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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  September 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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winds, did have several trees and tree limbs reported down around mint hill road, nextville, so right now, just left with a few showers around alexandria, springfield, doing a little better, a report there, a little ding, so, a new warning just issued in areas of west virginia. meanwhile, you can see on our road impact forecast here for the evening, i think the weather will continue to have a moderate impact on area roads overnight, not quite as heavy and by early saturday morning, dry for most. we have got a lot more coming up on the possibility of some more showers and even a storm or two for your evening in just a few minutes. [ beeping ] now to big new developments in the killing of a loudoun county teenager on his way to the bus stop. >> we have team coverage. we just learned the boy's name and we also spoke with his family. this is where the shooting took place this morning. it woke up neighbors, led to several schools being on lockdown. this is in sterling. let's start with northern virginia bureau chief, jewely
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carey, at the scene this evening. >> reporter: just spoke to the victim's family. their townhouse down the block, just steps away from the victim shot this morning on the way to the bus stop, too distraught to speak to me on camera but did share this photo of the young man who came to this country from el salvador a year and a half ago to live with his aunt, uncle and cousins in sterling. now, a dream of a new life in this country ended by gunfire. [ no audio ] let me tell you a little bit -- let me tell you a little bit about what happened this morning. it was just across the street there on east cornell and north view street the 17-year-old man was walking to the bus, his backpack on, cell phone in his
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hand, when gunfire rang out. it was about 8:30 this morning. witnesses say they saw three young men flee the scene on foot, all wearing hoodies. police swept into the area, put the schools nearby on lockdown and spent hours and hours today combing the scene for evidence, going door to door and talking to neighbors here. initially, they said that the public should be on alert because these three young men who shot danny sendano were still at large. later this afternoon, they reclassify it had to say there was no public danger. let's take a look at the scene out here today. this backpack marks the spot were the 17-year-old victim fell after he was shot multiple times. the park view high school soft more was headed to the nearby bus stop when he was hit. >> just sleeping about that time and i just heard like around three shots. my husband just went to his car and grabbed some stuff, then he it was a young man, young man just shot right there by the office. >> reporter: the victim was
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rushed to the hospital but died from his wounds. witnesses tell investigators that three suspects fled on footwearing hood dis. park view high school was locked down and several other schools nearby were placed on lockout status, meaning no one could enter. this mom grew fearful after she dropped her son off at school and found police cars racing into her neighborhood. >> terrifying. it's very terrifying. i mean, i don't even know what to think, it scares me, having a child, in this day and able. >> reporter: state police joined dozens of loudoun county deputies and detectives going door to door and searching for evidence. near the victim's backpack, a cell phone was also recovered. investigators also looking for a motive. is there a -- is there a sense that this was gang related? >> that, we are looking that the possibility, we are looking at many possibilities. >> reporter: but again, that is one of many motives they are looking at. coming up on news4 at 6:00, i talked to one of danny's good friends and you will hear from a student who was on that bus this
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morning when the gunfire began. now, we turn to my colleague, chris gordon, over at park view high school. >> reporter: this school was on lockdown all day the dismissal was on time at 3:45 this afternoon, 1423 students were here. there were two units from the sheriff's department and that was for security, but also, investigators came here today to talk to certain students to investigate this murder. and also because two rival gangs have members here. and they are, as you just reported, looking into its possibility that the motive nor murder may be gang related. now, they also checked absentee lists to see what students were not here, who was presents. as the students let out, we talked to some of them, along with parents, who expressed their shock and concern about the shooting here today and we will hear from some of them
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ahead on news4 at 5:30. reporting live from park view high school, chris gordon, news4. a 19-year-old man is dead after his motorcycle collided with a car in montgomery county. chopper4 up over the scene earlier this afternoon in the aspen hill area. police say jarrett herman was driving down norbeck road when his bike crashed into a car, making a left from westbury road. the driver of the car was not hurt. investigators still working to figure out what led up to that deadly collision. the death of a 5-month-old who couldn't get an ambulance highlights a growing problem in our region. news4 was first to report that emergency crews in the district had to put that baby in a fire truck because the closest ambulance was seven miles away. mark segraves broke the story, he joins us now with one of the biggest issues this is leading to the regional ambulance shortage. mark? >> reporter: that's right. and while yesterday's incident remains under investigation, there's no indication that the lack of an ambulance actually
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contributed to that child's death, but it does highlight the growing shortage of ambulances in the district and what we have learned now the district has been relying on fire departments from outside of the d.c. area to run calls inside d.c. on a daily basis. >> the frustration is the 911 abuse, numerous, numerous phone calls 24/7 for really non-emergency medical problems. ands's taxing our system and then ben off true emergency, such as we did yesterday, there's no units available. >> reporter: district officials said the number of 911 calls for medical emergencies is at an all-time high and that it's a burden on the fire department. now, those calls are also becoming a burden for surrounding yours is dicks. when d.c. finds itself short-handed, they ask neighboring fire departments to send help. from august 1st through september 3rd, the district asked the prince george's fire
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department for help 58 time, 55 of those requests were for ambulances. just the first two days of september there were 14 requests for ambulances from prince george's county. >> that's a lot. and that's lot to ask for our neighbors to back us up. >> reporter: officials are pointing to the types of 911 calls that are burdening the system, calls for symptoms like headaches and toothaches are tying up firefighters and ambulances. >> i thank you is always going to happen so we as a city have to respond to that in a way that makes sense. >> reporter: council member says the answer is more ambulances. firefighters say the answer isn't that simple. >> you have to have a public education campaign. you have to get department health involved. you have to really explore if there's any alternative means of transport tachlgs you have to explored if there's any possibility for neighborhood klink that might nail gap. >> reporter: now, i just spoke to the administrator for the district and why he acknowledged 911 abuse is a big problem, he
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also said there is another problem, they don't have as many ambulances on the streets as the public was led to believe. and that's because the fleet is deteriorating. at 6:00, you will hear from the city administrator and we will tell you just how many ambulances there are on the streets. barbara, back to you. all right, thank you. only on news4 tonight, a supervisor inside a major federal government agency admits being a boot lettering, selling more than 1,000 pirated movies and dvds inside agency offices and he says his colleagues were his climb kbrents. the i team's scott macfarlane tracks down the man who says he ran the enter prize. scott? >> reporter: barbara, he was a supervisor at the u.s. department of labor in d.c., a 40-year veteran of the agency, and yes, he ran a bootlegging operation inside the offic this is ricardo taylor. taylors a admitted being a bootlegger, produce and selling more than 1200 pirated dvds on the job.
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inside the labor department's office of workers' compensation, run out of agency headquarters just north of the capitol. $19,000 worth of merchandise and prosz cuters said he used the labor department e-mail system do some we were wondering who is buying all those dvds? >> co-workers, friends and co-workers. >> people inside the building? >> yes. >> reporter: taylor did so during business hours, according to court records answered kept a log of his customers. he retired from the agency because of this investigation into this crime, the i-team has learned but pleaded guilty to copyright infringement and serve two years probation. a federal judge called the crime brazen and greedy. the labor department and internal investigators declined multiple questions for comment about the case and who else was involved a government watchdog. how did this happen inside an agency building and involve agency workers, the labor department should provide details. the lack of transparency by the inspector general and all investigators is shameful and this may actually embolden other
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employees to break the law. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 6:00, how did taylor make all those dvds and tell sele them on the job what happened does he have to say to his former colleagues now that he pleaded guilty? that is at 6:00. intrurder in the lion's depp. an exclusive look at the moment someone jumped the fence at the national zoo and what's being done about it now. fairfax county public schools considering it to be one of their biggest successes on the field. nothing to do with championships or title, all about making the game safer for player. game safer for player. coming up, we will break down
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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all week, howard university students have been lighting up social media with th the #takebackhu, voicing concerns about a wide range of issues from financial aid to mold and rode dmepts their dorms much the school issued a statement saying it is aware of the concerns and taking actions to address them. but tonight, the protests continue. students and alumni claim the administration is not responding to their concerns so we sent news4's strays wilkens to howard to find out what is going on and she is live tonight with what students and the school have to say. >> reporter: this is the first
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time we have actually heard from spokesmen from howard university speaking on camera about what has been an ongoing issue with students complaining about the conditions that they are living in and how things are unfolding this semester. we want better communication. >> reporter: there are too many problems to name, but they center around issues with financial aid, housing and just poor administration. some students say they are now fed up with howard university and they are planning sit-ins and have created the hashtag, take back hu. >> take back hu, the entire movesome about bettering our university. >> reporter: posted on twitter today from students claiming a history professor quit, saying he would not teach until the university paid him. >> we are trying to take advantage of the momentum that the twitter campaign has gained. >> reporter: inside financial aid building there are post-its from students writing grievances with the university. last night, some students met with the administration. >> we were able to air our list
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of grief grievances and proposed solutions and the administration communicated with us in terms of a lot of their financial constraints. >> reporter: after our own unreturned calls and e-mails from the university's communications staff requesting an interview, we tried interview this student and his mother on campus. >> we want people to be in place to assist him and help hem hymn when we get there. priva p >> private property. >> okay. >> reporter: after the discussions with security and vice president of communications, he agreed to group date us on how the administration is responding to the students' demands. >> we are meeting with students right now to ensure that they are talking to people who can facilitate answers to their questions and that will be ongoing not only for the rest of the day but through next week. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 6:00, while both sides are having conversations, we will explain to you why thesements may not see the resolution they are looking for any time soon.
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reporting live in northwest, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you-all in the studio. as hundreds of fairfax county football players gear up for tonight's first game of the season, their coaches are already celebrating a big win. our northern virginia bureau reporter, david culver, shows us the numbers just released that point to a safer game. >> reporter: high school football season is back. with it, hit after hit, coaches and parents know the possibility of injuries ever present. >> no matter what helmet you have, it is not concussion-proof no matter what shoulder pads you have, they are not injury proof. >> reporter: the past two years, high school football coach and every other county football program focused on keeping heads up, a new coaching strategy. again? maybe a departure from, you know, old-school football, just going to strap guys up and slam head into each other. that is not productive practice. >> reporter: two years ago, we first showed you the program in
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early stages. fairfax county, the first in the nice adopt it entirely, as players told us then, it's about properly fitted pads and using techniques that protect their heads. >> working on form, breaking down, keeping your head up, chest out, and it was really helpful to start the season, to get the form down. >> reporter: new numbers snow is having a positive impact, the number of concussions down between 28 and 36%. total injuries, down 16%. >> our hope is we continue that trend. we want to see this sustainable. we want to see continue to reduce overall injuries, continue to reduce concussions. >> reporter: coach haddock sees a safer and stronger game. we have had fewer concussion bus also missed fewer tackles, so as football coach, those are two results that are paramou for us. >> reporter: the successes here on the football field so great that the athletic departments here have decided to expand that well beyond football. coming up at 6:00, we will show you the other sports that will soon be using similar safety
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techniques. in centreville, david culver, news4. i'm dave johnson with the redskins preseason over and final cuts being made, the rg3 watch has certainly intensified. we begin robert griffin iii's health. today, the now-relegated redskins quarterback was scheduled for another concussion test. the redskins now, they cannot cut or trade grinch until he is medically cleared. final roster cuts are due in less than 24 hours, by 4:00 tomorrow. so, questions. is the team ready to part with rg3 yet? if he is cut now, he will still make $3.2 million that's guaranteed for this year. so, there's an argument to keep him, he gets paid either way. if he is on the roster next season, redskins are on the hook force 16 million. we have got more coming up at 6:00. military officials say they are casting a wide net but it could be weeks or even months
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before we learn what killed a virginia-based marine during a training exercise. staff sergeant jonathan lewis was on a helicopter when it made a hard landing on wednesday night. lewis is from warrenton and in fauquier county. the marines say he had been part of an anti-terrorism fleet security team based in yorktown in the norfolk area. 11 other marines were hurt during that accident at camp lejeune. we are told the team was training to rappel from the future. >> we owe the family a thorough and comprehensive investigation and owe it to all the marines and families involved in this mishap. >> among the injured, two remain in the hospital. the rest have been leased. police know hot driver is but still no charges this evening in a deadly the and run. a truck hit and killed debra bogart yesterday. we are told it had just come from a nearby construction site. this is on braddock road and commonwealth avenue in
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alexandria. the driver didn't stop. investigators trying to piece together what happened the homes before that collision. the drone scare at the u.s. open and a teacher lancer serious lesson about safety. and a deadly derailment. we are going to check in with one survivor who explains how one commute changed his life.
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lots of gray sky, still muggy and sticky. cooling from the thunderstorms earlier, now, just showers moving through, any storms on our northern, bern and southwestern fringe areas, trying to impact the forecast, could be a storm or two dropping still after the 7:00. really, i don't think we are going to see any severe storms, be around 80 until the mid-70s late by 10 to 11 p.m. keep the umbrella handy, nonetheless, the radar, you can see across areas of northeastern maryland, down through south we were virginia, still some storm there is and we with warning in mineral county, west virginia, until 5:45. the beltway looking a lot better, some showers around 395 west springfield, the storms dying out now around culpepper, around lore ray, that one warning out now for mineral looks like they may have dropped it, those storms headed toward
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mount storm. so going to be a little wet, but our chances of any wet weather really drops after 10 to 11 p.m. so, in terms of storms, i think we will be faring much better as we move into the evening hours. uncomfortable conditions for sure today, to pleasant for saturday and sunday and monday, looking pretty good and feeling nice for labor day itself. in terms of the weak though, next week, going to see those temperatures rise again, another little miniheat wave. what you can expect at the ballpark. let's go to chief meteorologist doug kammerer. he is at nats park right now with backyard weather. hey, doug. >> good backyard weather this year, a lot of fun all across the area. today, we are at the nats backyard, across from the bullpen, a beautiful evening, saw a lot of heat earlier, high temperatures low 90s, those storms develop, the clouds came in with those clouds, really turned into a very nice night, starting to fill up in the bullpen. i ran into a good friend, a new
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friend of mine this is renee, and renee, you came over and you said your mom batches every day. yes, she does. every day, 5, 4, 6, 7, all the channels, they come on. >> you wanted to say hello to your mother. >> hi, mommy. hi, shelia. shelia, rate? >> yes. hi, shelia. i know you are watching at home right now. i wanted to say hi. give shelia the forecast, she has a lot to do this weekend. looking good for renee, going into the game in a little bit, she says this is her fifth or sixth game this year she has come to coming to see the braves play. 85 degrees at 7:05 tonight, a little bit on the warm side, but not bad 80 degrees in the seventh inc. we can't rule out a shower but we do think the game looks good right now, very good news, a nice night for the ballgames, you make your way out. next couple of days, 84 on your saturday, 86 on sunday, 89 on monday, vj mentioned that heat wave coming up tuesday, wednesday, thursday, temperatures in the mid to potentially upper 90s, does look
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like the heat will come back, a very, very warm start to the month of september, looks like the warmth is going to continue. met some other new friends. she is getting married tomorrow. [ applause ] she is getting married tomorrow. we are going to introduce to you her and the rest of the family, i don't know who else is here with her, coming up in a few minutes. don't do it renee! renee! we are following a developing story, a teenager shot and killed and schools let out with fierce and rumors spreading. more team coverage coming up from sterling. the hillary clinton one on one. what she has to say about the e-mail controversy. millions of you may not mind hitting the radioed this labor day. you are watching news 4 at 5:00.
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without the internet i would probably be like a c student. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost high speed internet into the homes of hundreds of thousands of low-income families. it lets students do homework and study at home. so far more than two million people across america have benefitted. internet essentials is going to transform the lives of families. i see myself as maybe an entrepreneur. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide.
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now at 5:00, two big story, someonuped in the lion's depp at the zoo and started scaling the wall. chris gordon is live in sterling with the latest on that dead slighting of a teenager there. chris? >> reporter: we are about to share with you what we saw here at park view high school today. officers from the louden county sheriff's department, some were here for security and others were investigators probing the murder of the student who was on his way here. park view high school was on
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lockdown all day long. kept the kids in their first period class for most of the day. we'd staggered lunch shift, we let them out, of course, bathroom breaks, things like that. we facilitated the sheriff's office investigation any way we could because they are our partners in community f they needed to see somebody, we brought them down so they were sure to get what they needed. >> reporter: some parents came early to pick up their children but they were turn aid watch they didn't have much information. >> i heard a kid died, got shot this morning. other that that, no. >> reporter: as a parent, what's your reaction? >> scary. very scary. >> reporter: park view led out at 3:45 this afternoon, the normal dismissal time. students and parents sharing their feelings at the end of a tough day. >> i'm surprised, shocked it actually happened, especially in this area, i wouldn't think some of that would happen. do you know the student? do people in the school know who got shot? >> yes, people in the school know. but i don't -- i don't personally know him. >> i can't tell you how teary i
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got when i heard the poor team boy had died. >> reporter: ahead, you will hear from the president of the student council. she tells us how the students coped under the lockdown. in a blackout situation, they weren't told much. rumors spread and lit up social media. i will have that part of the story coming up on news 4 at 6:00 tonight. we are reporting live tonight from park view high school in sterling, virginia, chris gordon, news4. thank you, chris. breaking news a man is in custody tonight, charged in connection to two sex assaults near metro stations in the district. officers arrested julian banks today. he is accused of attacking two women as they walked home from the fort tottenham and brookline metro stations. police say banks is behind three separate robberies, all of them happened in northeast d.c. just a short distance from the fort totten station. two men have been indicted in the district's largest
5:32 pm
synthetic drug bust. they are both originally from ethiopia and they are accused of storing more than 265 pounds of bizarro inside a storage facility in northwest d.c. that is more than $2 million worth of drugs, which police believe were destined for our city streets. both men are being held without bond and they face up to 20 years in prison. a former d.c. teacher charged with child sex abuse learned his sentence today, two and a half years in prison. giovanni pena taught at the oyster adams bilingual school in northwest. he admitted he sexually abused a fourth grader who was his student during the 2013 school year. prosecutors say pena also sent new pictures to the student in addition to the jail time, pena will be on probation for ten years and must be registered as a sex offender. a big blow to president obama's effort to keep the senate from voting to disapprove the nuclear deal with iran. maryland senator ben cardin, the
5:33 pm
top democrat on the foreign relations committee, wrote in the "washington post" today that he opposes the deal. president obama has enough democratic support to uphold a presidential veto if the disapproval resolution should pass, but so far, he does not appear to have enough support to keep that vote from actually taking place. we have an nbc news exclusive. andrea mitchell sat down with hillary clinton. the presidential candidate says she is sorry she decided to use that private e-mail serve when she was secretary of state but clinten did stop short of an overall apology. >> first of all, are you sorry? do you want to apologize to the american people for the choice you made? >> well, it wasn't the best choice and i certainly have stayed this. i will continue to say that, as i've also said many times, it was allowed and it was fully aboveboard. at the end of the day, i am sorry that this has been confusing to people and has raised a lot of questions but
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there are answers to all these questions and i will continue to provide those answers. >> andrea mitchell will be joining us at the top of our next hour, 6:00, to talk about this exclusive interview. she also reports on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt tonight at 7:00 right after news4 at 6:00. right now, new york city science teacher is in police custody. she is accused of crashing a drone into the stands during the u.s. open tennis tournament. nbc's sheldon dutes reports. >> early conjecture seems to be a drone landed in the stadium seats. >> reporter: a doan that crashed into these seats at the u.s. open was allegedly operated by new york city school teacher. last night's second round match between flavia pin net ta and nadia nick ka less ski was interrupted after a drone flew over the court and into the section of empty seats. >> seems as if that fell from somewhere. a bit of a distraction for pin net ta. >> reporter: a shaken pin net ta telling the associated press, with everything going on in the world, i thought, okay, it's
5:35 pm
over, that's how things happen. no one got hurt, but police and stadium security stopped the match to inspect the device. overnight, they arrested 26-year-old daniel verly, an employee of the deo. he is facing charges of reckless endang endangerment, and operating a drone outside of the prescribed area. >> this is not the first time this has happened to pin net ta. one year ago today, new york city police arrested another man for the exact same thing during her match against serena williams. back-to-school drama. the prince george's county school system has a new response to the recent problems with school bus drivers dropping off students in the wrong neighborhoods. find out what they have to say. it's next. a local priva
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right now, four prince george's county police officers are being called heroes, but they are so humbled, they said this they were just doing their job when they put their lives on the line to save a man. let's take a look at this video. it is dramatic dash cam video the four prince george's county officers were on patrol around midnight early this morning on lakewood street in suitland them saw this car on fire, fully
5:39 pm
engulfed in flames and smoke, burning the driver. the officers jumped out of their cruisers and ran out to rescue the map. officer nicholas clayton used a baton pry open the door, broke the window. a firefighter helped them pull the man out. he was on fire, but medics rushed him to a hospital and right now he is in critical condition. police are investigating what caused the crash. again, this man is expected to survive, thanks to these four heroic prince george's county police officers. live in prince george's county police head quarters, i'm shomari stone, news4. new at 5:00, a apology coming from prince george's county schools after a furious mother tol news4 that a bus driver let her two sons off in the wrong neighborhood. it happened earlier this week. the school district admits it did get this one wrong. the 5-year-old and his second grade brother both attend barack obama elementary school in upper marlboro. on tuesday night, the 7-year-old boarded the wrong bus, leaving his 5-year-old brother who is in kindergarten all alone. the older brother was let off miles away from home.
5:40 pm
the younger one was allowed to get off the bus alone, and that is a violation of school policy. st. al been a's school in northwest washington is dealing with a cases of mrsa. a note went out to parents this week, two of the school's football players have skin infections caused by that superbug. there's a high risk of mrsa in crowded places and during activities such as athletics. the school says the skin checks are being done on all the football players. meanwhile, you should know, mrsa is a bacterial infection, typically harder to treat than other staff infections because it's resistant to anti-bacterial drugs. most mrsa infections are on the skin but some instances, the bacteria can cause life threatening bloodstream infections and even new mony kbra. a new study shows 120 new cases of hiv did not happen. they were prevented because of the district's needle exchange program n that program, individuals bring in their used needles for clean ones, no
5:41 pm
questions asked. the study also estimates that preventing these cases save taxpayers $44 million in treatment costs. critics say the program encourages illicit behavior, but the study's managers disagree. >> for those who were interested in drug treatment, it can provide referrals and sometimes directly take people to drug treatment facilities if there are slots open so when people are ready to quit their addiction, they have that immediate access to drug treatment. the program also offers referrals for hiv testing ander is was patients in maryland and northern virginia as the next closest program is in baltimore. it may be one of the busiest intersections in the city, so, we took a look at why it's so dangerous for pedestrians. i'm darcy spencer at the national zoo, where a man was able to get inside enclosure of the lion's den earlier this week. so, what was this guy doing? i will have the story coming up. news4 at 5:00. severe thunderstorm barning
5:42 pm
continues for mineral and hampshire county, west virginia, until 6 p.m. are we done with the storms and what about the rain before labor day weekend? day weekend? we will have that foreca what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections.
5:43 pm
and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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here's what we are working on at 5:00, watching the weather
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conditions, as storms pop up around our region. a survivor of the deadly amtrak derailment has a long road to recovery. and this could be a record breaking long weekend for travelers. an image first obtained by news4 of a bizarre incident at the national zoo. a man hanging over a fence of a lion's den. tonight, he has not been charged with any crime, but we learned it caused quite a scramble. news4's darcy spencer is live at the zoo with the images that you will see only on 4 and new reaction from the visitors today. darcy? >> reporter: barbara, probably like most people, i saw the photo, i was like, why would anyone want to jump into the lion's den? i got ahold of the police report today from d.c. police that clearly states this gentleman was having a mental health problem. he apparently kept saying he just wanted to get a closer look at the lions. this photo obtained by news4 showed the man after he climbed over the protective fence of the
5:46 pm
lion's depp and was scaling a wall. fortunately, authorities were able to get him out of there before he could be attacked there is a moat separating the public from the lie kbrins. >> find a way one way or another. that's their mission and they want to accomplish it they are going to do it one way or another. >> reporter: we are not showing the man's face because he was not charged with a crime. he was taken into custody by zoo police then involuntarily taken for a psychiatric evaluation a d.c. police report says the man later stated that hears voices in his head telling him to hurt himself. do you think any additional precautions are needed? >> there's been people need to use common sense. these are wild animals. they are not, you know, they are not pets. >> reporter: it happened 4:30 in the afternoon wednesday when the park was crowded with visitors, just like today. zoo visitors we spoke to pretty much all had the same reaction. >> hard to stop somebody who's got that in their mind, who is going to do it, but generally,
5:47 pm
people who know that they should stay away from the animals, know she should stay behind the fences respect going to be attacked. >> reporter: i was able to speak to a spokesperson for the national zoo a couple times by phone today. of course, skied what, if nick, is being done to stop this from happening again? i will have their answer coming up news 4 at 6:00, back to you. a local photographer captured something lovely unfolding, we head into fall, we wanted to show you, annie olden of lovets vilville caught a caterpillar this weekend. the video on her photography page has more than 900,000 views. wow. ined verible. she said she planted milk weed in her backyard to tract monarchs. an our nbc washington facebook page now, you will find another one of her videos showing a different caterpillar emerging as a butterfly, you know? >> sheltered, didn't get washed away, the rain we had.
5:48 pm
>> really, been bad thought in parts? >> it was earlier, now we are doing a lot better, still some wet roads, folks need to really take it easy with breaking this evening but in terms of lightning and the heavy rain, that's now well off to the east of the area, pushing right along out i-66 and far western areas of virginia. one warning up for hampshire, mineral county, west virginia, look around the beltway, fairly dry now, braddock to mount vernon, just a few showers and those are pressing away from i-95, that severe thunderstorm warning goes into 6 p.m. and that pocket there northern west virginia, these storms also are going to start diminishing and continuing to move away from our area. impact forecast, the weather having a moderate impact on area roads for your evening and overnight, because roads are still going to be wet, by early tomorrow morning, i think dry for most of us, so we get the green light and going to be okay for travel on saturday.
5:49 pm
take a look at friday, the satellite and radar, what we have been dealing with sunshine, helped those storms to pop, the bay breeze again, but up north of our area this is what we are waiting on this blue line, that is cold from in pennsylvania and it will come dropping through our area during the overnight period. that's what's going to be taking a lot of the humidity out of the air and boy, it was sticky today. 87 with a heat index up to 92. currently, much higher today, 70s now with the rain, 74, warrenton, 77 in leesburg, the beach locations right now in the low 80s, where i think we are going to be for much of the weekend, but getting a little more sunshine as we head through the weekend. so what you can expect for your bakup weather, 69 to 76, still can't rule out an isolated shower, but most of that rain, as you can see here on future weather, really is going to be heading out of here around midnight to just after midnight. so, 11 p.m., maybe a shower or two around the area, can't rule out an isolated shower early tomorrow morning, even at lunch
5:50 pm
time, a whole tomorrow, going to be finally able to get some sunshine in here, more sunshine and again, more comfortable conditions through the day tomorrow. so the sky cast, still some clouds deal with tomorrow, i like the low humidity and i like the fact that tomorrow, we are into the mid-80s just about everywhere across our area. good pool weather coming up for sunday and monday. what about the beach? what can you expect if you are going to the beach? let's take a look at the next couple of days. we will toss to chief meteorologist doug kammerer who is at nats park. hey, doug. >> oh, vj, a beautiful night down here tonight, the clouds from those storms actually made things a little bit on the cool side, so a very nice evening, we are right across from nats park right now on a fantastic night as the nationals take on the braves at 7:05 tonight a good one for the game. every time i do a backyard weather, there's always some story, i'm able to get or somebody i'm able to find. i just found all of these people over here. say hello, all of you people. [ cheering ]
5:51 pm
these aren't just people coming to a game. this is actually a rehearsal dinner for a wedding. >> yeah. [ cheering ] this is the groom. this is the bride. jeff and rachel, correct? did i do that wrong? this is jeff this is rachel. the -- my question was whose idea was it to come for rehearsal dinner to come to a nats game? >> mine. >> i love that. and that's when jeff said -- >> yes! >> yes. >> keeper. definite cooper. she asked you to marry her? >> i did ask. >> he did ask? how did you do it? >> washington monument. >> washington monument? at the top? >> no before. >> probably good, you get stuck a lot. >> stuck on the elevators. >> you guys are from here, right? >> i am, yes. >> what made the nats game a great place for the rehearsal dinner? >> just easy, get to hang out with all our friends, going to be fun. >> and then the wedding, are you -- for the wedding, coming to the game tomorrow, too? >> no. >> just the rehearsal dinner. take a look and show what you is
5:52 pm
happening the next couple of days, looking good for the wed willing day tomorrow no matter where you are, heading toward the beaches that is looking good, temperatures, 84 tomorrow, beautiful weather, 86 on sunday, 89, monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we get back into the mid to upper 90s, it is going to be a little bit on the hot side. outdoors tomorrow? >> is. >> i think you're going to be okay. i think you're going to be a-okay. let's hope. no, they will be fine. back to you guys. well it is a busy intersection and only gets busier on the weekends. now, d.c. leaders taking to address just how dang truesome news4's derrick ward went to the heart of georgetown, m street and wisconsin avenue, to show us what has these district leaders so concerned? >> reporter: it gets busy early. pedestrians and drivers who traverse these crossroads relay on courtesy and come machine sense to do it safely. there are planned improvements, but you can only do so much to address 21st century problems on a 19th century layout. council member mary chase says it is not size but not
5:53 pm
impossible either. >> maybe it's going to be hard, but we really have to commit ourselves to doing it. >> reporter: part of fixing the problem is identifying it it is one of the ten most dangerous intersections in the city. >> probably 45% of the crash there is are side swipes and that's typical of high-volume intersection. >> some people walk across when it's a red light all the time. >> last time we were here, someone got hit by a car? >> reporter: years back a volunteer traffic patrol officer was killed while trying to police this very intersection and in the years since, signage and signals have helped. more help is on the way but not necessary what i people want, like red light cameras. >> people respect red light cameras. they stop for them. >> reporter: like buying lanes even encouraging pedestrian traffic to point south of the busy cross roads are also suggestions but the last big project at wisconsin and m was a decade ago and planners and residents and statistics say it's high time for another. now, of all of the changes that are planned, none are budgeted right now, but they hope that by bringing attention to the
5:54 pm
perilous situation here, things will speed up a bit. in georgetown, derrick ward, news4. we have breaking news at dulles airport right now you can see from chopper4, emergency crews are checking out the report of smoke coming from a small jet. the fire department there is checking to see where the smoke might be originating. no injuries and no impact on the airport operations. as your bea to hit the road for the weekend, gas prices are falling fast. the national average for gallop of gas is about $2.42. that's down nine cents the past week. and $1 below the price at this time last year. aaa says the last time we saw gas this cheap at labor day was in 2004. some experts predict that we all could be paying about $2 a gallon by christmas but the prices right now could mean a record setting weekend for travelers. and life after the amtrak derailment. one survivor shares his story an
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
it's been nearly four months since an amtrak train from new york to d.c. derailed killing eight people near philadelphia. hundred more survived but were seriously hurt. we hear from matt morgan, one of the survivors, but he still can't walk. nbc's tim furlong reports on how the father of seven woke up days after the deadly crash. >> how you doing, pal? >> i'm here. >> are you? >> that's great. >> reporter: senator carver got
5:58 pm
off on may 12th, matt morgan got on, heading to new york city get into the first car, nodded off, woke up into a hospital four days later, survived the derage but badly hurt. >> a fracture, broken ribs, broken shoulder, broken hip, broken vert brark shattered femur, broken knee and just a ton of lacerations all over the place. >> yeah gash, a skull fracture. >> reporter: matt and his wife live in lewis with their seven kids but he used to leave for his night job in new york. during the day he went south for philly to work for amtrak designing safety systems like the one that could have prevented this. legally, he can't give too many opinions about the crash or the engineer. he now has an electric wheelchair, his house has a rehab room. he is told he will walk again soon. frankly, seek the video of the crash, he is shocked he will survive. >> unbelievable is the best word for it like, wow. >> amazed you're still here? >> yep. lucky to be here. >> morgan says he hasn't been back to bork but the good news
5:59 pm
is both be companies he works for are waiting for his return once he is fully recovered. a teenager shot and kill old his way to the school bus stop. at 6:00, a reaction from a classmate who is on the bus and heard the shots ring out. new concerns about emergency response names the district. why low-priority calls are creating huge problem for the department and what leaders are doing about it. hillary clinton opens up -- >> at the end of the day, i am sorry that this has been confusing to people and has raised a lot of questions. >> and hillary clinton opens up about the e-mail scandal that's dominated her campaign. our live interview with nbc's andrea mitchell as clinton says she is sorry about the controversy. at first, busted for selling boot los angeles, supervisor inside the u.s. department of labor admits to selling illegal pirated movies inside agency headquarters. >> scott macfarlane and the news4 i-team broke this story and tracked him down.
6:00 pm
scott? >> not only did he run a bootlegging prayer, inside a major government agency but says his colleagues were his customers. ricardo taylor made about $60,000 a year and nearly 40-year veteran of the u.s. labor department, working for the office of worker's compensation headquartered at agency head quarters not of the u.s. cap to $60,000 was his regular pay because taylor admits he ran a side business inside the office, he sold bootlegged dvd movies, more than 1200 of them worth an estimated $19,000, though he sold some for as little as $4 a piece and admit he is used his work e-mail system, the u.s. labor department e-mail system to make the sales. i'm scott with channel four. >> mm-hmm. >> the news4 i-team caught up with taylor. we were wondering, who is buying all those dvds? >> co-workers. friends and co-workers. >> inside the building? >> yes.


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