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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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brace for that september slowdown as several school districts return and people head back to work after the labor day holiday. the conditions we're seeing right now. but first we are getting ready for another blast of summer weather as the heat and humidity get cranked up in the coming hours. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with when you'll see some of the changes in our weather. good morning, chuck. >> you've got it, eun. it's a indeed going to be a hot start to the school year for those in fairfax county. summer is still back. back to summer like school conditions as the september sizzle continues. temperatures right now as you mentioned in the upper 60s to low and mid 70s. 66 in gaithersburg right now. planning out your day hour by hour, temperatures near 70 this morning. near 90 at noontime. highs in the low to mid 90s. not much in the way of a rain chance. we'll talk about that in ten minutes. for now, breaking news in first 4 traffic. >> breaking news on red line, single-tracking between medical
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center and van ness. new a new track problem outside of bethesda causing delays in both directions. 355 at old hundred, 109, all lanes are blocked on 355. they should be there for us in the next couple of minutes. inner and outer loop, everything looking quite good here, nice and green. little slow 295 as you head past 50. dale boulevard at cloverdale, still have the lanes blocked. >> thank you, melissa. buses on the roads and big changes happening today. summer vacation is officially over as students in fairfax, spotsylvania and arlington and stafford counties and alexandria and falls church city all head back to school. we have team coverage in northern virginia this morning. we start with northern virginia bureau reporter david culver who
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is live at hay field secondary school in fairfax with more on the changes. good morning. >> reporter: hi, there, eun, good morning to you. more than 188,000 students here in fairfax county getting ready to go back to school. and staff here more than 25,000 will welcome the students back. but staff including teachers will get a 3.1% raise in their paycheck. this is part of a concerted effort to keep quality talent in fairfax county. the problem has been some of the teachers have been going to other counties like arlington where they have been able to get some $10,000 more. another part of the big headlines here for students is going to be as you mentioned, eun, those sleep times going to be increasing a little bit. should students want to take advantage of it. the school changes are going to start today and in high school, that's going to be about 40 to 50 more minutes of sleep. middle school however, they're going to start about 15 minutes earlier. so it's going to be a little bit
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less sleep for them. elementary schoolers not going to see too much of a change. overall, the costs will be $5 million to be implemented. so there's some changes for students as they head out to start the new school year. but some of you may have questions that are unanswered. for that, we have dr. karen garza who will join us live this this hour. we invite you to tweet your questions to me and we'll ask her them. back to you. >> thank you. let's talk arlington county. now we'll look at a brand-new school there. discovery elementary school opening for the first time. little more than 600 students will go there. the school in a net zero building. that means the energy produced at the school there is equal to how much energy the building uses. it is only one of 39 net zero building ins the county right now. you'll want to make sure
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you're slowing down for buses in arlington county. if you drive past a stopped school bus, it will cost you 250 bucks. cameras will catch anybody who ignores the red flashing lights and the stop arm. warnings were sent out to 38 drivers. and we want you to show us your scholar. send us your pictures of the kids catching the bus or trying on a new backpack. send the photos on facebook or twitter. or e-mail them to back to school, back to work for thousands in our area. that means back to traffic as school buses begin to roll out this morning. we continue our team coverage with news4's transportation reporter adam tuss live on the roads. where are you, adam? >> reporter: yeah, aaron, time to get out of bed, sleepy head. back to work. back to school. a lot going on in our whole region this morning. let's look out the windshield, what we're seeing on 66. yeah, we call it the september slowdown because over the next
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couple of weeks we're going to be dealing with more and more traffic out here. of course you have people coming back from their labor day vacations. we have got so many more school buses back on the roads that it just can't help but clog things up. think about this, guys. in fairfax county, over 1,600 buses. we have been saying it this morning but it bears repeating. that's second in size only to new york city school bus system. it's a school bus fleet that is actually larger than grey hound. 130,000 people a day ride just on fairfax county school buses alone. so out here on the roads we're dealing with a lot more congestion. we just got ranked the worst congestion in the country again. we all lose 82 hours per year stuck in traffic. pretty amazing when you think about it. so we're out here this morning keeping an eye on things for you guys. back to you. >> adam, thank you.
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6:06. there is a new search for a suspect after a shooting in prince george's county. someone shot a person in the chest about 10:30 last night in ring bill loop in upper marlboro. we'll ask police about a possible suspect. this morning park view high school in sterling is stepping up security in the wake of the shooting death of a sophomore last week. danny centeno miranda was shot mutiple times around 8:30 on friday morning. the suspect is due to be arraigned in court this morning. the suspect is 17 years old. his name has not been released. two other adult males face related charges. a news conference happening today to talk about the search for two missing children. the hoggles went missing one year ago. the montgomery county police believe they died and the mother may be responsible. however, the father, troy turner, he thinks the kids are still out there. jacob would be 3 years old. sarah would be 4.
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turner and the children's grandmother lindsey hoggle will talk about the search for the toddlers today. that's happening in clarksburg at noon. the hunter who killed season the lion making headlines this morning. what a minnesota dentist is now saying about the controversy as he prepares to head back to work today. plus, a little boy is recovering after getting trapped inside a well. what we're learning about his condition and the efforts it took to get him out. and breaking news on the roads and the rails. we have a closure here at northern montgomery county. chopper 4 over that. details c
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breaking news on the roads right now. take a look at this. chopper 4 over the scene here in northern montgomery county. 355 there at old hundred road, we are totally shut down northbound and southbound.
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this is a crash right here in the middle of the roadway. tow truck on scene, so should be getting out of the way soon. red line single-tracking between medical center and van ness and also outside bethesda is slows things down. 66 looks good. 95 about ten minutes behind. remember to listen to our friends from wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. a 4-year-old boy is safe at home after spending most of the night in a well. crews worked for hours to pull the boy out of the 25-foot hole in mississippi. the well is only a foot and a half wide and it took so long because the boy didn't know how to attach himself to a rope lowered down to him. both the boy and his dog are dehydrated but no one seriously hurt. i mean, he's young. he probably couldn't figure out -- i can't hold on. >> right. >> i'm glad he made it out though. hot and humid again as more than 200,000 more kids in northern virginia start school
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today. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has more on your back to school forecast. good morning. >> a perfect morning for getting back to school. clear sky. the wind gauge is not moving. we have no wind at all. it is kind of humid. the air a little bit steamy. but it's kind of cool too. in the 60s to around 70 degrees. i'm here in fairfax county at the hayfield secondary school. it's kind of deserted, but in another hour or so it will be clogged with cars and school buses. over 1,600 school buses will be on the road in fairfax county. if you put them end to end, that's 12 miles long of school buses that'll be on the roads in fairfax county. if you're walking to work or school or the bus stop this morning, your forecast between 6:00 and 8 will be in the low 80s. warm and humid for the morning. over to you. >> thank you, tom.
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a holiday weekend at the beach ends in tragedy. what we're learning about a pair of drownings in ocean city over the weekend. ahead, we heard a lot about the violent clashes involving ♪
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students in northern virginia, it's your turn to head back to school this morning. you will see the buses rolling out in fairfax, spotsylvania and arlington counties. falls church is also back in school this morning and with the buses comes the traffic. melissa melissa has your back to school commute. >> i expect to see a muppet when i hear that music. i expect to see somebody bobbing. >> there you go. now work out a song and dance. we're good to good. that's talk of your children's safety on the roads happening today. montgomery county's action committee for transit is meeting in downtown silver spring. at that meeting danielle meitiv will speak. shes an advocate for the -- she's an advocate for the free range kids movement saying that young children should be able to
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walk themselves who it a parent near by. in you want to go to it's off fenton street at 7:30 tonight. we want to warn you about this graphic video now. this morning the man who pleaded guilty to a frightening beating on a metro train will be sentenced. prosecutor says 52-year-old william nelson got into a verbal dispute with two teens last june. he punched one of them and then another man when he tried to intervene. nelson could spend several years in prison. we have learned of a second grouping off the coast of ocean city over the weekend. a 35-year-old man went missing sunday afternoon. the coast guard spent ten hours searching before calling off the effort. a 7-year-old girl died saturday after getting knocked over by a wave and swept out to sea. both drownings happened after lifeguards went off duty. this afternoon a louisiana nationals guardsman killed in a helicopter crash last march will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery.
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family members were originally told that army staff sergeant florich was not eligible for burial because he was not on active duty when he died. his father said that was a slap in the face and the army later approved the burial. florich is from fairfax county. 6:18. the minnesota dentist who killed season the lion ed heads back to work today. in an interview, walter palmer said he believe he acted legally in killing the lion. neither he or the members of the hunting party knew the lion had a name or was important to zimbabwe. and today, mike huckabee will support a jailed kentucky clerk. huckabee will attend the with kim liberty rally in grayson, kentucky. he also plans to visit her in jail. police arrested kim davis last week after she refused to issue
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marriage licenses to gay couples. they're asking the appeals court to release her from jail while fighting for changes to the law that would accommodate her religious beliefs. another shark attack, this one in australia. a surfer left shaken after he was attacked along the coast of this morning. >> i looked around. suddenly just something came up from below. like a battleship on board. threw me straight off back into the air. >> surfer justin daniel there is. you saw that video in the beginning. very lucky, aaron. he only suffered that cut on his hand as tooth marks -- and tooth marks on his board. >> today a city council meeting will address cross-training paramedics as firefighters. that's at 7:00 p.m. the fire chief pitched the idea of having at least one paramedic on every fire engine. paramedics say the city needs to
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hire more staff to make that plan work. a former loudoun county supervisor arrested for assaulting a friend now says she is sorry. shawn williams resigned after the arrest. he issued a statement apologizing to his friends, family and constituents. he said, this poor decision highlights a personal short coming can no longer be denied. it has become painfully clear i need help with my alcohol abuse. williams has been charged with two counts of simple assault and unlawful entry. a story that may make you pretty proud this morning. a teenager from texas made it his personal mission to make sure a deputy felt safe as she got gas in a houston area gas station. someone shot and killed a harris county deputy trying to fill up his patrol car. it's already had hundreds of thousands of lines on facebook. this is 16-year-old mckinley zolner with the deputy kelly. the teenager stood in the rain while she filled up her patrol car.
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police in colorado tweeted out these photos of a woman who walked into the police department, requesting a hug. this happened yesterday in denver. you can see her here. her request was fulfilled. she was given a hug. she said she was very upset over the recent loss of police officers across the country. police tweeted the photos saying what a wonderful day to be working. well, you can get some relief from the heat this week as spray parks in the district are open. the parks will stay open longer this year because of the high temperatures. they were due to close yesterday, but they will now stay open until sunday. expected to be a hot week too. you can head to the nbc washington app for the latest weather forecasts and heat advisories on the go. i have walked through the one in downtown silver springs they're always -- there's a ton of kids in there. sometimes it's hot, you want to jump in there. but you don't want to be that guy. >> you can be that guy. >> like a grown man in there with the kids. >> they'll like it. >> people look at you funny. >> all of a sudden, the video is posted on twitter. you know?
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>> what is a grown man doing in the sprinklers? 6:21. i want to get up to speed on the forecast. chuck? >> that's right. it will be hot today, so you will need to be hopping and skipping your day down the sidewalks this afternoon. if you can get some outdoor play time with a hose or a sprinkler, a good day for that. outside this morning, the view of the fine u.s. capitol building in downtown washington, a mostly clear sky. fairly low impact, there's no chance for rain today. but it will be hot and humid if you're outside today. drink your extra water for sure. don't forget your sunblock. if you can get away with shorts and short sleeves today is a day to do it. but folks are stuck back in the long blue jeans to go back to school today. 68 in rockville and bethesda. 69 in chantilly, virginia. 67 degrees in triangle and dumfri dumfries. most of the metro area will be
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in the low 90s later on this afternoon. there's your exclusive skycast 4. that's what your sky will look like today. bubbling up of cumulus clouds later on today. 89 by noontime. highs today low 90s. about 92 in frederick, maryland. 89 for your while in manassas. and after a hot day of work and school going out to dinner and a movie tonight, mid to upper 80s at dinner time. upper 70s and low 80s by this evening. i think saturday will be the drier day, but no washouts are expected. highs this weekend, noticeably cooler. believe it or not, back down close to average. our average high now is 82. today will be 93. tomorrow 92. pretty good chance for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening. best chance for rain this week comes up on thursday. and some of those rain chances may linger into the front part of friday. but i think friday afternoon and friday night for high school football will be dry.
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breaking news right now on the roads. chopper 4 over this problem. again, northern montgomery county. 355 at old hundred road, we are jammed from an earlier crash. look at the backups. now the crash is out of the way. it is still quite slow here this morning. so warning for you there. red line, track problem outside of bethesda. still remains no longer single-tracking at this point this morning. 66 at lee highway, seeing that volume headed into town with kids going back to school this morning. joplin road, all lanes are blocked because of an accident. eastbound dale boulevard at cloverer dale, eastbound is getting by so better there. 6:24 now, and west nile virus is not on the rise in the u.s. but continues to be the most common mosquito borne illness in the country. that's according to the cdc. there were 2,200 cases last year
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that's the same number reported each year. most people never develop symptoms of the virus and that less than 1% develop neurological illnesses. if your kids are using smartphone before bedtime it may be affecting their sleep. researchers at brown university confirmed that the light from cell phones may lower the sleep hormone melatonin in children. the light affects kids entering puberty the most. sleep experts say the study doesn't prove that light causes adults to get less sleep. >> i feel like it sometimes. there are other things -- don't use these bright things before you go to bed. >> well, your brain is also worrying around if you're not oputting things away. >> you have to check it one more time before you go to sleep. >> i try to put it away. well, your kids may be doing their homework on a laptop, but be careful on how they're using it. >> it's hot -- how hot the laptop can become. you should up put them on your
6:26 am
laps because of how hot the battery could get. you should be careful about setting it down on chairs or couches or any kind of fabric really. >> well, the lithium ion batteries are very powerful and in a small space, so you need to respect that powerful battery. >> a few years ago, a laptop overheated, the battery did and it caused a fire that burned down a home in manassas. consumer safety experts say too much heat from the laptop can cause a skin condition called toasted skin condition. >> you can feel it. >> there was a study a few years back that said men shouldn't put laptops in your lap -- >> for those reasons. tens of thousands of virginia kids are headed back to school this morning and that means you're competing with a lot of school buses on the road. and add in the people returning from vacation and you have the makings for a september slowdown. what you can expect when you
6:27 am
leave your house. another night of violence in the area. what we're learning about a number of crimes around the region. breaking news in northwest virginia after an overnight fire forces a number of college students from their beds. we're live with more next. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'.
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right now, tens of thousands of kids are getting ready for their first day of school. >> you are looking live at hayfield secondary school. this is in the alexandria section of fairfax county. students will be showing up. superintendent karen garza will join david culver just ahead to talk about the changes your kids will notice when they arrive at school today. what she says in 15 minutes. >> back to school and back to work for thousands of people in our area. and that means a back to traffic as buses begin to roll out this morning. >> news4's transportation reporter adam tuss has a report. how's its looking? >> reporter: aaron and eun, don't you love this time of the year, don't you love waking up
6:31 am
and going out the door and finding traffic? let's look at the wind shield right now, 66 in the falls church area, yeah, we're pretty much loaded up right now. moving at about -- well, what you would say, 20, 25 miles an hour through this stretch. we call this the september slowdown because people are back from the summer vacations. you have all of the school buses back out on the road. you have a lot more activity out here and all of that helps contribute to what is now ranked as the worst congestion in the country. yes, we have that notorious honor. think about this, guys, in fairfax county alone, the school bus fleet second only in size to new york city. 1,600 buses out there on the road. just in fairfax county alone. you're going to have to deal with that as you head back to work and roll around. give yourself some extra time as you head out and get back into the routine and expect that it is going to take some more time
6:32 am
to smooth out as you get back into your routine. now for a check of the rest of the morning commute, melissa mollet is tracking a metro problem. >> hi, good morning. metro problem, red line delays because of a track problem outside of bethesda. delays in both directions this morning. 95, prince william parkway looks good. a little bit of volume headed northbound. southbound at joplin road, one lane is getting by. prince george's county looking good right now. no real major issues. b.w. parkway as you approach the beltway a tad slow. chuck? >> all right, outside right now in the weather department, we have a clear sky over washington this morning. not even a cloud in our eastern sky. sun is not up for another ten minutes or so. rain chances will be increasing though as we go later on into the work and school week. more about that in a couple of minutes. it's a dry start, temperatures are in the upper 60s to low 70s. 73 in washington.
6:33 am
65, fredericksburg. 68 in winchester. your hometown forecast in gaithersburg, near 70 this morning. 87 at midday. 84 by dinner time this evening. eun? >> thank you. 6:33. breaking news right now. hundreds of george washington students are back in bed after a fire forced them to get out of their dorm overnight. kristin wright joins us from fulbright hall. good morning. so what is going on right now? >> reporter: well, you know, everybody is okay and that's the bottom line. students are back in the dorm right now. probably still wide awake after quite a morning already. we have some cell phone video to show you with that we were able to get this morning. it shows the flames burning across the rooftop of fulbright hall. the fire started at about 3:15 this morning. a lot of students who live here were asleep at the time and suddenly woke up to a real emergency. >> the lights were flashing and
6:34 am
there was like a voice saying that we had to evacuate the building. and then we all left and then we went down the stairs and the police were like screaming for us to move faster. and we thought it was a drill. we just thought they were being dramatic up. >> reporter: about 225 students live in this dorm. they are sophomores. all eight floors were evacuated to a nearby building. you see some of the students lined up, waiting for the all clear after the fire was out. it took firefighters about 15 minutes to put out all of the flames. so we're being told just now they are assessing the upper floors. they're looking at the upper floors closest to the roof to see exactly how bad the fire and water damage is this morning. this all happening of course while firefighters try to figure out exactly how the fire started
6:35 am
and students trying to get back to normal at the beginning of their school year of course. details on an overnight murder in southwest washington developing this morning. police say one man is dead, another man is in what officers are calling grave condition. this is after a shooting late last night near south capitol. there are a lot of detectives who went through that scene overnight. we'll let you know when you get some information about a possible suspect here. also, five men hurt after a shooting in southeast d.c. martin luther king jr. avenue closed this morning north of malcolm x street so police can investigate there. it happened about 10:00 last night and they think all victims will recover. we did ask about a possible suspect or suspects but police do not have any at this point. a man is recovering this morning after d.c. police say someone stabbed him right next to howard university. officers tell news4 they found the man conscious and breathing near gresham place and georgia avenue.
6:36 am
this was yesterday. police did not share any information on a possible suspect. you will have a chance today to express your thoughts on the d.c. police force. questions like do you know officers behave in your neighborhood, would you describe the policing as effective? the american civil liberties union will host several town hall forums this month. it begins on alabama avenue in southeast. a former fairfax county police officer charged with possession of child pornography will appear in court for a preliminary hearing. william bud walker is a 15-year veteran who served as a public information officer for the department. he was arrested in april after a tip was received through tumblr. he was fired after the arrest. it's all quiet now, but hundreds of kids will soon be filing in to hayfield secondary school in fairfax county. a number of other schools across northern virginia for first day. why drivers in one county will
6:37 am
pay the price if they don't pay closer attention around the school buses. >> right now, a problem the rails and on the roads. we are building up on 66. live picture from chopper coming up. but first, new fallout surrounding this shocking video that's causing a stir on social media. the new potential punishment for the players who tackled this official.
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
you're watching "news4 today." >> police are now investigating texas' two high school football players who mindsided a ref -- blindsided a referee during the game. one hit the ref and the other dived on top of him. both have suspended from the high school and the team. it is unclear whether the ref suffered any serious injuries.
6:41 am
we have team coverage out in northern virginia today where thousands more students are going back to school. >> yeah. >> big, huge day. >> it will be hot and humid for you as you step out the door this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein the in fairfax county. largest school district around here with our back to school forecast. tom? >> yeah, right here at the storm team 4 x 4, we have no wind at all. the wind gauge isn't moving at all. here at the hayfield secondary school in fairfax county, things started to pick up. we see more and more of the teachers starting to arrive and some of the school buses arriving. your bus stop forecast, low 70s for much of the next hour or two. but then it will jump to near 80 degrees by about 9:00 this morning as students are boarding the buses later on this morning. a perfect weather for back to school. melissa, how is traffic now?
6:42 am
>> right now, we're starting to see some volume. 66 inbound there at 50, you can see a lot of folks on the roads early this morning. kids headed back to class. red line delays because of the track problem outside of bethesda still stinging around. georgia avenue and connecticut avenue, a report of an incident. outer loop top of the beltway taking you ten extra minutes. 66 looks pretty good coming in from the parkway at least. 95 north to the quantico to the beltway looking fine. remember to listen to our friends from wtop 103.5. more big changes ahead of the pope's visit to washington. the major changes he announced the major changes he announced in the last 15 minutes
6:43 am
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right now, tens of thousands of area kids are dragging themselves it of bed, getting ready for the first day of school. students in fairfax county returning to a number of changes in the district. it's one of the stories we're following. let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. good morning. >> good morning. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s now. we'll be in the 90s today. the good news is, back to work and school, no chance for rain today. but rain chances are going up
6:46 am
for tomorrow into thursday. more about that at 6:51. now now, more metro troubles from melissa mollet. >> orange, blue and silver line single-tracking between eastern market and federal center. still delays on the red line because of the track problem outside of bethesda. a brand-new crash inner loop at little river turnpike with the left lane blocked at this point. guys? 6:46 now. summer vacation is officially over, back to school in fairfax, spotsylvania and the cities of alexandria and falls church is headed back to school. the biggest school district in the area, there are some changes in place this year. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver just talked to the superintendent of the fairfax county schools. he is live outside hayfield secondary school on telegraph road. good morning. >> reporter: hey, there, aaron, good morning to you. yeah, this is the largest school district this our area. more than 188,000 students. about 25,000 staff and as you
6:47 am
mentioned just spoke with dr. karen garza. superintendent here. started out by asking her about the new school start times for high schoolers that means about 40 to 50 minutes more sleep. here's what she had to say. >> well, the goal was to do what's right by our students and there was such compelling evidence, scientific research and so many reputable medical associates had taken strong opinions and strong stances on the issues. i'm excited. i think it's a good change for the students. certainly every new school year is i think always -- you always get so crowded about the school year started. i think parents and students are ready to get the school year off. and there are schools working diligently getting ready for students. i think it's a positive school year. >> reporter: some 25,000 staff members. this is a massive school system when we look at it. when we look at retaining
6:48 am
teachers, i know the concern is losing them across the border. and do you think the 3.1% increase is enough to hold the teachers? >> no i don't think it's enough. clearly when we compare ourselves to surrounding school districts, you know, we're losing ground. so it's a priority, both of this administration and the school board to do better by our teachers. we know that our great classroom teachers are what makes this school system great. so we have to take care of them. so that will continue -- we'll continue to work on that over the coming years. >> reporter: it's been a contentious battle of budgets and next year is not looking any lighter. >> no, it's not. we have some serious financial challenges we have been experiencing for a number of years and there's no end in sight to those. we need a long term solution. >> reporter: all right. school systems getting under way here. we'll talk to the student as they probably get more sleep, some of the high schoolers in
6:49 am
particular. you will hear from them coming up on news4 midday. back to you. >> thank you, david. this morning as you head to school drop-off and then off to work, make sure you're slowing down for the buses in arlington. if you drive past a stopped school bus it will cost you $250. cameras outside the bus will catch anyone who ignores the buses. in arlington county t first look at a brand-new school today. discovery elementary opening for first time. a little more than 600 students will go there. the school is in a net zero building which means the amount of energy produced on site is equal to how much energy the building uses. it's one of only 39 net zero buildings in the country right now. we want you to show us your scholars. be sure to send us the pictures of your kids catching the bus or trying on a new backpack. you can send the photos over twitter or facebook or e-mail them to
6:50 am
breaking news as the pope speeds up and simplifies the marriage annulment process by dropping that process of automatic appeal. pope francis just issuing this new law this morning. regulating how bishops worldwide determine a marriage invalid. catholics must get this church annulment if they want to get remarried in the church. now, the pope's decision follows ongoing criticism of what has been a complicated and costly process for many of the catholic faith. >> thank you, angie. in in preparation for pope francis' visit, schools in our area are taking a pledge to walk with francis, serving their communities. today, our lady of victory school in northwest students will begin writing their pledges and some of those students will get to meet with the pope when he visits later this month and share the pledges with them. new this morning, police are trying to find whomever shot a
6:51 am
person on ring bill loop in upper marlboro. he has a gunshot wound to his chest. k-9 officers helped police canvass that scene this morning. this morning, park view high school, beefing up security in the wake of a shooting death of a sophomore last week. danny centeno miranda was shot as he was walking to school 8:30 friday morning. the suspect is due to be arraigned in court this morning, and he's 17 years old. his name has not been released. two others face charges. today repairs start on the lincoln memorial reflecting pool. about 30 feet will be drained for repairs and repair work at the world war ii memorial back in 2013 caused the damage to the pool. the walkway between the pool and the world war ii memorial will be closed. this project is expected to be complete by next summer. if you're planning a walk this afternoon, you might need to -- you need a sweat rag to
6:52 am
take be you. >> remember that book, "cloudy with a chance of meatballs." >> right. >> that makes me think of italy. meatballs, spaghetti. >> food falling out of the sky. >> check out what fell out of the sky in italy yesterday. baseball sized -- baseball sized hail. this is in naples, italy, yesterday. several people and several animals were hit by the falling hailstones coming down at almost 75 miles per hour. some minor injuries were reported but check out the size of that hailstone there. that's oklahoma sized hail over in the boot of italy. our sky is completely clear of any cloud cover or distractions at the moment. 73 at reagan national. it will increase this afternoon. yesterday we made 90. today is 90 or higher again. so we'll add another stack on to the fifth -- on to the already 50 days we have had 90 or higher this year. a muggy morning. sunny and hot this afternoon.
6:53 am
temperatures running about ten degrees warmer than average. 61 in martinsburg, west virginia. 63 in luray. 62 culpepper. but 72 in annapolis. hourly temperatures today, 60s and mid 70's through 8:00 in the morning. above 80 by 10:00 and near 90 as early as noon. highs today hovering in the low 90s with plenty of sunshine and humidity. take your shade breaks and your humidity breaks if you can. going of out the the baseball game tonight, first pitch at 7:05. it will be a warm night for baseball. hopefully the nats can get the win. that's the leading edge of awe tell which comes later in the week. heat and humidity and rain showers tomorrow. rain likely thursday into friday. saturday night looks dry. over to melissa now for traffic. >> good morning. right now chopper 4 over 66 can see some of that volume there as you're headed inbound this morning. orange, blue, silver lines those trains single-tracking between
6:54 am
eastern market and federal center. red line delays continue because of the track problem outside of bethesda. inner loop, left lane is blocked. and georgia avenue had a car fire. 66 overall you can see little bit of yellow. not terrible this morning. 95 northbound looking pretty good. overall, prince george's county looking pretty typical at least right now. no major incidents right there. b.w. parkway, southbound at 197 you can see we're bit slow because of the crash blocking one lane. 270 at montrose road not the prettiest spot this morning. >> thank you. right now, kids and parents heading out the door, it's the first day of school. in many parts of northern virginia. thousands of you headed back to work after the long holiday weekend and that means a lot of traffic this morning. news4 transportation reporter adam tuss has been keeping you updated on the traffic all morning long. he's live on the roads in arlington. what are you seeing? >> hey, aaron, good morning.
6:55 am
right now, not so bad. let's look out the windshield at what we are seeing here on lee highway. pretty good right now if you're coming out in this direction. we have seen a couple of school buses that were out and about this morning. we have been telling you about the school buses in fairfax county, just how many there are. 1,600 buses. a lot are hitting the road in about an hour to drop people off at 8:00 at high schools -- as high schools get a later start time. be aware of everybody who is out and about this morning. back in to you guys. >> thank you. if you're in the market for a tablet for your kids or maybe even yourself, you don't want to spend too much money, well, you'll have a new option from amazon. cnbc's landon dowdy has more on what you need to know. what is this all about, landon? >> hey, there, good morning to you. amazon is set to roll out a $50 tablet just in time for the holidays and it has a six inch screen and a mono speaker. amazon's cheapest current tablet
6:56 am
the fire sold for $99. the company is struggling to gain ground against apple and samsung which have 42% of the market and amazon has less than 1% of the market. back over to you. >> 6:56. 4 things to know on this tuesday. pope francis has overhauled the procedures for marriage annulments. more on the announcement on the "today" show. hundreds of george washington students are okay. look at the flames there. firefighters evacuated fulbright hall for about two hours. man one is dead and another seriously hurt after a shooting in southwest washington. news4 spoke with detectives overnight. they have not made any arrests in this case. more than 200,000 more students in northern virginia getting ready for school right now. it's back to school for six districts and summer vacation is officially at an end. >> yeah, summer vacation is over, but summer humidity and heat remains for another couple of days. in the 90s again today and likely tomorrow as well, before
6:57 am
cooler weather arrives later in the week. right now 66 inbound you can tell the kids are back to class and parents are earlier than typical. a bit more volume. orange, blue, silver lines are single-tracking. and red line still has delays both ways. >> there's the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. back in 25 minutes with weather, traffic, any b
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. answering the call. meeting enthusiastic crowds all weekend what joe biden is telling supporters about a possible campaign. when will he decide and will hillary clton's slipping poll numbers usher biden into the race. >> breaking overnight a bold move by the pope. what he's doing to bring millions of divorced catholics back to the church. >> back to work the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion returning to his practice today. will his patients follow? and trapped. a 4-year-old and his dog fall down a well


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