on display in a case that will have its own air handling system. >> reporter: but the institution doesn't have money for that the cash that comes from congress nice keep the museums open and operating, so, a third of the smithsonian's budget has to come
6:48 pm
from somewhere else. >> we have to go out to foundations corporations and individuals to pay for special projects, exhibition and programs. >> reporter: so, for the armstrong suit project, the smithsonian turned to crowd funding website, kickstarter, and set a 30-day goal to raise $500,000. it took three days. >> but it was also something that we thought might have an appeal to individuals who had either been fans of the moon program or witnessed it. or wanted to learn about what happened. >> reporter: 8,000 backers ponied up between 1 and $10,000. several new apollo 11 elements, including a specially preserved space suit as the centerpiece of the destination moon gallery opening in 2020. normally, in order to make a big exhibit happen at the smithsonian, would it would take deep pockets from major up source it begs the question is this crowd faungd flash in the pan or the wave of the future? >> i was really inkrieged when i
6:49 pm
heard about it. crowd funding does require professionalism but not a lot of money. >> if you get it right it is a way of engaging with a new community that perhaps might not have been part of your world before. >> reporter: for the smith sewn yap, the armstrong suit kickstarter taps younger audiences, cores to the survival says watt, but encourages fund-raisers no to the forget their core supporters and the time-tested guys reach them. in washington, aaron gilchrest, news4. >> this was just the beginning of the smithsonian's kickstarter project. other museums will also use crowd funding to raise money, but the institution isn't saying which might do it yet. doug plans to cook out this evening, if the -- >> what time, he should ask. >> he has not invited us. we hope it rains there fore.
6:50 pm
>> my wife didn't bring enough food, buy enough food. it's just -- come on over there might be some leftovers. got some chicken. we have that steak opts grill there is rain. i can tell you, rain agent my house. storm team4 radar showing the rain coming through across the area, should be out of here by the time i get home, have stronger storms down to the south. show where you these are, especially that one strong storm. look at all the lightning associated with this, severe thunderstorm warning tops until 7:00 for prince william county down toward northern portions of stafford county, eastern portions of fauquier county. a pretty potent storm. notice all the lightning with this manassas seeing heavy rain, too, heaviest storms say staying to the south of manassas, to the east. heads up near woodbridge and quantico, family members driving down 95, say to fredericksburg. this could really slow things down the next hour or so. here is that warning once again for about the next ten minutes, does include manassas and northern portions of stafford county. to the north, where we are, i live right about there.
6:51 pm
there's some rain coming down there the grill's not on just yet. gaithersburg, 270, lining up the beltway, you know, traffic normally this time of night not the best, does look like this will slow things down, too. look at one of those cameras, i-270, toward the montrose road area, notice the very wet roadways, yeah, you notice a little bit of traffic out there as well, that outbound side, watch that as we move through. behind this, all we have got. this is going to continue to move on out of the region. as it does behind it, we have got much nicer conditions coming in. this is the perfect time for grilling. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, all beautiful. high temperatures low to middle 80s. we will see low humidity as well. the weekend a little bit different saturday and sunday, 91 on saturday, 92 coming up on sunday, the heat will return, but going to take a while to get here. >> we like sthaeaks that are marinateded all day. plan ahead. we got sports coming up. a question out there, will rg3 play against the ravens on saturday. i have another question. is he gonna play after about the
6:52 pm
second or third game of the regular season? and if so, who will he be playing for? stay tuned.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
mention i heard y'all talking but you don't kick somebody off the field because he got hit, he is playing football, for god's sake and football, people get hit, including the quarterback. >> he was getting hit pretty much every play. every time he dropped back, he was getting hit. >> how much do we know about long-term damage from concussion than we did back when b. mitch and doc were playing? >> let me set this up first and then we will discuss. if robert griffin iii does pass all league protocol in regards to his concussion, he will start state seat against the ravens, according to his head coach, jay grand. griffin not impressive by any means thursday night against the detroit lions. he didn't have much help though. going to be a tough test for griffin and the offense against john harbaugh's ravens. baltimore's defense, one of the most physical in the entire league, they were tied for second in sacks last season.
6:56 pm
redskins offense failed to protect rg3 against the kwlirngs many thought gruden would be cautious with his quarterback against baltimore. the head coach knows his quarterback needs more reps and actually going to play him even longer against detroit. >> i would have gone more the other day to be honest with you, i think we need to work, we absolutely need to work, whether he takes one shot or ten shot, got to get our offense going, our right side needs work, our center, left guard, left tackle need work, tight ends, receivers together breaking the huddle, calling place, 4-12 football team last year, for me to rest our starters after one series in the preseason game to me is not right. we need the practice. >> one of the main guys ref has to watch out for is this guy, terrell suggestion, facing criticism for this hit on sam bradford, the race' preseason game against the eagles. brat ford playing the first game was hit low by suggs flagged on that play but the nfl deemed the
6:57 pm
hit legal with many eagle, including bradford saying suggs was target the quarterback's knee. his head coach took exception to that >> you start popping off about somebody's character, you know, you cross the line. so, that's not really something that we would respect. but most of those guys over there understood the play and understood that 55 was playing hard and trying to get it stopped. so r so, it's very clear he played as we were coaching the play at that time. >> with everything that we know, griffin being concussed on thursday night the offensive line not being very good against the detroit lions and the ravens having a very good defense, going to be angry, too, beat good by the eagles, would you play robert griffin iii this saturday? >> you got to find out if he can plate game, you got pressure from the right go to the left, coming from the left, move to the right. do something in the pocket, don't just stand there. >> you are not there >> make sure he is okay. >> he is okay. i don't think he got a concussion on that play. >> no?
6:58 pm
>> maybe not on that play. >> not on that play >> in the game. >> not on that one. >> before that. >> you know, nightly news is coming up. this is
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, the wipeout on wall street. a sea of money lost as turmoil spreads. stocks plunging 1,000 points in a day of roller coaster swings. tonight so many americans worried about what to do. highest honors for the american heroes who prevented a potential massacre. harrowing new details about the takedown as we learn of a fourth american, the first to confront the gunman. in cold blood. a state trooper stops to help a stranded driver who shoots him dead. tonight we hear from the witnesses who risked their own lives to help him. who would he choose? as word of a secret meeting adds to speculation the vice president is ready to run, who would president obama back, biden or clinton? a telling response tonight from the white ho


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