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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  September 8, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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d.c.'s rise in violence takes a dramatic turn. we have the outbreak of violence over the past 12 hours. >> long road to recovery. we have our first encouraging news since an on air ambush two weeks ago. >> another day with heat and humidity. a look at our next chances for rain coming up. >> i guess the official summer is over for thousands of local students. we have you covered from what's new for the kids to the traffic impact on your day, even if you don't have a student in school. news 4 midday starts right now. >> right now we are monitoring a
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news conference held by the d.c. mayor at police head quarters. let's take a live look in fact it looks like they're a little delayed in getting started. this is their monthly meeting to focus on getting illegal guns off the street. it comes after a violent night in the district. eight people shot. one of them died. we are waiting for reaction on the string of shootings. for you, let's go to southeast d.c. have kristin wright is standing by with more on the investigation. >> reporter: that's right. listen to the numbers here. eight people shot since last night in the district. three shootings and now 109 homicides. a violent and deadly night in the district. at 10:00 p.m., a shooting in southeast on mlk junior avenue. five men shot. all expected to survive.
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d.c. police looking for evidence and a shoot. 30 minutes a later, a shooting? southwest n d.c.'s 109th micide of the year. two men shot, one dead, the other in critical to grave condition. no suspect information. at 4:30 a.m. in northeast, a man shot on nanny helen burro's off division. the only suspect information, a man wearing a ski mask, armed with a gun. and of those eight people shot since last night in the district, one of them is dead, and one of them is in critical to depragrave condition. that brings the homicides to 110. >> the search for a suspect is on after another shooting. this one in prince george's county.
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officers say someone shot a person in a chest on ring bill loop. that's in upper marlboro, maryland. police don't have a motive at this time. breaking news out of baltimore. the city reached a wrongful death settle the with the family of freddie gray. the settlement also calls for a requirement for city police officers to wear body cameras. the deal will have to be approved by a city board that oversees spending. it's another back to school day. kids in alexandria and others all back in the classroom today. thousands of buses hit the road this morning making a lot of commutes a little longer. in fairfax county, both students and teachers are looking at big changes. we're talking about start times and teacher pay. in a new ffew minutes, we'll ha
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more details. and thank you for sharing your picturings of your kids. we are going to show some of them coming up at 11:15. keep the pictures coming. you can send them over twitter or facebook or e-mail them. today a lot of folks in our area are back at school and back to work, including congress. they're back in session right now. if you drove to work, you saw how everybody is adding to the crawl on the streets. it's a september slow down. coming up, our transportation reporter will break down how we're coping today. right now bright sun shine pouring down out of a blue sky. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. looking west and overlooking montgomery county in the distance, an absolutely beautiful day underway. there's another view from the live tower camera. washington, a little bit of haze and humidity hanging in the air.
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that sun jumping up in a clear sky and warming the temperatures. low to mid 80s. farther west, upper 70s, near 80 in the mountains. temperatures in the metro, hovering in the mid 80s and it's going to be getting hotter toward the afternoon. beautiful day around the bay. a light breeze. temperatures in the mid 80s. showers here, thundershowers in the midwest. getting closer to us tomorrow. look at the timing on that. next chance for rain coming up in a few minutes. >> this morning students at park view high school are seeing beefed you have security. that after a shooting death of a sophomore last week. he was shot multiple times as he was walking to school around 8:30 a.m. on friday morning. the suspect is due to be in court this morning. the suspect is 17 years old. his name has not been released. two other adult males face related charges. more than 200 george
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washington students may be feeling groggy. a fire at their dorm forced d.c. firefighters who evacuate the building in the middle of the night. flames are coming from the roof of the hall. university officials say there is some damage on the roof deck and that the school will work with any students who need help. >> a positive development after last month's tragic ambush in virginia. vickie gardener is out of the hospital this morning. a former employee shot her along with two reporters in the middle of a live broadcast. both ward and parker died. gardener says she remembers ducking before the bullet hit her in the back. she works in tourism and was promoting smith mountain lake when the suspect opened fire. >> a radical change to annulness process within the catholic church. the process is shortening.
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nearly half of the world's annulment cases come from the united states. the new rules come ahead of a big meeting next month of the world's bishops. >> right now, new concerns about something in the water. the surfers encounter with a shark that could have ended d
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>> in less than an hour we'll hear how a father feels now that his two toddlers have been missing for one year. this dad is a father of children who went missing one year ago. jacob would be three and sara would be four. turner believes they're still out there somewhere but montgomery county police think the children are dead.
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>> another close call this morning for a surfer who faced down a shark off the coast of australia. justin daniels was out for a surf. the shark left a hole in the board and a cut on his hand. despite walking away, daniels says it left him shaken. >> i looked around, suddenly, just something came up from below. i got a bang, like a battle ship hitting the board, threw he straight off up into the air. >> daniels did have a couple of stitches in his hand, and likely, he'll get back in the water as surfers do. >> changes along the national mall and it'll make for a noticeable change for months. back in 60
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>> sun shine now. temperatures in the mid 80s.
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your afternoon planner by 1:00. hovering around 90 degrees. by 4:00 bright sun shine and hot. in the low 90s. that feels like temperature may be mid 90s with the humidity high. by 7:00 p.m., still mostly sunny but dropping back down into the mid 80s and a beautiful evening coming up. afternoon high, temperatures north and west around 90 degrees. that includes much of west virginia and the panhandle of west virginia and shen doe wa valley. closer to the metro, low 90s. right around chesapeake bay in the 80s with bright sun shine. overall, quite a summer-like day for the afternoon. a look at the hour by hour timing for rain arriving during the day tomorrow coming up in a few minutes. thank you, tom. a live look at the national mall and the reflecting mall where repairs will start. 30 feet will be drained for repairs. work at the world war ii
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memorial caused damage. the walkway between the pool and the memorial will be closed. the project is expected to be complete by next summer. >> a louisiana gardenmen who was in a helicopter crash will be laid to rest. family members were originally told he was not eligible for burial at arlington because he wasn't in active duty. his father called that a slap in the face. the army later approved the burial. he's from fairfax county. >> a serious crash involving an suv and a bus. we're gathering details at the
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just in to the live desk. photos of a bus crash in montgomery county. you can see just how bad the suv into that pole there is damaged. after colliding with a ride on bus, this is on old georgetown road near the beltway. three adults are in the hospital, including the bus driver. we don't know who was at fault. as the investigation continues, expect the roads in the area to be blocked. >> thank you. right now it is back to school day for thousands of kids in our area. that this year fairfax county has big changes to middle school and high school. >> they've been changes to how much teachers are paid also.
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david culver taught up with students and teachers to hear what they think on their first day back. >> reporter: not only a later start to the school year but also a later start to the school day for these fairfax county high schoolers. ? are you going to get more sleep? >> actually, i didn't like it at first, but i think we are. >> reporter: these seniors saying they feel more rested. first bell about 40 minutes later. >> i went to bed last night the same time i usually do, and i got a lot more sleep. >> reporter: other students, morning charge in hand, worry about the host school crunch. >> then we get out of school later and that pushes less time for homework and everything else. >> reporter: he's not sure it'll save sleep. starting her third school year as the superintendent, happy to be the later start time. >> the end goal was to do what's right by students. >> reporter: it's not only a welcome back for the students
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but also the teachers in the county. and for some of them, it means a little bit more money in their paychecks, but is it enough to keep them here? this year with the 3 .1 increase, do you think that will be enough to hold teachers? >> i don't think it's enough. when we compare ourselves to surrounding school districts, we're losing ground. >> i have argued this from the start. i have friends at arlington making a lot more money. we're here because we love it. >> it's expensive to live in that area, but it's difficult. >> reporter: so eager to start off the new school year right, even spending some of the salary on new classroom gear. >> i'm ready. >> reporter: david culver, news 4. i guess the kids are drinking star bucks at an earlier age. did you see that? >> making pumpkin drinks, they
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all want it. >> here are your gorgeous pictures of your kids. look at that. nice necktie. very snazy. keep those pictures coming. you can send the photos at twitter or facebook or e-mail them to us. looking good. >> and it doesn't feel like fall yet. >> not at all. >> kids are dressed for fall. when are we going to start feeling cooler temperatures? >> not for a couple days. still feel like summertime. we're in the mid 80s right now. for the metro area, for the afternoon, hitting low 90s with lots of sun shine. then tomorrow increasing clouds. could get afternoon thunderstorms. temperatures in the low 90s. then needed rain. showers likely. perhaps wednesday evening into thursday. thursday's highs will break the heat. it'll in the 80s. a line of showers and thundershowers along this cool front that's going to be ringing the cooler weather but also bringing showers and
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thundershowers tomorrow. hour by hour timing tomorrow. nothing in the morning. during the afternoon hours, nothing going on until maybe around 5:00 or 5:00. that's when we begin to see thundershowers developing in the shenandoah valley. not until tomorrow evening around the metro. most of the daylight hours dry. getting closer to the metro by mid to late evening rolling through. >> we had choppy waves in our area over the weekend, but nothing like the ones surfers are trying to master in hawaii. a tropical storm is responsible for the powerful set of rolling waves into the coast. they are beautiful but a reminder. waves like this can be dangerous. life guards rescued nearly 100 people over the labor day weekend in hiny. and we've learned a second person drowned off the coast of ocean city over the weekend. a 35-year-old man went missing
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on sunday afternoon. the coast guard send ten hours searching for calling off the effort. a seven-year-old girl died after being knocked over by a wave. both drownings happened when the life guards had gone off duty. a blind side hit on a referee by two texas football players. one player leveling the ref and the other diving on top of him. both have been suspended from the high school and the team. police are looking into possible charges. it's unclear whether the ref suffered any serious injuries. today mike huckabee will support a jailed kentucky clerk. huckabee will attend the with kim liberty rally in kentucky. he also plans to visit her in jail. police arrested kim davis after she refused to issue major licenses to gay couples which she's required to do by law.
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>> and new today, the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion in africa is back at work. a colleague helped him through reporters and camera crews. staff were also helping patients from their vehicles. in an interview with the associated press, walter palmer says he believes he acted legally. he is not facing any charges. a teenager made it his personal mission over the weekend to reassure a texas department. someone recently shot and killed a houston area officer trying to fill up his patrol car at a gas station. when 16-year-old mckinley sulner asked her if she wanted someone to stand guard, the pair formed a past bond. the department posted this picture on her facebook page. doing good out there. nice. >> it is. wonderful effort that she made.
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probably be seeing other people helping the same way. >> pay it forward. >> first look at president obama's adventure of a lifetime. >> the cameras are rolling as the president sets out in the wilderness. quite an adventure.
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making news this afternoon, a new look at the president's appearance in an episode of running wild with bear grylls. >> i've seen some of the things he eats. it has to be something that doesn't have legs and eyes. >> this is for real. i found this on the river bank. so don't freak out too much. this is half eaton by a bear. >> that's good. that's a salmon. they tooked and then ate it there on the rock. the first look aired this morning on the today show. the whole episode will be on nbc later this year. take a look at some pictures here. there's a tv station that posted this and said it will restore
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your faith in humanity. this is a firefight in minnesota and a little boy who was just in a car crash. you can see the firefight laying on the ground next to him. he wanted to calm the boy down so he played him the movie happy feet on his cell phone. it's a great picture.
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>> amazon is set to roll out a $50 tablet. it has a six-inch screen and a speaker. the fire sells for $99. the company is struggling to gain shares against apple and samsung. amazon has less than 1% of the market. >> and now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> blue sky, sun shine. temperatures in the 80s around the region. north and west, in the low 80s around the immediate metro,
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hitting the mid and upper 80s. in the mid 80s around the chesapeake bay. afternoon highs reaching low 90s, and it's rather humid today. tomorrow an increasing chance of some needed showers. likely not until the evening. most the daylight hours will stay dry. highs reaching the low 90s. in the evening and off and on during the day on thursday, initially maybe thundershowers on thursday evening, and cooler weather but the showers thursday. saturday and sunday, less humid. looks great. another chance of showers sunday night into monday. >> you may soon be able to use a new free streaming service on your phone. today verizon is expected to announce a new free ad supported streaming feature available to all mobile users. you can stream a mix of live shows, concerts and nfl games. there's also new original new web series to check out.
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you can get relief from the heat as spray parks in the district are open. they will stay open longer because of the high temperatures. they were due to close yesterday. they will now stay open until sunday. i posted more information on my facebook page. you can also head to our app for the latestw on weather. new steps to save a local hospital from closing its doors, and september slow down. if you notice slower traffic in your neighborhood, you're not alone. our transportation reporter will our transportation reporter will join us with wh
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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we continue to monitor this news conference with the d.c. mayor and d.c. police chief. taking you live. so far they have not directly addressed last night's violence when eight people were shot. one of them killed. they are talking about or they were talking about getting illegal guns off the street, saying this year more than 1100 guns were seized. 83 of them since august 28th. >> every time my police officers have to take a gun off an armed suspect, that's an opportunity that my officer may be killed and not go home. so to take guns off the same person over and over and over again, is just unacceptable. that we're putting your police officers at that level of risk and our communi at that level of risk. >> the police chief there.
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we are there working to get reaction right now of what happened last night in the district. stay with news 4 for this developing story. the news conditions jukrves jus. >> lots of you and your families are back to school and work. six school districts reopened this morning. members of congress returned to capitol hill as well. this is leading to a september slow down. this is a real thing. people are experiencing huge delays and this afternoon. we made it through the first tough commute of the season, but there are signs things are about to get real challenging for us. we are live along the beltway with a closer look. >> reporter: it is a real thing. the thing that struck me about this morning was the school buses. specifically here in fairfax county, the school buses were on the highway, they were in the neighborhood streets and this year, they're out at a different time.
11:32 am
this is what it looked like around falls church high school in fairfax county this morning. buses packed tightly with commuters on their way to work. some parents rushing in with their kids a bit late. how late? > five minutes. >> reporter: on the roads, a slow roll. >> crazy, there's always a big difference on the fist day of school. >> reporter: this mom surprised to see the buses out there in numbers. this year high school starts almost an hour later. is it extra or heavier? >> it was heavier today. >> reporter: she wasn't the only one feeling the grind. did you notice more traffic today? >> there was. >> reporter: tell me about it. >> it's the first day of school. it's crowded. people getting the work. everybody has an adjusted schedule. >> reporter: he's right. it will take a couple of weeks to adjust, but today was an indication that a september slow down is in the works.
11:33 am
triple a said some commutes could double and even triple, getting used to the buses is the krer cherry on top. there's 130,000 students riding buses, second only to new york city's school bus system. on the beltway, things not too bad. the next rush hour right around the corner. make sure you're following first 4 traffic on twitter. back to you. later today when you're picking p your kids from skoolg school or making other trips, don't forget to stop for the school buses. if you drive past a stopped school bus, it will cost you $250. today is the first day they'll begin issuing the tickets. cameras outside the bus will catch anyone who aignoignores t stop arm. >> the backpack for kids campaign is delivering more
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backpacks. it was sponsored by apple federal credit union. we delivered the backpacks to students at cameron elementary school in fairfax county this morning. aren't they happy campers? you can still donate to the program right now. search backpack for kids on our website. to everyone who has supported this program and given something this year, thank you very much for your support. and kids heading back home from school later this afternoon, and at recess right now, they are under a beautiful blue sky. a few clouds now beginning to pop up. that's the live view. at the bus stop this afternoon, hot and humid between 3:00 and 4:00 in the low 90s. then between 4:00 and 5:00, students coming in a little bit later and people coming home from work, it's going to be around 90 degrees by late afternoon. post your pictures like this of the gorgeous field of sun
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flowers. you can post those on my facebook page, the high resolution photos look good on facebook. we have your first 4 traffic. a problem starting tonight. going to have some overpass retear repairs. the left lane of eastbound 50 and the right lane of westbound 50 shut down overnight from 10:00 this evening until 5:00 tomorrow morning. this is because of that project with the overpass. it's an eight-week project. this is phase one. phase two will start early next year. have a great day. developing right now, the obama administration says it is actively looking at ways to help the migrant crisis in europe. the national security counsel says it's already providing humanitarian aid to syria but it's also considering refugee resettlement in the u.s.
11:36 am
europe is trying to deal with an influx of migrants from the middle east. an advocate of free range parent is speaking in downtown silver spring. she's at the montgomery county meeting tonight. the group is at the civic building at 7:30 to talk about children safety on the trof the. she has garnered a lot of attention. she believes children should be able to walk home by themselves without a parent nearby. >> right now a news conference happening regarding the closing of the maternity ward. we know that 38 employees, most of them labor and delivery nurses will be let go as the hospital works to transition into a ambulatory care center.
11:37 am
they say it's time for someone to step in and take over the hospital. >> the health care has failed the mission and the residents of prince george's county, and it's time for dimensions health care to go. tracee wilkins is gathering more on this story right now. thank you. are smart phones impacting more than your your vision, and why a player is weighing in on some of the fans at last night's game.
11:38 am
if your kids are using a smart phone just before bed, it may be affecting their sleep. the light from cell phones may lower the melatonin in children. it affects lights entering puberty the most. sleep experts say the study doesn't prove the light causes adults to get less sleep. >> an early exit by some fans has drawn the attention of the
11:39 am
team's young star. there seemed to have an exit of fans during the late innings of yesterday's loss to the mets. very important series here. when a comcast reporter asked about the fans, they said they left in the seventh. that was brutal. he struck out three times during the game. wish we could win some games. it would be better. a story that is like something out of a movie. an emotional reunion after they
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>> so it doesn't just happen out west. right now a wildfire is eating its way through more than 1,000 acres of southern new jersey. firefighters say people who live in the area may smell smoke but they are not in danger. they say dry conditions are spreading the flames. they do not know what started this wildfire, at least at this
11:41 am
point. >> summer in september weather continues. look at the afternoon highs today. north and west of the metro, near 90. that includes the mountains. closer to washington, nearby suburbs in the low 90s by mid afternoon. much of northern ra virginia hovering around 90. lots of sun shine. a few clouds in the mid to upper 80s. certainly a summery feel and humid. crucial series for the nationals. this is like the playoffs for the nationals. they take on the mets tonight. and this is game two of this series with the mets. should be great baseball weather. hopefully we'll see great baseball. mid 80s and by the seventh inning, low 80s, humid. near eighty by the last out. >> a newborn is back with his parents after allegedly being switched at the hospital at birth. a texas couple said the baby
11:42 am
could be born in mother's native country, but when they returned home, they noticed the baby didn't reacceptableable them. the doctor who delivered the baby is being investigated to possible investigations of human trafficking. today an exclusive interview with caitlyn jenner on ellen. we have a sneak peak. she says she did not agree with same sex marriage at first. her believes are shifting. she would like to find a partner to share her life with. you can see the interview on nbc 4 followed by news 4 at 4. >> it's a story so many of you are talking about. a small child stuck in a dark well. what it took to save him. back in a moment. many people clean their dentures
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welcome back. protesters are preparing for a rally at a jail in kentucky. they're gathering in support of kim davis who has been in jail since last week. >> davis was sent there because she refuses to issue majrriage licenses to gay couples. we are live outside where a presidential candidate is expected to come. >> reporter: the crowd has started to gather in
11:46 am
anticipation of the mike huckabee and now ted cruz as well. scheduled to visit kim davis today in jail. she's beginning a fifth day behind bars for her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. >> her conscious is clear. she may be behind bars, but her spirit is free today. >> reporter: last week a federal judge found her in contempt and ordered her held without bail for defieing the supreme court. her supporters gathered to support her. a larger rally is being held this afternoon to include mike huckabee. >> the problem that she has with what happened on friday is that
11:47 am
those licenses continue to be issued under her authority and under her name. and that is a fundamental violation of kim davis's conscious. >> reporter: a test of wills among opposing sides, both committed to their cause. and not all gop presidential candidates are on the same side of this issue. lindsey gram, carly fiorina and all said the supreme court ruled and it's time to do her job. a four-year-old boy is safe at home after spending most of the night in a well. crews worked for hours to pull the boy out of the hole in mississippi. the well is only about a not and a half wide. it took so long because the boy didn't know how to attach himself to a rope they lowered.
11:48 am
the boy was not seriously hurt. this morning at 6:05, the space station passed over us in a clear sky. you can see that bright spot. kind of looked like a bright star but it was moving rapidly, and this is when i was in northern virginia at the secondary school. it came over. it was moving quick. i was pointing that out and we were on the air there. it was quite a sight to see. and before then i took this picture of a moon and bright venus. the space station was about as bright as venus, and it passed over the moon and zipped off going about 17,000 miles an hour. one of the astronauts up there is a fairfax county graduation on the space station now. heat and humidity. feeling like summer. late afternoon and evening thunderstorms. showers and needed rain on thursday with temperatures in
11:49 am
the low 80s. so the heat will be ending on thursday. >> that's good news. >> details surrounding a murder in southwest washington are developing this afternoon. one man is dead after a shooting. detectives on the scene told news 4 another man is in what they call grave condition this morning. officers have not made any arrests yet in this case. police in southeast d.c. will keep looking for whoever shot five men. this happened last night and police have parts of martin luther king avenue closed right now. you can get north of malcolm x street. police don't have any suspect information. they say they think all five men will recover. the vice president hasn't decided whether to run for president but he is starting to look more and more like a candidate. tracie potts is here with a look at how his potential democrat and republican opponents are
11:50 am
responding. >> reporter: the vice president in pittsburgh, a union town leaving no question what kind of democrat he is. >> organize, organize, organize. >> reporter: in iowa hillary clinton is working hard to hold onto her lead, talking about raising the minimum wage for workers who earn tips. >> that's exploitation. we're going to end that form of wage theft. >> reporter: in new hampshire, bernie sanders was the star of the millford parade. his focus money. >> create an economy that works for people. >> reporter: republicans swarnlswarnmed new hampshire,. >> the world needs america. >> reporter: even here, everyone is wondering will joe run. but the vice president may have
11:51 am
some success in iowa. our nbc poll there shows he would beat donald trump in that state by 5 percentage points. it's a celebrated piece of literature, but we found out the man behind it isn't who we thought.
11:52 am
here are son-in-lme of the s you're clicking on. a lot of reaction of the best american poetry. the guy you see right here, he had a poem published in that book, however it was under a different pen name. he said he changed his name to an asian name to get the poem accepted. it worked. the editor is defending the decision to include the poem in the book. he wrote a long piece explaining
11:53 am
why he kept it in to show how bias affected him. some are criticizing him. meredith will have a new season. she'll have steve harvey and lance bass on the show today. he'll be joining the permanent cast of the show, and he will teach meredith some boy band dance moves. >> be nice, aaron. come on. i can't wait to see her trying the dance moves. >> that's right after us at noon. >> just in time for lunch, we'll tell you about a new way to try restaurants in our area and save a few bucks.
11:54 am
right now the duke men's basketball team is in washington.
11:55 am
like a look. here the president invited them following the ncaa championship back in march, and here they come. here is the duke men's basketball team, the champions for the year. they beat wisconsin to take the championship a few days after wisconsin upset kentucky in the final four. very exciting day for those gentleman who will be with the president. they are at the white house being honored for their accomplishment. >> perfect timing. >> and you can be part of a new tradition in silver spring. more than 30 restaurants taking part in the town's first restaurant week. it starts today and running through sunday. special two and three-course lunches and dinners ranging in prices from $12 to $26. silver spring doesn't have a restaurant association. right now temperatures are into the 80s, and 88 at reagan
11:56 am
national. in the upper 80s, much of virginia and maryland, mid ie80 around the chesapeake bay. the heat and humidity, lots of sun. tomorrow increasing clouds, mainly evening thundershowers coming through. highs low 90s before then. showers through the day on thursday. nice after that with lower humidi humidity, friday into the weekend. enjoy. >> police in colorado tweeted these photos of a woman who walked into a police department requesting a hug, and the officer obliged. it happened near denver. she was rewarded her hug and was also upset over the recent loss of police officers across the country and she wanted to show her respects. police said what a wonderful day to be working. they put their lives on the line all the time. >> i know. and with social media, this may go viral. >> that does it for us. thanks for joining us.
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here at humana, we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them.
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humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with.
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