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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11, donald trump at it again. >> a shouting match with a national news anchor. this times minutes before a campaign rally in iowa. plus, a suburban virginia neighborhood. police tell us it was the source of a million dollar synthetic
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drug operation. and we'll meet the healthy maryland woman who had her stomach surgically removed because of what doctors found in her father. >> "news4 at 11" begins with breaking news. >> that breaking news tonight at the washington monument, where it's happened again. >> the elevator got stuck tonight with people still at the top of the monument. two of them pregnant women. shomari stone just got to the national mall. shomari, what have you learned so far? >> well, this is seemingly endless. a lot of folks say they're sick and tired of this. we were the first on the scene, and visitor tell us there were around 50 people inside the washington monument when again the elevator broke down. there were around two pregnant women at the top. and d.c. firefighters carrying them down on stair chairs. we got video of one of them. medics drove her to a hospital. we don't know her condition. this isn't the first time the monument had problems. in june, the elevator lost power on a sunday night. no visitors were inside at the time of the elevator.
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but one visitor on the observation level was carried down on the stairs to the ground level. an electrical issue with the elevator also closed the monument in may. it was closed for a few days then. moments ago, we actually talked to a man who walked all the way down from the top of the monument. >> it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be for as out of shape as we were. but it was great, because we could see all the stones that you couldn't see on a regular tour. so it ended up being great. and a couple of people got stuck up top. >> reporter: now some folks we talked to are applauding d.c. firefighters, because you got to think, they're 400 feet up. they're helping these pregnant women down on these stair chairs, and it's very tedious, because you have each stair to go down. now the monument is lowsed. we don't know if it will be reopened tomorrow. you can go on to our nbc at nbc washington, and you can find out the latest to see if this thing is going to be reopened tomorrow. live here outside the washington monument, i'm shomari stone, news4.
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>> shomari, thanks. right now it's a bit easier to get in and out of our georgetown and arlington tonight. police have just reopened the ski bridge after being forced to shut it down. the entire span for nearly two hours tonight. a person on the bridge was threatening to jump. one of our photographers was there as police pulled that person back over the fence. all lanes on the bridge are now back open. people in southeast d.c. say they're sick and tired of gun violence. many say the community needs to work with police to put a stop to it. tonight the ward 8 community held a peace rally. one of the people there was michelle johnson. her daughter, tanika fontinell in a shooting last week. her 12-year-old son survived. >> i'm having a billion to one. i just -- i'm at a loss for words. this is just sad.
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>> tonight sources tell news4 that mayor muriel bowser plans to ask the d.c. council to give parole officers more power to monitor convicts who are free on probation, and to try to cut down on the violence. right now a metro transit police officer is patrolling the elvins road neighborhood in southwest d.c. and officers will be stationed in the area 24 hours a day. today metro reversed a decision to reroute buses around that area at night because of safety concerns. the mayor and people who use that route expressed outrage over the detour plan. the union that represents metrobus drivers, though, supported it and said metro needs to do more to protect bus drivers and the public. we could learn by the end of this week if anyone will be fired over that metro derailment earlier this month. tomorrow, metro's board will have a closed door meeting according to "the washington post." they'll review the results of an investigation into that derailment. the empty car ran off the rails because the rails were too far
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apart. a problem that had been found a month earlier, but was never fixed. board members are expected to discuss disciplinary action and could make everything public by friday. they're a growing danger to young people experimenting with drugs. synthetic drugs with misleading names. chemicals that are always changing and are always potentially dangerous. tonight, a haymarket, virginia man is accused of operating a million dollars synthetic drug operation out of his home. news4's jackie bensen explains why police caught him in las vegas. >> reporter: prince william county police and u.s. postal inspectors served a search warrant at the haymarket home of 57-year-old john flaherty last tuesday. >> this operation has been ongoing for about five months. initially, it was something small that was looking into basically the money aspect of the narcotics distribution. during that search warrant, we found marijuana. we found marijuana wax.
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we found a handgun. >> reporter: at a self storage unit in fauquier county, a second search warrant turned up 33 pounds of what police called precursor material used in the making of the illegal drug often referred to as k-2 or scooby snacks. >> a street value of about $1.1 million that was a rather large score that we were not expecting. >> reporter: flaherty is accused of using the u.s. postal service to ship the drugs nationwide. >> we had information that they were being distributed throughout the country by mail. >> reporter: officer jonathan says flaherty was arrested in las vegas where he has]61ç a se home and is awaiting extradition back to virginia. an internet search turned up a business using flaherty's haymarket address called ultra wholesale weight control services. a woman who answered the door tonight declined to speak to us. one neighbor who did not want to appear on camera says john flaherty is a quiet man, and no one really knows what he did for a living except it involved
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mailing a lot of packages. in haymarket, jackie bensen, news4. the i-team has been digging to find out more about synthetic drugs, how they're made, where they're coming from, and what is actually in them. they got some answers at a lab where these drugs are actually tested. tune in for that on thursday at news4 at 6:00. to iowa we go tonight for decision 2016 where a popular news anchor was forcibly removed from donald trump's news conference tonight. listen to what the republican presidential front-runner said when univision's jorge ramos tried to ask a question without being called on. >> excuse me, sit down. you weren't called. sit down. sit down. >> no, i'm a -- >> sit down. go ahead. >> have i the right to ask a question. >> no, you don't. you haven't been called. >> have i the right to ask the question. >> go back to univision. >> trump asked security to remove ramos when he tried to ask about trump's immigration policies. a new gallup survey out of hispanic voters shows that trump
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is the most negatively viewed presidential candidate from either party. 65%, nearly 2/3 of those polled had an unfavorable view of trump. power company's pepco and exelon are reviewing their options after their megadeal was rejected. saying the megadeal was not a good deal for rate-payers. it would have created a single dominant energy provider in the midatlantic region. maryland and other states had already approved the deal. but without d.c., it could fall apart. >> we're very disappointed that this is the decision in the district, and it will have a cascade effect for the rest of the maryland, delaware, and up into pennsylvania, new jersey for this exelon deal. >> it did not provide any tangible, meaningful benefit to members. >> they're also disappointed about today's decision. now they have 30 days to appeal.
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well, we told you the ride likely wasn't over. now analysts say the wild swings up on wall street could last several more days. a morning rally that saw the dow gain more than 400 points came crash do you think in the last half hour of trading this afternoon. the dow finishing down 205 points. china's economy still a concern. but now traders seem to be frazzled by the volatility. we will keep telling you what the advice from investors is to sit tight and ride out the bumps. new tonight, firefighters in montgomery county are letting this massive barn fire burn itself out. the hay barn ignited about 7:00 tonight. and with no hydrants in the area a, there was little that firefighters could do. crews will stay through the night to make sure the fire doesn't flare up or spread. it's finally back to school tomorrow for students at thomas stone elementary in mt. ranier after a water main break forced
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prince george's school officials to cancel the first day of class. the main is now fixed and students can report to class tomorrow. it's the only hospital in our city that doesn't have a traffic light and a crosswalk at its entrance. in an area where a lot of people are poor. they don't have cars, and they take public transportation to the hospital. >> i got it. >> would you put one there? >> we're going to look at it. >> after two fatal pedestrian accidents and some tough questions from news4, d.c. mayor muriel bowser now says tonight she hopes to add a stoplight and crosswalk in front of the united medical center. the mayor's office tells us tonight they hope to get it installed on southern avenue by early next year. right now, there is a bus stop across the street, but the closest traffic light and crosswalk about two blocks away. next at 11, a healthy local mom makes a decision for the good of her family. >> i couldn't even handle or even think about my kids growing up without a mom.
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>> why she says that meant having her stomach surgically removed. a hero's return to america. hear from the family of one of the men who stopped a potential massacre in france. seems quiet. but we're talking about a nice stretch followed by a heatwave and the latest on tropical storm erika.
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one of the americans who helped wrestle a gunman to the ground on a french train is back home tonight. college student anthony sadler and his family were flown to oregon on a private jet owned by the ceo of columbia sportswear. he is now back in his hometown of sacramento, california.
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before leaving, sadler, airman spencer stone and national guardsman alex scarlettos all received france's legion of honor award. >> he seemed very humbled, very honored, still processing it. seems maybe a little overwhelm and very ready to be home. >> we also learned that the suspect al kazaniwatched a jihadi video on his cell phone and was armed with a assault rifle, a handgun, a box cutter, and a bottle of gasoline. a 14-year-old boy in west virginia is in police custody tonight after holding classmates and a teacher hostage at gunpoint. police say they got a call about a student with a handgun at a high school in a small town south of morganstown. students were evacuated and taken to the school's football field where buses picked them up and sent them home. after a couple of hours, the students surrender. police tell us the gun never
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went off, and no one was hurt. a new report just released today says black students are much who likely to be suspended or expelled in 13 southern states. university of pennsylvania researchers found u.s. schools suspended more than one million african american students in 2011, more than 55% of those suspensions happened in just 13 states, including virginia. in the commonwealth, black students make up 24% of the student population, but 51% of the students suspended were black. you can take a look at this entire study on the nbc washington app. just search school suspensions. we've reported before on women having their breasts and ovaries removed to prevent cancer, but now some people are opting to have their entire stomach removed. it's because of a newly discovered gene mutation that puts them at a high risk for stomach cancer.
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>> reporter: this is what carrie beach is calling her new normal. >> perfect. >> reporter: all of her meals look like this right now, soft, bland foods like this smoothie. she keeps track of everything she eats in her journal, and she actually has to set an alarm to remind herself when to eat. >> you always feel full. so the only way for my body to tell me that it's time to eat is by a watch. and so that's a new normal. >> reporter: that's because terry doesn't have a stomach anymore. she had it removed. not because she is sick, but to prevent getting cancer. >> i couldn't even handle or even think might be kids growing up without a mom. and so i decided i was going to do it. and i just put my mind to it. and there was no turning back. >> reporter: terry learned that she has a genetic mutation called cdh1. scientists have found that it increases the risk of gastric cancer by more than 80%. it also raises the risk of globular breast cancer, a type
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of disease characterized by web-like tumors in the breast. both of those diseases were common in terry's family. her father was diagnosed with gastric cancer last year. >> it's gene that i had no idea about. and it has now affected my family. >> reporter: terry travelled to memorial sloan-kettering cancer center in new york to see dr. sam yun, a stomach and sarcoma surgeon. that's where she had her stomach removed. surgeons attach herd esophagus directly to her intestine. dr. yun has operated on 31 patients with cdh1. he says at first the surgery seems drastic, but he says the body can adjust. >> your stomach primarily a reservoir for your food so that you can eat three meals a day. it churns up your food a bit. it makes it softer, and it slowly introduces it into the intestine. but it doesn't have that much digestive function. >> reporter: dr. yoon says
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terry's body will adjust over the next 12 months or so. he says he has seen some patients go back to eating close to normal diets. others will struggle the rest of their lives. terry says she is getting better every single day. i totally intend to get back to my normal life. >> your children are going to have to be tested for this gene mutation some day, right? >> that is my true motivator is i wanted my kids to know that if they do have this gene, that hey, listen, it's okay. my mom did it and she was fine. and look at her. if she can do i, i can do it. >> those children won't be tested for quite a few years. and terry beach will also be monitored closely for the globular breast cancer. cdh of 1 is very rare, much less common than the mutation that can increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. >> how proud those kids must be of their mom. >> oh my goodness. a brave woman who is clearly getting a whole lot of family support right now.
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and community support as well. so we couldn't ask for any nicer weather than we had today. >> would you like another one? >> maybe two. >> let's get greedy. >> i got three more of today. that's exactly what we've got out there. your wednesday, thursday, and friday all looking great. but don't push it, door reen. we can only give you three, not a fourth here on saturday. i think the heat does try to return. look down at george washington monument. it is gorgeous outside. 76 degrees at the airport. winds out of the north at 10 miles per hour. but again, that's the airport temperature. always warmer than the surrounding air. 63 in gaithersburg. 66 baltimore. 64 down towards hunting done. now what are we going to be seeing? overnight tonight it's going to be a little cool. but we're not talking any rain. the storm team radar all dry. it's going stay that way. probably need to water the lawn. we've been very draw the last month. a lot of clouds back to the west. what is this? that's a big area of low
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pressure spinning back here towards the great lakes. it's spinning in some cooler air. that's why we'll see some very nice conditions early tomorrow morning. this pattern looks very much like a fall pattern setting up. it will feel a little bit like that during the day tomorrow. now down towards the south. the tropics had been active. we had danny. that's gone now. but still bringing rain towards puerto rico. here is erika. this is the latest on erika as of 11:00. 45-mile-per-hour winds moving to the west at 18 miles per hour. a little disorganized storm. the computer models not handling this storm too well. the latest from the national hurricane center brings it very close to san juan, puerto rico, as a 45 miles per hour tropical storm. not a big deal for them. they need the rain. they've been in a drought situation there. florida has been in a drought too. i do think as this storm moves up towards the bahamas, this is going to bring some rain towards florida. hopefully they do need to see it. and look at this. it does bring it to a category 1. that's the hurricane center. but it's only at 75 miles per hour. some storms well below that. others a little bit above that
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right now it does look like it will would be florida or parts of the southeast. it's something we will be watching here over the next couple days for sure. now low temperatures tonight pretty nice. 55 in winchester. if you live in gaithersburg, 59 for you folks. 57 in frederick. and 66 down towards la plata. waking up tomorrow morning, getting the kids out towards the bus stop, or maybe you're going to be on that bus tomorrow. a cool start tomorrow. this is in the city. tomorrow afternoon simply gorgeous. sunshine, a high temperature of 85. but you know that great weather can't last. it will last through thursday. it will last through friday. saturday, we get back to 91 degrees. i'm going 92 on sunday. and then it looks like we've got a heatwave coming monday, tuesday. and that could even last in towards late next week. some computer models taking us into the upper 90s next wednesday and thursday. >> we'll make the most of the next three days we've got. with a healthy lineup for the first time this season, the nats showing off and putting
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> this is the xfinity sports desk. >> we decided three makes a streak. >> great to see everyone back in this lineup again. so many good things to talk about with the nationals the last few days. but we will start with the lineup. for the first time all season, denard span, jayson werth, escobar, ryan zimmerman, ian desmond, and wilson ramos played in the same game. and let's not forget stephen strasburg. he has been the best pitcher on the staff the last month. welcome back, denard span, his
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60th game of the about. he went 0 for 4 tonight with the walk. but either way, the offense was still pretty good. wilson ramos, he ties this game up wit one swing of the bat this the bottom of the second. a two-run shot there for the buffalo. it's knotted up at two now. strasburg looking good throughout. top of the third, facing matt kemp here. kemp, can't handle the heat there. seven strikeouts, two runs allowed in six innings of work for strasburg. the offense kept going. yunel escobar. rendon, he would slide in safely. that's an rbi double for escobar. the nats are up 3-2. in the sixth inning, the bases are loaded for ryan zimmerman. he keeps the party going here. hammers this 2 to right center. his fifth career grand slam. he gets a curtain call after that. the nats, they get the win, 8-3 is your final. this team has won three in a
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row, and they're trying to keep this going with everyone on this team healthy now in the lineup. orioles have dropped five in a row. taking on the kansas city royals. bottom of the third, mike at the dish. two on, two out. this would bring in a run. and the orioles -- excuse me, the royals, they're up 3-0. let's move on to the fourth inning now. caleb joseph, he is trying to get baltimore back in this game. sends this ball to center. it would drive in steve pearce. would head to second with the double. the birds cut the lead to one. moving on to the top of the ninth now, trying to keep this game going is manny machado. machado at the dish. not much luck here. the o's, they drop their six in a row, first time since september 2013 they have lost six straight games. 3-2 is your final. baltimore, they are now two and a half games back in the wild card race. let's rattle off a few more
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names here. the redskins, they were back at practice today in ashburn. this saturday will see a few faces back on the field in baltimore. ryan kerrigan, jordan zimmermann, jamison crowder, junior gal let and trent williams all expected to play against the ravens. now desean jackson did participate some in degrees today, du chances are he will not see the field this weekend. but always still on robert griffin iii. rg3 fully participated in practice for the second time since leaving the lions game with the concussion. he will meet with doctors on thursday to see if he is clear to play for that ravens game. you can watch that ravens game here on nbc4 this saturday. it's a postgame show. >> a big one. thank you,
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all out of time. but doreen is
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>> steve: from stage 1 in universal studios in hollywood, los angeles california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ellen degeneres, neil young, and featuring the legendary


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