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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 30, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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"news4 today" starts now. >> welcome back on this sunday morning. i'm david culver. >> i'm angie goff. so glad you could join us. looks like we have a situation where summer doesn't want to let go. >> i know. amelia segal tracking the heat and humidity. >> you got it. so the humidity is back today. high temperatures once again in the upper 80s. some low 90s in spots. it will be hot as well. right now i'm keeping a close eye on storm team 4 radar looking out your window a lot of
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us noticing plenty of cloud cover. but no rain in any of the clouds. for most of us a completely dry sunday. if you notice clouds right now, i think as we work our way toward lunch time, the early afternoon hours they'll thin out a little bit. but overall, partly sunny. we won't have that full on sunshine like yesterday, but temperatures still warming up nicely. you can see where we're seeing more sunshine versus clouds. areas north of town, hagerstown and winnchester where you're ner 80 degrees. plenty of cloud cover and temperatures held down a little bit. 69 in culpepper and 74 degrees right now in washington. here's how we'll warm up throughout the day today. so once we hit noon low 80s. forecasting the sun to break out in the early afternoon hours and this allows the temperatures to jump up quickly. if you haven't been outside when you step out, it feels like the beach with the humidity in the air. i'm going to have more on the
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school day forecast coming up, david, in ten minutes. >> see you then, thanks, amealia. d.c. police union will announce a vote on cathy lanier. the officers were surveyed for a possible no confidence vote on the chief. the homicide rate is 43% higher this year than the last and today when the vote comes out, we'll send a push note anication. you can get that if you have the nbc washington app. we are working to learn the overall effect of this weekend's all hands on deck program in the district. the program flooded every part of d.c. with extra officers to serve as a visual crime deterrent. the officers also get a chance to interact with the community. now, despite the extra police presence there was more than half a dozen shootings an two men died. and developing this morning, atlanta police investigating how a man fell to his death at a baseball game. police say the man fell from the upper deck at turner field in
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atlanta. looking at video just in to our newsroom. this shows the medics carrying the man away. people saw when it happened and they talked to our affiliate there. >> to my left, he just came down like a thud. on to the concrete steps. >> the workers came and they were mopping up and all that stuff. yeah, but i asked the concession people, they asked what was going on, nobody knew what was going on. they didn't give us no details. >> now the description is tough to hear. this is the latest of safety concerns in baseball stadiums including two where people were struck by baseballs or a bat this year. the victims of this fall is 60 years old. metro in montgomery county is part of a major lawsuit. they're suing the people who designed, built and inspected the silver springs transit center. they're accusing three companies of several failures during the building and inspection of the center. the problems put the center five years behind schedule and cost tens of millions of dollars
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overbudget. the center opens up on september 20th. so a teenager should be okay after he wedged his foot in this escalator. this is at the wheaton metro station. look at the picture right there. that's a sneaker. montgomery county rescue crews were able to pull the 13-year-old out safely yesterday and took him to the hospital. today is the last day of summer break for thousands of students in our area. in maryland, carroll, charles, harford counties they'll welcome students back. we should mention you will see school buses roll out tomorrow in loudoun and prince william counties. the number of d.c. charter schools also begin tomorrow. news4's derrick ward is live in montgomery county where schools open at all new times. hey, derrick. >> reporter: good morning again. yeah, there's going to be some changes in the start time. are these people here to get an early parking space? no, i'll tell you why they here. take a look around here. every weekend is this farmer's
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market. it is immensely popular but the owner or the operator tells me this time of the year they see more business as well, because people are buying healthy things to put in the kids' lunchboxes. keep the minds energized and properly fed. they had a big fair yesterday. we want to get people acquainted with the changes. middle schools and high schools will start 20 minutes later. and the whole day will be expended by ten minutes. that gives you more time for education or sleeping, which is increasingly important for young people. but a big tangible savings here is that this will cost about $1.3 million less and that will off set the cost of hiring some new lunch people that they will need. some lunch aides they will need because of the shifting school days and school times. but it starts tomorrow. a lot of people are getting the jump on things here. you might want to come out here and get something healthful if you don't want to count on the new lunch people.
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there's good things here to get. this lot will be full of students and parking parents and school buses tomorrow about this time. we are live in bethesda. derrick ward, news4. back to you. >> thanks. what better way to get started in the new school year than getting a hair cut. for free. this is out in fairfax county. it's the third year of the back to school free hair cut program. >> yeah. kicks off at 8:30 at the alexandre de paris salon. kids have to be between the ages of 5 and 18 to get the free cut. a real cool program they do there. so the redskins regular station starts in two weeks from today, the countdown is on. and it looks like rg3 won't be calling the plays. the quarterback suffered a possible concussion last week. he was originally cleared to play last night.
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then he wasn't. then kirk cousins led the team to the win. well, now league doctors are saying that rg3 might not start the team's first game. >> we're all as confused as you are. people have to understand this has nothing to do with the redskins. people want to make it out like we're incompetent. this had nothing to do with us. this was totally independent doctor. we followed everything by the book. >> well, the redskins are now 3-0 this preseason. not bad. they face the jaguars at fedex field this thursday night. kirk cousins coming out saying at this point he hasn't been told whether or not he'll start. but he'll prepare. >> a lot of back and forth over rg3. but hopefully he'll get better. >> and cousins did a great job. got the "w." terrifying moments for the surfer after a shark chomps -- look at that. chomps on her board. how she managed to get away unarmed -- unharmed. >> she was unarmed.
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>> that's true. >> you might not be able to see it, but you can feel it. i think angie is starting to feel it, some of the humidity. >> getting to my head. >> how long this is g
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you're watching "news4 today." >> dozens of fish are washing up dead in rio de janeiro. the summer olympics will be held there next and a brazilian environmentalist said raw sewage is killing the fish. it's a problem we told you about before. a study on the water quality finding that deadly high levels of viruses and bacteria are in the water. and los angeles can be the choice for the 2024 olympics this week. the l.a. city council has to approve the plan on tuesday. we told how you boston was the original pick for the game.
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but the city couldn't generate enough support. d.c. and san francisco were also on the short list for the game. they chose l.a. because they would agree to cover cost overruns. and there's a chunk missing from a woman's surfboard. the shark bit the board and attacked the surfer yesterday. she is doing fine. she pushed the board towards the shark before jumping off and swimming away. look at the chunk right there. as angie pointed out, she got out without being armed. she thought it was a dolphin at first. >> yes. a dolphin. can you imagine she's on her board. it's two feet under the water. she sees this little head. thinking it's a dolphin and then sees the teeth. that's not a dolphin. and seven to eight feet is how long -- that's enough. that's enough. going to scare me out of the chair. all right, what will the weather be like tomorrow as kids across the dmv gear up for the
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first day of class? >> yeah. might be a little sticky. might be a little sticky. ameli
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♪ know you can keep your financial big picture under control. might be a little sticky. ameli know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape. thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. ♪ you're watching "news4 today." >> donald trump surging in one of the latest iowa polls released this weekend. creating some distance between himself and other republican presidential hopefuls. >> we have been talking about this for a while now.
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trump is becoming a serious contender for the white house, all the way getting into the heads of the other gop candidates. chuck todd from "meet the press." he's getting under their skin. >> all of the field has responded to him. we put together a montage. you hear the candidates using similar language as trump, talking about the similar issues and now are trying to push back in different ways. but all have altered their strategies. scott walker is my main news maker interview. he himself almost acknowledges that trump is altering certain things that they're doing and certain issues they're talking about. but you brought up a poll. we cannot let this poll go without talking about the other candidate that surged in it. that's ben carson. >> right. >> this is to me -- we're not surprised anymore when trump is in first. what is surprising is who's in second. ben carson, if i look at this poll right now i'd rather be ben carson than donald trump. he has more path to victory in iowa, according to this poll, the way i read it, than donald trump does. >> it is because of the christian conservatives?
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>> absolutely. among christian conservatives which make up a plurality, more iowa caucusgoers will align themselves with the christian conservative wing of the party, trump leads. it was the key to rick santorum. huck ape thought he -- huckabee thought he could do it it again. but the fact that it's ben carson should scare the living daylights out of the other candidates who thought they could be that candidate. that to me is the biggest development in the race this weekend. >> does it say something when we talk about trump that hillary clinton is starting to make comments to him, about how serious he is. >> i think hillary clinton loves him as a foil and democrats in general are trying to do this. trying to make trump the face of the republican party. i think she even used the phrase instead of the party of lincoln, the party of trump. in some ways the way that the candidates are reacting to trump they're sort of helping to reinforce that narrative.
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it's a danger there. look, i think donald trump is the best thing to happen to hillary clinton for this important reason. if trump wasn't around, we'd be on hillary clinton's struggles, here is massive front-runner who is only leading a socialist from vermont who is 73 years old by seven points in new hampshire. we'd if saying oh, you know, brooklyn we have a problem. right now trump's image or he does to all of us is eclipsing even that hillary story. >> talking politics and talking numbers. you have a different look and somewhat of an uncomfortable look at hurricane katrina as we mark the ten year anniversary. >> i read malcolm gladwell, outliers tipping point author, that many have been given the book for the holidays and possibly read it, he looks at the data of new orleans. there's an uncomfortable conclusion here.
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did you have to burn the village down to save the village? did katrina finally force the changes that were necessary that new orleans needed to do to save new orleans? it's a provocative take he has. melissa perry disagrees with it as well, but it's a good conversation. >> fireworks probably. >> not fireworks. >> a good conversation? >> two very intelligent people with two different takes. but an important conversation. >> all right. >> we'll hear that. in about ten minutes from now. >> 11 minutes. >> 11 minutes. >> that's right. >> don't miss it. >> chuck is on "meet the press," 10:30 right here after "news4 today." thank you, chuck. well, i want to talk about the weather and we're mixing it up with some sun and clouds today. >> i think we'll have more cloud cover than sun out there. all depends on where you are. i know up in frederick, plenty of sunshine in the district. looking at plenty of clouds and
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i think here in washington, the clouds will thin over the next few hours into the afternoon. that will allow the temperatures to soar quite quickly. low 90s across the area. the humidity is here and it will be here throughout the week. it will be -- there will be plenty of clouds around and some storm chances on the seven day, but no widespread soaking rain. so right now, the temperature is 74 degrees. showing you dew points, this is about humidity. we'll be right around 65 throughout the day today. right now, mostly cloudy in the district. so today through tuesday, your humidity forecast, feeling sticky outside. wednesday and thursday, the dew point temperatures increase so it will feel oppressive. as we look to next saturday, the dew points drop. feels sticky outside. for labor day weekend, at least saturday is looking dry.
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89 in manassas. 88 in annapolis. maybe a late day thunderstorm over the mountains, well west of town. tomorrow, throughout the day. we're looking at mostly and partly cloudy skies. there's the chance of a shower tomorrow. have the small umbrella handy. a chance at any time during the day. most if not all of the day is looking dry. 4:00 is when we'll hit the high temperature of 89. 6:00 a.m., it's picking up rain in northern virginia as we work through the rest of the morning hours. bringing showers into maryland as well. by noon, plenty of cloudiness once we get into the afternoon hours, the clouds start to thin. we can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm and notice at 9:00, we are dry across the area. mainly clear skies at that point. here's the latest on radar. looking at dry conditions right now. a high temperature on tuesday in the low 90s. going to be hazy, hot and humid for tuesday.
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there's a chance of some late day showers and thunderstorms mainly from the heat and humidity and a weak front trying to push through. thursday, the chance of showers and storms. high of 92. friday and saturday, temps start to the tumble. but the mugginess sticks around. >> that's all right. we're running ten degrees above average at points this week. >> wow. much more to come here on "news4 today." >> that's right. keep it here for press pass this morning, right after "meet the press." in depth conversations with some of the biggest
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health news as thousands get ready to go back to school. a newly released report saying the nutritious options are up dramatically since higher government standards became mandatory in 2012. keep in mind that study -- the study touting the success came from the feds, the cdc. it says that most schools have multiple vegetable and fruit options at every meal, but what the report did not say is whether or not the children actually ate the more nutritious options. right now, we're looking at 10:5. 4 things to know today. it's back to school for a number of schools in dmv. they'll welcome the students in the classroom and see the school buses rolling out in louden and
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prince william's county. and suing the people who designed, built and inspected the silver spring center. it is opening next month, years behind schedule. today the d.c. police union will announce the results of a possible no confidence vote on chief cathy lanier. once the results are out we'll send a notification to your phone using the nbc washington app. and d.c.'s all hands on deck weekend, now over. we're working to learn the overall effect of the officers patrolling the streets. despite their presence, there were more than half a dozen shootings and we know two men died in those shootings. we're looking at muggy and mild weather. >> yeah, so for today we're looking at mostly to partly cloudy skies throughout the day. it's humid today. humid through next weekend. tomorrow, the weather cooperating. can't rule out a nuisance shower an isolated thunderstorm. for most, mild and dry at the bus stop. and recess, nice.
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tomorrow a high around 90, tuesday, hazy hot and humid, and some thunderstorms possible on wednesday and thursday. highs in the low to mid 90s. next weekend, labor day weekend, looking dry, mid 80s. >> already talking labor day. people going back to school tomorrow. nbc washington or our app is your one stop shop for everything you need to know. don't forget to snap a photo of your kids at the bus stop. >> "meet the press" right after this with chu
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this sunday, the trump effect. when donald trump talks -- >> make america great again. >> -- the rest of the republican field listens. >> with your help, we can make this country great again. >> how donald trump is setting the agenda for the gop campaign. also, hillary fights back. >> i'm not running for my husband's third term and i'm not running for president obama's third term. i'm running for my first term. >> hillary clinton letting joe biden know just how tough it will be for the vice president to jump in. >> the latest polls out of iowa. where things stand this morning will surprise you. where have you gone, scott walker? expected to be a front-runner at this point. he's been lagging in the polls. can he make a comeback? scott walker joins me.


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