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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 28, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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all that in a minute, but first let's check in with kristin wright and a live update at the newsdesk. >> a student who was shot at a college campus, just last night, has died we have learned. this is new information from what we told you at the top of the show. police swarmed savannah state university in georgia last night. the campus was on lockdown. someone was shooting in the student union. the student who was killed was a junior from atlanta. no word on the shooter at this point. we just know that police are investigating. back to you. >> all right, thank you. let's turn things over to chuck bell now. he's breaking down the hour by hour forecast. >> all right. a beautiful way to get your friday morning started. your weekend just one little old work day away. 54 now out in the panhandle of west virginia. 59d in culpepper. 65 at reagan national. hour by hour through the day. skycast 4, mostly blue skies again for your friday. temperatures upper 50s and low
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60s. near 80 at lunch time. low to mid 80s, plenty of sunshine. just a delightful friday evening coming our way as well. overnight tonight, back down into the mid 60ss for most. then your saturday looks great too. turning warmer and a bit more humid. we'll talk more about that in ten minutes. for now, a check on the roads with melissa. >> good morning. right now, still have this one crash here, this is coffer wood roads. it involves a county vehicle. may take longer to get things investigated and out of the way. inner and outer loop, no problems here. it sounds like -- 66 no problem. 95 no problem. maryland 95 here at powder mill road, we look. the gw parkway, it's now shut
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down until saturday. condolences continue to pour in for a reporter and photographer killed in an on-air ambush. virginia's attorney general says the entire state is thinking about the staff at wdbj in roanoke. mark herring attended a candlelight vigil last night. hundreds of other people also attended that vigil in honor of alison parker and adam ward. meanwhile, we're learning more about the shooting itself. vicki gardner's husband says the suspect, vester flanagan, was standing over his wife prepared to shoot when his gun jammed. flanagan left and gardner managed to get up and managed to walk to the ambulance. next week a memorial service will be held for adam ward. this morning we get a look inside the shooting suspect's apartment. vester flanagan's apartment is less than a mile away from wdbj. and nbc news obtained this video of the inside of that one bedroom unit. investigators say there wasn't a lot of furniture inside. flanagan had a computer without
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a hard drive. his refrigerator was covered with pictures of himself. alison parker's father says colleagues warned her not to rent in that community because it's where flanagan lived. right now, the search is on for a convicted sex offender in our area. james norris, jr., walked off during a home visit yesterday at the state hospital where he lives near landover hills. you're looking at his picture here. he was last seen wearing a black track jacket with white stripes down the sleeve, jeans and new balance sneakers. if you see him, call 911. this morning, three men are recovering from shootings minutes apart from each other. this map shows how close the scenes are. d.c. officers say someone shot two men on alabama avenue near suitland parkway. police were close by on third street with another man also the victim of a shooting. officers are not saying anything about the suspect at this time. today, officers in d.c.'s seventh ward will take direct
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steps to try to stop shootings like those that happened last night. molette green joins us live from police headquarters with more on what you will see this weekend. >> it is all hands on deck. it kicks off this afternoon at 3:00 and runs all the way through the weekend until sunday at 6:00 p.m. you should see a much more visible police presence throughout officers actually out on foot. the whole idea is to engage on one-on-one interaction with residents and police this has made a substantial impact in the past, particularly in ward 7. there is some concern among some residents, we heard protesters interrupt the mayor this week when she laid out her anti-crime plan. they say they want more jobs, not jails. and an increase in recreation center staff. basically, giving young people in the city more options. then the mayor also tried to make clear that officers will
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not just randomly enter homes to search for guns as they try to address this uptick in crime in the city. that is the latest live from headquarters. i'm molette green. back to you. >> thank you. five minutes after 5:00 today. we expect an alexandria judge to sentence a teenager for helping another one join isis. 17-year-old ali shukri amin faces up to 15 years in prison. he's from manassas. he pleaded guilty in june to conspiring to provide support to terrorists and he also was helping another teen to travel to syria. developing story this morning as tropical storm erika takes aim at puerto rico and moves closer to the u.s. main land. florida's emergency operations center is on high alert today as they keep a close eye on the storm. a large supply of water has been sent to west palm beach. the salvation army is part of
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the effort as well. the relief agency says clean water will be in high demand. right now the storm is projected to make it to florida on monday. erika knocked out power and killed four people in the eastern caribbean island of dominica. the storm passed through the area yesterday causing severe flooding and mudslides. the storm also knocked out power and dropped 15 inches of rain there. 20 people are still missing. and are tropical storm erika, the new forecast from the hurricane center, is a little bit more ominous for the sunshine state of florida. with time, as we get towards -- this is monday morning, predawn hours of monday morning, likely to be a tropical storm somewhere over south florida. thereafter, it gets more uncertain. but nonetheless, the new forecast track carries the storm farther to the west which means a lot larger impact on the state of florida as we get into sunday night, monday and tuesday of next week. so if you have plans to travel from the outer banks down into
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florida, stay very apprised of what erika is going to do. back to you. >> chuck, thank you. it has been ten years now since hurricane katrina ravaged new orleans and other parts of the gulf coast. today, former president george w. bush will visit that city that became one of the most divisive parts of his presidency. the former president and wife will visit a charter school that was funded by the laura bush foundation. coming up, nbc's jay gray will have a live report from new orleans on how that city continues to recover a decade later. we should learn the results today of a mental evaluation for a man police say murdered an american university student on a metro train earlier in summer. police say jasper spires stabbed kevin sutherland to death at the noma gallaudet metro station on july 4th. spires attacked a man during a robbery in northwest. spires should be in the courtroom this morning. just in to the live desk, violence erupts overnight in
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india. the mass shooting that killed at least three people and wounded several others. looking live outside this morning, not too bad right now, but your weekend
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a developing story now. tensions have heightened even more between pakistan and india. pakistani troops fired their weapons in kazmir in an area claimed by both countries. three civilians were killed and eight people were hurt. that looks like one of them there. india and pakistan have fought wars over this territory and clarks break out all the time. people are scrambling to get out of this area and taking shelter if they can. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. right now, hawaii's kilauea volcano is active again. look at this chopper video. you can see the hot lava, this started tuesday night.
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so far it's moved more than one half mile and threatening a subdivision of homes. so far, there are no reports of injury or accidents from the lava. 5:12 is our time right now. we want to get you ready for the weekend. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is telling us whether or not this nice weather is going to last. chuck, good morning. >> good morning. everybody's eyes are on the weekend forecast and the weather could not be any more cooperative for your outdoor plans this weekend if you go out camping in the shenandoah valley. generally low to mid 60s along and east of the riff -- of the roadway, rather. oxon hill, maryland, 65 at 7:00 a.m. 81 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon and 79 for this evening. mother nature is turning up the heat a bit. mid 80s today. near 90 tomorrow. mid 90s with humidity coming back on your sunday. seven day forecast coming up in
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ten minutes. metro delays right now. >> two different problems here. so blue line right now, single-tracking between foggy bottom and darlington cemetery. and on the roads, beltway looking quite good. inner and outer loop no issues. top of the beltway, again, no problems there. b.w. parkway, 95, 29, rolling along very nine. 95 at mime road looking good. it was the epicenter of the baltimore protests and in less than two hours it will be no more. what's expected to happen to this cvs. we are standing by for the new details on the surviving panda cub at the national zoo. you can see mei xiang there up early. what we're about to learn later this morning. this morning. your time righ
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this morning. your time righ we snap it. we stack it. we smoosh it. we love it. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate. you're watching "news4 today." >> a lot of faith in our neighbors and a lot of trust in them. and this is a block that really building pretty quickly right now and, you know, we want to be
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always -- we always want to keep open lines of communication with the businesses around here. >> neighbors in petworth may not be aware of the crack down on stores selling synthetic drugs, but the message is clear. they want the stores shut down. one will shut do later this year. the attorney's general is shutting down the store that's notorious for selling synthetic drugs. police found more than 500 packets last october. the property owners of the store on upshur street have worked to evict the tenant. they have until mid november to get out. you can learn more about how loudoun county plans to fight the rise of heroin use. county officials will hold a public meeting to discuss the problem and they want to hear your thoughts. the county announced back in may it will form a regional heroin
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operations team. there's a hotline so people can get help. that meeting takes place at 6:30 tonight at the loudoun county sheriff's office in leesburg. henry kay says he's leaving to pursue a private sector job. kay says he's stayed with the maryland transit admistration to make sure there was a smooth transition after governor larry hogan's election. today is his last day and kay has been an integral part of planning that 16-mile east to west purple line project. the future line would link prince george's and montgomery. we told you earlier this week that hess construction is having a hard time getting the permits it needs to allow administrators to move into the new building. "the free lance-star" reports it was supposed to get a temporary occupancy permit by the end of the day yesterday. but did not. so school officials may push the first day of school from september 8th to 14th.
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they're waiting to see whether or not thischool opens on time. if you haven't, parents, it is time to make sure your children have their immunizations. you have to provide documentation of iunization if your child goes to school in the fairfax county system. starting today, clinics in annandale, mt. vernon and springfield are offering extended hours to make it easier for you. they're open from 7:30 until 3:30 this afternoon. all right. we're taking a live look outside right now. 66 degrees. pretty mild start to your friday. >> we can hang on to this nice weather at least for another couple of days. chuck bell is in the storm team 4 weather center. >> that's right. all the money you're saving on the air conditioning, you can send that directly to me. outside a clear sky over washington. we are going to be enjoying dry weather here for today. tomorrow and on into sunday. next week looks mostly dry as well, but it does depend next week's forecast does, a lot more
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on what erika decides to do. tropical storm erika is still a tropical storm and the new forecast keeps it over land, and as a result, the new forecast does not have erika reaching hurricane strength. that's the good news. also the good news for south florida that's been in a terrible drought, this forecast will bring a tremendous amount of rain into south florida. the rest of florida though is not in a drought and they don't need the rain. so this is problematic for tampa bay, up into parts of north florida. but the new forecast track is farther to the west and brings the center of the storm much more over the land mass area of florida by tuesday of next week. there is still a great deal of uncertainty over where the moisture will go. it looks like the high ridge of moisture may steer most of the moisture with erika away from our area. 59 now, rockville. 57, gaithersburg. 59 in springfield and newington, virginia. runners forecast, cool mornings coming to an end.
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get the miles in this morning. temperatures 60s and 50s and into the 70s by 9:00. area wide highs today in the low to mid 80s. a mix of clouds and sunshine. what to wear today, don't forget your sunblock and sunglasses and dress. ladies only, please. outdoor pool and beach weather. friday night, 82. and 78 by the end of your friday night plans. so seven day forecast then, it's a warming one. mid 80s today. near 90 tomorrow. low 90s on sunday with a lot more humidity. little chance for rain there on your monday. next week looks hot and humid, but we have to wait and see what erika does. over to melissa for a check on the roads. >> 95 southbound there at route 1, if you look on the left side of the screen, we can have this blocked off at this point this morning and right now, just have the left lanes here getting by. so you're seeing a lot of volume headed southbound there at route 1. also metro delays.
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blue lines single-tracking between foggy bottom and cemetery. overall, no problems in prince george's county. looking quite good. 270 northbound and southbound is rolling along nicely as well. going to keep an eye on the new crash on 95 again. southbound there at route 1 in virginia. get a live picture in a couple of minutes. >> melissa, thank you. 5:22 right now and today, we'll find out if the surviving panda cub at the national zoo is a boy or a girl. news4's megan mcgrath at the zoo this morning. what are we going to learn? >> reporter: well, that's right, later on this morning a press conference scheduled for 9:00 a.m. we'll learn the gender of the panda cub. we're also going to learn who the father is. now, let's take a live look at the panda cam here. mei xiang, the mom was up and moving around 40 minutes or so ago. it appears she has gone back to sleep. and this is a live look inside her pen there, inside the zoo. so she's apparently sleeping
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again. now, the press conference, 9:00 this morning. we are expecting to get a lot of new information. including an update on the panda cub's health. that's particularly important considering that the panda's twin, the smaller twin, died earlier this week. zoo officials saying that all appearances are good that the panda cub is vocal, it's active, moving around. now, mei xiang was artificially inseminated. her mate, tian tian is one of the candidates. we're learning information about the panda cub that died, a necropsy was done. we're expecting to learn some more information about what went wrong with the smaller twin cub. all of this scheduled for 9:00 this morning. we'll let you know as soon as we know. back to you all. >> megan mcgrath live for us at the national zoo.
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thanks. well, it was looted, torch and now a baltimore store will be demolished. demolition will start on the cvs at the corner of pennsylvania and north avenues today. that store was set on fire during the riots that followed the death of freddie gray. the store will be completely rebuilt by the end of the year. a jury is deciding the fate of a 19-year-old prep school graduate charged with rape. owen labrie is accused of raping a freshman at the st. paul's prep school in connecticut. he said they never had sex. in closing arguments yesterday, the defense said the accuser lied about the events that night and other things as well. >> he wants you to believe nothing happened in the mechanical room. yet he deleted 119 messages from his facebook account after he spoke with police. >> labrie said he deleted facebook messages including i pulled every trick in the book to have sex with her. new developments right now. the body count is rising in a
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gruesome discovery in vienna. a refrigeration truck was found abandoned on a highway. it was filled with the bodies of mig migrants. it's more like 71 bodies, including four children. three people have been arrested. autopsies are being done to see what happened to these migrants. aaron? >> kristin, thank you. new evidence this morning the former face of subway raised flags way before his recent arrest. a former franchisee said she alerted an executive in charge of the county's advertising in 2008. her lawyer said jared fogle made comments about paying for sex with minors. fogle pleaded guilty to sex with a minor and child pornography charges earlier this week. he could serve up to 12 years behind bars. right now, asian stocks are up this morning, giving u.s. investors hope that wall street will end this week on a high note. yesterday, the dow climbed nearly 370 points.
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we'll find out what we can expect today in a live report coming up in next half hour. money could be getting in the way of another city up a plying to host the 2024 -- applying to host the 2024 olympic games. l.a. says construction costs were significantly underestimated. a preliminary report said it would cost over $1 billion. boston dropped out over money concerns. ten years after catastrophic katrina, is new orleans any better? we're live there as the crescent city marks a milestone. you've made it, the end of a first week of school. we hope it's a good one. but the
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right now at 5:30, we're live from new orleans as the city prepares to mark ten years since hurricane katrina. as well as the humanitarian efforts that followed the storm. class should have started this week for a group of students in prince george's county. so why is this school empty? and check out the current temperatures this morning. 54 degrees out there in some places. 65 here in washington. enjoy them while they last because things are about to change. get ready. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back. chuck bell, how about that change? >> all right, the change begins really later this afternoon into tonight and tomorrow. for now it's another comfy start
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to the day. a lot of folks have had the windows open in the suburbs in the last couple of mornings. that cool morning trend is coming to an end. 50s and low 60s now. sun is up at 6:33 this morning. 7:00 to 8:00, low 60s. and then 8:00 to 9:00, 60s. recess temperatures mid to upper 70s. dismissal time, the most important one of the day, you're done. opened of the day. i wish we had a bell here. other than me. >> we'd hurt each other running out of here. all right. still have a problem here on the roads. 95 south there at route 1. now, again, we had this crash, getting by to the left here morning. we have a one mile backup now building. hoping that's going to get out of the way soon. blue line, single-tracking between foggy bottom and arlington cemetery, orange and silver lime between foggy bottom
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and clarendon. all main routes into and out of town look good with the exception of that situation, 95 southbound. at route 1. travel times in ten minutes. there's a fire and we're stuck and we can't go nowhere, please. we're on the balcony, please. i can't breath. >> they were definitely scared. they were experiencing a lot of smoke and heat up there. >> that is a frantic 911 call for help from three people rescued wednesday night from this apartment fire. this is along 68th place in landover hills. the fire displaced 19 people but no one was seriously hurt. we are marking ten years since hurricane katrina slammed into the gulf coast. today, former president george w. bush will visit new orleans. hurricane katrina and the federal government's response became one of the most conte contentious parts of the bush presidency. jay gray has more on what the former president will see when he visits today. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, aaron. he and former first lady laura
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bush will be here to visit a library that was created from funds as part of a program she initiated as part of her time in the white house. they will also tour some of the reconstructed neighborhoods here and some that are still being built. it's been ten years, but there is still a lot of work left to be done here and that's something that the city that those who live here want to make sure is a focus as they now celebrate ten years of recovery and remember so many that were lost during this storm. believe it or not, in some of the hardest hit areas like new orleans east of the lower ninth ward, still 60,000 homes or more that need to be rebuilt or repaired. add that to the idea that there are families that want to get back to this region and so a lot of people here still very dedicated to the cause of making sure this city gets back to where it was before. in the french quarter, in the central business district, in some of the uptown neighborhoods, everything is as good or some say even better than it was before the levees
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gave way here. they want to make sure every neighborhood has that same opportunity. that's the latest live here in new orleans. back to you, aaron. >> jay gray, thank you. decision 2016 now heads to minneapolis today. presidential candidate hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley and lincoln chafee will be part of the summer meetings today. all will have a chance to speak on their policies in front of the rest of the party. attorney for bob mcdonnell say the former governor of virginia is the victim of high profile political prosecution. they're fighting hard to keep the republican out of prison while the supreme court decides whether it will hear his appeal. earlier this year, a judge sentenced him to two years in prison on 11 federal counts of corruption. happening in the day ahead, frederick, maryland, will swear in the new police chief. edward what are guess took over at the end of july. today's ceremony set for 6:00
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p.m. at hood college, it is open to the public. teachers are scrambling to find new jobs days after they were supposed to start teaching in prince george's county. classes are empty inside the jericho christian academy, a private school that teaches more than a hundred students. pre-k through eighth grade or it did. an alert went out that the acemy would not open this year. >> everyone is scrambling to get another job, but teaching jobs have been filled. >> now, it is the latest in a five-year battle over who is in charge of the jericho city of praise church and everything connected to it. the latest court decision left control of the church with its founder's son. summer vacation is wrapping up for many kids in the area and a lot of you head back to school on monday morning. in maryland, schools in montgomery and charles county will welcome back students and in virginia, it's loudoun and prince william kids who will be heading back to the classrooms. all right, parents, listen up as your kids head back to school on monday, be sure to send us a picture, a tweet or
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post your picture to the instagram page using the #show us your scholars. a brawl breaks out in the courtroom. the devastating loss that pushed a father over the edge. and for a lot of folks it's the last weekend of summer break, so maybe you want to head to the shore. chuck is working on your beach forecast in the next weather and
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there's a scene in the courtroom here. a father makes his feelings clear. this is a sentencing hearing in the 3-year-old daughter's death. he punched his ex-wife's boyfriend. instead of making an impact statement yesterday. this is in detroit. both the boyfriend and the girl's mother will spend more than 14 years behind bars. the 3-year-old died last year from injuries consistent with child abuse. right now, firefighters are getting a handle on the largest wildfire on record in washington state. winds pushed parts of this massive fire back on itself. so far, more than 1,100 square miles have burned. that's an area about twice the size of rhode island. meantime, three firefighters were killed battling the flames last week will be laid to rest on sunday. that means flags at national parks including the washington
5:39 am
monument here in washington will continue to fly at half-staff until sunset that day. 21 before the top of hour now on this friday morning. a look at your forecast for the weekend ahead of us. chuck bell? >> good morning. hello. >> i thought you said something. i thought i cut you off. >> no, i was listening to director so i couldn't hear what you were saying, that's all. a beautiful morning out there. clear skies right now overhead. and it will be a beauty of a friday, everybody. best thing of all, it's friday. no matter what the weather is, it's friday. 55 in gaithersburg. 59 in bull run, maryland. 61 in brandy wine and rosaryville. 68 at the naval academy in annapolis. through your day today, it will be a nice one. up into the low 80s by lunch time. a mix of clouds and sunshine. again, there's your highs about 79, gaithersburg. 84 in fredericksburg. if you're planning on maybe heading on down to the beach this weekend, good weather. today, tomorrow and sunday.
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perfect weather to be down at the beaches. water temperature, 78 degrees. that is really good stuff there. so if you're driving down, be safe, take it easy. see you back here on monday. as it's back to work and school for everybody. now a check of the traffic. >> 95 at route 1, you are getting by on the left side of the roadway. at this point, you might want to add a little bit extra time to your commute the you're headed out -- if you're headed out down 95 southbound. a 1 1/2 mile backup. i hope this gets out of the way soon to kind of not be a pain for everybody this morning. blue line single-tracking between foggy bottom and arlington cemetery. orange and silver line is also single tracks. 270 into town, just fine. top of the beltway, outer loop, no problem at ten minutes you're on time. 66 inbound from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, on time, 11 minutes. 95 southbound is what i'm showing you here, from the
5:41 am
beltway to quantico, taking you twice as long as it should at 30 minutes this morning. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. >> all right, thank you. are you ready for some football? where certain people can watch the redskins practice today. hey, siri, give us a hint. >> i can confirm or deny, i'm not authorized that i can confirm or deny -- >> who is she working for? >> got it? >> got it. the announcement from apple that has people looking
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you're watching "news4 today." >> all hands on deck. but will it help? we are just hours away from more police patrols in the district.
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and it comes amid the recent spike in violence. more on that in minutes. but first, let's check in with chuck and melissa. >> everything is going well back here in the weather and the traffic department so far. a clear sky out there. temperatures in the 50s and 60s now. turning into the upper 70s to low to mid 80s with plenty of sunshine today. how is that friday morning commute? >> sounds good for you, but not so hot for me. 95 southbound at route 1, a 1 1/2 mile backup because of a crash. single-tracking on the blue, orange and silver lines. details coming up. it is 5:45. tonight there will be a vigil for loretta carswell. police say her cousin shot her to death last week and then barricaded himself for more than 24 hours inside a home on 18th and otis streets in northeast washington. his name is roosevelt robinson. he faces first degree murder charges. carswell was 63. and her friends tell news4 she was a metrobus driver who retired two years ago. we should learn the results
5:46 am
today of a mental evaluation for man police say murdered an american university student earlier this summer. police say jasper spires stabbed 24-year-old kevin sutherland to death at the noma gallaudet metro station on july 4th. two days before that, spires attacked a man during a robbery in northwest. spires should be in the courtroom this morning. 5:46 right now. today, d.c. police will take direct steps to try to stop shootings like the ones that happened just last night. news4's molette green is joining us live from police headquarters with more on what you'll see this weekend. molette? >> reporter: aaron, the police chief will activate her signature crime fighting plan at 3:00 this afternoon. it runs 48 hours and it will end on sunday evening. all available police officers and recruits will be called in. you should see it right away, more cops on foot, engaging in one-on-one with the residents of the city. police say this has made a substantial impact from the
5:47 am
numbers they have crunched, particularly even in areas such as ward 7. we heard protesters interrupt the mayor this week, saying they want more jobs and not more jail. they want more recreation opportunities. basically, more options for young people in the city. the mayor also tried to make clear that the officers will not just randomly enter homes to search for guns as they try to address this violent crime throughout the city. so that's the latest live from headquarters. i'm molette green, news4. >> thank you. he was the best person a procedure could have. >> divers found the body of 16-year-old vladimir flores in little hunting creek in fairfax county. flores went missing after fishing with his brother and friends on wednesday evening. and the search began on wednesday night around 8:30 p.m.
5:48 am
flores and his brother and friends were fishing and flores tried to swim to a buoy in the creek while his brother went to get bait. the current was too strong for him. >> every time i think of my brother, it comes to mind -- i blame myself. because i took him to the river. >> flores was about to start his senior year at mt. vernon high school in alexandria. d.c. police have made almost 240 arrests in an effort to crack down on prostitution. seven more men were arrested yesterday for soliciting. this crackdown program started july 14th. police say most of the men arrested are visiting the district from other states. >> you can go to a safe place to complete online transactions. the leesburg police department created a safety zone. it's designed to help you feel comfortable to make the transactions. police are in no way responsible for the quality or authenticity of the items.
5:49 am
check it out for yourself in the front parking lot of the police headquarters. fantasy sports like football and baseball could soon become prohibited by gamblers anonymous. the organization is considering adding a warning about fantasy sports to this book. it's called the combo book and it's what recovering addicts carry to all meetings. the warning would advise members to avoid fantasy sports even when no money is involved. the national council on problem gambling, says the fantasy sports fits the psychological requirements of addiction. >> so many complex psychological factors go into people's gambling behavior, decisions to continue gambling. decisions to keep gambling beyond the point of excess. >> a spokesman for the fantasy sports company says they do not consider their games to be gambling. now, turning to washington football team. members of our military get a chance to watch the redskins practice today.
5:50 am
the team will have a practice at joint base andrews starting at 1:05 this afternoon. after practice, the service members will meet the players. tomorrow, the team will take the field against the baltimore ravens. jason pugh and carolyn maloney will have more on news4 at 6:00. all right. we'll try to find out what kind of weather we'll have for that. especially we want to know what kind of weekend we'll have. we have been talking since monday or tuesday about the weekend. it's here now. >> i believe in focusing on the weekend. first thing monday morning because that's the only way sometimes to get through five long days. beautiful weather has been really the rule around here for the past couple. but oh -- >> say it. >> i know, everybody. those who love to use their air conditioner, i have great news for you in your seven day forecast. for those that have been enjoying the open window weather around here at night, not necessarily the good news forecast for you. right now though, just a few fair weather clouds over washington. temperature not too bad at all.
5:51 am
65 now at reagan national. most of the suburbs are down below 60 degrees. what to expect for today, getting warmer. starting to get a little bit more humid tonight into tomorrow. staying dry again though for the next two or three days. then on into the next week, rain chances are somewhere between slim and none, depending on what tropical storm erika decides to do. latest position here is not too far away from puerto rico. over the next couple of days, as we get into the monday, tuesday, wednesday time frame, carrying a tropical storm erika, all the way, the length of the florida peninsula. that's the latest forecast track from the national hurricane center. the storm could be anywhere inside of this cone though as we get towards early wednesday morning. so it could be into the gulf of mexico or it could be off the florida coast. this is just the most likely place for it. where it goes from there is what matters most to us. big ridge of high pressure building in from the west, which will keep us hot and humid next week. may push most if not all of that moisture out of here. so if you need rain for your
5:52 am
garden, that may not necessarily be a good news forecast for you. dry weather around here for today. future weather over the next couple of days. really just a lot more of the same. 50s now in the shenandoah valley. mid to upper 50s in parts of prince william county. upper 60s near the chesapeake bay. temperatures will climb out of to 50s and 60s today. just a beautiful afternoon coming. maybe you'll spend friday night at the old ballpark. the marlins are in town to take on our nationals. 81 at first pitch time. 75 by last out. if you're headed to the shenandoah valley for this weekend, saturday looks great. sunday a little bit more humid. you'll stay in the 80s in the shenandoah valley this week, but if you're in and around the city, back up to the low 90s sunday afternoon. maybe a little chance for rain monday. hot and humid next week, depending on what erika decides to do. let's see what melissa mollet has decided to talk about. >> i decided to talk about this
5:53 am
problem. our biggest issue of course always here on news4, 95 southbound at route 1. 1 1/2 mile backup because of the crash. right now we are only getting by on the left side of the roadway so it's slow there this morning. hoping that gets out of the way before too much volume really starts to kick up here. blue line, single-tracking between foggy bottom and arlington cemetery and orange and silver line single tracks between foggy bottom and clarendon this morning. slow there as well. brand-new accident, 66 eastbound there at nutley street. that just popped up. then a wide look at the beltway overall everything is looking quite good on the beltway. 295 as you're passing 50 starts to get slow. that of course is totally typical for this time of the day. southbound g.w. parkway, that ramp to key bridge is now closed through saturday. of the supposed to -- it was supposed to reopen later today, but shut down through saturday. take the roosevelt bridge instead. go further south on g.w. parkway to cross the river.
5:54 am
see you in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. 5:53 and police are looking for the person who spray painted swastikas on two speed cameras. leggett is appalled and he called it an act of hate and anti-semitism. the graffiti was gone yesterday. and police found another one in rockville. police say the same person may be responsible for a series of bold robberies in northwest washington. take a look at this video. the robber breaks the front door of a community arts center in columbia heights. and police say he stole donations. officers say someone robbed businesses on 11th street. also on georgia avenue. people who live in the area say they're disappointed. it's sad. because we want to stay in this neighborhood and that's why we're here. >> business owners say they know the area is going through a transformation and they say despite the rash of burglaries
5:55 am
it is safe. a scam to warn you about out of manassas, virginia. someone is calling people claiming to be from the department of treasury and the social security administration. the scammer asks you to call back to quote help him out. don't call him back. no government agency will contact you by phone asking for that type of information. it's been a roller coaster ride on wall street this week and a lot of it has to with overseas markets. when will things start leveling off? landon dowdy is joining us with more on that. good morning. >> hey, there, hopefully we can see that today. the markets could take a breather following the two day massive rally. saw the dow gain nearly a thousand points. stocks surging on positive economic data, as gdp rose more than expected in the second quarter. as well as oil prices which is up 10%. watch for data today on income and spending and consumer
5:56 am
sentiment. mark zuckerberg says facebook passed a milestone as 1 billion people logged on on monday. that's one in seven people worldwide. facebook averaged about 970 million daily active users in the most recent quarter. aaron, back to you. >> thank you. a target in chicago wants to be the first in the country to not only sell alcohol, but to serve it to customers. can you imagine drinking at target? a whole foods in the neighborhood has a wine bar inside. we'll find out if the new target will be able to sell alcohol and serve alcohol when it opens in october. all kinds of crazy stuff in your cart. >> you go in for toilet paper and you come out with everything. >> that happens when you're not drinking. apple may be ready to unveil the next generation phone. find out on september 9 when they hold a show in san
5:57 am
francisco. they have the headline yesterday, ask siri for a hint. i tried already and she just gives these clever little responses, stalling. >> clever. snarky. >> she's told us we have to wait. and i bet you're one of the kids who snuck downstairs to open presents. >> no, she didn't. >> she did. all right, we're following a developing story, playing out in the caribbean as we speak. tropical storm erika plows its way across the region. the damage we're already seeing this morning. plus, when and where the storm could hit the u.s. and a big day ahead for the national zoo. live picture for you right here of -- >> poor mei xiang. >> yeah. >> sometimes you want some privacy. the big reveal planned in the next few hours next on "news4 today" at 6:00.
5:58 am
5:59 am
"news4 today" starts now. >> right now on "news4 today," parts of the caribbean praising for tropical storm erika as the storm leaves its mark on puerto rico. the damage we're seeing this morning. more panda-monium involving the national zoo's newest member. >> they should get her a bigger space to sleep in. and as you step out outside, more pleasant conditions this morning. a live look from national
6:00 am
harbor. meteorologist chuck bell with the changes you will see in the day ahead. >> good morning, aaron and eun and everybody. friday finally here. you made it all the way through the week. 66 now at national airport. 61 in leesburg and lovettsville. 55 in martinsville. temperatures will continue to rise in the mid and upper sises is by 9:00. most of the afternoon today will be in the low to mid 80s. a mix of clouds and sunshine. warmer than yesterday, not too humid yet. the humidity starts to really build back into the area for tomorrow. and your friday night plans, 81 at 7:00. 74 by 11:00. a check on traffic by melissa. >> two mile backup, 95 southbound as you approach route 1. that's because of a crash that's still taking up the right lanes. you only get by there on the left. orange, silver line, blue line, we are no longer single-track g single-tracking. no longer single-tracking. just the residual delays kind of hanging around. 66 inbound at nutley street.


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