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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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mg now at 11:00, the pope's whirlwind day in washington now in the books. >> welcome and thank you. >> tens of thousands lined the
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streets to get a glimpse. >> it was awesome. >> he almost touched me. >> the pope's message of humility before congress before taking o for the big apple. >> what a day. pope francis' visit in the u.s. just getting started. >> the reason he first decided to come to d.c. addressing a joint meeting of congress. >> we have team coverage of today's most memorable moments. what you need to know if you're going to try to see the pope tomorrow. >> reporter: we don't know what message the pope will have for congress. we do know there will be a lot of people here. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: pope francis
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undoubtedly tired from the demands of this historic day chose to greet to the children of the catholic school. then inside for a rest before more big events tomorrow. preparation went well into the evening. this fence will be part of security for the crowd of 30,000 expected to gather tomorrow near the west front of the u.s. capitol. jumbotron screens already in place. the pope is expected to appear on the speaker's balcony after he address a joint meeting of congress. mr. ramirez works downtown ho hoping he gets to see him. >> i'm hoping to get to see him. very charismatic and to feel the energy is very cool. >> reporter: we know the pope will be bringing with him a very valuable gift to the library of congress tomorrow, a seven
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version of the bible one hand-written and illustrated and illuminated and said to be worth $8 million. chris, back to you. >> thanks, jackie. jackie on capitol hill. crews are also setting up tonight at st. patrick's church and catholic charity. it will be the pope's last stop at the district and most intimate. it's not a public event but that won't stop the crowds from trying to get a look. darcy is at 10th and g northwest. what's happening there? >> reporter: this will be a private event. the church says there were only 60 tickets. the action is outside the church right down the street on g street. this is where the pope is expected to bless the less fortunate. they're erecting a tent. under this tent tomorrow, it is hoped that pope francis will
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help feed hundreds of homeless people served by catholic charities and walk the aisle of the catholic church meeting with church leaders. it's here just outside those doors the faithful believe the holy father won't miss the chance to serve the poor. the pope's first full day in washington resulted in one memorable moment after another. tens of thousands turned out to see him make his way in the popemobile along the mall, along the ellipse. kissing babies and accepting a yellow t-shirt from a little girl and taking selfies with young people. >> it was an experience seeing him and actually schihaking his hand and taking a picture with him. >> reporter: the 78-year-old pope had a hectic and tiring schedule. >> he's just very sorry he can't greet every single bishop per n personally. >> reporter: it is clear this hope has a heart for children. one special needs child
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consistecount resist running to hug the pope outside the vatican embassy and so many young people got to embrace the holy father. >> he means love and mercy. >> reporter: that's not to mention the meeting with the president and the mass at the basilica. it was here with the people the pope is known to be his h happiest. the joy unmistakable in the universal language of a thumbs up. >> we all enjoyed seeing the pope do that today. the barricades are up, fences are up, these guys behind me will be burning the midnight oil making sure they are ready for the pope's visit tomorrow. it's expected to happen at 11:15 in this morning. live in northwest, darcy spencer, news4. music and pageantry and about 25,000 people looking on, pope francis performed the first ever canonization of a saint on u.s. soil.
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the pope cannonized father junipero serra at the shrine of the immaculate conception. he said serra embodied the spread of catholicism. this latinos revere serra because of him playing the role of bringing religion to america and many say he forced conversion. the day after the mass, the pope met with native americans from california to talk about their concerns. >> he's known as the pope of the people. that includes people he can't see. the pontiff has embraced social media and young people have been posting selfies as they snap photos with the pope today. while he hasn't tweeted so far during this visit, pope francis has more than 7 million follo r followers. most are following him and using the #popeindc and #popein the us and twitter used emogys.
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and there has been backlash. some conservatives harshly criticized his stance on immigration and thank you, father for endorsing the democratic party's 2016 political platform, you are truly a wise man. and we just learned pope francis met with the littlesisters of the poor. it signal s his support for tha religious order suing the obama administration over requirements of birth control. >> one thing the pope will not address in front of congress tomorrow is this u.s. embargo against cuba but the vatican deletion did discuss it with vice president joe biden. the joint session of congress will convene at 10:00 tomorrow. at least one house republican is boycotting the address and others have called on the pope not to speak about climate change and lawmakers told to limit their handshakes and side conversations with the pope as he enters the chamber.
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nbc4 will host a special viewing of the pope's address at congress. if you want to avoid the national mall crowd we will have a jumbotron set up at dupont circle. that event is free and open to the public. >> might be easier than bracing the crowds. the pope's next stop is new york city. hundreds of people have tickets to see the pope and some of the landmarks look different. a portion of central park is surrounded by a fence 8 feet high and he arrives around 5:00. our jim hanley is there to cover his every move and took a trip to st. patrick's cathedral, the pope's first stop and will join us on facebook and twitter and provide us tomorrow with complete coverage of events in new york. we're not done with the pope's visit and still to come, a 5-year-old giving a message at the motorcade today and
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washington's performance so far and grading metro after a couple of rough days, how the transit agency held up tonight. first, breaking news right now in howard county, a town home has been wiped off the map in columbia, maryland. you saw some pictures first on the washington app. george is with us in baltimore our sister station. he arrived on the scene shortly after this happened. george, what are you hearing? >> reporter: chris, first of all, there was a gas leak investigation. this was an unbelievable scene. that hole between the trees used to be a town home. right now, the entire contents are a bunch of wood pieces all over this cul-de-sac on the street. neighbors say at 7:30 tonight they heard a tremendous explosion coming from these row ho homes. officials say six townhomes
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suffered structural damage. four caught fire. of that four this is one town home completely destroyed. a neighbor tells us she smelled gas and called baltimore gas and electric. a worker came out to investigate and that worker told her to immediately call the neighbor not at home and then the explosion happened. howard county fire has confirmed one of the two people tran ported to the hospital was the bge worker who is expected to survive with injuries and another is one of the residents for smoke inhalation. that person, too, is expected to survive. everyone here is accounted for and amazingly, no one has died. a gas leak investigation is under way. back to you. >> in columbia, maryland, thank you. turning to our weather, doug, what can people expect heading out to the capitol tomorrow morning? >> i think we will start o on the cool side early tomorrow morning. temperatures in the low to mid 50s in some areas.
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you may want to bring the jacket early. coming up we will talk about the rest
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as pope francis gets ready for day three in d.c. handling church and state, the city will get a chance to see our city on display. millions are in the district, thousands pon thousands in d.c. waiting to dacatch a glimpse of perhaps the most the world. there were 15,000 tickets at the
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white house today and it was a ve verital who's who to get a glimpse of the pope among them muriel bowser. >> it was a tremendous experience for me to represent my hometown at that occasion. he will be with us tomorrow at catholic charities and catholic charities provides a lot of services to the poor and the pope has called on us to think about people less fortunate than we and do all we can to help them. >> the mayor tells news4 she spent all day with the pope and president and her mother today and here they are at the pope's prayer service at the cathedral cathedral. >> the platform and entrances
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were packed but trains were arriving every three to five minutes. there were also buses available to take riders to hop on the green and yellow lines. she was one of the highlights of an amazing day. now, little sophie crews is becoming a worldwide symbol for the fight for immigration reform. this is the picture sophie gave to pope francis along with the t-shirt. the 5-year-old was born in america but her parents are from mexico. she says she came here from los angeles to deliver a message. >> i would like to ask to speak with the president and congress in utilizing my parents because everything i am scared that one day they will take them away from me. >> sophie says her parents and others deserve reform because it will benefit the children of immigrants like her parents and the children are the hope of the future. >> buried in all this news about the pope we learned the data breach at the office of
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personnel management is a lot bigger than the government first reported. opm said the hackers have the fingerprints of 5.5 million workers a huge leap from the initial estimate of a million. they believe it was part of an espionage operation run out of china and virginia mark warner is calling for lifetime identity theft protection for all the affected employees. new tonight, a virginia man expected to survive after getting shot during a confrontation with plays. investigators say he raised a crowbar at an officer in prince william county before the shot was fired. >> reporter: only on cell phone video shows prince william county police transporting a man to an ambulance moments after an officer shot at him. >> reporter: how many shots did you hear fired? >> two papal b
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two shots. bam bam. >> reporter: she said a 25-year-old man was trespassing, hiding on a woman's property. >> a peaceful residential property and not what you expect to see. >> reporter: she called police and officers found him. tonight, police say he raised the crowbar in a threatening manner and told him to put it down and then pepper sprayed him and he then ran down across the creek. >> officers pursued him across the creek and issuing commands to drop the crowbar. >> reporter: investigators say he raised it again this time closer to the officers and this time they fired. >> reporter: what's your reaction from it happening close to your house?nerve-wracking. >> reporter: they're trying to figure out why he was there and she doesn't know him. they will question him at the hospital. >> we can't address him to find out if he has ties to this area. >> reporter: shomari stone, news4. >> tens of thousands of people hang on this forecast for
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tomorrow. >> hard to top today's. >> let's do it anyway. if you like today, you get a carbon copy tomorrow. it will be another cool morning and just like today it will warm rapidly. current temperature 67 degrees, winds out of the north at 6 miles an hour. take a look at the numbers around the rest of the area, 54 in frederick and 55 in gaithersburg. it's another cool night. shut off the ac and open up this wind windows. it's that time of year. tonight is the first night of fall. this is ground clouds here. should have taken that off of here and there is a chance of rain to the south and high clouds streaming overhead right now. look to the south, you can see moisture getting developed here and northeasterly wind continues to make its way from the atlantic. that system will try to move up here. today, we have beautiful area of
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high pressure and all that sunshine today. that area of high pressure shifts a little to the north. then we watch this area of low pressure move up, the storm providing rain to the carolinas. they could see 3, 4, 5 inches of rain. we do need to see some but if it came in here it would come in during the weekend. the question is how far north does this system get and how strong is it? storm team 4 will be tracking this the next couple of days. i am leaning on the drier side of this. i don't think we will see a lot of rain. towards richmond and virginia beach and cape hatteras, thi thinking of one last weekend down there, could be a very wet time to the south. tomorrow, none of it. another gorgeous day. 80 in d.c. 78 in manassas and 78 in winchester. everybody in the 70s tomorrow. if you are heading to the capitol, in the mall, expecting close to 30,000 people as the
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pope will be there. 7:00 a.m., 64 degrees, 72 by 9:00 a.m. and warming rapidly by 9:00 he comes out to greet everyone at 11:00, 75 degrees. mild and great day. on the mall, a cool start but nice. lunch for the adults and recess for the children. looking good there, warm sunshine and the evening looking good. we have recess, too, don't we? >> sure. >> 74 degrees on friday, saturday and sunday a 30 to 40% of shower activity but not all day rain. we're interested to see how close that system comes because we could see a line of clouds. could be a little bit of dreary day moving through. not looking too bad. monday and tuesday, high temperatures upper 70s to low 80s. >> something for everyone. coming up, this game meant a lot to both teams. tensions rise between nats and os. the centers for medicare and medicaid services
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recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals.
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when your ace is on the mound, it can be hard to pull him. >> it was tough for the manager. nights like tonight i'm reminded of a quote from outfielder jayson werth. werth said managing is a thankless job. they won't be sending the sk
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skipper matt williams a thank you club tonight. they blew another late lead. nats down 2-1. wilson ramos at the dish facing chris tillman. good piece of hitting here. michael a. taylor being wave home from first on his horse. a relay throw, not in time. he is in. the game is tied at 2. nats later go ahead on a sacked fly. top of the seventh, matt scherzer having a pretty good night, gets jimmie brady strikeout looking. 98 miles an hour heat there. scherzer had 12 ks tonight. his manager may have kept him in too long. 122nd pitch of the evening is knocked out of the park. scherzer not happy about that, gives up four runs tonight. machado's 30th long ball of the year. up 4-3. at the dish, some drama. jonathan papelbon, that pitch is high and tight. manny does not like it.
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papelbon immediately tossed from the game. players from both sides come out. umpires did keep control. nats lose this 4-3. bryce harper after the game says he expects to be drilled tomorrow as payback. stay tuned for that. sports fans and people everywhere saddened by the loss of yogi berra. the great passed away at the age of 90, an all-star and 10 times series champed. he also managed yankees and mets and also known for famous yogiisms like it ain't over until it's over and my favorite, the future ain't what it used to be. redskins have a lot to build pon, solid defense and strong running game will be the formula for this team this season. if kirk cousins continues to make a few plays here and there they should be just fine. let's not overlook the giants. despite their record, new york has a good football team. >> they won't just lay down
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because they're 0-2. if anything they feel their backs are against the wall and a do or die mindset in the locker room. we have to match their intensity. >> the giants could easily be 2-0, we know that and they know that and these games usually come to the final two minutes and every week you get a serious challenge and thursday night will be no different. >> redskins-giants tomorr
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we see pope francis zigzag
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around the district in a humble fiat. the district is crediting the holy father with helping close a few deals. one woman was on the fence about the fiat until now. >> she called me up this morning and said, hey, i think i've reconsidered my purchase of the fiat 500 r. i think i'd like to get one. >> what's jeep going to think? when he's in the jeep mobile also a product of fiat chrysler. >> we love this. this catholic school held their own little papal parade today. his own starring role with intimidating security guys. the group included preschool to eighth grade. 4-year-old maxi milliano hernandez played the pope. students watched the reaeeal pae afterwards in the school auditorium. >> kudos to them.
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the design show is up next. >> we'll leave you with some of today's lasting images. good night.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- james spader andrew rannells
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